The Terminal List (2022) s01e07 Episode Script


My very first apartment,
we had, like, dinner
you'd eat on our floor.
Oh, my God.
Welcome home, Mrs. Reece.
- Can you believe it? Yikes?
- Yikes.
I can believe it.
- This is crazy.
- It is.
I mean, something about
signing a 30-year loan
really kind of
drives it home, huh?
30 years here? Are we crazy?
I don't know. Do you
even have to ask?
It is it is truly ugly.
- We have to take this wallpaper down.
- Yeah.
- And the carpet.
- Exactly.
Have vision.
- For instance
- Wow.
Gun safe right here.
Work bench, flag from JBAD.
Spruce this place right up.
Oh, no. This whole
room's gonna be my office.
This is my office. You
can have the garage.
No. That's not gonna happen.
- Yeah.
- Nonstarter.
Well, we'll see about that.
You want to check
out the bedrooms?
Yeah, I do, but
we're here to work,
so don't get any funny ideas.
We'll see about that, too.
Hey, motherfucker!
Do you have the weight?
Keep counting!
Get off my fucking beach!
- Seven!
- Pick it up!
- Ho!
- Take it!
Go ring that bell, baby!
That's your
salvation. Go! Ring it!
It only hurts the
first time, ladies.
Do you have the weight?!
I have the weight!
- It don't look like it.
- Three!
I don't want any fucking
quitters in my line.
Can't take a log, you
can't take the enemy.
Move it! Move it, ladies!
There ain't no quit!
Your JAG is here,
sir. Captain Howard.
Everything in order?
Regarding Odin's Sword,
we should have deniability.
- What's that mean, "should"?
- Tragedies occur.
The op was built
on team intelligence.
We can't be held responsible.
What about the experiment?
It's worth noting that
none of this is tested,
judicially speaking,
but the N.D.A.A. is clear.
In the event this goes before
- the courts
- Are we covered or not?
Orders are orders,
but I doubt James
Reece sees it that way.
I believe it is time
to seriously consider
What kind of contingencies?
Tactical retrograde.
I've compiled a list of
non-extradition countries.
- Bullshit.
- Everyone is dead.
I have a family to think about.
I'm not moving to Cameroon
'cause of James fucking Reece.
Stop talking.
We're Naval command,
not some Wall Street jackass.
As long as we have legal cover,
we have a position to defend.
And if disgraced Commander Reece
wants to show up here,
there are 5,000 sailors who'll
have something to say about it.
I see them.
They've been meeting up
daily since you dropped Horn.
Cox and Howard are
living on the economy,
so there's ample
opportunity there.
Pillar, however,
is not leaving base,
and I'm assuming you don't
want to take on the entire N.A.B.
Maybe we take out the
first two and wait on Pillar.
Hit him with a sniper shot.
From the boat?
That's a coin flip
on a good day.
And we can't risk a miss.
You remember Mosul?
Yeah, what about it?
Sayidati al-Jamila?
Howard's got a family.
Bold move.
Anything else,
please, ask the FBI.
James Reece didn't
kill Mike Tedesco.
You and your men did.
Well, Talos offers
security. They're not hitmen,
Ms. Buranek. You think
I wasn't aware of you?
I know you tested
RD4895 on Navy SEALs,
and I know those
tests caused tumors,
so you had them
murdered. It's all in my story.
If you try to take me out,
everyone will know the truth.
Your fucking deal's
about to fall apart!
It's easy today
to wake up afraid.
The acts of violence
that we saw on television
this week cannot be ignored.
The administration
has acted quickly
to classify James Sullivan Reece
as a domestic terrorist.
How about we just
open it up to questions,
as I'm sure there are many.
- Back row, yes.
- Madam Secretary,
you know Commander Reece
personally, is that correct?
We met several
times, that's right.
Did you suspect there was
something wrong with him?
When you join the armed
forces, you swear an oath
to defend the Constitution
against threats,
foreign and domestic.
I suspect Commander
Reece believes
he's still serving that oath.
Against what, ma'am?
James Reece believes
he's on some kind of mission,
and he won't
stop until it's done.
Our best chance of catching him
is to determine
who's next on his list,
and to get there before he does.
That means, first and foremost,
running down anyone with ties
to Steve Horn and
Capstone Industries.
Our main goal is capture,
but our top
priority is to prevent
the further loss of life.
If those two things
prove to be at odds, well
then that's where we're at.
- You got it?
- Yes, sir.
Okay. Let's go find the man.
Do you know where
James Reece is?
All right, here's the thing.
I need information.
Here we go.
I've got 5,000 words
on James Reece,
and I'm this close
to having my story.
You are on thin
fucking ice, lady.
I can't finish without you.
And you're not gonna
find him without me.
Tell me what you've
got. I'll see what I can do.
That's as good as it gets.
You have access to
Steve Horn's computers.
Run a search for something
called a "Cap Table."
It's everybody who made money
off the Nubellum sale.
Now, most of the
accounts are legit,
but some represent
payments in a conspiracy
to illegally test a drug
called RD4895 on Navy SEALs.
And how much of this
is coming from Reece?
'Cause he spent three days
talking to ghosts in the woods.
Was that before or after
he pulled your friend
out of a mudslide?
He put me in the fucking
mudslide, smartass.
Listen, I'm not here
to defend Reece.
I know he needs to be stopped,
but he's not the only one who
needs to be held accountable.
Dep, have CART run a
deep dive on Horn's computer.
Are you serious?
Yes, sir.
All right, well, there's a
library down the street.
- I'll be there working on my story
- - The last time
I let you walk, you
fled to San Francisco.
Junior, she does
not leave this room.
Sorry, sir. I asked her to wait.
At ease, Gerald.
It's your office.
Ma'am. I saw you were in town.
I wasn't expecting
you to stop by.
This is an impromptu visit.
- And who's this?
- DCIS Agent Azad.
I wanted to make sure
everything was to protocol
for this conversation.
I pulled the TIP from
Operation Odin's Sword.
I was curious what
kind of intelligence
got a whole platoon killed.
I'm familiar with
the intel package.
Well, then you would agree
it's pretty weak.
A major operation
based on a walk-in
from an arms dealer?
Nothing more?
Anyone even vet this?
I had a standing order
from the Pentagon
to move on Kahani
if any actionable intel came in.
The officer who
elevated the report,
who was it?
That's more of a
Langley question.
Thank you, Gerald.
That's it?
For now.
It was a pleasure
meeting you, Admiral.
I'll be in touch.
Get me Captain Howard, now.
Mom, Coach Hansen said
that if we win next week,
we go to states and we
have to pay our own way.
Like, everyone. I don't
understand how that's fair.
Shouldn't the school get
us a bus or something?
- What's up, Dad?
- You're home early.
I, um
So, listen, guys, we, um
We're going to the Keys.
- What?
- Yeah. Tonight.
- What are you talking about?
- I got tickets.
Just need to pack our bags.
Wha No, Dad, I-I can't.
I have soccer tonight.
Well, there's no soccer tonight.
Come on, let's get your things.
Is something wrong?
No. No.
Just think of it
as a, uh, vacation
till things settle down.
- Until what settles down?
- Listen.
This is gonna be fun, okay?
- Whatever this is, it isn't fun.
- Just listen to me.
I need you both
to pack your bag.
Come on, let's go.
Dad, I don't get it. I
thought you hated the Keys.
Hey. We got to move.
Howard bought
tickets to Key West.
- When?
- Tonight.
Run, rabbit, run.
We'll be ready.
Listen, brother, I've been
doing some thinking, and, uh
however this goes,
the Feds are gonna
keep digging and digging.
And even with your Agency
cover, they'll find something on you.
You got a plan?
You ever hear of Máncora?
Little surf town on
the coast of Peru.
Pulls in a fucking
monster swell.
Got hot springs, mud baths,
ayahuasca, maybe
some Aussie girls.
Not a bad place to retire.
- I'm sorry.
- For what?
I'm sorry I pulled
you into this.
They brought me
into this, brother.
Not you. Remember that.
Are you sure you
want to do this?
- Agent Layun.
- Stay put.
We searched Horn's computers.
We found several correspondences
with Admiral Pillar
mentioning the drug RD4895,
including medicals
on Reece's troop.
Pillar knew the men were
developing brain tumors.
And not just that, sir.
He got paid for his
part in the experiment.
FinCEN broke down the cap table.
Global Systems Plus,
that's Gerald Pillar.
SXA Consulting,
that's Leonard Howard.
That one right
there is Bill Cox.
There are also other companies
linked to Saul Agnon
and Marcus Boykin,
plus one more, Oberon Analytics.
- Who is it?
- No idea.
We bring in work comp
command, maybe they can tell us.
We need to hand
this off to NCIS.
NCIS Agent Josh Holder
was working for Horn, sir.
We need to go direct
through our on-base liaison.
These are high-ranking
officers. There's a process.
James Reece is here.
He's in Coronado right
now, and we have his list.
Is that a "yes"?
Dep, you're at the Reece house.
- Anything off, you flag me.
- What's going on?
Junior, you're on Howard.
Get Buranek a babysitter.
Mac, you've got Cox.
Coordinate with PD.
- Agent, I gave you that tip.
- Sit down!
If you're lucky, you find
out how your story ends.
You gonna at least
tell me what you did?
I didn't do anything, per se.
Then why are you running away?
The admiral got
involved in something.
something bad, and he asked
me to cover for him, and I
Look, I felt bad
at the time. I just
Gerald has been
good to me, to us.
He supported us. He put
me up for promotions. He
How exposed are you?
It's not about that, Anne.
And it's gonna pay
off, just-just not here.
- In the Keys?
- Dad!
Just tell the driver
I'll be right there.
Just please, Anne, please.
Dad, it-it's not the
taxi. It's the FBI.
It's okay. I'll handle
it. I'll handle it.
Okay. Sorry. Sorry, I'm coming.
Just getting some
things together. Uh
What can I do for you, Agent?
Going somewhere, Captain?
Military escort
for a quarter mile
of Coronado service roads?
All due respect, sir,
as soon as you crossed
onto base, you left Coronado.
Hell of a day we got.
There's a deranged
SEAL on the loose,
and the FBI wants to
knock on the one door
we know he's not behind.
Sir, we're federal agents
with a search warrant.
Get that out of my face.
You think I give a live shit
that some leaf-eater rubber-
stamped your flap of paper?
You don't come into my
building without my say-so.
But it's fine by me, Agent,
'cause I got nothing to hide.
Let them in.
They're federal
agents after all.
Go. Go on.
Take what you need, Agent,
but I know why you're here.
I think this might clear up
any questions you have.
And when you're done realizing
you stepped in the
wrong pile of shit,
tell the bitch who sent you
to go fuck herself.
Where are we, Mac?
The Howards are AWOL.
Their bags are
packed, tickets to Miami,
but they missed their flight.
Cox is in the wind.
We're tracking him
as fast as we can.
You doing all
right tonight, Bill?
Hey. That's not on you.
No one saw that coming.
Keep the change.
So, how's this gonna go then?
Remember Old Misery?
Found one just like her.
400 pounds of "fuck you."
Hot damn, we used
to haul this ugly bitch
up and down Gator Beach
getting called a quitter the
whole time. You remember.
- My fucking arm's broke.
- Oh, yeah?
I imagine that hurts like hell.
What do you want, Reece?
Tell me who else knew.
Pillar gave the go-ahead.
Howard made sure
all the Ts were crossed
so it'd run downline.
Those folks were
just following orders.
They thought they were
giving you B12 shots.
We were the only ones who
knew about the experiment.
You know what they give us
when we retire.
You give your whole life,
you get a pension
and a paddle.
"Thank you for
your fucking service."
You were part of
the brotherhood.
That's what you got.
You sent our
brothers to fucking die
in the shit-filled tunnels
of a foreign fucking land.
Huh? What's that? You
can't do it on your own?
All right.
Yeah, in BUD/S we never
had to carry the weight alone.
Always had our
buddies on our left,
on our right.
You need your team,
you call for them.
Where's your team, Bill?
You have the weight.
Jesus Christ, Reece.
What did you do?
All right, Captain Howard.
You ready to do
that favor for me?
I just moved paper, Reece.
You know me, James.
You know me. I
I handle red tape. I
Please, Reece.
James, I have a family.
I had a family.
Ramirez had a family.
- Cortese had a family.
- No.
Donny Mitchell's not
gonna ever see his baby
because of what your
husband did to my platoon.
Little too late for you
to play that card with
me, Captain Howard.
Now, are you
going to do the thing
I asked you to do?
I can't do it, Reece. I
- I'm sorry.
- I understand.
Thank you.
You helped send my
child to the afterlife,
- so now I'm gonna take yours to make it even.
- No, Reece. Wait.
Oh, God, no, Reece. No!
What are you doing?!
What are you doing, Reece?
Oh, goddamn it! No, Reece!
- Stop, goddamn it!
- Dad! Dad!
Please. Please, stop.
- Reece
- Get up.
- Come on, get up.
- Listen to me, please, just listen.
You have one opportunity,
right now, I'm giving
you an opportunity
to do one good
thing in your life.
Save your wife and son
from drowning in the Pacific.
- You can do this. Okay?
- Okay.
You can do this.
You gonna do it?
- I'll do it.
- Good man.
Oh, God.
God help me.
Get Howard cleaned up.
Don't let them
go till it's done.
Wait, where the
fuck are you going?
What do you mean, home?
I got to see them.
What do you want, Reece?
I never meant
for you to get hurt.
That was never my intent.
I don't get the impression you
do anything unless you want to.
There are aspects of
the war that are not pretty.
Yeah, but you're not at war.
You're at home.
There's a difference.
Not anymore.
Thanks, Lieutenant.
We'll let you know if
we have anything more.
Coronado PD is
coordinating with SD
to get more units on the island.
- Anything on the admiral?
- Shipping logs.
Test results. All processed
through the normal channels,
even made copies.
Why would Pillar hand
over hard evidence
that he ran secret drug
trials on his own SEALs?
The fuck is this?
Tony, a word?
Take a seat.
I'm good.
Who are you, and how
exactly are you fucking me?
Bijan Azad, DCIS.
Give us a second.
You're getting put on ice.
Excuse me?
Your team will be assigned back
to their respective departments.
The FBI investigates malfeasance
at the Pentagon, not
the other way around.
That's correct. And
frankly, Agent Layun,
I have no personal interest
pulling you off this case.
From what I hear,
you run a good shop.
- You overstepped.
- Overstepped?
This admiral ran illegal
experiments on his own men.
It wasn't illegal,
not technically.
You're talking about this?
Pillar had an Emergency
Use Authorization
approving the experiment.
The experiment wasn't a crime,
but we believe
there was a cover-up.
I'll give you two the office.
You turn over everything
you have on Pillar
and his officers to DCIS.
Then you're going on leave.
Reece is still out there.
A short leave.
No one's looking to
break your back on this.
Washington called L.A.
They're sending their FTF
down to officially take over.
Case should've been
theirs from the get-go.
Why do you want this so bad?
- What?
- This story.
You trying to make
a name for yourself,
or you think it'll actually
make a difference?
I can't have ambition
and believe in what I do?
If you had to choose.
When I was four,
my dad decided he was
gonna break from the CCP,
go against the Xiaoping regime.
So, he sent me, my mom,
and my brother to the States.
I never saw him again.
By the time I was six,
I had lost my home,
my language, even my name,
all because my dad
believed in taking a stand.
So, yeah,
I'd like to believe
the truth matters.
Especially when it's
David versus Goliath.
And which one is Reece?
David or Goliath?
I'm still working that out.
A funny thing happened today.
We found out the Pentagon
authorized RD4895.
Even stranger,
there's one stakeholder
that FinCEN can't unmask.
One more person
working with Horn.
The Pentagon.
That's your Goliath.
Got to go. My team's
been pulled off the case.
What about me?
Finish your story, Ms. Buranek.
Get it out as soon as possible.
Go home. I'll watch the
house until L.A. shows up.
- Hello?
- Hey, Jord, it's me.
I have the Reece story.
Yeah, I heard.
The Atlantic, huh?
So, you're calling
to rub it in or what?
No. It's big, Jordan.
I have an E.U.A.
signed by Secretary of Defense
Lorraine Hartley. She ordered
a covert experiment that gave
Reece and his men tumors.
Yeah. What's more, I
can prove that the cover-up
was bought and
paid for by Steve Horn
to protect his investment.
W-Wait, the SecDef took a cut?
Well, there's one shareholder
the FBI couldn't unmask,
and given Hartley's involvement,
I think readers will come
to the same conclusion I did,
or at least
force her to answer
for what she's done.
You always say that VoltStreem's
biggest advantage is immediacy.
How soon can you publish?
Send it to me.
If it's all there, I can
get it up within the hour.
I know it's your favorite,
but I think I found
my new nightshirt.
What do you think?
I think I made at least one
very good decision in my life.
Are you sure?
- Like, 75%.
- Don't be a dick.
I'm pregnant.
From that kiss just now?
What do you mean
you're pregnant?
I'm pregnant.
So, you're gonna
have to come home.
Are you sure?
Well, like 75, 80% sure.
Ha, ha, ha.
Oh, I miss you.
You're gonna be a great mom.
What do you think
about Matthew for a boy?
I kind of like the name Gunner.
- What about a girl?
- Gage.
- Gage for a girl?
- Yeah.
What about Lucy?
I like that. Lucy.
They've been calling
the families all night.
What happened?
Talk to me.
Come on.
You want to come see?
You know, the only
thing they told me
is that you had a concussion
and that you have to lay low.
Come on.
I love you.
Donny, no!
Daddy? Daddy?
Is everything okay?
Hey! Get in the
fucking fight! Wake up!
You said you were done
three tours ago.
Three fucking tours ago.
I can't have this
conversation right now.
What am I supposed to tell Lucy?
- What do you want me to say?
- Tell her the truth.
I'm over there fighting for her.
I'm over there fighting for you.
We both know
that that's bullshit.
When you're over there,
you're fighting for you.
Lauren, come back.
"There couldn't have
been a lovelier sight,
but there was none to see it,
except a little boy who
was staring in at the window.
He had had ecstasies innumerable
that other children
can never know,
but he was looking
through the window
at the one joy from which
he must be forever barred.
"When Wendy Grew Up."
Daddy, I won. I
won the spelling bee!
Take your boots off, Lucy.
What did I tell you?
Practice makes perfect.
Great job.
Oh, and you got a trophy.
The last word was "disappear."
The other girl didn't know
that there were two Ps,
- but I did.
- Of course you did.
Come on, kiddo. We got to go.
She's almost out.
No. Team 3 ships tomorrow.
I intend to see them off.
Give us the room.
Yeah. I'll tell you
when we're through.
I've been calling you for
hours. You have no idea
the torrential shit storm
that rolled in today?
I have some sense of it, sir.
Hartley tried to feed
us to the wolves,
but I played the
cards you gave me.
What else you got? We're
gonna need something.
Who knows what game
this woman's playing.
What is it?
It's for you, sir.
Admiral Pillar.
You have spent your
entire career safe,
hidden behind walls,
sending other
men to fight for you.
I realized today
that my daughter saw
more combat than you.
And I thought I
ought to correct that.
You-you think you're
something, son?
You think you're special?
You aren't shit.
You are a wisp of smoke
blowing down the jet stream.
Is that right?
There are 700 ball bearings
in a claymore mine.
If you have two of those
mines pointed at your face,
that is 1,400 ball bearings.
100 for each of the SEALs
that you murdered.
What the hell are
you talking about?
I-I-I didn't have a choice, sir.
Do not do this.
You hear me?
You need to stand
This goes way beyond
WARCOM, you know that, right?
Now, I'll tell you
who else is involved,
but if I die
if I die
you won't know.
Well, let's just assume
for conversation's
sake, Admiral,
that I already do.
Oh, my God!
Anyone have eyes on that?
Word of an explosion
at northwest corner of N.A.B.
WARCOM just went up, top floor.
Lock it down. One at
a time. One at a time.
- This is not a drill
- - Go, go!
Move them out of
here! Get them back!
Base is on lockdown
due to an unidentified
explosive attack.
- We need medical!
- Nonessential personnel,
remain near our
entry-controlled checkpoint.
Is Reece on base?
Do we have visual confirmation?
It's the admiral's office.
Some kind of bomb.
Could be remote detonation.
No, no. Hey! Hey!
I know what happened to you.
I know what happened to you.
- What they did to you.
- You shouldn't be here.
Why they killed your family.
Wait! I have evidence from Horn.
And Pillar.
We have them, Reece.
It's time you let
justice take it from here.
I am justice.
I can't
I can't let you keep doing this.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Stay off my list.
- Yeah?
- - Jordan, what's going on?
It's been an hour.
Well, you tell me.
I've been waiting.
What do you mean "waiting"?
Okay, here's how the
Internet works, all right?
You actually have
to send me something
for me to publish it, okay?
I did send it.
No, you didn't.
Jordan, I got to go.
No, Katie. Don't do
this to me again for
fuck's sake.
I read your story, Ms.
Buranek. It's a hell of a piece.
Unfortunately, it's wrong.
Oh, if you want to
leave and walk away,
we won't follow,
but you are too
good a journalist
to go to press
with half a story.
If you want the truth
the whole truth,
I'm open to
granting an interview.
If you're interested.
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