The Time Traveler's Wife (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode Five

The thing about living with time travel,
it's never your only problem.

You get all the normal problems too.

Like, for instance
her friends.

- Hi.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Hey.

- Thanks.

- Yeah.

- So, how's Clare?
- Good, she's good.

- Same old Clare.

- Yeah.

- Charisse?
- Good, yeah.

We've gotta ask, right?
Because if we don't,
when we get back to them
they're gonna ask, yeah?
Charisse will ask, "How's Clare?"
Clare will ask, "How's Charisse?"
And if we don't ask, we're
in trouble.
Am I right?
Well, they live in the same apartment.

They probably know how each other are.

Good point.

- I I was kind of joking, really.

- Right.

Observational humor.

Got you! Yeah.

Why do you look at me like that?
- Like what?
- I don't know.
Like that.

- Like what?
- You've always given me funny looks.

- You're a time traveler.

- I'm aware.

You're the first interesting thing
that ever happened to me.

I mean, I'm a lawyer.

I'd literally get paid to prevent
interesting things from happening.

And now look at me.

I'm friends with a time traveler.

- Are you, though?
- Am I what?
You and me, are we actually friends?
Well, according to you we are.

According to me, what does that mean?
Well, not you you, you from the future.

- What does he know?
- Hell of a lot more than you.

You know, it just doesn't seem
like we've got a lot in common,
- you know what I'm saying?
- Mm-hmm.


- I mean, apart from the obvious.

- The obvious?
Apart from the fact
we both want to fuck Clare.

No! No, no, that that is not
- That is in no way true.

- Relax!
- It's okay.

- I want you to understand
- that that is no way true.

- It's fine, it's fine,
I get it.
All right.

I mean, do anything about it, and
I'll tie a knot in your windpipe,
but, uh, short of that,
I graciously accept the tribute
of your debilitating envy.


- You need to take that back.

- It's not a problem, man.

- You need to apologize.

- For what?
I don't have feelings of that kind
or of any kind for Clare.

- Oh, sure you don't.

- You should apologize!
You should sit back down on your ass
before it starts talking again.

All right, we tried to have
a drink, it didn't work.

Let's just leave it at that.


If you think that I'm giving you
funny looks the whole time,
maybe there's a reason
that you don't know about.

Oh, if you're gonna put
your hand on my knee,
maybe you should buy me dinner first.

- I've seen you before.

- I know.
I was drunk.

- Before that.

- Before when?
- That wasn't the first time.

- Oh, when was it then?
I recognized you.

- Where from?
- Hmm,
see, if we had been
having a pleasant drink,
maybe I'd have told you!
Can I have a rest?
Rest from what? You're just sitting.

- Can I see it?
- Not yet.

I hope you remember I'm wearing clothes.

How did you know?
Well, I've seen the finished picture.

That's cheating.

Well, so is drawing me
without any clothes.

- What was that?
- Nothing.

A squirrel or something.

What makes you think I don't
know exactly who that was?
It was nobody.

I've met your family, remember.

Long time ago.

Why are you smiling?
- Well, I guess it was funny.

- What was funny about it?

- Me?
- Yeah.

You, Clare Abshire.

You're very, very funny.

Do you hate your parents, or something?
No, of course not.

Why would I hate them?
You seem to have moved a very
long way away from them.

Are we gonna be there soon?
It's not far.

Sit back.
What's wrong with you?
I'm in a car.

Okay, what's wrong with cars?
I'm what's wrong.

If I time travel now,
wherever I arrive, I'll be doing sixty.

Somewhere in history,
there'll be a big splat
with a surprised-looking
face in the middle.

Your phone keeps buzzing.

- Yeah.

- But you don't answer it.

Yeah, it's nothing.

I might start thinking
it's your other woman.

Well, it is.

- Ingrid?
- No.

- Gomez?
- Yeah we had a, uh, little tiff.

Well, he's just trying to be friendly.

Well, he needs to stop that.

He's gonna be your best friend okay,
like it or not.

- Says who?
- Says future you.

You don't want to listen to him.

I am well known for
being a lying asshole.

Well, future you isn't.

Future you is awesome.

Could you stop preferring me to my face?
He's you but awesome,
how could I not prefer him?
Oh, great.

There's exactly one of me in the
world and I'm coming second.

I mean, is there anything I do better?
What about the the hair?
Is the hair any better?
The sex is good.
I really like the sex.

Oh, well, that's, uh, good.

Thank you for the feedback.

Well, I mean, I'm basically
betraying the love of my life
with his hot kid brother,
but it's good.

Well, you put it like that
and it does sound good.


- Yeah.

- Answer it.

- Do I have to?
- Yes.
And be nice.

- Hey.

- Hey there, comrade.


So, you're on the road then, with Clare.

Everything going okay?
- Yeah sure.

- No time travel issues?
Well I showed up in Dallas in '63,
and shot up a motorcade.

I hope I didn't change
anything important.

- Joking, right?
- Yeah, I'm joking.

I gotta get used to you
and your sense of humor.

Well, that would save a
certain amount of time.

- Hey listen, yesterday?
- Ah, forget about it.

I'm sorry I blew up at you.

It's fine.
We were both out of order.

I'm totally happy to forget about it.

- Me too.

- Good.

Oh, um, and, uh, the other thing I said
about seeing you a while back,
how I recognized you the
first time I saw you.

- Mm-hmm.

- Is it, um
Is it okay to tell you about that?
- Yeah, sure it is.

- It like
It doesn't affect causality?
Sorry, what? Let's go.

Well, does does telling
you affect the causality,
- you know, of time.

- The causality of time?
Do you
do you listen to the words
coming out of your mouth,
or do you just hang around
in the same room as them?
You know what, Henry?
- Fuck you, man!
- No, no, no, wait, wait.

I'm joking, man.
Again, I'm joking.

We don't like each other.

How is he supposed to be my best
friend if we don't like each other?
I don't like him.

But he's gonna be your best friend.

How? How's that even possible?
There it is.

There's where I come from.

- Meadowlark House.

- Okay.

I'd say, uh, big.

It's weird to think
you've never seen it.

One family in this place.

What do you need all
the other rooms for?
Our issues.

The trouble with revisiting
your childhood
is nothing is quite where you left it.

You tell yourself it all
looks exactly the same
and then somebody else sees it.

That's Mark.
Promise you
won't out-asshole him.

Well, it's not like it's
a competitive thing.

- I promise.

- Thank you.

- My baby.

- There she is.

So, this is the young man
in question, is that right?
Mom, Dad, Mark, this is Henry DeTamble.

Good to meet you.

- Call me Philip.

- Ah! I'm Lucille.

- Please, welcome to our home.

- Lucille, hi.

Sorry, did you say Mom?
How's that possible?
How is this your mom?
What, were you eleven?
Oh! Don't be silly.

So, you're the lucky guy who's been
violating my kid sister, yeah?
Yeah, well, you know
one of them.

- Uh.
That's for you.

- Thank you.

- Yes.

- Yes.

- Please.
Come on in.

- Yes, yes, let's go.

So, Clare tells us you work
at the Newberry Library.

Yeah, the Newberry, that's right.

You're a librarian.

- Yes.
Special collections.

- Ah.

So, what are your long-term plans?
- Philip.

- What?
Pretty much that, you know.

Books aren't going anywhere.


You ever been to the Newberry?
Sometimes we take clients there.

Corporate events.
My law firm.

Oh, right, yeah, Clare
said you're a lawyer.

- That's cool.

- Yeah, for my sins.

My friend's a lawyer.

So, that's basically
two lawyers that I know.

- Three.
Also a lawyer.

- Almost a lawyer.

Basically a lawyer.

Well, a couple of lawyers
in the family, huh?
We're very proud.

And that's gotta come in handy, right?
If anyone breaks the law.

- I don't I don't think we would.

- Not that you ever would.

I just mean, there's
there's a safety net.

If you ever wanted to
cut loose.

- What's your friend's name?
- What friend?
- Your lawyer friend.

- Oh, yeah, Gomez.

Jeff Gomez? Oh, no,
he's in Kentucky now.

What's what's his full
name? I might know him.

I know a lot of the young ones.

Just, uh Gomez.
We call him Gomez.

- Hey, there.

- It's Gomilinsky.

- Gomilinsky, good to meet you.

- No! No, that's
No, Gomez is short for Gomilinsky.

It's sort of like a nickname.

Jan Gomilinsky.

- Right.

- We call him Gomez.

- Yeah, forgot that.

- Uh-huh.

You forgot his name?
Yeah, you know, sometimes you forget
your friends, uh names.

So, this is you.
The blue room.

Uh, bathroom's through there.

- I'm gonna get you some towels.

- There's nothing blue in here.

It used to be blue.
The name stuck.

- Where's your room?
- Why?
Oh, I just wanted to see it.

And memorize the route,
so I can find it in the dark.

Come on.

We seem to be a very
long way from each other.

Can't imagine what my
parents were thinking.



- Is that the meadow?
- Yeah.

And on the other side are
the woods, and in the woods
is the clearing where we're gonna meet.


God, it's so weird you don't know that.

- Smaller than I thought.

- What is?
The meadow.
I thought it'd be bigger.

Um, it seemed big to me.

But then I suppose everything's
bigger when you're little.

Bigger and more important.

But you, uh, you've been back
there since you were a kid, right?
Yeah, but, you know, seeing
it through your eyes now.

Can we go see it?
The clearing in the woods.

Maybe, yeah, after lunch.

- Uh, sensing a problem.

- No.

- It's just
- Just what?
- It's the clearing.

- Yeah.

The clearing was our place.

As in, our place.

- Well, yes.

- As in, I'm him.

Clare, I'm the man you met there.

- Yes, I know.

- It's me, Clare.

I'm Henry.
The same Henry.


You don't like me being here, do you?
Like this place belongs to the other me.

- That's stupid.

- Yeah, it is.
But is it true?
You could always try to
be nice to me, you know.

It could become a habit.

Like, a thing we do.

- I win.

- What? You beat me again.

- I'm getting better.

- No, you're not.

I am nice.

Yeah, but you keep looking
disappointed that I'm not him.

- Well, you keep not being him.

- Apparently, I'm gonna get there.

Don't you ever think
how amazing it must be
to fall in love in the right order?
Call me sentimental, but I
think it has some pretty
amazing qualities right now.

- Careful.

- Sorry.

Don't just throw my things.

You really like checkers that much?
Yeah, I used to play checkers.

This is the set I used with him.

With you.

It's kind of old.

It's old and really special to me.

There's nothing special
about old, Clare.

Old is what happens to new stuff,
if you wait around long enough.

- Please, gimme a lecture!
- Yeah, why not?
Why not a lecture?
'Cause you don't get it, do you?
You non-time travel people,
you don't ever, ever get it.

You hang on to things from the past,
like the past matters any more.

You you worry about the future,
and it's not even here yet,
when the only time is now.

That's the only time there ever is.


The past is what didn't kill you,
the future is what definitely will,
and in between is the
only thing that matters.


You and me
right now.

You and me
right now.

Why does sex with you
always make me feel
like I'm going to hell?
I don't know
but it is the single greatest
compliment I've ever been paid.

Lock the door.

Hey, Clare!
Put him down.

Lunch in five.

Okay, lunch.

We're due at the table.

Uh sorry, I'm committed now.

Past the point of no return.

Oh, no, come on.
You got
to go back to your room.

Freshen up.

Freshen up.

Is that what they're
calling it these days?
- Oh, my God! You're here!
- Uh.

I have missed you so much.

Whoa! Looks at this! Tight!
- Uh, who are you?
- Who am I?
Oh, Henry, I'm the love of your life,
the woman you're going to marry.

Oh, God, sorry!
I keep forgetting none of
it's happened for you yet.

Time travel must be so
confusing! I'm Alicia.

- Alicia? The sister?
- That's right, Henry, darling.

Clare's sister.
And yes
you've been very busy in this house.

Got you some towels.

You will notice that they are blue.

Now there's something
blue in the room.
- I did not do, uh, anything
- Oh, you guys have met then?
Uh, yes.
But, I I
Are you fucking with Henry, Alicia?
- Given half a chance.

- Don't fuck with my boyfriend, please.

- In any sense of that expression.

- Okay, if you say so, sis.

Uh, could somebody explain,
basically, things.

This is my younger sister, Alicia.

- I realize that.

- Oh, she knows about you
and I'm afraid she
likes to tease people.

- No kidding.

- Yeah, sorry about that,
but whoa, you made some awesome faces.

Uh, sorry, wait.

How does she know about me?
- Oh, I told her.

- What? Why?
- I saw you.
A few times.

- Yeah.

Sometimes, in the winter,
I'd have to bring you indoors.

I mean, I hid you downstairs,
but Alicia kept saying there were
naked men in the basement.

So I had to explain to shut her up.

What, you told her I was a time
traveler and you believed that?
The alternative was that my sister
had found a pipeline of naked men
under the house.

Time travel seemed so
disappointing by comparison,
I thought it must be true.

You look just like the
Henry in the drawing.

- The drawing?
- Apart from the hair.

This is better hair.

You shouldn't change that.

- Uh, what drawing?
- You haven't seen the drawing?
Oh, you gotta show him the
Is it still in Chicago?
No, actually, it's here.

I don't want him finding it
- at the apartment.

- Why not? He'll love it.

Come on,
we're due at the table.

- You, freshen up.

- Uh, you drew me?
- You've got to see it!
- Come on.

What are you doing?
Don't freak him out like that.

I'm supposed to freak
out your boyfriends.

It's my sacred duty as
your younger sister.

- He's hot.

- Yeah, I know he's hot.

- You never said he was hot.

- I didn't notice he was hot.

- I was in love with him.

- You want to unpack that one?
'Cause I'm not sure all the
pieces will go back together.

Did I just land on top of you, naked?
Oh, God.

I was a kid.
Now he's a kid.

He's not a kid, Clare.

I fell in love with a grown-up.

And now he turns up and he's all young.

- Young and hot.

- But that's not the point.

- Shit.

- What's wrong?
The faucet.

Son of a bitch!
Oh, shitting, shitting fuck.

I just think he's feeling
a little bit car sick.

- That's all.

- Oh, poor thing.

Well, you know, we can
wait a little for lunch then.

Speak to Nell.
We push lunch an hour.

- Is an hour enough?
- Uh, yeah.

Yeah, no, I'm sure it will be.

I hope he's feeling better soon.

He will.
He will.
He'll be fine.

- You all right, dear?
- Yeah.

How long has that been
Has it always been fake?
Oh, yeah.
We should
have put in a real one.

We've been talking about that
ever since we bought the house,
haven't we, Lucille?
I always thought it was real.


And I'm gonna wear it tonight ♪
I wanna get in trouble ♪
I wanna start a fight ♪
Na-na-na-na, na-na ♪
I wanna start a fight ♪
Na-na-na-na, na-na ♪
I wanna start a fight ♪
Like that.
Here we go.

Let's get to it.
Over there wearing the
green thing.
Yeah, you.

The camera on the top of the building
there has got a partial of you,
but the one on that big
old pole over back there
can't see you at all.

And now we've got a full face on you.

Thank you.
That's great.

The rest of you, you're all good.

Hey there, comrade.

Welcome to the future.
It's 2022.

Please disregard my hairline.

You hang in there.

We'll get this all sorted.

Right, now, to be clear,
the footage from those cameras
is uploading to a couple of hard drives
to which none of you
have any kind of access.

Now, my law firm, on the other hand,
has already logged a request
to see tonight's footage.

I had kind of a
an inkling something
good was going down.

So, here is my advice.
My legal advice.

Go the fuck home.

- Hey, Nell.

- Oh, hey there, Clare.

- Can you we push lunch an hour?
- Sure.
Whatever you need.

It's not gonna put you out?
Put me out? No.
It's not putting me out.

What would putting me out matter?
So, what did you think of him?
Think of who, honey? Your young man?

Well, he's pretty enough.

Hey, is he rich?
He has potential.

They all got plenty of that.

Plenty of potential.

Make sure he's rich, that's my thinking.

Or you're standing at a kitchen sink
the rest of your life.

Hey, do you remember
my imaginary friend?
The one I told you about.

I found him in the woods.

That was you? I thought that was Alicia.

No, it was me.

You two in here all the
time, chattering away.

I guess it all blurs together.

I told Henry you were the one
I shared all my secrets with.

I guess that was smart of you,
since I don't remember 'em too good.

Can I getcha a cup of tea?
- No, I'm good.

- Some coffee?
No, I'm good.

You don't need to make me anything.

It's not a problem, hon.

It's what I'm paid for.

You're pretty beat up,
but you should get away
with it in a low light.


It'll get worse when I time travel.

I know, comrade.

Why do you say that? "Comrade.
I'm part Polish.
Well, my family is.

And Poland used to be communist, right,
so they all used to call
each other comrade.

And that's a reason for us to do it?
Well, you've never
questioned it till now.

Now, for me, is 2008.

I've only just met you.

I forget, do you like me yet?
Do I ever like you?
Ah, we've got something
in common at least.

Oh, yeah? What's that?
We're in love with the same woman.

You don't hide it very
well, you know that.


Way too obvious.
I mean,
Clare knows, I know.

Jesus, Charisse must
have noticed something.

Does Charisse know?

The answer is yes.

I'm afraid you do like me.

So, how am I doing in the
- well, whatever year is this?
- You're still around.

Well, I figured with
my condition and all
not in it for the long haul.

Can't see this working out when I'm old.

Yeah, well, you're still around in 2022.

Oh, yeah.
Waiting till I'm not?
So you can swoop in,
soon as I'm out the picture?
I have a problem with you
being out of the picture,
which is complicated
and kind of exhausting.

What's that?
It'll break my heart.

We're best friends, Henry.

You'll learn to live with it.

Or do you think there's
some other reason
why I just saved your ass by walking
up to a bunch of psycho bikers
and lying to them about some cameras.

There weren't any cameras?
Of course there weren't
any fucking cameras.

- Shit.

- What?

- I do like you.

- I know.

How can I like someone
who's hot for my future wife?
Because things change over time.

For instance, these days,
I'm hot for your current wife.

I'll tell you what
doesn't change though.

I know it's hopeless.

I've known she was in love with you
since before I knew who you were,
or even if you were a real person.

You're gonna have to
explain that one to me.

- I saw the drawing.

- What drawing?
The drawing Clare did of you.

What, you could tell from a drawing?
Have you seen it yet?
Face like yours, drawing like that.

I figured she had to be in love.

Put your coffee down.

Bruckner's, 21st of September, 2022.

Seven thirty-two to 8:05 p.

Make a note when you get home.

I think I heard Henry.

I think he's back.

Henry, are you back?
Yeah, yeah, I'm I'm back.

I'm okay.

Where did you go?
Uh, Gomez, a bar.
It doesn't matter.

How are we doing on lunch?
Well, it's pretty much now.

Do you want me to say you're ill?
No, no, I'm coming.
Just, uh
cover for me a bit, okay?

I mean, go easy on me
for once, all right?
Well, you go easy on me.


I'll do my best.

Yeah, you do that.

Yeah, you too.

Oh, fuck.


Smells lovely, doesn't it?
Is anyone else enjoying
smelling the soup?
Look, we can start.
will be down in a moment.

I think I'm starting to inhale it.

The level's going down.

He's our guest, darling.

We don't mind waiting.

Do you want me to go look for him?
Maybe he's trapped
under something heavy.

Mark, stop it.

Okay, listen.
I'm just going
to be very honest, okay?
- Careful, there's family at this table.

- Mark.

Henry and I have been sort of fighting.

I mean, not really fighting,
just, you know
- New relationship stuff.

- Yeah, exactly.

- It's early stages, right?
- Right.

- Well, I I see.
- He's gonna be down in a minute,
and, uh, you know,
I'm just saying, be nice.

- Don't don't interrogate him.

- Of course not.

- I'm talking to you, Dad.

- Me?
No, of course, we'll be nice.

We're excited to get to know him.

You were the one doing the fighting.

Well, we weren't fighting exactly.

It was just
He said some things I
didn't like very much.

And, you know, maybe I
got a little bit too, um,
I don't know, judgmental.

Sorry! Sorry, everyone.

You should have started without me.

Smells absolutely delicious.


Oh, this.

Yeah, well, I don't
have to tell you guys.

Never disagree with Clare, right?
I didn't hit him.

Jesus! I didn't hit you.

No, no, she definitely didn't hit me.

No, this was just general, you know
Wear and tear?
- I fell in the shower.

- He fell in the shower.

Yeah, really badly.
a real mess of myself.

Yeah, it was a bad fall.

It was very bad.

Well, then why didn't you say something?
- I forgot.

- Forgot?
Yeah, she forgot.

- You know, because of the fight.

- Oh, we weren't fighting.

There was no fight at all.

We never really fight,
- do we, Clare?
- No, we were fighting,
I was just explaining.

- Okay.

- Mm-hmm.

I was, uh, being judgmental.

Remember how I was being judgmental?
Yeah, Clare was just saying about that.

Yeah, I was just saying that, uh,
you know, that's why I felt bad.

Because I forgot about the fall.

- Right.
Of course.

- I mean, it wasn't really a fight, just
So, Henry, what about your parents?
Clare hasn't really mentioned them.

Probably forgot.

Uh, well, my dad plays violin
for the, uh, Chicago Philharmonic.

Oh, my goodness, that's amazing.

- Really?
- We've been to the Chicago Philharmonic.

- More than once.

- Yes, we must have seen your father then.

I guess you would have.

- Yeah.

- Oh, that's so impressive.

Is he, um, the first violinist?
- No, just a violinist.

- And what about your mother?
Uh, my mother died when I was young.

Oh, dear, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, she was a singer.

Worked with my dad.

His mom was Annette Lyn Robinson.

- Really? Really?
- Yeah.
She was quite something.

Oh, she was extraordinary.

We actually have several
of her recordings here.

You know who that is, don't you, Philip?
Yes, of course.
She was
a remarkable performer.

Remarkable woman.

Well I thought so, but she was my mom.

But this this soup, I mean, wow.

It's, uh Smells delicious.

Sorry I delayed it all
- by falling over like an idiot.

- You know, Alicia is a cellist.

- I'm a hairdresser.

- Alicia plays the cello.

- It's always been her dream.

- No, I'm a hairdresser.

I like being a hairdresser.

Excuse me, I have a question.

You were late down here because
you fell over in the shower
I think we've covered this, Mark.

- So, when did you have the fight?
- Does it matter?
Well, you said the fight made you forget
about Henry hurting himself.

So it must have been after it,
but I don't see how there was time.

We're not in court, Mark.

Are we in court right now?
I don't do court work.

I just don't see when you
could have had the fight.

Well, we didn't have a fight.

I was being judgmental, that's all.

A little bit critical.
Now leave it.

Henry's father could give you lessons.

- I'm sorry.

- He's a violinist.

He could teach you lessons,
don't you think?
In hairdressing? Does he do that?
He could get you back on track, Alicia.

I am on track.

I'm doing something I'm good at.

Why do you keep going on about
the cello which I sucked.

Because a mother is allowed
to be proud of her daughter.

The cellist and the artist.

I'm an art student, Mom.

That's not being proud,
that's being disappointed.

It's not being disappointed to know
- that a person could do better.

- Yes it is.

You're bleeding.


Sorry about that.

Uh, thought I'd got all that.

Cut myself.

Don't worry, I've, uh, cleaned up.

All good as new.


Just, uh, so I'm clear.

You're lying there on
the bathroom floor,
naked and bleeding,
and somehow at this moment,
Clare becomes a bit too critical.

And then she just leaves you there,
forgets the entire incident,
but, nonetheless,
has some vague memory that she
might have been a bit judgmental.

- That about it.

- Fuck off.

Just fuck the fuck off.

- Mm-hmm.

- You know what I've had enough of?
Everything! Mom, your
daughter is a hairdresser
and she is perfectly happy about it,
and that is totally fine.

Your other daughter is an art student,
which means she better
get good at bank robbery
because sorry, everyone,
she's gonna marry a librarian.

And your one and only son is a
such a total fucking asshole,
he did the impossible
and became a lawyer
without getting noticeably worse.

These are things you have to deal with.

Thank you for the fucking soup.

Excuse me.

Did she say marrying?
- Clare, you there?
- Henry.


It's okay.
There's a thing you can do.


Where is she going?
- She's looking for me.

When you're young you see
only what you want to see.

Nothing gets in the
way of the fairy tale.

When you grow up,
your vision clears, and
you see so much less.

They're all right, really, my
mom and dad.
Even Mark.

They're just, you know, people.

Takes way to long to
realize that, doesn't it?
Your mom and dad are just people.

She took it to Chicago with her,
when she was missing you.

You know, if you'd asked me,
I could have put some
concealer on those bruises.

Can you help me?
Help you what?
Guess this place means nothing to you.

Don't you even get déjà vu?
I was going make a big ceremony
of bringing you out
here for the first time.


It doesn't matter.

I'm here now.


I'm here now.

So, what do you think?
She's pretty good, your sister.

Are you gonna tell me what you think?
I don't have any friends called Henry.

That's okay.
I promise
you, I'm a friend.

Have you seen dinosaurs?
I tickled a dinosaur's tummy once.

Do you have a wife?
Funnily enough, her name's Clare.

- Like me.

- I'm gonna disappear.

Can I watch?
- Are you coming back?
- Yeah,
I'll be back lots of times.

I have stupid ideas sometimes.

And your wife's called Clare?
I think you're married to me.

We're not married in the future.

You could be out there somewhere, dying.

- Somewhere in time.

- Hello, Henry.

You've never kissed me, you know.

Oh, I've kissed you a million times.

Why do I always have to wait?
- Let it happen.

- You were asking me a question.

Clare Abshire
will you marry me?
You asked me a question in
this clearing once, or
you're going to.

And I never got round to answering.

And what was the question?
Well, the answer is yes.

Oh, my God, yes.

- And I'm sorry.

- For what?
I loved you from the start.

From the moment I met
you in that stupid library,
I was completely in love with you.

I just expecting someone else.

Well, that's okay.

I can do that.
I can be somebody else.

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