The Time of Our Lives (2013) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

1 Is it broken? They had to amputate it.
I'm calling all the solicitors I used to work with.
It's gonna take me a while to build up my practice again.
I'll try and swing a few cases your way.
There's an urgent client conference this afternoon.
OK, I'll be there.
It's gone.
You gave it away.
You were late.
Don't you want to work? Every year I'm doing my tax return, I realised I've earned about 15% less than I did the year before.
I've gotta find another source of income.
I have the breast cancer gene.
Suddenly I have all these decisions to make.
They've offered me a job in South-East Asia.
You should go to Cambodia.
Do your thing.
I'll do my thing here and when you get back, we'll see where we are.
So you don't want any commitment between us while I'm away? What's the point? When's this baby due? Four or five months? Well, why did you have to bring another kid into the world? Hi.
Come in.
I usually have lollies for dinner.
Is that true? Yep.
I don't like this food, at all.
Well, actually, you do because you like fish.
You've told me plenty of times that you like fish.
I'm not going to eat any of it.
Did you hear what I said? Don't eat it, then, Carmody.
Hello? Dad! Hello.
How are you? Oh, not too bad.
Grab bars for Dad.
One for the toilet, one for the shower.
Do you want to put them in now? Yes.
Where's Dad's tools? His big toolbox is out the back.
Can I help, Dad? Sure.
No, you've gotta eat your dinner, Carmody.
Well, it's not gonna take that long.
Carmody, just stay seated, please, and eat all of your dinner.
Thank you.
Oh, Matt.
Yeah? Can you pick up Carmody from school tomorrow? He's got a half day.
I can come and grab him from you on the way home from work.
Uh Yeah, I can do the pick-up, but I can't hang around all afternoon.
I've got a meeting at three.
But Alice isn't working tomorrow No, that's not gonna work for me.
I'll just come and get him from you before your meeting.
Oh, well, it's up to you.
Hang on, what time do I pick him up from school? You and I both get the same emails from the school.
Just read them.
You've gotta eat your broccoli, too.
I've got something for you.
Southey's back and double-booked and the client is happy for a talented junior - you - to take over.
What is it? It's an assault and affray.
Pub brawl.
A few kids seriously injured.
You'll be representing a young guy.
The prosecutor's saying he started it all.
Stack of witnesses, three-weeker, definitely gonna run.
It's a good break for you.
Southey's always looking for good juniors to work with and apparently it's pretty much prepared.
Can you do it? I would love to.
Um, what's the client's name? Nathan Tzanavaras.
Is he related to the cabinet minister? Yeah, he's the youngest son.
But they're doing their best to keep it out of the papers.
I'll get the rest of it up to you.
What case is Southey doing instead of this one? Not sure.
So double-booked, or was there unexpectedly good snow in Aspen? Ah, good one.
Police notes.
That's a huge brief.
And there's no depositions or medical reports, and our guy's witnesses haven't even been proofed.
So when they said 'pretty much prepared', they meant 'not prepared at all'.
Looks like it.
Oh, um, upstairs is having drinks tonight.
You should go.
It'll give you a chance to meet some solicitors and you might even get some work out of it.
I can't.
I've got to pick up my son.
Well, it's up to you.
But the best way to get work is for people to know you're around.
I know.
Sorry, Julian, but I've got to go.
No, that's not gonna happen.
Can I have a quick word? Yeah.
Hang on, Brad.
Yeah? Where's Carmody? Well, he's inside with Alice.
I thought you were gonna look after him until I got here.
Well, I knew you were gonna arrive and I thought she could look after him for five minutes.
It's not her job.
It's yours.
Is this really worth a fight? Yeah, Brad, sorry about that.
Carlton looking very good, mate.
Ah, hello, gorgeous! Hello! I had lollies.
Oh, did you? Yep.
Two lollies.
Ooh, aren't you a lucky boy? He also had a sandwich.
Carmody, go grab your bag, darling.
Don't know where it is.
It's just there.
Come on.
I'll get it.
Uh, Carmody, you go go do wees, darling, before we go.
Come on.
Don't need to.
Come on.
You go try.
Do a magic wee.
I think you're bleeding.
Um Sorry, um Carmody, come on.
Good boy.
Are you alright? Uh, yeah, yep, yeah.
Mm OK, we'll go.
Warm hugs.
Warm hugs.
Yes, warm hugs.
Come on, my darling.
I want to sing One Direction.
We have to go into Mummy's work for a while.
I want to sing One Direction.
Can you remind me of one of their songs again? Um I'm not sure.
I can't remember, actually.
Um Let's go back in and see Alice.
Why? Because she didn't look very well and I think we should go and check on her, OK? Can you take your own seatbelt off? Already done.
Oh, good boy.
Alice? Alice? Alice? Alice? Um Alice? Oh, it's locked.
Alice? Alice? Alice? Are you gonna be OK? I'm I'm bleeding a lot.
I can feel it going through my pyjama pants.
OK, Carmody, you go off and watch some telly, darling.
I think I'm having a miscarriage.
Uh, where do you keep your towels? Um, in there.
Uh, I don't know what to do.
Uh, well, I'm gonna call Matt and he can drive you to the hospital.
Hey, how are ya? Charlie, Jack Bradfield.
Good, thank you.
Jack Bradfield, how are you? Listen, mate, I won't keep you waiting long.
I'll be with you in a tick, OK? Matt, it's me here.
I'm here with Alice and she thinks she's having a miscarriage.
So you need to get here as soon as you can so you can drive her to the hospital.
Oh I need to change these pyjama pants.
OK, I'll get you some more.
Where do you keep them? In the top drawer.
The top drawer.
Thank you.
Oh I'm gonna take you to the hospital.
Um, Matt can meet us there.
Carmody, we're gonna go, darling.
Thank you.
OK, Carmody, jump in the back, darling.
Um, I'm gonna give Matt another call.
Call from my phone.
I'll talk to you later, mate.
Hey, baby.
It's Caroline.
Alice isn't very well.
What's wrong? She's bleeding.
We're gonna have to take her to the women's hospital.
OK, I'll meet you there.
Hey, um Alice isn't well.
Is it the baby? Yeah.
She's, uh, she's at the hospital.
I'm gonna meet her there.
What have I got on this afternoon? I know I've got those two Let me deal with it.
You go.
The doctor won't be long.
You can't use your phone in here.
Carmody, come and sit on my lap, please.
You alright? I think we've lost our baby.
Oh, darling.
Not feeling too good.
OK, let me have a look at you.
We'll go.
Hi, it's Caroline Tivolli.
I'm representing Nathan Tzanavaras.
Sorry I missed your call.
Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about what happened the night that he was assaulted.
I need to go to the toilet.
Uh, yep.
Thank you.
And what exactly did you see? Oh! Oh Your phone fell into the toilet.
Yeah, I can see that.
It did.
I don't think it's going to work after it being in the toilet.
Come on, let's go home.
Come and wash your hands, please.
Ohh! Carmody left his bag at the hospital.
Oh, OK.
Can I come in and say goodnight to him? He's in bed.
Come in.
He looks like an angel when he's asleep.
How's Alice? Uh, she's staying in hospital overnight.
They took her into theatre to have a D&C, so it's all over now.
Sorry, Matt.
I've got to get back to work.
Hey, do you mind if I sit with Carmody for a moment? No, it's fine.
Um, thanks .
for taking Alice to the hospital.
Carmody made her a card.
It's on his desk.
It's time to go home.
See you later.
See you later.
So what's it for? Family tree assignment for school.
Bye, Mum.
See you tonight.
Hey, mate.
Hiya, mate, you good? Yeah, very.
So what you got? You two look good together.
Thank you.
Oh, it's going really well.
Is it serious? It is for me.
It's easy and we're happy.
I'm really glad it's working out for you.
Thank you.
Hey, there's something I wanted to speak to you about.
Go ahead.
Georgie seems to be coming back from your place looking very tired.
Is she getting enough sleep? I think so.
She has been staying up pretty late doing the family tree project.
Do you think you could keep a bit of an eye on that? I'm quite strict about bedtimes at my place and I know she's sharing a room with the twins as well so she's probably not getting a great night sleep anyway.
Would it be easier for you if Georgie stayed with me full-time while Ray and Rosa were here? You've got a lot on your plate at the moment.
Um, no, no.
There's no need for that.
I will make sure that she gets to bed by 9 o'clock.
I'd prefer 8:30.
8:30, got it.
So, um, what's Mickey Mac setting up for? Oh, yeah, we're thinking of putting on a show.
A sort of voyage through Australian music from the '60s to now.
You know, rearrange some well-known songs and then sort of introduce some more obscure ones to the audience.
Hoping it's something that sort of might be able to tour.
Would you produce it? Yeah.
Big job.
Yeah, it would be.
But I'm yeah, I'm looking forward to it.
You think it could make some money? Yeah, well, that's the plan.
We're trying to create something with sort of broad appeal, something that'd get the interest of the regionals, something that can travel but do good numbers.
But, you know, there's always a risk.
Of what? Of it not striking a chord.
You know, it's hard to predict what people are gonna see and what they're not.
I fell in love with a musician and I'm glad I fell in love with a musician, but I'm worried about the future.
What if I get cancer? I mean, how will you support the girls? But you're not gonna get cancer.
That's a stupid thing to say.
If you if you have the surgery, that'll reduce the risk, yeah? Yep.
So that's what you're gonna do, isn't it? It's not your body, Luce.
Don't you want me to do a show? No.
Not at all.
But the landscape's changed and you have to work out a way to make some money.
Yeah, but we're hoping this does make some money.
Bern, this is what I want to do.
I mean, this is who I am.
I know.
I know.
But we have three girls, a slowly decreasing income and the chance I might not make it to 50.
Anyway What have you got there? Nothing.
Let me see.
Come here, Tully.
Where's the rest of it? Give it to me.
Hurry up.
Get out of here, both of you! Come on, you two.
Come and have a game of I-spy with me.
Come on.
What happened? They broke my mum's glass horse.
Can you fix it? No.
They knew they weren't allowed to touch it.
Here, let me take a look at it.
No! We can't fix it.
You can't fix everything! Well, I've got your statement, but can you tell me what happened? Nothing.
It was crazy.
I was having a few drinks with my mates and then I went to the toilet.
I came back out, and this guy Benjamin king-hits me.
And then I'm out.
Could we go back to the flicking coins business? Were you flicking coins at anyone? Why would I do that? Well, Benjamin reckons you were flicking coins at him because he's gay.
That's crazy.
If I wanted to flick coins at a gay dude, I'd flick coins at my mate Eddie.
He's gay.
Did you have any interaction with Benjamin Todd during the course of the night? Not till he hit me.
Maybe you should go to bed.
Oh, I think I'll just lay on the couch.
Well, I'll get you some water.
Oh, sweetheart.
Just want my baby back.
I know.
I know.
So, how are you gonna run it? Well, my client, Nathan, says that the punch from the complainant, Benjamin Todd, came out of the blue.
So it was just one king hit, he fell to the ground and he didn't get up again until after the police came.
So as soon as he was punched, Nathan's friends jumped on Benjamin and his friends and gave them an absolute pummelling.
The police arrive, they see our mates on top of these guys and they charge them all, including Nathan.
They pretty much missed the whole thing.
Any CCTV? Uh, no, because the assault happened In a black spot.
It's gonna run? Uh, yeah.
It looks like it's gonna be the full three weeks.
I don't even know why they charged our guy.
I mean, he was down for the count as soon as it all started.
Well, that's the first rule of pub brawls - the winners always get charged.
Yeah, anyway, I've got to call, um, about 20 witnesses to work out what actually went on.
Thought it was pretty much prepared.
So Southey's a QC.
Their idea of preparation is straightening their wigs.
I gotta get this.
Hey, mate.
Uh, yeah, I can pay it by the end of the month.
Thank you.
Yep, I'm right to hold.
Oh, no, I was just on hold.
I can call back.
Oh, thanks.
You're welcome.
Oh, um do you want to do a culp drive next week? When? Thursday.
Oh, I don't think so.
No, I'm gonna be deep in prepping this affray.
One day.
Private payer.
Good money.
Mm Nup.
No, I can't do it.
I'm trying to get in with staff here.
I want to be as prepared as I can for this case.
I'll get someone else.
The doctor says we can try again in a month or two.
So do you want to try again? Well, I want you to get better first.
I'll get better when I get pregnant again.
Oh, baby, let's .
let's just wait the couple of months the doctor suggested, then we can talk about it some more.
But do you want us to try for another baby? Yes, if that's what you want, then that's what we'll do.
No, what do you want? You.
I want you to be happy.
So if having a baby makes you happy, then that's what we should do.
I've made so many sacrifices for you.
I've moved cities, I've left my friends, left my family I know you have.
It's as if what I want doesn't matter.
I'm saying the exact opposite.
Let's have a baby because you want one.
Do you want one? Be honest, for God's sake.
Do you want to have a child with me? I I don't feel incomplete without a child.
Can you just say it and stop being so pathetic? If you don't want a baby, then say it.
I'm not saying it.
And that's an understatement.
It's not called the Shipwreck Coast for nothing.
In fact Mum! I made Sorry, um, so you didn't see Nathan punch anyone that night? Mum.
And had you been? Mum! Mum! Shh, shh, shh.
Had you had anything to drink that night? Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Approximately? What, like, ten drinks? More than ten drinks.
So would you say you were drunk? Mum.
No, no, no.
I appreciate your honesty.
Thank you.
Mum! What did you say? Are we staying here all night? I hope not.
Uh huh.
But I just got a square there.
What's wrong with Bernadette? Nothing.
You're not breaking up, are you? No.
But you wouldn't tell me if you were, would you? We're not breaking up, Georgie.
She doesn't seem happy.
Yeah, well, you can't be happy all the time, can you? Dad, if you want to kiss me goodbye, can you do it here? Why? 'Cause there's other kids at the bus stop.
Not only am I gonna kiss you at the bus stop, I'm gonna chase the bus, screaming, 'I love you, Georgie.
Don't leave me.
' Are you joking? Nup.
I'll kiss you goodbye here.
Bye, Dad.
Bye, gorgeous.
I love you, Georgie.
Dad! Leaving.
Have a good day.
You've got your shoes on the wrong feet.
So have you.
Swap 'em over.
Hey, Mickey.
Hey, I reckon I cracked one of the arrangements last night.
Yeah, which one? Who Listens To The Radio? I can play it for you.
Yeah, great.
Bags ready? Hey, Mickey.
See you, darl.
I'm just gonna duck out the back for a sec.
Yeah, won't be long.
You have a good day.
Lunch boxes in.
OK, let's hear it.
Yeah, sure.
You alright? Yeah, just gave myself a bit of a whack.
This dope I've got at the moment's a bit stronger than normal.
You shouldn't be smoking pot around the kids.
Well, I didn't have any till they were all gone.
You can't smoke here, Mickey.
There's no drugs.
It's not cool.
Yeah, alright, I get it.
It's no worries, it won't happen again.
So, what have you got for us? Alright, listen to this.
Yeah? # This girl in her bedroom doing her homework # She's foolin' with the logarithms, she's a-going berserk # One hand has a cigarette resting on the window The other one is twiddling with the radio Yeah, so hopefully I'll see her again next week.
Yeah, great.
Oh, I did an ad the other day, too.
Have you done an ad before? Uh, no.
It's so easy.
You turn up, you work for maybe five minutes, then they feed you.
And it's not just a sandwich.
It's restaurant-quality food.
They give you three different types of desserts.
You get as much as you want.
You might stand around for a while with people asking you, 'Are you OK?' Then they feed you again.
It's awesome.
Yeah, it sounds excellent.
What's happening? I am polishing glasses, so Hey, mate, I just want to run something past you.
I'm thinking of getting in contact with someone to perform with me in a show I'm trying to put together - someone who I think would attract an audience.
Is it someone famous? Yeah.
Would I know them? It's Lisa Montego.
I mean, she's got a huge range and a great profile.
I mean, she'd bring a lot of punters to the show.
Oh, I've got no doubt at all.
Have you stayed in touch with her? I don't even know her.
Yeah, I'm talking to Herb.
Do you want me to go? I do.
Fair enough.
I'll catch you later.
So when's the last time you spoke to her? I don't know.
Could you contact her for me? I mean, she's a great performer.
Yeah, I don't want to talk to Lisa.
Yeah, I know.
It's just I don't have any other way of getting in contact with her.
And you know I wouldn't ask I'll get you her number, but you are calling her.
Oh, hold on a sec.
Are you free for lunch? Is it, uh, a date? Aren't you married with a couple of kids? Yep.
That's why I'm excited.
It's for another purpose.
You stay here and I'll call you.
- Hi.
It's me.
- Hi.
I can't see you, so there is a security camera black spot where the assault took place.
Can you see a camera where you are? Yep.
Can you walk towards it? Oh, yeah, yeah.
I can see you now.
Can you go back to the black spot? Sure.
What's around you? Uh, there's a few tables and chairs and an emergency exit.
Oh, OK.
Go through that.
Oh, yep.
I can see you.
Hmm What do you reckon? Well, the cops say there's nothing on the tapes, but I think I should have a look myself.
I'll be down in a tick.
Game faces on.
Do you have a moustache? No.
Um when you say yes and no, which one would you be more leaning towards? No.
No? Yes.
Yes, Lisa, hello.
Yes? Yes? Hi.
Yes, I do.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, he's here right now, actually.
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, sure.
I'll put him on.
Hang on a tick.
She, um, she wants to speak to you.
Uh oh, look, I think probably better if you just meet up with Luce.
- OK, yep.
- Maybe he could have Yep, no worries.
OK, bye.
So what's happening? Oh, she wants to meet up with both of us.
Why? I don't know.
Now I'm a little bit unclear.
Do you have a moustache or not? We don't.
We don't.
Should go for a walk.
Oh, no, thanks.
Here we go.
Hmm? Carmody made it for you.
You've made the papers.
There's an article about the Tzanavaras case.
'Minister's son involved in homophobic attack.
' Oh, I'll read it later.
Can you have a look at this? Yeah.
Nathan arriving with his mates, yes? Yep.
Now, next tape.
It might've been better if you hadn't seen that.
He's run away from the scene of the crime.
Except our guy Nathan didn't run away.
That's one thing that everyone agrees on - that he was knocked down inside the pub and he didn't get up again.
So what's going on? Think.
There's two guys? Yeah.
Two guys have morphed into one.
So the complainant, Ben, did have coins flicked at him and did get pushed, but it wasn't by Nathan.
It was by this guy.
See? Same red hoodie.
So what I think happened is that this guy slapped Ben around and then took off out the emergency exit, so then Ben took a few moments to recover, got up, saw Nathan coming out of the toilet doors past the emergency exit, thought he was the same guy 'cause of the hoodie, and decked him.
Well done.
Southey's gonna love you.
I feel good.
Oh, no.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Thank you.
You know you're going to be charged? Yes, I know.
How much is it? I'm ten minutes late.
You're 14 minutes late.
So that's $28.
We'll invoice you.
Goodbye, Carmody.
Why were you so late? I'm sorry, darling.
I was working.
Why don't you have another go? I'll stand on the mark for you.
Oh! It's alright.
Why don't you try again? This time keep your foot a bit firmer.
Yow! Matty boy! Oh! Still got it.
Whoo! Georgie, what are you doing up? It doesn't look as good, but Oh Thank you.
Come on.
I'll put you back to bed.
There you go.
Tell me a story.
About when I was little.
Once, when you were little, Luce and I were getting you to point out parts of your body - 'Show me your nose, show me your eyes, show me your ears.
' We used to do that with the twins.
Exactly the same.
And then I said, 'Show me all the things that you have that are in pairs.
' And you said, 'I have two feet.
' Then we gave you a clap.
And then you said, 'I have two ears.
' And we gave you another little clap.
And then you said, 'I have two mummies.
' And you looked so proud of yourself.
And I felt really happy in my heart that you thought of me like that - as another mummy.
I still do think of you like that.
Thank you.
Hey, why don't I give Bernadette a call and she can come over for a visit? Oh Well, what about one of your other friends? I don't have any other friends in Melbourne.
I'm your friend.
I remember when you walked across the room at that awful sports dinner when we first met and I thought, 'Oh, man, I hope she sits next to me.
She She's gorgeous.
' And then when you did, well, we just talked.
And we talked and we talked.
And I knew there was something there.
Made my life seem very empty.
And I couldn't go back to her.
Thank you.
What for? I don't know.
Oh, sweetheart.
How are ya? Feeling good.
I'm confident we may just get up in this trial.
But listen I'm gonna stop you right there.
What? Bad news.
Southey's now available.
What about being double-booked? This case is all over the papers because the dad's a politician, and Southey loves the press.
What do you mean? I don't know, maybe there wasn't much snow in Aspen.
The trial starts in two days.
I've been working on this day and night.
And not only is he not guilty, I can show that he's completely innocent.
It doesn't matter.
Southey's still taking it back.
What do I invoice for the prep? Backsheet says one day prep fee as it was already prepared.
Already prepared? Nathan'd be going to jail if it wasn't for me.
I don't know what to say, mate.
Yep, yep.
Oh, OK.
Are you, um are you Caroline, uh, Tivolli? Yes.
Oh, hi.
Julian said you were leaving.
I was just coming up to see you.
Oh, OK.
Hi, I'm Diana Southey.
Oh, are you related to Southey, the QC? No, no, that's me.
I am.
I am Diana Southey, the QC.
Lovely to meet you.
I just wanted to say thanks for all that work you did on my case.
Oh, you're welcome.
I'm so sorry I couldn't use you, but, um you know, if something comes up in the future, I'll definitely think of you.
Oh, thank you, yeah, I'd appreciate that 'cause I'm just, you know, getting back into work at the moment.
I've had a bit of time off, so Ah.
Well, if I'm called away on an urgent ski trip again, I'll definitely think of you.
It sounds like Alice was lucky you were there.
Oh, I did what anyone else would do.
No, you did much more than anyone else would do.
Oh, I felt sorry for her.
I really did.
She looked so young .
and vulnerable.
It's awful.
But I'm I'm glad that Carmody isn't gonna have a sibling.
And I'm glad that Matt isn't gonna have a new baby taking up all of his focus.
I'm relieved.
I'll get this.
Oh, thank you.
Do you think they'll try for another baby? I don't know.
Why is Matt so desperate to reproduce all of a sudden? When I wanted to have a second baby, he wasn't keen at all.
That'd be her, not him.
And I'm not gonna sell the house.
Why? 'Cause I can't.
That house, I love it and it's Carmody's home and I'm not gonna get rid of it.
You don't think it would be easier to move somewhere smaller? No.
No, I don't.
I think it would be harder because then everything will be gone.
It'd be over.
There would be no trace of me and Matt left.
There will always be a trace of you, Caroline.
There's Carmody.
Sorry, this card's been declined.
Oh, uh I've got another one.
Hang on.
I'll get this.
Oh, thank you.
# You unhandle me # So I'll just keep dreaming of the man of my dreams # And I hope he's anyone, anyone but you # And I hope he's anyone, anyone but you And I hope he's anyone How long were you guys together? Couple of years.
Oh, I hope he's anyone Do you reckon she's changed? Nuh.
I think that was better.
Yeah? Alright, I'll be back in a second.
How's it going? Hey.
Good to see you.
You too.
That was great.
Ah, thanks.
Um, well, should we go and sit and you can tell me about the show? Yeah, that'd be great.
Yeah, well, tonally, I want the show to be fun, but I'd want the audience to come away with, you know, a sense of how Australian music's evolved.
Oh, yeah, yep.
I mean, have you got some favourite Australian songs? Not really, no.
I just um I like a range of music.
What about you? Are you involved in the show as well? Nup.
So how long have you had the bar for? Uh, a few months.
You're doing really well.
Not really, no.
Where is it? I'd love to come and check it out sometime.
It's just in St Kilda.
Well, why don't you write down the address? Yep.
So in the show, you'd do a number of songs on your own and then a couple with me.
You're in it, too.
Yeah, it's my show, yeah.
Oh, I'm gonna have to go.
Well, it was great to see you.
Yeah, you too.
And, um, I'll definitely come and check out your bar.
So how do you feel about us working together? Yeah, let's talk.
See ya.
See ya.
So do you reckon she's in or out? I don't know.
I think she was enthusiastic.
Hey, I'm home.
Can you please put some money in our joint account? What are you talking about? Well, how do you expect me to live, Matt? Like, I-I Do you think that I just suddenly started earning enough money to support me and Carmody? I-I It's gonna take time for me to earn a decent income.
Hang on, hang on, now, in the past you've told me how much you've wanted me to put into the account each month, and I've always done it.
Well, you didn't put it in this month, so how do you think I'm surviving? I didn't do it this month because you didn't tell me how much you wanted me to put in this month.
So if you email me again, I will do it tonight.
And can you put that same amount of money in each month from now on until the settlement is sorted? Yes, of course.
I can do that.
Thank you.
I love baked beans.
Me too.
Especially for dinner.
I'm scared! It's alright, darling.
It's OK.
Hold my hand.
It's alright.
Why won't the lights turn on? Oh, no.
Hmm? Agh.
I think there might have been a problem with the bill.
I don't like it.
Turn the lights back on.
Well, I don't think I can really do that.
This once happened to Dad.
We flicked the switch and the lights went back on.
Yeah, I don't think that's the problem this time.
Dad also showed me what to do if it happens again.
See? The switch is down.
Oh! You're the best.
But can we turn the lights off and eat by candlelight anyway? Yeah.
Wa-hey! Hi.
Uh, it's me.
Uh just call or text me, let me know you're all OK.
Uh, where are you? I'm in Sydney.
What? I came up today.
What are you doing up there? I had to come home.
Why? I'm too sad.
Well, of course you are.
Something terrible's happened to you.
It happened to you, too, Matt.
Yeah, I know it did.
You don't even seem sad.
Because I think it's much worse for you.
It is much worse for me.
Let me fly up and get you.
Shutters One more mouthful.
What are you doing? Our goal is to build you a leg that helps you get back that lifestyle that you had before the accident.
I think you should wait until they show you how to use the steps.
Can I say hello to Alice? Alice! I miss you, Alice! Hi, Carmody.
Alice, please come home.
If we can't come to an agreement, then the judge will have to decide, and no judge is going to agree to what you are proposing.
How am I gonna flirt with you if you're drinking light beer? I didn't know we were going to.