The Terror (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

A Sparrow in a Swallow's Nest

1 Chester, we cannot tell the future.
It is written by too many hands.
Furuya, you don't have to do this.
I'll have it for you in a week's time.
Then all will be right.
Smile, boy.
Your mother's watching you.
Ma! Pop! You forgot this.
The Terror: Infamy 2x01 A Sparrow in a Swallow's Nest Pop, do you want to check the catch? Shogo Fight the fish! You the master! Hai.
I was 110 pound when they name me Tuna-Boxing Champion of San Pedro.
You boxed against a tuna? I just come from San Francisco.
I was tea farmer, never fish before.
But I catch 200-pound bluefin down by Newport Bay.
I reel it in, fish sit up on deck like this.
I punch it in the face! Knock it out.
One punch! They call me Tuna-Boxing Champion of San Pedro after that.
Pop, we fishing for sport now? Seven for us, four into the ocean.
For luck.
For Mrs.
There was bakemono at funeral.
You know bakemono? What what kind of bakemono, Yamato-sa? The kind you can see, or did you just feel it? Come on.
I thought we left that old-country stuff behind.
Even if those things did exist, why would they come all the way over here? Why not? We did.
Be useful.
Beautiful catch for you, Mr.
Grichuk! Water is cold today.
Good for mackerel.
Henry-san, you say everything's good for mackerel.
Oh, yeah.
What is this? You're gonna give my girls a heart attack.
Ah Too much bycatch.
It'll take ten girls to sort through this.
Twenty a ton.
Grichuk, the price is forty.
Some folks say I shouldn't even be buying from you people.
You know how they talk these days.
Maybe too cold.
Bottom fish come to surface.
Grichuk, my father's given this cannery the best fish in the bay for years.
He deserves forty.
The forty dollars is for a ton of mackerel, son.
Not mackerel mixed with devil fish or squid, or anything else.
We'll sort through it all ourselves.
Pull out all the trash fish.
Frankly, it's better eating.
But you'll have your mackerel.
At forty a ton.
You want to be a captain? Learn to fish.
Henry-san! Chester! Hey, Chet! What's buzzin', cousin? Hell of a jalopy.
Only six Japanese on the island have their own car.
Pop, this is Marlon I was telling you about.
From the Naval Station? Oh, you are the hakujin going to L.
all the time.
Don't listen to him.
He thinks I'll be on the island forever.
Hey, I got us those tickets for tomorrow night.
We're taking Walt Yoshida to the movies.
"Down Mexico Way" at the Orpheum.
Gene Autry.
When do they let you off? - Not for another eight hours.
- The entire coast is on alert.
Supposed to keep my eyes peeled for spies, especially Jap ones.
Hey, Marlon, keep my son away from the Naval Station, okay? They see him, they don't know who to shoot.
Your heart's beating so fast.
I thought you said you had experience.
It's not that.
It's that your father is down the hall.
Don't remind me.
Let's not and say we did.
Or let's and not say anything.
That sounds better.
Have you got it? Take the darker one first, the gaiyo.
On the second day, add in the lighter one, the toki.
Once the bleeding starts you can stop.
It will kill my father if he knew.
And it's killed us.
What are we supposed to do after this? I haven't thought that far.
All I keep seeing in my head is Mrs.
Furuya, laying there, all made up.
You can't blame yourself for that.
She killed herself after we asked for this.
If she thought it was wrong, - she wouldn't have made this for you.
- She didn't want to do it, but she did it anyway because it was me.
She tried to help us with this terrible thing we did, and now So What do we do next? After it's over, tell your father you're okay.
Food poisoning.
No need to see a doctor.
Then, by Christmas we can forget.
All of it.
You go to nursing school I go see the country Nothing to get in the way.
You know my father always wanted me to be a nun.
Maybe as a penance for my mother.
I was gonna do it, too.
Sister Illuminata.
Then one day I realized that it was all because I liked the sound of it.
Not the thing itself.
Anyway, I just always meant to tell you that.
Just never got around to it.
I wish I could've gotten to take you out in my pop's Packard.
It's jet black so pretty.
All he does is take it in circles around that tiny island.
They come from one island to an even smaller island.
That's their entire world.
I can't do that.
Thanks for this.
You should probably go first.
If quality of the catch is deteriorating, you've got to adapt.
Sorry, Mr.
Grichuk, but the quality is the same.
You say that, but look.
These splitters are for eight-to 10-ounce mackerel.
Guppies like yours, though, my girls have to split them by hand.
Now, you've got to understand, I can't pay you 40 for that.
How much? I don't know 20? 15? What do you think it's worth? Aw, shit.
Jesus Christ! Help! Help! Help me! Help! Help! Chester! Supper! Oh We're not waiting for Walt? He's home preparing.
Betty's sailing back from Tokyo.
Walt hasn't seen her in a year.
She still has one semester, but better to leave while you can.
Wedding will be in March And soon, a grandson.
They didn't tell you I'm moving to the mainland? All the magazines are looking for photographers out west.
We'll see.
What? Should I be hauling fish the rest of my life? Chester, it's safe here.
It's good life.
There's war all over the world.
So many people dying.
I remember 23 years ago, I sail three weeks with nothing but photo of this man.
I so relief he look like his picture.
Life is hard, Chester.
You cannot do it without family.
Just ask Mrs.
I'm so sorry about that.
Actually, I'm kind of glad.
I've been going with a hakujin from the Naval Station, so I'm taking this as a sign my folks don't know.
- Seriously? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, it's probably best they don't.
They'd die, or I would.
- You haven't told Walt, have you? - Mm-mm.
My brother's as Japanese as rice.
I don't think he could even imagine it.
You know what's truly scary? That Hideo Furuya would get blind drunk, beat his wife, then wake with no memory, see the bruises, and then beat her again, thinking she was stepping out on him.
That's a monster.
Is this it? Where Mrs.
Furuya did it? The police trampled all over it, but give it a week, and it'll look like it never happened.
Do you have any idea why? I, um I hadn't seen her in a while.
Who knows? Jeez, of all the ways Maybe she wanted us to remember her intact.
Sorry for the lateness of the hour.
You want coffee, Mr.
Grichuk? You don't look so good.
This won't take long.
I wanted you to be the first to know.
They canned me.
That's ironic.
What? Why? Their machine craps out.
Someone's got to take the blame.
Oh, you're a good man.
Thirteen years I gave those sons of bitches.
And now what? What do I got? You have your health your life.
I got my life but no livelihood.
That puts me in a tough spot, Nakayama.
If only you'd brought me some decent-size fish.
It was an accident.
Nobody's fault.
I always treated you square.
You're a little short on your catch, I cut you some slack, and now you walk me into this pile of shit.
I need reparation.
Grichuk, you're the boss.
I'm just a fisherman.
I have nothing to give.
You remember last year when the antispying laws went on the books? You and all the other Jap fishermen had to register your boats.
Formality but you never did.
I was fishing, for you in Mexico.
What if all those extra gas tanks are for the emperor's submarines? I'm not a spy.
I mean, it's only natural to want to help your own kind, but still "If you question it, report it.
" You know I love this country.
I'm not a spy.
Probably not but don't make me the kind of asshole who reports these things.
What do you have in mind? Hey, I never got to say Thank you for saving my life today.
I really do appreciate it.
You knew I was with Amy.
Why didn't you wait for me? - - Stop saying that.
People don't think that way anymore.
We can do something.
You can't let Grichuk push you around.
That's your car.
You own it.
Be a man.
In Japan my father don't even have his own ox.
I pull cart myself.
I come here, all I ever want is automobile, a cart to pull me.
It took 20 years, but I got it.
So what if they take my car? I'm still the same man, a man who earned his Packard.
Don't you tell me how to be a man boy.
Has your son eaten yet? What are you doing? Purification.
Cleaning the house.
Nothing's haunting the house.
The old spirits are here, Furuya-san.
I didn't need protection before, and I don't need it now.
Get out! Next Christmas you'll have a Cadillac.
If we make it that far.
Furuya-san apologies for Asako bothering you.
You know how wives are.
At least you have one.
I've got to take a leak.
Furuya-san! Furuya-san! Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Is it Gene Autry or Roy Rogers? Autry.
"Down Mexico Way" is what we saw tonight.
Has anybody seen it? You know, in case our folks ask how the movie was.
Gene and Smiley sing a few songs, track down the bad guys, and it all ends with a fiesta I assume.
Wait, wait, wait.
Speaking of old folks, a drink to old man Furuya.
- Poor bastard may never see again.
- Furuya.
Evil spirit strikes again.
Spirit or not, if anyone deserved it, it's that S.
He went blind the same week his wife died.
That doesn't spook you? Oh, come on, Chet.
Lighten up.
It's Walt's sayonara.
Last chance to get a piece, Walt.
Last chance? First chance! Shh, she's coming.
I got you guys a white man discount, so don't embarrass me.
- Ensign Harris.
- Miss Antoinette.
Boys, meet the boss.
She'll take care of us.
I got my best girls for you tonight.
Ladies, gentlemen calling.
Which one of you is the groom? - That would be Walt.
- Lucky you.
You get first pickings.
Go on up.
Come on.
Let's go.
Last chance, man.
Everyone, all negotiations in the room.
Aw, come on.
You sure? Hey, someone needs to pay for Walt.
Loverboy's got a steady girl.
Mexicali rose Stop crying You Japanese? Goddamn nip.
Luz! It's me! Chester, what Did you take it? Chester, you're loaded.
It doesn't matter.
The gaiyo, the toki did you take it? It's not your concern anymore.
Please just tell me if you took it.
Not yet.
Oh, thank God.
Why? I won't stay long.
I realized something tonight.
Everything that's happened on my island, with you and me it's a sign.
Like an omen? I don't know, but I've got the car.
Let's just go.
Go where? Wherever you want wherever sounds good.
Our own acre just you, and me, and the baby.
How well do you know me? Enough to run off? Enough to raise a baby? There's no future if we stay in California, unless the law changes.
Forget marriage.
How much money have we got? Who do we know? How are we going to find work? What if we get stopped crossing state lines? We'll figure it out.
Chester In the morning, you'll see we can't.
There's no future for us anywhere.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Are you going to take it? The herbs? I don't know because I'm scared.
Just let me be scared.
What the Aah! Pop! Pop, why didn't you tell me you were going out? Why not tell me where you been? Someone knock over a kerosene can last night.
- It's a mess.
- Henry-kun, somebody messing with your net-to.
Hand, please it's stuck.
I trust Marlon.
Shore patrol knows.
We didn't do nothing.
We've got nothing to fret over.
There's something evil.
I can feel it.
But why would a spirit go after Grichuk? He's not Japanese.
But we are.
It brought Grichuk to us.
Now look.
We tell them what a drunk he was.
He fell off the dock accident.
No accident.
We deserve it.
We come all the way over the ocean, but we are not safe.
Furuya beat his wife.
He pay for it.
My own son bring shame I pay for it.
Gaiyo, toki .
I went to see Hudlia.
She told me what you did.
Pop, now's not the time.
Who is she? Who is she? I was going to tell you a girl from college.
It was a mistake.
Mistake was mine, to let my son go to L.
Too weak to resist.
Weak? I'm making my own way, Pop.
How about you? What do you call spending half of your life in this country and never leaving your tiny island? Shuffling around, begging for scraps from a lousy drunk? That's the kind of thing that makes them look down on us.
That's the kind of man I'll never be because you know what they call that? Go, go, go, go, go, go! Let's move it! Marlon! Marlon what's going on? Go.
Get the hell out of here.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go! This morning at approximately 7:48 Honolulu time, 300 to 400 bombers swooped down on the naval installation at Pearl Harbor, releasing their charges and causing widespread damage and death.
The totality of such is still unknown at this point.
Similarly, the exact action point of these bombers is still unknown, but what is irrefutable is that these bombers are of Japanese origin, and that this assault was done swiftly, and with the utmost malice.
There was no warning, no attempt to resolve issues through diplomatic channels Chester! Chester! Over here! Hey! FBI.
It's okay.
For safety.
You're a citizen, boy.
You were born here.
Keep moving.
Show them you're a patriot.
Fight for your country.