The Tower (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Portland Tower's
been declared a critical incident.
Two confirmed fatalities.
One teenage girl,
one police officer.
I'm Sarah Collins,
from the Directorate
of Special Investigations.
Your daughter Farah
I'm afraid she died.
It's a death in contact with police,
The girl's dead. Hadley's dead.
DSI run the investigation, no choice.
We need statements,
especially that female PC.
She was up there. She saw.
- What were you thinking?!
- Please don't hurt my dad.
She's gone.
Do you know why she's ran
or where she might've gone?
She's a significant witness
in a sex trafficking case.
- Who's the suspect?
- Laszlo Kovacs.
Phone number in the girl's pocket.
It was Lizzie Adama's mobile.
You wanna put Detective Inspector
Shaw under directed surveillance?
We have evidence he's interfering
in our investigation.
I've got a lot of confidence in you,
Lizzie, you know that?
I think we're done protecting
Lizzie Adama, don't you?
We've had this discussion, Sarah.
I don't wanna put PC Adama at risk
by putting her all over the news.
I gave her a chance to come in, Sir,
and she refused.
She's a police officer,
she's absent without leave.
I was face-to-face with her.
I don't think she ran off
because of Laszlo Kovacs.
I think she's hiding something.
Is Steve with you?
Does he have a view?
I agree with Sarah, Sir.
The sooner we find her, the better.
What if you went on TV
and appealed to her personally?
The sight of a senior officer,
in uniform, reassuring her
You think the uniform's important?
To Lizzie, just six months in,
I'd say it means a lot.
Yeah, good idea, Steve.
I'll run it upstairs.
Talk to the press office.
In the meantime, wrap this up, yeah?
You're close aren't you?
Mehenni's still refusing
to talk to us.
- Carrie Stoddard's the same, so
- There are no new facts.
A crazy girl got herself
and an officer killed
and could've done a lot worse.
I know Farah's
a convenient scapegoat.
I didn't say scapegoat.
But we still don't know
why Farah did it,
and I believe that PC Adama
and DI Shaw do know.
You leave Shaw alone, Sarah
and I'll help you bring PC Adama in.
Got it?
Can we just get over
to the other side of the pavement?
As the Portland Tower
investigation continues,
disturbing CCTV images
have come to light
showing schoolgirl Farah Mehenni
and the unnamed five-year-old boy
walking towards the Tower
on the afternoon of her
and PC Matthews' deaths.
Though the reason why Farah
took the boy remains unknown.
- Kieran?
- Sir.
DSI caught up
with Lizzie Adama last night.
She refused to come in, she ran.
I'm doing a press conference
in a few minutes.
I'll be releasing her photo,
asking the public for information.
Sir, I told you, you identify Lizzie,
you put her in serious danger.
She had a chance to hand herself in,
she didn't take it.
She's scared!
Then she should come in.
Or is there something else going on?
No, Sir.
There's nothing else going on.
Except that I've already lost
one good officer
and I don't wanna lose another.
That's it.
- Then let's hope she comes in.
- Sir.
Sergeant Collins?
Julie Woodson.
Your officers turned this place
upside down, wouldn't even say why.
Farah's phone is missing.
When you called, you said
you wanted to talk about Farah.
Have you even bothered
to speak to her father?
He refuses to speak to the police.
I don't know if you're responsible,
but the way the media
is talking about Farah,
disturbed teen, etcetera
well, it's just wrong.
She kidnapped a five-year old,
we're lucky she didn't kill him.
So what can you tell me about Farah?
She was bright hardworking.
She was kind.
She looked out for the weaker kids.
Hated bullying.
That she's dead after everything
that she'd been through
It's so unfair.
Everything she'd been through?
Well, the little I know.
Her dad was a driver
for a British NGO in Libya.
They supported
his asylum application,
but Farah had to wait two years
in a refugee camp.
That's when her mum died.
That's why she worked so hard.
She knew
what it cost just to get here.
Why do you think she took the boy?
For Farah to do that,
someone must have done something
really bad to her.
Why do you say that?
Well, she had this
I don't know, this
sense of what was right.
Keep your side of the bargain
and everyone else will too.
So, if you wanna know
why she took the boy
find out who hurt her.
- Hey.
- Steve.
Dig out the police interview
with Mehenni.
Something set Farah off,
see if you can find what it was.
Got it.
Present are
Police Constable Lizzie Adama.
Marcus Hicks,
representing Mr Mehenni.
Younes Ibrahim Mehenni.
Mr Mehenni, a complaint of criminal
damage has been made against you.
By my neighbour, Carrie Stoddard.
She wants to get us
thrown out of our house.
A whole heap of that,
"evil Carrie Stoddard".
This is where it gets tasty.
And then, you police,
you force your way into my house.
Even though you have no warrant.
And when my daughter
comes home from school,
the big policeman says
racist things to my daughter.
"All right, Little Miss Jihadi?"
Mr Mehenni, I ask the questions
And then he says to her,
"Tell your father.
What's his name, Mohammed, is it?
"Mohammed Bin Laden?
Tell him we want to talk to him."
Well, my name is not Mohammed.
It is not Bin Laden
- and what he said to my daughter..
- Mr Mehenni!
I'm interviewing you.
You've made a complaint,
you have your solicitor here,
your complaint will be dealt with,
but not now, not by me.
Is this it?
Bin Laden?
Little Miss Jihadi?
I read
Hadley and Lizzie's statements.
They both deny
he said anything racist.
Well, they would, wouldn't they?
Do the body cams show anything?
Only Lizzie's was recording
Didn't pick up any racist language,
just her and Hadley
chasing after Mehenni.
OK. We're done here.
Let's pack up, get all the evidence
back to Victoria House.
- Hey, you all right?
- Hey.
- Hiya
- Hey.
- Usual?
- Yeah.
A gin and tonic, please.
Er, so, I interviewed Mehenni.
- Yeah, I heard, yeah.
- Yeah, he denies everything.
I bailed him, pending CPS.
He made a complaint.
His daughter says you used
racist language towards her.
Yeah, heard that too.
Well, what the fuck, Hadley,
a teenage girl? Did you?
No. It's a load of rubbish.
You were with me, you know I didn't.
I wasn't with you.
I was in the garden.
You were close enough,
you'd have heard.
I didn't do this.
Scout's honour.
Look, I've got this board coming up
for the training school.
You're gonna be a shiny-arse?
Yeah, I am.
I've had 27 years of freezing nights
and shitty crime scenes.
I'm just too old and too fat.
This complaint means
I'll miss the board.
I'm sorry.
I've written the statement.
I can't go back and change it.
I'm not asking you to change it,
I'm asking you to add to it,
which is completely kosher,
by the way.
Hadders? Where's me bloody drink?
Yeah, all right.
Just say you were with me,
cos you were.
You didn't hear me say anything,
cos I didn't.
Finally! Thank you very much.
There we go.
Ask and you shall receive
I was just saying, Lizzie,
that soon,
I'm gonna be off to pastures new,
where the women are better-looking
and, more importantly,
they don't know me.
Follow my lead.
Sod it.
You go, Steve,
I'll see you back at base.
Thanks. It's Arif, isn't it?
Yeah. You guys finished here, then?
Here, yes. The inquiry, no.
Not with Lizzie Adama still missing.
I'm worried about her.
Well, maybe she just
wants to be alone for a bit.
Her and Hadley were real close.
You know, some stories have come out
about Hadley. Allegations.
Yeah, I'm not surprised.
He was outrageous.
My very first day, he said to me,
"Sonny, you're in the wrong job.
"You're a copper, so half the punters
are gonna hate you,
"and you're Asian, so the other half
are gonna hate you too."
- He actually said that to you?
- Yeah. And then he said,
"All credit to you for trying,
"and if anyone in this nick
gives you shit, you let me know."
He looked out for me,
like he did for Lizzie.
He made a point of it.
I know it sounds corny,
but I really loved them.
All three of them.
Gin and tonic?
Yeah. Thanks.
So, you get your bad guy?
No. Missed him again.
You must've thought
I was a right idiot,
running off excited,
guns and fast cars.
- Nah.
- No?
I would've been excited too.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think you would.
I think you could handle it.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Ah, I've got an early start tomorrow,
I'm actually gonna have to
head off soon.
If you must, let me drive you.
I'm staying
at our London flat tonight.
You're not that far from me, are you?
Let me drive you.
I heard about the Mehenni complaint,
by the way.
Unauthorised entry, racist language.
Hadley said it was bollocks.
He said you were with him
all the time.
I wasn't.
- I wasn't. He shouldn't have said that.
- OK.
Hadley will have to handle it.
It's no big deal. I promise.
Erm, I can get out here.
- I'm just three streets over.
- No, I'll drop you.
Unless you want a drink first.
I'm, er one street that way.
Thanks for your help, Arif.
Just one thing.
What did you mean,
"all three of them"?
Hadley, Lizzie, and the guv'nor.
I don't want her or the guv
to get in trouble.
Well, why would they
get in trouble?
Lizzie's sleeping
with her married boss.
That's not an issue for you?
It's not a crime.
It's not even against regulations.
Well, then why didn't he mention it
in his post-incident interview?
But what's the affair got to do with
two people falling off a tower block?
Well, for a start,
if PC Matthews' racist language
is the instigating incident
PC Adama said she didn't hear him
use racist language
and the Asian PC who worked with him
says he's not racist.
Farah's dad is charged
with criminal damage
and Farah stepped
in front of a speeding police car.
You know, this is not a happy family.
We all feel really badly
for the girl,
but she's the one
who took a five-year-old
to the top of the tower block.
Did you actually read
Lizzie's statement, Alice?
Yeah, why?
You didn't read it very carefully.
She wrote two statements
about the visit to Mehenni's house.
The first doesn't even
mention racist language.
Six days later,
she writes a second statement.
"I have been requested
by my inspector
"to submit a further statement
"to clarify one aspect
of these inquiries."
Guess which aspect.
She was with PC Matthews
the whole visit.
He didn't say anything racist.
"As requested by my guv'nor,
"with whom I happen
to be having an affair."
And look at what happens next.
19th of April,
Lizzie's second statement.
21st of April, Mehenni's complaint
against the police is dismissed,
Mehenni's remanded in custody,
Farah kidnaps the boy.
Talk about cause and effect.
We've been at it almost 48 hours.
We're tired, mistakes happen.
Go home and get some kip.
Back here in six.
I will make a formal request
for directed surveillance on DI Shaw.
- You going back to Bailie?
- No, I'm going round him.
OK, everyone.
And then the big policeman
says racist things to my daughter.
But my name is not Mohammed.
It isn't Bin Laden.
There you go.
..which led to the deaths of
a teenage girl and a police officer.
With us is
Chief Inspector Tim Bailie
to talk about the incident.
Tragedy is the right word.
But for the heroic intervention
of Police Constable Hadley Matthews,
I fear we may be discussing
an even more terrible outcome.
And I'd like to use the opportunity
to appeal someone who witnessed
the events at the tower
and was no doubt
traumatised by them.
Lizzie Adama.
And I wanna stress that Lizzie
is in no way a suspect,
far from it, but we just have
concerns for her safety.
So Lizzie, if you see this,
then please call your family,
or come into any police station.
Where the hell are you, Sarah?
I'm at home,
getting a change of clothes.
A change of clothes?
- How can I help you, Sir?
- You went behind my back.
You asked DCS Russell
for surveillance on Shaw
after I'd already refused
that surveillance.
Sir, I have evidence
that DI Shaw is
Told me your evidence,
it wasn't strong enough.
Did I tell you
he was fucking PC Adama?
Look she's still AWOL.
Younes Mehenni won't talk to me.
Carrie Stoddard won't talk to me.
All I have is DI Shaw,
who is up to his bloody neck in it.
- An affair's not a crime.
- Yeah.
So everyone keeps telling me.
It still stinks.
It's not enough.
DCS Russell agrees with me.
Your request for surveillance
on DI Shaw is denied.
Are we clear?
Sarah, are we clear?
Yes, Sir.
Nice shirt.
- Suits you.
- Doubt it.
It was Angie's.
The woman has gone,
the clothes remain.
- Bailie call you?
- Did he ever.
No surveillance on Shaw.
New angle.
Lizzie Adama's second statement.
What made her write it?
Well, there's always pressure
to back your partner.
Would've been even harder
on her, young Black officer,
her partner accused of racism.
But she held out for six days,
then she wrote her statement
at 5:30 in the morning.
So, what made her crack?
What happened that night?
Stay back, Joe.
Cosmina? We're police.
Where are you?
Found her!
- I'll check the back.
- OK.
Oh, my God
Control receiving 1835,
request LAS for adult woman
at 14 Chandler, SE12.
Woman is severely beaten,
Roger that
Scrub that, Control,
woman is conscious,
but with serious head injuries.
Copy that, 1835
You all right, love? Can you hear us?
Has he gone?
Yeah, he's gone. We're the police.
Police Shit.
We've called an ambulance.
We're gonna get you to hospital.
No hospital. I gotta call Laszlo.
Did, erm
Did Laszlo do this to you?
Cosmina did he do this?
It was a fight.
But I'm OK. No hospital.
Give me your hand.
If it was me sitting where you are,
what would you tell me to do?
I would say, "Go to hospital."
You door-stepping me?
I thought you people were done here.
Not quite. I'd like to know
what case PC Adama was working
the night of 18th of April.
What the hell's that gotta do
with Portland Tower?
We'd just like to know, Sir.
Hmm. 18th of April was the day
that Lizzie ran into Laszlo Kovacs.
The case I told you about.
The case you don't give a damn about,
which is why Lizzie Adama's face
is all over the news.
What happened?
Lizzie and Hadley
responded to a 999 call.
One of Kovacs' girls, Cosmina Baicu.
They came to the aid
of a brutally beaten young woman.
They showed what good cops they were.
That's what happened.
What was the fight about?
- Money.
- Money?
Laszlo's your pimp?
Who am I fucking kidding?
He takes more than his share.
I complain, he beats me.
I try to leave, he beats me.
I'll never get out of this shithole.
Yes, you will. We're gonna help you.
You call the police?
Are you Laszlo?
Stay away from her.
Put the gun down.
You're under arrest.
You're filming me.
Ambulance is here.
What's going on? You OK?
Laszlo. Went out back.
He had a firearm. He took my camera.
- 1272 to Control.
- Control receiving.
Urgent Trojan request. Armed suspect
leaving scene on foot. Suspect is
- IC1 male.
- IC1 male.
- 6ft.
- 6ft.
- 30s, black leather jacket, beard.
- 30s, black leather jacket, beard.
- In you go, guys.
- Thank you.
We're just here to have
a quick look at you.
I'm OK, thank you very much.
You have a serious head injury,
you have to go to hospital.
No, I refuse.
You can go, please. No hospital.
Stopping body-worn video at 4:46pm.
Sorry, love.
No offence, but, er
I don't like it here very much.
Your boyfriend's running round
with a gun,
and I'm due a cup of tea
Now, I can't arrest you,
but I have other powers
under the Mental Health Act.
So I'm gonna section you
cos I believe you're a danger
to yourself, and to me.
And if you don't go
to hospital voluntarily,
I'm gonna force you to go.
Can he do that?
Here come the cavalry.
You go with Cosmina to the hospital.
See if you can get her account
of what happened.
I'll join you there.
You all right, kiddo?
Guv said you wanted to talk to me
about what happened at the Mehennis'.
Not scared
about getting in trouble, are you?
I've told you
I've written my statement.
- I don't know what I can do.
- I told you, you can add to it.
Just say you didn't hear me
say anything.
"Little Miss Jihadi."
That sounds like you, Hadley,
the sort of thing you think's funny,
and it isn't, especially
not to a 15-year-old Muslim kid.
Which is why I didn't say it.
Do you know how often Arab kids,
Black kids, get that type of shit,
and then to hear it from a policeman?
Lizzie, I didn't say it,
for God's sake.
Do you think I'm a racist?
I fucking despise racists.
The young girl's just
protecting her father,
she makes up a load of stuff.
I can understand why she did it, but
she could ruin the rest of my life.
I'm sorry.
I've written the statement.
I wasn't with you the whole time.
Four weeks ago
when you caught that shoplifter,
you searched her before I got to you.
Well, yeah,
you move like an aircraft carrier.
Well, that's a fattist comment,
but I'll let it go.
You searched her,
but you forgot to turn on your BWV.
Yeah, OK, that
that isn't the same
And I told you turn it on
and do the search again,
- as per the regulations.
- Hadley, it's not
And that's exactly
what I said happened in my statement.
"It was a lawful search." Hadley
I backed you because you're
my partner and because I trust you,
and because that's
what you bloody do.
I will not fucking lie for you!
This is why I wanna know
about the 18th of April.
That was the night that PC Adama
wrote her second statement
- about PC Matthews.
- You can't just barge in here
Because of that statement, Younes
Mehenni was remanded in custody,
Farah Mehenni took the boy
to Portland Tower,
where she and PC Matthews died.
What happened that night
that made PC Adama change her mind?
How do I know what's in her mind?
Really? Aren't you
in a relationship with her?
Did you pressure her?
If you're questioning my integrity,
I'll see you in an interview room
with a lawyer and a Fed rep.
In the meantime, get out.
We're leaving, Sir.
But you know we're gonna have to
speak to someone about Kovacs,
just to complete our report.
Case is with the murder squad,
but I doubt they'll give you
the time of day.
- Who's the case officer?
- DS O'Neil.
Jack O'Neil?
Oh, that's nice.
Cos Jack and I go way back way back,
so I'm sure I can get him to talk.
You know how that works.
Sarah, shall we, erm?
You and Hadley did well,
getting that girl to hospital.
And I heard you got
her first account too, so well done.
CCTV has Kovacs
getting into a high-end Beamer
a few streets from the flat.
They should be able
to nab him pretty soon.
He's a bastard.
I heard he pulled a gun on you.
Till he's nicked, you be careful. OK?
You and Hadley have a talk?
OK. I won't ask again.
He's big enough
to look after himself, I'm sorry.
You should head back to the station,
finish up and go home.
Tell Hadley too.
I promised Cosmina
I'd be here when she came out.
OK, Mother Teresa.
After that, you go home.
Or you can come round
- Jack.
- Alice.
- This is Sarah Collins.
- You wanna talk about Lizzie Adama?
- Yeah.
- What a clusterfuck.
Hey, Hadley?
I just saw the guv. He said soon as
we're done, we should clock off.
No No
- Lizzie.
- No
Apparently, it was a
cerebral haemorrhage.
There was nothing they could do.
He killed her.
The, erm
murder squad are taking over.
We have to ID the body,
then give our statements.
You up for that
or do you wanna delay?
I'm up for it.
You said it was a clusterfuck. Why?
Well, where to begin?
They got a member of the public
to put the door in,
then they let a witness
into the crime scene,
and how they got the girl
into the ambulance, Jesus
How did they?
Pick the story up,
so PC Matthews comes back,
Cosmina's refusing to leave.
Then PC Matthews switches off
his BWV, and Cosmina ends up here.
So how did you manage that?
How did you manage that?
Hadley said he'd section her
under the Mental Health Act.
Section her. A danger to herself.
She was refusing to go to hospital.
Kovacs could've come back
any second and killed her.
He did fucking kill her.
I explained to her that a murder case
is a whole other level of scrutiny.
The defence are looking
for anything to hurt the case,
like her missing BWV,
or a threatening
to section the victim.
How do you explain
all that to a judge?
Then there's all the other stuff.
What other stuff?
Well, the complaint
against PC Matthews and her.
Racist language.
That's why you're here, isn't it?
If the defence
had got hold of that
- You told her it would damage the case?
- Well, it would have.
Thank God it's gone away.
Racist language?
We're trying to convict a killer.
Guess who that was.
Younes Mehenni.
He saw Bailie on TV. He's furious.
Says we're turning
Lizzie Adama into a saint.
He says she is not a saint,
not by a long shot.
- Does that mean he'll talk to us?
- Yeah.
As I've often said
the 999 breakfast,
one of the Met's finest
I told the murder squad that
you threatened to section Cosmina.
Are you serious?
Lizzie, I specially turned
my camera off, so it wouldn't
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
But that's not all.
They said that the Mehenni
complaint hurt the case.
Kovacs might get away with it
..that he might fucking walk
All right, just
pull yourself together,
you're letting down the uniform.
If you ever wondered
why we hate those bastards in suits,
well, there's your answer.
Oh, yeah, they always know best,
but they're never there
when you've gotta put the door in.
Here, didn't your mum and dad
teach you anything?
And they'll have their fun.
The solicitors, the press,
the know-nothings.
They'll cast doubt
Won't make any difference.
Kovacs killed Cosmina.
We were the last people she spoke to.
You've got it all in your pocket book.
That's what counts.
And when they catch this bastard,
which they will,
he's going down for life.
And that's what matters.
And that's what we did. Hmm?
Come on.
I was wrong to pressure you.
Forget about it, OK? I'll be fine.
You're a good cop, Lizzie Adama.
But if I were you, I'd finish up here
and I'd go straight home.
Before I start confessing
to any unsolved murders or anything!
Go on.
"This is a statement
about arrest inquiries I made
"with PC Hadley Matthews at 7,
Kenley Villas.
"I have covered this matter
in an earlier statement,
"but have been requested
by my inspector
"to clarify one aspect
of these enquiries"
I did it.
It's done.
"I heard the whole conversation
"between Farah Mehenni
and PC Matthews"
"He never said anything out of place
"and certainly nothing
of a racist nature."
PC Adama pretended to be our friend.
She promised my daughter
she would make my charges go away
the charges my neighbour
Carrie Stoddard made.
Why did she hate me so much?
Really because of my rubbish bins
or the motorbike in the back?
Maybe it was because
of the colour of my skin?
We hadn't even been
in the house for one month
and she'd already made complaints
to the housing officer.
If that wasn't enough,
she then calls the police.
This is when PC Adama
and the big policeman
force their way into my house
insult my daughter.
She trusted PC Adama,
who lied about the law,
and then lied about
what her friend did.
She betrayed Farah.
She killed my
Why are you not writing?
You're not telling me anything.
I'm gonna get some air.
It's me.
Lizzie, thank God.
I'm turning myself in.
No, wait, do not do that.
My face is bloody everywhere.
I'm going to.
Lizzie, talk to me first.
Where are you?
Farah was a child.
She should not be dead.
But if you want me to find out why
she died, you will have to trust me.
There is no point.
I will never trust British police.
You know, you're not innocent here.
Whatever Carrie did to you,
you did something to her.
You keyed her car.
You made a threatening phone call.
Those are criminal offences.
You could've had a caution, that's
what PC Adama was offering you.
All you had to do was admit what
you'd done and say you were sorry
and that would've been the end of it,
but you couldn't do that, could you?
And you brought Farah with you
when you were charged.
It's all on the station CCTV.
You give her the paperwork after
you've been remanded. Why did you?
Bring her to the station,
then hand her the papers,
like it was her responsibility?
The poor lonely girl.
It's no wonder she broke.
Why did you put it on her?
Why did you?
Well, say something, Mr Mehenni.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
Yes, it's your fault.
But it's not only yours.
If you help me,
I will do everything in my power
to find out what sent
Farah up that tower,
but you have to talk to me.
What have you got to lose?
The big policeman.
He took her phone.
He took her phone.
- I'm gonna go for a run, all right?
- Mm-hm.
PC Adama?
This is Farah Mehenni.
- You shouldn't be calling me.
- But you gave me your number.
Yeah, yeah, but
but that was to help.
Please please listen to me
My dad said his lawyer told him you
made a statement. A new statement.
Now he's got to go back in,
he's going to be charged.
It's a minor offence, all right?
He'll be OK.
We could lose our house.
Farah, that's not gonna happen.
My dad says you heard
what the other policeman said.
But you couldn't have.
You were in the back yard.
Well, that's not how I remember it.
I trusted you, PC Adama.
You said we could work this out,
you promised.
Farah there isn't a deal
to be made here, OK?
It's happened. It's done.
So your dad
will just have to face the
No, he won't.
I had my phone on in my pocket.
I recorded everything
your friend said.
Little Miss Jihadi.
Mohammed Bin Laden.
So you have to help me now,
don't you, PC Adama?
There's a place I walk past every day,
Portland Tower.
We could meet there.
You know, we are taught
that every soul will taste death.
This is my daughter.
This is Farah.
- Yes, Steve?
- Sarah, at bloody last.
Lizzie's phone pinged an hour ago,
just outside Eastbourne.
Great. Did she call anyone?
Half an hour ago, DI Shaw called.
Says she'd phoned him.
He said he told her
to hand herself in.
- Where was he?
- Driving home. His house near Lewes.
He's going to meet her.
Yeah, that's what we think, so
Listen. Farah recorded what Hadley
Matthews said to her on her phone.
Farah told Lizzie Adama.
Lizzie must've told Hadley
because he waited for Farah
at Portland Tower
the day before they died
and he took the phone
right out of her hands.
That's why she took the kid.
Exactly. And it's why DI Shaw
went to Hadley's locker
in the middle
of the tower incident.
We've gotta find that phone.
We need a warrant for Shaw,
his homes, his vehicles.
Be a fight to get it through Bailie.
This time, I'll fucking win.
A section eight warrant.
Are you serious?
Yes, Sir.
DI Shaw
has Farah Mehenni's mobile phone.
And you believe this because
of what Farah's father told you?
I know this.
It's the only explanation
that makes sense
of DI Shaw's actions.
But you don't have evidence.
It's hearsay, from a biased source.
Why are you fixated on pursuing Shaw?
Why are you fixated on defending him?
Be very careful, Sarah.
The answer's no.
No warrant.
You know, eventually,
Lizzie Adama will come in.
She will tell us
what happened on top of the tower
between PC Matthews
and Farah Mehenni.
What are you talking about?
If PC Matthews
was prepared to take, by force,
a mobile phone from a teenage girl
what else might he have done?
Up there on the roof,
facing the end of his career,
the loss of his good name.
Like I said, it will come out.
And if the Met and certain senior
officers are found to have impeded
my investigation
with its racial component, well
..can you imagine the shitstorm?
You've got your warrant.
You'd better find that phone.
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