The Time of Our Lives (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

1 What the hell is going on?! Shit.
I don't want him staying in our house! You only remember the bullshit.
We had good times too.
Not the time he put his fist through the door when I was sleeping.
Good times, Mum.
Why do you wanna hang around with me? You have no friends.
Means I don't have to share you with anyone.
I don't suppose you'd like to come to Vietnam with me.
I'd love to.
Oh! Just came to say goodbye.
I've found your mother's number, and it matches the name that you gave me.
She wants us to come to her house now! You are my daughter! You are my daughter.
I've missed you.
I have some news.
You're going to be a dad.
Hi, Rachael.
Hi! Hey, beauty, when the mood gets you down Your bottom lip's near dragging on the ground That's when I And wig! Gotta play the clown for you Black humour makes you kick your blues.
That's good! What a great song choice! I love it! It's so, I don't know, retro.
Did you choose it yourself? Yes! I love the teardrop bit.
And what's your group doing? Oh, I didn't feel like my kids had the skills to do a performance, so But it looks like you're having so much fun.
It is fun, yeah.
Anyway, I'll definitely be at the concert.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Why? It's not my thing! It's absolutely your thing.
No, I'm a musician, not a music teacher.
Oh, come on! Do it because you love me.
No! I don't wanna work with kids! Plus, if I had any spare time, I'd wanna work on my own stuff.
Plus, you know what they say.
Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach.
Thanks a lot.
I'm sorry, I was referring to myself.
Hi! Hi, Mum! Hello! Hey, can I talk to you for a moment? Yeah, OK.
Hey, can you go and play in your room while I talk to Dad? Yeah? Is Alice pregnant? Er, yes.
How did you find out? Oh, I just noticed she wasn't drinking at the barbecue.
I don't know, I just put two and two together.
Was it planned? Uh, no.
So quick! So quick, Matt.
I know.
Carmody? Carmody? Oh, Carmody! Look, there's your mummy.
What were you doing out there? I'm getting rocks for my rock collection.
Oh! I've got a lot of rocks in my front yard.
Oh, thanks for bringing him back.
I'm Melanie.
Oh, I'm Caroline.
I live in No.
9, just a few doors down.
Hey, don't go out the front gate again without Mummy, OK? He's a lovely little boy.
Thanks again.
No worries.
Now, what are we gonna have for dinner? Ice-cream.
Sure, let's have ice-cream.
Maybe we should have something else before ice-cream.
Hi again! Hi.
Carmody left behind a few of the rocks he liked.
I have a little girl the same age.
Oh! She doesn't live with me, though.
But I'm hoping one day she will.
Would you like to come around for coffee some time? Uh Or even now if you're free? I can't now, no.
Oh, that's fine.
Another time maybe.
Yeah, sure.
Bye! Bye.
Come on, darling.
By the time I got there, they'd already made up their minds.
I mean, I got palmed off to a pencil-pusher, who blamed the GFC, the back donors, the media campaign - any excuse he could grasp at, he used it.
Are they going to honour their contract at all? They'll give us 10% of what they originally promised.
Then the Cambodia project's dead.
For the moment, yes.
Hey, you've still got the original pitch emails, don't you? What's wrong? Ewan, I'm going to resign.
Are you serious? Why? I want a break.
So, take a break.
Hey? Take as long as you want.
No, I It's a good time, before we start another project.
I wanna make a change.
How long have you been thinking about this? I guess I guess it's only just become clear to me that this is what I want to do.
Well, I wish I had've known this is the way you were feeling.
I mean, we are in a relationship, so Yeah, but this is a decision about me.
I just thought you would've wanted to talk to me about it.
So, um, maybe it's about time you gave me a cut of the bar.
Oh, really? Mmm.
What's in it for me? Well, it'd give me incentive to get more punters in, and more punters means more money in your hot little hand.
Is there anything I could do to persuade you? You try something, see if I like it.
I'm gonna let you in on a secret.
What? I'm selling up.
Why? Just got a few other ventures in the works.
How much are you asking? 120,000.
Slice of heaven Slice of heaven.
Oh! I think we're making some real progress, don't you? Remember, practice, practice, practice.
When I step up to the mic Just wanna Nah, doesn't work.
Let's try again.
When I step up to the mic I do just want I like.
Yes! Now, let's use that at the start.
When I step up to the mic Do just what I like Other MCs hear me and they all go on strike 'Cause they think it ain't fair That they can't compare To these rhymes that I dare to share Like a millionaire dishing out his cash without a care.
Wow, that's pretty good! Do you write that stuff yourself? I like it! Hey! Hey.
Right to go? Yeah.
Bye, miss.
See you, guys.
Did you just hear Jesse's rap? He's pretty good.
How's rehearsals going? Disastrously.
Oh, can't be that bad.
It is.
It's absolute rubbish.
But of course, seeing as those who can't, teach, it's no wonder I can't get a good performance out of them.
I really wish I hadn't have said that.
Hello? Hi! Did you have fun at Marla's? Yep! Bathed and fed.
Was he a good boy? He was very good.
There's a police car in the street.
Yeah, there's something happening.
That's another police car! Can we go and have a look? OK, let me check it out first.
Hey, no, I'll check it out Come on, darling, stay with me! Excuse me, I live down the road.
Is everything alright? Er, the woman that lived here has passed away.
What happened? We don't know at this stage.
Well, I just saw her yesterday.
Are you a friend of hers.
No, I'm not her friend.
We're trying to find her next of kin.
Hey! Hi.
What are you up to? Well, that depends.
What are you offering? Oh, nothing too exciting.
I just thought maybe we could watch a movie.
Uh I don't think I can.
I'm studying and I'm pretty behind, so I think I should stick with it.
Ah, well, early night will do me good.
Well, study hard.
I'll see you soon.
See ya.
Oh, cool! I used to love that game, and I was really good at it too.
You can't be really good at it.
It requires no skill.
Well, I always won a prize, so Everyone always wins a prize.
Really? That's disappointing.
So, shall we use it for Carnevale night? Yeah.
Yeah, it looks great.
I'll drop it off this week.
It's cool.
You know Eloise wants to sell the bar? Oh.
Yeah? Why don't we buy it? I don't wanna be a bar owner.
We'd have a lot more control.
Well, it's not for me.
Too risky.
I think we could do it right.
There is one other stumbling block.
Luce? We're about to start.
What? I have no money.
This is Han and her mum.
And this boy is uh, I think my cousin? I wasn't quite sure of the relationship.
And that's Han and me.
That photo that Han's holding up, that's a picture of my birth father.
What do you know about your birth father? Um, he was an American soldier.
Oh, that's how Mum - Han - and him met.
She was working at the American base there.
He was only 20.
He was from Tennessee.
And how long were they together? Um, about a year, I think.
She said that he always helped her carry heavy bags of laundry.
He was trying to learn Vietnamese, and she wanted to improve her English, and so after work, they talked sometimes, and then one day, he asked her if he could visit her on her days off, and that's when she realised that he really liked her.
Do you reckon you'll try and find your dad? I don't know.
Does Han have any other children? Yeah, she got married a few years after the war and she had two more kids, both boys.
Did you meet them? No, but I really want to.
I saw a bit of myself in Han, you know? Yeah? She has similar mannerisms to me.
Like, she wipes her eyes in the same way as I do, sort of with the palm of her hand.
A lot of people wipe their eyes that way.
I'm not sure you can argue that's genetic.
Well, you can't argue that it's not genetic either, though, can you? Hmm.
I've been speaking to Han on Skype, and she really wants me to come to Vietnam to live with them for a few months to get to know them.
That would be a big change for you.
It feels right.
What feels right? Well, Han's asked me to come back to live with them for a few months to get to know them.
Really? And what have you decided? I'm thinking about it.
What about your job? Actually, I resigned.
Why? Well, the Cambodia project fell through, and I really want to go back to Vietnam.
So, you're not thinking about going back to Vietnam, you ARE going.
Well, yeah.
Well, that is a real adventure.
Dreaming! No, I'm not.
Come on, Lachie.
We'll go home.
See you, Mum.
Lachie's got training early in the morning.
Thanks for dinner.
You're welcome.
Can you sing the melody line? I'm trying to harmonise.
That's it.
No, it's not.
It's not a good harmony.
Try going down.
Some of the boys might not be able to go up that high.
No, that's just the melody.
Is it? Just get them to sing the melody.
Don't worry about harmonies.
Doesn't have to be perfect.
It was my idea to put on this concert.
It's a fundraiser for Hagar.
You know, that organisation that helps kids in Cambodia who have been sold into slavery.
Well, I think that is a good idea.
Well, I thought it would empower the kids, raise money for children who really need their help.
I'm sure it will.
Yeah, but if they stand up there and make fools of themselves, how's that gonna make them feel good? See you later.
OK! Let's take it from 'hey, beauty'.
One, two, three, four.
Hey, beauty, when the moon gets you down Your bottom lip's near dragging on the ground That's when I gotta play the clown for you Black humour makes you kick your blues Stop, stop, stop.
Bella, where's the teardrop? I couldn't find it.
Well, where is it? Well, I thought it was with the instruments, but it's not there.
OK, well, if you can't find it, can you make another one, please? OK.
Should I do it now? No! OK.
Is this what you're after? Thank you, Luce.
Everyone, this is Luce Tivolli, my partner, and he's a musician, and I think he's come to help us out.
Well, I'm not sure if I've got anything to offer, but I reckon I can hear some good voices in there.
So, what sort of music are you guys into? I like hip-hop.
Great! And, Jesse, you're into rap, aren't you? OK, well, maybe we could incorporate both styles into the performance.
No, no, no, not rap.
We're not gangsters! Well, I don't think all rappers are gangsters.
We're not doing a rap! It's not music.
OK, well, why don't we try something? Da Da Da, da, da, da, da.
See? You can sing! You knew which note came next.
OK, I've just got a couple of questions.
Have you all got black pants? So, you're a musician? Uh, yeah, I am.
I'm Luce.
I'm Kristin.
So, anyway, I don't know, I've got a free period.
Can I help in any way, or Oh, I'm not sure.
You're probably best to check with Bernadette.
Oh, OK.
Well, I'll just watch for a while.
Ready when you are.
So, now I'm gonna play a note on the keyboard, and I want you to sing it, OK? Da.
OK, louder.
I can't really hear you.
Jesse, where's your white T-shirt? I didn't have one.
You don't have a white T-shirt? It was dirty.
OK, well, can you make sure it's clean by the time of the performance, please? What's so funny? We're just really excited.
Sophie, can we have the starting note, please? Everyone? La! Perfect.
Thanks, Luce.
OK, good luck.
Julia, do you have the clown wig? Yep.
A good thing to do is to pretend this is the actual concert, so So, if you make a mistake, just keep going, got it? Got it.
We'll be down the front.
This is gonna be so funny.
They look amazing, and I like how they don't really match.
It's contemporary.
Liam, away you go, mate.
One, two, three, four! They sound better.
Thank you.
Hey, we got a little secret for you And it might just blow your mind Yeah, we gotta be honest with you We think that this is a waste of time We know that you are trying your best But it's about as much fun as a maths test It might be better if we call it quits Before we all crack the Stop! Stop, stop, stop.
Get off the stage! Come here now.
I just have to get Now! Quickly.
Whose idea was that? Whose? Liam.
So, you made those words up? I made them up.
All you've done is make yourselves look stupid.
Now, go back to class.
Can I just get my Go back to class! Why did you do that, Jesse? Come on.
I want to know.
Why did you do it? I guess I thought it would be funny.
Well, it wasn't.
It just made you and me look like idiots.
It wasn't directed at you.
Well, who was it directed at, then? Who? No-one.
I'm really disappointed in you.
What? It was directed at Luce.
Even if he does hate my guts, he's still a good lyric writer, and those words were pretty funny.
They were puerile.
Funny puerile.
So, what do you wanna do? Maybe we should just cut our losses.
Well, it's up to you, but I think I can get a performance out of them.
They've got something.
I want to know if you're committed to doing this performance.
If you're not, tell me now.
What I don't want is a repeat of what happened the other day.
So, raise your hand if you are committed to performing at the fundraiser.
Great! Why'd you keep this a secret? I'm just a beginner.
Yeah, I find that hard to believe.
Alright, so, everyone knows what they've got to practice at home tonight? And, Liam, remember the tempo, mate.
It's one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four.
OK, Jesse, and there is where you come in with the rice shaker at the end.
Thanks, Julia.
So, mate, go home and practice it three more times than you think you need to, OK? That's for everyone.
Three more times, yes? Great.
That's it.
We're done.
Thank you, everybody.
Great day! Thanks, miss.
Bye, miss.
Thanks, Luce! No worries.
See ya.
See ya! Jess? Are you able to help carry this for me? Yeah, OK.
You know, you write pretty good lyrics.
That song was dumb.
Well, it still had some good rhymes.
You know, if you want, I can help put some of your lyrics to music.
Why? Make 'em sound good.
It's up to you, mate.
Just an offer.
You know that woman Melanie? Yeah? She'd only lived on the street for three months.
How do you know? Well, for the first time, I spoke to one of my neighbours.
Everyone's talking about it.
Her child, a little girl, was living with her father in America.
I couldn't live apart from my children.
What did she die of? Apparently heart failure in her sleep.
Why are we doing this, Mum? To be kind.
It's nice when people help each other out.
Uh, I don't think you should take any more rocks.
Well, it probably doesn't matter.
Hi, Rosa.
It's me, Caroline.
Um, I just wanted to invite you over for dinner tonight.
I know it's last-minute.
Oh, nothing special.
I just thought it would be good to catch up.
Great! No, no, no, you don't need to bring anything.
Bye! That was Caroline.
She wants us to come over for dinner.
Why? I don't know.
I hope Matt doesn't mind.
I don't care what Matt thinks.
You know, Chai Li's definitely going back to Vietnam to live with her birth mother.
Well, I'm not surprised.
That's what she's like.
No, she's fearless.
That's what I admire about her.
It may end very badly.
And it may not.
We don't know.
None of us do.
It smells delicious.
Thank you so much.
Hey! Hey! Hey, how are you? How you going? Good.
How are you, mate? Hello! Hi.
Do you want something to eat? Uh, yeah, if there's enough.
Plenty! There's heaps.
Come on.
Hello, gorgeous.
Welcome! Thank you.
They're for you.
Oh, thank you.
You haven't been here for a long time.
Not since Matt left.
Are you ready to go home? Yep, I'm just gonna give Carmody a quick ring to say goodnight, and then we could go out for dinner.
Great! Look what I bought.
It's so tiny! Oh, hello, Carmody.
Did you have a good day? Oh, are they? Well, that sounds fun, doesn't it? So, come on, what did you do today? What - nothing? You must have done something.
Well, OK, you go have fun with Popcorn.
Alright, night-night.
Are your parents there? Well, apparently.
Why won't Caroline let go? I don't know what's going on.
And why are your parents even going there for dinner? They're never going to accept me.
They do accept you Oh, Matt.
Are you excited about the baby? I don't know whether 'excited' is the right word.
So, you're not? Well, I just didn't expect to be having a baby this quickly.
Well, neither did I, but now it's here, I'm happy.
Are you? Yes.
Mum? Mmm? Can I watch TV? Yes, but only for half an hour.
Then it's time to get ready for bed.
This is delicious, Caroline.
You've always been the best cook in the family.
Thank you.
Yes, it is lovely.
A woman down the road was found dead in her bed the other day.
What happened? She died in her sleep.
She wasn't old.
She was about my age, living alone.
They didn't find her body until the next day.
Well, that's life in the big city.
It's too easy to get lost.
Do you still see me as being in the family? Oh! Yes, I do.
I'm just a bit worried that when the new baby comes along, that, you know, things are gonna be quite different.
What new baby? Matt's new baby.
Oh, I don't think Matt will rush into having another child.
Oh, no.
Alice is pregnant, Rosa.
Matt tell you that? Yeah.
He hasn't told us anything about it.
Mum made a cake for dessert.
I did.
Let's have it.
I'll help you.
I wanna stay there for a few months and try to learn the language.
Oh, my God, what a total out-of-body experience to find your birth mother! Do you feel a real connection with her? I did, but I haven't seen her for 37 years, so it'll take a bit of time.
Are you gonna go, Ewan? I don't know.
I haven't been invited.
Well, I'd love to, I mean And your adopted family, how do they feel? Oh, super supportive.
Both Mum and Dad are really happy for me.
But I'm sure your mum feels a bit strange about it all.
Oh, she's fine, Herb.
She's not completely fine.
She feels weird about it.
Well, what do you mean? Has she spoken to you? No, but I can tell.
Because you're a mind reader? Because I'm not insensitive.
And I am? Well, can't you see how she feels? I don't need to, do I? I've got you to tell me! What if I did come over while you were in Vietnam? OK.
A touch of enthusiasm wouldn't go astray.
Close your eyes.
Too pissed off.
With me? No, of course not.
At Herb! Well, that's OK.
You can be angry at him as much as you like.
I wish he'd mind his own business.
Hey, come here.
Um I'm sorry.
Do you mind if we don't tonight? Sure.
He's in the tree house.
Oh, OK.
Hi, darling! What were you doing out in the street? I was bringing the bins back in for number nine.
Who lives there again? Oh, you don't know her.
She didn't live there long.
She died in her sleep a few nights ago.
The police asked if I was her friend, but I only spoke to her once.
Matt, you know, I don't really know why you left me.
Should we talk about this now? I'd like to know.
I wasn't happy, and I wasn't happy for a very long time.
Why didn't you talk to me about it? You said things to me on the night that you told me you were leaving that I'd never heard before, and then you were gone before I had a chance to do anything about it.
I did try to talk to you at first.
But you didn't hear me.
And then Alice came along at a time when I was most unhappy.
And I saw the chance to feel something again, so I grabbed it.
I wasn't planning on having an affair.
But it felt good to feel loved again.
And when I'd grabbed that chance for happiness, I couldn't let it go.
I feel so sad that you couldn't find happiness with me.
But I don't think you could find it with me either.
Most of the time, you didn't care what I was doing.
And when Carmody was born, he became your only focus, and if I tried to parent him, you told me I was doing it wrongly or I didn't understand his needs.
In the end, I gave up.
Left it all to you.
I was trying to be a good mother.
You are a good mother.
I just wanted to be a good father too.
I was very lonely.
You know what's funny? I think I was very lonely too.
Do you have any regrets? I regret causing so much pain.
But you don't regret leaving me? No.
No, I don't.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too! Hey, Luce? Yeah? I, um, might take you up on that offer.
You know, to help me out with the words.
Yeah, no worries.
Some people stay Others will be lost.
I like that.
Write that down.
But can you search for something deeper? You know, something that shows that you're aware that some people end up lost.
I can put this kind of a beat under it.
What about, 'Some people stay, others will be lost, but everything that you do comes at a cost'? Good! Really good! I'm wondering, is there something better than 'everything you do'? 'Every choice that you make comes at a cost.
' That's really good! You should be a teacher.
Why didn't you like me when I came to stay with you? Well, I didn't not like you.
Well, you didn't want me here.
Well, I didn't know anything about you.
I came home and there was this strange boy living in my house.
All I needed was a place to stay for a few days.
Well, I thought the best place for you was with your father.
It was for a few days.
It wasn't gonna be forever.
Fair enough.
Are you cool about the other night? Yep.
Don't worry about it.
It's just Rosa's really suffering about this birth mother thing.
You know, it's just tread a bit more lightly.
Mum's fine.
She is! OK.
I feel like you wanna say something else.
Well, I think Rosa's amazing, but I don't think you're being sensitive to how she might be feeling.
I think I'm being very sensitive.
I never refer to Han as 'Mum' or Why would you? You don't know her.
Because she gave birth to me.
Yeah, well, there's more to being a mother than giving birth to someone.
I want to find out where I came from, to fit in, and Mum supports that! To fit in? How much more could you have fitted in? Cool parents, great brothers.
You have no idea what it's like to be adopted.
Yeah, well, you know what? I wish I did.
No, you don't.
I dreamed of your parents adopting me.
When I was a little kid, I would have loved that more than anything in the world.
Instead I had a drunk mother and a loser father who managed to kill himself before I even got to school.
I'm hearing what you're saying No, you are not hearing me! Then you're not hearing me.
I'm not saying I don't love my family.
You can't understand what it was like for me when Matt or Luce would say, 'This is my sister, Chai Li,' and people would get this look on their face and say, 'What? Your SISTER?' And we'd have to explain it, and make it very clear that, 'Oh, I'm adopted.
That's why I look different.
' As if that wasn't completely bloody obvious anyway! Luce Oh, the door was open.
You right to go? Yeah.
I'll wait for you downstairs.
I better go.
What do you reckon about this this this? It's pretty good.
I got it from the op shop down the road road road.
Hi! Hey.
Hello! So, you and Eloise back together? I don't know.
What's going on with Chai Li? She's been through a lot.
I know.
She doesn't need any more pain.
I know, mate.
There's no need to add her to your list.
Just stop, alright? Just stop now! No, I won't stop.
If I've got something to say, I'm gonna say it! Well, say it, then! You should think very, very carefully before you get involved with my sister, 'cause you, my friend, have a lot to lose.
So, you expecting a big night? Yeah.
Oh, this is a cute one.
I think that's Tully.
Yeah, that's Frances.
And what are you writing here? I'm trying to write Melanie.
Oh, OK.
Melanie? Yeah.
I gotta find a brush.
Do you want me to help you? So, you gotta do an 'A'.
'N', 'I'.
Melanie! Melanie.
Mum? Mmm? Is Melanie dead? Yes.
But what does dead mean? It means that you stop breathing, and your body doesn't work anymore.
And then what happens? Well, then some people believe that you go and live in a heaven.
What is heaven? It's like this really, really fun place where you get to do whatever you want and you get to eat as many lollies as you like.
Can I go to heaven and give Melanie her rock? No, you can't.
Can I take it to her house, though? OK.
That's a good idea.
I'll take I think you're jumping into this.
I know.
I mean, is there any rush to go back? You've come home, resigned, and now you're heading off to live with someone you don't know.
Mum, I don't think I could make you understand.
I want to get to know Han, and I want to get to know the culture I came from.
What's the rush? Because there's no reason not to do it now.
I'd like you to wait a few months.
Just get to know her a bit more before you go living together.
That's not unreasonable.
I'm not going to delay the trip.
I think you're being very stubborn.
Maybe it's genetic.
Jesse's written a great rap.
You and Jesse - best mates.
His rap might work for the fundraiser.
The problem with your song is it doesn't speak to the kids, doesn't resonate with them.
I've told you, rap is not appropriate.
You don't understand what rap is! Yep, I do.
I'm from the hood and I've got my ho under my arm, and I prance about like I'm a something.
That is an uncanny impersonation of a rapper.
Rap doesn't speak to you, but it does speak to a kid like Jesse.
Fair enough, but we're too far along to change the song now.
We're not starting again.
How about this, Luce? The beats and words we did replace From our mental database It's a Slice Of Heaven from a different place Just with a little more bass in your face.
That's great, guys! It's fantastic.
Come on, guys.
This is our final proper practice before the concert, so let's just really give it our best, OK? First places.
Sorry, just before you start, I think you guys are gonna steal the show.
I mean, you've come so far and you've gone outside your comfort zones, which I personally think is really, really brave.
OK, go get 'em! Show me the rap.
Just with a little more bass in your face It's a remix of the song she chose But you mind hear this on your radio.
What do you think? What if Sophie funked it up a bit? There you go.
The beats and the music we did replace From our mental database.
You know, the song is great, it's really good, but just the performance or the show needs Something surprising.
Something no-one expects.
Actually, I think I might have an idea.
OK, well, Liam, you know when to come in, right? Yeah.
And, Sophie, just remember the first round of vocals, then you come in.
Girls, you confident with the harmonies? Yep.
Yeah, got your starting note? And, Jess, just don't go too fast, OK? But don't go too slow either.
And remember to enjoy yourselves.
That's the most important thing, OK? Alright! Good luck! Good luck.
One, two, three, yes! One, two, three, four! This song was chosen by Miss Flynn To do it her way would've been a sin She chose this song from way back when We didn't know what to do, but then The beats and the words we did replace From our mental database Slice Of Heaven from a different place Just with a little more bass in your face It's a remix of the song she chose But you might hear this on your radios We know how to make the crowd roar Get Miss Flynn up on the dance floor Go, miss, go, miss Go, miss, go, miss Go miss, go miss Go, miss, go, miss Go, miss, go, miss Go, miss, go, miss Go, miss, go, miss Everybody can feel alone And you can't make friends with your iPhone Some people stay Others will be lost Every choice that you make comes at a cost At the end of every tunnel there is always a light If you still got a spark you can still reignite Part of you knows that life is for living And what you've still got is still worth giving You feel like your life's been thrown in the bin You don't know who will take you in You can find kindness in strange faces You can find friends in strange places Have faith in us and it feels real fine We'll stick with you, miss That's the bottom line Bottom line That's the bottom line We'll stick with you, miss That's the bottom line.
Yeah! Come on, everyone up.
Bernadette, you're the best.
Thank you.
And, Jesse, you're the best rapper.
I wish I could rap like that.
You probably can.
You reckon? I reckon! I reckon too.
So, those who can, do, and those you can't, teach? I think we saw pretty clearly tonight that I can do.
It seems to me that you can only teach.
See, I think if you examine the facts more closely, you'll see that I can also teach and do.
Good show, babe.
You too.
Lachie! Is he being arrested? Yes, he is! Don't say anything until I get you a lawyer.
I know that mentioning the kissing is off-limits, but for the record, I really enjoyed it.
My mother died of breast cancer when I was 15.
With your history, you're probably eligible for genetic testing Might be good to know.
Why? Why do you think that? Well, so you can work out what you're dealing with.
I'm not gonna have the gene test.
I don't think you're doing the rightthing, but OK.