The Time of Our Lives (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 I want to remember this moment.
OK? Whatever happens in the future, I want you to remember how much we love each other.
He's not coming, he's changed his mind.
You must think I'm a fool.
I reckon Joel's the fool.
Do you want to stay with us for a while? One night a week, two or three comics doing stand-up, if all goes well, I'll do a set too.
Welcome to the opening night of The Wise Crack! It's 3.
5 days a week counselling adolescents.
I can't imagine going back to work.
Well, you need a husband that's on your side.
Matt is on my side.
Carmody's not gifted.
I think he's an over-indulged little boy.
And that's my fault, is it? It's both our fault.
Oh, I missed you.
There was a mermaid having a wish And Bingo was his name-oh B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O Hello, you.
B-I-N-G-O And Bingo was his name-oh! Yay! You girls were great.
You, you need a little bit of work, though.
I thought you were a little bit flat on the high notes.
What are you going to do today? Going home to work on the musical until I pick the girls up.
Can you do dinner tonight? Yeah, sure.
See ya.
Have a good day, girls.
Bye, Mum! Say bye.
Daddy, he broke his ear.
What, his ear? Yes.
Hi, Miss.
I just thought you deserved a treat.
Why do I deserve a treat? It's your birthday.
Well, you're cute, you're gorgeous, you're smart and you love me.
Come on.
What? Well, it's only four things.
I'm sure you can think of more than that.
What's in it for me if I can? If you can get to ten Ten.
You might get a treat.
Well, you're funny.
Kind? Six.
You You know Steve Waugh's batting average.
Oh, you're sexy.
Very sexy.
Very, very sexy.
Nine, ten.
You look good.
Welcome back.
She looks good, doesn't she? I'll be in for a chat later.
I wouldn't be able to go on if what had happened to you happened to me.
I admire you for turning up to work.
We're all here for you.
If you need to have a good old gas bag or a shoulder to cry on, let me know, OK? I've got something for you.
Oh, yeah? I made it.
Close my eyes, do I? Yes.
Oh, very good.
If you like.
Mm-hmm, I like.
Oh, I love it.
Go the Dogs! Now what else would you like for your birthday? Well, what would you like for my birthday? To be with you.
You ARE with me.
Carmody starts school next year, which means it'll be sorted out and Caroline'll be more independent, so I guess it is the right time.
I'll tell her when I go back.
You promise? Yeah.
I love you.
Oh, hang on.
Hey, how are ya? Hello, Dad.
How're you doing? You good? Happy birthday, Dad.
Oh, thanks, mate.
Thank you.
We've got a present for you.
Have you? Oh, hi.
Um, are you one of the counsellors? I am.
So, um, what do you guys do here? Well, we talk about anything that might be worrying you and help you work out your options.
Oh, OK.
That's cool.
Just Excuse me for a sec.
Hello? No, she's not here.
OK, bye.
I'm Kristin Glaros.
The other counsellor.
Oh, hi.
I've been looking forward to meeting you.
Yeah, I'm so sorry I wasn't here to greet you when you started work.
I've been in the US on a study tour.
How was it? Yeah, it was kind of amazing.
Like, they've got these really innovative counselling strategies over there that I'd love to talk to you about.
So, how are you finding it here? I love it.
It's what I've always wanted to do.
Alright, well, you know what, if you ever need to talk, you just let me know.
There's a little bit to get used to.
Thanks, Kristen.
Kristin, yeah.
Got it.
Hey, could I ask you a tiny favour? Sure.
Is there any chance you could take over a few of my students this afternoon? If it's at all possible, I'd love to leave early 'cause my baby's sick and I just really want to get home.
Yeah, of course.
I've got some set up for personal development tomorrow but I can stay later and do that.
I wouldn't normally ask but I'm just quite worried about her.
I don't mind at all.
I really appreciate it.
Ah, Bella, come in.
I usually see Miss Glaros but she's been really busy lately.
Well, let's just have a talk.
We'll see how we go.
This is the 2010 Demographic and Health Survey for Cambodia.
I've highlighted what's relevant.
So where do you think we've under-budgeted? Infant mortality, it's a big problem.
Now, that's an education program that's desperately needed.
Have a look at this.
Um, it's organic.
Pretend I'm not here.
Thank you.
Hey, listen, if you feel like you need to do shorter days for a while, just ease your way back in I don't need to.
I've thought so much about what happened, my mind is addled.
All I want is to put my head down and work.
You right? It's nothing.
I'm going to take a look at this.
I'll get back to you, yeah? Happy birthday, Dad.
Oh, what is this? You come here to me.
He chose it himself.
Thank you.
Sit down.
Close your eyes.
Close my eyes? Yes.
Oh, right.
Are your eyes closed? I'm gonna like this, do you think? Open your eyes, Dad.
I spoke to the guy at the bike shop and he said you had your eye on it.
Oh, well, it's the top of the range.
I know you wanted it.
Can I have a lolly, Dad? Yep, sure.
No, not now.
Let's put these away, have them after dinner.
What about you and I heading off for a drink tonight? For your birthday? Yeah, we can drop Carmody off at Mum's place.
Ah, it's her bridge night tonight.
But I could try and get someone for tomorrow night.
OK, let's book it in.
My old chambers rang today.
A room's come up and they're pretty keen to have me back.
There's a lot of work on and a fair bit of overflow.
They need someone as soon as possible.
You interested? To be honest, not really.
It sounds perfect.
I mean, especially with Carmody heading off to school next year.
Oh, I'm rethinking that.
I think it'd be better if he has another year at home.
Why? Well, if the psychologist is right, it'd be good if he had another year to mature.
That's why I'm not really interested in going back to part-time work.
I think I'd prefer to devote myself to Carmody.
Hold on.
He used to be a genius and now he needs more time to mature? Oh, I never said he was a genius.
Caroline, that's all you ever said.
Anyway, I just think it'd be better if he goes to school a year later.
Yeah, well, I don't.
Well, it doesn't make any difference to you.
I'm the one putting off going back to work.
Carmody? Carmody! He's gone outside.
Carmody! I hope he's not on the street.
Carmody! Carmody! Carmody, come out here.
Come on.
What are you doing in there? Hiding.
Caroline, I've found him.
Caroline! Now, you have been very naughty.
You should have come when I called.
And what have you got in your hand? What have you got? He's not naughty.
His behaviour is naughty.
Caroline, for once, don't correct the way I parent! For once let me do it my way! Carmody, you go to the family room.
All I'm trying to do is make him I don't want to hear it.
We need to talk about this stuff.
You might need to.
I don't.
I'm going to shower.
What should I make? Don't make anything with meat in it.
I'm vegetarian.
Since when? Since ages.
Honestly? Since when? Since two weeks ago.
- Hello? - Luce.
Herb! Mate, I've got a bit of a problem here.
Eloise is running late and I can't do the bar and the door.
Can you come up? Oh, mate, it's a bad time.
Oh, if you could make it for an hour, it'd really help me out.
I can't.
I've got the girls.
Otherwise, I'm going to have to let people in for free and that's 600 bucks we've lost.
Come on, Luce.
We really need that money.
Oh, I'll leave the twins with Georgie for an hour, OK? OK, we'll see you soon.
Right, see you there.
If I order pizza, can you look after the girls for a bit? I'm just going to nip down to the comedy club.
Mum's picking me up in 15 minutes.
I've got choir.
Oh, I forgot about that.
Dad, can I go to Chadstone on Thursday night? All the girls are going.
What for? Just to hang out.
Yeah, very unlikely.
You never let me do anything.
Chai Li! She went out.
Chai Li! Have a good night.
- Hello.
- How are things going? Yeah, everything's fine.
Yeah, the girls are happy.
They're just dropping off to sleep now so you won't be able to chat to them.
I might be another hour.
I had to take on the other counsellor's students.
Yeah, yeah, no worries.
Yeah, take your time.
It's all under control here.
What? Ah, Tully was just asking me how old Georgia was.
Look, I'd better go so I'll speak to you soon, OK? She's 11.
Yeah, almost 12.
That's what I told her.
I'll speak to you soon, yeah? OK.
Bye! Bye! Hi! Hey, mate.
I can take over here if you like.
Great, thanks, mate.
Give us a call later.
Tell us how it goes, yeah? Come on, guys, let's go.
Yay, we made it home.
Now there's no need to tell Mum we went to the club tonight, OK? OK.
- Where have you guys been? - To the club.
They're asleep.
They were exhausted.
Watching stand-up is pretty tiring, I imagine.
Alright, I'll give you open slather.
I know I was in the wrong.
All I want to say is I don't want them going to the club at night.
I'm surprised I have to say anything, seeing as they're four.
They drank some pink milk.
Rather than the gin and tonics you were planning to give them? Yeah, yeah.
You're lucky I love you.
You're pretty lucky I love you.
Hi, how are you? I'm exhausted.
I was up all night.
How is your child? Is she alright? What do you mean? You said your baby was sick.
Oh, yeah, she was so sick.
I mean, it turned out to be a fur ball, but I was just glad I was there when she coughed it up.
Are we talking about your daughter? No! No, my little pussycat, Tabitha.
See ya.
Hi again.
How can I help you today? Um, can I borrow some money? First, just tell me a little bit about what's going on.
It's alright.
I just I forgot my lunch and I wanted to go to the canteen.
Fair enough.
Do you usually make your own lunch? Ah, yeah, for me and my little brother.
You must be busy.
Um, can I money? Here's five dollars.
Thank you.
I'll pay you back as soon as I can.
Did you just give him money? I lent him five dollars.
Yeah, that's not good practice.
Anyway, about this afternoon.
I've lined up a drop-in hour specifically for the Year Eights.
I've put you down to run that.
Kristin? Yep? I know we've only just begun working together but we are actually employed at the same level.
Yeah, I know.
I'd rather we made decisions together.
It's not really appropriate for you to allocate me work.
Oh, God, are you annoyed because I asked you to help out when my baby was sick? When your cat was sick? Yeah.
I'm trying to get on top of my own work.
I'm in a new job and it's quite challenging, so at the moment I'd rather not take on any extra work without us talking about it first.
That's fine.
Hi! Hi.
Hey! Hi! Where are the girls? In their room.
What about this one? Have they had dinner? No, too many words on that one? Have the girls had dinner, Luce? I'm just about to get onto it.
It's six o'clock.
Yeah, I'll do it now.
Alright, this is where I say goodbye.
What are you making? I was thinking about making fish and salad.
Well, they don't eat fish and they don't eat salad.
Well, OK, what do you want me to make? I don't want you to make anything.
I'm just telling you they don't eat fish or salad.
Alright, well, I'll defrost some pizza.
Oh, there isn't any.
How about baked beans? They're tired.
No, they're hungry.
You can't start thinking about dinner this late in the day.
They should be fed and bathed by now.
Yeah, OK.
Number one, stop yelling at me.
And number two, why are you in such a foul mood? Bad day.
The other counsellor, she's a really strange woman.
I don't know if I'm going to get on with her.
OK, sit down.
I'll make you a drink.
I'll make you something special.
No, no, you make dinner.
I'll give the girls their baths.
I'll put them in their PJs.
I'll get the girls' mermaid costumes out.
They need them for the Kinder concert.
They're too small.
You know, I was thinking, now that we've got some extra cash coming in, why don't we plan a holiday? Let me guess which holiday you're planning.
Is it the fun park tour of Queensland? Same holiday you've been talking about since we had kids? It is the entire reason I had kids.
Might be better to do some work on the house.
We can do both.
Dinner is served.
Spaghetti Luciana.
Can you get the girls? Luce? Hmm? We'll have a romantic dinner for two.
This is for you.
Is that from Jesse? I didn't think you'd ever see that money again.
Neither did I.
Girls are back.
What do you think? Mum, look at us, Mum! Look at us! You look gorgeous.
Where'd you get the costumes? I got them from one of the mums.
She just dropped them off and swapped them.
But I've got to set up the speakers on the night of the concert in exchange for these costumes.
That worked out well.
Alright, you can go and play outside now if you want.
Put these on.
There's a huge hole in the wall.
It's the beginning of the renovations.
Are you doing them yourself? Well, yeah, some of it.
I mean, not the specialty jobs but I can handle most of it.
What's your timeline? Oh, I haven't worked out all the finer detail but I plan to.
Trust me.
I always feel scared when you say stuff like that.
Don't be scared, my darling.
You're dressed up.
Yeah, we're going out, remember? Are we? Yeah.
I'd better get ready.
I'd really like to go somewhere quiet so we can talk.
Well, do you mind if I pop in here for a sec? I just want to to pick up a copy of the menu.
Hey, happy birthday! Surprise! Is this all your dreams coming true at once? Maybe not.
No, thank you.
Thanks very much.
Should we sit down? Ah, drinks? Everyone right for drinks? I'm right.
I just thought it was going to be the two of us.
Well, I wanted to make a fuss of you.
Well, you shouldn't really spring these things on me.
Surely the nature of surprises is that they are sprung.
What would you like to drink? - Um, I'll have a pinot, please.
- No worries.
I'm sorry this isn't what you wanted.
No, no.
Look, it's fine.
I appreciate the gesture.
Just once before I die, I'd like to see the Bulldogs win a flag.
Then you'd better hope for a long life.
How about that young kid? Did you finish up signing him? Lachie? He's a done deal.
He's one of the most talented kids I've ever seen.
He's a real all-rounder, you know.
When are we going to get to see him? Depends on his pre-season.
Have you thought where you might send Carmody to school next year? I'm going to transfer him to an early learning centre.
Not prep? I'm in no rush for him to go to school.
You don't think he'll be bored being at home for another year? No.
Oh, here comes Matt's favourite red.
Here it is.
Who wants some? Cheers.
Thank you.
Ray, you having some? I'll finish this one first.
I went round to Joel's.
Was he there? No.
I went in, looked around.
I was hoping to find something, some evidence of what was going on in his head.
But I didn't find anything.
His backpack and his passport were gone, though.
He's definitely gone overseas.
Where's he gone? Ewan told me he's gone to Pakistan.
Doesn't make much difference, though, does it? What do you mean? Stop chasing him.
Let him go.
All this snooping around, it's pointless.
I want to talk to him to find out what he was thinking.
Well, you know what he was thinking.
He didn't want to get married.
There's nothing else to it.
He's a gutless prick that didn't want to marry you.
What else is there to find out? Well, that was a bit harsh.
It was, Luce.
Well, she's behaving like an idiot.
She's heartbroken.
Cut her some slack.
Alas, Luce, you know, sometimes he just forgets to put his brain into gear before his mouth starts driving.
He's right.
Joel didn't want to marry me.
It is that simple.
Do you still have some stuff at his place? A couple of bags.
I didn't even pick them up when I was there.
Come on.
Let's go back to dinner.
Uh, you go ahead.
I won't be long.
Hi, it's me.
You alright? Uh, I came home and there's a man standing in my apartment.
What? Well, I walked in the door and then, um, he saw me and just walked out past me.
Are you alright? Are you there? I-I don't know what to do.
All the drawers Lock the door.
are pulled out.
And call the police now.
I wish you were here.
I need you.
I wish I was there too.
Just Just call the police, will you? Where are you? Well, I'm at dinner.
Who with? My whole family's here.
Are you there? Are you OK? It's never going to end, is it? Look, I'll call you back, OK? I thought you might be outside having a sneaky fag.
No, you got one, have you? No.
Bad news? What? The phone call.
You sure you're alright, mate? Yep, I'm fine.
I ordered you a coffee.
Are you alright? Yeah, fine.
You're not drinking much of this.
What's in here? Some complicated home life issues.
I'm just going to go outside for a moment.
What's wrong, Matt? I just don't feel well.
Actually, I might just go home.
Oh, well, we can take you, Matt.
No, no, no, that's alright, Mum.
See ya, mate.
Are you OK? I just need some air.
Who were you talking to on the phone? I'm going to go home.
Well, OK, just wait.
I'll say goodbye to everyone and then I can take you.
No, I just want to walk.
He's getting a migraine.
Do you want to just go? No, no.
No point in all of us having our night ruined.
So, anyone want a piece? Yeah, sure.
When's the last flight? I'm not going to make that.
Where have you been? You left the restaurant hours ago.
I've been walking around.
You alright? That was really embarrassing tonight, you walking out.
What's going on? I don't want to be married to you anymore.
What do you mean? I mean what I said.
I don't want to be married to you anymore.
Why? I'm not happy.
I haven't been for a long time.
How long? I don't know.
I mean, you must have seen this coming.
Seen what coming? Are you going to leave me? I can't do this for another ten years.
I've had enough.
Had enough of what? Of this! Feeling so completely disconnected, all the fighting.
And I just want a better life for the both of us.
Then we just have to talk about it and find out what's wrong and we can sort it out.
I don't want to.
I haven't made this decision hastily.
I've thought about it.
And I think it's what's right for me.
What do you feel disconnected from? From this life.
I'm a spectator.
Well, you've made yourself a spectator.
I want you to be more involved, especially with Carmody but You leave everything to me! No, you've taken that.
Oh, that is not fair, Matt.
I stepped up because you stepped back.
But if you want to be more connected then you can be.
Why do you have to leave? Is there someone else? No.
Are you happy? I mean, do you want to stay in this relationship, where we fight all the time? I don't think we fight all the time.
But if you think we do, well, then we can go to counselling.
I don't want to.
I mean you'll need to get used to the idea.
Now that's going to take some time.
But this decision is mine.
And where does that leave me? Tell me.
I don't know.
And what about Carmody? What do you mean? Well, what happens to him in all of this? Well, I just assumed that you'd want him to stay with you.
You don't know what I want.
Why are you leaving me? I don't love you anymore.
And why are you leaving Carmody? Same reason? I hate you.
I hate you! Caroline.
I hate you! Caroline.
Caroline! Why are you crying, Mum? I'm not crying, darling.
I've just got a little bit of a headache.
Go on, back to bed.
Uh, I'll call you back.
Can I leave Carmody with you? I've got some stuff to do.
I've got a meeting in Sydney this afternoon and I am just about to go to the airport.
Don't care.
Come with me, Carmody.
I've got some Textas you can play with.
Yeah! See you tonight, darling.
Can I have a kiss? This is what I do every day.
I look after your child because you're my husband.
But if you don't want to be my husband, then you can look after your child yourself.
Just bring him home after work.
Please, Caroline.
Can you punish me tomorrow? You're the one who said you were sick of being a spectator.
Their mermaid costumes are on the bed.
I'll get going so I can leave work a little bit early.
Alright, darl.
What time are you getting there? Uh, four o'clock to set up but the show doesn't start till five.
Dad, where are my shoes? I don't know.
Dad, where are my shoes? Where'd you put them? I know where they are.
Come on, let's go.
Can't wait for the concert tonight! Hey.
On your way to work? Yeah.
Hang on, I'll walk you to the station.
Hey, I'm sorry about what I said last night.
Forget about it.
I didn't want to make you feel bad.
It's Joel I'm angry at.
I'm in uncharted waters.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
When Maryanne left me, I did every dumb thing you could think of.
One Saturday night I sat in my car outside her house for eight hours 'cause I thought she had another guy in there.
Did she? Nah! She wasn't even home.
She was staying at her mum's.
You're an idiot.
Can I ask you something? Yeah, you can.
I'm a little confused.
I've noticed that since you've been back, you haven't actually seen any students.
Yes, I have.
Really? Because I haven't seen anyone come in here and I've seen their names on the schedule.
Oh, no, no, no, it's not a big deal but if I've got a lot of admin to do, I just block out some time to do it.
By making up appointments that don't actually take place? OK, I don't make them up.
It's just a system I use to block out time.
If you don't like it, I won't use it.
Oh, it's not a matter of me not liking it.
It's more I'm just trying to work out what you're doing.
How long have you been doing this? OK, I'm not going to talk to you about this, yeah? I don't know what to say.
Then say nothing.
I can't.
I'm trying to understand what's going on.
OK, nothing's going on.
It was a system I used to allocate time to getting my admin done.
That was all.
It's no big deal.
I won't do it again.
Are you happy? No, I'm not happy.
I'm confused.
Look, I'm sorry about this, Mum.
Caroline had a really important appointment.
I've forgotten about it.
Would it be alright if Carmody stayed here for the afternoon? I can pick him up later on.
Yeah, it's fine.
Are you feeling any better? Yeah, much better, thanks.
Hey, Carmody! Stop that.
Stop that right now.
Hey! Hey! You've gotta keep kids busy, Matt.
Sorry, Dad.
Now we're going to fix Grandma's chair and you're going to help me.
Do you want us to bath him? Yep, yep, very good.
That'd be helpful.
Did you bring his PJs? Ah, no, I haven't got anything for him.
Oh, I've got something here.
We'll be right.
Thanks, Mum.
Sit up there.
Say goodbye to Dad.
Bye, Dad! If you need any help with it, just let me know.
Thanks a lot.
It's alright.
See ya.
Oh, Bernadette.
Hey, our department has to deliver an audit as part of a funding application so I'll need you to provide some statistics about, you know, how many kids you've seen, phone calls you've taken, any areas of concern.
When do you need it by? Um, as soon as possible.
Can I give it to you in the morning? I really want to get away right on time today.
My girls are in a concert at five.
Well, no, because the deadline for the funding's today and I've already asked for an extension and they said no.
It won't take you long.
I mean, I'd do it for you but you said you wanted to be responsible for your own work.
I'll try to fit it in between students.
Thank you! Can I have a flat white, please? Um, you'll also need to write a page on what we'll do with any money that isn't spent in the next financial year.
Does that have to be done as part of the audit? Yeah, otherwise they'll expect us to return the unused funds.
Is there anything else? No.
Come on, come on, come on! Yes! Hi.
It's me, it's me.
Um, I'm just I'm on my way.
What time are the twins on? Well, they're coming on now.
They're, like, first up.
I can't believe it.
I'm not going to make it.
Well, do you want me to hold the phone up so you can at least hear it? Yeah, OK.
Hello, everyone, and welcome to our concert.
Hang on, they're coming on now.
There was a farmer, had a dog And Bingo was his name-oh B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O And Bingo was his name-oh.
Come on, mermaids! OK, listen.
This is the bit where Frances and Tully are on.
OK! B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O Hi, you've called Luce Tivolli.
Leave me a message.
I-N-G-O And Bingo was his name-oh.
Yay! Did you hear that? Hello? Bern.
Take another bow.
Right, you all tucked in? Good man.
Ah, thanks very much for this afternoon, Dad.
OK, listen.
Just open the bonnet.
I'll check your oil.
The oil is fine, Dad.
Open the bonnet.
Not now.
Matt, you've never looked after your cars.
Open the bonnet.
Ah, I'll just give it a bit of a wipe down.
What you don't understand about cars, Matt, if you don't look after them, later on they can make your life miserable.
And you'll get into a hell of You'll get into a hell of a lot of trouble later on.
Now just keep your chin up, son.
Keep it tucked in, eh? OK, Dad.
Bye, Carmody.
Bye, Popcorn.
You alright? Yeah.
Can I smell a kebab? Yes.
Let's see it.
No, that's no good.
What do you mean? Kebabs aren't something you muck around with.
It'll be fine for me.
It won't be fine for me and I'm planning on eating half of it.
Well, why don't I have this one and you get another one.
You're not eating it! It'll ruin you for life.
Come on.
Now watch yourself.
Come on.
That's Chai Li.
Yes, that's Aunty Chai.
That's the boy.
Just do a big favour for Dad and hold the door open for me, will you? What do you reckon? She's not home.
I'll just leave them here.
Come on.
They're already asleep.
They looked so cute.
Did they? Yeah.
Did you film it? Well, no, 'cause I was holding the phone up for you.
But there was, like, 30,000 other parents there filming it so I'm sure we can get you a copy.
They just looked so funny.
Did they remember the words? Yeah.
They weren't nervous one bit.
God, Frankie was dancing around.
It was hilarious.
Sounds fun.
Yeah, it was.
It was sweet.
But don't worry, they'll do a lot more concerts.
What's wrong? Ah, I'm being a baby.
No, darlin', what's wrong? It's just, I really wanted to get there.
I really wanted to see them do their song.
Oh, darlin', they're fine.
They were cool with you not being there, I promise.
No, it's me I'm upset for.
I don't want to miss out on this stuff.
You know what I was missing out on it for? Some stupid audit that nobody bothered to tell me about until today.
Yeah I thought this job was going to be counselling students, but it's not.
It's managing crazy people.
Well, do you want to see if you can cut back some of your hours at school? No, I just want to cry for a while.
OK, darling.
And I don't like the hole in the wall.
Come here.
Oh, darlin'.
Can I have a look at your phone? What for? I want to see who you've been calling.
You won't find anything.
So it's not like you've found someone better than me.
It's just me who's not good enough? No, no, no, it's not about you.
Well, then, who is this about? It's about nobody.
It's about me.
What? What did I do wrong? Did I not have sex with you enough? Did I not give you enough head jobs? Shut up, Caroline.
Tell me what I could have done.
It's about something that for once you can't control.
That you can't change and you can't make better.
It's just like how you can't turn Carmody into a genius.
You can't renovate our marriage.
Just tell me what I can do so you won't go.
Tell me how I can make you stay.
I've got to fly to Sydney tomorrow for work.
I'm on an early flight.
Was it really worth coming all this way just for these kebabs? You be the judge.
One kebab's the same as another to me.
I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.
Come on.
So what's new with you? OK, let's leave that there.
What is that? It's onion.
That's not onion.
That's not even a food.
Ah Thanks for trying to cheer me up.
I'm not trying to cheer you up.
I'm trying to introduce you to fine cuisine which so far has proved an abject failure.
Take my hand.
What? Don't get fresh.
Just close your eyes and take my hand.
Let's go.
Bastard! I know what you're doing and I think it's sick.
Shut up.
What'd you do to the kebab? That's kebab abuse.
Kebab police, we've got a situation here! Mate, you've got the day off, haven't you? Yeah, it's a pupil-free day.
How'd you like to earn some money? What do I have to do? Work with me for the day.
How much? Oh, ten bucks.
Make it 200.
200?! OK.
I'll do it for ten if you let me go to Chadstone on Thursday night after school.
Will you be home by six? Yes.
It looks worse.
I know what I'm doing.
Isn't that meant to be straight? It is.
It's not.
No big deal.
I'll take a bit more out.
Bernadette is going to kill you.
Gotta get this done.
I've got a gig at three.
I've only got a minute.
I've got another student coming in.
Um, I feel quite concerned that you haven't been seeing any students.
I can't see them all on my own.
Ever since we spoke, you haven't counselled any kids, have you? Um I think it's time we told the Principal what's going on.
No, no, I don't want that to happen.
Yeah? Then tell me what's going on.
I can't.
OK, I'm going to have to talk to Helen at lunchtime.
Alright, alright, alright.
Look, it's not a big deal.
It's just About three months ago, one of my students, Amy, came to see me, right? And, you know, she was just a smart arse and I suspected that she was using counselling to get out of going to class.
Anyway, she said that these two girls were bullying her and she was planning to run away and, I don't know, I just didn't take it seriously because I thought she was the one who was more likely to be doing the bullying.
Anyway, so about a week later, she went missing and then they finally found her after a couple of weeks living in Sydney with some lowlifes and she didn't ever return to school.
And I was devastated because whichever way you looked at it, I'd failed at my job and I'd failed Amy.
That's really upsetting.
And, um sorry.
Every time I thought about counselling a student, I just panicked and I didn't see any more kids after that.
But I didn't want to lose my job so I made up names and, I don't know, just even made up problems for my made-up kids to have.
So you haven't counselled any students for months.
How long did you think you could keep doing this? Well, no, I am going to be ready to see kids again soon because I've been seeing a psychologist and I've been working through it so I'm just asking you, please don't tell anyone.
I can't make that promise.
I'm not going to be an accomplice in this, Kristin.
You don't have a choice.
You either tell Helen or I will.
It's her school.
She has to know what's going on.
OK, I'll go see her in my next break.
No, go and see her now.
If you don't, I will.
What? Georgie, I'm going to need you to stand by and work as my offsider.
What do you want me to do? Make me a coffee.
Oh, good God, he's already power-crazed.
Georgie? Think you can hold the end of that tape measure? Just Where am I supposed to start Where should I start with this? Have you had a chance to talk to the Principal yet? Um, yeah, I have.
She was, ah, she was very supportive.
Kind of wish I'd told her earlier.
That's great.
I knew she'd be understanding.
So, how are we going to move forward? Well, I'm just going to ease my way back into counselling by working mainly with the younger students and the students that I know really well.
I mean, Helen thought that was a good way to proceed.
That sounds like a good solution.
I don't want to be at war with you, Kristen.
I want us to be able to work together.
I'm sure we can.
Let me know if I can help.
Trust me.
Lounge room.
Now this isn't going to be one of those scary surprises, is it? No, stop talking.
A seat behind you.
Right, you ready? Yeah.
Voila! You finished the wall! Thank you.
No worries, doll.
How did you get it done so quickly? Oh, just a lot of hard work.
By Herb.
Be quiet.
Surprise! There was a farmer had a dog Bingo was his name-oh B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O And Bingo was his name-oh.
OK, now you start.
Page one.
The m-monster Why don't you read it for me? B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G-O And Bingo was his name-oh! 'Mum, Dad, Monster's back.
' 'Go to sleep!' Turn the page for me? You didn't even text me.
Oh, yes! Oh, yay! Bravo! Come on.
Oh, that was fantastic.
Oh, you two.
I just want to eat you up! I don't have any friends at school.
Who took that photo? It's not that bad.
I'm not gonna have a half naked photo of my daughter on the internet! Alright, I'll give you a set.
Really? Mm-hmm.
You won't regret it! At those prices, it should be called private transport.
Yeah, it's bad.
Oh, my God, I killed it.
Mummy and I have decided not to live in the same house anymore.
Excuse me for a moment.
Yeah, sure.
It's a lovely colour.
Thank you.