The Time of Our Lives (2013) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 Southey's always looking for good juniors to work with.
Hi, I'm Diana Southey.
Oh, lovely to meet you.
Lisa, this is Chai Li.
You're the one who decided to go away.
Look, I said we could make it work.
Yeah, well, I can't.
I'm sick of being shunted to the side when it suits you.
It is arrogant and it hurts.
Arrogant and hurtful.
It's good to finally know how you see me.
We're not back together.
So what's been going on between us then? Unfinished business? It's finished now.
We're thinking of putting on a show.
A sort of voyage through Australian music.
not anymore I'm not sure why you agreed to do the show.
Because of her, to be completely honest.
Why do you want me? Because no-one knows who I am and everyone knows who you are.
You'd bring an audience.
Alice isn't coming back.
Oh, Matt, I'm so sorry.
Me too.
What procedure are you having today? I'm having my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.
Dad? Are you OK? Bad dreams.
How old were you when you were in the war? I was just 20.
I just keep remembering this one time.
There was a lot of confusion.
Bullets were hitting the chopper and out of nowhere, this girl about 16 appeared running right at us.
Was she running from the fire fight or did she have a grenade? I cut her down.
I've always wanted to do my own show.
I'm feeling good about it.
It's a smart move.
Ticket sales are very strong.
So do you provide a lighting guy or just a sound tech? We can provide both.
It's up to you.
The room looks great.
How is it, working with Lisa Montego? Is she a decent sort of person, easy to get on with? Yeah, very much so.
I thought she would be.
What's the show about, exactly? How are you approaching it? It's all Australian music.
We talk to people about each tune and how it came about, then either Lisa performs or I do.
I love Lisa's voice.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
Can't wait to see her.
I've got to make a call.
No worries.
Hello! Hello.
Come in.
Here you go.
For you.
Thank you.
How are you? Oh, more good days than bad days.
I feel like something's been lifted from me, which I didn't expect, like a time bomb has gone.
How are you travelling? Alone.
Big changes in your life.
I miss Alice.
I miss her every day.
I wanted to make everything right for her.
I mean, I tried.
But I just couldn't do it.
Well, you were at different stages, weren't you? You thought you'd finished with the baby thing, and she couldn't wait to get started.
Hey, mate.
Hey! How are you? Yeah, good.
Hey, how's your show going? Still sorting through the arrangements, but I'm feeling quietly confident.
A change in direction for you.
Yeah, it is.
I need one.
I can't do session work anymore.
It's pretty much all dried up.
I hope it works out for you this time.
We've got three kids and a fish to support.
Hang on.
What fish? They've named it Jim.
What's the point of it? What do you mean what's the point? I mean, what's it do? It's a pet.
Ray bought it for the girls.
I want nothing to do with it.
What are you talking about? No-one has anything to do with it.
It lives in a fishbowl.
You live in the world.
You're separated by glass and water.
I don't want any more responsibility.
Coming for a drink? Ah, no.
I'm not sure.
Can I give you some advice? No.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
You can't make it in this business unless you play the game.
I know that, Julian, but I'm a single mother.
I don't have a wife at home, taking care of I feel like you're opening up a really big conversation which I do not have one iota of interest in.
In fact, what I'm saying now is boring me.
And me.
I will continue speaking until you close that computer and come upstairs, or would you like to see photos of my kids doing completely uninteresting things, which I seem to have about 500 of? Oh, there's Charlotte.
She's done her first poo on the toilet.
Let's go.
I'll give you the lay of the land.
Red tie - drunk.
Works all the time.
Never works with women.
Blue vest - fantastic bloke, dedicated to the underdog, but legal aid, so not great payers.
I should still meet him, though.
Diana Southey's around here somewhere.
You've met, haven't you? Sort of.
Tell me about her.
She's pretty popular, easy-going, incredibly brainy, great tactician in the courtroom.
Diana Southey is choosey about the cases she takes, but she can afford to be.
Can seem a little haphazard at times.
That's all true.
Hello, again.
So what sort of work are you looking for? At this stage, I'll take what I can get.
Yeah? Got anything on? An assault.
I'm representing a young woman who pushed a guy who was harassing her friend.
He fell, hit his head and died.
Fell from the push? Yes.
No, I always think that the hors d'oeuvres at these sort of events are covered in E coli.
Yeah, perfect.
Hello! Hey, right on time.
Let's get going, then.
We're thinking this one will pretty much go like the original, really.
Mm-hm? Shall we just do the first verse and see how it feels? Do you want to kick it off? Yeah, let's do it.
# Do you see your smile has left its mark upon my world? # Even your barbs are like hot diamonds that you hurled # Disgust and drunkenness came much to their surprise We rode and danced and sang with amber-clouded eyes.
Micky? No notes from me.
You know who would sound amazing, singing this song? Who's that? Vance Joy.
He has a vocal quality that would be perfect for this track.
Yeah, great.
We should move on, I guess.
Actually, before we move on, I think I could really rock it out in this last verse.
I'm not so sure.
We were Could we just try it? We don't have a lot of time.
Just show you where I think it should go big? I'd rather we move on.
It's one verse.
I might take five.
Um, what time do you think we're going to finish up? In about an hour.
That's cool.
I just need to make a few calls.
I know! How hilarious was it? OK.
Well, do you want to meet up about six? Yeah, I know.
I couldn't believe it either.
OK, cool.
Well, I'll speak to you a bit later maybe.
I'm ready, guys, but I can only stay for 15 minutes.
How about I just give you the sheet music to all the songs we've chosen? Are you going to get a chance to look at it before our next rehearsal? Yeah.
Yeah, thanks.
Do you want to discuss any of my choices? 'Cause if you do, now's the time.
I'm sure I'll love them.
You seem to want to get going, so Yeah.
Hi, Dad.
Hey, darl.
I thought you were going to your mum's today.
Hi, Georgie.
I have band practice tomorrow morning, and I forgot my violin, so I'll take the tram to Mum's.
I can go with her.
No, it's fine.
I'll drive you both, then I can pick the twins up.
Thanks, Dad.
I'll go get my violin, then we'll be ready to go? Yeah.
Hurry up, sweetie.
Thanks, man.
Hey, mate.
What do you think you're doing? I've told you, you can't smoke around Georgie.
You can't smoke around any of the kids.
I was outside.
She didn't see anything.
I don't care whether she saw you or not.
You're out of it, mate.
That's not cool.
I'm not out of it.
I was just taking the edge off.
Taking the edge off what? Lisa was doing my head in.
Apparently, I'm not using my quads enough, so they've got me doing some exercises to get me to use it more.
So are you doing them? Yes, boss, I am.
I've been thinking about the bad dream you've been having, and what you went through in the war.
Do you want to talk to someone about it? No, I don't think so.
I thought it might be useful to speak to a counsellor, you know, someone who specialises in these sorts of issues.
Why? Why not? You know, one thing I don't envy with your generation is .
you seem to feel the need to talk everything through - talk, talk, talk.
Well, some things are better just left alone.
What about Mum? Do you tell her about your dreams? No.
I don't tell anyone about them.
That's enough.
Um, I hope this isn't too out of line, but can I get your advice on something? Yeah, sure.
Take a seat.
That case I was talking to you about the other night, the legal-aid one.
Um, remind me again.
The young woman, Sophie Tanner.
She pushed a guy when she was drunk.
Oh, yeah.
There's no intent.
It doesn't make any difference in this case.
What do you mean? 'Cause it happened in Sydney.
They've passed the mandatory sentencing laws there, so she's facing eight years.
You've got your work cut out for you there.
Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
I know there's no money in it, but would you consider No.
I haven't even got to the question.
Sorry, sorry.
Go ahead.
Would you like to work with me on the case? No.
Can I ask why? These mandatory-sentencing things, your hands are tied.
That's why I think she needs the best representation she can get.
Not for me.
# Been watching so much TV # I'm thinner than I should be # I'm like a waterlogged ball # That no-one wants to kick around anymore # I miss you like sleep # There's nothing romantic about the hours I keep # The morning's when it starts # Oh, oh Oh, my heavy heart.
What do you think? I don't think this song works with your voice.
What? You've got a good rock'n'roll tone, but it doesn't suit that song.
I love your voice, but it's not showcased in this number.
Well, it felt good singing it.
It's not about you feeling good singing it, is it? It's about the audience feeling good hearing it, and I think that it sounded better the other day, with me singing and Micky doing the harmony.
Well, no, I don't agree.
You know, let's just move on, hey? It feels like it's over, like I can finally breathe out.
You're not hot, are you? No.
I feel a little bit cold, actually.
Hot flush.
Are you having any other symptoms? It's the only one so far.
So you feel like you've made the right decision? Well, it's a bit late now, isn't it? You can't stick 'em back in.
Good chocolates.
Matt gave them to me.
You seem happy.
Well, I'm focused on the end game.
I want to be around for my kids and for my kids' kids.
I'd love to have another baby.
I never thought we'd stop at one.
I look at Carmody and I feel really sad for him.
It's lonely being an only child.
Carmody doesn't think it's lonely.
It's all he knows.
Let's go have some fun! Mum's here.
How are you feeling? Pretty good, thank you.
You look well.
Can Mum and Micky stay for dinner? Of course they can.
Oh, no.
You've got enough on your plate.
Caroline cooked for us, so it's fine.
Please, Mum? OK.
I'd be OK with that.
Yeah, it worked.
Can you find Micky, let him know dinner's ready, darl? Are you guys able to give these out to anyone you think might be interested? Micky! Looks great.
Girls? You girls, go and sit down and eat.
Everyone else, dig in.
This looks lovely.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Can you pass the salt? Hey, there's water on the table.
Oh, I didn't see it.
Thanks, everyone.
Where's he going? I think he might have gone outside to get a breath of fresh air.
In the middle of dinner? Georgie, just eat up, darl, OK? Yeah.
I buy the softeners on the sheets so they I'm not happy about him being stoned in front of the kids.
He's not that stoned, he's tired.
The girls won't notice anything.
They'll just think he needed a sleep.
I don't care.
I don't like it.
I'm not his mother.
If you don't like it, speak to him.
My daughter spends half the time with you.
I can't monitor everything in your house.
No, and I can't monitor everything in your house, and I don't expect to.
If you were concerned about something here, I'd listen and I'd sort it.
I have to do some homework, but Micky's asleep in my bed.
Should I bring my work out here? No, just finish your dinner.
Hey! Get up.
Time to go home.
Is your car out the front or the back? Out the front.
Come on, get up! Thanks for dinner.
How much grass is he smoking around Georgie at your place? None.
Really, Maryanne? Yes, really, and don't speak to me in that patronising voice.
If you don't like it, speak to him.
I have, but this is one of those things it would be good to be united on, yeah? United against my partner? So he's your partner now, is he? Sometimes I absolutely loathe you.
Well, sometimes I absolutely loathe you, but at least we've got that in common, hey? Hi.
Oh, hi.
Um, this is my daughter, Amelia.
This is Caroline.
Caroline, Amelia.
She's not feeling well, so she's having a day off school.
I think it might be that you stayed up late at Emma's house.
I'm glad I bumped into you.
I wanted to invite you to this gig that my brother-in-law's putting on.
When is it? Next weekend.
I can get you a ticket if you want to come.
A free one, of course.
You're trying to bribe me to do that mandatory-sentencing thing.
That or you've got no friends.
I can't, unfortunately.
I've got something on.
Thank you anyway.
See ya.
So what happened? You feeling OK? I've got to say, I'm not happy about last night.
Yeah, I know.
Maryanne's already had a go at me.
But I asked you not to smoke at the house.
I know, OK? I blew it.
Micky, I'm serious.
I'm deadly bloody serious.
No drugs at all or I won't have you in the house.
I know you're not expecting me till later, but I came up with this great song idea and I got really excited.
The playlist is set.
Just listen to it.
It's by a band called The Falling Joys.
Yeah, I know them.
The song's called Lock It.
You probably don't know it.
I like the song but we're not doing it.
How about I just play it, and if you don't like it, it's gone.
I know the song! I like the song, but it's not going to be in the show.
I've chosen the songs.
I know, OK? I know.
But can't we just open it up a bit? I feel like I can bring so much more to the table than just singing.
Other than just singing? Yeah.
You've hardly brought singing.
Can you just do that? Can you bring singing to the table? Fine.
OK, let's start with Happy Man.
These are for you.
Oh, thank you.
This looks great.
You can come if you want.
You're not being very inviting.
Oh, sorry.
Come! What's Southey's story? Um, originally from Sydney, went to the University of New South Wales.
No, I mean, private life.
Well, she is a lady who likes the ladies.
So who did she have the kid with? I'm not sure.
I've got to take this.
The playlist is set.
You're supposed to be here to sing, but when you are here - which isn't very often, by the way - you hardly get to sing because you're too busy arguing about the songs and the keys and the arrangements and anything else you decide you should have a say in.
It's not that difficult, Lisa.
I just want you to sing.
That's not the way that I work.
I can see that, but it is how I work, and this is my show.
I expected this process to be a little more collaborative.
No, you don't.
You just expect it to be done your way.
And you expect it to be your way.
I thought we were in a creative partnership here.
I dunno what this thing is we're in, but it's very unpleasant and I'd like it to end.
What does that mean? I think we should go our separate ways.
Then you are a fool .
because you need me.
I am the one that sells tickets - not you.
We'll see, won't we? You're not even a good enough singer.
I thought we'd try to get to that seat over there.
That's too far.
This is rubbing, and .
it's sore.
How far would you like to go? Let's go here.
Be careful.
You look tired, Dad.
How are you sleeping? Not too good.
So, tell me about this new job of yours.
I'm helping match Vietnamese adoptees with their birth mothers using DNA matching.
That's good.
So you're not sleeping? I'm alright.
In Vietnam, you had that nightmare.
Is it always the same? Not exactly.
She's always holding something .
and just when I think I know what it is .
it changes into something else.
Sometimes .
the face is different.
Do you ever recognise the face you see? Sometimes it's you.
Hey, you're almost sold-out.
There's been a bit of a change to the performance.
Lisa Montego isn't going to be doing it.
That's a big loss.
Who are you replacing her with? Please tell me it's a name.
I'm not gonna be replacing her - I'm just gonna do the show on my own.
But I'm obliged to contact the ticket holders and let them know.
I have to warn you, some people will ask for their money back.
Yeah, but that may not happen.
I don't think losing Lisa is that big a problem.
I mean, the show is still the show.
Let's see what happens.
I'll make some calls now and I'll let you know.
I'll speak to you later, then.
I think I'll be able to move a lot better now that I've had that adjustment.
That's good.
I'll bring the car around, then when I'm outside, I'll text, and you can start walking down.
Take the leg for me, will you, buddy? OK.
Thanks, mate.
How did it go? Fine.
All fine.
It's dead.
It's not dead, I saw it move.
Shall we give it some more food? What's the point? 'Cause I think it moved.
The twins are going to freak out.
See, this is why I didn't want a fish.
'Cause you'd kill it? No, 'cause it's more work for me.
Not much work at the moment.
So Thea left a message on the machine today.
Oh, yeah? A lot of people wanted their money back once they'd found out that Lisa wasn't performing.
That's disappointing.
And when I say, a lot of people, I mean pretty much everybody.
I still think it's a great show, I just don't think it's going to make any money, and I think Thea doesn't think it's going to make any money either, because she's offered to let me cancel the show without any financial penalty.
So what are you going to do? I don't know.
Do the show here.
What? It'd be a lot more work for you - you'd have to do the ticketing and hire a tech, but it wouldn't matter if no-one turned up.
There's a vote of confidence.
How many can you fit? Ah, how many tickets have you sold? Ten.
Then you should be fine.
Am I doing the right thing? What's the point of putting on a show if no-one's gonna come? There is no point.
So you're saying, don't bother? No.
I'm saying, get them to come.
Ah, hi.
How's that New South Wales case going? Oh, pretty daunting.
Look, I actually had a look at that legislation.
I've got a few ideas if you want to, um That doesn't mean I'm in, but if you want to have a chat Yes.
I'll come and see you tomorrow? No, I'm in court tomorrow.
Have you got time now? Uh, how about I cook you dinner, and then we can talk about it? Is this another bribe? No, not at all.
It's advance payment for services not yet rendered.
Can you text me your address? OK.
See you then.
The legislation uses the words, 'intentionally hitting.
' Now Sophie said that she 'pushed' him.
So is a push a hit? OK, the dictionary.
What does it say about 'hit?' Ooh, that looks great.
Want a glass of wine? Yeah.
A small one would be good.
Hit - 'to deal a blow, to strike'.
Well, she definitely didn't strike him.
I don't know if it will hold up to scrutiny.
You're taking a lot of interest in a case that's not yours.
My daughter, she's ten.
In a couple of years, this could be her.
She's out, she has a few drinks, she pushes some creep who's hassling her and bang, she's in jail.
Yeah, it's frightening.
It could be Carmody.
It could have been me.
Where is your boy tonight? With his dad.
Where's Amelia? She's with Emma.
We do week on, week off.
Can I ask, was Emma your partner? Yeah.
We were together for, I don't know, ten years.
And you're still friends? Oh Um, yeah.
We have our moments, but, yeah, we get on.
So is it prying of me to ask what went wrong? Um, no.
No, I don't mind.
Ah, I don't know.
Just the feeling died.
I felt like I was jumping into bed with my best friend.
You know? And I sort of was.
Well, that can happen with straight couples too.
Really? I thought men always wanted to have sex.
Even if they're fighting with you, they want to have sex with you.
Yeah, I suppose you're right.
This is great.
By the way, I am in.
Thank you.
I, uh I think I owe you an apology.
I behaved badly.
But I'd really like you to consider coming back to the project.
You're not selling any tickets, are you? No.
What's going to be different? If I do come back, what is going to be different? I think it's gonna be the collaborative process that we both want it to be.
You're going to listen to my ideas? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
Look, I don't expect you to take everything I say on board, but I do expect you to at least listen.
I'm not a beginner, Luce.
I have a lot of experience that I think I could bring to this show.
I agree.
OK, I'll come back.
But there's one condition, and it's a big one.
OK, what is it? I do the show on my own.
As in without me? Without you.
I really like all the songs.
There's just a couple that don't suit my voice, and I can still sing them, but is there an option maybe, to swap them? Yeah, of course.
Which ones? Ah, Who Listens To The Radio doesn't really suit me.
I just don't think it will make much of an impact.
We can lose it.
We're running over time anyway.
Let's start with Cattle And Cane.
# I recall # A schoolboy coming home # Through a field of cane # To a house of tin and timber # And in the sky A rain of falling cinders Hello? Hey, it's me, Diana.
Look, Emma said she could take Amelia for tonight, so if it's not too late, I'd love to come.
Should I meet you there? Yeah.
Text me when you're outside.
See you then.
How are you going? Good.
Nick Kingsley, the producer I invited, just arrived.
Oh, great.
Right to go? I'm right to go.
Have a great show, yeah? I will.
Good crowd.
Yeah, very good crowd.
It's gonna be great.
Hope so.
# I # I'll give # I'll give you # I'll give you love # I'll give you loving all the time # Give you kisses just like wine # Do her lips taste as sweet as mine? # Oh, no, no, no # I'll make you happy # Just like you know I will # I'll make you happy # Just like your daddy said # I'll make you happy Just like your mama said to me, yeah Hey, can I ask you a huge favour? Yeah.
Can you give us a hand behind the bar? I haven't put enough people on.
You do know how to mix drinks, don't you? Do you want me to help or not? # If you don't think I'm your man # Find somebody else who can # If you think I'll hold your hand # Like a baby, baby # I'll make you happy # Just like you thought I would # I'll make you happy # Just like your daddy said # I'll make you happy Just like your mama said to me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! We're taking you on a bit of a journey tonight.
I hope you're all enjoying the ride.
Been watching so much TV Sorry.
Thinner than I should be # Like a waterlogged ball No-one wants to kick around anymore Hi.
Who's that text from? Why? I've just never seen your face light up like that.
Yeah, like that.
# That no comb can get through # It's all granola and beer A calling card and a silk-cut souvenir There you are.
Come in.
I've already bought you a ticket.
Oh, thanks.
You look great.
Oh, ta.
You look pretty good too.
# I don't look so sharp # Now I got a heavy heart I talk a lot about football Do you want a drink? Look, I'll get you one, because you got the ticket.
Let's both go.
# I piss off my friends Digging a hole Just staring at the floor Thank you.
We're gonna take a short break.
Enjoy yourselves while we're gone.
Are you enjoying the show? Yeah, it's fantastic.
She's got a great voice.
Yeah, she has.
I used to go to a lot more gigs when I was younger, but not much anymore.
Well, it's good you're out tonight.
It is.
It's good to get away from the realities of life.
What's your reality? Nah, nah, nah, it's not very pretty.
Oh, really? Try me.
Well, I'm in the process of going through a rather difficult divorce.
Doesn't sound ideal.
No, it's not.
You know, there was I was more at fault on my side.
At the same time, I don't see why I have to accept the blame for everything.
Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop! What? Are you planning on starting a long conversation about your failed marriage? Ah, well, I don't know how long it was going to be.
Well, I'm gonna walk away from this, because I have absolutely no interest in anything you're about to tell me.
And if I have to listen to one more middle-aged man whinge about his ex-partner, I'm going to kill him and then myself.
That's a strong reaction.
But a fair one, I suspect.
Yes? Two beers, thank you.
# I recall # A schoolboy coming home # Through fields of cane # To a house of tin and timber # And in the sky # A rain of falling cinders From time to time It really is the Lisa Show now, isn't it? Yep.
# Memory wastes # The waste # Memory wastes # I recall A boy in bigger pants We need more beer? You alright? Yep, I'm fine.
If you get any tips, obviously, they're yours to keep as well.
I thought I'd give them to you, seeing as I'm working for free.
No, no.
I You're joking, aren't you? Yeah.
That's ten bucks, thanks.
# Memory-wastes # The waste # Memory wastes # Doo-doo-doo-doo # Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo # Doo-doo-doo-doo Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo See that guy over there? Mm.
He's Nick Kingsley.
He's a theatre producer.
I'm hoping he wants to tour the show.
# Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo # I recall He looks like he's enjoying it.
# A bigger, brighter world # A world of books And silent times in thought # Hey # Hey, hey Hey.
Thank you.
Um This next number is one of my favourite songs.
It's from 1993.
And we are lucky enough to have someone in the audience that I would be honoured to share the stage with - the man that put this show together, Luce Tivolli.
He's done well.
# You can't sleep in my bed no more # You can't ride in my car # I won't let you cook for me, baby # It's never going to get that far # I'm going to take you back to wherever the hell it was you came # Then I'm going to get this tattoo # Changed to another girl's name # Oh, it ain't no fun no more # I don't know what to say # The honeymoon is over, baby It's never going to be that way, yeah Whoo! I reckon they could do with a saxophone.
# You can't borrow my shirts no more # You can't make love to me # This ain't gonna be your gig no more # That's the way it's gonna be # I should have left you, baby # Back in that last town # 'Cause the kind of girl you've made me, boy # I'll never live it down # Oh, it ain't no fun no more # I don't know what to say # The honeymoon is over, baby # It's never going to be that way Yeah.
Lisa Montego! Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Same again? Hi.
I was the guy from that end of the bar.
Yes, I know.
Do you want to start again? My name is Matt Tivolli.
I'm Alyssa Canavan.
May I buy you a drink? Thank you.
I will have a white.
A white wine.
White wine? And a beer.
And beer for you.
No worries.
Is there any good news on the Sophie Tanner case? Well, I've studied every word of that bloody legislation, and the good news is that it's really simple, and the bad news is that it's very simple.
I haven't managed to find a defence that will hold up yet.
A young man's dead.
A young girl may be going to jail for eight years.
There's no winners in this case.
Look, I've got to go.
Oh, you can't stay a little bit longer? No, I'm meeting someone for a drink.
I didn't realise you had something else on.
Yeah, it's an old friend.
I hardly see her.
Of course.
It's nothing to do with me.
So I'll see you on Monday.
Mwah! Oh.
See you.
See ya.
All done.
Hey thank you for helping out tonight.
The pleasure was all yours.
Oh Did you get any tips? 38 bucks.
Do you want me to give it to you? Just send me a cheque.
I reckon we make a good team.
Do you want to go out and get something to eat some time? Why? I don't know.
I'm just trying.
Trying what? To get us back on an even keel.
I think we are on an even keel.
I just thought it might be good to go out again.
We always had fun together.
I don't want to, Herb.
You hurt me.
I don't want to get hurt again.
You hurt me too.
I guess we're not a very good match, then, are we? Nah.
I guess not.
Can I just have five bucks? 'Cause I really, really need a kebab.
It's a medical thing.
Anyway, Nick, the producer guy, said he loved the show.
He wants to tour it regionally, like, the big regionals - Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo.
Wow! Yeah, I know.
So he said there's a few ways we can set up the business structure.
Either we get a percentage of the profits or I co-produce it with him, then we do the profits 50/50.
He's going to send through a proposal.
Oh, I'm so proud of you.
Mwah! Thank you.
OK, so I'm gonna go through the show from start to finish and tell you every single thing I loved about it.
First song, what was it? I'll Make You Happy.
Oh, gosh! That was amazing.
Amazing? Yeah.
Second song, what was that? Ah, Heavy Heart.
That was beautiful.
Amazing? Yeah.
Are you going to kiss me every time I say 'amazing?' You'll have to find out.
The third song, I don't even know what it was but I'm pretty sure it was .
And also a little bit amazing.
There you go.
I didn't know when I was going to see you next, so I wanted to say goodbye.
I'm still in love with you, you know? I'm not in love with you.
I know.
Now, you, little fella, are officially dead.
But .
I can bring you back to life with your doppelganger.
Dad, Dad! Jim had a baby.
Oh, God.
It's a miracle.
It is.
Why is he so still? Ah, because he's tired after having a baby, so he's sleeping.
What are you talking about? So let's not wake him up.
Eh? Come on, let's go.
Shall I put your chair in the car, Dad? Yeah, please.
What movie are you going to see? I don't know.
There's a couple on.
We can't quite agree on it.
We'll fight it out when we get there.
Have fun.
See ya.
So there's interest in touring the show with you in it.
So how do you feel about that? Fine.
So, you'd be happy to meet Nick Kingsley, the producer? I think you'd really like his vibe.
This is all corporate.
It probably should all go through my agent.
Oh, I was hoping to keep your agent out of this.
We've got a relationship now.
We can sort it out between ourselves.
Luce, um .
I think you know me well enough now to know that I'm a straight shooter.
And you know the reason that I did the show.
Yeah, because of Herb, but, nonetheless, I think it was a good experience for you.
You've been in this game a lot longer than I have, so I think you're going to understand what I'm about to say.
These days, someone like me earns their money by touring.
But that's what I'm suggesting.
But why would I give you a percentage of what I could earn on my own, touring? Well, because it's my show and my arrangements.
I'm going to be frank with you.
I could get one of my own producers and change the name and put it on myself.
I don't need you to tour.
You need me but I don't need you.
But, Lisa, I can do this show without you.
There's plenty of other good female singers around.
Then that's what you should do.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Luce .
good luck.
Have you got your phone on you? Mm-hmm.
If I give you a call, just come and get me.
My name's Kieran.
Navy clearance diver in and around Basra, Iraq.
I'm Andy Zeppa.
1 CER, Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan.
And we have a new person here today.
Would you like to introduce yourself? - G'day, my name's Ray.
- Hi, Ray.
I did close to a year in Vietnam .
full-time infantry and part-time huey gunner.
Lately, as I get older, the memories the .
the terrible memories are hitting me hard.
Would you like to tell us about those memories? Ah, well .
I'm not sure.
The war was no harder for me than anyone else here, on either side, and I think that's what makes me angriest.
Why did we have to kill each other? What was the point of all that? That's what I want someone to explain to me.
What was the point of it all? It's time I got a regular job.
What sort of job? That's the $1 million-question.
I've got something to get us both out od this house - it's literary speed dating.
We have a last-minute participant.
Please make her welcome.
What's your plan with Lenore? She'll stay with me for a few weeks, then she'll move out.
What if she doesn't? It's my mum.
Can't let her sleep in here.
You claim to get Live-in Carers' Allowance.
How long do they reckon you took the money? I can't go back to jail.