The Tourist (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

Eugene Cassidy.
What are you doing with that thing?
No, I'll ask the questions.
I have a lot of questions.
I hear you going by the
name Elliot Stanley now.
Yeah, that's a hell
of a thing, isn't it?
Yeah. That's a good place to start.
Who is that? And why do
we have the same name?
Put the weapon down
there, Eugene, will ya?
- And then we can talk.
- Don't call me that.
We can have a proper
man to man conversation.
Just lower the gun.
Do you have any idea what it's like
to wake up every day and realise that,
that for most of your life, you've
You've no idea where you've been
or what you've done or even
what your own name is?
It has a way of making the world
look like a very suspicious place,
and I'm sick to death of it.
So just tell me,
Why did your kids take me?
There's something that I want.
Something I've been looking for.
For a long time now,
and my children thought taking
you would help me get it.
Now that wasn't my
idea, but it's done now
and it's set in motion
something that I can't stop.
Now that'll be my people.
You haven't got long now
So just start telling the truth.
Who is Elliot Stanley and
why is that statue of him?
You're the one walking
around with his name.
Would you just stop with the
cryptic shit and answer me?
If you shoot me,
they won't just come for you.
Do you know that?
I heard you came over with a woman.
Girlfriend, is it?
Are you threatening her?
You may not remember,
but I do.
I remember how bad things were
between our families, and I know
how bad they could be again.
So go talk to your mother.
She can help stop the violence.
Aye, Fergal mentioned
her. Niamh Cassidy, right?
Oh, what else did my grandson tell you?
Your grandson?
You think that you've got the bollocks
to shoot someone that you don't
even remember in cold blood?
That's the sort of
man you are now, is it?
Lads! Come down here!
I'm sorry. OK, OK, I really am.
- I'm sorry.
- Then maybe stop.
You can just put that thing away
and we can just rewind to five
minutes ago, before any
of this ever happened.
No harm done. And
and everyone,
everyone's super happy.
You know, I can't let you go now.
Can't let me go or
or won't let me go?
I didn't kill her.
I didn't say that you killed her.
It was cancer. It was
It was stupid bloody colon cancer.
- Hey
- Now back off, OK?
Back off!
Your wife died of cancer, and
you put her body in the basement.
- That's
- I couldn't bear to let her go.
Look, grief does strange
things to a person.
Ruairi I I get that.
But it doesn't mean that you have to
go and make things worse.
Oh, God, I love your accent.
You know, you remind me of her.
You do.
You know, the first time I set eyes
on you, it's like the air went
out of me, you know?
It was like my Mary was stood
there in front of me again.
Look, you haven't, you haven't
done anything wrong yet.
Let's walk out of here right now like,
- nothing ever happened.
- OK.
- Hey?
- Yeah.
- Right.
- Yeah.
OK. I need to take care of a few things.
OK, so so I'm gonna need your phone.
- Hey
- Come on.
And just, just go.
I'm going to need you to, um.
Just, if you just take a seat there.
Come on. Please. Come on.
Just to the handle.
Hurry up.
Yes, I have the address.
They'll be there in 15 minutes.
Monsieur Tioté.
It's been a while.
To what do I owe the honour?
Don't know if you've heard, but charm
and insincerity don't mix well.
Frank's people took my boy.
I need your help finding him.
You know I do not take sides.
I just need you to
keep an eye out, is all.
Frank's already talked
to you, hasn't he?
My boy got away, and you
agreed to help find him.
What happened to not taking sides?
What would your dad think?
He came here to drive
people from A to B.
You're the one who turned yourself
into an overpaid go-between.
The truce is over now, Mrs. Cassidy.
And you're not what you once were.
get everyone together.
Leave a message after
the ba da da da bop bop bop beep!
Leave a message after
the ba da da da bop bop bop beep!
Hey, it's me, again.
I'm at the hotel now.
Where are you?
I've so much to tell you.
I don't know where to start.
You're probably out
looking for me somewhere.
would you just text or,
or call or whatever?
Just let me know you're OK.
Helen, is that you?
Elliot Stanley.
That's your name, is it not?
I'm sorry, I don't
Ethan Krum.
Ethan Krum?
What the fuck?
I'm not here to hurt you, if that's
what you're worried about.
No, I wasn't thinking you were.
Where is Helen?
She didn't come back last night.
I I must have fallen asleep.
so she disappears all night,
and you catch your 40 winks.
I got fucking kidnapped.
Hmm. Well,
that explains why you look
like poo there, friendo.
I'm not your friend.
We've never even met.
Sorry, why are you here?
Well, back in medieval England,
in the olden times, they used to fight
duels and the men would battle
over the women they loved.
That's why I'm here, Elliott Stanley.
To fight a duel.
Not an actual duel
Yeah, well, I don't have time for this.
- I've gotta find her.
- Well, so do I.
Because I've changed.
I've come to seek Helen's heart.
And if I can't have her heart,
then let it be her forgiveness.
And if I can't have her forgiveness,
well, then I heard the
Guinness is better here.
Sorry, are you not listening to me?
The day I arrived here, I got kidnapped.
Whoever took me has
probably taken Helen.
Which means she's in trouble.
And I'm standing here
talking nonsense to you.
So if you wouldn't mind just pissing off
Ethan Krum, that would be great.
I'm gonna go and talk to the police.
I have her last known location.
We have a shared location
thing on our phones.
I mean, I did, I just,
just so I could see
where she was at all times.
It was it was totally consensual,
in that, I think she would have been
fine with it, had I told her.
But we could take it
to the police station.
Or you could, you know,
just so I don't have to
explain why I have it.
Or we could go there
now, find her faster.
Good thinking, friendo. Oh
Yeah. You're gonna have
to stop saying that.
Help! Please!
Oh, God.
Save your voice.
You can't hear anything
through these walls.
The man
built this place after
reading up on nuclear missiles,
and that in the paper.
Walls as thick as her legs.
Why did you come here last night anyway?
You were saying you found something.
I read the DNA report from
the bottles at the crime scene.
I didn't think you needed to know.
What about Elliot?
Would you have told him?
I mean, it's only his
life we're talking about.
What about yours?
You're a long way from home, digging
into your boyfriend's family tree.
When do you start living your life?
please, just let me go.
A glass of water, then at least?
Please. I'm so thirsty.
Strange having somebody here.
Someone who's not, you know
Our first house was like something
out of a time machine.
It was ancient, like.
And I swore I'd fix the kitchen there.
We grew to love it, you know?
So that's why we've rebuilt down here.
And I was going to show
my Mary as a surprise.
Only the day I
was going to show it.
So now, I just, I come down here
and I remember how it used to be.
Because that's the thing about memories.
You can live in them.
What are you gonna do with me, Ruairi?
You can't keep me down here forever.
No, this this was the
dress she had on the night
we got engaged.
She was making me pork and beans.
Do you like pork and beans?
Oh, Jesus, the pork and
beans she would make.
She'd slice the sausages
up into little discs.
It's perfection.
People are gonna be
wondering where I am.
So there she was, you know,
she's standing at the stove
making me pork and beans,
and she has this dress on.
I went over, I put on
that song, "Piano Man."
And we danced.
We danced the whole song.
We danced all five minutes
and 39 seconds of it.
And at the end
I told her I loved her very much.
And I asked her to marry me.
I'm not her.
I know.
What do you think Mary would do?
I mean, if she knew what you were doing.
Don't you dare talk about her.
Not the right sort of people.
No class.
- No!
- Peasant folk.
That's the kind of entitled bollocks,
those smarmy, up their own arses, cunt
McDonnell's would say,
if you asked them about
one of us, isn't it?
Let them think wearing a suit
makes them somehow better than us.
We play by our own rules.
- And we do very well,
thank you very much.
Jimmy here's got himself a
hot tub, haven't you, Jimmy?
Mona's got herself something
silky from Isabel Morales.
Whoever the bollocks that is.
Are we going to sit idly by
while those fucking idiots
try to take my boy?
Get out there!
Ask your friends, your
brothers, your sisters.
You find him
and bring him back home.
And what about you?
What about me?
You know they must come for you now.
Let them come.
What good does it do any of us?
If you're killed?
Then what do you suggest?
Abbey house.
I swore I'd never go back to that place.
How could you let him go?
I'll give you three guesses.
I've come all this way.
We don't have him, so we
can't give you what you want.
But you will find him.
Frank knows now, so we find him,
he's going straight to Frank.
If I never sent him that letter,
he would have never come to Ireland.
What can I say? Shit happens.
We had a deal.
We were useful to each other.
Now, we're not.
You know,
he would talk about you sometimes.
He would laugh about you,
about your name.
Oh, if Donal McDonnell can see me now.
You know how many Donald McDonnell's
I had to call before I found you?
A surprising amount
for such a stupid name.
Like Orla says,
Frank knows now.
Things are different.
You should have killed him
when you had the chance.
Sorry, about back there.
Yeah, I'm sure you are.
My sister
does what she's told.
Not so much.
I'm going to put a
bullet in Eugene Cassidy.
I can offer you a front row
seat, if you're so inclined,
because I know what he did to you.
And to your friends.
That's not what we agreed.
It's what I'm offering.
Do you really think you can find him?
He's dangerous.
Listen to your heart,
when he's calling for you ♪
Listen to your heart ♪
There's nothing else you can do ♪
I don't know where you're going ♪
And I don't know why ♪
Listen to your heart ♪
Before you tell him goodbye. ♪
It's time to get off the track.
I said, stop the car!
Sometimes you w ♪
Through here, it says.
Through here, it says,
unto Narnia we tread.
Hel Shortbread.
What do you think she's doing out here?
Don't know. Looking for me, maybe?
So you got her caught up
in something else, then?
Listen, I didn't choose this. Any of it.
Are you sure about that?
Only if I've learned
anything since Helen left me,
it's that everything is a choice.
You know, the way we talk to a person,
the kind of food we consume,
whether or not we wee sitting down.
Hold on. Are you saying that I
choose for Helen to disappear?
I'm saying we create our
own stories, not my words.
Those of Damien Spongle,
my internet therapist.
You talk an awful lot of shite.
So last I heard, you and Helen
were travelling the world.
Why'd you come back to the motherland?
Looking for answers, I guess,
to find out who I am.
Not that I'm any closer.
And whose idea was that?
Both of us, I suppose.
I sense uncertainty.
It was her, wasn't it?
I'd put an affordable wager on that.
She never could just let things lie,
could our Helen.
She's a born detective.
Trust me, she won't stop digging
until all your secrets are laid bare.
- Where is she?
- Well, according to this,
she should be
Right here.
Are you sure that's right?
Shortbread, it is I.
Ethan Krum.
No no.
Miss me already, do you?
- Where is she?
- Where's who?
My girlfriend Helen.
You've taken her.
Oh, deep breaths there Eugene.
Untwist those fucking knickers of yours.
I don't have your girlfriend.
Bullshit. Well, it's some
coincidence I get taken in,
and what, she suddenly just disappears?
What would be the point
unless it was to get to you?
I'd spend less time worrying about
me and look to your own family.
Can't trust the stinking lot of them.
Are you able to track
where she was before this?
Wait. What is going on?
Did you find out who took her?
Go on your phone and your
creepy fucking stalker app
are able to find out where
she was? Can you do that?
I can, I can do that.
Uh, I can do that. Um.
Uh. All right, I got it.
Do we go to the police now or what?
Fuck that. We're gonna
find her right now.
So I just spoke with Eugene Cassidy.
Seems he's misplaced his girlfriend.
Would that be something you
or your father know about?
It's not like he tells
me nothing anyway.
That's a double negative, that's called.
Something else I've
been pondering on, also.
How did Eugene ever get off that island?
Given the current is so strong.
He must be a mighty swimmer,
to make it that far.
I don't know nothing.
Another of your double negatives there.
- Yeah.
- Huh?
Why did you want me to stick around?
Just to wish you luck for
Irish school this week is all.
Good to stay sharp on your Gaeilge, eh?
Looks like you're about to
kill somebody or something.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
What the fuck is this still doing here?
You said,
after you left,
no one wants to come here.
So you all just
You didn't think, did you?
No one ever thinks.
I can arrange for this.
You don't have to.
But I do, don't I?
Because if you want blood cleaning off
the floor, seems like you
got to do it yourself.
He's gone out.
In and out he goes, like
a cat, he is. So busy.
I don't like to be busy.
It's not for me.
Right. But, uh, who
are we talking about?
The guy who lives here?
Hey, we're looking for someone.
You must be hungry.
Come in.
Come on.
Her name is Helen.
Her phone says she was here.
She's, uh, Australian.
You must be so hungry.
All you detectives work so hard.
Oh, no, we're not detectives.
You must have confused
us with someone
I need to get you a bite to eat.
Come on.
Come on.
I always wish
Ruairi had taken a wife.
But he never married.
Can I Can I help you?
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
I'm looking for a woman named Helen.
I'm Elliott, I'm her boyfriend.
And I'm Ethan.
The ex and former poster
child for toxic masculinity.
Reformed, I may add.
OK. Uh,
OK. Sorry.
You're looking for, uh,
Helen Chambers, is it?
Her phone said that this
was her last known location.
Right? Yes. (LAUGHS)
Helen came to me to, to,
to find you, actually.
Sorry. I'm Detective Sergeant Slater.
I was working on your case, and, uh.
Case closed. Here you are.
Did she say anything that
might help us find out
what happened to her?
Uh, just that she did have a lead,
and, uh, I said I'd go with her,
but I was on a call,
and she wouldn't wait.
What is that smell?
Are you getting that?
Sorry, Detective Slater, did she
It's actually just the pipes.
You know, they've been playing up.
Uh, I'm going to need to get a pole.
I don't think so, mate.
What have you got in those pipes?
Oh, it's quite the pole you
need for these pipes of mine.
Can we stop talking about pipes?
Sorry, did she say anything else?
I'm worried she might be in trouble.
No. Nothing.
No. Um
I can put out an alert.
Ask the boys to keep an eye.
My number's on there
if you hear anything.
What's a Ned talk?
What's a Ned talk?
Give us that there.
This is my number.
If you, uh, call me first.
Yeah. Or me?
No, don't. Don't listen to him.
Thank you.
That's that then.
The boys in blue or green, maybe?
They're on the case.
That guy says that Helen
found a lead looking for me.
Shit, if we knew what
that was and maybe
We can't just wait around
doing nothing while she's
I could find out where
she was before this.
You know, the signal is a bit patchy,
so there might be some gaps, but
we could sort of retrace
her movements, so to speak.
Would that be helpful?
Yes, Ethan, that that
would be helpful. Thank you.
Why are you looking at me like that?
If an Irish deer runs across that
road, you'll go through that
windshield and turn into catsup.
Oh, right. OK.
Could have just said put your belt on.
Would have saved us a lot
of fucking time there, Ethan.
Don't talk down to me, OK?
I'm sure you and Helen have
had a good laugh about me
and heck knows I get it.
I didn't treat her right, I didn't.
But I heard what you did.
Do you realise how that makes me feel?
Knowing that you were the hero
that swept her off her feet.
The man who put drugs inside women
like their suitcases and sent
them off into the skies.
Let's just go.
Helen needs our help.
I, uh I thought
maybe you might like some
pork and beans and
and then we can listen to Piano Man.
Well, that would be nice.
Uh. Yeah.
I'm gonna need some ingredients
and some cutlery and,
and a knife.
Um, to cut the little slices.
Could also use a candle.
You know.
The smell.
Oh, right.
Gotcha. Yeah.
Right. I'd better get going
on those supplies, then.
What are you doing?
Have you looked around?
We are not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.
if things kick off, don't worry.
I've got a rape whistle.
Good to know.
uh, have you seen a woman
was in here yesterday?
Australian, brown hair
Cute as a button.
Well, he's he's not wrong
about that, actually.
I wasn't here yesterday.
OK. Who was?
- Derek.
- Right.
Where's Derek?
Oh, he's coming in like an hour or so.
You can wait,
as long as you order a drink.
Well, it seems fate has
other plans in store.
Two Guinness, please.
All right.
Guinness. Guinnesses.
Yeah, I got eyes on your man there.
Yeah, I saw him myself
not two minutes ago.
You have to go to the pub.
At least they will not have far to go.
- Frank?
- Yes.
It's me.
pork and beans, huh?
Mary's invention.
We both got home late one night.
She worked for the ambulances.
See? She says,
"Ruairi, I got pork and I got beans."
And I says, pork and beans
it is then.
And that's how pork
and beans came about.
Hey, uh, why don't you come
take a look at these, um.
These slices thin enough?
I can see from here,
they're perfect, like.
This is fixing to be the best
day I've had since my Mary
What I'm trying to say is, is
when this is over, we'll work
something out. I'll let you go.
You make it sound so simple.
You don't believe me?
You kidnapped me.
This isn't me.
I've never done anything
like this before.
Not ever.
That's like saying I've never
had a parking ticket before.
So if I get one, I
shouldn't have to pay it.
But people do say that all the time.
First offence and all that,
you're a police officer.
You understand?
I understand right and
wrong, is what I understand.
How does that work with your man, then?
Excuse me?
With him,
being a Cassidy and all.
That's not
Tell me, tell me about Mary.
Tell me how you two first met.
Oh, now, there's a tale.
It's a tale she'll be
telling though, 'cos
Back in the day, I'd
enjoy a drink or five.
So the actual moment we
met is a bit of a blur.
The night I can't remember
with a woman I can't forget.
That's what I've always said.
It was a friend's party.
Friend of a friend and
You should probably go back
to cooking, shouldn't you?
I can set the table.
Don't you worry about that.
You won't be needing that
knife anymore, will you?
no I won't.
You're not going to have yours?
There's people out there looking for me,
and I'm just sitting
here like a fucking
Hey, sorry.
You said that Derek
was gonna be an hour.
It's been longer than that.
That's Derek for you.
That's Derek for you, great.
What are we even doing?
I mean, is this even gonna
make a fucking difference?
Oh, we're doing something.
I wish I hadn't spent so much
time sitting around my house
dreaming about my ex.
Your current girlfriend.
At least now I'm here
and I'm fighting for her.
This worked best when we didn't talk.
If you could do it all over again,
would you still come back here?
Uh, well, I got kidnapped, and now
Helen's been kidnapped, so, you know,
I think on balance, it's probably a no.
Yeah, but you said
yourself your family's here.
It might be hard, but you're
learning about yourself.
Are you actually ready
to walk away from that?
See whatever you're paying
your internet therapist,
it's too much.
Follow me.
Right lads, don't want any trouble.
Frank McDonnell is looking for you.
OK. Thanks for that.
Ugh, can you not with the gun?
Can you not with the gun, please?
OK, this really doesn't seem
like a 'me' sort of encounter.
Come on.
Get off me! Go!
Come here.
Come on then. Who wants it?
Come on then.
Come on.
Hold on. I got him.
Please, please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me. Ah, ah!
Who's the fucking..?
Go, go!
- You have to drive.
- Why?
I can barely move my arm.
- I can't drive stick.
- Ouch!
You wonder if this
fight is worthwhile ♪
Jesus Christ!
Hurry up!
Hurry up, hurry up! He's coming!
Feeling of belonging ♪
To your dreams ♪
Quickly, man, quickly.
Listen to your heart ♪
Come here. You say you don't
remember anything, huh?
- Don't
- So you don't remember me, then?
Shame. They said I had
to bring you in alive.
They didn't say anything about not
blowing your nutsack off beforehand.
Not something you really need
to specify, though, is it?
- It's kind of implied.
- Shut up!
- Ow, ow!
Ow, ow.
That's some good pork and beans.
As long as there's pork and as long as
there's beans, she'd say there'll
always be pork and beans.
She sounds like
a wise woman.
A poet, she was.
That's how I knew. See?
Only our third date.
I knew I'd ask her to marry me.
You were that sure?
Oh, yeah.
Carried the ring around for months
and months, just waiting for the moment.
That night, the dinner, the dancing.
It just felt right.
Your man has been carrying
a ring just like it.
It's weird not to have
anyone to talk to about it.
I mean, he doesn't even
know I've seen it. And
What? Weren't you happy?
I don't know.
I mean, I, I should
have been, but I just
I didn't know what to think.
That's OK. Right?
Uh. Never mind.
When you know,
you just know.
It's OK. Two, three and
It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday ♪
Three, two.
One, two, three.
There's an old man
sitting next to me ♪
Making love to his tonic and gin ♪
I love you, Mary.
I know.
Why didn't you fill it up?
Oh, I didn't know people were
going to be trying to kill us.
Did I?
Well, at least we made it out alive.
Hey, friendo?
Well, thanks to you
saving me back there.
And you, me.
Unlikely brothers in arms.
Hey, you know, we could
come up with, like
- Yeah, let's not.
- OK.
Ah. Hell.
Oh, Jesus!
Come on!
He's big.
You can't talk?
My mother sent you. Why?
You'll take me to her?
How am I supposed to trust you?
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You can come up now.
You could have taken that knife.
Why didn't you?
Something about me and
broken men, I guess.
I meant what I said. You can go.
You know I have to report this?
There's no need.
I'll be turning myself in.
- As soon as.
- What the Dickens?
I'm going to bury Mary.
I should have done a while back, but
I don't know. It's just
hard letting go, I guess.
Living in the past does no one any good.
If I were you, I'd get back to your
man and get out of this place.
digging all of this up.
Just get back in your travels
and enjoy the ride while you can.
Might be tricky getting back to him,
him being taken and all.
Oh Jesus,
apologies. That's right.
I didn't tell you.
Oh, he came here looking for
you with some other fella.
Well, he's OK?
He's looking fine and dandy,
with a beard you just love
to run your fingers through.
How did, how did he get away?
What happened?
You go call him.
He'll tell you himself.
I don't actually no,
he has your phone on him, though.
I can give you a ride to
your hotel, if you fancy?
I think I'm good.
Turn yourself in, yeah?
Scout's honour.
Ruairi, I wish you'd taken a wife.
I did, Ma.
I did.
I can wait in the car.
Yeah, I'll wait in the car.
I'll call the rental agency.
I thought,
seeing me,
or this place, at least,
I thought it might
knock something loose.
I'm sorry.
And I keep hoping that
something's gonna come back.
Like, I'll, uh.
Like, I just wake up one day
and it'll be there, you know?
I wonder if you could still dance
if you heard the right music?
Oh, you could turn a Piqué that
would move a grown man to tears.
- Piqué?
- Take a seat.
You're lucky your
friend has a weird car.
People noticed it.
If it wasn't for that, I
might not have got that call.
I might not have found you in time.
Listen, um,
I'm sorry to jump
straight in like this, but
I'm actually looking for someone,
and, um, someone told me that,
that you might be able
to help me find her.
I can help.
I know,
for all it hurts,
you can't remember me.
Maybe it's just as well.
I wish I could forget.
Watching your brother die in my arms.
My brother?
Two years older than you.
the two of you looked so alike,
people always took you for twins.
No, sorry.
This isn't the first thing
I wanted to say to you.
How did he die?
Shot in the stomach.
He was found
bleeding, half dead.
At Lough Taymor.
Lough Taymor.
You wouldn't say who it was, but I knew.
I knew in my bones.
It was Frank McDonnell's boy.
enough sad stories.
And sad memories.
I'm sure you got a lot of questions.
Let's start with this
person you're looking for.
Right. Her name is Helen Chambers.
Um, she's been missing since,
I don't know. Um,
actually, uh,
I found her phone out
in the middle of the
Excuse me. Hello?
HELEN: Oh, my God, are you OK?
Helen? Jesus Christ, Helen,
where'd you go? Are you OK?
I'm all right.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
Where are you?
I'm back at the hotel.
Where are you?
It's a long story,
but I'll tell you when
I see you, all right?
Don't go anywhere.
I won't.
I love you.
Yeah, I love you too.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but
I have to go.
Of course you do.
I'd be right here waiting, Eugene.
You OK?
You think this would be awkward for me?
And you would be correct.
- Ethan?
- For it is he.
Don't ask. Christ,
where do we even start?
Um, somewhere private would be good.
Well, hey, hey. I came
a long way to talk to you
and me and my man Elliot here
have been through a lot.
Which makes what I'm
about to say somewhat awks.
OK, look, before we get into
wherever you guys have been and
where I've been, I really
have to tell you something.
Like, like really,
really have to tell you.
(SIGHS) I'll be outside.
Car should be arriving any minute.
The customer service
really is second to none.
I'll be outside.
OK, look. While you were
gone, I found something.
There was this DNA report,
and it listed two
matches from this broken
whisky bottle that we found.
One of them was yours, and the
other belonged to this bloke,
Fergal McDonnell.
Fergal. Yeah, um,
I know him.
He's the kid who got me off the island.
What is this?
Well, the DNA it,
it was a first generation match Elliot.
This kid is your son.
And to the elephant,
in the room.
I'm the elephant in the room.
Did I hear something about a son?
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