The Tourist (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

Going out for a walk.
- Okay.
- I'd like to be by myself.
- Boss.
- It's not a request Tomasz.
Just a walk is all.
Good trip, madam?
Waste of bloody time.
What are you smiling about?
It's my wife.
She's pregnant.
That's all the world needs,
more people in it.
Here's fine.
As you wish, Miss Cassidy.
- How are you?
- How are you?
You just can't stay
away, can you, Eugene?
- Let's stick with Elliot.
- All right.
What can I do you for Elliot?
he's mine, isn't he?
Are you asking or telling?
The police found a DNA match.
Did you know?
That my own grandson
was a Cassidy bastard?
No, I didn't.
Of course I didn't know.
I knew there was something that
happened between you and Donal,
because of the way he spoke about you.
Well, they never asked.
So, what now?
They're gonna take him out fishing,
teach him how to shave,
is that it?
He doesn't know, does he?
That Donal's not his biological father?
No, he doesn't.
It's not your place to tell him.
If you dare show your face
near any of our grounds,
you will be cut down.
People need to know who they are.
Oh, he does know he's a McDonnell.
- Always will be.
- I just need to talk to him.
All right, that's all.
But you didn't, though, did you?
Ah, way back when.
You knew, fine well, he was yours,
but you still cut and run, didn't you?
You still got the fuck
out of town, Eugene.
Here, how about this?
You want to talk to Fergal
so very bloody much right,
and I can make that happen.
But first I want you
to get something for me.
My father died in Boston,
Massachusetts, 42 years ago.
He knew before he
went into that surgery.
So, he called me and he
gave me a tracking number.
Said he'd sent me
something very important.
Something that I really should know.
- Just tell me what you want.
- I am. Jesus!
It seems Elliot is no more
patient than fucking Eugene was.
So, the cargo plane that
was carrying the thing
that my father sent me,
it went down
just off the coast, right here.
Now, retrieving something like that,
apparently there's a cost.
So, while everyone was arguing about who
should pay to dive down and
rescue a bunch of bags, I sent someone,
but he didn't come back.
And I believe that your
mother went with him
and left him on the
bottom of the ocean floor.
So, you believe my mother killed
some guy and then stole what
your dad left you?
Okay. Belief isn't proof.
She has it.
And if you get it for me,
you shall have the father son
thing that you have craved
for all these minutes.
- I'll ask her.
- Just like that.
Just like that? I don't
remember any of this shit.
So, I give approximately zero fucks.
Means nothing to me. I'll get it.
Okay, then.
Here, Elliot. That man she
went into the ocean with,
the fella I sent to find that plane.
Do you want to hazard a wild
guess at what his name was?
Go on. You might surprise yourself.
Was it Elliot Stanley, perchance?
Bingo, son.
I'll be in touch.
See, mansplaining is when
a man explains to a woman
something that he thinks
she might not understand.
Ethan, I broke up with you.
It's over.
- Um, well.
- I have to, um
I have to go and see my mother.
There's no shame in that.
No, uh, no.
Ethan, go home.
But, Shortbread
Well, I'm not your
shortbread or your long bread.
Goodbye, Ethan.
It's been
Can I borrow your car?
You really saw my
mother do that with a
- butcher's knife?
- Yep.
I mean, one minute she's telling me
about your famous ballet skills, and
the next she's murdering
people in broad daylight.
Well, I'm glad you're okay.
I'm glad you're okay.
So, what's he like?
This kid of yours.
he's kind of an idiot.
Oh, that makes sense given, you know.
You like him?
I don't know him.
An ex, a kid.
Your mother is quite the trip.
- It was your idea?
- Oh, yeah,
I'm very aware of that.
But now I just,
I don't know.
What if we left?
Well, uh, okay.
So, my son, my mother,
what, we just leave them behind?
Well, yeah, no, I know
it sounds crackers.
I just,
I mean, we were fine
before all of this and
we both nearly died, and
maybe coming here was just a mistake.
We can't just keep running away.
I understand, I do.
So, um,
when the police were going
through your rucksack, they, um,
they found something.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
You're talking about?
Yeah, yeah.
Well thank you.
It's so sweet of you.
I'll put some music on.
- Let's see what's on.
- Okay.
Sorry, I'm just
not really feeling the music right now.
Can I have a guinness there please?
Sorry, no, could you make that a scotch?
You're that guy?
We, uh, we met at your house.
- Right, hello there.
- Hello, friend.
We, um, we found her, by the way.
That kind of day, was it?
You can say that again.
That kind of day was it?
You look like you're traversing
some salty waters there my friend.
They found the rocks at
the bottom of the ocean,
that's for sure.
Rock bottom. That's clever.
Continuing with the seafaring analogies.
Might I offer you a sort
of floatation device?
There's no coming back from this.
Well, even when a person
has been underwater
for a long time, it still may
be possible to resuscitate them.
I did a course in Brisbane
in my pyjamas once and
If you don't mind, I'd
just like to have my drink.
I've done something awful and
there's no coming back from it.
Okay, there's just, there's not.
you're speaking to the right person,
because I have done
terrible things
and it's like
I knew at the time I was wrong
that I should try to be better,
but it's like I was in it.
So, why not just keep carrying on?
Because maybe things were so bad
that I couldn't make them worse,
you know what I mean?
I do.
I really, I really do.
Well, let me buy you another scotch.
TV NARRATOR: Commonly mistaken
for plants, corals are actually
animals related to the
anemone and jellyfish families.
They provide a (INDISTICT)
25% of the world's marine life.
Known as rainforests of the sea,
these vibrant ecosystems
are found across
our planet and are a delicate
hive of activity for ocean dwellers.
The moon.
It's got a face, doesn't it?
I saw the face of the moon this evening.
It was laughing at me.
You know why that is, Claire?
shoaling fish like these (INDISTINCT)
is a busy epicentre
for feeding organisms,
and many have developed
defence mechanisms
to protect themselves
while feeding.
The yellow tiger fish
is a habitual.
Look at me.
Would you?
Go on then.
Do to me what you want to do.
Is that what you said to him?
To Eugene Cassidy, just
before he bent over and put
his baby inside you. Is
that what you said to him?
- He's upstairs. Don't!
Have you got any idea
what it's like to raise
a boy that's not even mine?
Put them down.
Go ahead.
What do you think she'll say?
We'll soon find out.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I mean, that is brilliant.
You stuck it in McDonnell, and
they ended up bringing him up
as one of their own.
Did Frank know?
He does now.
Bet he doesn't know
what to do with himself.
It'll be fucking killing him,
this will.
It's good to have you back.
Well, I'm not,
not back, you know, I'm just here.
Good as.
Not for me it's not.
Never thought I'd see the day
you shacked up with
an officer of the law.
Well, I never thought I'd see my mother
in law put a knife
through some guy's eye, so.
Mother in law?
No, it's just, it's just
an expression.
Um, Elliot here, he, um,
he needs to find something.
Something that you took from Frank.
What's Frank McDonnell telling you?
he says that his dad sent him something
and you took it,
right before you killed
someone called Elliot Stanley.
You'd do well to take what that man
says with an oversized
fucking boulder of salt.
Why would he lie?
Let me tell you a story
about Frank McDonnell.
There was a fella back in the day.
Got hold of a bottle of Macallan
Michael Dillon at auction.
You know it?
Can't say I do.
Worth near seven figures.
One of the rarest bottles
of whisky in the world.
Anyway, this fella bought the bottle
and he called it a barley branch.
Extended it to Frank to try
and put the whole family feud
in the rear view. You know,
less blood, more money.
And Frank, he said yes.
They went out fishing
on Loch Mellon to talk.
To see what could be done.
Before a single word was spoken,
Frank smashed the bottle off
the side of that boat and slit
the man's throat.
Threw the body into the
lake like it was nothing.
A murder worth a million pounds.
And that is why your uncle,
my brother is not sitting
in that chair there.
Yeah, it's him and
his girlfriend I think.
They're in there now.
I'll drop you a pin.
So, you're telling me honestly
that you didn't take anything
from Frank McDonnell?
Cross my cold black heart.
Well, I guess I'll just
have to find it another way.
I can help.
We'll come up with something.
For every part of me
that hates that family,
there's more that loves you.
And if what you want is to talk
to that boy, I will find a way.
Thank you.
Do you mind if it's tomorrow, though?
- I'm knackered.
- You can stay here.
Both of you.
You'll be safe from the
bastards out looking for you.
Ah, that's okay.
We wouldn't want to put you out.
No, I appreciate it.
Maybe just one night.
You can stay here as long as you want.
You're my son.
Back where you belong
and not a moment too soon.
Frank McDonnell has taken a lot from me.
You're the last blood I got left.
I saw her stab a man in the eyeball.
I mean, why are we having
a bleeding sleepover?
Because I'm tired.
Um, because she might
have answers for me.
About what exactly?
Me, my life,
and she said she could
help me talk to Fergal.
And you believed her?
You didn't believe her.
Well, if we stick
around, we might actually
find something out.
More so than we would if we walked away.
And you're sure we're not,
you know, just missing
this whole walk away
thing a little too quickly.
I mean, we both survived
our respective kidnappings,
and, well, we learned
a very important lesson
about not believing every random letter
we get from a stranger.
Hey, some towels there
and fresh clothes for the morning.
They were your brothers.
- Sleep well.
- Thanks.
I'm gonna go and have a shower.
Good idea.
definitely staying here.
You mind?
How much did you hear?
Is it true?
Were you ever going to tell me?
Probably not.
you just keep lying to me.
It doesn't change anything.
My whole life I was
told the Cassidy's are
subhuman retards,
worth less than the shit
that comes out of them.
Don't say retards, Fergal.
It is what we call them, though.
It's true enough.
He's still your dad, Fergal,
and you're still a McDonnell.
I'm not though.
I'm not going tomorrow.
Well, it's been booked months.
I don't need to learn
fucking Irish, Mam.
It's important to Frank.
Well he's not even my granddad.
He is. That hasn't changed.
And with all of this, your
dad feels it's best if,
if you were somewhere else.
For now.
It's like that is it?
for now.
Shower's good.
- You want to go?
- Yeah.
I'm going.
Been a long day.
Oh yeah.
I mean, meeting the parents
is normally weird, but
this takes all the
biscuits and more biscuits
and takes them too,
and it's pretty much just a
biscuit shop at this point.
Made out of biscuits.
Thank you,
for trying to find me.
Thank you for trying to find me.
Hey, um,
the ring?
What did you do with it?
Oh, um, yeah.
Uh, it's in your bag
at the police station.
Ah, so we can get it tomorrow.
Did you notice how I didn't
ask you what you'd say?
You know that saying that is
basically asking me what I'd say.
And the truth is, I
don't think I'll know
until you actually ask me.
But shouldn't, you know, I mean, like
shouldn't you have, like, a reaction?
I didn't expect it, is all.
I mean, it's kind of a shock.
- A shock.
- Yeah.
Well, that's not good.
Well a shock can be a good thing.
But they're usually
not, though, are they?
I mean, like,
uh, electric shock,
anaphylactic shock, septic shock.
Okay, let's just stop listing shocks.
I love you.
I love you too.
- Cardiogenic shock.
- Okay.
Hey, boy,
fuck quieter.
Just like his mother is, that boy.
Put it back in your trousers, Eugene.
We've got company.
(WHISPERS) You two, around the back.
Fuck's sake!
What the fuck is going on?
You were followed and
they've come to kill us.
That's what the fuck's going on.
We would have seen them.
You didn't and you were,
you led them right to us.
Now follow me if you enjoy breathing.
- Do you have another gun?
- I do in the kitchen.
- You want to go and get it?
- No.
No, Tomasz, it's me!
- Fuck, how many?
- Ten.
Mention this and I'll
serve you your own bollocks.
Let's get you safe.
Did you get any sleep?
I don't know.
Some, maybe.
Where even are we?
I have no idea.
Just like old times.
I don't know what that means.
You must remember some from school.
I remember, um, service station
and library.
It's a start.
It's not normal, you know.
Well, most people who find out
that their dad is not their dad
don't get sent away
like it's their fault.
I told you,
this was already booked.
we just want to keep you safe.
Your dad,
he loves you.
And this,
is gonna stir things up.
Even more than Mama
Cassidy doing cousin Brian
through the eyehole.
This is the best place
for you right now.
There's a war coming.
And this place will help
you find out who you are.
I know who I am.
Love you, Mum.
Just looking for my name tag.
Just, um
just looking for the name tag.
It's Irish only, remember?
I do, yeah,
but mine's shit, so.
that's why you're here, though, right?
Not really.
Because my granddad Frank
wants me to reconnect
- with where I'm from.
- Aww.
Where I'm from is a lie though.
did you find yourself there?
Close enough.
Don't you fucking start with me.
that's bollocks.
I don't want to hear it, monsieur Tiote.
I know it was you.
You sent Frank's people
right to my doorstep,
to me and to my son.
I'm getting another call.
This isn't over.
I suggest you sleep with
one eye open from now on,
you shifty little fuck.
How did,
things end up last night?
People died.
More of theirs than ours.
Someone's on the phone.
It's Fergal McDonnell.
He wants to talk to you.
So, you've,
you've heard?
That I'm
I uh,
looked up your mom's number
in my dad's phone when
he was passed out drunk.
You said I wasn't smart.
I don't know, I just, I
just thought I should, um,
Probably a good thing I didn't kill you
on the island back there.
Yeah, yeah.
No, that would have been some real
greek tragedy stuff there, wouldn't it?
Irish tragedy, but,
You know, I,
I don't really,
and I'm not really good
at this sort of thing.
I don't really know what to say.
Um, I was,
I was thinking maybe we could meet.
Yes, yes.
No, that would be, uh,
that'd be great, um, yeah.
Considering the situation, I think we,
we should talk.
I don't think your family would
be too pleased about it though.
They don't need to know.
Somewhere out the way?
They've packed me off
and, uh, I don't think they'll
be coming out here anytime soon.
I love that boy with all my heart,
but Jesus, he doesn't half
get himself into some shit.
Do you
happen to know much about Fergal's mum?
I do.
What's she like?
Yeah, he wants to meet up.
Told you.
Crikey, um.
Someplace, middle of nowhere.
We should get going.
I'll take you back to your car.
I don't know why you're doing
this, but you should bring some
of my people to be safe.
I'm fine.
I have to insist.
Like, if I roll up with your crew,
the boys are gonna run a
mile. I told you, I'm fine.
Just remember who your real family are.
You know, I, um, I've been thinking.
What if you ran away
to protect your son?
Okay, why would I?
Well, hear me out.
I mean, you get a McDonnell pregnant,
and, I mean, you know how much muck
that's gonna throw up in the air.
So, I was just wondering.
If I changed my name to Elliot.
Stanley, fled the country and
then never spoke to him again.
Just out of the goodness of my heart.
Well, I just, I mean, I feel
like you must have had a reason
to, to run away.
And, I mean, this whole situation
is banana cakes around here.
So, I mean, I can see why you
Or maybe it's more likely that I just
royally fucked up and
I was too much of a
coward to stick around.
Why do you always assume
the worst about yourself?
You know why.
I know that you've done
some bad things, but,
just, I don't think
that that automatically.
- Some bad things.
- I'm just
I'm trying to say that I
No, no, what you're doing is
you're digging around my past,
trying desperately to find something,
anything that could tell you
that I'm, that I'm a good person.
That I'm not the man who
did those awful things.
Like you always do that.
That's why you wanted
to come back here, okay?
People are dead because
of my actions, Helen.
That is who I am.
There's not some
fucking halo that's gonna
just appear and just
wipe away all my past.
Remember when we said that we
wouldn't talk about any of this?
Well, that's fine by me.
Frank, what are you doing here?
You know well enough why I'm here?
- Do you want to go inside?
- I'm all right where I am.
With respect, Frank,
this is a private matter.
It's a family matter.
Donal and I, we worked through it.
Bringing another man's son
into the world is not something
you work through.
You not keeping your legs closed
is what's put us here now.
Why are you here, Frank?
Your boy is a fucking Cassidy.
He is nothing of the sort
and you know it as well as I do.
He's a
ah, Jesus, Claire,
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not my son.
You'd send someone else
to do that, wouldn't you?
People are going to hear of this.
You know that, don't you?
It's on the wind now.
There's the people that work for us.
If they think we have a
loose floorboard in our house.
So, I need you to understand that Fergal
has something to prove now.
He has to show us and
everyone around him
that he understands who
his family really are.
What is it that you
want with him, Frank?
That'd be between me
and him now, wouldn't it?
I don't think you want to be making
too much of a racket do you?
The part you've played in all this.
You take good care of yourself.
I'm gonna pull up here.
The map says it's another
five minutes down the road.
I just think that we need
to check it out first.
I mean,
are you sure?
Well, it's just you
don't really know this kid
and then he calls you up out of the blue
and asks you to meet him
in the middle of nowhere.
He's the reason that I'm still alive.
If it wasn't for him, I'd
still be on the island.
I'm just asking you to be careful.
See? Nothing to worry about.
Well, no Fergal either.
Come on.
This, it's gonna be fine.
Don't say it.
- Say what?
- That you told me so.
When have I ever said that to you?
Look, Elliot, I didn't
We came here to find out who I am.
Well, now we know the
first thing my son does
when he finds out about
me is sentence me to death.
Chip off the old block, huh?
Maybe he didn't have a choice.
- I mean, maybe his family
- Stop with the maybe's Helen.
You know, sometimes it is what it is.
People are who they are.
They're disappointing and they're mean,
and they're selfish and
they're fucking rotten inside.
Stop it, okay.
Stop talking about yourself
like you're some kind of
I am who I am, who I've always been.
It's just, it's you
that can't accept it.
That's not fair.
You're the reason we came
back here in the first place.
You couldn't just let it lie, could you?
You had to keep fucking pushing.
- No.
- Just admit it.
Admit that you can't stop thinking
about what I did, about the
type of person that I am.
Where are you going?
Where is he?
She will kill you, I swear to God.
What are you talking about?
Don't fuck about.
Fergal, is he close by?
- Where do I find him?
- I can't.
Donal will kill me!
What does he think I'm gonna do?
I am not joking, I will fucking end you.
- Where?
- Elliot calm down.
The Mount Carrick Hotel,
it's 15 minutes away from here.
He's at the Mount Carrick.
Come on.
Get in.
There's your keys and your phone.
- Hey, come on.
- Elliot.
Not now, let's just not
Come back I need a pee man.
You wouldn't really have
killed him would you?
- Of course not.
- I really need to pee.
Uh, I need to go to the toilet.
What the hell are you doing here?
You wondering why I'm not dead?
Is that what you really
want? You want me dead?
No, no, I don't, but you're
not my dad and you being here
I know it's news to me too, trust me,
but people don't need to get hurt.
It doesn't change anything.
Yes, it does. It changes everything.
Okay, maybe we can all
go inside where it's dry.
- Huh.
- What the fuck happened here?
Hope, uh, whisky's okay.
The guy wouldn't really
let me pick anything else.
I'm a McDonnell, they're like,
80% whisky, so.
You know, um, on second thoughts,
maybe I should just wait outside.
It's raining
and you're the one who
suggested we stay inside.
I know, but I
This is your thing.
I'll find somewhere.
I didn't want to call, you know,
it was Frank.
Him and my dad was saying that
I should prove myself, like,
show them I'm a proper McDonnell.
You just do whatever
Frank tells you to do?
If it makes you feel any better,
I didn't know for sure
if they'd be killing you.
Just a hunch?
Just a hunch.
Well, that makes a big difference.
Do you think we look alike?
- I don't know.
- I don't.
I always thought I look like my dad, but
people always said I did, but
I suppose he's not my real dad, is he?
Well, he's more your
dad than, than I am.
If you really meant that, why
would you come see me after
everything I did?
Why did you come see me?
The things I did.
Before the accident
I had in Australia, I,
I hurt a lot of people.
But I'm different now
and, um,
I wanted to meet you and tell you that,
the person I am now,
they wouldn't run away from you.
And I know that's meaningless
because, you know, you have a
you have a family and a
dad, and I'm just some,
some guy who's walked through the door
and started talking all
this bollocks to you, but
I don't want to be the person
that runs away.
Is what I'm trying to say.
I'm trying to take
responsibility for my actions.
You know, now that I look at it,
I actually think we have the same nose.
Look, if you look at it from the side,
it's like
kind of the same, like,
sideways, other side.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You have a cute little button nose.
Yeah, mine's like not as cute.
It's a little cute,
but it's not as cute.
The boys tell me you're his girl.
Don't say a fucking word.
Just keep watching.
Not too smart, was it?
Coming here, typical, Cassidy.
You could have run.
Why don't you just let her go?
I don't think I'm gonna do that, Eugene.
Come on.
Where are you taking them?
You know where.
It's okay, like I said,
I'm trying to take
responsibility for my actions.
Get back to your lessons now.
Let's get moving.
Come on.
Look, she's not a Cassidy.
She didn't sleep with your wife.
Might not want to
bring that up right now.
She has nothing to do with any of this.
You've changed.
Fellow, I remember was
only in it for himself.
Would have thrown his
own granny under the bus
for a bacon sandwich.
Look, everything that
you're so angry about
happened a long time ago.
So, nothing he's ever done
doesn't count any more,
is that it?
Try telling her.
What the hell?
You're the one who sent the letter?
I am
The message from Tommy was you.
- Then who was it in the photo?
- The real Tommy.
Some guy you went to school with.
We sent her the photo just in case.
You could have talked to the police
when I was in prison in Australia.
You could have told them everything.
- What is she saying?
- Just tell me what you want.
Film this, please.
Why, what for?
My friend Mila, who died on that plane,
she had a son.
This is for him.
Let me.
You know what he did to me,
what he did to my friends.
Helen, Helen.
No, no, no.
It's okay.
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