The Tourist (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

Hey, stay awake.
You're OK. OK.
Stay awake!
Stay awake. It's OK.
It's OK. Stay awake.
Why? Why are you doing this?
He's all yours now.
You did this, Eugene Cassidy.
No, no, no, don't try to speak.
It's OK.
It's OK, hey.
No, no, no, don't speak, don't speak.
I love you.
I know. I love you, too.
Isn't it beautiful?
I have to put
Alight there, folks.
That's enough.
I'm bored now.
Empty them! Empty the
guns and throw them away.
I will stick a bullet in his head.
You know I will.
Do it!
Now pick her up, put her in the car.
Come on!
Get her in!
Back off!
Back away.
Give me the keys to the other car.
Come on!
Stay awake.
Stay awake.
Hey, Helen, stay awake. Helen!
Keep pressure on, more gauze.
Someone called the OR.
We need space in theatre
in a half an hour.
We got a 30 year old female gunshot
wound, two, three litres of blood
loss, lower left abdomen.
How are we doing in the vitals?
Blood pressure is dropping.
Heart rate's rising.
OK. She's going into shock.
We're gonna need to go for RSI.
Can I have one unit of
blood from the blood bank.
Major transfusion protocol.
Sorry, you can't be here.
- That's my girlfriend.
- Sir, please.
She's going to be all right, OK?
We're taking care of her.
You're going to be OK.
You have to let the doctor work.
You're awake.
Jesus Christ, you're awake.
- Thirsty.
- You're thirsty?
- Thirsty.
- Yeah. I'll get you water.
- I'll take that.
- What?
- What?
- You're in the hospital.
Do you remember what happened?
Who are you?
What's my name?
Oh my God, what's wrong with you?
You're out of major surgery,
and the first thing
you do is crack a joke.
Well, it was an opportunity
that wasn't gonna
present itself again.
Oh, Christ almighty, that hurts.
OK, OK, OK just stay still, OK?
Don't move. Don't talk.
Just, just relax, all right?
I can't believe you're alive.
Believe it.
I can't lose you, Helen.
Enough's enough.
Let's go home.
We came here looking for answers.
But some things they
don't need to be found.
Especially when we had
everything we ever needed.
Those are some handsome words.
I feel the same.
So, let's go.
Well, not now, obviously.
You know, when you're feeling better and
they've discharged you.
You think we get to board first?
Of course.
You're in a wheelchair.
People in wheelchairs
don't need to queue.
It's one of the perks.
It seems odd, though.
You know, seeing as I'm sitting
down that then I'd be first in
the queue to then sit down
again in a chair, you know?
Well, and then there's
the great parking.
Toilets are always on the same floor.
That makes it all
totally worth it, then.
I can't believe we're actually leaving.
I mean we said we were gonna do it,
and now we're actually doing it.
Are you sure you're OK
with leaving all of this behind?
I mean, you're not just doing this
We don't need any of them.
You're my family now.
Well, given I saw your mum
put a butcher's knife through
someone's eye socket, I'd
say that's understandable.
- Oh, yeah, I'd say so.
- Yeah.
I mean it.
I genuinely cannot wait for that plane
to take off and leave it all behind us.
Spend the rest of my life with you.
OVER SPEAKER: Ladies and
gentlemen, we're now boarding
priority passengers at Gate 223.
Well, wait no longer.
That's us.
We said we were gonna do
it, now we're doing it.
- (BEEP)
- That's the oven. Sorry about that.
It's an intermittent fault.
Just need to get a new one.
Or you can do what the previous
people staying here did
and, uh, shut the door.
- So you can't hear it anymore.
- (BEEP)
Ah, so where were you guys before this?
I mean, you don't have to tell
me unless you want to tell me.
Yeah, no, we were, you know,
we travelled around a lot.
Ready to settle down, then?
If that's not overstepping
a mark of any kind.
If it is, I totally understand.
Yeah, no, we're ready to settle down.
- Very much so.
- Mm.
Wheelchair access is great here.
If that's not inappropriate to mention,
I'm only saying it the same way
I'd mention underfloor
heating or plug sockets.
Um, I'm, I won't be in
it for long, so it's
- Is that a Japanese toilet?
- It is.
One of the ones with the anus dryer.
Um, an anus dryer.
I believe it can.
Well, then this place is perfect.
- Apart from the oven.
- Yeah.
You know, we can we can get a new oven.
We'll just get a new oven.
So you'll take it, then?
BOTH: We'll take it.
Forgot about this bloody thing.
I can't work out if this is
the base or the back or the lid.
I know that shelves don't have lids.
I was being facetious.
You heard me. Facetious.
Well, that's not right.
Hey. You OK?
Uh huh. Yeah, fine.
You're gonna go to
physio tomorrow, right?
Yeah, it's been weeks.
I know, I just, I really just
wanted to, uh, get moved in.
Get everything sorted.
Uh, I'm just saying, cause, you
know, you keep putting it off.
I'm going.
I'm gonna make you a deal.
I'm not replacing
that oven until you go.
Shut up.
ON THE TV: I've been crazy
about Claire for a long time.
That's right.
Hey, have you seen my keys?
You OK?
Sorry. Just tired, is all.
Have you seen them?
Seen what?
My keys. My shift
starts in half an hour.
Oh. Uh
Sorry, no I haven't.
Look, I want to replace that oven.
My God, Helen, I want a place
a fucking oven with the fucking
- beeping and
- Then replace it.
You don't remember our deal?
I will go. I just
It's been busy.
And I'll go.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Emerald Investigators Marley speaking.
I'm sorry. One second.
Can I help?
I need your help.
I'm actually getting
bored of saying it now.
I know.
Oh, I feel like actual shit.
Well, you did get in
at three in the morning.
- Three?
- Yeah.
You told me that you liked my hair
and you wanted to grow yours
out and style it like mine.
don't do that.
I will not.
How are you getting on with the book?
Oh, yeah. It's going
great. Thanks. Yeah.
I'm, um, just trying to figure
out the middle bit and some
of the back story.
can we please, please talk about
All booked, I'm going in a month.
It was the only available appointment.
And once you've done
that, I'll fix the oven.
- Great.
- Great.
Uh, I should, uh,
I should probably get going.
Hey. It's me.
How are you going?
Well, I trust you got
the documents I sent.
Yeah, I got them.
What are all the numbers?
Well, that is the question.
What are all the numbers?
Um, yeah.
What are all the numbers?
Well, no, I mean, we don't know yet.
That's why it's the question.
I found it on Frank McDonnell's
hard drive in a file labelled
Elliott Stanley.
It's a code.
You should be a detective, sweetheart.
I know you have me
looking into all of this,
but it seems to me that the
person you really want to know
about is the Elliott Stanley
you wake up to every morning.
It's just
something about
all this isn't right.
That's all.
And you simply can't resist.
I'll be in touch.
More as it comes.
Shut the fuck up, oven.
I'm gonna go take a shower.
You want to join?
Have a good old wash.
Get nice and clean.
Oh. Uh, sorry.
It's just, um, you know the book.
You haven't left the apartment in weeks.
Well, I'm in a wheelchair.
Go to physio. I don't get it.
It's like you enjoy being
stuck right where you are.
Just leave me alone.
Elliot, what the hell?
- I've had enough.
- What's gotten into you?
You haven't left the apartment.
You haven't, you haven't gone to physio.
You've just been sitting
there all day long.
What? I'm writing my
Oh, yes, a book, right? Yes.
Helen Chambers and that, that
book that's been living inside her,
she's just been burning to
write but hasn't found the time.
Elliot, calm down.
No, I won't calm down because
there is no fucking book.
- How did you ?
- Who's the person on the phone?
- What?
- The person you've been talking to
all hours of the night.
The person you have to shut
the door when you're talking to,
it's so fucking top secret.
- Let's call them.
- Elliot.
No, no, let's call and
let's get them on the phone
and it'll be fun. Call them.
He's a private investigator.
Well, I can't wait to hear
what he found out for you.
I had him looking into everything that
happened back in Ireland.
You still can't get it
out of your head, can you?
All the terrible things that I did,
the life that I lived before
I had that accident in Burnt Ridge.
You wanted us to go to
Ireland so you could find
something good about me.
Like you were, like you
were living with a monster,
and you wanted to
find out just how sharp
my fucking teeth are.
That's not it.
No. That's not.
I just want the truth.
OK, I just,
what was on that plane and
why did you call
yourself Elliot Stanley?
Don't you care?
Did anything you found
out prove that I'm,
that I'm some great guy who's
who's good fun to have at parties?
I am a stain
that you can't get rid of.
And it is never going
to be enough, is it?
Not until you find
whatever it is you need
to find this, this, this,
this thing that absolves
me of all my sins,
that tells you that I'm good.
Elliot, no, no.
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry.
Well, hello there, little lady.
Remember me?
'Cos I sure as peanut
butter remember you.
I'm sorry I woke you.
Oh, it's fine.
You barely slept in the last week.
I could find you a bed somewhere,
and I'd wake you the
minute anything changes.
I'm not leaving.
But, thank you.
Any change?
Uh, the doctor will update
you when he does his rounds.
But she's gonna wake up, though, right?
The doctor will update you.
Oh, someone in the canteen
asked me to give you this.
They want you to meet them down there.
I'm, uh
I'm going to go and put some
coffee into my face hole.
You want something?
Just had one. Thanks.
My God,
it's really you.
And you recognise me?
I thought you'd lost your memory.
No, I mean, you're.
You're dressed like
you're in a spy movie and
unless one of those
lads is called Claire
All right, yeah.
So you don't remember us
at all?
I shouldn't be here.
Me neither.
And last time I met a
member of your family,
my girlfriend got shot.
I'm so sorry. How is she?
No, she's in a fucking coma.
So, you know, I don't really give
a shit about how sorry you feel.
Uh, your note said this couldn't wait.
Fergal is in trouble.
Frank and Donal, they've
They're saying that
they've plans for him.
They want him to prove
that he's a real McDonnell.
Where do I fit into all of this exactly?
You say that you don't remember us?
I fucking loved you.
And I think you felt the same.
The thing that I loved most about you
was that you would do whatever it
took to look after the
people that you care for.
but I left you, and I left Fergal.
You left because you never
wanted Donal to find out.
You were trying to protect us.
And I need you to do it again.
What do you mean?
He hits me.
He says he loves me.
And then he hurts me.
There have been more
nights than I can count
where he has just been
passed out drunk on the sofa.
Where I've stood over him,
thinking how easy it would be
to just crack a whisky bottle
and just slit his throat.
But I couldn't do it.
And you think that I could?
He'll keep coming for you.
It's you or him now.
You've got the wrong guy.
Put your number in there.
And when I know where
he'll be, I'll text.
Jesus, Ricky, what are you doing here?
Your husband would like
to know where you've been
and why you're dressed up like
fucking Audrey Hepburn and all.
What are you doing out here?
Uh, mulling.
I suppose, having a
good old fashioned mull.
And what would you be mulling?
I thought you knew everything.
You being the godfather, and all.
Or godmother, I should say.
God will do fine.
Claire came here to see me.
So she is as stupid as she looks then.
She's going to tell
me where to find Donal.
Where he'll be alone.
That's not you anymore, now, is it?
She's gonna hand you her husband
on a plate, just like that.
You really think you can trust her?
A McDonnell?
It won't end well.
So we just sit here.
While Helen lies in a hospital bed.
And what?
Wait for him to come for us?
Maybe there's another way to end this.
Maybe I can talk to him.
Right, call theatre.
Get a rapid infuser.
Two units.
Oh, what's going on?
She's suffering from
a rebleed of the wound.
Is she going to be OK?
I just need you to
take a step back, sir.
Just give us some room.
I don't understand, I was
here five minutes ago
I promise you, we're
doing the best we can.
There's nothing you can do here.
If you can just stay outside
and let Doctor Watkin help her.
What are you doing here?
You're writing a book, huh?
You can't be here.
You're dead.
My mother tried to write a book once.
It's fine work you people do.
It's fine work.
- Get away!
- No can do, pecan pie.
I'm exactly where I need to be.
Come on now.
Don't make this too easy on me.
Give me something I
can sink my teeth into.
Get to your feet, sugar.
I can't.
(LAUGHS) Sure you can.
You made a choice.
You stay right where you are.
Truth is, you could
get out of that chair
anytime you wanted to.
See. Was that so hard now?
Come on!
Like I said,
I'm exactly where I need to be.
Why are you here?
You brought me here, Helen.
I am your big bad wolf, aren't I?
And when I came to blow your house down,
your man Elliott was there to save you.
What does that make him?
Elliott Stanley.
Eugene Cassidy.
Whatever you want to call him.
Does that make him a hero?
Or is he just the same good for
nothing fuckhole that dragged
you into all this mess?
Whatever he is, your
book is all about him.
You're nothing but a damn footnote.
Stop it! Please.
You did all of this.
You took us all here.
I don't want any of it.
Yet, here we all are.
Just cause you can't
quit scratching that itch.
Even when it bleeds out like a dog!
You can't get past the past!
Go away,
Feels almost like you enjoy repeatedly
getting the shit kicked out of you.
Doesn't it?
Donal's missus must like it,
and all, wouldn't you say?
Opening her trap to you.
Now come on.
I'm sure he'd like to
have a word face to face.
No, no, no!
So where are you gonna go, huh?
Well, I haven't thought
much beyond trying not to get
the shit kicked out of
me by you two lovebirds.
Fancy helping me out with that one?
Donal has asked us not
to make too much noise,
not to draw too much
attention to ourselves.
if you don't get the
fuck out of the bathroom,
I am gonna start
shooting holes in things.
Because the Rovers are
playing at five and bollocks
if I'm gonna miss it because
of you being a gobshite.
Did you want me to do
the count to 5 thing?
'Cos I'm not doing that.
I'm just going to shoot.
OK, OK. I'm coming out.
Do not shoot!
I'm coming out.
Jesus, fuck.
Good job your mother knows you so well.
Watch your step.
What did you think was going to happen?
I thought maybe I could talk
to him, get him to back off.
It can be hard to see
it clearly, I know.
When the people we love are hurt.
I saw it happen.
After your brother died.
I saw it happen to you.
What do you mean?
You went out, as you are right now.
And I changed my name.
Left the country.
So it seems.
Maybe I haven't changed
as much as I thought I had.
Do any of us?
I'm here to see Helen Chambers, please.
Sorry. Can I help you?
It's me Carlos. Eth
I've been in here every day
for the last week, friendo.
So I'm guessing still no visitors, then.
I'm looking for Helen Chambers.
Well, well, well.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I just Well, you know,
I helped Helen out
with the case, and that.
- So
- Right.
- Fellow officer of the law and all that.
- Yeah. Right.
So I thought I'd just show
my respects professionally.
No visitors.
Or not.
Yes, they're very strict here.
Isn't that right, Carl?
Shall we?
Do you think people in comas can
still understand what's being said?
I really don't know, to be honest.
Because I had one of those
hypnosis tapes you listen to
while you're asleep, and I lost a kilo.
Is that right, now?
It was less a measurement,
more of a feeling.
You were in a dark
place, last I saw, Ruairi.
And I'm not talking about O'Donoghues.
I was.
I was. But, you know,
Ethan, you really helped, you
know, helped me see a way out.
Forgiveness and that.
Well, isn't that something?
Well, anyway.
Hey, this might sound stupid, but, uh,
you don't fancy a Guinness, do you?
I think I just might, you know.
Eugene. Jesus.
Thank God you're alive.
I didn't want to send you there.
They made me.
Are you OK?
Fella told me Donal beat it out of you.
Yeah, well.
You get used to it.
Listen, you've got to be careful.
Donal's out to get you now.
He put Helen in a coma and
he beats you black and blue.
He just, he gets to walk
about like it's nothing.
So what are you going to do about it?
Whatever you do, it needs to be soon.
If he even knew I was talking to you
Is that him on the phone?
- Who?
- Eugene.
Is that why you hung
up the moment I came in?
You're lying.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You just suddenly forget everything
dad did to you because of him.
Calm down. OK. He called
Ever since he's gotten
here, everything is just
You know,
he sees it.
He sees the way you look at him.
Back in Ko Pha Ngan.
You were on the beach,
watching him from a distance,
talking to that girl, handing her money.
And then later when he
gave you that beautiful
handmade necklace that he bought
from that same girl.
Well, he never once asked you
about that look in your eye,
did he?
That look
and ask so many questions.
Are you buying something bad from her?
Are you asking for her phone number?
Were you seeing if she was
the kind of girl that would fly
2000 miles with a bag
of cocaine up her ass?
Shut the hell up.
I know that I love him.
Is that enough?
You elope with the devil.
Your footprints come
back black as night.
Don't you see that?
Bloody Mary, bloody Mary, bloody Mary.
I'm coming in now, Helen.
I'm going to make a hole in this door.
And that hole is going to
continue on through you.
I'm not afraid of you.
You're in Drumleigh
Hospital, you're in the HDU.
You've been in a medically
induced coma for nearly a week now.
You'll be OK now.
You have a visitor.
Not the first face you wanted to see.
Now you're back in the land
of the living, I'm sure.
Where's Elliot?
I'm not sure.
He's alive. Don't worry.
Last I checked anyways.
Doctors say he was at
your bed day and night,
this whole week you've been out.
Then today he breaks bread down on
the canteen with Claire McDonnell.
Fergal's ma.
She wanted him to kill the man
who put you in that hospital bed.
I I need to call him.
You're welcome to try.
His phone's off.
He wouldn't do that.
He's probably,
just taking a walk around the block.
Cooling off.
None of this had to happen.
What do you mean?
Frank said that he'd arrange
for Fergal to meet with Elliot
if you gave back what you stole.
That again.
I never took the detective exam.
But I did my job long enough to know
when someone is lying to me.
You did steal something
that was meant for Frank.
And I think that you still have it.
What's telling you that, then?
A feeling.
Oh, a feeling.
Some things are best left buried.
Don't fucking wait up.
Miss me?
You recognise it?
I figured if it was quiet enough
to try to have me killed here,
should be just fine for you.
Something funny about all this?
not remembering what this place is?
What do you mean?
I'll show you.
It's hard to believe.
Back in the day,
they say this hotel was all right.
Popular with walkers and that,
people who wanted to take
a hike around the lough.
Then it went to shit,
years ago.
Stayed this way,
Perfect place for your
brother to get two bullets in
him without a soul hearing.
Do you want to know why I killed him?
- Doesn't matter.
- No, but it does, Eugene.
It was supposed to
be you standing there.
Maybe he intercepted the message,
thought he could handle
it himself or something.
I don't fucking know, but,
I was outside.
Through that window, I could
have sworn I saw your face.
So, if you think about it
it's your fault that he's dead.
Finally found some bollocks
down there, have we?
Or did something happen?
Did your little lady not pull through?
Shame about that.
You're a sick fuck, you know that?
Oh, I know.
I know exactly who I am.
The question is, do you, Eugene?
Do you know exactly who you are?
Get down.
Get on your knees!
Do it.
It won't change nothing.
You'll come after us, we'll come
after you, and so on and so on.
And it never ends. Shut up!
Oh my God, where have you been?
I just
I'm just a bit sore.
Oh, shit. I'm sorry.
That's OK.
You get shot and I'm
squeezing you like a fucking
It's OK.
I'm OK.
You know, I thought you were
I was here, and you were,
You were hooked up
to all these machines,
and they were going crazy.
And I was thinking
I'm fine.
where have you been?
I, uh
I just, I just had to get out,
you know, clear my head.
I've been awake for hours.
Your phone was off.
Yeah. Um,
you know, I've been here all week,
and I haven't really stepped away.
Not once. And
seeing you there like that,
lying there for so long, I,
just, I just had to get out, you know?
Your mother was here when I woke up.
She told me that you
went to see Fergal's mum.
She says that, uh
Uh, Fergal is in some kind of trouble.
Frank and Donal are,
are leaning on him,
you know, trying to
get him to do something.
She asked you to kill her husband.
She did.
But I told her that
that's none of my business.
It's not my business.
It's not my problem.
You did.
I did.
So why don't you just
try to get some rest?
All right, I'm right here.
Try to get some sleep.
When you wake up,
we can, uh,
we can try to move on from all this.
Go back to the way we were.
ON TV: Protesters are still pushing
against council plans for expansion.
And in local news,
businessman Donal McDonnell
was found dead last night.
Mr. McDonnell, who works with his father
in the Kilgal whisky distillery,
of having ties to organised
crime and trafficking,
although no charges
have ever been filed.
Mr. McDonnell was shot
twice at close range.
Donal is dead.
They're saying on the news that
someone shot him.
Elliott. Did you
No, Jesus.
No, I didn't, I didn't kill him.
You met with his wife.
She asked you to do it.
- Helen.
- And you were gone hours.
And your phone was off.
And then he came back in
here and you were acting
Helen, listen to me.
Just tell me the truth.
Look, I took him to
this abandoned hotel.
And I was
You were lying there and
I didn't know if you
were going to make it,
and I didn't know what to
do, and I was fucking angry.
And like, I held a gun
to his head, and I
and I fired a bullet, but,
but next to his ear because
I couldn't fucking do it.
Even after everything, I couldn't do it.
You lied to me.
Last night when you came back,
you lied to me about where you were.
I didn't want to make you upset.
I didn't think you'd understand.
You lied to me.
And what now?
Now I'm just supposed to believe you.
Yes, Helen.
Fucking yes. You're
supposed to believe me.
You're supposed to believe in me.
- Don't you dare.
- You don't, do you?
Because, because deep down,
like, really fucking deep down,
you think that I'm the sort
of person who could do this,
don't you?
You think that I'm that guy?
The guy that you really
don't want me to be,
that you've been trying
to prove that I'm not.
Elliot, I
Eugene Cassidy?
I'm arresting you on
suspicion of committing
of an arrestable offence
yesterday, the 22nd of May,
namely, the murder of Donal McDonnell.
You're not obliged to say
anything unless you wish to do so.
But anything you do say
will be taken in writing
and may be given in evidence.
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