The Tourist (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

You got a visitor.
My God, what are you
doing out of the hospital?
I'm fine. Really.
Doctors are OK with you
being up and about like this?
I said I'm fine.
- You got shot.
- I know.
You don't honestly think that ?
If I killed him, don't
you think I would have
made some half decent
effort not to get caught?
They found a gun.
Your prints were all over it.
Look, I wanted to do it.
I couldn't.
I didn't kill him.
That's not who I am.
You know, it turns out that
you can dream in a coma.
You know, I dreamt that I woke up,
we went back to Australia.
We moved in together.
Sounds nice.
It was.
For a bit.
I was stuck in this apartment.
I couldn't stop looking
into that plane crash.
And I was trying to figure
out who Elliott Stanley was,
and I was digging into everything.
I just, I couldn't let it go.
You don't trust me.
I don't know you.
I don't know who you
really are, and that
God, I wish that I was different.
I wish that I could just be happy.
We still can be.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you, too.
But it's not enough.
I wouldn't have been much older
than you when my dad passed.
It wasn't at the hands
of Madame Cassidy, mind.
Though I've seen my share of that.
A father's not supposed to live
to see the likes of this Fergal.
It's not the order of things.
Did you hear who they have
locked up in a cell right now?
Who's prints were found on the
gun left by your father's body.
Eugene Cassidy.
Fucking Eugene motherfucking Cassidy.
Now, I'll tell you something else
that's not in the natural
order of things, Fergal.
When your own father
kills your own father.
He's not my father.
Which one?
You'll get through this.
You hear me?
'Cos you're a McDonnell.
- Aren't you?
- Yeah.
Well, say it then, boy.
I'm a McDonnell.
And you have this chance now son.
To live up to the name
that this family gave you.
To live up to the kind of man
that your father knew you could be.
Are you ready for that?
Are you really, though?
I'm fucking ready.
Yeah, you fucking are.
Now, you do this for your dad.
For my boy.
You do this for him
and he'd be clapping and
cheering, you know that?
So, who are you?
I'm a McDonnell.
You're a McDonnell.
You can go.
Just like that?
I wouldn't go leaving the country, mind.
I don't think you'll get too far.
Right. OK.
There he is.
I guess you're the reason they
let me just walk out of there.
Actually, no.
I used to have a lot more
Gardaí I could pass a wink at.
But this,
this is Frank McDonnell's doing.
Getting someone killed while they're
behind bars can be complicated.
Simpler this way.
Don't worry.
Even they're not daft enough to
do it outside a Garda station.
I didn't kill Donal.
Somehow I don't think
Frank's going to believe you.
Well, I didn't.
You're with me now, Eugene.
And I promise you, I will not
let anything happen to you.
Come on.
Where are we going?
Cassidy's family pub.
There's a meeting this evening
to knock this McDonnell shit on
the head once and for all.
Fuck's sake!
You've had a hell of a time of it.
Let's get you back.
Get you a drink.
This whole Cassidy
McDonnell thing, it's
it's not my fight.
I just keep getting dragged into it.
it belongs to Eugene,
not me.
We're family, son.
We're all each other's got.
I think I know
why I ran away.
Donal killed my brother
because he thought it was me.
I get his wife pregnant.
He comes after me.
But my brother ends up
with a bullet in his back.
Do you still want me to come with you?
This is your home, Eugene.
I, uh
I need to borrow a car.
Why are you asking me to borrow a car?
Because I need to borrow a car.
Oh, good-shitting
gracious, you're exhausting.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
OK, I have to ask what the
flip is it you're doing?
Helen, I heard you were out of hospital.
I'm so happy
You were supposed to turn yourself in.
I'm not sure what you're talking
about, Shortbread, but, um,
me and my new buddy
Ruairi here, we were
I'm guessing your new
buddy Ruairi didn't tell you
that he kidnapped me.
Come again?
He locked me in his basement.
Wait, so the thing you told me
about in the bar, the bad thing.
I was going through a lot,
and I let her go, no harm.
Are you going on holiday together?
Well, now, what happened was we, um
I met Ruairi at a bar, and he
was at something of a low point,
- as was I.
- We decided just to get a bit of perspective,
to see the world. So, I
got a carer in for my mam.
Now we're actually off to
Budapest to see the famous
Sorry, what is it we wanted to
see in Budapest again, Ethan?
Tickets were cheap, Ruairi,
is the actual reason,
they were astonishingly cheap.
You have responsibilities.
Not just as a police officer,
but also as a human being.
I'm really not going to do that sort of
thing ever again, though.
I haven't known him that
long, but I really believe him.
Is your man not with you?
Actually, Elliott's been arrested.
Not that it's any of your business.
No, but they let him go.
Didn't you hear?
The way I understand it is Frank
McDonnell wants him free, so,
he's an easier target, and all.
Well, that's not
He's a grown man
and he's not
Look, the point is, you
need to do the right thing.
No, I know.
It's not my responsibility.
ETHAN: What'll happen to Elliot now?
RUAIRI: I don't know. Nothing good.
ETHAN: Well, I'm not getting involved.
OK, look, I really hate myself
for asking this, but, um
Ruairi, I need your help.
Wasn't sure you'd come.
Well, I said in the message
that I'd be here, didn't I?
It's just, given everything that
happened at the hotel and that.
Why do you think I picked somewhere
where there'd be lots of people?
Thought you chose it because there's
a really good sandwich shop here.
They do like a chicken
baguette with hot sauce.
It's unbelievable.
Yeah. No, I
I didn't choose it because of
the baguette with the hot sauce.
All right.
Look, I
I didn't kill your dad.
And you've, you've no
reason to believe me.
I wanted you to hear from me.
I don't care.
But he wanted me to bring you to him.
Him and Frank.
Said that you'd be soft on me,
and all I had to do was call you.
Your mum told me that they
had something planned for you.
That they did.
Look, whatever your mam took
from Frank, he wants it back
really fucking bad.
That's chicken baguette
with the hot sauce.
I mean, look at your man. He's like
he's like the cat that got
the chicken baguette, he is.
Your message said you wanted my help.
I'm not going to do a Frank wants.
Which means I can't stay home because,
you know, you cross Frank
You think your own
grandfather would hurt you?
I know he would.
So what do you want?
A safe place to stay.
I don't have any money
to leave the country, but,
you know, I could try that thing
where you hide in the last place
anyone would ever think to find you.
My mother?
How do I know I can trust you?
Well, I helped you get
off the island, didn't I?
if you don't,
Then I'm dead.
Come on.
No worries, I got it.
We got it from here, you Cassidy fuck!
Hey, Ciaran,
listen, I'm looking for the
last known address of Elliot
Stanley's widow. Would that be ?
No. I know, a long time ago.
I know.
All right, Ciaran, I appreciate that.
Thanks. Thank you. Bye.
Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
Bye, bye, bye.
So, he's not at his desk right now, but,
he's gonna call back
when he gets the address.
Look, I appreciate the help,
but you didn't have to, you know?
Come with me.
Uh, but you know what if
I get this lady's address
and you go there and she won't answer
your questions? Different story,
if an officer of the
law is stood beside you.
And I know that you didn't ask,
but, uh, I'm here because I want to
show you that I have changed.
This is a chance for me
to do something truly good
and selfless by helping
you. That and I didn't
want to go to Budapest on my own.
Apparently, they don't let
you wear shorts in the baths.
You know, and it's not
that I'm embarrassed.
It's just that I don't want
them to feel embarrassed.
You know?
We all should've just
left while we could.
This whole thing is probably
just a waste of time anyway.
It could be, but your man's in danger,
and you don't seem like the type to just
walk away when you could help.
He's not my man anymore.
Not your man, eh?
The plot thickens.
Maybe I'm just looking for excuses.
Holy cow.
Well, that's something!
Ciaran just sent the address.
You're never going to
believe where she lives.
Ruairi Slater.
Who knew you had so many friends?
Who knew you had any friends?
Come to think of it.
All right, Deirdre.
Well, look, listen,
this is Helen Chambers,
and she has some questions
I'd love you to answer.
Oh, am I in some sort of trouble now?
Should I lawyer up?
No, no, no, it's it's nothing like that.
You're not in any trouble.
Um, I was just hoping
to talk to you about
Did you used to be married
to a man named Elliot Stanley?
This is you and Elliot?
It is. Hard to believe I used
to look like that, isn't it?
Not at all.
Oh, you're a good liar, you are.
So, I understand that your husband
went looking for a downed plane along
with a woman named Niamh Cassidy.
Right, she's the cunt that killed him.
That word is really not
OK to say anymore, Deirdre.
All right, that kind of
talk will get you cancelled
faster than a no pants Tik Tok.
My Elliot was a diver.
He got a bit of fame back in the day,
finding sunken wrecks.
So, Frank hired him
to find a plane.
There got to be good friends.
Peas in a pod.
So, where does Niamh Cassidy
come into all of this?
I never knew he had anything
to do with Niamh Cassidy.
Not until after he was gone.
That's when people started to talk.
They said they saw my Elliott getting
into a taxi with Niamh Cassidy.
And then she came back that
afternoon covered in mud.
My Elliot was never seen again.
You think Niamh killed him?
Oh, she killed him all right.
Whatever they found
in that plane together,
she buried it out there in the dirt.
Out where?
I mean, do you remember
where they went together?
I'm afraid I don't.
It's all second-hand to me.
Gossip and such.
All I know is that they
picked up in a taxi together,
and then she was dropped
off in the middle of town.
On her own.
A taxi?
Diamond Express cars.
Yeah, I remember that
because people used to say,
if you get covered in mud,
they're the ones to call.
Thank you so much for your time.
Appreciate it, Deirdre.
Hey, I don't suppose you
know of Eugene Cassidy.
Niamh Cassidy's boy?
How is he?
Uh, he's OK-ish.
He put it about a bit.
My Elliot.
Let's just leave it at that.
Small towns like this,
a lot happens.
Oh, OK.
Thanks again.
Put your seat belt on there, would you?
What do you think she's gonna say?
Your ma.
- Oh.
- No.
Put your seat belt on would you, please.
What about this one? Come
on. This one's like a classic.
I think we're being followed.
What the fuck?
You might want to put
your seatbelt on now.
Oh no, it's a red light!
I think you lost them.
Whoa, bikes!
Watch out!
Are they following us too?
Looks like it.
Hang on!
The yellow one's back.
There's two of them.
Yeah, I fucking know!
Where'd you learn to drive like this?
No idea.
Hold on.
Can you see anything?
Well, obviously fucking not!
Take your seatbelt off.
Just do it!
It's Ned.
Ned Tooley.
Tell Frank, we found
Eugene, me and the boys.
We took out his little bodyguard,
put the fear of God right up him so hard
he's after driving himself
off a fucking cliff.
Make sure you tell Frank now, yeah?
The Tooley boys, we
took care of business.
Put in a good word because
we're looking to move up
in the organisation, like.
Frank specifically ordered
that Eugene Cassidy not be hurt,
or approached by anyone.
No, I heard that, uh, that
Ned Tooley, was it?
I'll make sure Frank knows
your name, Mr. Tooley.
He'll want to put the bullet in
your stupid fucking head personally.
- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm OK.
That was crazy.
Fucking hell.
we can't hang around. Come on.
You sure you want to
lug that thing about?
It's a long way off.
Yeah, yeah. I'm sure.
Right, come on.
Forgive me.
These are uncertain times.
You never know who
might be at your door.
Uh, look, you don't by any
chance keep records, do you?
Of the trips you make,
drop offs, pick ups,
that sort of thing.
We do file our jobs on the system, yes.
What date are you looking at?
Well, it's 42 years ago.
42 years?
Look, I know it's kind of a long shot.
Come in.
My dad was a meticulous man.
He never had a hair out of place.
The kind of person who would
lock the door three times.
And he wrote down in his neat
handwriting every little thing.
Well, that's amazing.
He loved order of my father,
but loving something is not enough.
This way.
I saw my dad on weekends and holidays
and I thought I knew him.
And then he died.
And I moved here, and I found this room.
Why did you keep it all?
Because it reminds me
of who he really was.
My memories of the man
without a hair out of place.
But the reality,
well, you're looking at it.
So you think there's a record of
what we're looking for in here?
I have no idea. But
if it's anywhere,
it's certainly in here.
OK, thanks.
You're very quiet.
Yeah, I was just thinking
a lot of bad shit's happened lately.
Like an owl flying
over a house, you are.
It's bad luck.
You know, the worst part
about my dad dying is, um,
I kind of feel like it's my fault.
No, really, it's not.
It's just like I want
him dead so many times,
and I see my mom missing some teeth or
have a black eye.
And all I could think was, I
hope that fucker gets what's
coming to him. But, um
doesn't really feel that great
to think like that anymore.
You didn't do anything.
When I said I don't care about
him being dead and all that but,
well, I do.
Look, why are you doing this?
Why are you risking
your bollocks to help me?
I spent a lot of time
worrying about who I am.
You know I can't change the past, but
I can keep my eyes wide fucking open and
and think about the next step I take.
And try to do the right thing.
How do you know if it's the right thing?
Well, that's the shitter.
You don't.
Are you trying to get back
together with him or what?
Is that what this is?
You what now?
You said that you and Elliot
nice arms had broken up, yet,
here we are.
He's in trouble, I
Look, maybe this is all
some stupid long shot,
but maybe I can help.
Well, I'd do the same for either of you.
Well, actually, maybe not you.
Oh, no.
I respect that.
You left your whole life behind
to travel the world with this fellow.
Sure as my name is Ethan Ignatius Krum,
you still got all the feels for him?
It doesn't matter how I feel, OK?
'Cause when the person
that you love tells you
that they didn't kill someone,
you're just supposed to
believe them, aren't you?
Wait. Who's he killed now?
No one.
I mean,
I don't, I don't know.
maybe he did, maybe he didn't.
But either way it just
keeps making me think about
everything he's done before.
I mean, what kind of future
can we have if we're just always
running from the past?
Is that from a song?
Look, I am going to do my best to help.
And then
then I am going home.
Can we just get back to work?
I'm running out of time.
John Denver, it's John Denver, isn't it?
OK then, Mr. Tooley.
Sounds like it's your lucky day.
no one was in the car.
Are you sure?
Which means your grandson
is still with him.
That's it,
up there.
Cassidy's pub.
Maybe this was a bad idea.
Don't worry. You're with me.
I don't think this is your best idea.
Believe me, I'd rather be anywhere doing
anything else right now.
I thought they were
fucking joking when they
told me you were walking
in here with a McDonnell.
What are you playing at, Eugene?
I'm not playing at anything.
The boy needs help.
Help! Is it?
Have you lost your mind?
He was scared. He had
nowhere else to go.
Sit him there.
Come on, lads.
What's in the bag?
What's in the bag, you McDonnell fuck?
This is bollocks.
Come on Fergal, let's go.
Why don't you take a look?
I got a better idea.
Why don't you show us, just in case
it's of the exploding variety.
There's nothing in the bag.
Right Fergal?
Tell them there's
there's nothing in the bag.
Over there.
It's a lot of
snacks and clothes and bollocks.
You can lay off him now.
He's not going to cause you any trouble.
Is that so now?
Well, every fucker in here
is carrying at least two.
I'm a McDonnell. Of
course I have a gun on me.
You walk into my house
carrying a weapon.
You think that's not an act of war?
OK, OK. It's not like he came here
To what?
Can you put the gun down?
What is it you did come here for, boy?
I needed some place safe.
You've nothing in your
pockets but ash and lipstick
for your fucking Judas kiss.
Back off!
You've done enough Eugene.
Walk away.
Just put the gun down.
Frank sent him here to kill
me, so he needs to be put down.
Same way I did his father.
You stood by while I got arrested?
And let go.
Only so Frank could get there easier.
Helen left here thinking I did it.
Call Frank,
tell him his grandson's about to
get his fucking head blown off.
And does he want front row seats?
You can leave whenever you want to, boy.
What about him?
I'm not going to hurt
your precious bastard.
I get Frank here.
I take care of what I need to,
and this idiot can go
on with his lifetime
pursuit of masturbation and ignorance.
You don't believe I won't hurt him?
I think I'm going to stick
around just to make sure,
if that's all right?
That's grand.
Where'd you get that from?
Or deli, as it's often referred to
by lazy people who
can't say whole words.
Oh, but like
when did you get it?
15 minutes ago.
You were ensconced.
It's very delish.
I am, I could have gone for the,
uh, chicken with hot sauce, but
I plumped for the rabbit bap.
- Rabbit?
- Yeah, rabbit. It's, um
It's nature's, uh,
well, rabbit, I suppose.
Oh, sweet Jesus.
I know it's unusual.
No, it's,
I found it.
I actually flippin found it.
- Oh.
- Let's go.
No one fires until I say so.
He's on his way.
Well, then.
Now we've got ourselves a fucking party.
This must be the place.
The payphone is still here.
Yeah, around these parts,
we don't get rid of anything.
It's like we don't want to
forget the past, you know?
Excuse us, that's the station.
Elliot Stanley's widow heard
that Niamh got dropped off
and then walked through
town with mud all over her.
So I think that whatever
she took from Frank,
she must have buried
it, somewhere near here.
Look, I don't want to be
the, uh, Denis Downer of
this long awaited barbecue,
but that was 42 years ago.
I know. I asked her
about it at the hospital
and the way she answered,
I know she didn't throw it away.
It's got to be around here.
We just have to find something.
There's a situation developing
outside Mama Cassidy's place.
Uh, potential all-out war situation.
Is he there?
And whatever we find
here, if we find anything,
you can't be going there.
We may have to.
You'll be going on your own.
A Garda on the scene would
only make things worse.
OK, just one thing at a time.
I mean, we found the needle in
the haystack at the taxi firm.
Now we just
we just have to find
the haystack in this
endless row of fields.
The old team's back together.
You go that way.
Someone's been digging here.
What are you thinking?
Probably the same thing
Niamh thought 42 years ago.
Wish we'd brought a shovel.
All right, stop right there.
You think I'm gonna stand
here and let you search me?
If you want the shoot
and start World War 3 out
here on the streets, you go ahead.
That's close enough.
I see this place hasn't changed.
Still selling that old piss.
It'll be a cold day in hell,
the day I sell a bottle
of McDonnell's whisky.
So, I'm here.
What happens now?
You send your men home,
then I'll let your
grandson walk out of here.
And then what?
You put me down, is it?
Something like that.
Your boy has inherited
your weakness, I see.
My grandson betrayed me.
And turned to you for mercy.
The same man that killed his father.
No, that wasn't me.
You wanted me dead, Frank McDonnell.
You should have had
the fortitude and gonads
to do it yourself, instead of
sending a boy to do a man's job.
I can't argue with that.
I'll show you what he
was supposed to bring.
Jesus Christ!
Too much fucking Cassidy
in the bones, I guess.
Please don't be kicking a ball at me.
You want to end this?
We can bring the
fucking roof down Niamh.
You know, they came
up with a term for it
back in the Cold War.
Fucking history lesson again.
Mutually assured destruction.
Everyone dies and no one wins.
Is that what you want to happen here?
How about this?
I walk out of here right
now with my grandson.
And we all go back to
minding our own business.
It's time, Frank.
Time to bring this to an end.
Everyone you love is here.
You're willing to risk everyone's lives.
Maybe I am.
For the record, I'm not.
Not your choice, Eugene.
Would you just fucking stop?
This is insane.
You're willing to die.
And for everyone else
in here to die. For what?
Somewhere in that head of
yours, you know exactly for what.
Call your people off,
or I kill him.
Please. You don't have to do this.
HELEN: I'm sorry.
It's me. Sorry.
She said it was important.
She's not armed.
Uh, here.
I found what your father sent you.
- What?
- What was in that plane.
No, no, no, no, where the hell
No, don't you fucking dare!
Out of my way!
FRANK: What are these?
Love letters.
These are what Niamh
buried way back when.
These are what she
found with Elliot Stanley
and left him for dead.
All so that he couldn't
give them to you.
Love letters.
Very beautiful,
and at times, really
quite raunchy love letters,
from your father to her mother.
They couldn't be together
because of the family
rivalry, so they kept it quiet.
Even after he got her pregnant.
Look at the date on
that, would you, Frank?
Why don't you say hello to your sister?
We're not blood.
We've spilt too much of
each other's to be anywhere
fucking near that.
Why didn't you show them to me?
- Get out of my way!
- This is enough!
- Enough of this shit!
- Move!
You're gonna have to
shoot me, by yourself.
You don't get your man to do
it, like you did with Donal.
You stand there, you look me in the eye,
and you shoot me.
Lot of, um, potential for incest here,
what with the, uh,
the two families and
I'll just wait outside.
FRANK: Why did you keep them?
Why didn't you just fucking burn them?
I tried,
but they were my mother's.
You can't just burn your history
and pretend it never happened.
If you can't forget the past,
then what hope is there?
I can't forget. I won't.
You came back.
I thought you couldn't
forget about the things I did.
Then what hope is there?
I'm home.
Gotta tell ya, Dutch people, as well as
inventing Dutch courage and splitting
the bill by going Dutch,
are very nice people.
I kept trying to think of
other sayings with Dutch in them
on the way home. But
Hey, look.
New business card.
Helen Chambers, Private Investigator.
Kind of like how that sounds.
Yeah. It's great.
Are you OK?
What is that?
Uh, that my love, is the life
and times of Eugene Cassidy.
The what now?
It's a file on me.
Someone saw the article in the paper and
tracked me down and sent it.
Why would someone have a file on you?
I don't know.
I haven't read it.
Are you serious?
I never asked what you find out about
the real Elliot Stanley
in Ireland, did I?
I don't care about who I was.
I can't make that choice for you.
I don't need a file
to tell me who you are.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Dutch oven.
You were asking about
other Dutch things.
Oh, yeah.
I have a surprise for you.
Neils said that we can
use the Concertgebouw.
The what, now?
Come on, come on.
Couldn't find anywhere smaller, huh?
Neils did say if we break anything,
he's never talking to us again.
This is stupid.
Like, I can't dance.
Your mother was very clear about this.
You can dance.
You fly through the air apparently,
like a little woodpecker.
Woodpeckers don't fucking dance!
Elliots dance.
What am I was supposed to do?
Just whatever comes naturally.
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