The Time of Our Lives (2013) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 I'm Kristen Glaros, the other counsellor.
Oh! The other counsellor, she's a really strange woman.
Hey, do you think I should do Luce's show? I do.
He's a good guy.
I was just hoping we could work out a rehearsal schedule before you go.
How many rehearsals were you thinking? Two full weeks Not possible.
I treated you badly when we were together and I'm sorry.
How am I gonna flirt with you if you're drinking light beer? I didn't know we were gonna flirt.
You take good care of yourself.
I'll try to get home in the next few months to see you.
I've got the breast cancer gene.
So now I have to work out which bits of me to get cut out.
It's a lot to take in.
Is there anything you wanna ask? The the important thing to remember is just because she has the gene doesn't mean Bernadette's gonna get sick.
But it does mean she has to be careful.
I asked you weeks ago if there was something wrong.
Yeah, I know.
Then why didn't you tell me? I've been telling very few people, George.
Almost nobody, in fact.
So you are one of the first.
Then why is it such a big secret? Well, it's not.
I guess I needed a little bit of time to think about it all.
Is that the same thing that Angelina Jolie had? Yeah, that's right.
She had to get her boobs cut off.
They said if she didn't do it, she would've died of cancer.
That won't happen to you, will it? No! No, sweetheart, no-one's dying here.
Some people with the gene do that.
I'm seeing a counsellor who's helping me make a decision about what treatment I'll have.
What happens if you get sick while you're thinking? Georgie Sweetheart.
It's Bernadette's decision, and she'll make the right one.
It went alright, I think.
God, it's a lot to process, isn't it? We shouldn't have told her.
But she asked me again yesterday.
She asked if you were alright or if we'd been fighting.
And you told her we hadn't.
Yeah, but she didn't believe me.
I mean, the last thing I wanna do is worry her, but I'd rather have her worried about something real than something she's imagining.
You sure you don't want me to come to tomorrow? You've got a rehearsal.
I'll cancel it.
Nah, there's no need.
Your appointment's at four, yeah? I'll come and pick you up afterwards.
Luce, I've got a dodgy gene.
I'm not an invalid.
I'll be fine.
We were only there half an hour and I went to the loo and I come back and Stacy's pashing him.
I mean, she's supposed to be my best friend.
She knew I liked him.
She went and did it anyway, and in front of everyone.
It was so embarrassing.
What should I do, Miss? Miss Flynn, are you alright? Yeah.
Sorry, Julia.
Um, just tell me all that again.
Come on, guys, come on! Nice! You're too late, guys.
Alright, yeah.
That's it.
That's it.
Faster! Faster Oh! Hey, Miss, chuck it back.
Hey! Ha-ha! Good arm.
Wanna have a few throws? No.
Huh? Oh, nice work! Nice one.
Keep moving, guys.
Keep moving.
Oh, hi.
It's Bernadette Flynn here.
I have a four o'clock appointment.
Something's come up at work and I'm gonna have to cancel.
Sorry for the short notice.
OK, I'm in! Got it! See, looking good on camera Yep.
is a skill, but he's lucky to be here in the presence of a natural.
Actually, I wouldn't mind getting some tips from Lisa.
Wasn't talking about Lisa.
Oh, come on.
No, that's Hello, everyone.
Hey! Hi.
Hey, darl.
How'd you go? Oh, great day.
You? Oh, your man's gonna be in the paper.
You know how I've been lobbying The Age to do an article on the show? Well, they're doing it, so they want us to do a photo shoot tomorrow.
That's exciting.
I still think you should still call that publicist that I mentioned.
Build on the momentum? Yeah.
I might do that actually.
I'm just gonna have a quick shower.
OK, darl.
Actually, mate, I'm just gonna go and ask Bernadette something.
Can you sort this out? No worries.
See? I'm sort of like half a beloved family friend and half butler.
Yeah? Well, yeah, except Hey.
Um Lisa, this is Chai Li.
You must be Luce's sister.
It's nice to finally meet you.
It's nice to meet you.
I mean, I'm a big fan.
So how did the appointment go? - Uh, there was - .
crisis at school.
This funding application Kristen forgot to put in.
So I've had to cancel.
Did you did you rebook? Yeah, but they didn't have a spot till next week.
That's disappointing.
So are you having dinner with us or? I'm just gonna get in the shower.
I'll be out a bit later, OK? Sure.
So, doing Luce's gig is so intimate.
There's nowhere to hide.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Hi, sis.
It is a compliment.
How are you? I've just been hearing about your show.
Yeah, it's all going pretty well, thanks in no small part to Lisa.
I think it's all due to our clever matchmaker over here.
So Herb got you two together? Uh, no.
Well, Lisa and I were friends back in the day, but we fell out of contact when she moved to Sydney.
Now to important business.
I assume you're all staying for dinner.
Um I'd love to, mate.
I just .
the new girl I've hired is a no-show.
I'd better get down there.
You gotta go, you gotta go.
Uh, I can give you a lift if you like.
I might stay, actually, if that's OK? Sure.
I'm driving past your house, I can drop you off.
No, it's cool.
I'll get a cab.
Besides, there's no way I'm walking away from this meal.
Good move.
Well, see you later.
See ya, mate.
Herb? That was a quick getaway.
So you're back.
I wanted to see Mum and Dad.
And then? The Cambodian job specs changed and I'm still thinking.
What about you and Lisa? What about her? If you're seeing her, it's fine, Herb, but 'While I'm away, we can be with whoever we want.
' Your words.
Not mine.
I know what I said.
I just don't want it to turn into an awkward thing between us.
I'm fine with it if you are.
Really? Yeah.
You don't seem fine.
You're acting like you're the wronged person here, but you were the one who broke it off, not me.
Then five minutes later, you hook up with some ex.
You're the one who decided to go away, overseas.
Look, I said we could make it work.
Yeah, well, I can't.
I'm sick of being shunted to the side when it suits you! Like I'm here for your convenience.
It is arrogant and it hurts.
Arrogant and hurtful.
It's good to finally know how you see me.
Glad I could help.
See you later, Herb.
Oh, this is ridiculous.
It's a tie clip.
It hasn't got legs.
Do you really need it? It's just a photo for the paper.
You should be yourself.
Well, it's my lucky tie clip.
Name one lucky thing that happened to you while you wore it.
I don't know.
I was wearing it when I met you.
No, you weren't.
Actually, no, you're right.
Maybe it's not so lucky after all.
Oh, hey.
So when did you rebook for? What? Your counselling session at the cancer clinic.
I've got a really busy week coming up and I wanna make sure I don't schedule anything that gets in your way.
You know what? When I called, it was just an answering service.
So I left a message.
Really? And they didn't ring you back? It's a bit slack, you know? Luce, I can handle my own appointments.
Yeah, I know you can.
Then why are you pushing me? I'm not.
It's just you know, those sessions are really important.
I don't wanna see them fall by the wayside.
You don't want them to fall by the wayside.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, I do.
And I just wish you would stop pushing, OK? OK.
Oh, come on! Tie clip.
Thank you.
Go get your photo taken.
Oh, that's great.
Uh, maybe just get a bit closer.
Get really friendly with each other.
Like this? Yes! Beautiful.
Um maybe lean against the bar, Lisa, like you're ordering a drink.
Do you want me to lean over the bar as well? No, you're fine where you are, thanks, Luke.
Sorry? My name.
It's Luce, not Luke.
Oh, looking good.
Looking really good.
Oh! Oh! Sorry, it's my fault.
I was dreaming.
Uh, just heading down here Oh, me too.
Me too.
So, how are you settling in? Great school, great kids.
No complaints.
I enjoyed your disc game the other day.
You got right into it, eh? Yeah, the kids did too.
And not the usual sporty set.
I find that some boys who won't play football are willing to give it a go, non-threatening.
What about the non-sporty girls? Lot of the girls I see in counselling, they're so stuck in their own heads.
It's just boys, boys, boys.
You'd like to see them out and active instead.
Wouldn't you? It's my life's work, but there's a core group who will not do anything physical.
Exactly the ones I'm talking about.
OK, they refuse to play netball, but we could get them into your disc game, organise a team, make it fun.
It's worth a try, isn't it? I'd do all the boring stuff, the admin.
I can do admin.
We can share it.
I like the way you think, Miss Flynn.
Get your hand off the end.
Holy! What?! I've had Just What what are you doing? I told you that strut was under tension.
I know - that's why I was holding it.
You nearly took my eye out with it.
How old are you? Two? You are.
How's it going? Well, you know, apparently we're missing a piece.
I said 'might'.
Where's Carmody? Oh, he's tidying his bedroom.
But I told him he could go bounce the new trampoline when you finished.
Alright, I'll go and look in the car.
But I want it on record that everything was there when I picked it up.
OK? You did you manage to settle into your room? Yep, I'm all settled in.
So, your room at Herb's, did that just fall through? No, I just wanted a fresh start.
You know, if I'm in the way here, I can easily stay with Mum and Dad.
Oh, no, you're not in the way.
I've told you that.
It's It's great to have company.
It's really good for Carmody.
Hi, Georgie.
Where is everyone? Um Dad's at Uncle Matt's and the twins are at Grandma's.
It's just the two of us, then? So, how is everything? You OK? Hmm Have you made a decision about the gene thing? Oh, still thinking.
The one thing your dad said's true, I'll be fine, either way.
Didn't your mum die of breast cancer? Yeah, she did.
But that was a long time ago.
Doctors didn't know as much about it back then.
You must miss her.
More than anything, I wish that she could've met all of you.
It's so weird, the idea, when someone dies, you never get to see them again, ever.
Maybe you do.
I went to a school run by nuns and they taught me some pretty funny things, but one thing I still do believe is that there's a place you go when you die where you get to be with all the people that you loved.
My mum says heaven's just a fairytale, like magic.
What's wrong with a bit of magic? I really wanna learn about that sort of stuff, religion and all that.
You do? What do we do? Well, it depends.
Most people pray.
To God? Generally.
I don't think I believe in God.
Well, you wanted to know what goes on in a church.
God does get the occasional mention.
How about this? What does it mean? They're called votive candles.
You light them for the people you care about.
I think of it as a way of sending them your love.
My mum used to drag us to Mass every Sunday without fail.
I hated it.
But then, at the end, she'd light the candles, one for every member of the family.
I liked that part.
I like it too.
Hiya, lover.
Am I early? No, I just lost track of time.
Well, I made a dinner reservation for eight, but I am that hungry, I was hoping we should just grab a snack before.
We could go to that bar down the street, get some tapas.
Honestly, food around here is that good, I'm gonna have to go up a dress size.
You know, I'm kinda wrecked.
It was a hard slog at the bar last night.
You don't wanna go out.
I was thinking about an early night.
Well, now that you mention it .
going straight to bed sounds like a fabulous idea.
Hang on, you said you were hungry.
A girl does not live on tapas alone.
Got these posters.
Do you wanna look before I put 'em up? Sure I do.
Pitched them more at the parents.
Figure if we could get them in our corner, we're at least in with a chance.
Oh! Who designed these? I did.
Thought I'd save us some money.
But if you hate them Hate them? They're fantastic.
They're really fantastic.
My undergrad was in graphic design.
The physical education thing came later.
Knock, knock! Hey, Spencer.
Kristen, we're just in the middle Don't mind me.
Just saying hello.
Oh, my God! Look at this.
You know, this is such a weird coincidence.
I was thinking of coming to you with a really, really similar idea.
Something to get the girls into sport? Hm I was thinking more of like a competition for the staff.
You know, like a social thing.
Maybe with a barbecue afterwards.
That is spooky, hey? Great minds think alike.
Listen, you have to let me help.
I can think of a dozen girls who should be doing this.
That sounds great but I've got a soccer meeting.
I'll leave these with you, Bern, and Talk later.
Catch you, Kristen.
See ya.
Oh, my God! He is gorgeous, isn't he? Kristen, I know how busy you are, so don't feel obliged Bernadette, it's fine.
I wanna help.
Look, um, I don't know if you know this, but, um, Spencer asked me out for a drink last week.
So, you know, working on this disc thing with him, it's a perfect chance for us to build our rapport.
You leave it with me.
I will get the ball rolling on this.
Or the disc flying, as the case may be.
See ya.
No, I'm sure it'll be sorted by tomorrow.
Thanks, Luce.
I'm sorry I let you down.
What's up? Cancelled rehearsal.
What'd you do that for? Because I thought it might be fun to hang out this afternoon, you know, maybe go for a drive or something? Do you know it costs Luce money to put on rehearsals? Oh, come on, missing one session won't hurt him.
Besides, amateurs always over-rehearse.
He's not an amateur.
Why are you being so sour? I'm not.
You are, you've been sour since I got here.
Well, maybe I'm threatened by your .
frank and salacious sexual appetite.
Funny, 'cause I thought maybe it had something to do with Chai Li.
That's kind of left field.
Really? Hmm.
Because your face changed at Luce's the other day when she walked in the door.
Should I be jealous? Well, she's kind of like a sister to me, so might as well be jealous of Luce.
He's kind of cute.
If you want beards.
Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop, stop, stop.
Hmm I got a business to run.
I can't just take the day off and go for a drive.
Even if I wanted to.
If it's bar stuff, then I can just come along with you.
No, it's work.
It's not play.
I I got to get it done.
I guess I'll just get going then.
I'm gonna get in the shower.
I'll call you later.
Um, just close the door after ya.
Make sure it clicks.
Keep it low, keep it low, keep it low.
Come on, come on.
Well done.
Man, why can't I get it? Good session, everyone.
Next week we start serious drills, working on those basic skills we went through today.
And remember, if you had fun today, spread the word.
Great job.
Thank you.
Great turnout.
Yeah, must have been the posters.
Half of those girls Kristen counsels.
Speak of the devil.
Hey! Our first training session! How did it go? Went well, I think.
It seems you did a good job recruiting.
Thanks for that.
I just told them they'd be training with spunky Spencer.
Couldn't sign them up fast enough.
Alright, so, my office tomorrow at three.
Thought we could all get together and talk strategy for moving the team forward.
Just get there on time, yeah? We got a lot to get through.
See ya.
See ya.
Good job.
Can I ask you something that verges on the unprofessional? Yes, but I may not answer.
How in God's name do you work with that woman? Oh, my God.
I totally lost track of time.
I'm supposed to be picking up the twins.
I've got to go.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, you were great today.
So were you.
You look flustered.
No, I just I've been helping set up a new sports team at school.
It's really time-consuming.
Isn't that the sports teacher's job? Yeah, it is.
But to be honest, I'm enjoying it.
It's a distraction, I guess.
Hello! Distraction from what? Hello.
Mummy, look! I hurt my knee but there wasn't a lot of blood.
Oh, it looks alright.
Come on, hugs.
I want to be the policeman.
That's a boy! It's a policeman! That's a boy policeman! Hey, hey, it's dress-ups.
You can be a boy policeman or a girl policeman.
OK? My mum obviously had the gene and she passed it onto me.
My biggest worry is that I've passed it on again.
Ow! Ah! Well They've either got it or they haven't.
There's nothing you can do to change that now.
Oh, I feel a bit ridiculous banging on about all my problems while you've had this over your head.
It's OK.
I haven't really wanted to talk about it anyway.
But you do now? What would you do? Well, I'm a single mother.
I would do everything that I could to stay alive.
I would have them removed.
Ovaries and boobs.
Gone? Gone.
And bang, go straight into menopause.
Hmm, I suppose I hadn't really thought about that.
That's my reality.
A-one, two, a-one, two, three, four.
# Been watchin' so much TV # I'm thinner than I should be # I'm like a waterlogged ball # No-one wants to kick around anymore # And all-day morning hairdo # All-day morning hairdo # No comb can get through # No comb can get through # It's all granola and beer # Calling card and a silk cut souvenir # I miss you like sleep # There's nothing romantic about the hours I keep # Ooh # The morning's when it starts I don't look so Great? Now I got a heavy heart.
That's close enough.
Do you like that tempo? Yeah, it was a lot better that way.
I thought this rehearsal was cancelled.
Yeah, so did we.
Lisa's schedule freed up again so here we are.
Um, I've just got to set up soon for tonight.
Oh, that's alright, we're pretty much done anyway.
No, we're only halfway through the set.
That's fine, we can pick the rest up next time.
Yeah? Nice work, guys.
Phew! How did your, uh, all-important work meetings go? Uh, good, yeah.
Got it all done.
You want to go for a drink later? I'll just see what time we finish up here.
See ya.
First, she cancels.
Then it's back on.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, and then she's two hours late for a four-hour rehearsal.
Yeah, I know.
She gives me the shits.
What do you want me to do, Mickey? 22 Hey, do you know do you know what's bothering Lisa? World poverty.
I don't know.
Could be anything.
So, nothing to do with you, then? Hey? The mood in here changed the minute you arrived.
Hang on, hang on.
You're obviously sleeping with her.
What if I am? If you two have something going on and it puts her off doing the show, that's got a lot to do with me.
I never wanted her to be involved in your show in the first place but you asked me, pushed me for her number And I also told you how important this show is to me.
Screw whoever you like but at least think about the impact that it has on people around you.
You know what? Maybe you should find somewhere else to rehearse, seeing as I'm such a pain in your arse.
OK, so, item two.
To get the numbers up, I suggest we arrange for students to earn course credits if they turn up to enough training sessions.
We've already approached the principal with that exact suggestion, so we're just waiting for her to have a look at our proposal.
OK, well, perhaps I can handle that from here, then, since it's partly my idea.
Kristen, what Bernadette is trying to say is it's great you're so supportive of our program but these things you're raising, we already have them in hand.
Oh, OK.
So what do you want me to do? Well, that's the thing.
We aren't really looking for any extra help at this stage.
I'd love to see your ideas.
If you want to type them up No, no, it's fine.
I'm sure you've already thought of them all.
You are hard! You can't encourage crazy people, it only makes them worse.
Well, asking her out for a drink, I'd call that pretty encouraging.
Why? What'd she tell you? She said you asked her out and you had a great time.
No, no, that drink, that's how I know she's nuts.
She told me everyone from school was going like it was a regular thing they all do, then I turn up and it's just us.
Me and her.
All intimate.
Well, got to admire her initiative.
Definitely gets an A for effort but I'd also give her an I for 'insane'.
You know, I think she was pretty hurt by what you said in there.
Ah, not Kristen.
Yes, Kristen.
OK, maybe I do feel a bit bad now.
Yeah, so do I.
How about I go back in and tell her we want her involved after all? I don't feel that bad.
Neither do I.
Come on, I'll get a disc to chuck.
Hey, Kristen.
Uh, just came by to pick Bernadette up, but she's not in her office.
Yeah, right.
Um, she's out on the oval, as usual.
As usual? Hmm.
With spunky Spencer.
No worries.
Yep! At me! Come on, girls, that's it.
Oh, hi! What are you doing here? Just thought you might want a lift.
Alright, I I'll just get my stuff.
You gonna be at the staff drinks tomorrow night? Everyone's going.
Everyone? I checked.
It's not just Kristen.
Uh, thanks, but I can't.
But I'll see you tomorrow at practice, OK? Keep it live, girls, keep it live.
Training looks like fun.
Oh, it's hard work.
But, yeah, it's brilliant.
And the girls are loving it! I bet they are.
You know, I just assumed you were doing the training with the old PE teacher.
He's new.
He took over at the start of the year.
He's got a lot more energy, I can say that much.
A lot more energy.
That's great.
What are you doing? Going for a run.
A run?! Where? You know, around.
You know, exercise.
Really? What? I run.
The trams? Oh, that's just comedy gold, that is.
No, I mean, I think running is a really great idea.
I'd head down to the beach, if I were you.
It's pretty quiet if you get there early enough.
Thanks for the tip.
You should probably do some stretches before you start.
Get a cramp.
Believe it or not, I do know how to run.
I'll be back in about half-hour.
And I expect a coffee to be waiting for me.
You OK? Yeah.
I'm just going to have a shower.
I think there's something I'm just gonna have a shower.
Yeah, what, darl? Daddy, Daddy.
Daddy, you're an alien.
That's great, darl.
I'll look at it in a minute.
Daddy's just got to go vomit.
Hello! Hey.
How's it going? Good! So So I thought it might be good if we had a talk.
Talk away.
It's been great .
Lisa, seeing you again.
But? But things have been moving pretty fast.
And I wondered if it might be better if we just slowed it down a bit.
Slowed what down? Us.
Things between us.
You mean you're breaking up with me? I mean I want to slow it down.
So the other day when I asked what was wrong and you said you were tired from work, that was bullshit.
I was.
I was tired.
Well, come on, at least make your lies believable.
I asked you what was wrong, you said 'Nothing'.
That is a lie.
Call it what you want.
Does this have to do with Luce's sister? No, it's you.
Lisa, you push, you push and you push and it makes people pull back.
I did this show as a favour to you.
Oh, I never asked you to do that.
No, but you gave Luce my number.
How am I supposed to interpret that? I get a call from him out of the blue dropping your name.
Doesn't need interpreting.
That It was what it was.
So us getting back together, I'm sure I imagined all of that too? Yes.
You did.
'Cause we're not back together.
So what's been going on between us, then? I'd call it unfinished business? Wow.
Well, it's finished now.
Feels like it.
Well, it's great you got a feature.
I'm not even mentioned in it! In fact, if you don't read this carefully, you would swear Lisa produced the show.
I guess she does have the profile I was in this shot! I remember.
So someone's actually made the effort to erase me.
And not just crop me.
They actually obliterate any vestige of my existence.
God! You know, people in this family need to learn to scrape their plates into the bin.
I put my plate in the sink.
Yeah, well, this is not The Brady Bunch.
We don't have one of those garbage waste-disposal things in the sink.
What's The Brady Bunch? Hey, it's not Georgie's fault.
Yeah, I know! What? Maybe he's still in shock from the run.
No, no! I'll get it.
Don't you bother yourselves.
Hi, you're early.
I don't think she's even packed her bag yet.
Wait, we need to talk about something first.
What? Are you aware that Bernadette took Georgie to church? What? A Catholic church.
I'm sure I would have heard about something like that.
Well, I heard it from our daughter that they went, so it seems you're wrong.
So what? Maybe they were checking out bloody architecture or something.
They lit candles together.
It wasn't about architecture.
Now, you both know how I feel about religion.
So how Bernadette can justify dragging my daughter along Maryanne, if Bernadette took Georgie to a church, I'm sure there was a good reason.
I don't care what the excuse is.
She's my daughter and I don't want her being brainwashed with some kind of religious bullshit that she'll carry with No-one's getting brainwashed, Maryanne.
Maybe I should come in and talk to Bernadette.
No! I'll talk to Bernadette.
That's the end of it, alright? Hi, Mum.
Bye, Dad.
See you, darl.
We'll talk about this later.
No, we won't.
I've just had my ear chewed out about some visit you made to a church with Georgie.
Is it true? Last Monday we popped into St Joseph's just for a look.
You know how Maryanne feels about that stuff.
Well, I know she's not religious.
No, no, she hates it with a passion.
You must have heard her talk about it.
Georgie wanted to go.
And I judged it was perfectly harmless.
Yeah, well Simple as that.
Fine! But why the hell didn't you tell me about it? Do you have to be consulted on every single thing that I do? I'm sick to death of having to tiptoe around everybody in this family.
Well, I'm sick to death of being kept in the dark about everything in your life.
What do you mean? You're worried about having the gene, but you won't talk to me about it.
And then you lie to me about the appointment at the cancer centre.
No, I didn't.
Yes, you did! That story about Kristen and the funding application.
You know, you're not a very good liar, Bernadette, and it makes me wonder what else are you lying about.
I just needed a bit of space, a bit of time to think about my decision.
And what are you doing with all this space and time? I mean, all you seem to do is train for that bloody disc game.
I've trained three times! How would I know? You don't talk to me! You know, maybe I should speak to spunky Spencer of whatever his name is.
He'll probably know your schedule better than I do! Wait, are you jealous? No! No, and that's not the point.
Luce, if you think you can't trust me in male company No, it's not that I don't trust you.
It's that you don't tell me about anything anymore.
But he's ten years younger than me, he's built like an Olympian! Is this supposed to be making me feel better? 'Cause it's not working.
An Olympian! You know what? What? There are work drinks on tonight and I wasn't gonna go, but I think I will now.
Hey! Surprise appearance.
I like to be mysterious.
It's working for you.
Oh, my God, Kristen.
Making us look bad.
Can't allow that.
What's this? A peace offering? Nah, it's a beer.
You want it or not? Hey, um Sorry things got stuffed around with your show.
But my relationships aren't your business, alright? Yeah, but the show is my business.
Yeah, well, you knew that Lisa and I had history, and you still brought her in - that was your call.
Alright, let's call it a 50-50 split on the blame and leave it there.
There's something else I should say just before we settle on the split.
Mm-hm? I broke it off with Lisa.
Bloody hell.
None of my business, I know, but does all this carry-on really make you happy? Oh, look, happy, probably not a word .
I'd choose, I'll be honest.
So what is it, then? You're a good bloke, there's been plenty of good women in your life.
See, if I knew that Hmm.
I wouldn't still be doing it, would I? 60-40.
That was fun! Not bad.
It's getting a bit loud for me.
Aren't you a bit young for that line? I don't think age has much to do with anything.
I prefer to focus on other things, other qualities.
So, um, you know half the women on staff have a crush on you? No way.
So the question is, why are you still single? Just don't meet many women I find interesting.
Really? Women with a bit more class.
Women like you.
Spencer No, I'm not I'm not trying to have a crack.
I know you're married and all that.
I just Just wanted to let you know.
I think you're gorgeous.
Perfect, really.
I'm not perfect.
I'm so, so not perfect.
Well, you look that way to me.
I think I'd better go.
You sure? Yeah.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'm sorry I took Georgie to the church.
Forget about it, it doesn't matter.
It does matter.
When she said she wanted to go, I realised that I wanted to go too.
I wanted to take her the way Mum used to take me.
I've been thinking about her a lot, how things went with her, how cruel it was.
But that's that's not going to happen to you.
This thing I've got, this gene .
it's like it's fast-forwarded my life from the good, safe, healthy part to the bit where things start falling apart, and I'm scared.
Oh, sweetheart.
But that's that's all I've wanted to do is I've wanted to I just wanted to help you not be scared.
But you can't, Luce.
That's the point.
No-one can.
And every time we talk about the gene, you put on your solemn funeral face, which doesn't exactly help.
This face of mine's got a lot to answer for, hasn't it? Will you still find me attractive when I'm post-menopausal? Yes.
Of course.
I'll find you hotter than ever.
What about when I'm old and saggy? Saggy? Does that mean you've decided not to get your boobs off? Hey! Bern, to me, you're the most beautiful woman in the world and you always will be.
Ok? Nothing's going to change that.
Not age and certainly not an operation.
And, you know, no matter what you decide with the surgery, I'm going to be there for you, I'm going to be right beside you.
So, ten days off work? Is everything OK? Yeah, it's fine.
Spencer is going to need some help running the team and I think Kristen is the obvious choice to step into my role, given her involvement at such an early stage.
Assuming you have the time, Kristen.
Yeah, I do.
I mean, you know, I'd like to, if you want me to.
So, Kristen would be filling in for those ten days? Oh, well, uh, I'll help out and get involved when I get back, but I think Kristen should stay on permanently, if you want to.
After all, if you do all the work getting the season started, it doesn't seem entirely fair to push her out.
No, no, of course.
Wouldn't be fair at all.
Well, there you go.
Perfect solution.
Yeah, welcome aboard.
Thanks! I'll see you at practice, then.
Sorry, it just made sense.
She's enthusiastic.
She's got the time and she actually does have some good ideas.
It's fine, it's fine.
It'll keep the disc program running.
And that's what's important.
Still, I'll miss you at practice.
Well, I'm not gone yet.
Keep moving! Keep moving! Keep moving! Over here! Guys, guys, guys! Yeah.
Um, I just wanted to say thanks.
For what you said in there.
Oh, well, there's no need to thank me.
You're doing me a favour Look, I know that I act kind of weird with you sometimes.
Like petty and a little bit childish.
Oh I don't mean to, I just I don't know, I guess I'm just a little bit jealous.
Why would you be jealous of me? Why wouldn't I be? Bernadette, you've got everything anyone could ever want.
I I don't.
OK, you know what? You've, um You've got everything I've ever wanted.
Keep moving, girls, keep moving! I'm going to say a prayer for you, OK? OK.
That's yours, that's yours.
Ah! Whoo-hoo! Mate, I don't know why we're bothering.
She's not gonna show.
'Cause we're screwed without her, that's why.
We might as well wait ten minutes and go.
Sorry, fellas.
Sorry I'm a bit late.
No worries.
So, I was thinking maybe we could go to a bit later tonight, make up for the lost time last week? Uh, it's fine with me.
You alright? Yeah, I'm fine.
OK, let's start with Big Jet Plane.
Yeah? Nyah! Yep.
Good to go.
# She said, 'Hello, mister, pleased to meet ya' # I wanna hold her, I wanna kiss her # She smelled of daisies, she smelled of daisies # She drives me crazy, she drives me crazy # Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane Gonna take her for a ride on a big jet plane Go on, we'll just bounce.
All of you, get into it.
You right? Can you jump high? I can jump So, worth all the trouble? Yes, worth every minute.
Hey, um, it's been great having you stay here.
If you wanted to make it permanent, you'd be more than welcome.
Bounce, bounce, bounce.
Thanks, but I think I'm going to buy a place of my own.
That sounds like a good plan.
Look at me! Do you Bounce, bounce, bounce.
Do you think Carmody's been damaged by what I've done? You know, leaving Caroline? I don't know.
From what I can see, you and Carmody, you're closer than you ever were before this happened.
Hey! Hey! Here he is! Hey, I, um, found this in my ute.
Luce must have left it there when he borrowed it.
Thanks, mate.
No worries.
Called you a couple of times.
I know.
I heard your messages.
How are things here? Good.
Seeing more of Carmody, which is great.
If it doesn't work out here, your old room's free.
Herb Obviously, I'd move out first.
I just want to make sure we're still mates.
Yeah! I'm having more fun than you! We are, aren't we? I am! We're mates.
Well, we should do something matey, then, shouldn't we? Eh? Bit of an icebreaker? Maybe go for a drink Let's just leave it for a while.
Come and bounce with us, Chai Li! You go ahead.
I'll wait.
- Hey, you want some water? - Yeah! OK, yeah, go on, get in there.
Are you ready for it? 1-2-3! Carmody, Carmody, come here.
Carmody? Carmody.
You right? Oh, yeah, just Bernadette Flynn? Yeah.
They're ready for you.
See you, darl.
It's always good to get some sleep.
Oh, yeah.
I've got twin girls so Hello.
Can you tell me your name? Bernadette Flynn.
And what's your date of birth? 7 June 1973.
And what procedure are you having today? I'm having my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.
We'll look after you.
So you're a counsellor, Bernadette? Yeah.
At a high school.
That's important work.
Helping people make all the big life decisions.
What's Southey's story? She is a lady who like ladies.
I wanted to invite you to my brother-in-law's gig.
Mate, I've told you you can't smoke around Georgie.
You can't smoke around any of the kids.
The girls won't notice anything.
I don't care.
I don't like it.
I'm not his mother.
If you don't like it, speak to him.
Ticket sales are very strong.
How is it working with Lisa Montego? I expected this process to be a bit more collaborative.
I don't know what this thing is we're in, but it's very unpleasant and I'd like it to end.