The Time Traveler's Wife (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode Four

1 I didn't choose Henry and Henry didn't choose me.
We just happened to each other in the wrong order.
All the way up.
- Hey, it's Henry.
- All the way up.
People talk about agency.
All the time, everybody's gotta have agency.
Well, let me tell you something.
When it comes to falling in love, nobody has any agency.
That's why they call it falling.
Was there a photograph with the recipe? Uh yeah.
This is supposed to be that? Are you in love? I hope so.
But ask yourself this.
When it happened, did you choose who? When? How? Is this person that now owns a huge part of your life anything like you thought they'd be? Did they arrive when they were supposed to? Is any of it anything like you planned? Right up to the top, just keep coming up! Yeah, well, I figured going up was a good choice.
You don't take decisions, decisions take you.
Hold tight and call it a plan.
I mean, it's not that I can't cook.
- It's that I choose not to.
- But you're cooking today.
Yeah, well, I mean, I'm only half cooking.
Look at the chicken.
So, that means you definitely like him.
Either that or I hate his guts.
Oh, speaking of guts The only difference with Henry and me is that it's all mixed up.
And that means, now and then, we know what's coming.
Bits and pieces, not everything.
A few bends in the river.
- Library boy! - Does she call me that? She calls you Henry.
Well, what's she call you? Gomez.
Pleased to meet you.
Come right in.
Now and then, of course, you meet someone who hates you already Thanks.
and you have no idea why.
Oh, so you haven't been to her apartment.
Why would you be so happy about that? Who says I'm happy? The giant smile on your enormous face almost took my eye out.
- You make a lot of jokes.
- It's a rollercoaster.
Oh, my kittens! I have brought you a new toy.
It answers to the name of Henry, but you can call it Library Boy.
- And it makes many jokes.
- Please, just call me Henry.
I'm only Library Boy when I'm fighting crime.
Oh, what are your superpowers? Ah, the Dewey Decimal system and speed shelving.
Doesn't always have the desired effect in a bank robbery, but I live in hope.
See? Funny, funny.
Made four jokes already.
Who's counting? Five.
- Oh, hey! - Hey.
I'm Charisse, Clare's roommate.
- Hey.
- Yeah! She's with me.
That's why I've been to this apartment so many times.
Yeah, I need him for lifting heavy objects.
And the sex.
- Don't forget the sex.
- Oh, I bet she tries to.
- Six.
- Beer? - Yeah.
- Gomez, get him a beer.
- Hmm, beers are in the fridge.
- Yeah, beers are in the fridge.
So get him a beer from the fridge, Gomez.
- Wow, so this is - Yeah, uh, - this is a work in progress.
- Okey dokey.
Is it bad for chicken to be this pink? Uh, depends.
Are we gonna eat it or revive it? It's chicken and shiitake risotto.
With winter squash and pine nut dressing.
- Do any of you know how to actually cook? - Mm-mm.
- No.
- Great.
I think I could make something out of this.
Library Boy taking charge.
I'm experiencing chills.
Yeah, good for you.
Give me an apron.
Is someone else coming? No.
Hey, Clare, wait up.
So, Clare never said you could cook.
Or actually that you exist.
- Clare, can I just, uh - What? That guy.
I I think I've seen him before.
Well, now you're seeing him again.
Okay? So go get my boyfriend an apron.
Foreknowledge can be helpful sometimes.
Knowing a bit of what's coming can be strange, it can be useful, and sometimes it can be tragedy.
- Sometimes it can be farce.
- And sometimes it can be both.
So, how long you've been seeing Clare? Hmm, complicated question.
No, it isn't.
What's complicated about it? - Well - Well, I live with her.
I see her every day.
When do you see her? - From time to time.
- Sorry? That was actually really funny.
You just need a bit of context.
Oh, you're still making jokes, Library Boy? Actually, I was just running out of material.
Thank God you're back.
Henry, could you come out here for a minute? Yeah, I totally could.
Uh, guys, if you could, um, just give us a moment, please.
It's the door.
It's for you.
- Who is it? - It's you.
- Okay, but who is it? - You.
- What? Me? - Yeah.
Hey, junior! I think I just freaked out Clare.
- Yeah, I can actually still hear you.
- Sorry, old man.
I'm actually in the middle of a very not good moment - which is still currently transpiring.
- Yeah, well, in 13 years, you're gonna be naked and running from the police.
You need to let me in.
I just met her friends, and they hate me already.
This is really not a good moment for there to be two of me.
Yeah, well guess who's coming to dinner.
Hello, Henry.
Uh you switched out my clothes.
Why am I dressed like this? We're gonna talk about how you're dressed? Oh, you look lovely.
It's May 24th.
- Happy birthday! - 2006.
Is that why we're dressed up like this, for your birthday? - 2006.
- Is that important, 2006? I give up.
Why is that important? Oh, wait.
- You're 18? - Today.
- Okay.
- How old are you? - I'm 41.
- Forty-one! Oh, I like it when you're gray.
It's kinda sweet.
I feel safe when you're gray.
- Come sit with me.
- Why? Well, because that's what we do.
We sit and we talk.
Yeah, but, uh - Yeah, but what? - You're Now you're 18.
- And? - And I'm married.
- To me.
- Well, no.
- Well, yeah.
- Not right now.
Well, yes, right now.
You're 41, you're married, and right now, I'm who you're married to.
How do you think the woman I left alone in bed, my wife, is gonna feel about me slipping back in time and, you know, basically sitting on a blanket with the 18-year-old version of herself? Nostalgic? - I think she'd be hurt.
- I don't.
- I do.
- This is me we're talking about.
Are you correcting me on what I'm gonna think? Wow, we are definitely married.
Look, Clare, there are rules to this.
I I made rules for myself when this all started, and I'm not breaking them.
You made rules about sitting on a blanket with a person? Well, no.
A person with whom you have been regularly sitting on this very spot? Yeah, but you're 18 now.
- Yes.
- You're all All what? I have rules.
You don't need rules anymore! - We're done here.
- What do you mean we're done? - It's May 24th, 2006.
- Your birthday, great.
- Yeah, and? - And what? Jesus, don't you remember? There's 152 meetings over 12 years.
We are done.
We're saying goodbye.
This is the last time in this clearing and I don't even know for how long.
You okay? At least tell me for how long.
Two years.
- Two years? - About, yeah.
Then you meet younger me, and boy does he get a fright.
What am I supposed to do for two years? It's your life.
All right? Get on with it.
Don't think about what's coming, because it'll come anyway.
Do whatever you like.
Meet people.
Be with people.
- Be with them? - Yeah.
- Be with? - Just, you know.
What, is "be with" Dad speak for Look, Clare, I'm out there somewhere, 26-year-old me, and I'm not saving myself for you, because I don't even know you exist.
So please don't save yourself for me.
Save myself.
I wanted you to be my first.
Well, I don't want to be yours.
I want to be your last, Clare.
- Two years? - Yeah.
And a little while.
Well, how long is a little while? Just let it happen.
You've never kissed me, you know.
Oh, I've kissed you a million times.
Well, then I expect you're incredibly good at it.
- - Hey.
Hey! Gotta get up.
- Hmm? - Gotta get up.
- What? - Now, please, come on.
- What time is it? - About three.
You gotta go.
Come on, Charisse is coming back.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, fine.
I nearly couldn't find you.
This place, it's so huge.
I never get used to it.
Hey, how do you two afford this place, anyway? Do you rob banks? Can I rob banks too? It's getting demolished in three months.
- Oh.
- Except the plans are gonna change and it will still be here in 20 years.
- How do you know? - I got a tip off when I was a kid.
You got a property tip when you were a kid? - Who from? - Jesus, Gomez! - Can you stop talking? - Hey.
Hey, are you all right? No! Yeah.
I'm fine.
I'm, uh I'm fine.
Oh, God! It was awful, wasn't it? Me, I mean.
No, of course not.
Why would you think that? Well, we just had sex and now you're crying.
It's pretty hard to process that as a positive response.
I'm not crying because you're terrible at sex.
I'm crying because of what we both just did to Charisse.
I'm crying because I just betrayed my best friend with my other best friend, and I've quite possibly fucked up - the rest of my life.
- Oh, thank God.
Uh, just thank God about the sex thing.
Not thank God about the other part.
Obviously, that's - That's very bad.
- To be clear, I was drunk.
I hate myself, and this will never ever happen again.
You know, I thought you were a lesbian.
In the circumstances, that's gonna be hard to take as a compliment.
No, I only thought lesbian, because you're always alone.
You realize lesbians aren't alone.
There is a thing they haven't been telling you.
Who's Henry? I don't know.
Who is he? You kept saying his name in your sleep.
That Henry.
Yeah, that Henry.
- Who is he? - My lover.
What? What is it? What? I thought you didn't have anyone.
I really thought that you were alone.
Oh, well, it was very kind of you to take pity on me then, the moment your girlfriend was in Boston.
Check your back for scratches, I'm a scratcher.
- I love Charisse.
- Good! Good, I thought you did, because you and Charisse that's the real thing, so what you need to do now is But I love you more! Okay, there, I said it.
God, it sounds weird saying it out loud.
I could be patronizing and tell you - how you'll get over it.
- Oh, please don't.
Instead, I'm gonna tell you the truth, which is a great deal worse.
I don't love you.
I love Henry.
I love Henry much more than I could ever love you or anyone else.
So then, where is he? Where's Henry? And why have we never met him? He'll be back in about a year.
Must be a hell of a guy if he can walk away from a woman like you and expect you to wait around for him.
Maybe I'm a hell of a woman because I'm willing to wait for him, but let's walk right past that possibility.
Yeah, but you didn't wait for him.
You slept with me.
And that kind of got out of my mouth before I fully thought it through.
Okay, listen.
Next time you see me, everything will be fine.
This will not be mentioned.
But for now, be kind and please, please, just go.
It's Clare.
Leave a message.
Hey, Clare.
Uh, if you haven't listened to my last two messages, please don't.
I was very emotional during the first one, and during the second one when I was apologizing for being emotional, I unfortunately became emotional again.
Leave me alone! - Leave me alone! - Why this every time? - Every fucking time! - Go fuck yourself! The matter's closed, I understand that.
And whoever this Henry is he must be very special.
- And and I look forward to meeting him.
- Why are you following me? - Okay, bye.
- Just fucking leave me alone! What the fuck? What the actual fuck! Uh, excuse me, sir.
She said not to follow her.
- Who the fuck are you? - Nobody, sir.
But the lady did say you shouldn't follow her, so maybe you should be heading in this direction.
Miss, if you wanna go home and you don't want this guy following you, I'm more than happy to keep him here.
- Thank you.
- You own this street, huh? You make the fucking rules here, big guy? No, it's not my street.
But I'm more than happy to hit you with it.
Whoo! So, what do you think of Gomez? What do you mean, what do I think of him? He's my friend.
You guys are my best friends.
Oh, I think he's totally into you.
Mm! Mm-mm.
No! You must have noticed the way he looks at you.
What way? I understand completely.
You're a very beautiful woman.
Oh, shut up.
You're beautiful.
Gomez loves you.
- He thinks you're a lesbian.
- Hmm Well, there you are.
All safe.
I'm a lesbian, and you're a beautiful woman.
- I feel exactly the same.
- Same as what? Oh, my God! What was that? What was that? Oh, my God.
- What was that? - Sorry, sorry, sorry.
No, no, don't be sorry.
- Don't - I just thought I didn't think.
No, it's fine.
Honestly, it's fine.
- Did I do it wrong? - No! Not at all.
- It's just, you know - Sometimes I think I over-salivate.
I see Gomez wiping his chin.
Oh, my God, Charisse, stop it.
Listen to me.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
It's fine.
It's just Well, come on.
You know You're my best friend.
And Gomez is my best friend.
And I could never I could never, like, betray one of my best friends with one of my other best friends, okay? That would just be, like, awful.
And besides, this is like, um, it's like a dry spell for me.
A voluntary dry spell and while it's going on, I just don't wanna make my life in any way more complicated.
Okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
- Henry - Clare.
- Clare.
- What's wrong? I told you.
I have rules.
And one of them was nothing ever happens in this clearing.
Yeah, you made rules for you.
You didn't make rules for me.
- I'm not gonna see you for two years.
- I know.
But we can't.
- I'm your wife.
- My wife is 33 years old - and waiting in bed for me.
- Your wife is right here, and she's waited long enough.
- We're not even married yet.
- Yes, we are.
Clare, you're not married to me yet.
What difference does marriage make? What is your problem? Are you incapable of sex unless there's been a proposal? No, that's not the point.
I never even proposed to you.
It's this place, Clare.
This clearing, where I watched you grow up.
Where I was teaching you French verbs and checkers one week ago.
Where I imprinted you like a duckling.
It's it's it's grooming, Clare.
That's what it is.
All right? I'm sorry but I can't.
Not here.
Not here.
You never proposed to me? Sorry, what? You didn't propose? Um, well, we knew what was gonna happen.
You know, it was inevitable.
- No, it isn't.
- Yes, it is.
- That's how it works.
- But it's in the future.
- Makes no difference.
- Yes, it does.
No, it doesn't.
That's how time works.
I'm not gonna marry you because time says I do.
I'm gonna marry you because I want to.
And no way am I gonna marry you unless you propose.
- Clare - There will never be a better time or place.
My 18th birthday.
Right here.
On the very spot where I groomed you.
Husband, propose.
What? Clare Abshire, wife will you marry me? Hmm umm What's "hmm"? Well I mean, you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, would you? That's not gonna work.
I've seen you naked before.
Lots of times.
- At 18? - Clare.
How shallow do you think I am? Clare? - Clare? - Mm-hmm? You okay? - Yeah.
- Then why are you crying? I'm not gonna see you again for two years.
But you are gonna see me again.
Why do I always have to wait? I'm the one who had to wait.
You've known me all your life.
I only met you when I was 28.
Yeah, but you didn't know that you were waiting.
You were busy fucking all those other women.
Well, you've got two years to get your own back.
We're together.
There's gonna be no one else from now on.
From two years on.
You were asking me a question.
What question? Seriously? Oh.
That question.
I think I may have decided on an answer.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
- Sorry.
- Sorry? Okay, two years.
Henry, no.
Goodbye, Clare.
- No! - No, no, no.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's fine.
It's all right, it's okay! - You ain't going anywhere! - I got him, I got him! - Get him! - There's kids around! Fuck! - Hello? - Clare.
Clare, it's Henry.
I don't know what year it is.
Is that you? - Henry? - Yeah.
Yeah, it's Henry.
- Henry's already here.
- Oh, Jesus Christ! - Henry? - Yeah, go get him.
Go get Henry.
- Where are my clothes? - What clothes? Aren't you staying over yet? Don't you have clothes here? - First visit.
- Oh, damn, is it? - Wait, you should know that.
- Know what? - Well, you should remember this.
- Why? Oh, you don't remember your first visit to my bedroom? Well, don't blame me.
He's the one who's not paying attention.
Oh, so I'm to blame for your bad memory? - Literally.
- Stop it.
So, I mean, where are you from? How old are you? I'm 41.
Forty-one? So So this is 13 years ago for you.
Yeah, about 13.
Isn't this weird for you two? - How can you even talk to each other? - Why shouldn't we? You must remember everything he's about to say.
Everything I'm gonna say, everything you're gonna say.
Like you've got a script.
Do you remember everything you said 13 years ago? Thirteen days ago? How about yesterday? Try it.
Well, I'd remember a conversation like this.
Yeah, well, also, he's been drinking.
Could you put something on? A towel? Anything? Does the sight of your own naked body offend you? It's depressing me.
What went wrong? Oh, I don't know.
Still looking good to me, honey.
- Thank you, darling.
- Don't flirt with him.
Where have you just come from? Oh, you know, I've been bouncing around a bit.
- It's been one of those.
- Oh, bouncing around with who? Come on, no touching.
All right? He's starting to enjoy it.
Jesus Christ! Control yourself.
Worst date ever.
Someone else is having my erection.
Chicken and shiitake risotto, is it that night? - Yeah.
- What? - Oh, fuck.
- Gomez? Yeah.
It's starting to come back to me.
Bits of it, anyway.
Hey, put the drink down, it's running interference.
- Clare? - Yeah? - You okay? - Mm-hmm.
Well, she's in her bedroom with her hot new boyfriend, - but you come right in.
- Clare, are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
What's wrong? - Nothing.
I just I just wanted to make sure that everything was okay.
No, everything is fine.
Thank you, Gomez.
Thank you.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
I I didn't say anything, man.
Gomez, I think that was the door.
Could you get that? - Who is it? - I don't know.
Would you mind? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Why'd you do that? - Do what? - You called him an asshole.
- I was talking to myself.
Stop it! Both of you.
Gomez is all right.
- God, I hate him already.
- Hey! - He's my best friend.
- No, he's not.
- Really, he is.
- Yeah, well, you know your best friend's got the hots for your wife, right? Well, I wouldn't trust any man who didn't.
Henry, you say all the right things.
The hell is wrong with you? One smile and it's whack-a-mole.
Why are you still standing behind the door? I'm starting to remember the rest of the evening.
For what's about to happen my apologies.
Gomez, please! Can you just leave us alone? Hmm.
I didn't know he liked redheads.
This might take a a small bit of explaining.
She said she was a friend of yours, - I sorta let her in.
- I can see that.
- I didn't mean for any of this - Thank you so much.
I'm Henry's girlfriend.
Me too.
Well, happily, we can double date.
I've never seen you with short hair before.
How have you been, Ingrid? You tell me.
You know, how am I these days, in the future? Or have we lost touch? So, you know about the time travel then? I know all about it.
I've known a lot longer than you.
Well, I've known him since I was six.
So - Six? - Uh - Gross! - Okay, we should go.
- We should leave.
- Drink? - Drink? - Why not? Great.
What happens now? - Dinner.
- What happens at dinner? - Everybody tells the truth.
- Even me? Twice.
Wow, it's a nice apartment.
- I thought you were a student.
- Oh, well, parents.
Oh, she's rich too.
So, how did you find the place? You left him a voicemail about dinner.
I listen to all his messages.
I strongly recommend that.
Has he even mentioned me? He said that, uh, that you weren't that happy together.
That you were probably about to split up anyway.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I mean, he said that about the one before me too.
I mean, he also said that you don't have much in common.
He's wrong.
We both like the same things.
And fucking.
And him.
I love him.
You don't seem very happy about that.
Didn't know that was an option.
Is everything all right? Uh, yeah, yeah.
These are my friends, Gomez and Charisse.
I think you just met them.
Gomez, Charisse, this is Ingrid.
My boyfriend's girlfriend.
- Oh? - We've met.
I don't think so.
- No, we have.
It'll come to you.
- Henry's girlfriend? - Yeah.
- I'm sorry, I really don't know who you are.
- No, you do.
- I really don't.
- Shall we? - It'll suddenly hit you.
Oh, my God.
I don't know who you are.
Apologies for my defective memory.
Oh, no.
It's not defective at all.
You were incredibly drunk.
I mean, no offence.
Drinking's fine.
Charisse drinks like a fish.
No, I don't.
How're we all getting along in here? Ingrid, you staying for dinner? I'm cooking chicken and shiitake risotto - with pine nut dressing.
- Go fuck yourself.
You don't look like you're cooking anything to me.
You sure about that? Let me check.
Hey! - How're you getting on in there? - I'm good.
See, I think I look like I'm cooking.
- Hi, everyone.
- Who the hell are you? - Who does he look like? - You.
- Exactly.
- Is he your dad? Shut up! Are we doing this? We explaining? Sometimes explaining is the only option.
With friends.
- Are these really our friends? - Best friends.
- Even that one? - Oh, yeah.
Jesus Christ.
What do you mean, you're exactly who you look like? You look like him.
Is he your twin? Your older twin? Okay.
So, you know about the accident - when my mother died? - No.
There was a car accident, my mother died, I was with her, and I got this.
- Okay.
- Same face, same scar.
Ay, Dios mío.
- Go on.
Try to work it out.
- Don't play with them.
- Just explain.
- Explain what? There are two of us, we're identical, and he's older than me.
Go for it, smart guy.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
There it is.
I'm starting to see the lights go on.
- You're clones.
- What? Clones? Jesus Christ! Spare us the sci-fi.
There's no such thing as clones.
- We're time travelers.
- Clones! He has a genetic defect, okay? He, uh, basically falls through time.
- He can't help it.
- I am from 2008.
- Now, when are you from? - 2021.
How how can you All right, I I don't understand, what do you mean that he has a genetic defect? There's something wrong with my DNA.
I get, uh, thrown around in time like a hot potato.
Not all the time, but a lot of the time.
Sometimes it happens when I'm stressed.
Sometimes it happens for no reason I can figure.
I just disappear and show up someplace else, - past or future.
- I hang around for a while, - then I ping back home, if I'm lucky.
- Well, sometimes there's detours.
Sometimes, like now, there is two of us.
So when Ingrid tells me to go fuck myself, there is an outside chance it could happen.
- Again.
- I was 16, come on.
Any questions? Why are you wearing a blanket? Hmm.
From the day I met him, Henry was never one person.
He was a river.
He flowed around the people he met.
If you were a storm, he was a storm too.
It took me a while to understand, there's only one way to survive a river.
Be a rock.
All right, you know in Back to the Future - Ugh, don't.
- Don't what? Don't watch it with him.
He heckles.
It's - It's very misleading.
- I love that movie.
Yeah, well, just don't take it seriously.
- It's a comedy.
- Maybe for you.
I think it's in very bad taste.
Hey, uh, can I borrow a pen and some paper? Hmm, sure.
Why? Oh, I'm just remembering this conversation.
Remembering it? Don't worry about it.
- Oh, Quantum Leap.
- I'm sorry? The TV show, Quantum Leap.
I don't watch a lot of TV, man.
It brings on the time travel.
Oh, it's about this guy who bounces around in time, putting things right that once went wrong.
Oh, I don't put things right.
- Why not? - Time happens once.
You don't get a second go.
You can't change anything.
Yeah, but you can see so much more with your powers.
- My what? - My powers? I see the same things you see, except in the wrong order.
That's not having power, that's dyslexia.
Yeah, but you could solve crimes.
- How? - You could see them happening.
Well, so could you.
But you could see them as they happen, in the past.
We're in Chicago.
You could go to Garfield Park right now, see as many crimes as you like, and you wouldn't have to go naked.
- Hey, how about some stock tips? - Knock yourself out.
- What's that? - Your stock tips.
- Yeah, but I only just asked.
- Yeah.
Well I heard you the first time.
It's a complicated way of doing things.
Uh, Clare and I usually prefer to stick to lottery numbers.
- We do? - We do? That's how we fund our rock and roll lifestyle.
Fuck! This risotto is awesome! Okay, uh, but why are we funding Gomez's rock and roll lifestyle? Because they're your best friends, and you need to look after them.
Gomez is the best I could do? Mm-hmm.
Gomez and Charisse are the best anyone could do.
- Are you sure about all these? - Mm-hmm.
- - Of course I'm sure.
I'm from the future.
And this is okay? This doesn't affect anything? - Affect what? - Well, like the the web of time.
- The what? - The web? - What web? - The time web.
Are you sure it's a web? Is that a thing, a time web? Yeah.
Well, it's gotta be some kind of temporal structure.
- A web though? - Yes.
Wouldn't this cause, you know temporal anomalies? Netflix? - Oh, yeah.
- You could avert disasters.
- No, I can't.
- Well, you could warn people.
Hello, I'm a naked time traveler.
- Don't get on that train.
- You could try.
Well, I haven't exactly memorized every train wreck.
- Please excuse me.
- Seriously? Surgical masks? - Mm-hmm.
- Why not? I'm sorry? Well, you work in a damn library, why not memorize the train wrecks? Well, I've never exactly been in that situation.
So, uh Why don't we just leave it, yeah? Jesus! Look at you! What about me? Memorize the train wrecks.
He can barely take care of himself.
And you, what, think he should be out there just saving everybody else? Like some sort of superhero.
Grow up! I think Clare's well aware - that I'm not a superhero.
- Oh, I bet she is, dear.
I bet she is.
And that's why she doesn't like you very much.
How dare you.
- How dare you! - Oh, I'm sorry, Clare.
I really I didn't mean to offend.
But if you're gonna steal my boyfriend, it'd be nice - if you at least appreciated him.
- Or just tried to understand what he's going through.
- I do understand.
- I don't think you do.
Oh, I think I do.
I have loved him since I was six years old.
No, no! You loved him! George Clooney in a blanket.
Catalogue man.
Your hero.
You see, I love the real one.
Don't you ever cut your hair, you beautiful boy.
Stay wild.
I know this is tough, Ingrid.
I know this is unfair, but I really Am I dead? 'Cause the way you keep looking at me, I mean, what what is that? Am I dead? Ingrid, you know I don't talk about the future.
Oh, apart from Netflix? Apart from fucking stock tips? Honey.
I'm asking a question.
Just look me in the eye and tell me.
Am I dead? Well, you look pretty alive to me.
In the future? Everybody's dead in the future.
How'd I do it? Oh, God.
I hope it was pills.
Or what, did I get messy again? I have a right to know.
We were in love once.
Ingrid I'm 41 years old.
I've never seen myself older than 42.
Now, maybe that means that one day I find a cure for time travel.
Or maybe it means that one day I don't run fast enough.
My survival depends on running, and I can't help noticing that I'm getting a bit slower.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry for everything, but knowing is not a right.
Knowing is hell.
Love over time is death or loss.
Those are your only two exits.
How long do I have? I'm not gonna tell you that.
- At least tell me that.
- No.
- At least tell me that.
- Not very long.
Jesus! I don't have very long either.
All right? Nobody has very long.
Nobody gets out of this alive.
But what are you gonna do, huh? You gonna hide? Junior, what do we do? Live like we're gonna live forever.
And you know what? You'll only be wrong once.
I loved you.
Then we must have had some good times.
You get to keep those.
Don't spoil the memory of good days with the regret that they're over.
It's all gonna be over.
And sooner than you think.
Take it from a time traveler.
- Did you see that? - Gomez.
He disappeared! - Did did you see that? - Shut up, Gomez.
Oh, my fucking God! Fuck you all.
Hey! Hey, do you do that? Do you disappear like he did? Yes, that was him.
I don't I don't have the words This is this is so So, how does everyone feel about dessert? - Clare, you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just putting this away.
Where have you been? Discovering my wife has been lying to me our entire married life.
Oh, our first time, in the clearing? Yeah.
For years you've told me that never happened.
No, I didn't.
Well, you always said I was the perfect gentleman.
Let me show you what I mean by perfect.
You okay? Will I see him again? Well, technically you're seeing him right now.
Yeah, but him.
I don't know.
Well, no, I do know, and, uh yeah, definitely.
You just might have to wait a bit.
Shall we? What's that? Mercy.

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