The Tourist (2022) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Heavy cloud there, Conor.
- Heavy cloud.
- Yeah.
The sky is wearing the right
outfit for a day like this.
- We shouldn't be here.
- I'll turn around
No, the procession, I mean.
This here, this is for family.
Turn here. We'll get the boys to follow.
What in God's name do you
think you're doing here?
Leave her be.
He'd be alive if it weren't for you.
Your filth that he stuck in his arm.
Just business as usual
for you, though, right?
He was a good boy. He
didn't deserve this.
Frank McDonnell.
Woah, woah, woah. Slow down there.
I understand, yeah.
No, no, no. I'll be right there.
- You all right?
- Briain's been killed.
Shit! What happened?
Business as usual.
Yeah, I hope it's OK
that I'm calling you.
I'm not really I'm not
sure what the number here is.
- But, um
- Not a bother, not a bother.
- Are you all right?
- No.
I'm not. I'm I'm not really
'cos I just witnessed a murder.
I saw Niamh kill a man.
Oh. Are you sure he's dead?
Yeah. Pretty sure.
I can send you my location.
- There.
- Are you in danger?
- I don't think so.
- There's no one around.
- Get out of the area anyhow.
I can't leave the scene.
I'm telling you it might be dangerous.
I'll be fine, I'll just, um
find some place nearby
and I'll wait for you.
Helen, for the love
of God, can you just
I'm going to have to go.
And I am sorry I let you fall.
But you're all right
now, aren't you, Mary?
- Ruairi Slater.
- Morning, Deirdre.
What are you going to do
about that smell there?
- Excuse me?
- That big stink
wafting out of your house,
stinking up my laundry.
I've actually got Garda
business, if you don't mind.
If it's the pipes, Ruairi
Slater, you need them cleaning.
Get them men in the
suits with the long poles
to do the poking and the whatnot.
I'll get right on that, all right.
Are you not looking after yourself?
'Cos it's all right to
ask for help, Ruairi.
- You know that.
- I've really got to be going.
I'll make that call,
the men with the poles.
All right.
No, no, no, no, please, please, please.
Come on, come on.
Wait! What are you doing?
- I'll get myself back.
- Bollocks you will.
How are you gonna drive
with half your face missing?
I'll be fine. You two need to
stay here and find that bastard!
- We're going with you.
- No!
- That's the fucking end of it!
- You're not thinking straight.
You bring him back, but
you bring him back blue.
- That wasn't the deal.
- Bollocks to the deal.
What's Frank going to say, huh? Hm?
- Frank doesn't need to know.
- But the whole point of this
- in the first place
- Was a mistake!
He needs to be put down, so get to it!
Little prick's got a fucking
head start on us and all!
Really? I don't want to look stupid.
You'd look more stupid
drinking beef through a straw
like your cousin, Ushi.
What does that say?
It says that peace time's over, Liam.
That's what it says.
Come on.
- Hi.
Can I get like a like
a coffee? Or something?
Actually, make that something stronger.
Like top end of things, strength-wise.
I just saw a man get killed, so
I'm sorry?
- Is that funny here?
- You tourists are all the same.
You sound like you're a
long way from home there.
Yeah, I am.
Where the hell are you?
- There's nothing down there.
- I'm sure I saw him this way.
FERGAL: It's beautiful, isn't it?
I had this dream last night
where I was at a dinner party.
And all these famous
people were there, like
John Legend was serving the wine.
And so, we start eating,
I look down at my hands to
pick up my knife and fork,
and I had
I had these, like, sausages for fingers.
What the fuck are you on about? Come on.
- We should go.
- What do you think it means?
Like, losing your teeth or
turning up to school naked,
I understand, but sausages for fingers?
Should I go vegan? 'Cos it's
something that's occurred to me.
- We need to go.
- All right, yeah.
And split up.
We'll cover the island faster.
All right.
- Where are you going?
- I can't get over the view.
I could stand here for days.
You don't think the sausages is
about putting on weight, do you?
- Fergal, come on!
- Yeah. OK.
ORLA: Fucking sausages!
It's not like he can get very far.
There's only one way off this island.
Elliot? Oh, my God. Where are you?
- 'Are you OK?'
- Helen, thank fuck.
- Elliot?
Hello? Can you hear me? Where are you?
Island Ireland
I know we're in Ireland.
Where in Ireland?
No, I'm on an island.
I'm on an island off Ireland.
I'm on an island, Helen.
Stop saying Ireland!
I need you to be careful, Helen, OK?
Anyone you're talking to, just don't
Oh, come on!
Fuck's sake!
Oh, bollocks!
How fucking old are you?
Just answer my questions, OK?
Stop it!
Jesus, will you stop slapping me?
I don't want to hurt you,
OK? You're just a child.
Would you stop grabbing
my fucking beard?
OK, now
- Now I'm going to hurt you.
- No. No, no.
How do I get off this island?
What's that?
I can't talk with a gun in my mouth.
ORLA: 'Fergal? See anything yet?'
Get up.
Go on there. Say a word
and I'll fucking kill you.
I won't say nothing.
- Anything.
- What?
"I won't say anything."
"I won't say nothing"
is a double negative.
- So, what's a double negative?
- Just answer the fucking thing.
- (BEEP)
- Yeah, it's all clear.
'Where have you been?'
I was on the toilet.
Again? You need to sort
out your diet, Fergal.
Those beans'll be the end of you.
Now, come on.
Can I at least do up my
flies? Can you give a man that?
Go on.
I think I broke my leg.
- I can't bleedin' look.
- My heart bleeds for you.
- How do I get off this island?
- If you help me, I'll show you.
There's a rowboat half an hour
from here. I could take you.
- Please, please
- And I'm supposed to trust you?
You will try and probably fail
to kill me first chance you get.
No, please. Please, I
need to get to a hospital.
- Good luck!
- You can't just leave me here!
Please! Please don't.
You can't.
I'm afraid of the dark.
Oh, shit.
The, er humble bread roll.
That's where this journey's
culinary journey, begins.
Served with this little
rectangle of delight,
churned from the udder of a bovine.
So, yeah, the first thing
I notice about the bread
is that it's cold to the touch.
Like it's been in the fridge.
Maybe it has been in the fridge.
That would explain the coldness.
Sorry. Uh my bread roll.
Hot potato and gravy! We're going down!
- It's just turbulence.
- That's how it starts.
That's how it starts. "It's
just a rash," they say.
CREW: Ladies and gentlemen,
the captain has now switched
on the seatbelt signs.
Please ensure your seatbelts
are fastened and secure.
Do you mind if I talk to you?
I just I-I find it helps to talk.
Yeah, I noticed.
OK, um
My name's Ethan, Ethan Krum.
- Lena.
- Well, strap in, Lena.
Because turbulence, but also
because I have a tale to tell.
You see, I'm going to Ireland
for a very special someone.
A female woman who goes
by the name of Helen.
He called, Elliot.
He called, but the signal was terrible
and he just kept saying
that he was in Ireland.
So, he's still in Ireland,
then. That's good, right?
- Well, maybe we can trace it?
- How long did it last?
I don't know. A minute, maybe less.
Not enough to get anything other
than that he sounded scared.
Look, he called, so he's
OK. That's something.
Come on. Shall we take a
look at this murder, huh?
All right.
RUAIRI: What were you doing
in this part of town, anyway?
I got a weird feeling from
Elliot's mum yesterday,
so I followed her.
Once a police officer,
always a police officer!
- Are you on your own?
- Afraid so, just little old me.
I saw someone die, Ruairi.
I mean, what about forensics
and securing the scene and
What the Christmas?
No, it was right here.
I mean, the body, it
was It was just here.
And there was a word
written on the wall.
- Frank McDonnell, is it?
- It is.
You wouldn't happen to have seen
any dead bodies, would you now, Frank?
Oh, I think I'd have noticed
something like that, Sergeant.
Detective Sergeant Ruairi Slater.
We've met a few times,
actually, but that's OK.
Sorry, I've never been
any good with names.
I could tell you when
the Battle of Aughrim was,
but you asked me who me
barber is and I go blank.
I saw it right here.
This man is destroying a
crime scene, we need to get
Do you want to take a look
around, Detective? Be my guest.
I didn't, er
- see your badge there.
- I'm not with the police.
The Garda, we call
them around these parts.
And I can see that.
So, what are ya?
A well-meaning busybody, is it?
Sticking her nose in
where it's not wanted.
I'm not scared of you.
Then you don't know who you're
fucking talking to, miss.
RUAIRI: We'll be out of
your hair now, Mr McDonnell.
Wait, have you gone troppo?
- I'm telling you what I saw
- We're going now.
- What the heck was that?
- Just get in the car, OK?
Tell you what, I couldn't
get some water, could I?
(SIGHS) Fuck's sake!
Why do you have to make
it so hard on yourself?
I was just stretching.
- For my gun?
- No, like my triceps and stuff.
So, where the hell are
we? What is this place?
My family's used as a
smuggling spot since forever.
But then maybe, like, 60 years
ago, there's this big set-to.
Like a proper Western shootout
because the Cassidys came for us.
And when it was done, Frank's uncle said
he wanted the bodies
to rest where they lay
as, like, a reminder.
Who are the Cassidys?
(LAUGHING) Who are they?
They're your family.
They're I'm a Cassidy?
Right down to your bastard bones.
Why do you think your man
goes by Elliot Stanley, then?
Shouldn't it be Elliot Cassidy?
That's what you want to talk about?
I'm more interested in why
the flippers we're driving away
- from the person who took him.
- Why would you think Frank?
Frank McDonnell owns
Kilgal whiskey, right?
Same bottles we found at the scene
and Niamh took one look at
that photo and went white.
That's why I followed her there.
Christ, you're a smart one.
Why are you so scared
of Frank McDonnell?
Did you ever hear the
Hatfields and the McCoys?
That's the McDonnells
and the Cassidys for you.
Far back as anyone can remember,
they've been stepping
on each other's toes,
then stomping on each other's heads,
all the while going
about their day jobs,
buying and selling drugs.
Things have been quiet between
them for the past few years,
so I don't know why
now all of a sudden
Wait, you're telling me
that Elliot's mum is
part of all of this?
Well, she's not just
part of it. She runs it.
The Cassidy side, anyway.
You knew who she was when she came in
and you didn't say anything?
- Are you on the take?
- Christ, no!
If you don't believe me,
you should see my house.
Really, I'm not, but it's
just things around here
They're complicated, OK?
Well, even if you're not,
someone is taking bribes.
Your boss, maybe?
Maybe that's why Niamh was
so desperate to talk to him?
All I know is any
investigation that's open
concerning those families is shut down
quicker than a restaurant
with a kitchen full of badgers.
Very quick, like.
But you'd want to be very careful
going around asking too many questions.
These people, both families,
they're not messing around.
Why do you and those other
geniuses want me dead?
You weren't supposed to be dead.
You were supposed to
be helping us get to
No, I'm not saying any more. Too smart.
Well, don't say it like
that, like I'm not smart.
No, you're obviously too smart for it.
Very sorry.
I don't really feel like you mean that.
So, are you going to help
me find this boat or what?
Well, I said I would, didn't I?
And I meant it. I'm a man of my word.
God, if my family knew I was
helping a Cassidy. Christ!
You're the enemy, you are.
What is it that I've done
that makes me the enemy?
Tell me Tell me something, I
I need to know.
Do I even have family here?
Do I? I mean, I know it was
you lot who sent me that note.
There was a photograph of
me from when I was younger,
so you obviously know something.
She's going to find us.
All right.
That's it. Let's go.
Yeah, that's gonna hurt.
You said we were going
to Niamh Cassidy's house.
No, you said we should go there.
I very deliberately didn't say anything.
I thought that was you agreeing.
That was me being polite.
I'm not big on saying no.
- I'm a people pleaser.
- Look, Elliot is in trouble.
- We have to do something.
- I am.
I'm going to go through
that big rucksack of his,
- log all his possessions, like.
- And how is that gonna help?
It's procedure.
If his mum is who you say
she is, she'll know more.
She can help.
You've had a heck of a time of things.
Go back to the hotel, get some rest.
Not that you need it, because
you always look, you know,
very fresh.
If I hear anything, I'll be in touch.
- You're sort of in my car.
- Fine!
Let's speed it up a bit, yeah?
Need to get off this island,
preferably in one piece.
- I'm trying.
- Try harder.
This isn't going to end well for you.
Well, right now it's just me
against some idiot
with a sprained ankle,
so I'll take my chances.
It's broke.
And that's very rude
calling me an idiot.
Look, I need to sit down,
just for a hot minute.
This is killing me.
Just for a minute.
How far is this boat?
Not far.
Not far at all.
If you're thinking about hitting
me with that thing, think again.
Fuck me! I thought you
were a man of your word.
What? I am.
- What was that for?
- You're doing it to yourself.
I'm just looking at it.
- I like rocks.
- Oh, yeah?
What is it about this particular
rock that's drawn your eye?
Well, it's quite smooth. See?
- Smooth, yeah?
- Yeah.
Except this bit, which is
actually kind of like
- Flat?
- Yeah, flat.
Amazing things, rocks, aren't they?
Give us it here. Yeah.
Have you forgotten that
I still have your gun?
I was just looking at the rock.
- Is your leg OK?
- No, it's broken.
Thanks for asking, though.
Look, I'm sorry for
calling you an idiot.
That's all right. I am. Frank
always says I am, anyway.
- Who's Frank?
- The big man.
He's the whole reason for
all of this, taking you.
It's all for him.
Honestly, I don't know.
No one really tells
me anything important.
If it were up to me, I'd much rather be
lying on the couch with
a nice ice-cold beer
edging one out to Salma
Hayek than be here.
All this feud stuff bores the
shite out of me, truth be told.
Well, if you can get me to this boat,
then that very specific
dream might become a reality.
Come on, before your sister finds us.
Aagh, fuck's sake!
- Talk some sense into him.
- It hurts.
Sit still and let Assam
sort your face out.
Looks like you're fixing for Halloween.
So, I've just come from
your cousin Briain's place.
What's he got to say for himself?
Well, not a lot, Donal, actually.
On account of the butcher's knife
sticking out of his eyeball.
- You're joking?
- You tell me, boy.
Am I known for my sense of humour?
- Jesus.
- Yes.
Niamh Cassidy did it herself.
Walked in bold as brass.
Wrote the word Cogadh in your
cousin's blood on the wall.
Have you been keeping
up with your Gaeilge?
No, course you're not.
It means "war", Donal.
And what the fuck else did you expect?
Taking Niamh Cassidy's son.
Four good years we've had
minding our own business,
and now this.
There'll be fucking
hell to pay, both sides.
- We did it for you.
- Bollocks!
There's been something
between the two of you
since before he skipped town.
And whatever that thing
was, you wouldn't let it lie.
No, really. We did it for you.
It was
It was for your birthday.
- Ow!
- Sorry.
We saw an opportunity,
getting him back over here.
I thought we'd use the little
fucker to squeeze Mama Cassidy.
And that maybe, finally,
she could give back
what she took from you.
- Was that so?
- Yeah.
I thought she'd listen
if we had her son.
I didn't
I never thought it
would start another war.
That's all right.
I know you laugh at me.
For building all this.
See, some people think history
is just a bunch of names
and dates to cram into your head.
They think it's just
what happened.
But it's so much more than that.
It's everywhere.
- We never laughed at you.
- Good.
Because what people seem to forget
is that history has a real
habit of repeating itself.
- Oh
You're back, I see.
You're not actually
supposed to be in here
I couldn't just sit around
in a hotel room doing nothing.
He needs me.
Why the heck did I say
we should come here?
My mam used to say everything
happens for a reason.
When she got scabies from the DPD fella,
she stopped saying it like but
It's true. Life, there's a path, see,
and all the wrong turns,
all the blind alleys,
they're all part of the journey.
Maybe this is exactly
where you're supposed to be.
You just didn't know it yet.
What are you on about?
You must have thought coming
here was worth taking the risk.
Whatever that reason
was, it hasn't changed
just because things have gone bad, like.
You can't change the past.
That's kind of the problem.
How is he supposed to move on
if he doesn't even know
where he's coming from?
You, you're just a
sweet-hearted, beautiful woman
with a smile that I'd love
to just put in me pocket
and you deserve someone who's
going to treat yourself right.
Are you hitting on me?
- No.
- Oh.
Oh, Jesus, Mary and
the little ones. No, no!
Jesus! That would be very
unprofessional, actually.
And also, you know, it would be
a violation of several diff
Can I see that?
I, er, guess you didn't know about this.
I I have to go.
Where? These people are
dangerous, Helen. You need to
be careful.
ETHAN: You know, Lena, I
really do appreciate your time
listening to me ramble
on about my love life.
It genuinely has helped me to
sort of be a little bit calmer.
What the actual bananas is happening?
- Ethan, you're hurting my arm.
- Oh, cripes! I'm sorry.
I didn't even get your
consent to hold it, did I?
This is the exact kind of thing
Julian goes on about in the webinar.
Toxic behaviour! It's
a slippery slope, Lena.
First it's your arm, then
it's one of your buttocks.
And I don't know why I'm
talking about your buttocks.
Sorry. Forget it. Tell me about you.
Tell me about you. Why
are you going to Ireland?
Is it business or pleasure?
- Both.
- Both?
Tell me more.
I sent a message many months ago.
It went ignored and then one day
ding, an answer.
So now there is a man in Ireland
and I intend to surprise him.
Oh, Lena's got herself a
fella. Good on you, doll.
Sorry, that's misogynistic vernacular.
Good on you, madame.
So how are you going to surprise
this mystery fella of yours?
I'm going to make him pay
for everything he's done.
That bit of water, there.
I recognise that. We're
on the right track.
I'm so thirsty.
Stop, stop, stop!
I wouldn't drink that, if I were you.
I had a fourth cousin die on
a family holiday out here once.
That plant over there, the
leaves fall into the water.
It'll poison you up
right good and proper.
We had a deal.
Like I said, man of my word.
You know, whatever it
is I did to your family,
I'm sure it was awful because I
have done some terrible things.
Things that I'm still
not sure I can live with.
You know, I tried once
to end it all, but
my girlfriend, she
She pulled me out of it.
It was selfish, just another way out.
But I'm ready to answer for
the things that I've done,
whatever they are.
But I need to look them in the eye.
Even if they fucking blind me.
You need to speak to Niamh Cassidy.
Your mam.
My My mother?
- You know my mother?
- Yeah.
Lives in a village called Cloghal.
It's not too far from where
we grabbed you up, actually.
HELEN: Thanks.
I want I want to speak to Niamh.
I'm not going anywhere until
she comes out and speaks with me.
I don't remember
telling you where I live.
I saw you. I saw what
you did to that man.
- Is that so?
- The McDonnells took your son,
and you go murder one of their family?
You think that's gonna
bring Elliot back?
You're just making it worse for him.
You're here in my land,
speaking about things
you couldn't possibly
hope to understand.
I understand that killing somebody
isn't gonna help a flaming thing.
And what is?
We both want the same thing, OK?
We just want him back safe.
There is so much I don't know,
but if we helped each other
I have things in hand.
You were right when you
said we want the same thing.
'Cos I love my son, and I'm sure you do.
But you don't know him,
sweetheart, not really.
You don't even know his real name.
Then tell me.
Why don't you just tell me?
I've got a lot on my plate, darling.
I'm not sure you're aware,
but a war just started.
So, you take care of yourself
and let me do what needs to be done.
Well, it's to the point, I suppose.
That's my great, great
I want to say great
aunt. I'm not too sure.
She was a great woman, though.
Used to sit here a lot, apparently.
Sure she wouldn't mind if
I had a little sit down.
Still no signal.
I got through to her
before, down by the sea.
- (BEEP)
- ORLA: Fergal, it's me.
Yeah, it's me. I'm by Bridget's bench.
- He's got me.
- I'm coming there now.
So, you told her where we are?
I told her where we are.
That's that, then.
Can I help you with something?
Is Ruairi
- Is Detective Slater about?
- Oh, no.
He had to get back home.
- It's sort of his day off.
- Oh.
But he did say to help you
with whatever you wanted.
Good. Then I want to
see every file you have
on the incident at the Scláta Café,
on Frank McDonnell, on Niamh Cassidy
Look, we're not exactly supposed
to hand out that information
to members of the public.
I could just call your boss,
Detective Slater, if
that's what you want.
How do you think that's gonna go,
when he finds out you
didn't tell me what I wanted?
Yeah, not well.
Not well.
Donal gets his fucking face
burnt off and takes himself home
but you, you have to go
back with a sprained ankle.
- It's broke!
- Just
- He's not going anywhere.
- You don't know that.
- Who are you calling?
- What do you think?
- Dominic's First Cause.
- Bonjour, Timothee.
Frank McDonnell.
Mr McDonnell, to what
do I owe this pleasure?
Niamh Cassidy's boy is back.
We had him, but he slipped
away. You think you could help?
We'd make it worth your while.
More than usual.
Yes, we can help.
- So, where's Frank, then?
- In the distillery.
With Donal, most likely.
Come on. Here, I'll give you a hand.
I need to get back in
case he's still there.
You wouldn't get Aoife's old
wheelchair for me, would you?
- You're joking?
- Well, it's broke, Orla.
Go on, then.
If you tell anyone about this,
we're both dead, you understand?
- I understand.
- Now get out of here.
Well, I heard her say that
Frank is at the distillery.
- Is that close by?
- Yeah.
Just around the corner there.
If you know what's good for you,
you'd get the hell out
of here and not come back.
You know, I know I'm a Cassidy
and I'm meant to hate you,
but as far as I can tell, you're
not all bad, you McDonnells.
It's Helen.
I tried calling your phone,
but you didn't answer.
I saw a fly fishing magazine on
your desk with the address on it
and thought maybe it'd
be OK if I popped round?
It's just I saw the DNA
report in your files.
And, er, well, you
either missed something
or you somehow forgot to tell
me something pretty flipping big.
It's Helen!
I really need to talk to you.
Why didn't you tell
me about that report?
- What is that smell?
- What are you doing here?
Stay upstairs! No! No, no, no!
No, no, no!
Oh, Jesus!
Ah, shite!
I wish you hadn't have
seen that, Helen, I
I wish to God you hadn't seen that.
'I'm Elliot Stanley!
I went missing a long time ago!
(RECORDING DISTORT) I'm Elliot Stanley!
I went missing a long time ago!
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