The Time of Our Lives (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

I invited Mum tonight.
Reckon she'll show up? Hmm.
She's vomited.
You're just a pisshead.
Stupid, filthy pisshead.
If I ever see you in my club again, I will throw you out myself.
You're gorgeous, you're smart and you love me.
I've met someone else and we're together.
Is she the reason we broke up? He's been having an affair, Rosa.
What? The golden boy is not so golden anymore, is he? You are not telling me when I can see my son.
He is not going with you.
Why is Maryanne so narky? She just has this uncanny ability to make me feel guilty.
One long continuous breath until I tell you to stop.
Turn off your engine, sir, and step out of the car for me.
So we plead guilty.
We do? Well, you blew 0.
069 so I can't contest that.
And by pleading guilty, we can ask for no conviction to be recorded and then you can keep your licence.
I really do need to keep my licence.
Now, character references.
I've got this one here from a guy that runs a studio.
And this one here, I know it's a bit short but he's a drummer that I've worked with.
I've known him for, like, 20 years.
Um, no offence but I was really hoping for someone not from your freelance world.
Well, I could Oh, it doesn't matter.
Who? Maybe Matt.
No relatives.
There must be someone else.
Everything going OK? Yeah.
We're going to plead guilty.
It's the best way.
I should get home.
Hey, thanks for this.
Oh, don't worry.
You'll get a bill.
So, how are things with you? Oh, it's very hard knowing that your husband is living with someone else.
Georgie! How's she been? Fine.
Georgie, hurry up! I'm late for work.
Sorry about this.
Parent conference dragged on.
Next time, just go.
She'll be alright on her own for five minutes.
It's not five minutes, is it? I mean, I'm always very respectful of your time.
Won't happen again.
And I wouldn't leave her on her own anyway.
Georgie! Bye, Mum.
Got everything? Yep.
Love you.
She was probably just stressed.
Not just stressed.
Well, you were late.
Can we do this later, hon? Right now I'm just trying to make sure we don't get banana on Daddy's special tie.
Plus, Maryanne'll get over it.
And what about me? I just have to get over it too, don't I? As usual.
There you go.
It was just stuck on the wrong button.
All fixed.
Thanks, Daddy.
No worries, darl.
Green or clear? Have you got a runny nose? I'm just asking if she's too sick for kindy.
It's your call.
I can't take the day off work.
I've got the staff evaluation thing.
Yeah, and I've got court today.
Just drop and run at kindy and hope for the best.
And good luck.
You have one new message.
Herb, I need your help! Lenore? It's me.
Lenore? Mum? Mum.
Mum, Mum, Mum.
Hey, what happened? Hey.
What happened? She awake? In and out.
Lenore, hi.
Do you remember me? I'm Victor Lam, one of the emergency doctors.
You fell over and banged your head, remember? Well, the scans are back and the good news is, there's no bleeding in or around your brain.
That's good.
Good news, Mum.
You were also complaining that your ankle is sore? OK, right.
It's alright.
I'm just taking the sock off.
OK, does this hurt? Why Why are you doing that? It's OK, Lenore.
Oh, we might just leave the socks off, yeah? We're going to have to X-ray it, Lenore.
See if there's a break.
Do you think it's broken? Well, there's a chance it's just a bad sprain but we won't know until the X-ray.
Well, how about her pain? Your mother's still quite drunk so we have to be careful with pain relief.
Does your mother drink like this every day? Yes.
Luce? Hey.
It's, um, it's good.
It's from quite a big music producer.
Talks about me needing to have a car that carry equipment and get to gigs.
No good? It's fine.
I was actually hoping for You do the kindy drop-offs and pick-ups, don't you? Yeah.
With this magistrate, it would be best if we say that you're a stay-at-home dad.
But I'm not, though.
I know you work.
But your work, it's not Well, it's more freelance, isn't it? It's still work.
Sure, but you look after the twins for a significant portion of your time.
Some of the week at least, you are the primary carer.
Bernadette wouldn't agree with that.
It could help us, a lot, if we went this way.
I've got no problem saying I look after the twins but it's not as if I don't work.
Yep, fine.
Yeah, I need my licence for work.
Caroline, it's me again.
This is the third time I've called.
Can you please call me back? How's that, Lenore? Not too pinchy? It still hurts.
I know.
I'm going to sort you out soon.
Well, I want something now.
Settle down, Lenore.
Now, I need you to concentrate.
Lenore? Lenore.
Come on, look at me.
It's absolutely crucial that you stay off this ankle for a few days.
Now a week would be ideal but a few days at least, yeah? And no hopping around, hmm? No 'just hopping over to a mate's place' or 'hopping down to the pub', right? Understand, Lenore? No hoppy hoppy, hmm? Yeah.
She's not a three-year-old.
You don't have to talk to her like that.
Look, I know she's your mum but if you've seen what I've seen from alcoholics, you've got to treat them like babies.
I got it.
No hoppy hoppy.
Thank you, Doctor.
Someone is going to have to look after you for a few days.
Will the hospital take care of that? Well, normally a relative volunteers but we can always call DHS.
I'll do it.
Hello? Well, she wasn't sick this morning.
Look Look, I'm sorry, I can't and my partner's not available.
And look, I'm in a meeting.
I'm going to have to Well, can't she just play on her own for a couple of hours in the construction room? I understand.
Look, I'm going to have to call you back.
We're up next.
Can you just give me one minute? Yeah.
Hi, mate, it's me.
If you get this in the next five minutes, can you Don't worry about it.
Luce? Yeah, hi.
Oh, you're not there.
Forget it.
Luce, we've got to go in there now.
Just Just wait.
Oh, thank God you're home.
I need a favour.
Well that was fun, wasn't it? Can we do it again? I'll get those.
Have you got a recycling bin? Have you got any clean sheets, Mum? Forget about the bed.
Telly's here.
I'm going to be comfortable sitting here.
I need my glasses.
Do you wear glasses now? No, I feel like playing dress-ups.
Thank you, my precious boy.
You hungry? I am, actually.
A woman cannot live on two dollars' worth of paracetamol.
Well, there's not much, Mum.
I could make you an omelette.
Mum? Carty Carton says, 'When my eggs leave home, don't put me back in the fridge, throw me out.
' Maybe I was saving it to make a cardboard alligator.
Come here.
God, love, I was frightened.
Thank you for finding me.
I suppose you have to go now.
I can get you some groceries first.
No, it'll be alright.
Well, if you have to go, take my cash card.
PIN's your birthday.
Back soon.
Hey, love, get us a bottle, will ya? You know.
Yes, Counsel.
Your Honour, my client has no previous convictions.
He has been cooperative with police throughout and he's a person of good character as demonstrated in the references tendered.
He did the right thing by not driving after a night of drinking.
Mr Tivolli had no idea that he was still over the limit when he drove the next morning.
He knows that he did the wrong thing and he is genuinely remorseful.
Also, Your Honour, my client's partner works so he is the primary carer for his five-year-old twin girls.
He is responsible for taking them to and from childcare, for taking them to doctors' appointments, for dealing with all of the day-to-day dramas of being a hands-on father.
As such, the impact on the family would be severe if he was to lose his licence.
My client also hopes that no conviction be recorded on his police record, if it pleases Your Honour.
Mr Tivolli? Your references state here that you are a good father and husband, a careful and considerate man.
Your barrister has outlined your family commitments.
The fact is, Mr Tivolli, that you are much more likely to have an accident and kill somebody when you have alcohol in your system, no matter what time of the night or day it is.
However, given that you are primary carer of your children and your cooperation, I'll trust you when you say that you will not reoffend.
Conviction will not be recorded.
You are, however, fined $1,000.
Please see the clerk on the way out to arrange payment.
Good outcome.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
So what's the lawyers' post-match tradition? Can I buy you lunch? Oh, I can't, not today.
Thanks, anyway.
I'm glad it worked out.
Don't bother about lunch.
Not that hungry anymore.
Just bring us the bottle and some ice.
Thanks for coming.
I appreciate it.
I'd like to see Carmody.
How about today? Today? What, you busy? Well, you knew I would be.
Well, then Well, I'll make time.
Can I take him out for dinner? What time? I'll pick him up at five.
As long as you get him back to me by seven.
No, I can't get across town to pick him up and back by seven.
So, 4:30.
Caroline, come on.
Well, I'll see you at five.
Go on, Daddy's going to get the snap.
I'm gonna get it.
No! Yeah! You've gotta be quicker.
Hey, sweetie.
Hey, darling, how are you? How are you, little one? A little bit under the weather.
I'll take her to the doctor's tomorrow if she's still like it.
How'd it go? I kept my licence.
No conviction recorded.
That's great.
So a good behaviour bond? Yeah.
Hang on.
You should go and wash your hands for dinner, girls.
Yeah, come on.
Quick sticks.
And a fine.
How much? 1,000 bucks.
We don't have 1,000 bucks.
Yeah, I know, I know.
I signed a payment plan.
Anyway, we'll be right.
How was your meeting? The kindy told me Maryanne picked up Frances.
There was no-one else to do it.
There had to be.
There wasn't.
We were lucky she was free.
Why didn't you call me? There was a situation and I dealt with it.
Aren't you overreacting a bit? I don't want Maryanne to be our back-up plan.
Oh, Christ, Bernadette.
Look, there was a situation, I handled it and it's over.
And I didn't lose my licence.
How's your kindy? Do you like it? Can I go play? Soon, mate.
I just want to talk to you, first.
What'd you do today? Don't remember.
Come on, you must remember.
Come on, did you do some painting? Did you read stories? Do you have a lift in your new house? Do you like lifts? No.
Mummy was crying in the lift.
Mummy cries a lot.
Well, sometimes mums and dads, they feel sad.
Do you feel sad? Sometimes.
Can I go play? Sure, mate.
Do you mind if I turn this down? I got you some take-away.
How's your foot? It's still attached.
It's just pasta.
Thank you.
You a bit sick, Mum? Foot's still throbbing, though.
What? Have you eaten? Yeah.
Uh, do you need me for anything else? See you tomorrow, Mum.
I can't decide.
Well, Archimedes discovered density and Newton gravity - both pretty great people.
Can you pass the? Thanks.
What about this, then? What's better, apples or the bath? Tully doesn't eat crackers anymore.
Well, she ate 'em yesterday.
I like them both.
Well, she told me she doesn't like them anymore.
Well, what else should I put in there, then? She'll eat pita bread.
Good morning.
I wouldn't go that far.
How did you get that? It was too hot with the doona.
You're supposed to stay off your foot.
I did stay off my foot.
I hopped.
Doctor said no hopping.
Well, that doctor was an idiot.
How is it today? It's much better.
So what are we going to do about a shower? No, thanks.
Mum, you have to have one.
I'll take you in there.
Go away.
Come on, lean into me.
Come on.
Come on.
You good? Mm-hm.
Alright, alright, I'm not an invalid.
Come on, Mum.
I can't! Watch it, we're almost there.
Please, I can't! Don't you dare.
I'm supposed to look after you.
Put that down, Herb.
Pain in the bum! Bit of privacy, please? Hmm.
I used to do this for you when you were little.
You were scared of the bath.
I'd wash you in a little basin in front of the heater.
I don't remember.
So did you talk to your mum about what I should bring? Some wine.
That's all? I can't take nothing.
How would that look? They'll like you.
It's a barbecue, you know.
And kids rule these things.
Nobody pays any attention to the adults.
And I thought it was about time that you met my mum and my dad and the rest of my family.
And think of it this way.
Get 'em all done at once, it's like ripping off a bandaid.
Yeah, and who's the bandaid? You never ask about him.
What's to know? What DO you know? Mum.
Well, come on.
What do you know? His name was David, he was in the Army, he rode a motorbike.
That all? And he left when I was two.
He left me but he loved you.
That's the problem with you.
You only remember the bullshit.
We had good times too.
Like the time he put his fist through the door when I was sleeping.
Good times, Mum.
He thought the world of you.
And me.
For a while.
You know, when he died, I just lost it.
I remember putting you in the car and driving round and round, same old streets over and over.
Till it got dark and you were hungry and you were crying.
'Mummy, I wanna go home.
' Do you still see Ray and Rosa? Yeah.
You were lucky to have them in your life when you did.
I'm sorry, Herb.
It was a long time ago.
Just got myself a pair of contact lenses, which is pretty exciting because now I can see.
Hey, Mum's coming tonight.
I'll get the mop, then.
She really wanted to come.
She's sober.
So your mum's feeling better? Yeah.
Yeah, she's coming tonight.
What could possibly go wrong, eh? We all makes mistakes.
Can you help us out for a sec? G'day.
How are you, Lenore? Good, apart from my idiot ankle.
I've got to go off to work.
You'll be alright here? If Luce behaves himself.
Good luck.
Oh no, that's bad, isn't it? Saying that? Shh.
I apologise for last time.
Ah, it happens.
Well, how have you been? I fell over.
Own silly bloody fault.
But now I'm reliant on the kindness of anyone.
So, Luce, would you mind buying me a drink? Yeah, sure.
A wine or? Just a lemon squash.
there's a certain amount of coordination that you need to have a threesome, right? I don't have the skill.
Do you know what I mean? Like, that is hard enough.
Like, I can't I can't do it.
You know, look at that.
That's like I'm trying to wind up a Hills Hoist, you know.
It's poking someone else in the belly button.
Anyway, you guys have been awesome.
Thanks so much for having me.
Have a good night.
Geraldine! Alright! We having fun? We getting our 12 bucks' worth? Yeah, I'm feeling a little bit ripped off personally but ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that my mum is here tonight.
Yeah, she's the woman clapping herself.
It's a little awkward.
Thank you for clapping along I might get going, Lenore.
Don't you worry about me.
I'm as good as gold.
Good to see you properly this time.
You too.
See ya.
Mum wears army boots.
But if you see her tonight, go up, say g'day.
A couple of conversation starters - her name's Gary.
This seat taken? There was a situation of my own making.
But I dealt with it.
It wasn't someone who Frances didn't know.
It was someone who loves her.
So don't be mad at Maryanne.
It's not her fault.
I know that.
Then what? I wish it was just you and me and the girls.
It's never going to be just us and the girls.
I know.
I know.
I know that.
I'm happy to talk through a solution.
Stop being so reasonable.
We already negotiate everything with her over Georgie.
I don't want to do it with the twins too.
It was just the once.
Just the one time.
Ray said something about a couple of chairs for Mum? Yeah, they're over here.
Ray's at the pool.
I can manage.
He's at the pool.
I don't like you smoking.
I don't like you smoking.
So your mum's well? Yeah, she's not drinking.
Yeah, I know.
Proof, pudding.
But it seems like she's really trying.
I'm not getting my hopes up.
But the last few days her face looks different.
It's good, Herb.
I'm trying to think of the last time I saw her.
She asked about you.
You could bring her to the barbecue tomorrow.
Do you reckon? Oh, if she wants to come we'd be happy to see her and I'm sure Luce and Bernadette wouldn't mind one more.
Yeah, two armchairs.
No, I can keep 'em in my shed until we get your old stuff moved out.
It's very generous of Rosa.
And Luce and Bernadette are having a barbecue for Rosa's birthday.
They asked if you'd like to come.
Y-You want me to come? Yes.
Something tells me you've forgotten something.
Um Oh, you look beautiful.
Sorry we're late.
Uh, Mum, this is Alice.
Nice to meet you.
Happy birthday.
They're lovely.
And, oh, a cake too.
How are ya? Alice, this is Luce, my younger brother.
How you going? This is Bernadette.
And my little sister, Chai Li.
We've met before.
Nice to see you again.
And I'm Ray.
Hi, Ray.
Uh, drink, Alice? Please.
This acceptable? Why? You worried? You look great.
Hmm, she looks like she's got her Centrelink interview.
Herb, this is Anton.
And this is my son.
Mum, he's not coming.
I already invited him.
I haven't seen Ray and Rosa for a long time and I needed a friendly face.
And what am I? So what do you do, Alice? I work for the Sports Commission.
Oh, right.
Developing programs that help kids to get more active.
That's right? Yes.
I've had a bit to do with your mob over the years.
Oh, yes? Our club had an idea to expand the footy ambassador program to include kids, not just teachers.
Can't say we had much joy with it.
The world doesn't revolve around football, Dad.
It's a bloody good idea, though.
But most kids most kids tend to motivate their mates to get involved in sport.
I agree.
It sounds terrific.
Mustn't have ticked enough boxes, eh? It's true.
The agency needs to work on how we communicate with top sports clubs.
Most kids won't be professional athletes but that doesn't mean they don't benefit from playing sport.
Being part of a team offers so many positives for kids far beyond winning games.
Yes, I agree.
I'd love to read that proposal.
Not that I can change much.
I'm going to get some more wine.
This place isn't as secure as it looks.
They're fooling themselves.
Hi, Lenore.
I'm Bernadette.
It's great you could make it.
Herb tells me you have the beautiful twins.
Although right now they're probably covered in sand.
Come in.
This is my friend, Anton.
Come through.
Ray and Rosa are out the back.
It's been too long.
It has.
Long and long.
How've you been, Rosa? No complaints.
And Ray? Broke my ankle once.
This is just sprained.
Herb's been looking after me.
We thought you were moving back to Brisbane.
Melbourne's my home.
Herb's here.
Yeah, well, we hope it works out for you this time.
Everyone's had enough of the past.
And if I'm honest about it, I felt that way a long time before anything happened with Alice.
How is Caroline? I'm just waiting for her to catch up to the reality.
God, you're tough.
She's only just found out.
She might take years to catch up.
No, I doubt whether it'll take that long.
Women are different, Matt.
Yeah, some women.
Oh, yeah, through the kitchen and second on the right.
Everything OK? You don't need to follow me around.
That's cool.
Get something to eat.
It was delicious.
I'm not much of a cook myself.
You met Matt at a dinner in Sydney? A function.
One of Matt's clients was a guest speaker.
You were seated together? No, not exactly.
Do you have any family down here? No-one.
It's been a bigger move than I thought.
It has.
I know what you must be thinking.
You don't know what I'm thinking.
I just know that Carmody misses his father.
If she wants to have a drink, just let her have one.
She doesn't want one, right? It's her choice.
Listen, you're a guest here, pal, so I'm not going to ask you to pull your head in.
Just take it easy.
Why can't you just have a bit of fun? Anton, shut up! Go on, time to go.
Why do you all make her feel like shit? Come on, let's go.
Piss off.
Luce! Stop it! Stop it! Get off me! Get off me! I knew this would happen.
I knew there'd be trouble when she got here.
Let me just see.
No, I'm alright.
Don't fuss, please.
I've got my doctor's appointment.
Knuckle him? Who does he think he is, Aussie Joe Bugner? Are you crying? I'm fine.
Why are you still wearing your wedding ring? Well, I don't know.
I haven't thought about it.
I just haven't taken it off.
Well, why don't you take it off? Well, it means nothing.
I'm with you.
Well, take off the ring.
No, I just didn't realise it meant so much to you.
I know you will always be connected to Caroline because of Carmody.
I accept that.
But the ring means something else.
Yeah, I'll get some soap.
I'll get it off and I'll throw it in the bin.
Is there something else going on? Your mum.
What'd she say? No, nothing.
She made it very clear she doesn't approve.
Yeah, well, if she's got a problem, she should talk to me rather than dragging you into it.
I don't know what I was thinking would happen.
You can't just expect to be an instant member of someone's family, can you? Oh, shush.
Hey, it'll be OK.
We'll be OK.
How's Ray? He's fine.
The whole thing was my fault.
I pushed her into coming.
And she could have said no at any time.
You're not her parent.
She's yours.
It's not your fault.
It never was.
None of it.
Stop blaming yourself.
Your mum, she had a very hard life.
The foster homes, that father of hers, the drinking.
It's no excuse.
She's done this too many times before.
Did you know Mum wouldn't be taking me back? When I came to live with you? We hoped she'd she'd find a way but Gave it up pretty early, though.
How do you mean? When I lived with you in grade two, I remember.
She'd stopped coming around at all by then.
She just sent letters.
I think she wanted to see you.
She didn't, though, did she? Was she with someone then? No.
Was she not allowed by the courts? This is something your mum needs to tell you herself.
What happened, Rosa? Where was she? What, psych hospital? Rehab.
Where? What, jail? What for? Social security fraud.
That's why you came to stay with us more permanently.
I couldn't bear to see you go into care.
I'm sorry, Herb.
I I thought you knew.
Oh, why would I know? I'm just her bloody son.
Nah, that's it.
I'm done with her.
It's too much.
You have to do what's right for you.
But if you decide you do want Lenore in your life .
then you have to accept the fact she won't change.
A lot of people love you, Herb.
Go over there? Now you, I'd like you to meet someone.
This is Alice.
You playing kick to kick? Dad, Dad! What? In space? Are you in space? Gonna call for it? Here we are.
I know I'm early.
Hope that's OK.
Hi, Georgie.
I didn't thank you for the other day.
Had to be an emergency for him to call me.
Which reminds me.
I thought Frances might be missing this.
Georgie could get pretty particular about her drink bottle.
Thank you.
It was actually nice to have a little one in the car again.
She's a lot of fun.
That's great, darl.
That's good.
Who was that? Oh, Frances left this behind.
Maryanne thought she might be pining for it.
Did you ever think about what would have actually happened if you had lost your licence? Well, yeah.
It would have been me doing all the drop-offs and the pick-ups.
I'm I'm sorry.
It was really stupid of me.
It was.
We should go out.
We should.
I'm going to call Ray and Rosa.
What, just like that? You want to call them? Girls! Grab your pyjamas.
I do more than just the pick-ups and the drops-off, you know.
I mean, my work's important to me in the same way yours is.
Have you been stewing over that? It's one thing for Caroline to see it that way but I hope you don't see it that way too.
When did Caroline say that? The court case.
I'm sorry if I made you feel like it isn't important.
You seem to be able to do your work and look after the kids and deal with Maryanne, all without fuss.
You don't seem to mind life being messy.
I don't love it.
But you adapt.
So what do we do? I'm not saying I want another life.
I love you and the kids.
It's just sometimes What? I never thought my life would turn out like this.
I know what you mean.
Oh, sweetheart.
I wouldn't say no to a swim right now.
Oh, you're joking.
You're not joking.
Really? Oh! That's not water.
Technically, that's ice.
Come on, jump in! I'll warm you up.
Oh, Christ! It's like Mawson's base in there.
How does water get that cold? You know there ARE other ways to get warm besides jumping into freezing water.
Really? I can't think of any.
I can think of many.
I hate you.
I hate you too.
Who is it? Piss off, Anton! No more! It's me, Mum.
I'll get my jacket.
Your favourite comic is performing in my club this week.
Wanna come down early? I could pick you up.
Go out for some early dinner? I'd like that.
I want to see Carmody and I want to control when my parents see Carmody.
I'm just trying to be practical.
Well, you can stick your practicality up your bum, Matt.
Jessie, are you OK? I don't know the first thing about those boys.
I'll take responsibility for them.
Jessie! Georgina, come here when I'm talking to you.
Georgina! Go away! What the hell's going on?