The Terror (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

We Are Gone

1 Do you know what day it is, Mr.
Crozier? What day of the week, I mean.
It's a Wednesday.
You and I once shared a drink on a Wednesday.
Do you remember that day? I do.
You had a dog turd in your hand.
The toast was, "Ourselves.
" That was fitting then.
But so it is again today.
You misunderstand the toast, Mr.
It was meant as a joke.
Not a very clever one.
Des Voeux.
Have Goodsir tend to Mr.
Crozier's injuries.
And make sure he's not harmed again.
He took a stumble.
The men you asked for are assembled, sir.
Men, whether we want it or not, we're drawn by the events of yesterday into a conflict with the other camp.
We must plan a party to retrieve our captain and any other men who are compelled against their will.
And arrest this coven of traitors once and for all.
What about the captain's order, sir, for us to keep moving south? You can guess my mind on that subject, I'm certain.
Now Private Hammond believes the other camp should not be hard to track on this ground.
They certainly had no trouble finding us.
We prefer the captain's orders, sir.
To hell with the captain's orders.
We have a camp of nearly 30 men here.
We've got nine so ill they cannot walk, with no surgeon to tend them.
We've but two able-bodied lieutenants for the lot of us.
None of us speaks the Netsilik tongue.
None have been in the polar regions before.
To restore our best chance of survival, we must restore our captain.
Surely that is plain.
And given we have Hickey's camp outnumbered and outgunned, we can expect to retrieve him without a single man lost.
We prefer the order, sir.
Well, I'm giving a different order.
There's been a vote, Edward.
When? An hour ago.
Before you woke.
It was not to oppose your command of this camp.
That is without question.
It was to ratify the captain's order.
One given in sound mind with the full knowledge of our situation.
You would leave our captain with that devil? He wouldn't have urged us to go on if he didn't think it were the best plan, sir.
We've also voted that each man can do as he wishes.
We'd not force you to come with us.
We'll leave supplies for the ill.
Most of us are ill.
We're leaving today.
Those who cannot walk on their own to a sledge will stay.
Once we make our next land camp if we can, we'll return for them.
He also ordered we not leave any man behind.
You expediently leave that out.
What if I, and anyone here who still feels the pull of loyalty, organize our own rescue party? Edward.
We hope you'll come with us.
To what? Haul? And to survive.
I know Lieutenant Little's nature.
He'll be here by day's end with a dozen armed men.
We need to be ready.
I counted 11 men total.
What about arms? Who carries them? Tozer.
No, no.
Gibson's gone as well.
I think Des Voeux has his gun now.
Gone? Do you mean he ran off? Dead, sir and consumed.
I'm sorry.
However unpleasant to hear, I must put what is going on here into words.
Five guns, then.
You're certain? We thought the creature was at the ridge to our north three days ago.
Hickey ordered every man out to face it, and I counted five.
Well done.
Well done.
If the chance to run comes and we are not together, go southeast, yes? Captain, will you do something for me? When you return to London, will you deliver this to a girl there? I promised I would get it to her.
It belonged to her brother.
All these months I thought it lost, but it's found its way back to me and I have a chance now to see it where it needs to go.
- You will deliver it yourself.
- I will not leave this camp, Captain.
I know that.
You mustn't lose heart.
I need your help, Doctor.
If ever I was a doctor, I am one no longer.
Even if God is seeing every last thing we do here, you have nothing to fear.
Not you.
You're clean, Goodsir.
Even as your hand is forced by swine.
Is God here Captain? Any God? It doesn't matter.
This place is beautiful to me, even now.
To see it, with eyes as a child's.
There is wonder here, Captain.
And her.
Do you Do you think she's still alive? Silence? This place is her home.
She'll be back with her people by now.
Do you think so? Yes.
I will deliver it if I can.
To whom did it belong? I I made him a promise.
Yes? I'll find his sister by his name.
He was afraid.
He said, "He wants us to run.
" Yes? His name was His name was? Your color's better now.
Thank you, Manson.
Hickey says I'm not to call you "Captain" any more.
I'm to take you to him now.
That's all right, Magnus.
You're a good boy, I know.
It's a test, isn't it? Of our mettle.
If you're still in the camp when a meal is made out of me, honor bright, Captain, do not accept.
- If he insists - We won't let it come to that.
If he insists, eat only of my feet.
Do you understand? My feet.
The soles, if possible.
The toughest part.
Do you understand? Everything depends on this.
All set? Right.
Haul! Captain! Captain! We'll be settling down for sick nap soon.
But come and sit for a moment, Mr.
I've been looking forward to this.
Why not let Lieutenant Hodgson go back? He's some men back at the other camp who could use his leadership.
Diggle, Dr.
Goodsir, Manson.
They could accompany Lieutenant Hodgson.
He was the first of your officers I enlisted.
I remember the day.
He had a dog leg in his hand.
Well, I forgive him.
I forgive all of them but you.
Do you include yourself in that forgiveness? I won't know until the end of this.
You hold yourself to the standard of a man you are not nor should ever have tried to be.
You've let shame drive you on and on.
It's part of why we are where we are.
Then why have me brought here at all? At great risk to your men.
A spirit that dresses as an animal.
Yet we shot it with a cannon and drew blood.
How do you reconcile that? I can't.
There's much about this voyage I can't reconcile.
What mythology is this creature at the center of? About the creature I have no answers, Mr.
We were not meant to know of it.
I didn't have anywhere near an equal on this expedition but you.
I wanted to thank you for that.
On the eve of what is quite an important day.
You must be a surpassingly lonely man Mr.
Not for long.
I can probably spring those for you later.
We'll have all night to try.
You might be able to run before dawn.
Not yet, Mr.
I want to try to take some of you back with me when Little and the others arrive.
That will be any time now.
Then how can I help? Follow any signal I give you.
Everyone out.
Something's happened.
He always wanted to help didn't he? You'd waste this man? Of all men! He wasted himself, Mr.
Piece of glass to the wrists.
If he only wanted to die, he could have run out into the hills and starved.
But he didn't.
He made a gift of himself for the rest of us, is the way I see it.
And at the supper hour.
Come and join us.
Let the men begin.
Will not happen.
Private Armitage, bring Mr.
Crozier forward.
Golding stand up.
After dinner we're climbing the hill, men.
There's something needs doing now Mr.
Crozier's with us.
A few of you will have parts to play as well.
Des Voeux do we still have with us that boat chain? We do.
Forgive Father not coming down, Sir James.
He's not well just today.
Well, I won't impose on his rest.
I wanted only to say my farewells.
I leave Wednesday next for Lancaster Sound, to see about Sir John and Francis.
I'm relieved to hear it.
Father thinks it's right not to wait.
There's momentum built up in the public now for this.
Enterprise and Investigator are marvelous ships.
He can have every confidence there.
Richardson and Rae leave overland in June, and the Plover should be well on her way to join the search from the Pacific end by then as well.
We'll come at it by east, west and south.
Well, then you're sure to find it.
That will bring more comfort to my father than you can know.
He wants it found while he still lives.
His own "chilly shortcut to China," he calls it.
Haul! Come on! Push! Halt! Fire a shot.
Private Pilkington, do it now.
Here, Terror! Where was he last seen? South, two miles staggering off a weak left side.
Let me off this chain! He is sick, then, the creature.
Cornelius! He's sick from what he eats, Mr.
"Dis-moi ce que tu manges je te dirai ce que tu es.
" - And in English, Mr.
Hodgson? - "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.
" I detect a double meaning there.
If we don't meet the creature soon we set up a signal fire on this hill.
Now, he may not have his senses.
He may need help finding us.
Have we come here to give it a royal death, then? If it's ill, we should put every shot we have in its head and butcher it.
- Now, while it's weak.
- I have a different plan.
Well, perhaps it's time you told us what that plan is.
That creature is everything we need: meat and fur.
We could make at least ten greatcoats out of it and make it back to London full bricks.
You think you're going back? No.
Where else are we hoping to get? I can't go back.
A man called Cornelius Hickey told me this expedition was a year in the Polar Sea and then out the other side.
He told me the ship's plan to stop at the Sandwich Islands, and the crew was going to dry out in the sun.
"The other side of the world," I thought.
"A year's nothing.
" So I dabbed him, left him in Regent's Canal.
And here I am instead.
You could have just joined up.
I was gonna show you my heels when we got to those islands.
I was gonna hook it, start new.
I'd seen the drawings in the weeklies.
That sounded nice.
No one told me I'd be freezing to death three bloody years instead, did they? I've learnt what I needed to, so bugger London.
I'm going forward.
Only forward.
So call it with me now, boys.
Come on, together.
God bless our native land May heaven's protecting hand Still guard our shores May peace her power extend, foe Come on! This has to carry, men.
Come on! God bless Our native land We're here! Bugger Victoria, we're here! Bugger Nelson! Bugger Jesus! Bugger Joseph and Mary! Bugger the Archbishop of Canterbury! None ever wanted nothing from me! - It's here.
It's here! - Hand me your glass, Magnus.
Are we going to kill it or not? Let it come, Mr.
Des Voeux.
Open yourself to courage.
What if we're not the heroes? It will go after those who are running at first.
Every story you've been told about the holy throne of Britain has a shine on it, doesn't it? But I bet you never saw in Shoreditch the breath of a god in the air.
Never met a man with his soul eaten out.
There are holy things before us.
Magnus, Mr.
Des Voeux, come forward to the others.
Stagger your positions on a line.
When it comes over the top it will have its head low, so anticipate that with your aim.
Our empire is not the only empire.
We've seen that now.
If you run, you'll die.
If you miss, we'll die.
Tommy, give me your gun.
I'm the best shot here.
There's nothing that way, Mr.
Hoar! - I'm sorry, Tom! - It's before me! Hold, Private! Run the chain back.
Run it back.
Diggle, don't run! Don't run! Come on! Come on! You should be still.
- No.
- Stop moving! No! No! Captain! Magnus, come and see.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
Help me.
It's gone.
Charles Best.
George Chambers.
John John Weekes.
It's colder.
It's late.
We should not be so far north.
Tomorrow we will try to walk.
My men.
We must find them.
What? Close.
It would be good if you can understand what I say.
I can.
I understand from Silna that you are alone now.
Silna? Yes.
My men.
They died.
All? Where do you want to go? In spring you can decide.
In winter you stay with us.
After what I did? To Tuunbaq? We cried many days after we heard from the shaman.
How was it, when the Tuunbaq died? Where is Silna? She lost Tuunbaq.
Alone is the way for her now.
When did she leave? In the night.
She cannot be with us now.
Why not? That's the way.
Everyone accepts this.
Which way did she go? Which way did she go? Which way did she go? Silna, which way did she go? Silna Which way did Silna go? Where is Silna? Where is Silna? Silna! Where is Silna? Everyone accepts this.
You must remember where you are and accept this, also.
Two men are coming, pulling a sled.
White men.
What do you want to do? This is what you tell them.
"We saw a captain there.
The one called Aglooka.
" Ask him if one of these men is the one he's calling Aglooka.
"He spoke in our tongue.
He was dying.
" What did Francis say? Aglooka? "Your friend took my hands.
He said, 'Tell those who come after us not to stay.
'" "The ships are gone.
There is no way through.
No Passage.
" "Tell them we are gone.
" "Dead and gone.
" The silver swan Who, living, had no note When death approached Unlocked her silent throat