The Time of Our Lives (2013) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 It was interesting touring the show with you in it.
Why would I give you a percentage of what I can earn on my own? Well, because it's my show and my arrangements.
I could put it on myself.
I don't need you to tour.
When the house is sold, my client is entitled to 40% of the proceeds.
I'm not selling the house.
I want to stop fighting.
I want to stop paying all the money to lawyers.
We can't agree.
What if I gave you a bit more time to buy me out of the house? You mean this? I want this to be over.
Your mum, she had a very hard life.
When I came to live with you, where was she? Jail? What for? Social security fraud.
If she was to have a drink, just let her have one! She doesn't want one, right? It's her choice.
Why can't you just have a bit of fun?! Anton, shut up! Dad! If you decide you do want Lenore in your life, then you have to accept the fact that she won't change.
It's a bit warm for them now, but nights will be cold soon.
I know your hands get sore.
Oh, they're so soft! It's peccary leather.
Sounds a bit rude, doesn't it? Apparently it's the best leather for gloves.
Well, they're not easy to come by.
I mean, how many peccaries have you seen running around lately? There's one on my hand right now.
It's the best birthday present, Herb.
Let's have a toast.
To you.
Got orange juice, apple juice, uh No, no, why don't we go really crazy and open an imported bottle of acqua di minerale, signora? No, thanks.
I'm full after that delicious dinner Alright.
I'd better get going.
Herb it's been a lovely night.
It has.
Let's go.
No need.
It's a nice evening.
I can walk.
Don't be silly.
I'll drive you home.
I'm fine.
Walk will do me good.
You going straight down the pub? Is that why you don't want a lift home, you're going down the pub? I am NOT! You gonna catch up with Anton maybe? Stop ruining it! I just want some fresh air! Is that a crime? Show went well, didn't lose any money.
So what's next from the brain of 'Smooch' Tivolli? Oh, got a few things on the go - session gigs.
Well, one gig.
Half a day, really.
Gee, don't strain yourself, champ! Hey, you wait here.
I'll just give her the gloves.
Lenore? Hey, is Lenore moving? Not that I've heard.
Come here.
Hello, Lenore? Her stuff's gone.
What? Lenore! You there? Herb, is her car here? Hey! Daddy! Hey! How are you? Whee! You good? You ready for that ice-cream? Can I have two scoops? Oh, no, Carmody's got homework to finish first.
He's got a collage he's got to finish.
I can do that later.
Well, no, I think it'd be better if you finished it first.
I want to go now! No, no, no, no.
Once you start something, you got to finish it, OK? You can have ice-cream afterwards.
Go on.
Come on.
Good man! Uh, your lawn's looking a bit rough out there.
Well, you try holding down a job and looking after a five-year-old and maintaining a house on your own.
I am not having a go.
I was about to offer to sort the lawn out for you, if you'd like me to.
Well, the mower is not working.
I was gonna take it to the shop.
Well, perhaps I could have a look at it.
I told you so.
See? You didn't have to lose your house! If you'd told me you had money troubles, I could have helped you.
Well, I was going to tell you, but I knew you'd be pissed off and I didn't want to spoil our birthday party.
What if you pay the back rent? Any chance of getting back in? Landlord's a prick! He told me he was happy to lose the back rent if it meant getting rid of me.
Ah, shit, Lenore! I thought you were doing better.
Well, I was.
I am.
No, except for that nice, big heater I bought last winter.
Six months interest-free and I thought while I was there, I'd buy myself a TV, and before you know it, the six months is up, and I'm paying those bastards back every cent I get! So, what's the plan now? Save enough money for a bond.
What, and you're gonna live in your car till then, are you? Well, at least the rent's cheap.
Alright, so, obviously, you can have anything that's in the fridge, but there are mice in this building, so I don't want any food left out and all surfaces need to be wiped down.
Um, the washing machine is a top loader.
It's pretty straightforward, but you need to empty it as soon as the load's finished or it gets a bit festy.
I know how to unload a washing machine.
Of course.
Here's your room through here.
It's not huge, and there's quite a bit of light, and it's comfortable enough.
I'm sorry, love.
For what? Well, um me, here It's fine.
I just want you to know that I'm not gonna be a dead weight, and I'll help out wherever I can, and I'll save my bond money up, and I promise I I'll do that.
You're my mum and you're welcome here.
OK? - Hello? - Hello! Hello, my darlings! Oh, you've been busy! Yeah.
Dinner's almost served.
Oh, OK.
You two can go wash your hands and tell your sister to come through.
Hey, darl! Wow, what's the occasion? Um, well, actually, there's something I need to talk to you about.
Hey, I've been thinking hard.
I think it's time I made a change.
Like, a big change.
Please don't tell me you've decided you're really a woman.
No, I've, um No, I've decided that I think it's time I got a regular job, like, a steady income.
That's nearly as big.
Yeah, I know.
As you know, you know, all the session work's been steadily dying off.
Oh, it'll pick up again.
Yeah, I think you're saying that to be nice, but I think we both know it's just isn't gonna happen.
You're not saying this because you think it's what I want to hear, are you? Mmm, no, I'm saying it 'cause I believe it.
So, what sort of job are you gonna get? Ah! Well, that is the million-dollar question.
Yeah, you go say hello to Aunty Chai, go on.
Hey, Carmody, what's up? I had ice-cream.
Two scoops! Yum! Yeah, it's nearly bedtime, so you better go clean your teeth, and because of those two scoops, I want extra good brushing, alright? What have you got on tonight? Oh, quiet one.
You? Well, Dogs are playing Perth.
So, I got my beer, got my chair.
Life is very sweet.
You know, it seems like there's always a football game on.
If only.
Well, I've got something better.
Huh? Something that'll get us both out of this house.
What - you're gonna put the TV in the backyard, are you? A friend of mine's fundraising for Medecins Sans Frontieres, and on Friday there's this fabulous event.
Wait - what do you mean when you say 'fabulous event'? It's literary speed dating.
I realise you'll probably say no No.
but all you have to do is bring along a book and chat about it.
Look, I know speed dating can be a bit tacky, but this is a classy event.
All proceeds to charity.
We're having a lot of trouble getting single men along to this thing.
No wonder.
You know, when you're not at work, you sit at home alone every night watching TV.
No, I don't.
You do.
It's a shame.
Oh, come on! Worst comes to worst, we'll have a few laughs and then have dinner together afterwards.
Please? No.
Problem is I don't know where to start.
I haven't written a CV in 15 years! I haven't had a regular job in 15 years! Well, can you write? Yes, I can write.
Oh, well, you write something and I'll have a look at it.
Well, hiring for the bar, you must see a lot of CVs.
What do you look for? Uh I look for bar experience 'cause I'm hiring bar staff.
See, how you sell yourself depends on what sort of job you're after.
Yeah, I'm not sure what particular job I'm after.
Might be your problem right there, chief.
So, what's your plan with Lenore? Well, she's gonna stay with me for a few weeks until she finds something else and then she's gonna move out - simple.
What if she doesn't? Oh, she will, 'cause I'll help her.
Do you remember my mate from uni, Brian Shelley? Oh, yeah, Smelly Shelley! Yeah.
Oh, that's Yeah.
He got kicked out of his house once and I was sharing a joint nearby, so I let him crash on the couch until he found a place.
Problem was, once he was in, it was bloody hard to get him out.
Yeah, well, that was Smelly Shelley.
This is my mum.
Wasn't about to let her sleep in here.
I guess not.
You right? Yep.
Getting anything? Nah.
# That doesn't look like my man, my man # My man doesn't have a swagger like that # That doesn't look like my man, my man # My man doesn't have a swagger like that # That doesn't look like my man, my man My man doesn't have a swagger like that Hi! Hi, love! You're in a good mood.
Look, I've just done the washing up and I got dinner sorted.
Look - macaroni cheese, the same brand that you used to love when you were a little boy! Yay! Yay! That's great, but I've got plenty of food here.
You should be saving your money.
What'd you do - suck on a lemon for lunch? Nah, but I did go back to your old place, though, and move your car.
I had to get it towed in the end.
I thought it was just the battery.
Uh, no, I've got a mate of mine looking at it.
He's gonna see what he can do, but might be a write-off.
Bloody mechanics, they're just a bunch of crooks, but I'll pay you back.
I'll pay you back for the tow truck fee.
It's fine.
Let's just concentrate on getting your bond together, eh? Oh, I picked up your mail while I was there too.
Hang on, what about those? Oh, these are just for someone called Margaret Totten.
I was just gonna send them back.
No, no, they're for me too.
Um, she's a friend and she asked me to collect her mail while she's away.
She's visiting her son in New Zealand.
Sounds great for her.
Oh, no! They're all clean! They will be.
Got the message about the trial date.
Oh, can you do it? Yeah, yeah, that's fine.
Hey, uh, I'm starving.
Do you want to go and get something to eat? Oh, hmm, I'd love to.
No, I've just rang my ex.
I've got to pick up Amelia in half an hour.
See you.
Hey, Bernadette.
It looks like I'm not working as late as I thought, so maybe I could come and swing by and grab Carmody.
Oh, sure! Well, he's already in his PJs.
Maybe you should just go to a movie or something instead.
Enjoy yourself.
Oh, OK, well, maybe I will.
Good! Thanks.
See you.
See, this is why me going to a literary event is a stupid idea.
Well, it doesn't have to be a work of high art.
It's just supposed to be a book you like.
Well, what about something that reflects your personality? Like, I chose Questions Of Trouble which I love from a literary point of view, but it also speaks to my interest in cultural conflict and social justice.
How about Accept The Challenge? I don't know that.
It's Leigh Matthews' autobiography.
See, I wonder if you should take something that women will also be able to relate to.
You said a book I like.
Well, I love this book.
Well, I get that, but you're meant to use the book to start conversations, not to shut them down.
Well, you play it your way, I'll play it mine.
I think of Jane Eyre as a profoundly feminist work.
I mean, obviously it's richly romantic, which in one sense makes it proto chick lit, but it's also a psychological study of a young woman railing against an omnipresent patriarchy that's trying to prevent her from realising her true potential, don't you think? Well, I might think that if I'd read it, but I haven't.
I haven't read any of Jane Austen, to be honest.
Oh, no, Jane Eyre's written by Charlotte Bronte.
Yeah, well, I haven't read any of her either.
Oh, OK, well, which book have you brought along? Leigh Matthews.
It's a good read, is it? Cracker! It's a rich psychological study of a young man railing against omnipresent defenders who are trying to prevent him from scoring, but you know, I just like to think of it as a simple love story between Lethal's elbow and Neville Bruns' jaw.
You're teasing me.
Little bit.
I mean, if it wasn't for this book, I'd have never studied anthropology, you know, in which case, I wouldn't be here now, so it's quite literally a life-changer.
You know, I've always meant to read Tracks, ever since I was at uni, but I just never got around to it.
Alright, that's 30 seconds, everyone, so, when you're ready, guys, can you move to your left if you're on my le Maybe if you're on my right, you move Just move to the next spot in 30 seconds.
That would be fabulous.
Well, I really enjoyed talking and I love your taste in books.
Oh, it's been very pleasant.
So, I'd love to talk more sometime about books and stuff.
Look, you're great and I don't want to offend you here, but it's just probably not exactly right for me.
Uh, Steve um, sorry, but I thought we got on really well here.
Oh, totally did.
So To be honest I'm just looking for someone a bit younger.
But you said you were 39.
So, I'm younger than you.
Good luck with it.
- You can not! - I can! You show me a room of 20 people, and nine times out of ten, I'll be able to tell you who the Collingwood supporter is.
Hi, as you know, we've had a no-show, so do you mind sitting out this round? No, I don't.
That'll be fine.
Collingwood supporter.
You know, it's really great to meet a guy with down-to-earth taste who's honest about what he likes.
Oh, well, I'm just sorry I didn't have more to say about Jane Eyre.
I don't know if I'm supposed to tell, but I'm gonna put you down as someone who can get my phone number.
I'll give you my card as well.
I'm free after tonight's event.
If you are, call me.
Well, perhaps I will.
Thank you very much.
OK, everyone, good news.
We have a last-minute participant to fill in the empty spot, so, this is Caroline, everyone.
Please make her welcome.
What are you doing here? Well, I could ask the same question of you.
Your sister sent me an e-mail.
Did she? Um, well, uh I'm happy to leave if that would make it, you know, easier for you.
Oh, no, you don't need to do me any favours.
I'm perfectly OK.
Right, OK.
Well, we'll just see it through.
That's fine with me.
All That I Am.
You were always trying to get me to read that thing.
I was always trying to get you to read, full stop.
Well, after tonight, I've got the impression that I should have listened.
This was lovely.
It brings me back! No, oh, no Yep, great.
You used to love it when you were a little boy.
You used to call it 'marconi' after that guy who invented the radio.
Oh! Don't mind me! It's just bloody Anton.
So, what's happened there? Hmm? We broke up.
We got together again, we broke up again, we got back together again, we broke up again, and in the end I just decided why don't we cut out getting together again and cut to the break-up? That way it saves us a lot of time.
Doesn't stop him ringing, though.
And what about you? Is there someone special in the picture? Oh, no, I think it'd be unfair to womankind in general if I played favourites, Mother.
And what about Chai Li? She's a friend.
Why do you always ask about her like that? Maybe it's the way your face changes every time her name's mentioned.
Listen, I was thinking, I'm pretty good with accounts and bookkeeping.
So? So I was thinking maybe we should sit down and write you up a budget.
Like, a financial plan.
I already have a financial plan.
Do you? Mmm.
Plan is don't spend money.
That's easy.
I don't have any money to spend.
Seriously, though, if you want to get back on your feet, maybe we should start planning.
I'm saving what I can, Herb.
It's as simple as that.
So, let's go down to Centrelink, tomorrow first thing, and we could sign you up for public housing.
That's not worth it.
Takes years to go through! Well, maybe it will, but how long's it gonna take you to save up for a bond if you're not even prepared to make a budget? I'm not a child, Herb, and stop treating me like one! OK.
I'm gonna go to the bar.
Hey, um, thanks for dinner.
It was delicious.
Oh, by the way, a call came for you this afternoon.
The Eloise girl.
She asked you to phone her back, urgently.
When were you planning on telling me? Maybe when I finished making up my budget.
You know, there are more Leigh Matthews fans here than you might care to think.
How'd you go? Any likely candidates there? Candidates for therapy, maybe.
Oi, that good? How old do you think I look? I mean, if you didn't know me.
OK I actually I can't answer that question 'cause, uh I gotta go for a drink right now.
A drink? Mm-hm.
God, you're fast! You ready? Yep.
Hi, Chai Li.
Do you want to come? Er, actually, there was one or two things that I wanted to chat to you about.
I was planning on having an early night anyway, so I'll head off.
Well, I'll see you at home later.
You bet.
Have fun.
But it's very nice to see you out of context.
Yeah, I enjoyed it too.
Um, so, can you make the junior school sports day this Friday? I've got so much work, I'm never gonna make it.
Well, is it in the afternoon? Oh, Matt! I know, I know, we both get the same newsletters, but if it's in the afternoon, I can do it.
It's in the afternoon.
Thank you.
Uh, I need to talk to you about something.
Right, now I'm nervous.
Well, I've been thinking about the house, and I've decided to sell.
As soon as possible.
So you can get your money, I'll get my money, and it'll all be over.
You can't be serious.
I know you're probably annoyed at me changing my mind.
Oh! I'm not annoyed, I'm just amazed at the backflip.
Fair enough, but after we separated, I just I wanted some continuity, and I thought the house was important No, no, no, I thought you said it was about Carmody.
It was both.
Anyway, I've been thinking about it for a few weeks, and I think it would be easier if I sold the house and then I can find something that suits me.
You're seeing someone.
No! No, God, no, but I've been imagining making a fresh start, and I think it would be a lot easier without that house.
You think you think Carmody will be OK with it? You can make a smart-arse 'told you so' type comment now.
I think it's the right decision.
So, there you go.
Is that smart-arse enough for you? It's nothing big, it's just the way she stacks my glasses or the way she uses the same cloth to wipe down the benches and then dry the dishes.
Just annoys the hell out of me.
Mums are annoying.
It's like a rule of nature.
I'd drive my kids crazy too if I stayed with them in a small flat.
I feel bad, you know, I wish I mean, she does seem to be trying.
With the booze, at least.
I'm sure she's on her best behaviour.
At least, for the minute.
People can change can't they? Ready? Set.
Go! So, Eloise is buying an apartment in Santa Monica.
She wanted to sell her share of the bar as soon as possible.
Guess it was bound to happen eventually.
It has been killing me running the place by myself, and even harder now that I'm looking after Lenore.
In a way, I'm glad Eloise is jumping, but just gotta find the right partner.
Got any likely prospects? Yeah, maybe I'm looking at him right now.
Eh? Mate, you've been talking about a career change.
This is your opportunity.
You buy into the bar, you'll be your own boss.
I won! I won! I won too! Yes, you did both win, and actually, the problem is, though, this race that you're training for, it's cross-country, so it's actually really, really long.
So I can run long.
Well, hmm, not as long as I can - backwards! Let's go! Get him! Oh! Run again! Run again! Run again! Run again! Mate, I can't afford half your bar.
Well, what about a quarter? See, I'll pick up the rest, and then when we start raking it in, which we will, I'll sell you the other quarter, we'll be 50-50 partners.
You got that old kitchen out the back sitting empty.
Criminal waste.
See, if I had a partner who knew something about food.
No! Oh, you do! We could serve meals, mainly tapas.
You know, easy, inexpensive.
Salty, which sells a lot of drinks.
We'd break even on the grub, but we'd make a killing on the booze.
Pull in a whole new cashed-up demographic.
See, I love it! See, you and me, mate - the dream team! Dream team.
Have to run it past Bernadette first.
Yeah, understood.
She's bound to see the potential.
She's gonna love this.
Oh, oh! Whoa! In the tree! In the tree! I can see you hiding! Luce, we don't have that kind of money.
Well, strictly speaking, we do.
I thought that was going towards the girls' school fees.
You know, Bern, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what kind of career I can break into at my age and with my skillset, and the truth is, it's pretty grim.
You have so much to offer.
Thank you.
I mean, I think so too.
You know, I know people, I'm good with food, I'm good with music - you know, all of which happen to suit running a bar.
If that's your passion, running a bar and running a kitchen, then I think you should go for it.
I mean, the kitchen would be optional.
Well, either way, you have to chase your dream.
Well, I mean, running a bar is not my not my dream.
I mean, I don't really know what running a bar would be like.
There's only one way to find out, right? And it'll be long hours, I'm pretty sure about that.
We'll have to make some compromises at home, but like you said, we need the money.
That's what counts.
Are you playing me? No, I'm just endorsing what you're saying.
Just being positive and supportive.
What can they do? Can Get it in one! She'd go to the line to get it back to ten.
Six minutes to go.
They're still hanging around.
They are and they're getting the ball well inside, penetrating pitching, and they're just just late on their help.
Oh, I was gonna clean up.
Oh, Herb, I thought you were coming home late.
It is late.
I asked you not to drink in my house.
Yes, I know, I know, I know! It's just that the finance company, you know, where I got the TV? They said that they were gonna take me to court! What - over a few hundred bucks? They're crooks! All of them, they're crooks! They're just, you know, ripping off ordinary people! That's how they make their money! Listen, I've been thinking, and I think I might loan you the money for the bond.
That way we can go looking for a house on Saturday.
You're gonna pay for my power bills, my furniture, my groceries? Are you gonna pay for all of that?! I don't know.
I'll do what I can.
You just want to get rid of me.
You just want to get rid of me and send yourself broke.
No, Mum, you need your own place for both of our sakes.
For BOTH our sakes?! Alright, Mum, for MY sake! You're right.
I'm leaving in the morning.
Don't be stupid.
I'm leaving.
I get the message.
You got nowhere to go.
I run an honest business.
Yeah, but you still sent my mother broke.
Not me, the finance company.
The finance company that you use! Look, the plan that your mum is on, it's a fair deal, as long as you make the payments.
Mate, she shouldn't have been given finance in the first place.
She doesn't even have a job.
Then she lied about her income on the phone.
Look, is that my fault too? Listen, no-one wants any trouble, alright? Your mother catches up on her payments, keeps making them on time, there'll be no more penalties.
You know, mate, this finance contract actually looks pretty reasonable.
For all I know, she probably owes money all over town.
Mate, it's not your problem to sort it out.
If I don't, who will? Uh, I gotta get this.
It's Eloise.
Sorry, mate.
Hi, how you going? No, that's fine.
I realise the time difference can make it tricky You've, uh, you got some quality sound gear here.
Biggest range of home audio equipment in the southern suburbs.
Your sales people, do they get commission? On top of the wage, yes.
Look, no-one gets ripped off here.
If you sell a lot of hi-fi, you make a lot of money.
But you've got no sales experience.
Yeah, true, but you know, the boss there is a Honey Joys fan, and he said that customers like that kind of thing, you know, a muso selling audio gear.
It's just a bit of a surprise, that's all.
Yeah, I know, but I honestly think I can make it work.
I mean, they've got some crap there, but they've also got some really good high-end sound equipment.
You know, if I can sell anything, I can sell that.
Big change.
Maybe that's what I need.
You're a good man, Luce.
I aim to please.
Eugh! Lenore! Lenore? Lenore! Hello, Lenore Ireland's phone.
Hayden Cooper here calling from Centrelink.
May I speak with Lenore Ireland, please? Uh, no, sorry, she can't come to the phone at the moment.
Um, I'm her son.
Can I take a message? Yeah, I've rung several times.
We've had some important mail returned, and I've been trying to contact Lenore Ireland to given her new address.
Oh, right.
Look, she's living with me now, so I can give you my address.
Oh, I'd really have to speak with her directly to change her address on our files - or with Miss Totten, if she's there.
Uh, no, there's no Miss Totten here.
It's Margaret Totten.
No Oh, yeah, I've actually seen some mail around addressed to her.
Are you saying that Lenore Ireland and Margaret Totten are not living at the same address? I'm sorry, um I don't know what you're talking about.
Can I I think it's best if you asked your mother to ring me as soon as possible.
I've rung several times, so she has my number.
Wake up.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! We gotta talk.
Wake up! What's wrong? A fair bit, actually.
Who's Margaret Totten? I told you, she's a friend.
You're claiming a carer's allowance for looking after her - a live-in carer's allowance.
You looked at my mail.
Nah! It's not your mail.
It's Margaret Totten's mail.
I spoke to the guy from the DHS.
What did you tell him? He wanted to talk to her.
So, I told him that she's not here, 'cause she's not.
You didn't.
What else was I supposed to do? You know what you've done, do you? Nah, I have done nothing! You picked up my phone.
How dare you pick up my phone? It was none of your business.
You're living in my house! I'm not anymore, remember? I'm leaving, and when I'm gone, I won't be your problem anymore! If you're feeling hot, please take some water Be careful, everybody! Angus, put your hat on.
Remember, no hat, no play, everyone.
Great skipping.
Oh! How are you? Hi! I haven't missed it, have I? No, no, it's just about to kick off.
Thank God.
I promised Carmody I'd watch him run.
Hey, uh, you haven't seen Herb lately, have you? No, why? He's just having some trouble with his mum.
What sort of trouble? Oh, you know Lenore, just the usual stuff, but I think it's getting him down this time.
Oh, God.
I think they're about to start.
The cross-country race will be starting soon.
All participants please go to the starting line.
Oh, look out, we're gonna get attacked by a flock of kids.
Come on, the Tivolli kids! Hey! Carmody's looking serious about it! Well, at least he's facing the right way.
Uh, no, he's not.
He'll be alright, won't he? OK! - Come on, girls! - Go, Carmody! Go, Carmody! What are they doing? Girls, get off the swings! Get back in the race! Come on, Carmody, you can do it! - At least he's not coming last! - Oh, give him time.
Go, Carmody! Come on, Carmody! He's in with a chance.
Oh, there he is.
Go, Carmody! Go, Carmody! He's passed that kid! He could win this! Come on, son! Come on! Come on! Keep running, Carmody! Come on, Carmody! And the winner is Carmody Tivolli! There you go.
Blue ribbon, eh? Well done, my little champion! Hey, look, I know how annoying it can be when mates come at you with work stuff, so No, it's fine! Cheers.
Hey, if you need to get that Oh, no, it'll wait.
Um, just come in and tell me what's wrong.
If she's intentionally deceived the DHS in order to obtain financial advantage, that's criminal fraud.
And what's the likely result? Do they just get you to pay the money back or Uh, well, depends on how much.
Do you think they're onto her? Well, look, I answered her phone, I spoke to one of their guys, and if they didn't know beforehand, they do now.
Oh, the DHS are terriers about this sort of stuff.
If she puts her head in the sand, she's only gonna make it worse.
So, what if she does come clean, offers to pay the money back? Uh, I don't know, I just think Just tell her to come in and see me.
I know how busy you are No, no, no.
I'll make time.
Just tell her, the sooner, the better.
Come and see me.
Thank you.
See you, Herb.
You're leaving? No, I just like lugging my bag up and down the stairs.
I spoke to Matt Tivolli's wife, Caroline.
She's a barrister.
She thinks she can help you.
I didn't need any help till you stuck your nose in.
It's not my fault.
Lenore, whatever you've done, it's not my fault.
Where you gonna go? Staying with a friend.
Oh, no! Oh, for Christ's sake, just come back upstairs.
Tried that.
Didn't work out, remember? Just leave it! I'm fine! Fine.
G'day, Herb.
I'll text you her number.
You're gonna need a lawyer, Lenore.
Oh, my goodness, look at you go! I was fast, wasn't I, Dad? Yeah, mate, you were like lightning, dead set.
I wish you could see it.
Well, I'm watching the video now, and your dad saw you.
He said you were amazing.
Can't believe I missed it.
Oh, he's fine.
I mean, you can watch the video again with him later, but tell you the truth, he's more excited by that than the race anyway.
Oh, um, I spoke to some real estate agents, and they're all pretty keen to sell the house.
Yeah, I bet they are! And so once we sell, we can finalise the settlement.
Hey, I forgot to ask, um, how'd you go with your speed dating? Nah, it was a bit of a wash-out.
I think I scared them off with my manifest literary ignorance.
How'd you go? Oh, got a few bites.
Not surprised.
You looked great.
Uh, can I call you back later? Great, thanks.
How are you? Herb said you might be able to help me.
Uh, yeah, Herb told me that you might have some trouble with Centrelink.
Yeah, that non-compliance guy phoned me yesterday and he said that if I didn't come in for an interview, that they'd, um, send me to court.
Um, do you know what they're alleging against you? Uh, well, yeah, a while ago I worked in a nursing home, and I hit it off with this darling, Margaret Totten, and Margaret Totten? Yeah, Margaret Totten.
Oh, she was darling old thing.
She didn't want to be in the home, so I said to her, 'Why don't you move in with me and I could be a carer, then I get the carer's allowance.
' I mean, it was all above board and everybody was happy, and she didn't get to stay in that home, and then, well, her daughter turned up, and when her daughter turned up, she asked her to move back home with her and she did.
OK, so they're saying that you continued to claim the allowance after that? Yeah, it was fair enough, 'cause, you know, I'd set stuff up for her, and I'd spent money, so I needed compensation.
Yes, but how long do they reckon that you were taking the money after she'd left? A while.
What - months? Years? Lenore I can't go back to jail, please.
I CAN'T go back to jail.
I understand.
Uh, Herb, it's about your mum.
We need to talk.
Where is she? She's being charged.
They're in there interviewing her now, but I've advised her to say nothing.
Oh, g'day, Herb.
They're finishing up now.
You think you're making this better for her by lobbing up now? Well, I think she needs a friend.
A friend? Oh, that's rich.
Mate, I know you don't like me, but I'm trying my very best here.
Now, I'm trying to help her.
Maybe you should do the same, eh? How'd you go, love? They've gone to town on me.
Same guy that you had the little phone chat with.
Oh, so, this is my fault? No! You were blaming me the other day.
And what about your previous conviction, eh? Whose fault was that - Dad's? Stop it.
Nah, I want to know, Lenore.
Who do you blame for this? Hey, maybe just let her talk, eh? Maybe you should shut your mouth! Myself.
I blame myself, and I regret it.
That first time, when they sent me to jail and it separated us, I've regretted that most of all my entire life! So, why'd you do it again? I don't know, Herb.
I don't know.
I'm sorry, Mum.
I am.
I've just I've had enough.
Oh, mate, I can't do it.
I mean, I thought about it, but you know, I need a steady job, something more solid.
Mate, that bar, it could be a great business.
Great earner.
Yeah, it is.
I mean, it will be.
It's just It's just not right for me.
I mean, not right now anyway.
So, what are you gonna do instead? Do you remember that audio place? Oh, you gotta be joking.
Just did my first day there.
Bloody hell.
Hey, uh, I heard about Lenore.
Sorry to hear it.
Oh, mate, me and her, we've been going around in circles.
I think I just needed something like this just to finally snap me out of it, you know? Yeah, maybe.
Did you sell any stereos? Yeah.
Sold three, actually.
I was thinking maybe the system at the club could really benefit from a proper subwoofer.
Yeah, you could probably put me on a finance plan too, couldn't you? That's funny you say that, 'cause we got a special offer That would suit me down to the ground or something? You sound like Amway! Just go away! Oh, that's dodgy! Wow, whatever that is, you don't need a new one of those! That works a treat! It's Lenore.
Can hear you halfway down the stairs, Lenore! Why does she gotta have it so loud? Yeah, we don't do discounts on hearing aids, so I can't help you.
Hello? Have a look at you.
Come on, Mama.
Come on, Mama.
Let's go to bed, eh? She's cold.
Mum? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Mum? Mum? I'll, um I'll call an ambulance.
Hey, Mum? Ambulance? Erm, I'm not sure what happened Yeah, I'm just gonna wait here until they finish up.
Sure will, darl.
Excuse me.
They're going to take your mother away now if you'd like to come down.
Do, uh, do you know what happened? I called that number you gave me, Anton Muir.
He says they had a fight, she walked out, and that's the last he knows.
How did she die? We don't think any crime's been committed here.
What does that mean? Well was she a heavy drinker? Yeah.
Looks like she's been hitting it pretty hard.
Other than that, we'll have to see.
Here's my card, in case you need to contact me.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Why don't you come back to my place? So, she came here, to my house .
and drank herself to death.
No, mate.
You heard what the cop said.
They don't know what's happened, mate.
Look, the kids will be in bed.
It'll just be me and Bernadette.
Eh? I just want to be alone.
Mate, just just Please.
I just want to be alone.
Yeah, of course, mate.
Do you want to have a service? No.
A memorial service suggests a celebration of life.
Me and Mum, there's not much to celebrate.
Hey, Jess, what are you doing here? Just thought I'd pop in and say hey.
She wants to ask Jesse to the movies.
She's too young! She's growing up, Luce.
He's still a boy.
Anyone home, huh? What's going on in there? What's going on in there, huh? Take my seat, mate.
I'm gonna get off! You sure? Who made you boss? Matt!