The Tick (1994) s01e04 Episode Script

The Tick vs. Mr. Mental

[Buzzer] [Man scats] ? You mae my min your playgroun ? My thoughts, your slies an swings ? My reckless heart your seesaw ? An in my mouth it sings ? I've lost all my marbles ? An you hol all my jacks ? My heart is skipping jump rope ? I want my playgroun back? Get out of my mind! Oh! What a show! What atmosphere! What fun! And for free! Oh, I don't know about this place, Tick.
It doesn't seem wholesome.
And who'd want to treat us to it? Obviously it's some citizen we've helped, expressing his gratitude.
Come on, Arthur.
Live a little! The night is young.
And we have umbrellas in our drinks! What could go wrong in a swell place like the Evil Eye? [Evil laugh] They are here.
I told you those invitations would work.
Soon The Tick will be a slave to my will! You didn't tell me he was so big.
Ah, but his brain is the size of a cherry pit.
And it's mine for the taking! Good heavens, it works! - [Applause] - [Singer] Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
And now the Evil Eye is proud to present the world's greatest mentalist, the amazing Mr.
Mental! Thank you, Lotta Bellor! Yay! I love a good mentalist.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome.
Without further ado, it's on with the show! I shall begin by donning this blindfold while my beautiful assistant Mynda enters the audience.
Now I will demonstrate my amazing mind by identifying objects selected at random by the beautiful Mynda! I'm seeing Oh, is it Is it could it be a - piece of rope? - Yes, Mr.
Mental! Telepathy, Arthur.
Incredible! And now, Mynda, another object if you please.
I I'm seeing a group of objects.
This is a hard one.
Are they a timing clock, fuse wire, and a package of high explosives? [Ticking] Thank you! For my next phenomenal feat, I will require a volunteer from the audience.
- You, sir! - Heh-heh! - Me? - Give him a hand, everybody.
My, my! Aren't you a big fella? Now a demonstration of the marvelous and always amusing powers of hypnosis! Tick, your mind is under my control.
Your will is now mine.
Whoa! OK.
My will is yours.
There you have it.
An amazing feat of mind control! Hmm, demanding crowd.
Very well Cluck like a chicken! Cluck-cluck.
[Crowd goes wild] I release you! For now.
Thank you, thank you.
Hasn't he been a great sport, folks? [Applause and whistling] Tick, are you all right? Uh Yeah, I guess so.
Well, I think we've sampled enough atmosphere for one night.
Let's go home.
Mental] There it is.
The Pendeka Laboratory! [Mynda] That gizmo you want.
It's in there? It is no mere gizmo, my dear, but an experimental device that will make my mind the most powerful force on Earth! Nothing will stop me! Yeah, right! You don't even swim.
And those walls can withstand a dynamite blast.
Why do you think I forged my mind-link with The Tick? To make sure that The Tick would do the swimming tonight.
And worse! [cackles] [Snores] Cluck, cluck.
[mumbles] [Mr.
Mental, in Tick's head] Tick Tick - Tick! - Hello? Do me a favor.
Go to the Peneka Laboratory an bring me the box labele Thinking Cap.
Oh, an Tick Destroy anything that stans in your way.
Tick? Tick, what are you doing? Tick! What's wrong? Where are you going? Stop! Tick! Tick, wait a minute! [Screams] Whew! Whoa! [Mr.
Mental] Tick Hang a left on Main.
Goo! Now you're gonna want to go down Main for two lights.
You'll see a filling station on your right.
Don't take that right! Keep going for another block Mynda! Could you turn that thing down? I'm controlling a mind here.
Control yourself! I'm trying to watch this.
I am this close to ruling the world! You know what I miss? I miss the old days.
When I'd think up a sinister scheme for world domination and you'd show a little emotional support.
[Gasps] Tick! Oh.
Hi! I just had the craziest dream.
Mental you know, the guy from the nightclub? He was giving me directions.
And I was powerless to resist.
Directions?! All right, all right, all right! I'll turn it off.
OK? What kind of directions? I'm not sure.
Something about going for a swim.
Tick! I'm still in control here Try to fight it, Tick.
I'll get help! [Sighs] - So what are we gonna do? - Hey! You guys wanna see my fabulous new place? In the sewer? I don't think so! [laughs] 'Course I found a very beautiful couch [Arthur] Die Fledermaus! Sewer Urchin! Crusading Chameleon! I need your help.
The Tick is in trouble! [Mr.
Mental] There it is.
The prize awaits on that islan.
Let nothing stop you! Ew, slimy! [Mr.
Mental] Your will is mine! All right.
Now who had the Danish? All I know is he said something about going for a swim.
People swim in water! Aw, neat.
I do some of my very best work in water.
I'll bet he's going to the river.
All right.
Let's go to the waterfront! [Alarm sounds] No sign of him from the air.
- Anything on land? - No, nothing.
Maybe he went home and went to bed.
- See anything down there? - I didn't find the Tick.
- But I found a beautiful pie.
- [Gasps] Oh, man! What? Argh! Hey.
It's the Tick! Ah, Tick.
Definitely glad it's you.
We thought you were something dangerous.
Argh! I'll stop him! Uh! Bricks! I told you! The Tick's mind is being controlled by an evil force.
Oh, yes, I see! Well, uh Tell me how it all turns out.
Tick! You have the thinking cap.
Bring it to me! Tick, you've got to fight it.
Don't give in! Tick? [Mr.
Mental] Tick, let nothing stan in your way! - Destroy! - What's wrong? Where are you going? Tick! Don't do this.
It's Arthur, your sidekick! Side kick? Arthur? What's going on? - What am I doing? - Good question! [Mr.
Mental] Destroy him! Him an all that stans in your way.
Bring me the thinking cap! [Gabbles] I don't wanna! Come on.
You gonna! No! Bricks! Crusading Chameleon, help me get Sewer Urchin down.
We've got to save the Tick! Tick, you must hee my commans.
Aw, nuts, Mynda, I'm losin' him.
I must pummel his mind.
Beat his will into submission! - Whatever.
- I must regain total control.
I know.
I'll open the floodgates of his own worst nightmare! This will take every ounce of my mental strength.
I must enter the Tick's mind! I wonder what the Tick's worst nightmare will be.
[Recording] You have reache the offices of the Tick's worst nightmare.
The Tick is out of his min right now.
If you' like to leave a message, please wait for the tone.
If you' like to speak to an operator, press star.
A day job? In an office? My worst nightmare! No! - Here's the memo.
- I'll need this in triplicate.
- Henderson gave himself the promotion.
- Tick, you're not so special.
[Voices continue] No! No! [Mr.
Mental] Now, no more foolin' aroun! No more foolin' around.
He's moving again.
Let's go! Straight ahead.
Two more blocks.
You can't miss it! [Yawns] Man, I gotta get some sleep.
- We got a matinee tomorrow.
- No, tomorrow we rule the world! Yeah, right! 'Night, Mental.
Ah, the thinking cap! It will give an ordinary human mental abilities to rival mine.
So it will give me the powers of the gods! [Engine fails to start] [Engine revs] That feels good! Thanks.
Thank you! [Laughs] - What did you do with the Tick? - Nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you! [All scream] [Mr.
Mental cackles] [Continues to laugh] [Groans] Oh.
Hi, guys.
Tick! Mr.
Mental took over your mind.
And now he's gonna take over the world with that cap.
That rat! Let's get him, boys.
Wait! He's too powerful with that thinking cap.
But it runs on an internal combustion engine! So? What's your point? Yeah.
We've gotta get close enough to that helmet to pull the choke on its engine and flood his mind! You're a bad act, Mr.
Don't mess with me, you fool.
I'm cookin' with gas! [Mr.
Mental] Take that, you [Mr.
Mental] Batter up, boys! Get off me! The headache I've got! I'd almost say you deserve it! The human mind is a dangerous plaything, boys.
When it's used for evil, watch out! But when it's used for good, then things are much nicer.
And let's try and keep that in mind.