The Tick (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Choose Love!

1 (BEEPING) How the hell do you turn this thing off? Maybe it's our first mission.
It's a time of need! Rathbone's captured the mole.
I mean, that must be it.
- Let's hope so, chum.
- (DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN) Flag Five, may I have your attention, please? I'm sorry, but I have terrible news.
Less than an hour ago, our brave leader, Agent Commander Rathbone, was struck down by an assassin's bullet.
- What? - No.
Our drones were evaded by the suspect, but were able to capture the following.
(TRILLING AND CHIRPING) (GUNSHOT ON RECORDING) It is my duty to inform you that the rogue agent known as "Overkill" is now AEGIS's most wanted.
SUPERIAN: "Take a walk," Arthur said.
"Center yourself," Arthur said.
That's the answer.
Got to get self-centered.
The problem started when The Terror tricked me.
Wasn't that long ago.
Maybe I should try it.
Maybe I should try "the thing.
" BRONZE STAR: I knew Overkill was sort of a jerk, but this? It makes no sense.
Maybe now he's finally lost it.
Rathbone is dead? The Commander died instantly.
May the lords of Thirdarra guide him to his rest.
(MUSICAL WHOOSHING) MIRANDA: Arthur, Acting Agent Commander Dr.
Agent Hobbes would like to talk to you.
TICK: This is terribly, terribly wrong, chum.
I know, Tick, but we can't talk about it here.
- Do you understand? - Mm-hmm.
Arthur, come in.
It's a terrible shame to meet under these circumstances, or course, but we need to speak.
Uh, so they say you were with him when it happened.
I would have preferred to meet somewhere else, but this is where the acting commander sits, I'm afraid.
Now, Arthur, I have come across something troubling, and it relates directly to you.
This is why I suggested that we talk privately.
You're aware that she was engaging in illegal activities with Overkill? I told her a number of times that I thought she should stop all of this, - but she didn't listen to me.
- Mm.
Overkill is a psychopath, but he's very engaging.
And your sister's psychological profile puts her at risk for certain borderline behaviors, attractions.
Still, I don't think she really knew what she was getting into.
Well, no.
I mean, Dot's not a criminal.
No, but she is going down a dark path.
Luckily, she is sibling to a member of the Flag Five.
So you're saying I can still help her? Yes.
And AEGIS, if you act quickly.
We're going to need you to bring in Dot, Arthur.
Okay, I will.
Thank you, Doctor.
I mean, Doctor Uh, Doc Doctor Agent - Agent Commander Doctor.
- Agent Commander Doctor.
Agent Hobbes.
It's all of that.
Oh, excuse me.
Acting Agent Commander Doctor Agent Hobbes.
You'll get it.
Thank you.
(SUCKING LOUDLY THROUGH STRAW) So, what this was the meeting? (EXHALES) Guess so.
Joan of Arc says we're adjourned.
Where does she get off telling us we're adjourned? I mean, she got a point.
We are on call.
I'm gonna head to the Heroes' Lounge, get some grub.
- Yeah, but I'm just saying - Aah (GARBLED RADIO TRANSMISSION) What did Hobbes want? Some very, very disturbing things.
- What's going on, chum? - Just hold on.
Sage, I need a favor from you.
Lay it on me.
- (INDISTINCT MUTTERING) - TICK: Oh! Wow! That was an amazing nipple ride.
I've never seen a paisley so complex! - Thanks, Sage.
- No sweat.
But tell me something.
What are we sneaking out of AEGIS for? When I saw Hobbes sitting with his back to the bullet hole of Rathbone's window, I realized something.
He's not afraid of being shot by Overkill, because he's in control of Overkill.
He's finally perfected his mind control technology, and he's using it to take over AEGIS.
- That's heavy, man.
- Sage, I need you to go back and make sure Flexon takes care of Lobstercules.
Tick, we need to find Dot and DB and warn them, stat.
Copy that.
(WHOOSHING) I'm sorry, sir, but we can't find Tick and Arthur anywhere.
Somehow, they left the building undetected.
Find Joan of Arc, tell her I need to see her right away.
And assemble a strike team.
- A strike team, sir? - Yes.
Now, please.
Rathbone's dead, and Overkill is in the wind with blood on his hands and a mind-controlling bee - in his bulletproof bonnet.
- DOT: I told you we should have stayed with Rathbone.
We could have helped.
Dot, Hobbes has all the cards.
I mean, how could you have helped? If I'd been there, I might have had a chance to change it.
Change it.
She's talking about her ability, - her superpower.
- Excuse me? Arthur - I'm a category.
- What? I can see what's about to happen sometimes, and I can change it.
She dodges bullets and everything! At last! It's all coming together.
Dot, you're on the journey, too! Destiny is on the phone.
It's a party line, and we're all invited! Dot, why-why didn't you tell me? I didn't know how you'd take it.
I mean, you're the one who always wanted to be super.
At this point, all I want is for everyone to be okay.
You and Mom and Walter and the babies.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Tick the babies.
We filed a motion.
Hobbes knows about the babies.
The babies! We have to call Mom and Walter.
I never thought the one person keeping the biggest secret from me would be you.
I'm so sorry, Joan.
How does John feel about me? About us? He loves you.
He's always loved you.
This is how it all began.
(WHOOSHING, RATTLING) (BEEP, METALLIC RATTLE) That's an AEGIS Troop Carrier in stealth mode.
- (PHONE RINGING) - (RATTLING) It's a strike team, Joan.
- But I don't I don't understand.
- Listen.
You got to move now.
Grab the babies.
It's all right.
- You-you have to trust me - (JOAN SHRIEKS, KEVIN GROANS) (JOAN GRUNTS, MAN YELLS) Joan, I have a secret, too.
- I have to touch you now.
- What?! JOAN: Where'd you go? (GRUNTING, INDISTINCT SHOUTING) - (PHONE RINGING) - (DISTANT SHOUTS) - KEVIN: Walter? - What? I have to touch you.
MAN (ON TV): And now, breaking news from space.
Satellite images reveal that Superian appears to be walking the lunar surface for reasons as of yet unknown.
What is he doing on the Moon? - Yo, Flex.
- Where is everyone? Got a message for you from Arthur.
- (SIGHS) - Now what the hell is that? (ELECTRICAL BUZZING) (BUZZING, WHOOSHING) Since you joined AEGIS, I've been very impressed by your many talents.
- (BEEPS, WHOOSHES) You want something.
I am in need of some assistance in a delicate matter, a small, off-the-books special op that I think you'd be perfect for.
(KEYPAD KEYS BEEPING) And I take it this isn't official business? I've come to find, in the course of the recent change of regime, certain people simply should not be Well, simply should not be.
- I see.
- Do you? Rathbone's death was a coup for you, and you want to make sure no one else takes that away.
I thought you would understand, given your background.
You know, I have a feeling that you and I will complement each other beautifully in the coming era.
It's an "era" now.
Okay, so you get AEGIS.
What's in it for me? Well, what if you were to become the leader of the Flag Five? This device contains the keys to the kingdom.
It's funny.
Being a hero feels a lot like being a villain.
I suppose that is funny.
Any luck, DB? I'm trying every one of their cell phones and e-mails.
Walter and Joan aren't answering.
Mom always answers her phone.
Could be they're busy.
Those babies do love their meemaw.
Arthur's getting a text message from Joan.
It's cryptic.
It says; "We had to leave the apartment, but we are safe.
Don't try to reach us.
" What does that mean? Hang on.
Another call coming in.
- OTHERS: Is it Mom? - It's Overkill.
Overkill! Where are you? Doesn't matter.
Listen to me.
AEGIS is compromised.
Doctor Agent Hobbes is The Duke.
He put one of his pods in my brain, and I Yeah, we know.
Hobbes is the mole.
I'm going to track your signal.
We are coming to get you.
Listen I don't know why I'm "me" right now, but it's not gonna last, and I'm not gonna give Hobbes the chance to use me again.
- Don't do anything stupid.
- Too late.
I have to go.
I have more words.
You are the people in my life.
- Good-bye.
- Overkill, no! (PANTING) (ELECTRONIC WHIRR) (GRUNTING) HOBBES: That's all for now.
Thank you.
DANGERBOAT: I have a read on Overkill's location.
He's near the city's water treatment facility.
Okay, we have to be careful, Dangerboat.
Didn't you hear him? He's gonna kill himself! No, he's not gonna get the chance.
- He's moving.
- See? Hobbes wanted him to call us.
He's trying to draw us closer.
He knows that he can't let anyone who has his secret get away.
We have to go after him.
I wish it were that easy, Dot.
TICK: Maybe it is, chum.
Overkill's been in the woods, but so have we.
All these secrets and lies have gotten us lost.
The truth about the truth is that it's a choice.
You choose love or you choose fear.
Everything after that is up to destiny.
Hobbes chooses fear.
The Tick chooses love.
DANGERBOAT: I choose love.
Always love.
- Love.
- Love.
Dangerboat let's go get our boy.
SUPERIAN: I bet I could do it.
Get up enough speed, get the whole ball of wax going backwards.
Time goes forward when the Earth spins forward.
If I reverse the Earth's spin, who's to say I wouldn't be able to turn back time on the planet? I could go back to when they loved me and I could never make the mistake in the first place! Or I stop the Earth's spin and seven billion people go hurtling into space.
Uh it's a toughie.
(PANTING) Young man, that was amazing.
Are the babies okay? Oh, yeah.
You saved us all, Kevin.
- Let's get that off you.
- Just gonna have a seat, then.
Depleted blood sugar.
I need - more, uh, maraschino cherries.
- JOAN: Just get your (JOAN GASPS) I need to do a perimeter defense scan.
My God! Is there anything else? Secrets This is all of it, Joan.
I swear.
(SINGSONGY): Hello? Attorney for the defense.
Here to visit my client.
This is maximum security containment? - Yeah.
- But everyone's up on the deck since the shooting.
We should be right by the armory, then.
Is that one of those Flag Five all-access tablets? Maybe.
You mind doing me a solid and flipping open this little security gate here? - (TAPPING SCREEN) - I represent a mother and her children who have been taken away from each other by a cruel circumstance.
(BEEPING) (CHUCKLES) Thanks, kid.
What the hell? (TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING IN DISTANCE) God, I can't believe Hobbes was the mole the entire time.
- How did we not see that? - He was hiding it beneath all that pasty blandness.
Dangerboat, are you getting anything on your scanners? No.
There's still too much cell tower interference.
What are you guys seeing on the ground? Overkill! - Overkill! No! - No, guys, that's not really him.
He's under Hobbes's control! (LOBSTERCULES SCREECHES) TICK: Good God! Aah! - Oh! - (SCREECHES) (GROWLS) Aah! Lobstercules, no! (SCREECHING) - If you want to stop her - (TICK GRUNTING) you have to kill her.
She doesn't get a choice, I'm afraid.
- ARTHUR: Hobbes, you bastard.
- You think The Tick is the only one who can drop-kick you, Doctor? Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
Hey, Dottie.
I knew it.
I knew you were evil! How do you know I'm not being mind-controlled? - Because you're an asshole! - Okay, let's calm down, ladies and gentlemen.
This is my scene.
What do you want, Hobbes? Ultimately, I want the human race to survive.
But tonight, I just need one of you to live long enough to give me some answers.
I really must find the rest of your family so that I can eliminate all this untidiness.
Villain! Villain? No.
I'm a dedicated government employee finally accomplishing the true goal of his agency.
You murdered your commander.
(SIGHS) AEGIS had one job: to keep order amidst all of this genetic chaos.
Rathbone failed at that job.
So that's how you're gonna keep order, by shutting off people's brains? - Huh.
Arthur, I'm not talking about people.
I'm talking about them.
You're afraid, Hobbes, that's all! It's the only thing you know, because your truth is fear.
More choking, please.
(SCREECHING) My truth is control.
Lint, I mean, how can you help a guy who says stuff like that? Uh? Oh.
Sorry, wasn't listening.
You weren't listening? - Are you an idiot? - Watch it.
- Don't you know what he's up to? - Him? Yeah.
He's being distracted - by me.
- That's exactly right.
What did you just say? Edgelord.
How are we doing? We hit the lab, armory, R&D.
We're loading up the last truck now.
EDGELORD: Frank looks very happy.
Frank is very happy.
Okay, Miss Lint, you are now officially the woman who stole AEGIS.
Well I guess my work here is done.
HOBBES: Where are you going? You can't go away.
We have an arrangement.
- You work for me.
- No, I'm my own boss, Hobbes.
Good luck with this mess.
- She can fly? - It's a recent development.
Ha-ha! There's the old Lint we know and know? Huh.
Arthur stop for a moment and think rationally.
Think about it scientifically.
You and I we're both human.
Don't you see? It's it's us against them.
No, it's us against you.
Hand over the remote.
Fire, please.
- (GUNSHOTS) - Arthur, move! Move! (GUNSHOTS CONTINUE, BULLETS RICOCHET) You may kill The Tick.
Oh, man.
- (ROARING) - (YELLING) Oh! I will not fight you! - Tick, you have to fight back! - I can't, chum.
She's gonna kill you! She's the mother of our children! (YELLS) - (GUNSHOTS) - Hmm.
(TICK GRUNTING) Hey, Superian? Uh you said that you could hear me anywhere in the world.
If you had a moment, we could really use your help right about now.
Anything? Oh, Superian? - HOBBES: Superian? Please.
- (THUMPING, CRASHING) - Hasn't he done enough? - TICK: This isn't you! The moment he set foot on this planet, he triggered evolutionary panic.
- TICK: Aah! - He caused this Age of Superheroes.
Look at it now.
Choose love.
Choose love.
Choose love! Ouf.
Lobstercules, don't listen to that wretched tube in your head.
(SCREECHES) This isn't you! - We have to get that remote.
- Right.
- I'll distract Overkill.
- What? I'll draw his fire.
Just go for Hobbes as soon as I get his attention.
Come on, Overkill.
Try it.
Could you do a better job of shooting, please? - Shooting the woman.
- (ARTHUR SCREAMS) What? Where am I? Tick.
My friend.
You freed me.
(PANTING) It's over, Hobbes.
(LOBSTERCULES SCREECHES) - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- (HOBBES GASPING) It would take no effort for me to end you, Doctor.
(TICK GASPS) (PANTING) But we are not the monsters here.
And that is the power of love, Doc.
I told you not to come for me.
It's you.
(BREATHING DEEPLY) RATHBONE: To quote Mark Twain, "The report of my death was an exaggeration.
" Doesn't mean that we here at AEGIS didn't just get sandbagged pretty damn hard.
But even though this agency took some hard knocks, it also freed itself from a long, dark shadow.
Now, for the time being, the new Flag Five protocol has been halted.
It appears that Joan of Arc might have taken advantage of us.
Yeah, you think? (SCOFFS) (ARTHUR CLEARS THROAT) (COUGHING) Normally, that kind of information would be classified, but this old soldier has learned that secrecy and going it alone are not the way of the future.
Only together can we hope to make harmonious - this world that we still fight for.
- MAN: Hear! Hear! I thank you.
I thank you all.
Speech! Nah, man, he got one more secret.
Who? Rathbone? SAGE: Mm-hmm.
It's gonna be a whole damn thing.
- Just watch.
- (CHUCKLES) (BABBLING) Hey, little one.
- Tick! Arthur! - (ARTHUR CHUCKLES) KEVIN: Hey, guys.
I-I'm a full-time nanny now.
- Oh.
Yeah, that's great, Kevin.
- All right.
FLEXON: Lobstercules is renting the back of my houseboat until we clear up her legal stuff.
Raw pearls.
Pretty good deal.
- Yeah, no, that's - LOBSTERCULES: Tick.
I can't begin to repay you for all you've done.
- (KEVIN COOS) - Sweet mother of lobsters, this is all we wanted to see.
Yeah, that's right.
- All right, go on.
- Yes, sir.
Thanks again for understanding.
That was a good, clean kill there, son.
Apparently my work here isn't done.
- more done if we're - Honey.
Are you sad about The Flag Five? (SCOFFS) What? No.
- I mean, we made the team.
- That's true.
Everyone turned out okay.
I mean, look.
Even Lobstercules got her babies back.
And I got mine.
What should we call you? I really like "Walter.
" Come here, Walter.
(CHUCKLES) ARTHUR: Get in here, big guy.
DANGERBOAT: So, you're there, back inside AEGIS.
- What's it like? - I got to say, it, uh (SIGHS) It's pretty good.
DANGERBOAT: I think this is one of those never look back, - turning point moments, Overkill.
- ("GET YOUR FIGHT ON" BEGINS) A moment that requires a certain observance of tradition.
OVERKILL: Don't you pump that crap in my head - right now.
- DANGERBOAT: Oh, yes.
It is a dance party.
- (GRUNTING SOFTLY) - I think I've been hiding from you, Mom.
I'm sorry.
Oh, but you're here now, sweetie, so it's good.
(SIGHS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) He's just so strange.
Yeah, he is.
You, uh having a dance party by yourself? Maybe.
You want company? Get your fight on, get your fight on Maybe.
Get your fight on, get your fight on Get something to bite on Get your fight on, get your fight on Get something to bite on Get your fight on, get your fight on Get something to bite on Where are they going? Afternoon patrol, I think.
Ready for the next adventure, chum? Ready, Tick.
TICK: Spoon! SUPERIAN: Turning back time is the answer.
And of course it's worth the risk.
We can't go on like this.
If the unthinkable happens, well there's always more fish in the sea.
So to speak.
But come on.
You can do this.
You can do anything.
You are Superian.
All you got to do is build up some velocity and fly faster than the speed of time.
VOICE (ECHOING): Fugitive 11-X.
Assume the position.
Oh, shit.