The Tower (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Attention all units.
Portland Tower has been declared
a critical incident.
Two confirmed fatalities.
One teenage girl.
One police officer.
What happened, did you hear?
Just what Control was reporting -
there were people on the roof,
then there weren't.
Control receiving DI Shaw
at Portland Tower.
We have a death in contact
with police. Where the hell is DSI?
DSI 14 to Control,
we are arriving on scene.
There are still people up there.
I'll go to the roof.
Police, step out of the way, please.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
This is a crime scene,
you can't come through here.
Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins,
of Special Investigations,
we're taking over the scene.
- My colleague DC Steve Bradshaw
- I've got it, Sarah. Go.
- Hey.
- Steve, get someone on the lobby door.
Until I know what's happening on the
roof, no-one's to move, up or down.
- OK, we're a bit short-handed
- Recall to duty the whole team.
Got it.
Who the hell are you?
Sarah Collins, sir, DSI.
You radioed for us.
I have to ask
what you're doing up here.
One of my officers is dead,
the other one just saved
this child's life.
I'm here to make sure no-one else
falls off the fucking roof.
It's going to be OK, Lizzie.
We're gonna get you both down now OK?
- Have you traced the boy's family?
- Yeah, his mum's on the way.
Control receiving DS Collins, DSI.
I am assuming operational control
at Portland Tower.
Request LAS for adult female,
believed going into shock.
- Copy that, LAS units en route.
- Lizzie.
I'm Sarah Collins.
Paramedics are on their way.
- No, no, no. Just wait there.
- Sorry.
Ben, Ben, Ben.
Did she do anything to him?
We don't know exactly what happened.
We have a doctor here who can examine
No, I'm taking him home.
Let me send
a Family Liaison Officer with
I'm taking him home,
I don't want police or anyone.
I'm afraid
we will need to speak to you.
Please, I just want to go home.
What happened here, Steve?
All I've got so far is the girl
grabbed the boy from his home.
Took him to the top of the tower.
Two cops got the call,
tried to stop her doing
whatever she was going to do.
The result - the girl fell
to her death, so did one of the cops.
Put Jez on CCTV.
You take the door-to-door,
grab any phone footage you can
before it's all over the internet,
plus any BWV footage.
And get the phones of the officers.
Who's our Family Liaison?
Alice Parker?
Ask her to meet me here.
I'll talk to the CSM,
then head to the local nick.
Farlow, isn't it?
Seal lockers, grab a spare office.
We need statements,
especially that female PC.
If she was up there. She saw.
It is Lizzie, isn't it?
Steve Bradshaw, DSI.
How are you feeling?
We've just got some checks to do
before you go.
I'll pop back in a few minutes.
- All right?
- Guv.
Crime scene guys
are gonna need to take your uniform.
They'll give you something to wear.
I want to go home.
Let's wait and see
what the medics say, OK?
- But when they're done.
- It's not my call.
DSI are running this case now.
It's a death in contact with police,
The girl's dead, Hadley's dead.
DSI run the investigation, no choice.
I want to go home.
- Sarah.
- Sir.
This is a mess.
I'd better feed that lot.
Anything specific you want out there?
Otherwise, as little as possible.
We're still informing
the families of the deceased.
Police Constable Hadley Matthews, 52.
Farah Mehenni, 15.
Did you know Farah's father, Younes,
is in custody at the local nick?
- Some minor charge.
- I didn't know. Sorry.
Like I said, a mess.
We'll get a Family Liaison
over there, get him released ASAP.
- I'm going to the nick. I'll do it.
- Good.
In the meantime, I'll do as you say
and tell the press
absolutely nothing.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Do you want me to come in?
Make you a cup of tea?
I don't think you should be alone.
I'm fine, Arif, honestly.
Excuse me, where's your
custody sergeant, please?
- He's just over there.
- Thank you.
- Sarah Collins, DSI.
- Alice Parker.
You have a Younes Mehenni in custody.
I'd like to bail him
on compassionate grounds.
We'll be basing our investigation
here at first,
so if someone could show Alice
a spare office, I'd be grateful.
Also, Alice will need to seal
PC Adama and PC Matthews' lockers.
They're part of the investigation.
You've got a fucking nerve
I know you've lost a colleague
a friend.
I'm truly sorry about that.
But it's my job
to find out why he died.
We're not the ghost squad,
we're not here to dig up dirt,
we just want to find out
what happened.
So, please bear with us.
Help us.
That's very reassuring, thank you,
Jenny, could you help Alice?
Mr Mehenni, I'm Sarah Collins,
from the Directorate
of Special Investigations.
I'm afraid I have terrible news.
Your daughter Farah.
We haven't got all the details yet,
I'm afraid she died.
I'm so sorry.
We're releasing you so you can be
with your family, there's a car
Died? No No, she's at school.
Mr Mehenni, there are procedures
we have to follow.
I don't believe you.
I want to speak to my daughter.
I'm so sorry.
Hadley Matthews is dead, too,
you know.
Have you told his wife and kids yet?
You had a good cry with them?
Can I see the custody sheet?
Hey, Lizzie. It's Steve Bradshaw,
from the ambulance, remember?
We need to do a quick debrief,
get your statement.
I just want to know you're OK.
My number's on your mobile.
Steve? You with Lizzie Adama?
No. I just found out she went home,
soon as the medics released her.
- Before you could talk to her?
- Afraid so. Police car took her.
- Who the hell authorised that?
- Her guvnor, DI Shaw.
Why'd you ask?
Because we might have
a shit storm here.
Hang on a sec.
Excuse me. Sarah Collins, DSI.
An office has been set up for us?
Oh, yeah, that way,
second door on the right.
It's Steve.
So, what's the shit storm, then?
Younes Mehenni,
the dead girl's father,
was in custody at Farlow nick,
and Lizzie Adama
Oh, for Pete's sake.
- What?
- Nothing.
Lizzie Adama
was Mehenni's arresting officer.
Look, I'm at her place now.
OK. Well, don't let her
out of your sight.
Lizzie? It's Steve. Lizzie,
can you open the door, please?
She's not answering the door.
Kick it down.
- What?
- Just do it, Steve. Get in there.
Are you OK? It's Steve.
She's gone.
Today was a bad day.
We've all lost someone we loved.
He was the heart of this place.
He looked out for me
when I was a young copper.
Kid from Kintyre,
still very wet behind the ears.
And I know he looked out
for many of you, too.
Cos that's who he was,
that's who we lost.
Now I'm going to have to take
his wife, Mandy, to ID his body.
We may all be grieving in this room,
but her whole world is broken,
her and her kids.
We owe it to her to keep on going,
to keep doing our job.
That's what Hadley would have wanted,
it's what he would've done.
What about DSI, sir?
DSI have a job to Do, too.
You got nothing to hide.
You just answer their questions
and they'll be gone.
On Friday night, we go to the pub.
We remember our friend.
We celebrate him. OK?
- I'm sorry, Sarah. This is on me.
- It's OK.
- Any idea where she's gone?
- Not yet.
Her car's still parked
down the street.
Her phone's switched off.
We put a watch on her cards.
- What do we know about her?
- Six months in, well-liked.
From what I hear,
she and Hadley Matthews,
the copper who died, they were mates.
God. You talk to her family, friends?
We called round,
no-one's heard from her.
Graduation day.
Takes you back, doesn't it?
My parents didn't come to mine.
What, disappointed you became a cop?
The disappointment
went a little further back than that.
Hey, Jez.
Could someone have grabbed her?
I don't think so.
Looks like she took toothbrush
and make-up and stuff.
We have to find her -
CCTV, door-to-door, whatever.
- Quicker to go public.
- Yeah.
I better talk to her guvnor first,
he's the idiot who let her go.
OK, busy Lizzie. I'll tell you
how we're going to do this.
I'm going to set my watch.
Deal with it in ten minutes,
breakfast is on me.
More than ten, and it's on you.
Nah, no, no.
That's hardly fair, is it?
My breakfast is tea and toast,
and yours is a full English,
usually with extra sausages.
Well, yeah, I have to preserve
my lovely figure.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, no, no, no,
not before breakfast.
All right, Mum
Besides my body type's
ideal for certain things.
Oh, yeah. Like what?
Like, erm
swimming the Channel?
Disguising beached whales.
Recreating a lunar eclipse.
Meet me at the car in a minute. OK?
If you're here
to talk to Mandy Matthews,
- you're out of fucking line.
- I'm here to talk to you, sir.
You weren't answering your phone.
Talk to me in the morning,
I'm taking Mandy home.
Lizzie Adama has done a runner.
She's missing.
She didn't talk to my officer
at the scene, she just went home.
I hear you authorised that.
She was upset, for obvious reasons.
She needed a break.
She's police, she knows the drill,
so do you.
Do you know why she ran
or where she might've gone?
We need to find her. I'm gonna go
public, put her face out there.
Do not do that.
- Excuse me?
- I said don't do that.
Going public would wreck her career,
and that would destroy her.
I'm worried about her,
not her career.
- You worried about risking her life?
- What do you mean?
She's a significant witness
in a sex trafficking case.
The suspect is missing and dangerous.
- Who's the suspect?
- Laszlo Kovacs.
Beat up one of his girls, Cosmina,
fractured her skull.
Lizzie saw Kovacs at the scene.
She makes the case against him
How does it connect
to Portland Tower?
Kovacs' mobile was activated
near the tower today.
Now that could just be coincidence,
but if I were you, I'd go
check it out. So go check it out.
Is this because of my call?
It is indeed. May we come in?
That's Ben. He thinks he's a bear.
Mrs Stoddard,
will you tell us what?
Carrie, please.
A cup of tea, coffee?
Cup of tea, very nice, thank you.
You called about
some criminal damage?
It's my neighbour, the Mehennis,
Younes Mehenni.
I have no quarrel with his daughter,
none at all.
The council moved them next door
about two months ago.
I've tried to be friendly,
they're from Libya
and they've been through a lot.
- So, what actually happened?
- Milk? Sugar?
Milk, please. And sugar.
It started with the rubbish.
First, it was all over the place,
I mean, every day.
I spoke to the housing officer
about it,
but then our bins started
getting knocked over.
Not once - two or three times.
After the rubbish,
there was rudeness in the street,
I mean real anger.
And then the car.
The mirrors, the wipers, dents
It might seem like nothing to you,
but it's just me and Ben here.
And I'm
Well, I'm scared.
I'm afraid if we can't connect
Mr Mehenni to any specific
But I can. I have it on my phone
It was pure chance,
I was upstairs and I saw
Well, I'll show you.
Like I said, I'm scared.
I mean, what will he do next?
We'll talk to Mr Mehenni.
You shouldn't be scared.
Not in your own home.
I told you, I don't want police.
I don't want to talk to you,
and I absolutely don't want you
talking to my boy.
I do understand.
But I have a legal duty
to try to find out what happened.
Let me tell you what happened.
I asked the police for help
because our life here
was becoming unliveable,
and the next thing I know is that
That girl kidnaps my little boy
and drags him to the top
of a tower block.
I agree.
It was an appalling thing to do.
But why did she?
Do you have any idea?
Because she was mad.
Her whole family is mad.
I don't care what they've been
through, she nearly killed my son.
You've both had
a terrible experience. I know.
But it would really help us
if we could talk to Ben,
it might even help Ben
process what
Do you have children?
I didn't think so.
You're not talking to him.
Hello. Is your son in, Younes?
Can we come in, talk to Younes?
Younes? Yes?
Oh. Thank you, that's very kind.
I'll check upstairs.
Speak man through English.
I'm sorry, I can't do that.
Hello? Can you hear me?
Talk to me at once!
Give it.
Hello, can I help you?
What are you doing there?
Do you have a warrant?
You must have a warrant,
No, we don't,
we don't need a warrant, all right?
- Mrs Mehenni, she invited us in.
- She says you pushed in
Starting Body Worn Video!
- Shit.
- Fuck.
Please leave him alone. Please.
Get out the way. Hold her!
What were you thinking?!
Please don't hurt my dad.
What? We're not gonna hurt him
What's your name?
- I take it you have more questions?
- Yes, sir.
Can you tell me
why Younes Mehenni was arrested?
Criminal damage,
threatening phone calls,
all started with a complaint
from his neighbour.
Carrie Stoddard,
I heard you spoke to her.
- Didn't she tell you?
- She was too upset to tell me much.
Well, that's hardly surprising.
Is that why Farah took the boy,
because her dad had been arrested?
No. Farah took the boy
cos she had a screw loose.
How so?
You have to ask?
She kidnapped a child.
She would've killed him, too, if
Hadley and Lizzie hadn't intervened.
They were bloody heroes.
Lizzie was Mehenni's arresting
officer. Is that significant?
I don't think so.
Someone had to arrest him.
If that's all, I've got to ring
Lizzie Adama's parents
and tell them
their daughter is missing.
I meant what I said.
She's at risk.
I'm worried.
Control, this is 2023,
- I'm at Portland Tower.
- Go ahead, 2023.
I can see the children on the roof.
They're right on the edge,
there's a police officer, too.
- A police officer's joined them.
- Can you identify the officer?
Um I think it's 1272.
1272 receiving Control
1272 receiving Control
There's another police officer
up there.
- Why isn't he answering?
- It's 1835.
Have the officers
got the children back from the edge?
No. They're talking.
Oh. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh
- 2023, update your situation, please.
- They've fallen.
- Oh, my God.
- 2023, confirm, please.
- Oh, my God.
- Who has fallen?
2023, who has fallen?
No, call it a night, Steve.
Get in here as early as you can.
We lost
one of our best-loved officers, sir.
People are grieving, and DS Collins
arrives like Little Red Riding Hood,
stomping around, upsetting everyone.
I know it's her job, but does
she have to do it at our nick?
It's like a slap in the face
to every officer.
Once Sarah gets the evidence
she needs,
she'll go back to Victoria House.
What evidence, sir? This is about
as open and shut as it gets.
Farah Mehenni was bat-shit crazy,
she killed Hadley
and it's only by the grace of God
she didn't kill that boy, too.
Kieran, I don't mind you calling
in the middle of the night,
but if you wanna make
a complaint about Sarah,
you talk to your own guv'nor, not me.
I don't wanna make a complaint, sir,
I'm just
I'm just hoping
you'll have a word with her, is all.
Because there's another issue
..Lizzie Adama.
I hear she's gone missing.
DS Collins is threatening
to go public about her,
and that is a very bad idea.
Do you know who Laszlo Kovacs is,
He's an organised crime target.
He's a nasty bastard.
And he's got every reason
to go after Lizzie.
We cannot risk exposing her.
Hey, you.
Middle of the night
and Sarah Collins is still awake.
- Everything all right?
- The baby won't sleep.
I feel like I haven't slept
for weeks.
Make Peter do some nights.
He does, he helps out but still
- Are you working?
- Yeah, but I can talk.
- You seeing anyone?
- No.
Plenty of fish in the sea.
I liked the one I had.
Shit. Sarah, sorry, I've got to go.
I'll call you.
Carrie Stoddard. Remember her?
Carrie Stoddard's been making calls.
Lots of calls.
She even got through to
the Chief Superintendent in person.
Turns out Younes Mehenni
rang her last night,
- told her to back off, or else.
- Or else what, guv?
Carrie Stoddard was upset.
the Chief Superintendent is upset.
Starter for ten, anyone,
the qualities of shit are?
- Oh, guv, ask me, I know that one.
- Yes, Hadley. Shit flows downhill.
Correct So, bearing
that law of physics in mind,
I guess my question is,
why are you still standing here?
Go nick Mehenni.
Oops, sorry.
You been here all night?
I wanted to get the timelines clear.
Anything on Lizzie Adama?
Took 300 quid from a cash point
in Peckham last night.
No sign of her on public transport,
Jez is checking car hire places.
What about DI Shaw?
He says that Lizzie's a key witness
in an organised crime case.
The suspect's still at large.
That's him, Laszlo Kovacs.
And that's his victim,
one of his girls, Cosmina Baicu.
- Shaw thinks he's connected to this?
- Apparently Kovacs' phone
puts him at Portland Tower
yesterday afternoon.
So he was coming after Lizzie?
Shaw says she makes a case
against Kovacs.
Maybe he was coming after her,
maybe that's why she disappeared.
Have a look at the case,
see if he's a factor.
- Can you make it a priority?
- OK.
So, what've you got there, then?
999 calls,
radio calls from yesterday.
Guess who we never hear from.
The two cops who were
actually on the roof.
They're first on the scene, but
they don't turn on their bodycams,
Lizzie isn't even wearing hers.
They don't put up for the 999 call,
they don't radio in when they arrive,
and they don't answer
when Control try to reach them.
Nothing. Why?
- And there's something even weirder.
- Go on.
17:36, Carrie Stoddard calls 999,
her son has gone missing.
17:40, the incident
goes out over the radio.
High risk, missing child,
in a bear suit.
What does Hadley Matthews do?
He's out of station
on an assignment, but at 17:41,
when the only reported incident
is a possible child kidnap,
when no-one's even mentioned
Portland Tower,
he drops his assignment
and drives like the clappers
straight to the tower,
like he knows exactly
where the kidnapper's going. How?
And why the silence?
From both of them.
What were they hiding?
Hey. Thought I'd catch you.
- Good to see you, Steve, are you well?
- Yes, sir.
Just wanted to let you know,
this morning,
we'll be releasing the names
of the deceased to the press, OK?
Any luck tracking down the female PC?
Not yet, sir,
and we're worried about her.
Well, if you're asking to go public,
sorry, the answer's no.
Hope you're not
over-complicating this.
Quite a few things don't add up, sir.
D'you want my take?
A disturbed teenager stole a child,
and only the heroic action
of a 27-year veteran of the force
prevented an even worse tragedy.
Try to wrap things up here
soon as possible.
Get your team back to Victoria House.
So, what's your next move?
The disturbed teenager's postmortem.
The deceased is a 15-year-old female,
North African appearance
On initial examination at the scene,
the injuries appeared consistent
with a fall from a height
Farah. Hi.
I've got to go.
He's not in.
You can come and look.
Farah, we're not going to go away.
- A serious complaint has been made.
- By her.
Yes, by her.
And your dad phoning her last night
didn't help, what was he thinking?
She's trying to get us chucked out.
it'd be so much better for him
if he comes in and talks to us
of his own free will.
What will you do to him?
If he comes in, if he tells the truth
about what happened,
I can try and sort it.
Maybe just give him a caution.
- What's that?
- It's like a warning.
If he comes in.
If he tells the truth.
If he comes, will you be there?
That's my mobile number.
If he comes in, call me,
I'll make sure I'm there.
The phone number
in the girl's pocket.
It was Lizzie Adama's mobile.
Lizzie gave Farah
her personal number?
- Till she changed it two days ago.
- What about the other thing? Kovacs.
That phone trace at Portland Tower?
Wasn't Kovacs, it was
an associate of his, low grade.
- Kovacs could've been using his cell.
- So could his granny.
Yeah, he's a nasty shit,
but the organised crime guys doubt
he's even in the country.
I think Shaw sent you down
a rabbit hole.
Well, why would he wanna do that?
Is he trying to?
Farah's phone.
Wasn't in her bag or her pockets.
- Where is it?
- It wasn't on the inventory
of her stuff from home or school.
Well, then we should
search them again.
What about Lizzie
and Hadley's lockers?
- We haven't searched them yet.
- What? That's an obvious priority.
I was, but you sent me after Kovacs.
No, Shaw sent us after Kovacs,
like he wanted us to waste time.
We have to search
those bloody lockers.
Hey, busy Lizzie.
It's them all right.
We're en route.
Do you want to join us?
You bet your arse I do.
Where's your RVP?
Hold on a sec.
Passing your nick in two minutes.
We can pick you up.
Fantastic. I'll be in the yard.
Sorry about that.
It's about Younes Mehenni.
Yeah, Guv, er, we went round, but
we haven't been able to nick him yet.
It's not about that.
Apparently, Younes Mehenni's
solicitor is making a complaint.
What about?
Don't have all the details yet,
but he claims an illegal entry
and that Hadley
said something to the girl.
You were with Hadley all the time,
Not all the time.
Was your body cam recording?
- Not till Mehenni showed up.
- Is there a problem here, Guv?
No. No. No problem. It's fine.
We'll sort it
I've got a lot of confidence in you,
Lizzie, you know that?
Want to come on this call?
Go after a couple of real bad guys?
I'd love to, but I
I'll see you
at Sergeant Tomo's leaving do.
- You're coming?
- Oh, yeah.
Be there!
I'm counting on it.
See ya.
- Hello?
- Hello. PC Adama?
This is Farah Mehenni.
I have spoken to my dad.
He's agreed to come in.
So, are you there?
Erm, when?
Now. We're We're down the street.
OK, yes. I'm here.
Just you, not the big policeman.
you promised you'd sort it.
- Farah, I didn't promise
- We're coming now.
Nothing. No phone.
- Nothing in Hadley's locker either.
- We better give the key back.
Let me have it.
Got an idea.
Stay here, look busy.
Hey, Debs, isn't it?
Hey, master key for the lockers.
Gotta sign it back in or DS Collins
will kill me. She's a stickler.
What's going on there, then?
Sergeant Tomo's leaving do.
Why's he still here, then?
Still got another week, poor bugger.
Thanks, Debs.
DI Shaw notified Control
he was putting up for the 999 call
at the tower, didn't he?
- What time?
- 17:52.
Seven minutes before that, he signed
out the master key to the lockers.
You're joking?
A child's been kidnapped,
people have been spotted
on top of Portland Tower,
a major incident
right on his doorstep,
and DI Shaw rushes off to search
Lizzie and Hadley's lockers?
Come with me.
You want to put Detective Inspector
Shaw under directed surveillance?
We have evidence he's interfering
in our investigation.
What evidence?
He sent PC Adama home
from Portland Tower
before we could take a statement.
He wasted our time making us
follow the Laszlo Kovacs angle.
And we have just learned that right
in the middle of the tower incident,
he went and searched PC Matthews
and PC Adama's lockers.
I'd hardly call alerting you
to a threat against PC Adama
- "wasting your time".
- I spoke to Organised Crime, sir,
they don't believe
the threat is imminent.
If I'm gonna request RIPA authority
to put a highly-thought-of officer
under surveillance,
I'm gonna need better than him
borrowing a locker key.
Sir, DI Shaw is clearly
obstructing this investigation.
- I must be able to
- Could you give us a minute, Steve?
You look tired, Sarah.
I'm fine.
Is everything all right
on the home front?
Everything's fine.
Your ex.
I hear she's had a baby.
That's right. His name's Matthew.
I-I can't imagine, but
I think that'd be difficult.
You two were together a long time.
I'm not sure I understand your point.
You're under emotional stress
and it's affecting your judgement.
My judgement's fine, thanks.
My concern is that this investigation
is been manipulated to a conclusion
already being pushed by the press,
and, may I say, by you, sir.
That this whole thing is the fault
of a deranged teenager.
That is not how any investigation
should be run. So, on the record,
I repeat my request for directed
surveillance on DI Shaw.
Do you ever wonder why you're still
a DS, Sarah, at your age?
Because I can't tell jokes
to blokes in bars?
Excuse me, sir
Jez just called.
Lizzie Adama did rent a car.
Jez found the place,
he tracked the car on ANPR.
It's sitting on a seafront
in St Leonards.
Well, aren't you lucky, Sarah?
You better get down there
and grab her.
I meant it.
It is still unclear
why Farah Mehenni
took the boy from his home.
But neighbours say
that the Mehenni family,
recent arrivals in the UK,
had difficulties
settling into the community
and that police
have been called several times
in response to complaints
of anti-social
Yes, sir?
Portland Tower. Is there anything
you're not telling me?
- No, sir.
- So if DS Collins informs me
that during the tower incident,
you searched Hadley Matthews
and Lizzie Adama's lockers,
is she lying?
No, she's not lying. I searched them.
- Why?
- Why?
Yes, why, for Christ's sake?
I searched the lockers cos who knows
what cops keep in them. That's why!
What if Hadley had
betting slips or porn?
The story stops becoming about
the cop who saved a boy's life
and starts becoming about
a creepy sex addict.
That's why I searched their lockers.
Look, I'm sorry, but
if DS Collins
wants to come after me for that,
then fine, she can have at it.
And did you find anything?
- No, not a thing.
- Good.
DSI have tracked down Lizzie Adama,
they should bring her in soon.
Where is she? Is she OK?
Let DSI handle it, Kieran.
Good night.
Lizzie Adama? She's that pretty
young officer, isn't she?
Hello, Lizzie.
Are you heading to your car?
That's how we found you.
Car rental.
We just want to talk to you.
Watch out, Steve!
I think we're done protecting
Lizzie Adama, don't you?
You want to go public?
I want her face
on every TV in the country.
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