The Terminal List (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


So, I want to say
that the low gear is
- versus my old 26/51, right?
- 26/51.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
That closer ratio
cassette at the back is
it's pleasant because, you know,
- you lose that big jump.
- Right.
You know, smoother.
No, it sounds like
a great machine.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Well, till you
take it out on the
Can we cut the bull,
please, here, James?
He didn't drive up here to
talk about your bikes, Victor.
He's here about the girls.
I got to leave town.
That's about right, isn't it?
Come on, Rachel.
No, you take a trip.
We'll be good.
It's not a trip.
You're gonna hear some
things in the coming days.
More than likely,
people will come around
with some questions.
What people? What
are you talking about?
Lauren and Lucy
are my light.
They're my everything.
I would never do
anything to harm them.
Well, we know that,
of course. Come on.
But somebody did.
And it might come down
to me to make it right.
You do what you
need to do, James.
Chevy Silverado heading
north on Highway 1.
All units responding.
High-speed chase
involving multiple agencies
and possibly the suspect
involved in today's bombing
in downtown San Francisco.
Stay tuned to KVVK
for more updates.
- How far out are you?
- Not in the cards, Liz.
Reece, our fight is
not with these people,
so get your ass here,
and I'll get you out.
Liz, situation's escalated.
I am not bringing this to you.
Uh-uh, Reece. I'm-I'm
coming to get you.
I'm moving in the
opposite direction.
You need to go.
All units in Stinson
or Point Reyes,
we need you south.
Suspect is heading your way.
We fucking got him.
Moving in the PIT.
It's not gonna fucking
work on this guy.
FBI, this is Stinson PD.
We are set and ready.
Come on, let's go. We got him.
- Gun!
- Gun, gun, gun!
- Moving!
- SAM 1, cease fire!
All units, hold your
guns. Stand by!
Go ahead and
sweep that interior, 17.
Let me know what you got.
Copy the update.
Got eyes on it?
Who has jurisdiction here?
Fuck. Sir, it's Mac.
What the fuck is going
on up there, Agent?
We've cornered
Reece in a state park
north of San Francisco.
- You need SWAT?
- SWAT won't be enough.
We need HRT and all
available tactical personnel.
Copy that.
Let me know when you've got
a base camp up and running.
I need a few more units
at the intersection of Deer
Park and Frank Valley,
and all units are reminded
to advise immediately
if you get sight of the suspect.
Air support is on its way.
Rangers are coordinating the
evacuation of the entire park.
The search. Copy?
I copy that.
K9 response.
Where the fuck are my pills?
Ah, come on, where are you?
All right.
Yeah, K9 unit just
arrived on scene.
I need all those recovered
items from the suspect's vehicle
for tracking purposes.
All units are advised
to hold the perimeter
and be reactive only.
Sit tight until HRT arrives.
It's fucking bad, Ben.
- Temps are dropping. Doppler's a fucking horror show.
- Good.
- Not good. Things are about to get biblical up here.
- Listen,
more rain means less
ISR for Reece to deal with.
Drones. C-2 repeaters.
They're gonna be
grounded. As a matter of fact,
I hope it rains for
days. That storm?
Fucking frogman
luck right there.
I could steal one
of these news birds.
I got a-a radio to
monitor communications.
- Touch down in his A.O.
- What,
and lead the FBI right to
him? No. We're not doing that.
If you can find him in a helo,
- he's already fucked.
- Son of a bitch.
You got to sit tight,
let him do his job.
Fucking warned him, Ben. I
He's not him-himself. He
He's not thinking clearly.
K9 unit, what's your 20?
We have heavy weather
Dogs lost his scent.
We'll get him back.
We just need more time.
We don't have time.
Sentinel, this is Mac.
Tell Tony we need to double
our patrol presence
on the highway.
Reece at 50% is
better than most at 100.
Stay strong. Stay put, Liz.
And whatever happens in
those woods, that's on him.
Listen, little sis,
you're the only optimist I know.
Start fucking acting like it.
"Frogman's luck."
I drew that before
you left, Daddy.
We're gonna get
through this, okay?
You hear that bell?
Give me one more
quitter, and this shit ends.
Eyes up.
I said eyes up!
That bell wants you to quit!
You ring that bell,
and your misery's over.
Your pain is over.
You quit, and it ends.
But if you quit on yourself,
- you quit on all of us.
- Uh, Reece, I'm hurting.
Don't even think about it, Ben.
Just don't even think about it.
- It's not even there.
- - You got to get comfortable
being uncomfortable!
you trust the man on your left
and your right! That's
all you got out there.
But the truth is we don't know
what's going on with you, Reece.
Captain Howard has
made a full-time job
out of covering your six.
And given the fact
that you couldn't protect
your men nor your family,
we can't in good conscience
You hear that, Reece?
- You got what it takes?
- Hooyah, sir!
Or are you gonna tarnish
your daddy's reputation
as a frogman?
Negative, sir!
Then show me you're
half the fucking warrior
he was.
I guarantee I never
quit on my men.
Don't you quit on me.
Varsity's here.
Our fugitive appears to
be tracking north-northeast,
making this our new search area.
You'll infil from the south
while our second element,
led by Marshal Wilson
and Detective Garrity,
come in from the
north, boxing him in.
The weather's cleared enough
to get a C-2 bird and drone
over the mountain, so we're
gonna have eyes in the sky.
It's just a matter of
time before we ping him
or get a heat signature.
Is there a problem?
All due respect, sir,
I know Commander
Reece. I served with him
in the SEAL teams.
Guy's a legend.
Total patriot.
This is completely
out of character for him.
What's your name?
Your total patriot
set off a bomb
and executed a man on
the streets of San Francisco.
He's being treated for
traumatic brain injury
and possible brain tumor.
This is not the James
Reece you remember.
Now, you are here to help
me bring him in. Period.
Anyone else have a problem
with that, you speak up now.
I think what Smitty meant to say
is if James Reece
is off the rez,
we got our work cut out for us.
That being said,
Smitty, you're gonna
ride the pine on this one.
- Boss, I'm still good to go. I
- Can't risk it.
If shit pops off out there,
I got to know you're
gonna take that shot.
You'll stay back with the MCC.
- Looks like we'll be a man down, so
- - You'll have
your six. I'm gonna come with.
We're best operating on our own.
I've done tactical at Quantico.
I've earned quals
in survivalist training,
orienteering and
backcountry tracking.
If I slow you down, I
give you full permission
to leave me behind.
Copy that. Let's
get ready to roll.
See you out there.
Traveling light,
gents; three-day pack.
Orienteering, huh?
Boy Scouts give
you a badge for that?
Eagle Scouts, Mac. Eagle
Scouts. Think they know?
I know how bad we want Reece,
but you know how far
he's gonna go, right?
There's no cornerman
to throw in the towel
- out here.
- Throw in the towel?
- I'm just saying
- Mac, who do you think you're talking to?
I winged him. Reece is injured,
and now we got the
big guns on our side.
I knew it was Eagle Scouts.
Is linked to the
Tedesco killing?
Did James Reece
kill his men in Syria?
Any comment on any of this, sir?
Why won't you answer
the question, sir?
HRT, this is Sentinel.
ISR has a lock
on an unidentified
heat signature
in the search area.
How copy? Over.
Have you good copy. On our way.
We're gonna earn
that Trident today, boys.
Sentinel, we are in!
We have an unidentified
cell signal that just went active.
Sending updated GPS now.
He's really close, sir.
Just over that ridge.
All right, let's go.
Move out on me.
HRT, this is Sentinel.
That cell signal
is stationary, 20 meters ahead.
Ten meters.
Five meters.
Hey, give me a perimeter.
Layun. Psst.
Don't touch it.
It's not my first rodeo.
We got a possible IED.
Let's do this.
- Leeroy Jenkins!
- Down, down, down!
- Shit.
- Grenade!
Hey, give me a head
count. Crazy, you up?
- Up!
- Tee, are you up?
- Up!
- Olson, you up?
- Up!
- Lowe!
He got my pack.
We got him. Headed
east from you.
HRT, we have
multiple heat signatures.
- Copy. Which one's Reece?
- I don't know.
He's in the creek bed.
We've got multiple heat
signatures in the creek bed.
Fucker's using
batteries as decoys.
Damn it.
It's negative here.
There he is.
Northwest from your position.
Heading for high ground.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Uphill.
Come on, let's push.
You're it, Daddy!
Come on, I tagged you.
You're closing the distance.
80 meters. He's
headed straight up.
James Reece!
This is FBI Special
Agent Tony Layun!
Come down with your hands up!
Come down now, Commander!
We got you pinned, Reece!
Come talk to me!
No weapons! Just us!
We can work this out!
I know you're in pain!
It doesn't have to be like this!
Let's get you somewhere
safe, get you some help!
He's on the move!
Cease fire, cease fire!
Anyone got eyes on him?
Negative, sir. He's
up there, though.
Let's move out.
Hey, we're on the
move. On me, uphill.
You got this, brother?
That's him. He ain't
gonna give us long.
You're dope solid?
- Yep.
- - Precision with a rifle
requires precision of thought.
Now canoe this
motherfucker's head.
Come on, boss.
The window's closing.
You got to send it.
Requires precision of thought
We know you're up there, Reece!
Fuck he go? You think he jumped?
I hope he fucking jumped.
No, he either
skirted the ridgeline
or double-backed
down the mountain
and somehow we missed him.
Yo, I got something.
What does this mean?
Means he had the shot, Layun.
HRT and SWAT element,
C-2 and ISR are
officially stopped down.
We'll pick it back up
when weather permits.
- Copy that, Sentinel.
- SWAT element copies.
Stay dry. Stay safe.
Will let you know
when eyes are back up.
Dry ain't part of the
equation out here.
Enjoy that tent tonight, Dep.
Jesus Christ, gentlemen.
Goddamn it, Reece.
You tackle the fucking breacher.
Have a med kit, please.
Fuck you.
You need reinforcements
in there, babe?
Negative, Commander.
I think we're good.
Baby may have had her
first nightmare, though.
Tell my little Lucy
she's gonna be okay.
She's brave and strong,
just like her mama.
Nope, it's not a nightmare.
She's just gassy.
Like her dad.
I miss you even when
you're in the next room.
Hey, babe?
I said I can hear
you, Commander.
This isn't gonna end well.
You know that, don't you?
We heard you talking.
We know you're there.
Just forget it.
He's gone. He ain't
gonna answer again.
You could've shot me
today, but you didn't.
I know you're going
through something out here,
but I think you still
know I'm not your enemy.
None of us are.
We're just guys doing a job.
I bet you're tired.
I know you're hurt.
While you trained for this
shit, man, it is
not fun out here.
You have my permission to leave
whenever you want, Agent Layun.
Sadly, I can't go
home without you,
as much as I'd like to.
If we keep going,
someone's gonna die out here.
And I don't think you want that.
But eventually chance, fate,
whatever else
you want to call it,
gets a vote.
This can't go on forever, Reece.
It's not forever.
Just till I'm done.
And when is that?
When the people
who killed my family
are in the fucking ground.
What people, Reece?
You know, my dad
used to always say
that war is simple.
That's the easy part.
Coming home,
that's what's hard.
Being a good
father, good husband,
way harder than
being a good SEAL.
And I didn't get it.
Not until I held my
baby girl in my hands.
I tried to have both.
To be both.
They took her from me.
And what would your dad say
about what you did
in San Francisco?
He'd say it'd be a mistake
to push a man to violence
if violence is what he
has dedicated his life
to perfecting.
HRT, this is Sentinel.
We're working on getting C-2
and ISR back up and running.
- Stand by.
- Roger that, Sentinel.
We need those eyes.
Found something.
Compressed dirt.
Disturbed leaves.
Fucker slept here.
Looks like he took
the hard way down.
Found some blood
in the undergrowth.
He's still heading north,
but the tracks have changed.
Shorter gait.
I think big guy's
really hurting.
We got a clear direction.
Might be close enough
for Loki to find him.
We don't have to wait for C-2.
Now, the range is limited,
but we got our
own eyes in the sky.
All right, pack it up.
Loki'll do his thing. We're
back on the hunt, gents.
Hey, bug.
Oh, don't go.
Damn it.
Loki's down, but we got
him. He's one klick north.
All right, let's push. Move out.
SWAT element, this is HRT.
We've got him. Sending
grid coordinates now.
Copy that, HRT. We
are moving to you.
Hands up!
Hands up!
Everybody back!
Get your men back.
Everybody back.
You heard the man.
Get back.
Get back!
Everyone back. Everyone back.
- Come on.
- All right.
You're blue, I'm green, but
we all bleed the same color.
You don't want to do that. Easy.
What are you, Army?
Even SEALs need heroes.
Then you know what this is.
You fire, I clack this off.
You keep your men back.
You tell HRT to
hold their position.
I can't do that, Commander.
Put it down, Commander.
Don't make me kill you.
HRT is in position.
Don't do it!
- Fall back!
- No, no, no!
No. No.
Come on, Mac.
Come on. Wake up, Army.
All right. All right.
All right. All right.
Wake up, Army.
Wake up for me, Army.
Wake up, Army.
Okay. Okay.
You're okay. You're okay, Army.
You're okay, Army.
You're okay. You're okay.
- Mac.
- Back up. Back up.
- Mac, wake up.
- - SWAT element, do you copy?
What's her status, Tee?
She's breathing,
but she's hypoxic.
Mac, Mac, Mac.
- Where's Reece?
- Sending medevac
to your location. How copy, sir?
Come on, Mac.
Does anyone have eyes on Reece?
Stay with me.
Stay with me, Mac.
The mudslide, believed
to have been caused
by an explosion of some
sort, happened earlier today.
And while it's still
too soon to be certain,
initial reports speculate
James Reece is dead.
Thought I told you to leave.
I'm sorry, Liz.
Thank you for these.
Any word on Katie Buranek?
The reporter?
She's alive.
She must've really
wanted the story to
get that close to
Horn. Took stones.
You know, I saw
them out in the woods.
Lauren and Lucy.
I like that. Kept you going.
Watching over you.
No, it's
I keep remembering the same
morning over and over again.
The details are
different, but
it's, uh
I need to get it out of my head.
It's getting in the way.
I get that.
After Najaf, took me 18 months
to rehab my injuries, but
even after I was off
crutches, still couldn't fly.
Kept thinking about the
crash. Seeing my co-pilot.
Blamed myself for it, I did.
Wondering what I
could've done different.
I guess what I mean is, Reece,
maybe whatever's going on
in your head ain't
just about the tumor.
Maybe some of it is just
about dealing with the loss.
And no matter how
many people you kill, man,
even after you get 'em all
ain't nothin' gonna
bring them back.
How far are we from the jump?
I'll let you know
when we're close.
We're clear!
Hey, Liz!
Roll Tide!
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