The Tower (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

The Metropolitan
Police enquiry
into the Portland
Tower incident,
in which Police
Constable Hadley Matthews
and teenager Farah Mehenni
lost their lives, ended today.
The enquiry has been examining
the conduct of PC Lizzie Adama,
who has been on paid leave
since the tragedy
two months ago.
This hearing has
been convened solely
to adjudicate the
alleged breaches
of the standards of
professional behaviour
by Police Constable
Lizzie Adama,
which, if proved, would
amount to gross misconduct.
Did PC Adama's absence
hinder your investigation?
Early in an
investigation, the focus is
on securing every
piece of evidence.
The delay in
speaking to PC Adama,
the fact we had to put
resources into finding her,
meant that crucial
evidence went missing.
Didn't PC Adama's actions
bring discredit to the service?
She just saw two
people die horribly.
She was traumatised. She ran.
But she was brave enough to
return and face the music
and to want to continue
in the service.
How is that discreditable?
I regret if I have brought
discredit to the police.
Whether my behaviour
amounts to misconduct
is a matter for the panel.
But I made a promise to someone
to try and stay
in the service
stay and be a good cop.
- Lizzie
Lizzie, how are you feeling?
- Have they declared you
- Did you tell the enquiry
why you went AWOL?
Lizzie, are you going
to stay in the service?
Have you got a message
for Farah Mehenni's dad?
Knew you'd do it.
The Met put her
through this, not me.
Besides, I'm not DSI anymore.
I heard.
Be a nice change for you,
going after real criminals.
You see that?
I hope it haunts you.
So, I saw Lizzie
Adama was cleared.
Bloody right, too.
So, she'll we back at Farlow?
Yeah. Yeah. Her
choice, not mine.
Dad, you seen my white shirts?
Honestly, Dad.
First day back.
You want to look smart.
Hm. You're spoiling me.
Well, you need some spoiling
after everything
you've been through.
I'm looking for Jim Fedden?
At bloody last.
Sarah, right?
Jim Fedden.
You should've been
here last week.
HR told me to start today.
- I had the Portland Tower enqui
- I'm your boss.
You should've checked with me.
Sorry, sir.
We needed you on this.
You'll have seen the news
woman and her kid
killed in a chicken shop shooting.
You know, it's six days.
Not one lead on the shooters.
Press want my balls.
Well, I'll read the
sitrep, get up to speed.
No, I've assigned
you Operation Egremont.
Missing girl, Tania Mills.
Okay. When did
she go missing?
- What?
- New lead.
Prisoner at Thameside claims he
knows what happened to Tania.
Well, then I'll
need to interview him.
Lee Coutts is
doing the interview.
- He'll debrief you tomorrow.
- I would've expected
- to do the interview.
- Well, if you'd been here
last week, you might've done.
Use the time to
read up on Egremont.
The files are in your
office, which is thataway.
- Steve Bradshaw?
- Yeah.
You know him, don't you?
We borrowed him from
Homicide Task Force.
Hoping you could
shed some light.
Egremont, Sarah.
Off you trot.
Okay, Steve, what do we have?
I did a deep dive on the CCTV.
Don't watch the shooter.
You've seen that.
Watch the girl on the bench.
- Good to see you.
- How are you doing?
- Yes!
- You made this?
- Yeah.
No, you didn't.
That's the lot.
I'm Sarah Collins.
I'm Elaine, aka Fat Elaine.
You shouldn't let
them call you that.
I don't give a toss.
What did you do wrong
to get given this?
I'm asking myself that.
Can you talk me through it?
Ah, it's way before my time
and I got to pick up my kids.
- Sorry.
- Hey, wait.
Who was the SIO?
Paul Stokes.
He's retired now, but
he said he'd come in
and talk you through
it, the sad bastard.
MAN: Hello, Elaine.
Sarah Collins?
I'm Paul Stokes.
The, uh, sad
bastard. [CHUCKLES]
It's good to have
you back, Lizzie.
I'm crewing you
with Arif, okay?
Yeah, great.
- Speak of the devil.
We've got a DV call, guv, sir.
PAUL STOKES: I did this for myself,
keep it clear in my head.
6th of September 1997,
the day she disappeared.
Day of Princess Di's funeral.
Remember where you were?
I was at home with my sister
and my parents, watching it on TV.
Yeah, like most of the country.
It was a Saturday, wasn't it?
Yeah, so, no school.
Now, Tania was 15.
She told her mum she was
going to watch the funeral
at a friend's place
Catherine Herringham.
They were going to
study GCSEs together
while Catherine's
parents were away.
Now, Tania walked out of her
front door at about 9:30.
Never made it to Catherine's.
Never seen again.
By anyone?
One person.
Now, the way to Catherine's
led through a park.
Tania met the park
keeper, Robert McCarthy.
She changed in his hut.
She changed?
Her mum said that the
skirt Tania was wearing
seemed a bit sexy for
a country in mourning,
so, Tania went and changed
into jacket and jeans,
but she must've taken the
skirt with her in her satchel
because we found the jeans
next day in McCarthy's hut.
And that's McCarthy?
So he knew Tania.
He said they were friends.
We arrested him, of
course, questioned him.
We were so sure he was
the murderer, but
We didn't have a body.
We searched every
inch of that park.
Robert had no car.
He had no way of moving Tania.
In the end, we
had to let him go.
Who took the photo?
He said Tania did.
Camera on a timer.
He never budged on that, ever.
You give this new
lead any credence?
What, one prisoner telling
another his sex fantasies?
No, not really.
But I've chased weaker leads
and I wouldn't hesitate
to chase this one.
This is yours now.
Do you think there's a chance
she might not be dead?
I mean, you always hope,
especially when
there's no body, but
I think she's dead.
Because, well, her mum and
I often spoke about it.
Just to leave, to vanish,
wasn't who she was,
wasn't in her head.
Who knows what's
in a girl's head?
Not her parents, not you.
But she's haunted
me for 25 years.
It's around there.
3 Bevan Road.
Registered to Georgina Teel,
- partner Matthew Brannon.
You alright?
Morning, wankers.
- Start video.
- [BEEP]
ARIF: You Matthew Brannon?
There are reports
of a disturbance.
No, I tripped over the dog.
I want to look inside.
Please move out the way, sir,
or we'll have to arrest you.
In that case, yeah,
go right in, love.
- Hello.
I'm Lizzie.
What's your name?
And this is Candy.
- Hi, Candy.
- Where's your mum, Skye?
What do you want?
- Are you Georgina Teel?
- No.
I said, "What do you want?"
What are you doing here?
The neighbours heard a
fight, a child screaming.
Yeah, Skye was upset
because Candy hurt her leg.
I'm sorry, I-I don't
know who you are.
Friend of Georgie's.
Can you tell me your name?
- No. I don't have to.
- Hm.
Georgina, do you mind me talking
to you without your friend?
Why is that necessary?
Because this is a legal matter,
and you won't give me your name.
I'm going to be taking a
statement from Georgina.
Yeah, I'm I'm
here to support her.
Do you need your
friend here, Georgina?
Uh, it's okay,
Marley. I'll be okay.
Yeah, I really like that.
Good choice, baby.
Really pretty.
Would you like a bracelet?
Oh, I'd love that.
Thanks, Skye.
Why don't I make
us a cup of tea.
I'll do it.
Do you want to tell
me what happened?
Matt was drinking.
We got into an argument.
He tripped over the
dog and hurt it.
Skye got scared.
Is that really it?
You know, I have
to make a report.
What the neighbours heard, the
injured dog, the scared kid,
and these
You can't go to
social services.
Matt loves Skye.
He'd never hurt her.
And Marley just
showed up to support you
in what, keeping quiet?
Don't do this.
Skye loves her dad.
I'm sure she does.
But here's the thing, Georgina.
How long will you stay quiet?
Until you're covering Skye's
bruises with makeup, too?
I hope you don't
mind me looking.
Of course not.
Ben, my ex, didn't like
me putting any photos up,
so, when he left, I went all-in.
- They're lovely.
She was a violinist?
A good one.
Grade 8 by the age of 14.
She could've played
You must miss her terribly.
Every day.
Can you tell me about her?
She was a lovely girl.
Just lovely.
Beautiful, talented, and kind.
Do you mind if I
ask you something?
Whatever you like.
She changed her clothes
when she left home that day.
Do you know why?
I suggested her
skirt was too short.
It was the day of
Diana's funeral.
I thought it might seem
well, disrespectful.
Tania said okay and went
and changed into jeans.
But then she changed
out of them in the park,
in Robert McCarthy's hut.
Do you know anything about
that, about McCarthy and Tania?
I know he claimed
he knew Tania,
[SCOFFING ] which I
find hard to believe.
But then, as I said,
she was kind to people.
Why do you ask?
Is this new
information about him?
But I'm new to the case, so, I'm
just trying to understand it.
Looking for anything
unusual, odd behaviours.
Well, if your angle
is to suspect Tania,
to make it seem like
she did something wrong,
talk to my ex-husband.
He was always ready to think
she was up to something.
But then, of course, he
was up to something himself
at the time.
He's on wife number 3, now.
I'm sorry.
I must seem like a
bitter old woman.
Have a biscuit.
They were Tania's favourite.
I always keep a packet in.
[CRYING] To go with
I'm ridiculous.
Stupid biscuits, the photos.
Like one day, she might
just walk back in.
My sister died in a car
crash when I was young.
And I still wake up
thinking it didn't happen.
She's just asleep.
In the room next to mine.
Tania would be about your age.
More or less.
Six months older.
POLICE RADIO: Two Zero Two Three
Papa Alpha receiving? Control.
- ARIF: Two Zero Two Three receiving.
- Go ahead.
- Confirm you have arrested
one adult male for
common assault.
- [BEEP]
- Yes.
One adult male for assault.
Transporting to follow.
Paul, it's Sarah Collins.
How can I help?
I want to talk
to Robert McCarthy.
You'd be wasting your time.
We questioned him for days.
Yes, as a suspect.
I read every interview you did.
You questioned him as a suspect.
Well, he was a bloody suspect.
Yes, but he was
also a witness.
Did you ever ask him what
else he might've seen?
You Ilya, Robert's
social worker?
DS Sarah Collins.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thanks for agreeing to this.
Robert, it's Detective
Sergeant Collins to see you.
Hello, Robert.
I'm Sarah Collins.
You're a detective.
You want to talk
to me about Tania.
Do I need a lawyer?
I think you were Tania's friend.
That's why I want
to speak to you.
Because I think you might
know things no one else knows.
BMW 528i from 1996.
Hampshire police
were using them.
Shall we sit down?
Robert, there's one question
the police never asked you.
When did you first meet Tania?
In the park.
Yes, but when?
It must've been a
pretty special day.
You made a friend.
So, how long before
she disappeared?
About a month.
And how did you meet?
Like was she in the park
one day and she said hi?
I heard shouting.
In the park?
Behind the azaleas.
I went to look and I
saw Tania with a man.
They were arguing.
Tania was crying.
So, what happened?
The man saw me and he said,
"Oh, bloody hell,"
and he walked away.
Can you describe him?
He was white.
Was he young or old, short?
Just normal.
And you never told
the police this?
They didn't ask.
Is that really why?
Because Tania asked
me not to say anything
and she was my friend.
Did you ever see the
man in the park again?
Did you see him
outside the park?
When he dropped her off.
He had a car?
Series III Jaguar XJ6.
We got a couple
of charges for you.
Do you want to call
your solicitor?
No, no. Come, let's just
get it over, shall we?
Right, listen, sorry I
was an arsehole before.
Can be a right prick
when I've had a drink,
do you know what I mean?
I do love Georgie.
I do. She's
She's the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
- And my little Skye, I love her.
- You better not say any more.
You're still under caution.
Right. Matthew Brannon.
I'm charging you with two
counts of common assault,
contrary to common law,
that you beat Georgina Teel
on the 15th of
August at 9:30 am.
That's 3 Bevan Road,
Deacon Estate, SE23.
- You got the MG7?
- Yeah.
What's it say?
"Mr. Brannon
poses a continuing
and real threat
to Georgina Teel.
He punched her, dragged
her through her flat
by her hair. He
has convictions
- Yeah, but
- for GBH and ABH.
Yeah, but that
weren't with Georgina.
That was when I was a kid.
I'd never hurt her.
I-I love Georgina.
I'm granting the
remand to court.
You can talk to your
solicitor in the morning.
- Take him back to the cells.
- Cells?! No way!
- No! I want to go home!
- Easy, mate.
- Listen, I'm not your mate.
- Calm down.
- Eh! Eh!
- Yeah, you're alright.
- Get his hands, his hands.
- Calm down.
- Calm, down, man!
- Relax, alright?
- Get his hands!
- I am.
- Relax.
- Hey.
- We got him. We got him.
We got him.
- We're there.
Calm down.
- You alright?
- Alright.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What, didn't you
ever make a mistake?
We all make mistakes.
Yeah, we do, don't we?
Yeah, I know you
are, Lizzie Adama.
You're the copper that let that
little girl fall off the roof.
Sarah, over here.
Lee got something
out of Erdem Siddiq,
the prisoner at Thameside
who says he knows
what happened to Tania.
Brilliant. What did he say?
It was all about wanking.
There's the title
for my first novel.
- Siddiq's cellmate was
a registered sex
offender Ray Walker.
Now, Walker was doing five years
for making a 15-year-old girl
show him her knickers
while he masturbated.
He and Erdem shared fantasies.
Walker's was all
about Tania Mills.
Did he know her?
In 1997, he lived only
three streets away from her.
Plus, according to Siddiq,
he knew all about her,
you know, down to the colour
of her school uniform.
Steve, what's up?
Chicken shop.
We got an address on
our person of interest.
We're establishing an OP now.
Good work.
You two know each
other, don't you?
We clear to move,
if our girl shows?
You bet.
Good detective.
Got us our first real lead
on the chicken shop shooter.
Anyway, what Lee got's enough
for a Section 8 on Walker.
Shouldn't we develop
a bit of background
- before we put in his door?
- It's too late.
Warrant's already sworn.
Lee tried to find you yesterday,
but you'd gone out somewhere.
I was developing
background on Tania,
which is what we
should do on Walker.
What if Siddiq's making stuff up
to help himself at his
next parole hearing?
Of course he is. Doesn't
mean he's lying about Walker.
Well, can we at least
delay the warrant?
No. These creeps keep
souvenirs, trophies.
Walker finds out we're on
to him, we'll lose evidence.
I want that warrant
executed today.
- Got it, Lee?
- Yeah.
But you're right we should
do a background of Walker.
Put an appeal out
for witnesses
"Anyone know this man,
used to live near
Tania," et cetera.
Sir, he's a sex offender.
We'd be putting him on offer.
Nobody knows where he lives.
We don't name him.
Use a photo from back then.
"Anyone have memories of
this man?" type thing.
Get it ready.
Sir, I need some
manpower on Egremont.
I don't have any manpower.
I spoke to Robert
McCarthy yesterday.
The park keeper.
The last person to
see Tania alive.
The ESM bloke?
[SCOFFS] We've ruled
him out years ago.
Don't waste your time.
Actually, he's
already given me a lead.
A man who knew Tania, who
isn't mentioned in any
of the Egremont files.
- I need help to run it down.
You don't bloody
give up, do you?
You can have Fat Elaine.
You can't call her that.
Okay, sorry. Well,
whatever you want to call
her, that's who you've got.
She is a detective.
You want me to what?
See if anyone who knew Tania
drove a green Jaguar
XJ6 Series III.
I don't work for you.
You do now. Ask Fedden.
[HUSHED] I'll bet.
Jaguar, XJ6 Series III, green.
[HUSHED] Fucking waste of time.
I've read every file.
For months, detectives
focused on Robert McCarthy.
No one not the
police, not her mum
Asked why a teenage
girl acted like she did.
Elaine, think about it.
If I'm Tania,
why would I leave my home
wearing one set of clothes
and stop in a shed
and, in front of a man
I've sworn to silence,
change into something sexier?
Where did she go afterwards,
to watch TV with a friend?
You get dressed up for that?
Maybe. Girls can
be fucking bitches.
Yeah, maybe.
Or maybe she was going
to see someone else.
Someone who drove a green Jag?
Lizzie, Brannon's solicitor's
making an application
to dismiss.
You're needed in court.
- What, now?
- Yes, now.
I'm going to take my car
because I could be hours.
Alright, good luck.
Watch out.
- Right! - Police!
- Police!
- Police!
- Police!
Who's in here?!
- Get off!
- Clear!
Get your hands off me!
Give him a towel.
We should seize all these.
Sit down.
Could've let me rinse.
Ray Walker, I'm
arresting you on suspicion
of the murder of Tania
Mills in September 1997.
You do not have to say anything.
But, it may harm your defence
if you do not mention
when questioned
something which you
later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may
be given in evidence.
Can I get dressed now?
PC Adama to Courtroom 5.
PC Adama to Courtroom 5, please.
PC Adama,
the complainant, Georgina Teel,
has told the court that you
put undue pressure on her
to testify against her
partner, Matthew Brannon.
Is that true?
No, it's not true.
You asked her friend
Marley to leave.
She refused to
identify herself.
She was there to
support Georgina.
Why did she need
to be identified?
I got the impression
she was putting
pressure on Georgina.
You got the impression?
Based on what?
Georgina didn't want
to talk to me, at all,
until her friend left.
You mean until you
got her friend to leave?
You were recently implicated
in the deaths of two people
PC Hadley Matthews
and Farah Mehenni.
No, I was not
implicated in their death.
But you were there.
And then you ran away.
You went absent without
leave, is that right?
How is this relevant?
Sir, I'm just establishing
that this officer
is inexperienced.
She reacts emotionally to
incidents other officers take
- in their strike.
- I saw two people fall
to their deaths!
That's enough, Miss Mulberry.
When you took
Georgina's statement,
did you threaten her
with what might happen
to her child Skye?
No, I did not threaten her.
But you implied
that social services
would have to consider
Skye's safety.
Well, they would.
And when Georgina said
she wanted to keep
the family together,
that Skye loved her dad,
what did you ask her?
It was striking.
Georgina remembered it clearly.
You asked her
would she be hiding Skye's
bruises with makeup, too?
Did you say that?
Did you see any
bruises on Skye?
I saw bruises on Georgina.
- I saw an injured dog.
- The court has already heard
how those injuries happened.
Answer my question.
Did you see any bruises on Skye?
Did she seem to you
like an abused child?
Did she seem unhappy, unloved?
Skye, look who's here.
I-I really appreciate it.
Hello, darling. [INDISTINCT]
Look at you! Look at you in
your dress and your pink jacket.
You been alright? Yeah?
Better luck next time, eh?
In September of 1997,
you lived three streets
from Tania Mills.
Did you ever meet her?
I don't know.
Is that a yes or a no?
It's I don't know.
Maybe I passed
her on the street,
but I didn't meet her because
I had no idea who she was.
But you know who she is now?
She's the girl
that went missing.
Her photo was everywhere.
You broke into my client's
flat and arrested him for murder.
I hope you have more to go on
than what you've shown so far.
Your psych reports
from HMP Ripon.
Looking's your thing.
You don't touch.
You fantasise about
looking up girls' skirts,
seeing their underwear,
their knickers.
That's what gets you off.
Tania Mills was one
of these fantasies.
That's what you
told Erdem Siddiq.
Is it just coincidence
that you fantasised about
a girl who'd gone missing?
Or maybe it's because
she went missing.
Maybe I fantasised
that she was a dirty girl
who liked to show me her pants.
And it has to be
a girl, not a woman?
You mean someone like you?
Someone like me.
It needs to be
someone attractive.
What did you tell Siddiq
that you'd done with Tania
in these fantasies?
The usual stuff.
What is the usual stuff?
agrees to come to my house.
She lies down on the floor
and she shows me her pants
and I stand
and I wank over her.
And that's it?
That's all that's necessary.
And you never met Tania?
- No.
- You never spoke to her?
- No.
- Did you fantasise
about killing her?
What is it
that is so hard for
you to understand?
I don't do violence.
I look. I don't touch.
I am a registered
sexual offender
and that's my registered
sexual offence.
Wow, you too ground to
park in the garage now?
It's full, guv.
Maybe you should
get a bigger garage.
I will give that some
thought, thank you.
Tell the front desk
I said it was okay.
Just ask them to
keep an eye on it.
Hey, I-I heard that
Brannon walked.
Georgina hung me out to dry.
Claimed I scared
her into testifying,
by threatening to get
her kid taken away.
You're angry.
I am.
I felt like saying to her,
"The next time he hits
you, don't call us."
You did what
you could, Lizzie.
It is not your job to fix
people's fucked-up
Victor November
receiving [Indistinct] one.
One juvenile
detained for murder.
Bloody well done,
Steve. [LAUGHS]
You get the shooter, sir?
Little tosser's
being put gently
into the back of a
police car as we speak.
You, on the other hand,
let Ray Walker go.
I had nothing to hold him on.
You could've found
something. Jesus!
Not just indulge
his sex fantasies.
- I learned things about him.
- What?
We already know he's a perv.
Yeah, but we didn't
know how far he'd go
to act out his fantasies,
and now, we do.
He likes to dominate.
He needs to.
Do you think he killed Tania?
- I don't know that.
- Do you think it's possible
- he killed Tania?
- It's possible.
I think he's dangerous.
Then do as I asked.
Put his ugly mug out there,
appeal to the public.
Sir, we're already
facing a formal complaint
from his lawyer
regarding his arrest.
If we put his face out there
and some vigilante
recognises him
- and starts to beat him up
- I care about a missing girl
and a grieving mum, not
some pervert's human rights.
Put the notice out there.
If there's a shitstorm,
don't worry, it'll be on me.
Sir, that's not
what I'm saying.
Fedden's alright, you know?
Once he gets to know you.
Obviously, he knows
you because, somehow,
you got to Homicide before me.
Was that always the plan?
Or just another thing
you hid from me?
No, it wasn't.
I mean, we weren't
exactly talking, were we?
Yeah, I remember.
What are you doing here?
I just come to say
no hard feelings.
- Okay.
- [ Scoffs ]
I love Georgie.
I'll be good to her.
And Skye.
I'll be a good father to her.
I hope so.
Sarah Collins?
Julie Woodson.
I taught Farah Mehenni.
I'm flatsitting for a
friend round the corner.
Uh, you didn't get who was
responsible, did you, for Farah?
Just accidental death,
whatever that means.
I'm afraid so.
And I just read that
that young policewoman,
the one who disappeared?
She's been cleared, too.
I-I can't really
talk about it.
Are you always this tense?
Uh, when I'm off duty and
being put on the spot, yeah.
- I am.
- [SCOFFS] I'm sorry.
Um, look, I'm sure
you did your best.
Are you okay?
Because you don't seem okay.
Can I buy you a drink?
I-I-I can't
really talk to you.
You're, um, you're
still a witness.
If the case was ever reopened,
- for whatever reason, then
- Hey.
So, we don't have to
talk about the case.
We can talk about
anything you like.
TV shows, music,
art, sex. [LAUGHS]
Okay, look, let me
give you my number.
You can decide.
Nosy. Give us a pen.
Sure, sorry.
Following the incident,
a spokesman for TfL said
the station would remain closed
for at least another 72 hours.
Earlier today, the
Metropolitan Police
announced the arrest
of their prime suspect
in last week's Hatton
chicken shop shooting,
in which a mother and child
- were brutally gunned down.
Armed police apprehended
the 17-year-old suspect
in a raid on an empty house
in Shoreditch this morning.
Despite the successful arrest,
bigger questions still
remain to be answered
How did a firearm end up in
the hands of a 17-year-old
and what was the motive
behind the
[indistinct] shooting?
Does it point to the
start of another turf war
Asked for comment,
Detective Chief Inspector
Tim Bateman said
that Scotland Yard was concerned
that criminal gangs
were increasingly using
vulnerable teenagers
as foot soldiers
in their battle for territory.
Coming up next sport.
I'm here.
What do you want?
These are the cameras
from Walker's flat.
These two have automatic
timers, you know,
let you take a
photo of yourself.
Ah, you're a
photography expert now.
I googled them.
Get them to the lab.
[THUD] Get them
to check for prints
and DNA match to Tania
Mills. It's a rush job.
It's a bloody long shot.
Anyway, Lee arrested Walker.
Why can't he do it?
Because I'm asking you to.
Oh, speaking of long shots,
do you know how
many Jaguar XJ6's
were sold in the UK?
35,000. Do you
want me to start
- [RING]
- contacting their owners?
Just get the
cameras to the lab.
Is no one going to answer that?
Ah, leave it.
We're already busy
and everyone was on
the piss till 2:00 am.
- [RING]
- Another team is going to pick up.
- [RING]
- Can't not answer the phone.
DS Sarah Collins,
Homicide East.
Yeah, put us out for the call.
- ETA 20 minutes.
The team is going to hate you.
And what do you want
to do with these,
just leave them?
You have heard of
evidence continuity.
Ah, didn't think
it through, did you?
- Archie.
- What is it?
Can you do DS
Collins a favour?
Take these to the lab,
run checks for prints
and DNA of Tania Mills.
Exhibits. Can you
do the lab form?
Sure. Tania Mills? Wow.
[SIGHING] Rush job, Archie.
Do it myself, but, I'm
off to a murder scene.
DS Collins just put
us up for a job.
Oh, dear. The team
won't like that.
Haven't seen their
homes in a week.
It's Matt Brannon.
What about him?
He's done it, Liz.
He's killed Georgina.
Oh, God, no.
Skye what what about Skye?
She's missing.
Homicide need help
at the crime scene.
You know the address.
Off you go.
Head back to base. Follow
up on that child rescue alert.
I'll coordinate
the CCTV sweep.
Find someone to set
up at the local nick,
start debriefing first on scene.
Local nick caused this mess.
- What do you mean?
- Um, see the ginger copper?
He told me they had Brannon
in custody for assault
just 48 hours ago.
Why the hell did
they let him go?
Court said the girlfriend's
evidence was unreliable.
Officer screwed up,
scared her into thinking they
were taking her child away.
Who was the officer?
One of the new ones
PC Adama.
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