The Time of Our Lives (2013) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

1 You're homesick.
The club are working on finding you a host family.
You've got my attention.
Do you have any regrets? I regret causing so much pain.
But you don't regret leaving me? No.
Alice is pregnant, Rosa.
He hasn't told us anything.
I'll let you in on a secret.
What? I'm selling up.
You are my daughter.
I really want to go back to Vietnam.
You're heading off to live with someone you don't know.
I want to get to know the culture I came from.
Ah, the door was open.
What's going on with you and Chai Li? She's been through a lot.
I know.
She's doesn't need any more pain.
I know, mate.
You don't need to add her to your list.
You should think very, very, carefully before you get involved with my sister, because you, my friend, have a lot to lose.
Expecting a big night? Yeah.
I used to play in a band with Luce Back in another time We paid our dues and played some tunes Everything was fine But I wanted to play heavy metal And Luce just didn't care We could have been bigger than Metallica Life just isn't fair That was b-b-back in time When we were in our p-p-prime Luce, brother can you spare a dime? 'Cause I'm on the breadline.
Well done, mate.
Thank you.
Hey, Luce, why don't you come and join me? Nah.
Come on, you know you want to.
Come on! Remember the words? I think I might.
Here we go.
The years, they came and the years, they went Like a fair-weather friend Some were cruel, some were kind Some felt like they'd never end Time will keep on passing by no matter what you do It's who you pass your time with That will get you through This is my time My time.
I've got to go.
I've got a gig.
Will I see you later? I'm not sure.
Come by if you feel like it.
It would have been '79.
I'm Sanchia Jones and I work for an advertising agency.
I'm Luce Tivolli.
I really like that song.
You wrote it, didn't you? I didn't write that version but I wrote the original, yeah.
We're looking for a track for a health-insurance ad.
Would you be open to that? What do you mean? Your song would be perfect for our campaign.
Hearing it made me remember how much I love it.
It's so positive.
I'd be happy to chat about it.
Here's my card.
Talk soon.
Yeah, will do.
Don't sell out, man.
Ready to go? I think I'll sleep in my own bed tonight.
You go.
You look exhausted.
See you later.
Do you feel like a game of chess? Can you play chess? Yeah.
So are you definitely going back to Vietnam? Yes.
When? Soon.
Soon as in, when? Next week.
There's no reason to hang around.
I mean, I finish up at work on Friday, so I thought I might just go.
I had a talk with Mum about it.
How'd that go? She's concerned that things might not work out for me over there.
She doesn't want me to get hurt.
I don't want you to get hurt either.
G'day, Lachie.
I'm about to come see you at training.
Can you see a street sign where you are? OK.
Yeah, OK.
I'll be right there.
Lachie! Mate, could I have a word with him? Who are you? Matt Tivolli, his manager.
We're taking him to South Carlton station.
Is he being arrested? Yes, he is.
What for, why? Dangerous driving for a start, but there'll be more.
Lachie, don't say anything until I get you a lawyer.
Shane? Shane, mate, what happened? We hit a woman.
It was pretty bad.
How did that happen? That's not Lachie's car, is it? It's mine.
Lachie was driving.
I'll call the club, tell them what's happened.
Don't tell them I've been on the piss.
I'll tell them everything.
Come on.
It's Matt.
One of my players, Lachie, he's been arrested.
Why are you telling me? Because I need a lawyer.
No, Matt.
Please, Caroline.
Look, the charges are serious.
That's nothing to do with me.
I'm asking you because you are the best barrister I know.
I am begging you, because Lachie is a 19-year-old kid who could ruin his life.
What's he done? He was driving and he hit a woman.
Is she badly hurt? Yeah, I think so.
The ambulance has left.
Call Marla.
She was due here at nine o'clock.
See if she can get her earlier.
He's being charged with conduct endangering life, recklessly causing injury, dangerous driving and negligent driving.
Have you made a decision about bail? He's hit and injured a pedestrian, Mrs Tivolli.
There is a legitimate concern that your client is a flight risk.
Why? He has no priors, he has many ties to the community and frankly, I have an issue with the strength of the allegations.
He's not getting bail.
How's the lady that was hit? Her injuries are serious.
I've just spoken to the club.
They want to talk to Lachie and Shane.
Lachie's been suspended pending the outcome.
That's his season done.
Probably the least of his worries.
His new sponsor.
Do you know how much money that is down the drain? He won't care about it in jail.
The tariff is five to seven years, with things as they stand.
He could go away for any of those charges, let alone all of them together.
Mate, how are you? Good to hear from you.
No, I'm not worried at all.
We've almost got it sorted out.
Did you see how he went on the weekend? He was best on by a streak.
Now can you breathe in? And out.
I think she's fine.
It's just a cold.
She needs some rest and some TLC.
Do you want to play with the toys? Is there anything else I can do for you? Well, my mother died of breast cancer when I was 15.
That must have been hard.
Yeah, it was very hard.
She was 40 when she died and I'm nearly 40, so Yeah, I understand.
Has anyone else in your family had breast cancer? Yes, my mother's sister.
She had it too, but she's been clear for almost five years.
I think, with your history, I'd like to refer you to the family cancer clinic.
You're probably eligible for genetic testing.
Actually, my auntie had that.
Do you know the results at all? Yes, she was positive.
So what the test can do, it can tell you if you're carrying the gene for breast cancer.
That helps predict how likely you are to develop cancer.
Would you like me to refer you so you can find out more about it? I think I would.
Thank you.
The client loves the song.
Loves it.
They want to do an Australiawide campaign for TV, internet and radio.
So how much money are we talking? Do you have a publisher? No, self-published.
We'd like to offer you $45,000.
I'll email through the terms.
You can have a look at it and send it back.
I'll sign it and get it back to you.
I'm sure it will be fine.
Well, little lady, it's happened.
I've just done a deal for $45,000.
What?! I've completely sold out, and I couldn't be happier.
That's a lot of money.
I went to see the doctor about Tully's cold.
She looks OK now.
She's fine.
The doctor thought I should get tested to see if I have the breast cancer gene.
Did your mother have that? I don't know.
They didn't have testing back then.
It would be good to know.
Why? Why do you think that? So you can work out what you're dealing with.
But what do I do with that information? If I'm positive, it would be like walking around with a ticking time bomb.
I've got about ten packets of pasta in my cupboard.
It's a lot less trouble.
This will taste much better.
But what time are we going to eat? Time doesn't matter.
Pretend you're in Italy.
Hey, Carmody.
Look! Give me some! Here you are.
Mama mia! Hello, how are you? OK, come on.
Food is for eating, not playing.
You're no fun.
Yeah, you're no fun, Mum.
Can I stay tonight? Not while Carmody's here.
Who is it? It's me, Jed.
What's up? Nothing, I just wanted to see you.
Can I come in? OK, just be quiet.
I've had some ecstasy.
Jed left his shirt here.
Well, he can get it next time he comes.
Hey! Hi, Jed.
Here's your shirt.
Thanks, buddy.
I feel crook.
Carmody, can you go get your bag? OK.
Hey, I really didn't want Carmody to know you were here.
Why? Because Doesn't matter.
We're going to go.
Can you lock up when you leave? Sure.
Come on, Carmody.
How'd it go at court this morning? He got bail, so he's out.
He'll be here in a minute.
He just wanted a shower.
You seen this? What did you expect? Take a seat.
I spoke to the police officer.
Apparently, you were weaving all over the road.
Can you think of any reason? You weren't drinking.
Did you sneeze or cough or did something distract you? I think I coughed.
You coughed? Yeah.
How did you hit the woman? How fast were you going? You've only got a probationary licence? Yes.
Where were you before you drove? We were at the casino, then I drove Shane's car home.
Why did you drive it? Shane said to.
Why? 'Cause Shane was pissed out of his mind.
Matt, please just let Lachie tell the story.
He was drunk, yeah.
When did he ask you? What do you mean? Did he ask you in the car or back at the casino? In the car.
So you got into the driver's seat? Yes.
Lachie, can you just wait outside? I just got a text from the club saying they want Lachie to apologise via Twitter for letting everybody down.
I'll get him to do that this morning.
Absolutely not.
Sorry? Anything he says can be used against him.
No apologies.
He can't talk to any media.
An apology would help.
If this is how it's going to be, find someone else to represent him.
Yeah, OK.
I appreciate what you're doing for me and Lachie.
As a personal thankyou, could I take you to lunch? No.
Carmody and I have a play date planned.
Well, why don't I pick up some food and bring it along? I really need to see the cops again this afternoon.
Do you want me to look after Carmody? That would make it easier.
Mum, Alice is having a baby.
Yeah, I know.
Can you tell me when I was a baby? About when you were born? Yeah, yes.
You've heard that story a million times.
I like it.
Well, I had pains in my tummy, and that was you, knocking from the inside, saying, 'Let me out, let me out!' And then Dad drove me to the hospital.
And me! Yes, Dad drove you and me to the hospital.
You kept on knocking.
Then finally, out popped your head.
Then what happened? I caught you like a slips catch.
Catch me now, Daddy! Hey.
Look at this poster I got for Carnivale night.
It's good.
What happened with me and Chai Li, that wasn't planned.
What IS going on with you two? Nothing.
There's a lot of women in the world.
I don't know why you had to choose my sister.
You've already said that.
No-one is choosing anyone.
You walked in on something.
A one-off thing.
That's all there was, nothing else.
Where's it at now? Nowhere.
I don't know.
I'm being honest with you, mate.
I don't know.
You staying for dinner? Just this once.
P-platers are banned from driving certain high-powered vehicles, and the car that Lachie was driving is on the banned list.
So on the face of it, he's he's got a bit of a mountain to climb.
Yeah, I know.
Did you know the car he was driving can go from 0 to 100km/h in 7.
3 seconds? You're saying the car contributed to the accident? Maybe.
Perhaps he had a coughing fit - cough syncope, they call it - and he temporarily blacked out and hit the accelerator and involuntarily hit that woman.
So he pleads, not guilty? Initially, anyway.
We'll see where it goes from there.
I've got to go.
He's going to plead not guilty on the grounds he coughed while he was driving and he lost control of the car.
Oh, shit.
You don't believe it? Do you? I don't know what's going on.
What are you still doing here? I fell asleep.
For the whole day? Yeah, I must have.
Can you go, please? Why? Carmody is going to be home soon, and I don't want him to think that you live here or that because his father has left I'm going to have a trail of men coming around.
A trail of men? I'm one man.
Unless you're seeing other people as well.
Can we talk about this later? No.
ARE you seeing other people? I'm not.
I don't want to.
I didn't realise that I WAS seeing you.
Well, you are.
I think it's perfect for a health-insurance ad.
$45,000 would be perfect for any ad.
I reckon it's worth more than that.
Really? I'll have a talk to a mate who knows music law, and see what he thinks.
How much of that money does Maryanne get? What do you mean? I don't know how it works.
Does the person who wrote the song get the 45,000? That was me.
I thought you and Maryanne wrote it together? Not really.
I remember when you wrote it.
You wanted to call it My Life.
Maryanne wanted to call it My Time.
She came up with the line, 'This is my time.
' Anyone could have come up with that.
Except she was the one who actually did.
She wrote about 10% of the song.
Then she should get 10% of the money.
Whose name is on the contract? Mine.
Well, legally, it's yours.
Ethically, it's not, at least, not yours alone.
That might be your ethics.
It might not be Luce's.
It's a fair-minded person's ethics.
Which happens to be the same as yours? Yes.
I did the whistling at the start of the song.
- Should I get some money too? - No! Are you sick? The first 12 weeks are always hard.
I thought being pregnant would be fun.
It gets better, and you get a pretty good prize at the end.
You OK, darling? Why don't you two go home? Thanks, Mum.
And congratulations.
Do you think I should give some money to Maryanne? Well, there's Good Bernadette on one side, that says, give her some money.
She wrote part of the song.
She deserves it.
Then there's Bad Bernadette, that's saying, we pay all the school fees.
We have way more expenses than her.
Why should she get any of the money? So what should I do? I don't know.
If I test positive for the breast cancer gene, maybe we'll need the money.
That's right, I represent Luce Tivolli.
Great news about the song, isn't it? Very exciting.
I'm just calling because I've had other clients in this position.
I was hoping I could push the money up a little higher.
Well, about 100 would suit us.
Yeah, but what you're offering is at the lower end of the scale.
He appreciates the opportunity, but he also knows how valuable the song is.
No, I completely understand.
Was she really pissed off? I said to try and get me 60! I'm sorry, mate.
You're not They're not going to give you 60.
Well, no, not now.
But they will give you 75.
Really? Oh, yeah.
75 what? We Our ship just came in! What ship? Our money ship.
The SS Matt.
Oh, yeah! Thank you.
Dad, tell Mum about all the money you got for your song.
Ah, an advertising company approached me.
They want to use My Time for a health-insurance ad.
Dad's getting tons of money.
It's not tons.
Good on you! I thought that was a great song.
It's going to be on TV.
I'll definitely look out for it.
Come on, you.
See you, darl.
I need to look inside.
I like watching you work.
I'm not really working, just tidying up my files so it's easier for the person who takes my job.
You're beautiful.
I don't want to get too serious, Ewan.
What do you mean by, too serious? I don't know.
Well, I like how things are.
I want to see where they go.
I'm in love with you.
How are you? OK.
What's going on with us? Why? Well, because at the moment, you're putty in my hands, and not in a good way.
I'm just not feeling it.
Good morning.
She went home.
I'm going to work.
How'd you go? I spoke to the counsellor first, and she said that given my family history, I can have the genetic testing if I want to.
That's good.
If I test positive for the gene, there's between a 50% and 80% chance that I'll get cancer.
Not just breast cancer.
I'm also more likely to get ovarian cancer.
I didn't even know that was a possibility.
Then I think it's really important you have the test.
If I'm positive, the doctors recommend that I have my ovaries and my fallopian tubes removed.
Why? Because ovarian cancer is very hard to diagnose and the survival rate isn't great.
It feels like a positive test means cancer is unavoidable.
No, it doesn't.
It just means we're on the lookout for cancer.
I don't want to have my ovaries removed.
I don't want to go into menopause.
You don't have to do anything.
Why don't we get the information first, then decide what to do? There's a good chance the results will be negative.
Then you don't have to do anything.
Anyway, I'll get out of your way.
You're not IN my way.
This is m-m-my time This is m-m-my time This is my time My time.
And cut.
Are you only using this part of the song? No, not at all.
What else are you using? We're also using the whistling.
OK, let's go again.
And action.
This is m-m-my time This is my time Bag, violin.
Swimming stuff.
Hey, we're having a big night at the club to celebrate being open for a year.
Would you like to come? Yes, I'd love to.
Could I bring someone? Sure.
Actually, now is probably a good time to tell you.
I've sort of got a boyfriend.
Well, bring him along.
Is it serious? I like him a lot.
And My Time, our song, it's definitely going to be in the ad? Yeah, it's definite.
Which part of the song are they using? I'm not sure.
That's fantastic, anyway.
There's enough for you.
I'm not hungry.
You seeing Ewan tonight? No.
Actually we broke up.
Were you the dumper or the dumpee? What does it matter? If you were the dumper, you're a winner, and if you were the dumpee, you're a loser.
That's ridiculous.
Not every social interaction can be divided into win or lose.
Yeah, it can.
So last night you had a social interaction with Eloise.
Who was the winner and who was the loser? I was the loser.
Why? 'Cause I got myself into an awkward situation that I didn't want to be in.
Luce, I'm not going to have the gene test.
You think it's better not knowing? For me, yes.
I'm not burying my head in the sand, I just know myself, and I don't think I can live with that knowledge hanging over me.
I don't think you're doing the right thing, but OK.
Come back to bed.
In a minute.
I'm just getting a drink of water.
Why are you crying? I'm just a bit sad.
Why? Do you need a cuddle? I want to be a hundred per cent clear on everything before we get to court.
Is this the car that you were driving? Yes.
Are you aware that probationary-licence holders are banned from driving these vehicles? Yes.
Now, you have an automatic licence? Yes.
But you know how to drive a manual car? No.
Have you ever tried to drive a manual car? No.
Shane's car is a manual.
I know you're scared, but it's always better to tell the truth.
Shane had been drinking.
If he'd got caught this time, he'd go to jail.
It's his third time.
What did you do? Shane seemed OK to drive, but he started driving really fast.
I said, 'Mate, slow down.
Slow down.
' Then he hit that lady on the bike.
He said 'You have to swap seats with me.
' He's a senior player, eh? So I did what I was told.
And then the cops rocked up.
Well, you've told us now.
That's the important thing, hm? I don't think I have to tell you how much I appreciate what you've done for Lachie and for me.
No, you can tell me.
Well, it's a lot.
And it is a lot more than I deserve.
And I am very grateful.
That's OK.
And if there's ever something I can give you in return, can you please let me know? Please ask.
Matt, there is something I want.
Of course.
I want a divorce.
I want a divorce, and I just want it to be easy.
I want to sell the house and split the proceeds.
You've moved on, and it's time for me to do the same.
Fair enough.
I feel I feel I feel sad.
It IS sad.
I took my wedding rings off.
How do you feel? Free.
Oh! Look, Mum.
Wow, they are gorgeous.
I especially like that one.
This one is for you.
This one is for Marla.
That's beautiful.
This one's for Dad.
That's for Dad? You can hold that.
'Cause they're all the people I love.
Who do you love, Mum? You.
And Marla? And of course, Marla.
Thank you.
I love you too.
And Alice? I don't love Alice but it's lovely that you do.
Do you love Dad? Yes.
Bernadette Flynn? Hey! Welcome to Carnivale.
Hey, Mum.
It looks great.
Thank you.
Expecting a big turnout? Yeah, a few.
Herb will get you a drink.
I haven't seen you for years, now I see you twice! Actually, Micky and I are Is this your new boyfriend? Yeah.
It took us both by surprise.
Hey, mate.
He's a good guy, Maryanne.
I wanted to give you some money.
What for? For the ad.
You played a pivotal role in writing My Time.
I wanted to give you something, put $10,000 in your account.
I can't take that.
No, I really want to.
It's only fair.
Of course I'm going to take it.
It couldn't have come at a better time.
This is unbelievable.
Thank you.
No worries.
How are you going? Well done.
Thank you.
Still fits.
The only one I've got.
You well? I might just sit down.
Yeah, yeah.
Make yourself at home.
Thank you.
You look beautiful.
How are you? Where'd you get the top hat from? The whole thing is a little You noticed? Hey.
The cyclist, Maree Banis, she's out of intensive care.
Have you told Lachie yet? Yes.
He's very relieved.
Hi, Alice.
Hi, Caroline.
Let me get you two a drink.
Great news about Lachie.
Very, yeah.
I'd really like us to be friends.
We don't need to be friends.
We just have to get on, that's all.
Alice? I hear congratulations are in order.
Thank you.
All packed and ready to go? Yeah.
Ring me whenever you need to talk.
I will.
Can I offer a drink to the two best-looking gals in the place? Little brother, your friend in the top hat wants a word.
I'll leave you to it.
You feel good about having a baby? I do.
Really? Because sometimes I'm scared it's not what you want.
I feel good.
And it is what I want.
I just have to get used to the idea, that's all.
Righto, ladies and gentlemen! Our next special guest needs no introduction, so I'm not going to give him one.
Yeah! Good evening, everyone.
This is Micky Mac, who used to play in a band with me, The Honey Joys.
One year on and how could we have known We'd all be here together in this little home away from home I'd like to take this chance to sing a little tune To a very special woman who's right here in this room We run around with our three wild horses You make dinner, we can't tell what the main course is I love nothing more than watching you and the girls play Having Herb drop over at least 12 times a day We've all been sailing too close to the wind But taking a chance with you ain't such a bad thing We've got nothing less than everything to gain When the sun breaks through We'll be right as rain We'll be right, we'll be right We'll be right as rain We'll be right, we'll be right we'll be right as rain Just how lucky can one man be Waking up every morning and seeing what I see? I'll make your eggs just like you like, all nice and runny I hope to write another hit song That will make us shitloads of money When you're in a storm you've got to fight to survive When you face your fears is when you feel most alive We've got nothing less than everything to gain When the sun breaks through We'll be right as rain We'll be right, we'll be right We'll be right as rain We'll be right as rain.
Thank you.
Beauty! I love you.
And you know Eloise doesn't like us behind the bar.
I agree.
Only employees and owners should be behind the bar.
Have you got yourself a job as a glassy? No, I'm the owner.
What? I bought in to the bar.
I had some savings.
Thought I might put them to good use.
Eloise and I now own the bar together.
Can I get you a drink, young lady? Sure! A beer, please.
I need to see some ID first.
I know that mentioning the kissing is off limits, and we're going to pretend it never happened, but for the record, I really enjoyed it.
So while I'm not mentioning it, I'm not regretting it.
That is all.
For the record, I don't regret it either, but what I really want to know is, did you have sex with Eloise the other night? No! I never even kissed her.
Why not? Hey.
I've been looking for you.
Oh, darling.
Hey! I had the test.
I just realised that if I do test positive for the gene that I might have given it to the girls.
That means they'll get breast cancer.
I should never have had children.
You should have had children 'cause you made really good ones.
I would have gone with you.
I was scared that if I talked about it any more I wouldn't have done it.
I think you did the right thing.
When do you get the results? Six weeks.
Do you want to take the girls to bed? No.
Let them stay.
I feel like we're on the edge of a cliff.
So do I.
What should we do? Jump.