The Tower (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

DSI caught up
with Lizzie Adama last night.
- She refused to come in, she ran.
- She's scared.
PC Adama.
I had my phone on in my pocket.
I recorded everything
your friend said.
"Little Miss Jihadi",
"Mohammad Bin Laden".
You think I'm a racist?
She wrote two statements
about the visit to Mehenni's house.
I did it.
It's done.
Lizzie Adama's second statement.
What made her write it?
Stay away from her.
They said that the Mehenni complaint
hurt the case.
That Kovacs might get away with it.
He's going down for life.
The big policeman took her phone.
- I'm turning myself in.
- No, wait, do not do that.
We need a warrant for Shaw-
his homes, his vehicles, everything.
You've got your warrant.
But you better find that phone.
Go on. Go.
You said you wanted to talk to me
before I hand myself in.
That's Farah's.
Hadley called me
on the way to the tower.
Said it was in his locker.
So she was telling the truth
about that, too.
He took it from her.
- He did it to protect you.
- To protect me?
- Here.
- Are you kidding?
What are you doing in my house?
'All right, calm down,
little Miss Jihadi.
Just looking for your dad,
that's all.
- Why? He hasn't done anything.
- Yeah.
Well, you tell him
What's his name, Mohammed?
Mohammed, is it? Mohammed Bin Laden.
You tell him we're looking for him.
All right?
He says "Bin Laden" on the tape.
He told me he didn't.
He lied to my face.
It's hardly a racist tirade, though,
is it?
It's still racist.
Enough to get him
kicked out of the police.
Why, you think that's right?
27 years of service and Hadley's
dismissed for what?
For what, calling Farah's dad
Bin Laden? Really?
Come on, you know he wasn't racist.
He was from the street,
he talked like the street.
He didn't mean anything.
It was a joke.
It wasn't to Farah.
Do you know what happened next?
Her dad came home
and she was freaked out,
because the big policeman
had just called her dad Bin Laden,
so she shouted at him to run,
you know why?
She'd been in this country
less than a year
and she had no idea
what we were gonna do,
were we going to shoot him
like Bin Laden?
Hadley did that to her.
My friend, Hadley.
And worse is what I did.
I covered for him.
And I got that poor girl to trust me,
I knew what I was doing,
I was saying,
"Look at me, trust me, I'm like you."
- And then I took her trust and I
- I'm sorry
but the girl was mad.
She wasn't. All she knew was
that the police threatened her,
then lied about it and then
took her phone by force.
And don't say Hadley did it
to protect me,
he did it to protect himself.
Well, I've had enough.
I saw on TV how this is playing,
the crazy girl, t-the hero cop.
I'm gonna tell the truth and
I don't care what happens to me.
Well, that's your call, Lizzie.
But just so you're clear
what will happen to you,
you're the one
who committed a crime here,
you're the one
who lied in a statement,
and you are the one
who will go to prison.
You know
what they do to cops in prison?
They put shit in your food.
Hadley knew that.
He took that phone to protect you.
I'm sorry, but that girl was mad.
She took a kid up a tower,
for God's sake.
She killed Hadley.
She didn't kill him.
What happened up there?
- On the roof, what happened?
- She didn't kill him.
You saved a child.
You did good.
Real good.
But you have to allow yourself
to survive. You have to.
- You're doing it again.
- What?
- Handling me.
- Oh, come on.
That first night we slept together
..that was the night
Mehenni made his complaint.
Was that why you did it?
- To keep me on side?
- Is that what you think?
- I don't know what to think.
- The Mehenni complaint was nothing.
Every cop gets complaints.
It comes with the territory.
And why did I sleep with you?
Because I couldn't get you
out of my head, Lizzie.
Because I'd just walk around Farlow
just hoping I'd see you. That's why.
That's why I'm here right now,
because I don't want you
to get into trouble.
- I'm already in trouble.
- No, you're not. No, you're not.
Without the phone,
DSI have nothing. Nothing.
So, please,
don't land yourself in it. Please.
Or land you in it.
I'm sorry, what?
You're my inspector.
Your actions don't look so great,
do they?
I searched for this for you.
I could go to jail for you.
Mrs Shaw?
I'm DS Sarah Collins.
Is your husband in?
He's taken the dog for a walk.
What's going on?
We have a search warrant
for the house.
Well, you can't come in,
not till Kieran gets back.
Have you called him?
I've tried. His phone's switched off.
- He said he'd buy me a milkshake.
- Yeah, he'll be back soon.
Like I said, wait till he gets back.
You have to decide, Lizzie,
are you gonna let this ruin you,
or are you going to put it behind you
and just learn to be a good cop?
A good cop?
- What is that?
- Really?
For all his faults,
Hadley was a good cop.
I'm a good cop.
And those bleeding hearts
with their politically-correct words,
when the shit hits the fan
and their loved ones are in trouble,
who do they want? Not you,
not someone
who's gonna doubt and hesitate,
and they certainly
don't want DS Collins either.
They want someone with balls.
They want a Hadley.
- They want me.
- What? A liar.
A bully. Why should I aspire to that?
Like I said, Lizzie,
you do what you have to do.
I'm gonna dispose of this
on the way home.
When you're interviewed by DSI,
we never met.
I cared for you, Lizzie. I loved you.
I still love you.
But if you're gonna
sacrifice yourself,
do not think for one moment
that you can drag me down with you,
because you can't. You just can't.
What are you doing here?
We have a warrant
to search your house,
your vehicles, and you, Sir.
My colleague, DC Bradshaw,
is searching your London flat
and your office at Farlow.
We waited for you
before starting here.
That's very kind of you.
You should've called, though.
I could have ordered for everyone.
Your phone was switched off.
- What are you looking for, anyway?
- I interviewed Younes Mehenni.
- He told me some disturbing things.
- Really?!
Did he tell you
why he started it all?
Why he made his neighbour's life hell,
why he keyed her car,
why he ran from the police,
he ignored every attempt to defuse
the situation. Did he tell you that?
And now you bring his unique brand
of bullshit to my home, really?!
I apologise
for disturbing your family, Sir.
- It was unavoidable.
- Unavoidable.
Hey, sweetie. There you go.
Sorry about the circus.
- Are they allowed to do this?
- They are.
Detective Sergeant Collins,
my wife, Mary. My daughter, Anya.
- Will you need to search them, too?
- No.
We'll try to minimise the disturbance,
Mrs Shaw.
Ah, sorry, I forgot to tell them
to leave room for milk.
Buddy! Come on, boy!
This is my colleague, DC Vine.
He'll be searching you.
Is there somewhere private?
- Would you like me to undress?
- That won't be necessary, Sir.
Here she is.
- Hungry?
- Yeah.
Didn't I tell you that Lizzie Adama
was a target
in an organised crime case?
Laszlo Kovacs, a wanted murderer?
Didn't I tell you that?
If anything happens to her,
it's on you,
you understand that, right?
It's on her.
She had every chance
to turn herself in, she refused.
You are cold.
You have special feelings for Lizzie?
Special feelings?
What is that, like, code?
Do you?
Well done.
No, seriously, well done.
I bet you that makes you feel like
a real detective, sniffing around,
- digging up gossip.
- So it's true?
- You're having an affair?
- It's none of your business.
If it influenced her decisions,
it will be my business.
You wanna know
my feelings for Lizzie? OK.
I think she's amazing.
I think she's an amazing
police officer.
Will she still
want to be a police officer
after you've finished with her.
I doubt it.
- What's your name?
- Farah.
All right, calm down,
little Miss Jihadi.
Well, you tell him.
What's his name, Mohammed?
Mohammed, is it? Mohammed Bin Laden?
We're done, sir.
- Did you find anything?
- No.
So you invaded my home,
embarrassed me in front
of my wife and child for nothing.
Are you surprised?
What surprises me is how untouchable
some people think they are.
- I didn't find the phone.
- Me neither.
He probably dumped it
as soon as he got it
- from Hadley Matthews' locker.
- Yeah.
- So what next?
- Hadley Matthews' postmortem.
I asked them to hold off
till I got back.
Steve Bradshaw.
Is that you?
- She say anything?
- Just hung up.
- I'll get a trace going.
- Find her.
Before she does something
really daft.
I need to re-examine the girl's body.
See the scratches, the bruising?
I thought they were probably caused
in the fall,
or when her body was lifted
at the scene.
But under his nails,
there are skin and flesh fragments.
we'll have to do DNA, but
Don't do this.
Why should you be the one who pays?
- I got Lizzie.
- Oh, thank God. Where?
- Portland Tower.
- That figures.
I think I know why she ran.
Book her in.
She's to be held incommunicado.
No contact.
Not family, not colleagues, no-one.
- OK.
- Great work, Steve.
I want to know what you're gonna do.
Well, I had two options.
The first, you took away.
The second is
..say what happened.
Just tell the truth.
- Which is the right thing to do.
- I don't care if I go to jail.
I've been police for 15 years.
I've got friends, good friends,
who haven't said a word to me
since the day I joined.
I had crossed a line
they couldn't understand,
or couldn't forgive.
Bet you've had the same
..or similar.
Don't you want that to end?
You have a third option, Lizzie.
It's the hardest one.
You're gonna have to lie.
Where've you been?
Don't worry about the phone,
I did what you should've done.
I've smashed it with a hammer,
I've thrown the pieces in the river.
- Darling.
- Mm.
- Is that the end of it?
- Nearly.
Not quite.
Because of her?
Lizzie Adama?
- The top of the tower.
- Mm.
- On the edge. I thought she might jump.
- Christ.
Did she say anything,
where she's been, who she's seen?
No. Just said she wanted space.
I hear you're the man
who caught our fugitive, Steve.
Bloody well done.
Thank you, Sir. I got lucky.
Let's walk.
- You didn't find the girl's phone.
- No, Sir.
So threatening me
with a public scandal achieved what?
It achieved nothing.
Instead of searching
for phantom phones,
why haven't you interviewed
Carrie Stoddard?
Her son was on the roof.
He's a witness.
Mrs Stoddard has consistently refused
to let us speak to Ben, Sir.
She doesn't want him
reliving the trauma.
So tell me, Sarah, what do you have,
after three days of investigation?
And I don't mean speculation about
racist language and searched lockers
and missing phones. I mean actual,
chargeable offences.
I was at PC Matthews' postmortem
last night.
Under his fingernails,
skin and flesh scrapings.
On Farah's wrist,
deep bruises, gouges.
You're saying he attacked her?
I'm not saying it, the evidence is.
She was gonna cost him his job,
his pension after 27 years,
his reputation.
Can you prove it?
If the boy won't talk,
what've you got? Lizzie Adama.
- She saw it happen.
- Will she turn on her dead partner?
Do you have any leverage?
It's why she ran and kept on running.
She saw him do it.
That's leverage.
Set up the interview room.
You ready, Lizzie?
Do you want a pee, cup of tea,
shot of vodka?
No, thanks.
This interview is taking place
at Victoria House
on the 24th of April at 3:35 PM.
- Present are DC Steve Bradshaw.
- DS Sarah Collins.
PC Lizzie Adama.
Lizzie, can I remind you
that you're still under caution? Yes.
Thanks, can you confirm that you
have declined legal representation.
I have. I confirm.
Let's talk about the beginning.
You went to Farah's home
to make arrest inquiries.
A complaint resulted
against PC Matthews.
Farah claimed
Hadley said racist things to her.
- Did he?
- No.
He had a way of saying things
that could be misunderstood.
In your statement, you say,
"I heard the whole conversation
"between Farah Mehenni
and PC Matthews.
"He never said anything
of a racist nature."
If he never said anything
of a racist nature,
how can he have been misunderstood?
- I don't know.
- So what did he say?
He said that we needed
to speak to her dad,
that we'd keep coming back.
- So Farah lied?
- No.
Someone's lying here
and if it wasn't you,
it has to be Farah.
Is that a question?
PC Matthews' statement
responding to the complaint.
He denies it. He says
you will corroborate his account.
Why did it take you so long?
I'd already made a statement.
About the arrest inquiries, yeah.
I have it here.
It's precise, detailed.
Exemplary, in fact.
But the second statement,
only ten lines and six days later.
What took you so long?
I just didn't get around to it.
Top of your class in training school,
one commendation already,
you're not the sort of officer who
"doesn't get round" to things.
I was busy. We're always busy.
"A mentor",
"Took you under his wing",
that's what everyone said about
Hadley Matthews and you,
but you took six days
to write a statement supporting him,
why, because you were lazy? Selfish?
- No.
- Then why?
If the complaint had been upheld,
PC Matthews would've been dismissed
from the service,
he would've lost his pension.
So he pressured you, didn't he?
- Did DI Shaw pressure you?
- What? No.
Even though
you were in a relationship with him?
You were in a relationship with him,
weren't you?
I was in a relationship with him.
No, he didn't pressure me.
You find it hard to lie, don't you?
- I don't know what that means.
- The reason you took so long to write
the statement is that
you couldn't bring yourself to lie,
but you also couldn't bring yourself
to tell the truth.
You hadn't heard what Hadley said,
because you weren't there.
I was.
So when PC Matthews
came to you for support,
- you quite rightly refused.
- No.
But after six days of pressure,
you cracked.
You wrote a ten-line statement
backing Hadley.
- You lied.
- No.
I believe that, more than anyone,
a police officer has to obey the law.
Not just some of the time,
or most of the time,
or even 99% of the time,
all the time.
Do you believe that?
I interviewed
Farah's father yesterday.
This is what he said.
PC Adama said
she heard everything that
the big policeman said,
but how could she?
She was in the back yard,
that's what my daughter said.
But it doesn't matter, does it?
Because my daughter had her phone
and she recorded everything,
she proved that they were lying.
- PC Adama, she knew this. Why?
- Stop.
Because my daughter had called her
and told her that she had
everything on the phone.
'But she lied. To a girl
who trusted her, looked up to her.
- She said, "PC Adama is good."
- Please, stop.
"She will tell the truth."
But she didn't.
- Just lies.
- Please, stop!
She's close.
One more push, yeah?
Yeah, she's close.
You're doing great, Sarah.
I'm just going for a pee.
Let's talk about the roof.
You got there very quickly,
didn't you?
I heard a call come in
that a five-year-old boy was missing.
It had to be Ben.
- Because of the bear suit.
- Yeah.
Then, I heard there were people
on top of Portland Tower, I just knew.
How did you know?
Farah had called me
the day before. She was upset.
She thought
I'd promised her father a caution.
She said this to you on the phone?
She said there was a place
she liked to go, Portland Tower.
She wanted to meet there.
She was scared
they were gonna lose their home.
What else did she say?
Nothing else.
Aren't you missing something?
Younes Mehenni said Farah
recorded what PC Matthews said
Younes saying it
doesn't mean she did.
And if she did, where's the phone?
We'll get to the phone.
Did you tell PC Matthews
about Farah's call?
About the place
where she wanted to meet?
Then why did he go to the tower?
How did he even know about the tower?
He heard the same radio calls I did,
he must've come
to the same conclusion.
He was driving to the tower
before it was mentioned on any call.
- How did he know?
- I don't know.
So you get to the tower,
you go to the roof
and PC Matthews is already there.
And Farah and Ben.
- How would you describe Farah?
- She's upset.
She thinks
the police have let her down,
I've let her down.
I'm so sorry. I didn't know
You did!
You told him about the phone.
You took it! You stole it!
That's not the only reason
she's upset though, is it?
She's angry because PC Matthews
has taken her phone.
I don't know anything about that.
PC Matthews took the phone
from Farah at Portland Tower,
that special place
she told you about,
the tower she walked past
on the way to school every day.
I don't know anything about that.
I learned things about Farah,
how she had a clear sense of justice,
of fair play.
Why do you think she took the boy?
Cos she was mad?
- No.
- No.
She took Ben because
something was taken from her,
which proved she wasn't a liar.
You didn't want to call her a liar
before, why are you doing it now?
- Lizzie, tell me why Farah was upset.
- I told you, she was angry.
I thought you weren't like him.
He mocked me!
She kidnapped a child,
because PC Matthews took her phone
- She didn't mention a phone.
- Lizzie, how did Hadley Matthews
know to go to the tower? Because
that's where he took the phone.
Why did DI Shaw,
in the middle of a major incident,
go and search Hadley's locker?
To find the phone.
How else do you explain
Farah and Hadley's behaviour?
I don't know, I can't speak for them.
- Because they're dead!
- I know they're dead.
I was trying to save their lives!
He shouldn't have done that.
I'm so ashamed.
Please, Farah,
come back from the edge,
- we'll tell the truth.
- You won't!
I'll never trust you again!
What happened up there, Lizzie?
How did they fall?
I had to get Ben back from the edge.
This is my fault.
You want me, not Ben.
Please, Farah
he's innocent.
- I am innocent, too!
- Yes.
You are innocent, too.
Tell them. Tell them I let you go.
Come on, Ben. Come on.
So you didn't see them fall.
They were there
Then, they weren't.
Farah's father gave me this.
Like a gesture of trust,
that I would find the truth.
Are you telling the truth?
- I'm telling the truth.
- So Farah's a liar, is that true?
And Hadley Matthews
was the type of cop
who gives the rest of us a bad name.
It's why you say
you didn't see the end.
Because, for Hadley,
there was only one end,
only one way he gets his life back,
the girl goes off the tower.
This is the forensic evidence
which proves he went for her
once the boy was safe.
He went for her, he gouged her arm.
But the ledge was too narrow
and he was too big and he fell.
That's what happened
at the end and you did see it.
You're right. I did see it.
- He killed her.
- No. No.
I did.
She was so close.
I tried I tried to grab her and
But she moved.
And, erm
..and Hadley
Hadley who was safe, he was safe
You don't know Hadley at all.
He died trying to save her life.
If you want to charge me
with anything,
charge me with that.
I killed her.
Trying to save a life
isn't a chargeable offence.
Interview suspended at 16:25.
You're free to go.
Our report will go to the CPS,
they'll decide
if there's a case to prosecute.
In the meantime, I'll walk you out.
That's the end of it.
Do you understand me?
- Farah's dead. Hadley's dead.
- I know.
But they found each other
and neither would back down.
The service is better with you in it.
That's why I stuck my neck out
for you, why I betrayed my friend.
You've made your mistake.
Learn from it and move on.
Be a good cop.
- Good night.
- Good night, Steve.
I'm off, wondered if you'd like a
She called you at 8:35pm last night?
About then, yeah.
But you didn't book her
into custody until 10:20.
Even allowing for getting
to the tower, getting her down
..that's a long time.
What did you say to her?
Where are you going with this, Sarah?
When we paused the interview No.
When YOU paused the interview,
she was about to break.
Then, someone took her a cup of tea.
When she came back,
she was different,
her story was solid,
I couldn't shift it
I checked the cell log.
Why did you take her a cup of tea,
So you could help her
through the difficult part?
- Don't be ridiculous.
- Ridiculous?
You were with her just now.
I saw you.
The interview was everything we had.
And you showed her how to beat it.
Even if I did what you say, so what?
So what?
She's a girl in her 20s.
She's a police officer!
She perverted the course of justice!
She made a stupid mistake,
she backed a colleague!
If you want to punish someone,
punish Shaw.
He's the one that should be
in that interview room, not Lizzie.
I tried to get Shaw, you know I did,
he was too fucking slippery.
- So you take it out on her?
- She would have given us Shaw!
She'd have gone to jail.
Is that what you joined to do,
send an inexperienced cop to prison
for a mistake?
If her inexperience is mitigation,
it's for the court to decide, not us.
I said,
is that what you joined to do?
Yeah, it is.
To do my job, to apply the law.
Why, what did you join for?
- To put away bad guys, not
- A teenage girl is dead.
And I'm sorry for Farah.
But destroying Lizzie
won't bring her back.
You're a good detective, Sarah
..but, man,
do you waste your talents.
If you've got a complaint about me,
put it on paper.
I've tried phoning.
Dozens of times.
I didn't want to talk to you.
I heard you didn't give DSI anything.
I'm glad.
I didn't do it for you,
if that's what you think.
Not for Hadley either.
I'm glad for you.
You're here for a reason. What is it?
Artemis arrested Laszlo Kovacs
last night.
They need an ID.
Without one,
they can't hold him. So
Do you want to put away the bastard
who killed Cosmina Baicu?
You'll have to go to the Viper Suite
at Farlow.
You'll be shown images of eight men.
You'll be asked if you recognise
the man who threatened you
with a handgun.
You'll be asked if you're confident
in your identification.
Number six.
He's number six.
- They got Kovacs, did you hear?
- Erm, yeah.
I I, erm I just did the ID.
Arif, erm
..can you forgive me?
Because you backed Hadley
and not the girl?
I asked myself
what I would have done
..and I couldn't answer.
So, yeah
course I fucking forgive you.
I just hope one day it stops,
you know?
Come back.
We miss you.
Come here.
- You've seen this of course.
- Yes, sir.
"CPS declines to prosecute."
You're not happy.
Should I be?
PC Matthews used racist language
to a teenage girl,
PC Adama lied to cover for him,
PC Matthews took by force
the phone which proved
the racist language and the lie
..and DI Shaw
covered the whole thing up.
Could you prove it?
Any one bit of it?
You got incredibly close,
Sarah, but
In my opinion, the CPS is sending
a bad message to the public
and the police.
In my opinion, Lizzie Adama
should not remain in the police.
Oh, come on, look what she just did.
ID'd a killer,
a known organised crime figure,
despite the risk to herself.
We need young officers like her.
She's committed, she's brave.
We have to move on.
Northumbria Police
have asked for your help.
- It's a tricky one, a high-speed chase.
- No.
Homicide command
had a vacancy for a DS.
I applied. I was accepted.
I start in two weeks.
I'd like to thank you
for everything, Sir.
I've learned a lot from you.
Let us have a few moments of silence.
Thank you very much.
See you back at the car.
Hadley would have wanted me to say
something funny.
I'm sorry, I can't for the life of me
think of anything.
It's just too damn sad.
I'm going to miss him.
Bye, Hadley.
Bye, Hadley.
- You weren't at Hadley's funeral.
- No.
You're wrong about me.
I'm as good a cop as you are.
I will prove it.
OK, then.
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