The Time of Our Lives (2013) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

1 What the hell is going on? In her room together! Not for very long! You know how I feel about this? I'm glad I bumped into you.
I wanted to invite you to this gig that my brother-in-law's putting on.
Oh, you can't stay a little bit longer? Oh, no.
I'm meeting someone for a drink.
Of course.
It's nothing to do with me.
I've been thinking about the house and I've decided to sell.
Then I can find something that suits me.
You're seeing someone.
Just thought it might be good to go out again.
We always had fun together.
I don't want to, Herb.
You hurt me.
I don't want to get hurt again.
Yeah, you hurt me too.
Your mum, she had a very hard life.
Mum came to live with you? Where was she? Jail? What for? Social security fraud.
- Who's Margaret Totten? - She's a friend.
You're claiming a carer's allowance for looking after her.
Live-in carer's allowance.
But how long do they reckon you were taking the money? Years? I can't go back to jail, please.
Come on, Mama.
Let's go to bed, eh? Come on.
Mum? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
She came here, to my house, and drank herself to death.
Did Luce call you? I'm glad he did.
How did it go? There's just so many decisions to make.
I feel like a prick saying 'Let's just go with the cheapest option,' but I just want it sorted.
What are the decisions? Oh, well, uh do you want a funeral service? Do you want no service? Do you want a memorial service? What kind of funeral notice do you want? Do you want a coffin or a casket? What's the difference? Shape.
And price.
There's just so much choice.
I just I think I want her cremated.
Do you want to have a service? Nah.
No service.
No service at all? I don't I'm not sure.
You could have a memorial service.
No, no, see, that's the thing, 'cause a memorial service suggests a celebration of a life.
Me and Mum there's not much to celebrate.
I've saved up for an Ultimate Ride Pass.
I've worked out all the rides I'm gonna go on.
Yeah, let me guess.
The Ferris wheel first, then the dodgems.
The carousel Not the carousel, please.
Not this time.
Why? We have Frances and Tully.
Well, Luce can take them.
We'll just go on the dodgems.
I like the carousel.
What's that around your neck, mate? Mum made it.
It's got my name, Mum's mobile and Dad's mobile.
It's in case he gets lost.
Mate, I thought Herb was coming.
Yeah, he's meeting us there.
Actually, do you want to go ahead? - OK, come on.
- Come on, let's go.
Going to Luna Park Hey, mate.
How far away are you? Um, I'm at the funeral home.
Sorry, I was gonna text ya.
I wish you'd have told me.
I would've come.
Yeah, I know.
Well, do you want us to meet you later? No, no, no.
You have fun.
See ya, mate.
Why did you volunteer us to build the igloo? Oh, it's a great project to do with the kids.
It's just it's really busy with Luce working and I just don't have much time.
Well, that's the beauty of this - one weekend and the igloo's done.
I mean, they've spent weeks on that endangered animal project and I know people are going on about it, but it's it's pretty lame.
Don't you think? How many of these do you think we'll need? That's a lot of milk.
Well, we'll send emails to all the parents and I'm gonna talk to the owners of the coffee shop near my work.
You sound confident.
Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.
It'll be fun.
Any more? Nah, that's it.
Thanks for taking me on the roller-coaster.
Were you scared to go on rides when you were little? No way.
What about Dad? The scarier, the better for your old man.
Look, it's coming.
Carmody, you got everything? Come on.
Mate, give me that thing.
You don't need it anymore.
Mum says I should wear it until we get home.
Fair enough.
Your nose is rubbed off.
Oh, but I wanted to show Mum.
It's just a nose.
I'll fix it when we get home.
He's a fuckin' idiot.
Seriously, no, it didn't happen like that anyway.
So, make it maybe eight o'clock we head down there, grab some drinks.
Yeah, that's good.
Yeah, that's fine, man.
Shove up, mate.
I'm falling off.
What's your problem, buddy? I know, right? Can you move your foot? Yeah, please.
Such an idiot.
Why won't you move? Shove up.
I'm falling off, mate.
Did you hear me? Did you hear me? Huh? Hello? Hello? I know, right? Oi, what's your problem, buddy? Can you move your foot? What's your problem, buddy? Huh? What's going on in there? What's going on in there? Huh? Come on, pal.
Oi! Hey! Hey! Give me my book back.
What's this about, eh? Say 'please'.
We'll get off at the next stop, OK? Alright? Can I have the book back? No, no, no You just wait here, mate.
Take my seat, mate.
I'm gonna get off.
You sure? You alright? You need other people to fight your battles or something? Huh? Who made you boss? Hey.
You need to learn some manners.
We're gonna follow you.
Hey, just shut up, mate.
Leave him alone.
Don't tell me what to do.
There are kids on this bus! So what, Grandpa? Let's go.
Alright, see you later, then, mate.
Daddy, pick me up.
You're alright.
Matt! Jesus! Oh, no.
Run, run! Run! I've only got two more red and two more yellow.
Hey, he's in room 3 at the end.
Thanks, Luce.
Carmody got blood on his head.
Come on, big hug.
The man threw a can at him.
You alright? '.
a turtle teases a crocodile' Sit still.
Darling, Mummy's here now.
Mum How is he? No concussion, but there was a small cut on his head and I've glued it to keep the edges of skin together.
Will there be a scar? Probably, but you won't see it.
Keep it dry for the next five days.
That'll give it a chance to heal.
I'll give you some more information about what to look for.
Thank you.
No worries.
Georgie, can you look after Carmody for a moment? Yep, sure.
I'm gonna have a chat to Matt.
What happened? There were these two boys and they were hassling this Asian kid.
I told him to take my seat to get him away from them.
And, you know, this upset these two numbskulls so they threw a can at me.
And I had Carmody in my arms, and I turned around and they threw it and he got hit in the back of the head.
Oh, God.
Are you OK? It was pretty distressing, but, yeah.
I'm gonna stay and talk to the doctor again.
Well, I'll see you outside.
Hey, um, Georgie, you want to come with me? See ya.
Come on.
How are you feeling? You have been a brave soldier? Could be a couple of hours or? Oh, it's alright.
Thank you.
How is he? Well, they've glued the wound, so he'll have a sore head.
There's no concussion, so they're pretty confident he's gonna be OK.
Oh, that's such a relief.
Well, you guys, you might as well go and we won't be far behind you.
Well, if you need anything, let us know.
I will.
Come on, girls.
See ya.
See ya.
Hey, Georgie.
You were really great.
What about this? She looked nice in this dress.
It's stained.
Looks like red wine.
We can wash it.
I'd like to buy her something new.
You could.
Probably a bit mad buying your mum something new to be cremated in.
Just don't want them dressing her in a stained old dress.
What about shoes? Funeral director didn't mention shoes.
Well, these are nice, if you need them.
They suggested a photo in a frame for the coffin, if we have a service.
Oh, I haven't seen any photos anywhere.
Might be one on my phone.
It's lovely.
Now, you know what those boys did was wrong, don't you? And the police are gonna try and find them.
Because you know you're not allowed to throw cans at people.
I'm going to draw a picture for the police.
Oh, no, no.
Come on.
It's time to go to sleep now.
I don't want to go in my bed.
Oh, no, you can come and sleep in Mummy's bed.
Come on.
I'm gonna carry you.
I don't want you to carry me.
You don't want to be carried? I want Dad to carry me.
I'm Skittles! Skittles! Oh, boy! Here you go.
Here you go, little man.
Now, little man you were so brave today.
And Dad .
Dad was very proud of you.
And I'll see you in the morning, OK? But, Dad, don't leave me.
Can you stay? Um Why don't I? I'll just lie here until you go to sleep.
Will you be there when I wake up? Uh yep.
Yep, Dad will be here when you wake up.
Mum, can you tell me a story? I can read you a book, yeah.
No, one of YOUR stories.
Please? OK.
Who do you want in the story? Um, a boy like me.
And anyone else? His mum and dad.
Georgie, it's time to get out.
That water's been running for 20 minutes.
What is she doing in there? She's a teenager.
I'd spend forever in the shower.
I'm sure you were just as bad.
Yeah, but I don't like wasting water.
Sorry I took so long.
You OK? Yeah.
Are you sure? Just thinking about today.
Wanna talk about it? What would've happened if Matt didn't say anything? I'm not sure.
Would they have hit the man? Maybe.
But then Carmody wouldn't have got hurt.
Who knows what would've happened? You know, those situations are very unpredictable.
But more than anything, I think those boys were cowards.
It was scary.
Yeah, I know.
Goodnight, sweetheart.
Love you, darl.
Shall we wake him, check he's OK? No.
No, the doctor said we didn't need to wake him.
He's a bit wheezy.
No, his colour's normal, his breathing's fine.
Carmody, it's Mummy.
We just want to make sure you're OK.
What's your name? Carmody.
Where are you? In Mummy's bed.
He's fine.
We've got to get some sleep.
So, uh I'll go take the couch.
Yeah, I'll get you to grab that blanket.
Dad, where are you going? Nowhere, mate.
You alright? I couldn't sleep.
I'm just gonna get a water.
Do you want anything? I send Carmody off every day hoping that he'll be safe, but he's not safe.
Well, most days he is.
Why did you stand up for a guy on the bus that you didn't even know? Because no-one else was.
We were all just sitting there watching these idiots terrify this poor young bloke.
And I couldn't take it anymore.
Uh, of course.
Happy to.
Cheers, thanks.
Uh, it's the police.
I've gotta go down and make a statement.
Can I come, too? Oh, no, sweetheart.
Carmody will not be making a statement.
There was some mention of a V-A-R-E.
What's a V-A-R-E? Uh, it's when people video their statements.
But you don't need to worry about that, sweetheart.
Carmody is not going to be involved as a witness.
If this goes to court, he could be cross-examined and maybe even called a liar.
The case would be more traumatising than the actual event.
But we want those boys caught.
Well, of course, but there's other witnesses.
The bus was full of adults, wasn't it? Mm.
We'll just let the police do their investigation and, you know, in a couple of weeks if they decide Carmody's evidence is crucial, we'll consider it.
Yeah, OK.
But trust me, his evidence won't be crucial.
Did you see anyone videoing the event, like, with a mobile? No.
Well, let me know how it goes.
What's with all the milk bottles? You won't be interested.
Well, I might be interested.
Try me.
Bernadette and I are gonna build an igloo for Carmody's school.
Well, can I can I do anything? Ah, yeah, you could collect some containers.
Well, how many do you need? Just 480.
That's a lot of asking.
But what I'll do is I'll get my new assistant onto it.
Can I help you? Oh We're looking for a dress.
Is it for you? Uh, it's for my mum.
Is it a special occasion? Uh, it's for It's for Nah.
Don't worry.
Thank you anyway.
Think I'll just wash the dress.
Can't think of any more.
Ohh! How are you? Good.
Poppa and I were very worried about you.
You gonna play with the girls? OK.
Hey, girls.
Hi, Rosa.
He's been OK? So far, so good.
We're very lucky.
Could've been so much worse.
I don't think Matt should have said anything.
Not with the children there.
Sometimes you need to leave things be and move them out of harm's way.
Oh, someone had to stand up for that man.
Carmody got hurt, Bernadette.
Yeah, but what if the man had got hurt? How do you think Matt or Luce or the kids would feel? I'm just saying, sometimes your priority needs to be your own children.
And sometimes your priority has to be to stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves.
What do you think? I think Matt wouldn't intentionally put Carmody in harm's way.
I think he did what he thought was the right thing to do.
So, yeah, I'm sure of that.
Do you drink milk? How many containers do you need? Uh, another hundred.
Uh, no, we don't drink that much milk.
Well, I'll take whatever you've got.
How's Carmody? Uh, yeah, his head's alright, but he's pretty shaky.
And you? How are you? I'm pretty shaky.
See, that's the problem with having one kid - you get over-protective.
If you had two and something happened to one, there's a reason to get up in the morning.
But one - you're stuffed.
I'm gonna make myself a very milky tea.
Oh, that's my specialty.
Wasn't that your bus? Yeah.
Well, then, why didn't you get on? I don't know.
OK, look, well, I'll catch the next one with you, if you'd like.
I don't want to catch the bus.
How you gonna get home? I don't know.
Um there's a tram.
I mean, that's a bit further to walk, but that's that's alright.
Don't tell Dad about the bus.
Um just tell him I came to say hi, yeah? Yeah.
Put that with the rubbish.
I think you should sort through those.
There might be something you want to keep.
I want to get this finished.
I kept those, too.
That clamped your umbilical cord and that's your hospital bracelet.
Look how little your wrist was.
So tiny.
What about this? Just put it in the charity bin.
Oh, it's so lovely.
That's you at the beach.
Who's that other little boy? I'm not sure.
It's before Dad left.
Mum must've taken it.
They always said how much they loved the beach, but I don't remember them ever taking me after this.
Mum, this is your writing.
Every week, you and I would write to Lenore, tell her what you were up to and how you were.
You always sent a drawing.
Herb, look.
I think you should have some sort of a service.
What for? Rituals are there for a reason.
They They help with the grieving process.
And it gives everyone a chance to say goodbye.
Who's everyone? I don't even know who to call or let them know that she's died or how to get in contact with them.
Well, the death notices.
And we'll put in a funeral notice.
Who reads the paper? I'll ring people and invite them.
Is there an address book or a diary or? - No.
- What about her laptop? Oh, good idea.
Her email contacts.
No, it's password protected.
I tried her name, her birthday Did you try your birthday? I did.
What about the year you were born? I tried every variation.
Did you try your name? What about your real name - Michael? Who'd have thought? Well, I reckon your uncle was right to say something.
If I was there, I would've told those guys where to go.
You wouldn't have been scared? No.
No way.
Georgie, they're just bullies.
Did anyone film it? I'm not sure.
Alright, um did you want to check YouTube? I'm not allowed on YouTube during the week.
Uncool, I know.
It's alright, we'll just use my phone.
Hi, Luce.
Hey, Jess.
What are you doing here? Well, I just thought I'd pop in and say hey.
What are you two up to in here? Talking.
Why don't you come outside and talk while I get dinner started? Can Jesse stay for dinner? Sure.
Do you need to let anyone know? Yeah, I'll call Dad.
Yeah, I don't have much time for sport with studying and music.
Do you ever go to the movies? Nah.
Nah, Dad reckons it's a bit of a rip-off.
He says it costs a small fortune to take me and my brother to the movies, so we just end up getting DVDs.
My mum thinks that too.
But I thought Bernadette likes movies.
Not Bernadette.
My mum.
Completely forgot.
We've got a bit in common, you and me - we're both from a broken home.
You're not you're not from a broken home, Georgie.
Yes, I am.
My parents are not together.
They'll never be living in the same place again.
My parents will never be in the same place again, either.
In fact, I'm not even really sure where my mum is.
Yeah, see, your situation's not like that.
I mean, your parents are separated but your home's not broken.
It still feels broken sometimes.
Well, I'm happy to wash up.
Nah, you're right.
But you can put the plates in the dishwasher for us.
I'll help.
Jesse was in Georgie's room when I got home.
What were they doing? Oh, just talking.
I mean, the door was open.
Do you have soccer at your school? Yeah, but I That sounds harmless.
Yeah, I suppose.
She, um she told him she was from a broken home.
That's an odd thing to say.
I think she was just bonding, but, you know, I never thought she'd see her life like that.
Well, it's it's scary thinking that all three girls will grow up and they'll all have different points of view about our family.
I hope they view us kindly.
Hey, buddy.
That's Mum's stuff.
It's all she had that was worth giving away.
That's not much to show for a life.
Is it? Nah, mate.
Why don't we go back to my place, I'll cook you something? No.
Prefer to stay here.
Yeah, of course, mate.
Two more, thanks.
Clean clothes to put away.
Whose are these? Jesse left them here.
Can I ask you something? Anything.
I'd really like to ask Jesse to the movies, but I'm worried Dad would say no.
He might.
But you need to talk to him about it.
Can you ask him? Best you do.
But if you want, I can talk to him, sound him out, so it won't come as a complete shock.
Georgie wants to talk to you about something.
About what happened on the bus? No.
Bit worried about her.
She's still awake.
Her mind's working through what's happened.
Yeah, I suppose.
She's got something else on her mind too.
What? She wants to ask Jesse to the movies.
That'll be a quick conversation 'cause the answer's no.
Why? She's too young.
She's growing up, Luce.
You'd let her go with her girlfriends.
It's pretty innocent.
Yeah, but it's different going with a boy.
Well, he's not a random boy.
We know him.
He's a good kid.
He's still a boy with normal boy urges, so it's no.
You'd better get your arguments ready 'cause she's gonna ask you.
I won't need any arguments.
She's gonna have to ask her mum.
There's no way Maryanne's gonna say yes.
Yeah, sure.
Sounds like fun.
What? You're You're fine with Georgie going to the movies with a boy? Well, it's gonna happen sometime.
And you know this boy, don't you? Yeah, we know him really well.
And there's a group of you going? Yes.
Hang on.
What movie? I don't know.
We haven't decided yet.
Well, as long as it's not MA, it's fine.
Wha No, it can't be M, either.
There are some pretty tame movies rated M.
They're rated M for a reason.
Still PG or G, then.
Is that OK, Georgie? Yep.
Can't wait to tell my friends.
Hang on you don't think I should go and, I don't know, sit up the back just to make sure everything's OK, you know, above board or? I don't think that'll be necessary, Luce.
Hey, thanks for dropping her off.
You really saved me some time.
Thanks, Dad.
Love you.
Love you too, darl.
I think that'll be exciting.
Oh, Matt, I've found something online that I think the police should see.
Are we filming this? Time-lapse.
Be a valuable reference.
Now, you're going to be sticking these bottles together.
- I'll show you how to use it.
- No, on top of each other.
And together like they're kissing.
Mwah! - Mwah! - You have a go.
That's it.
That's perfect.
Oh, I think we should just use the glue gun.
It's a bit hot.
- How old are you girls? - 11.
I think we can trust them, Caroline.
The glue is hot.
You have to be careful.
They need to be going on top of each other like that.
Bernadette, are you gonna draw it freehand? Yeah.
Can you hold the middle there? Yeah.
That is excellent.
It's, uh Herb Ireland.
Um I've decided I'd like to have my mother cremated as soon as possible.
There will be no ceremony, no.
See you, Luce.
See you, mate.
Can I walk Jesse to the corner? Yeah, just be back here in 10 minutes.
Dad, I'm not a little girl.
Alright, 15 minutes, or I'll come looking for ya.
Come on.
See you, mate.
Oh What's wrong? How many containers in the row you just did? And what about the row before? 55.
Why? Oh We've gone up one row too many.
We need to come in now.
I'll adjust it in the next row, but our biggest problem is that it's taking too long.
And we need another glue gun, a better one.
This one's no good.
It's not hot enough.
OK, well, I'll go and buy another glue gun, but can you just slow down? Here.
The plan I've printed out.
And maybe have a look at the video again.
Some friends and I are going to the movies next Saturday and I'm wondering if you would like to come.
What are you seeing? I'm not sure.
We haven't decided yet.
Thanks, but probably not.
See ya.
See ya.
Got them.
What do you think? Um I think you've gone too quickly.
The angle's too steep.
I don't think so.
I think it's gonna collapse.
No, it's not.
I promised the school that I'd make an igloo for the kids and if .
if we don't stick to the plan, it's just it's not gonna work.
I've, uh, looked at the plan and the problem is we have limited time.
Mm - Oh, hi.
- Hi.
Look, I've got a whole lot of milk containers for you.
Where do you want me to bring 'em? Oh, I'll come and get them.
Oh, no, I'm in the car anyway, dropping Amelia at tennis.
OK, well, um I'll send you the address, and if you text me, I'll run out and meet you.
See you then.
How about this? You developed a taste for milk? Oh, thank you so much.
Oh, it's a pleasure.
Do you want to come in and see it? Oh, no, I've got a mad day.
But, um I'm sure it'll be the star of the show.
Take a photo of it and send it to me.
Yes, I will.
I'll do that.
It was a joke, but take a photo anyway.
See ya.
Georgie, I said 15 minutes.
If you don't want to be treated like a little girl, you've gotta do as you promise.
What's wrong? I asked Jesse to the movies and he said no.
Well I think you're very brave to have asked him.
I thought he liked me.
He does like you.
That's not why he said no.
Why, then? Did he give you a reason? No.
He just said 'Probably not.
' Well, I still think you're very brave.
I used to find it very scary asking girls out.
You know, one day, you'll ask someone and they'll say yes.
Tell you what, how about we go to the movies, just the two of us? I don't think so.
I'll throw in popcorn and an ice-cream and we'll go where no-one can see us.
I mean, after all, I don't want people thinking that I'm so lame I have to go to the movies with my daughter.
Come on.
We have to take off some rows.
No way.
We'll never get it finished.
We'll just We'll stay until it's done.
I can't.
I have things I have to do at home.
Well, me too, but we can't.
I just I want it to be perfect.
We're building an igloo out of milk containers - it's never gonna be perfect.
You go.
I'll finish it.
What are you doing? I'm just taking off these two rows.
I just finished those.
I just want to see exactly where we went wrong.
Where I went wrong, you mean.
I'm not asking you to stay.
I'm gonna redo it.
I just want it to be perfect.
I have been on my hands and knees for most of the day working my bum off.
Look at these.
It was supposed to be fun.
It has been fun.
Until now.
No, it hasn't.
Your need to do it your way and to make everything perfect makes it not fun - it's stressful.
You know how much research I've put into this.
We would not have got as far as we have if it wasn't for me.
And what have I been doing? Sometimes I would like to just walk away, but I can't.
I've made a commitment.
Caroline, stop talking! You think you can control everything in the world.
You can't control me.
I'm going home.
Control everything? You gotta be kidding.
I have no control.
My husband is gone! I have to go back to work! My kid just got smashed in the back of the head with a can! My whole world is out of control.
Ow! Carmody's injury was an accident.
Nobody could control that.
I could have.
My first priority would have been to protect my son, not be a bloody hero.
Oh, Caroline I want Carmody to be proud and I want him to be able to say to the other kids, 'Look what my mum made.
' And you.
He will be proud.
You've got to wait for it to warm up.
For how long? Try it again now.
Well, it must be clogged.
Give it here.
What if we just do the last two rows? In an hour or so, we'll have it finished.
Can we do the last three rows? OK.
Uh, the police found who posted the video and they've got another video of the incident as well because someone handed their phone in.
Do you see Carmody? No.
Not his face.
But they're pretty confident those boys will be identified.
And they also told me that Carmody will be eligible for victim-of-crime counselling.
They gave me a name of some psychologist.
I think we should just keep an eye on him.
He's more resilient than I thought.
And I think he's had more than enough of psychologists.
You know, you surprise me sometimes, Caroline.
Well, don't you agree? I do.
I've got my words! I still want him to see a neurologist, though.
Yeah, fair enough.
Do you enjoy doing your words every night? You said I have to.
Why don't we just read a story tonight? Hmm? Hm.
I love you, Mum.
Aw Love me to the moon and back? To the moon and back for infinity.
Aw Will you help me some more today? Yeah.
Yeah? Oh Um girls, grab me the boxes.
Now pop in and hold it up for me.
In you get.
That's it.
Caroline is gonna be super mad.
She won't be happy.
I'm not happy.
But we can fix it.
It's melted.
I'll get the glue gun.
Oh, well.
We're just gonna have to pump it full of glue.
It's not gonna be perfect, but it's the best we can do.
Did I hear you say it's not gonna be perfect? Carmody, write that down.
How do you spell 'perfect'? Uh, I don't know.
Caroline, how do you spell 'perfect'? Oh, shut up.
Now, the police caught those boys who threw the can at Carmody.
Some kids who knew them saw the video and the photos online and they called Crime Stoppers and then the police went and picked up the boys and then one of them told them everything.
That's good.
It's hard to get off a bus when something happens.
Trams are easy.
Trains, you can just change carriages.
But with a bus, you're stuck.
You've thought about it a lot, haven't you? Oh, well, the next time you get on a bus it might be a bit scary.
But fear can be good.
It teaches you to be cautious.
But you must never let it stop you doing the things you've got to do.
What if it happens again? Well, what would you do? Move to the front of the bus where the driver is.
That's a good idea.
Video it so I can show it to the police.
They're all good ideas.
There you go.
What would you do? Pretty much what I did.
I wish I didn't yell out to you.
Then Carmody wouldn't have got hurt.
It wasn't your fault.
Me and mum thought we'd pay you a visit.
I like that you have.
Come in.
Can I get you anything? What's that? No, she's fine.
Come on.
I have a helluva headache.
Go lie on my bed.
I'll bring you some water.
You can get in if you like.
I'm OK.
Ohh Your bed feels good.
I could sleep for a week.
I'll get you a blanket.
No, I don't need one.
Just like old times.
Nothing like old times.
You ever think about lost worlds? Keep finding myself wishing I could go back.
What do you mean by 'lost worlds'? To where I was little.
Before Mum went to jail.
That's my first lost world.
And then when I finished school and I told her I never wanted to see her again.
And all those years that I refused to see her.
And then when I found her living in her car.
I just want to go back.
But I can't.
Maybe I could've done something, been a better kid.
Dad wouldn't have left and Mum wouldn't have gone to jail.
It's not your fault.
None of it's your fault.
You were just a little kid.
Be careful when you're pulling on the bottle tops, though.
They can enjoy it, just carefully.
Hey, do you want me to take a picture of you and your mum and the igloo? Let's get one of both of us.
Oh, OK.
Indi? Yeah? Can you take a photo of us and the igloo? Oh, sure.
I'll be clearer about my expectations next time.
Next time? There you go.
Thank you.
They're looking for two parents to run the school fete.
I thought we could volunteer.
You're joking.
Please tell me you're joking.
Georgie, can you get that? It's probably Jesse.
Why is Jesse here? He's borrowing some music.
I love your make-up.
Tully can do yours when she's done with mine.
Yeah, no, I think I'm OK.
Hi, mate.
Catch you later, Georgie.
Catch you later.
Oh, aren't we meeting at three? Oh, yes.
I just wanted to ask you something.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Would you like to do something on the weekend? Yeah.
Um, maybe you and Carmody want to come for dinner.
I know Amelia would love that.
No, I wanted to take you to dinner.
Just the two of us.
Oh, um no, that'd be lovely.
I got the better of the kid swap.
Luce has music lessons with Carmody and the twins and you and me get basketball.
Very good.
Ah, yes, yes, netball, netball.
Do you even know the rules? I'll have you know I've played netball.
You must've looked funny in a skirt.
As a matter of fact, I looked pretty good.
Where's your car? We're not gonna take my car.
We're gonna take that bus.
Mm Come on.
It'll be fine.
Come on.
You'll be right.
You're right.
You're right.
Well, come on, slowcoach.
There'll be no more seats.
Thanks, Lenore.
Thanks for trusting me to look after your boy.
You gave me a wonderful gift.
Leaving you was her biggest regret.
She never found a way to forgive herself.
She always loved the beach.
Said it was the only place she could really breathe.
Georgina has been found with marijuana.
You know where she got the drugs from, don't you? From your boyfriend! I know you've done, drugs, Dad.
I didn't do drugs at 13.
You're a straight woman and you've asked me out on a date.
Look, I can't be your gay experiment.
Feel like something secrety is going on.
Why a surprise? I just want it to be something I do for her.
I want her to be the guest of honour.
Bernadette Flynn, would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?