The Time of Our Lives (2013) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

1 We'll have to move.
That place isn't set up for a person with one leg.
I thought you wanted to stay where you were.
No, I just didn't want Matt to think he was running the show.
I should've never got under that bloody motor car.
Carmody's not school-ready, and I think moving out of the house is just one change too many.
So you wanna buy me out? No, I don't plan to buy you out.
I want the house.
I'm not giving you the house.
Well, then I think you should get a lawyer.
You should go to Cambodia.
I'll do my thing here and then when you get back, we'll see where we are.
So, you don't want any commitment while I'm away? What's the point? I'm thinking of getting in contact with someone to perform with me in a show I'm trying to put together.
It's Lisa Montego.
Could you contact her for me? I don't wanna talk to Lisa.
And I hope it's anyone How long were you guys together? Anyone but you Couple of years.
I think we've lost our baby.
The doctor says we can try again in a month or two.
Do you want us to try for another baby? Yes, if that's what you want then that's what we'll do.
No, what do you want? I feel we're incomplete without a child.
Where are you? I'm in Sydney.
Let me fly up and get you.
Carmody? Carmody? Carmody? Come on, where are you? Please answer me! What are you doing in here? Nothing.
Is it because you wet the bed? No! Accidents happen, but we have to go now.
I want to stay here.
Come on, I'll help you get your things ready.
Dad's gonna be picking you up after school.
I don't want to go to Dad's.
But you love being with Dad.
I wanna stay here.
Well, you're gonna be back here the day after tomorrow, and then you and Mummy can do something special.
What? We can have dinner in here.
Can we have hamburgers? Yes, we can.
Sure we can.
Come on.
Time to go, let's get a move on.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
Ah! Hey, you wanna have a kick, mate? Ah, no, leave him be.
He's happy with that game of his.
I, uh, I had lunch with Melbourne.
Melbourne? I thought I was re-signing with Carlton.
You might, but you gotta keep your options open.
Everything's gotta be on the table.
Gotta think about everything.
How long you think you'll be playing footy? I don't wanna put a number on it.
What you got left? Two, three years? Well, Carlton wanna give you a 10% increase.
Melbourne, they wanna give you 25% 25? 25%.
That's good.
Oh, yeah.
Mate, I'm happy at Carlton.
You remember when we first met? Under-18s final, yeah.
You, Brad, you're the reason I gave up war to become an agent.
I'm pretty sure we were eliminated.
Yeah, well and truly done, but you were the standout on the field.
You were fit, you were firing, you were confident, but off field, you're this shy, gangly kid who did his best to talk me out of signing you.
That was a long time ago.
Yeah, but you were still so slow to back yourself.
But this is a hell of an opportunity, and you You've gotta trust me on it.
Any chance Carlton will match the offer? This is more than just the money.
Let me think about it.
Don't think too long.
Yeah, well, I had a look at that house and the backyard is huge, it's perfect for us.
I don't I don't want a house.
What do you want? Can I say hello to Alice? Hi, Alice, are you still in Sydney? Hi, Carmody.
Alice, please come home.
I've gotta go.
I miss you.
Oh, she had to go, mate.
Where do you want this one? Says 'Memorabilia - early'.
Can I see? I think I should just throw it out.
We've got no space.
Come on, Carmody.
Let's do something useful.
Duck over there and bring me one of those boxes to collapse.
No, I'm playing my game.
Come on.
I'll hang onto this until we've done the boxes.
Over you go.
Hey! Carmody! Hey! Come here.
Come back over here.
Carmody, give it to your grandfather.
Give it here, give it to me.
Come on, give it to me.
Why don't you take him home? We can finish up here, there's not that much more to do.
Come on, we'd better go.
No, not until you say sorry to your grandfather.
Sorry, Popcorn.
It's OK, little mate.
Go on, off you go.
Go home with Dad.
See you, mate.
Bye, Matt.
Bye, Carmody.
Bye! See you later, Carmody.
Bye, Carmody.
Well, it is a great space.
You've done really well.
I have something for you.
Are you ready? Don't you remember? It was your very first stand-up gig at that bar in the city.
Oh, yeah.
God, it was such a good night.
It was a good night.
Where'd you find these? My stuff.
No, no, no, they're for you.
Thought you might like them.
I'm glad you got in touch.
It's been great seeing you again.
Unexpected, but nice.
Hey, do you think I should do Luce's show? I do.
He's a good guy.
I'll see you later.
See ya.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
My wrist is completely healed.
See for yourself.
Well, maybe we should give an X-ray to your brain.
See if there's been any improvement there since last season.
I know it was stupid to go skateboarding Well, you can start training at Aberfeldy this week.
Are you telling me that I can't even get a game in the VFL? We'll get you onto a list.
And Aberfeldy is a good club.
I had a spot in the AFL.
Yeah, until you got delisted.
The important thing for you to remember is it was because of your off-field behaviour.
You learn from that, you work 120% you'll get another chance.
You will.
You'll be right.
Your lawyer called, she needs a valuation on your house before she can do anything further.
Alright, I'll take care of that.
This is my partner, Bernadette.
And this is Georgie.
Georgie, this is Lisa We know who she is.
Everyone knows who she is.
It's lovely to meet you.
Can I please have a photo with you? No, Georgie No, it's fine, yeah.
Do you have a phone? Sure do.
Hurry up.
She'll be the most popular girl in school tomorrow.
Oh, good.
And these are our other daughters.
This is Frances and Tully.
I told you it was her.
Here you go.
Hey, you guys are adorable.
Would you like a photo too? Yes, please.
No, thanks.
No? Well, there you go.
Alright, I've got one.
Let's go.
Alright, on the couch.
Sit over here.
Sit up here next to me.
Big smiles.
Say 'Cheese!' Cheese! Can I see? Thanks, Dad.
Thanks, Lisa.
Do you want one with Dad too? Start of our new adventure together.
Nah, let's just have one of us two.
Oh, bombed! Photobomb! What does it look like? Whoa, here you go.
Ah, hello, sweetheart.
Ah, it's good to see you.
Aw! Did you have a good time? Meet you in the cubby.
You take this.
Yummy! Off you go, I'll meet you in there.
Ta-ta, mate.
See you later, alligator.
Was he OK? He's fine.
Now, I'd like to talk to you about the divorce.
Ah, I think we should let our lawyers handle it.
Well, the lawyers can't do anything until we've had the house valued.
Now's not the time.
It's just a valuation.
It's just to determine how much this house is worth.
Have you spoken to Carmody about Alice's miscarriage? Nuh.
' You were the one who wanted to do this simply.
Let's sell the house and split the proceeds.
Well, things have changed.
Carmody needs stability.
He's fine.
He's not fine.
Stop using Carmody to manipulate this situation.
You know that I'm right.
You just don't want to admit it because it would require you to stop moving for five seconds and think about your son.
I've had enough of this.
Why don't you just text me the name of your lawyer? Hey, mate.
Hey, Mum.
Right, well, that's all the measurements I need.
Our goal is to build you a leg that helps you get back that lifestyle you had before the accident.
So I'll be able to play golf again? We can work towards it.
It's all a matter of practice.
The knee you're getting is close that science has come to natural walking.
So when you walk, the sensors send information to the computer processors that change the hydraulics.
So it makes it very safe.
So one foot in front of the other, quite literally.
Yeah, the technology's only as good as the user.
Use it or lose it.
That gives me a goal.
Something to work towards.
Oh, it was heartbreaking talking to Carmody.
Well, he wants to see you.
He misses you.
Please tell him what's going on.
Yeah, what do I say? I want to see you.
I'm sick of bloody phones.
You love your phone.
I love you.
Please, can I just I could be there tonight.
Oh, no, no.
Sam Lane's on the phone, she's been talking to Melbourne.
Oh, you take it.
Talk later.
Sam, how are you? I like the arrangement, but I just Ahh I don't know.
I feel like it can surprise us more, you know what I mean? Yeah, I can give it more punch.
We could up the tempo and put a kick on the one.
Do you mind if I just do it on my own? I just wanna try something.
Yeah, sure.
# My baby's off, yeah, shooting tigers My baby, he's Supposed to be finished half an hour ago.
Dad's singing with Lisa Montego.
Probably needs the practice.
Good one, George.
Sounds like they're finished now.
I wanna see Lisa when she leaves.
That's why I'm sitting here.
Don't you want to see her? Not all of her.
Hey, Georgie.
What are you playing there? A game Herb showed me.
I used to play games with Herb.
He was very sneaky.
Better be careful.
You know Herb? Herb was my boyfriend.
It was a long time ago.
Before you were famous? No, Herb was the famous one.
I'd go and watch his stand-up, I was his stand-up groupie.
What happened? Why did you break up? We were young and .
saved by my phone.
Ugh, I gotta go.
Alright, see ya.
I'll be in touch.
Yeah, I was hoping we could work out a rehearsal schedule before you go? A schedule? How many rehearsals were you thinking? Ideally, two full weeks, then obviously a tech rehearsal the day before the show? Not possible.
Could we at least grab a couple hours next week to work on the rest of the songs? How about you send me the music and I'll ring you with any thoughts? I just to need to hear some of the harmonies before Hey, it's going to be fine.
Trust me.
I promise.
Alright, see you later, Georgie.
See ya.
Oh, and I will stop by the bar, so you can buy me that drink that you promised.
I never promised you a drink.
Then I'll buy you one.
Oh, this is good.
This is much better than we thought Carlton'd do.
Let's sign it and get on with it.
Whoa, wait a minute.
We'll just talk to Melbourne, see what they have to say first hand.
Shall I get them on the line? Thank you.
Tony, how are you? Matt Tivolli here.
I've got Brad Masters with me and Andrea Leeswell.
G'day, Matt.
Brad, Andrea.
Hey, Tony.
Now, mate, Carlton have made another offer to Brad.
He's very keen to accept the offer.
I've explained to him yours is the better offer.
He's been at Carlton for a very, very long time.
Yeah, look, loyalty is important, but we feel Carlton underappreciate you, Brad.
We see you as a leader.
Give our young players something to aspire to.
Great, well, from our end, player depth is a real concern.
So who have you got to watch Brad's back? Who do you want? Brad? Uh I need Jeff Sams, Marty Winkler or Fitzgibbons with me.
I get one of those guys and Brad comes to Melbourne? He's looking pretty happy, old Brad, so that's a good sign, isn't it? But we want this sorted by tomorrow.
Alright, see ya.
Well, what do you think? Looks like I'm going to Melbourne.
There you go.
I'll let the wife know, aye? Good man.
Should I ring Carlton and cancel the press conference.
Tell them you'd like a meeting instead? That's good, you're thinking like an agent.
I've been thinking about doing the agent's exam.
Uh, when would that be? Accreditation window opens next month.
I'd like to make an application.
I'm not planning to expand, and I've got to tell you, I cannot see that happening next year.
But do you see it changing? It's just not a priority at the moment.
I have to think about my future.
I'm having a baby.
You are the best assistant.
This place would not function without you, but I don't wanna promise you something I can't deliver on.
How about I sit the agent's exam, cross that bridge first? Alright, as long as we're clear that I don't need another agent.
I need an assistant.
Same again, mate? Yeah.
How's your mum? Oh The same.
Do you see her much? Cheers.
Uh, enough.
And it's working? Uh, yeah, look, it works if I accept who she is and that she'll never change, yeah.
Maybe I should try that with my mum.
Don't see her much? Try not to.
I gotta get some work done, Lisa.
What time are you finished? Late.
Can I have a water? Yes, just there.
A bottle.
I've really gotta stock the fridge, so I treated you badly when we were together.
That was a long time ago.
Well, I wish I hadn't been unfaithful.
I don't know why I did it.
Yes, you do.
You were looking for something bigger and better than what you had with me.
Every time we were out, you .
were always looking over my shoulder for someone more powerful, well-connected to talk to.
Well, I regret it.
And I'm sorry.
I gotta get back to work.
I'm gonna get out of here.
Just park yourself there, Lachie.
I wanna look at this thing she whipped up for you.
It's Carlton.
Mark Souris.
Very unhappy about moving the press conference.
Line one.
No, you stay where you are, don't go anywhere, just don't say anything.
Mark, what can I do for you? You can get Brad to sign a new contract.
Ah, can we talk about that this afternoon, mate? There's nothing to talk about.
Well, there's always something we can find to talk about life, isn't there? But we do need to have a chat.
Um But what I'll do is I'll just put you on hold for a sec, mate.
Melbourne on two.
Tony, you've got a player for Brad.
Look, Marty Winkler's dead keen, but I'm not gonna know today.
Mate, I've got Carlton on the other line.
Well, what else can I do? You still there, Matt? Yeah, yeah, I'm still here.
Um You'll do anything? Within reason.
Mate, this may be a little bit unorthodox, but have ever seen Lachie Wilmot play? Sure, played three games, good coverage over the ball.
A bit of trouble off field.
Got any sway with Casey? We've got a good relationship with our feeder club.
You better have.
You get Casey to take Lachie Wilmot.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, let me get this straight.
We'll get Casey to take Lachie and we get Brad Masters? Correct.
I'm gonna have to talk to some people.
Ooh, you better talk fast, you got five minutes.
What do you think of that? I'll work my arse off.
Good man.
Now shh.
Ah, Mark, mate, I'm sorry about that.
We do have to have a chat and I'll, um Mate, I'll just I'll call you back.
Alice, hi.
I need to talk to you.
Hi, Tony, Matt's still here.
Hello? Oh, Alice, just hang on a tick, will you? Just a tick.
Tony, what have you got? Yep, Casey will take him.
I'll email you the details.
That is great news.
We'll meet this afternoon.
We'll talk about Brad Masters and we'll meet at two.
Perfect's the word.
Ha! Alice? Mm.
Not too loose? No, I don't think so.
Let's get you up.
What are you doing, darling? Nothing! I Just getting a better look.
So how does that feel, is the suction firm but not too tight? Yeah, it feels pretty good.
OK, time to take some steps.
Now, remember, the prosthesis is not part of your body.
Your brain doesn't know where your foot is.
You're like a pilot flying a plane.
You've got to concentrate on where your foot is and what it's doing.
You ready? I'm ready.
Ah, you know, Carlton, they're not happy about it, but, mate, that's to be expected.
Ah, I can deal with that.
The more I thought about it, I realised Melbourne was a no-brainer.
Good man.
You know the top brass even rang me? Yeah? Blew a lot of hot air up my arse.
But jeez, it felt good.
I've made an appointment with Dr Boyd for you just before Melbourne start their due diligence.
What for? The Carlton doctors would've picked up anything.
Oh, no, Boydie's good, he's independent, he's thorough.
It's best to be forewarned.
Cancel it.
Waste of time.
Look at your step length.
Ray, you're doing really well.
You can have a rest if you like.
I think I got one more lap in me.
I forget you're an old footballer.
That'll be enough of the old.
So, what can we realistically expect? Well, our aim is that eventually, he'll be walking confidently on the leg.
Using crutches.
Probably at least one.
Great job, Ray.
Now remember, you're using around 60% more energy to walk than me or Rosa.
It doesn't feel like it.
I'd be keen to try some different surfaces so I can get my dancing legs back.
Dancing legs? How about a few more laps of this and then we'll put obstacles in your way, see how you go? Maybe next session, we'll try some stairs.
# Sitting here in my room # The whole damn thing is coming down on me # Gotta straighten out Find an answer to my prayer Oh, yeah.
It just changes the song.
I mean, it's not a ballad.
Then you don't understand what I mean.
Listen, hold on.
# I've got a hang up # I can't communicate # I've got a hang up But I'm a happy man Her voice is beautiful.
Do you know that Lisa and Herb were boyfriend and girlfriend? I did.
Why did they break up? I don't know.
Does he have a girlfriend now? Mm, I haven't met anyone recently.
I saw him and Chai Li kiss.
Yeah, I don't think Chai Li's his girlfriend.
You seem a bit sad.
No, I'm just tired.
# I gotta hang up But I'm a happy man.
See? Yeah, I I like it, it's just I want the I want the show to have a certain rhythm, and here the music needs to be upbeat.
Change the order.
Yeah, well, that's one idea.
But can we play the arrangement as written all the way through just once? Well I've read what you've written and I don't agree it's as strong.
Let's just move on.
We can come back to this one later.
Good idea.
Oh Oh, thanks, love.
All yours.
Thanks, love.
Get your glasses.
I'm not gonna read.
Oh! Where's the pain? It's in the foot that's not there.
It's It's like an electric shock.
I'll get your tablets and some extra pillows for support.
Thanks, love.
Melbourne's draft contract just arrived.
No, I'll get that.
Look at the contract, let me know what you think.
No, I should get it.
I'm the assistant.
I thought we were cool about the agent thing.
I never said I was cool.
Oh, yeah, here we go.
Tivolli Management.
Dr Boyd, thanks for returning the call.
No, it's not about Lachie's rest, but thanks very much, you did a great job.
I wanna talk about Brad Masters.
Really? He has? Every couple of days.
Well, I'll be in touch.
What time is Brad's fitness test with Melbourne? Two.
I trusted him.
Spoke to Dr Boyd.
Turns out you've been seeing him.
Not only that, he's been giving you injections of anti-inflammatories and painkillers just to get you on the field because your knee is compromised because you need an operation.
Calm down.
The knee's fine.
The knee's not fine.
It hasn't been for a while.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I know you, Matt.
I know what you'd do.
I don't wanna stop playing football.
I can't stop playing football.
We're supposed to be in this together.
We're a team.
Hey, I'm the one who's out there on the field every week putting my body on the line, not you.
I've supported you.
I've supported you by taking care of business so the only thing you've got to do is play football! We cannot sign the contract we've negotiated.
Let Melbourne do their due diligence.
If they find anything, we deal with it then.
And Dr Boyd said every knee scan of a footballer my age looks bad, so have another conversation with Boyd.
The contract I've negotiated requires you to declare any injury.
Well, then it's my responsibility.
Pretend you don't know anything.
Does that help your conscience? No.
You're the one that sold me on Melbourne.
I want what you promised.
You let me negotiate openly, I'll cut you a good deal.
No, look, this is just a fitness test today.
Let's just see how I go, you know? If they raise a red flag, we'll come clean.
OK? Are we cool? You better get going.
What about, then, the, ah Mi-Sex song, Bluebottle, huh? It's a beautiful ballad.
But it's not Australian.
Work with me here, Luce.
I am working with you.
It's just I like the songs I've chosen.
I thought it was supposed to be fresh.
You know, listening to you, I'm not sure why you agreed to do the show.
Because of Herb, to be completely honest.
You're doing this for Herb? Mm-hm.
Why? Because he asked me to and I wanted to see him.
No, I asked you.
Yeah, but when I spoke to him, he suggested that I do it.
Why do you want me? Because no-one knows who I am and everyone knows who you are.
You bring an audience.
That's smart, Luce.
Listen, I know what works for my voice.
I know how to get the best out of it.
I mean, people expect a certain quality from me.
Look, I I appreciate you know your voice, but I am .
I am paying for it.
And I I've thought really hard about this playlist.
I've considered hundreds of tracks, I've thought about mood and theme and all kinds of stuff.
You know, I'm really happy with what I've chosen.
Let's lock off the playlist.
I think you should wait until they show you how to use the steps.
Why? Because they said they'd show you how.
Well, I'm the one who has to do it.
Yeah, I know.
But .
you're wearing yourself out doing too much.
Rosa, please, go inside.
I'm just saying.
I told you I didn't want you to fly up.
Oh, come in.
Good to see you got the flowers.
Thanks, I guess.
Ah, listen, I'm Hey, before you say anything, just sit down.
'Cause I want you to know that everything is falling into place.
The lawyers are starting on the divorce, Brad Masters' deal is very close, and .
I made an offer on the house we talked about.
Matt, stop.
I'm No, no, listen.
I just .
need you to come home.
I will give you everything you want, I promise.
You need me to come home.
What about me? I'm willing to have a baby, I told you that.
You're not listening to me.
I want you to do it because you want a baby.
I don't want you to do it for me.
Why? What does it matter? Because it matters.
I want to be with someone who wants a family as much as me.
Who has the same plans, the same dreams.
If I stay with you, I'm the one who's going to have to give all that up and I'm not prepared to do it.
It's It's not just about the baby.
It was, but since being here I've had time to think.
A life in Melbourne is nothing like the life I imagined.
Yeah, but it did work.
No, not for me.
I love Carmody, but negotiating every little thing with Caroline is exhausting.
I'm not blaming her.
I just don't want to do it anymore.
Things with Caroline Caroline's a small part.
It's about you and me.
When you used to visit me in Sydney, you were passionate about me.
You made me feel like the most important thing in the world.
Your work even took a back seat.
We were having an affair.
I mean, real life, it's it's not like that.
I know that now.
I want to be with you.
I don't want to be with you.
Please, go inside.
I mean it.
You have one new message.
Hey, mate, it's me.
Look, everything's cool.
The knee was fine, alright? Catch ya.
Ah, Dr Boyd, hi.
It's Matt Tivoli here.
Listen, is there any chance that when you operate on Brad's knee it might be better than it is now? So, what you're saying is .
the surgery done at Christmas is just a bandaid solution until you can do a full reconstruction? And, um .
how much playing time do you think he'll do next season? Half a season.
Thanks very much, Dr Boyd.
Hi, Mum.
This is a surprise.
I just wanted to see how Dad was going.
He's in bed, but he's doing quite well.
Mum, what's wrong? Well, he's had a fall.
He's alright but seeing him lying there Is he OK? Yeah.
Bit sore.
It's it's just lovely to be able to talk to you.
But it's not the same.
Bye, Mum.
Hey! Hey.
You came.
Let me get you a drink.
It's an open bar.
What would you like? Ah, just a light beer.
How am I going to flirt with you if you're drinking light beer? I didn't know we were gonna flirt.
Two martinis.
What, you need a lift? How far do you run? Ah, from home to the beach and back.
Well, you're looking fit.
Luce told me.
I know.
I know what Luce told you.
Well, I I want you to know I've .
been thinking about you, and, um .
I'm here to help out if you need anything.
And I know I've .
never told you this, but you've made .
my little brother very happy.
So, that makes me happy.
Thank you.
Um, I'd better keep running.
Yep, you go.
See ya! See ya.
It's OK, I'm nearly finished.
Unpacking the dishwasher's my job.
You can't protect me, Rosa.
Everything's happened so quickly.
I wasn't .
Well, me either.
I don't want to lose you, Ray.
I'm not going anywhere.
Certainly not quickly.
I'm serious.
Yeah, well, so am I.
But you've got to stop smothering me It's hard.
I mean, sometimes I feel so What, mad? Not at you.
Not at you.
Remember how we used to make up when we were first married? You'd come home for lunch and we'd put Matt down for his nap.
I was always trying to find a way to keep the little bugger asleep.
He'd always wake up, banging on the door.
We've got to come clean with Melbourne about your knee.
Since when did you become the great moral guardian? This business, it's built on trust.
If the clubs don't trust me, I've got nothing.
Well, I've got nothing if I stop playing.
I'm at the end of my career, Matt.
All I've ever done is play football.
Well, we planned a transition.
I want to keep playing football for another three years.
Brad, you're in denial and that's normal, but we've got to face the situation and reset your goals.
Dr Boyd said He said your knee is stuffed! He said your knee is severely compromised! Just stop talking, Matt, I'm actually tired of listening to you.
Mate, listen, if we're upfront with this thing we can still salvage a deal.
I don't want to salvage anything.
I want what you promised.
I'll just have to do it without you.
Carlton suspect there's something wrong with your knee.
They know, don't they? That's why they weren't prepared to do more.
What's going on? Brad thanked me for my work and said goodbye.
Brad Masters is no longer a client.
Why? Well Brad needs a major knee reconstruction to keep playing football, and Brad won't face it, but the Melbourne deal's over.
It means Lachie's not going to go to Casey now.
I should have anticipated this.
Oh, I'm sorry, Matt.
It's not your fault.
No, I'm sorry because I'm leaving too.
Because I won't let you become an agent? I I never said never.
No, but our timelines are too different.
I can't be your assistant anymore, compromise my goals, without resentment.
It's just me.
Mum? Dad? It's me, Matt.
Hey, Mum? Dad? Mum? We're coming! Hold your horses! Hi! The doors were all locked.
It's OK.
We're used to you interrupting.
We weren't expecting you but it's lovely to see you.
Something wrong? Alice .
isn't coming back.
She's decided to stay in Sydney.
Oh, Matt.
Oh, mate.
But the baby, will she have the baby in Sydney? There's no baby, Mum.
Alice miscarried.
With all that was going on, I didn't want to worry you.
Oh, Matt, I'm so sorry.
Me too.
Stay and have a beer, Matt.
Aw! You have our proposal to split the assets? We have.
It's totally unacceptable.
Which firm valued the property? It's on the sheet in front of you.
That valuation was done three years ago.
We had an estimate done yesterday.
When did you do this? You had no right to enter the property.
They didn't enter the property - they looked from the outside and they made an estimate based on recent sales in the area.
Well, property prices haven't gone up that much.
We'll get our own valuation from a qualified valuer.
We also want to get a forensic accountant to take a look at the business.
This idea that it's worth nothing is, quite frankly, laughable.
Without Matt, the business is worth nothing.
I mean, Matt's business only exists because of his skills negotiating and managing clients.
If Matt were to leave the business, there'd be nothing to sell.
It should not be part of the asset pool.
Well, we believe it is an asset and we'll prove it.
Furthermore, my client believes she made a significant contribution to the business, developing and maintaining client relationships.
We intend to claim a percentage of any commission earned from clients who were represented by the business for the term of the marriage, and that includes Brad Masters.
Well, that is just ridiculous.
You also have our claim for spousal maintenance? And that claim is excessive.
Caroline has a similar earning capacity to Matt.
She's not starting her business from scratch.
In fact, we can prove a percentage of your business is from clients where there's an existing relationship.
Well, that's just not true.
They know it's not true.
Based on the estimated value of the asset pool and factoring in spousal maintenance, when the house is sold, my client is entitled to 40% of the proceeds.
I'm not selling the house.
Well, if you choose to retain the house, you need to pay my client 40% of the value.
I will never be able to come up with that amount of money, you know that.
You won't have to, it's an ambit claim.
Look, I'm sorry, but you really have wasted enough of our time.
We'll be in touch with a counter offer.
If we can't come to an agreement then a judge will have to decide, and no judge is going to agree to what you are proposing.
Is something wrong? Ah, no.
Where's Carmody? Ah, he's at Mum and Dad's.
He had a sleepover.
I wanted to talk.
I don't think we can.
I just think it's better if everything goes through the lawyers.
I wanted to talk about Carmody.
He's, uh wetting the bed again.
Yeah, I know.
I thought it might just have been at my place.
He has been through a lot.
And he misses Alice.
Oh, yeah? Where's she? Oh, she's in Sydney.
With her mum.
She's not coming back.
Oh, come on.
Just say I deserved what I got.
I don't feel that.
I feel, um Go on, just say it.
I feel sad that you ripped apart our family for nothing.
I want to stop fighting.
I want to call a truce.
I want to stop paying all the money to lawyers.
We can't agree.
Well, what if I .
gave you a bit more time to buy me out of the house? Say I dunno, three years.
Well, I can't I still can't pay what you're asking Alright, then.
What could you manage? What would you like? Well I mean, if the split was .
70-30, I could manage that.
I'll get my lawyers to draw up the papers.
You mean this? I want this to be over.
Oh, the bowls club was a lovely idea.
It's good to get out.
Thank you, Ray.
I'm ready to go whenever you are.
Well, there's one thing I'd like to do before we go.
I'll get your crutches.
No, you won't.
Come dance with me.
Have a look at Dad, will you? I can't believe it.
Hi, Mum, it's me.
Call me when you get this message.
Herb? Keep an eye on the girls for us, will you? Nope.
They're not leaving us here.
What do you say, girls? Dancing? Are you asking? Can you give us a spin, please? Pretty please? Here we go.
Here we go.
They look so happy.
Still as smooth as ever, Raymond.
It's all in the hips, Herbert.
Watch and learn.
I should never forget how much you can surprise me.
Herb, you're a real Fred Astaire.
Are you crying? No.
No, but I am a bit sad.
You can sleep in my bed.
Thing is, your bed .
your bed's too little for me.
But I'll tell you what.
Why don't you sleep here? Go on.
Come on.
Come on.
You know Alice .
Alice doesn't want to live with me anymore.
Can I visit her like I visit you and Mummy? No.
Because Alice .
she's gonna live in Sydney.
Where will the baby live? You know .
the baby .
the baby died.
It got sick and couldn't grow.
Did she Did he or she die in the tummy? Yep.
You can come home and live with Mummy and me.
Well, no, I I think I'll stay here.
'Cause I quite like it here, mate.
Can I sleep in your bed? Sure.
There you go.
Cancelled rehearsal.
Costs Luce money to put on rehearsals.
She gives me the shits.
What do you want me to do, Micky? Lisa, this is Chai Li.
You broke it off.
You're the one who decided to go away.
I'm sick of being shunted to the side when it suits you! I'm seeing a counsellor, and she's helping me make a decision about what treatment I'll have.
Hey, Kristin, just came by to pick Bernadette up.
She's out on the oval, as usual.
And no matter what you decide, I'm gonna be there for you, I'll be right beside you.
I'm scared.