The Tower (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Was it Brannon who took Skye?
- Yes.
- You know for sure?
8:05 this morning.
Have they told you about
Brannon's friend, Molly?
I haven't had a chance
to look at the intel yet.
She and Brannon grew up
in foster care together.
She was here when I
interviewed Georgina.
He was using her to
try and keep her quiet.
She'd be the first
person he turned to.
So, you were in the flat?
Suit up.
I want you to look
around inside.
Yeah, of course.
Give Homicide whatever
space they need.
This is your domino.
What? What?
Why did you send her
to the crime scene?
Jesus, Tomoe.
Yeah. No. Okay. It's fine.
I'll be there in
an hour. Yes. Bye.
Are you going in? Do
you want a late turn?
We're taking Anya to school.
I'm sorry. I got a homicide
on my patch and a missing kid.
I got to go.
Why are you worried
about Lizzie Adama?
She knew the
victim and the kid.
It's funny how she
attracts trouble.
She was a mistake,
for which I have said "sorry"
and will go on saying "sorry"
for as long as I need to.
It is over. I promise.
Yeah, it better be.
- Because if it isn't
- CHILD: I'm ready.
Because if it isn't,
I'll damage you in ways
you can't even imagine.
Hey, sweetheart.
An emergency has come up,
and I have to go to work.
I am so sorry.
I love you.
All we know so far is
that Brannon was out late.
He spent over an hour on
a park bench, drinking,
and then he came home.
There was a fight.
Georgina's arms show
defensive wounds.
He stabbed her several times.
She bled to death.
Where was Skye?
We hope she was in her
room, but we don't know.
We think he sat down,
and finished the bottle,
while Georgina just lay there.
Then, he washed,
changed his clothes,
got Skye and the dog, and left.
I'll show you the bedroom.
Was it this untidy before?
No. The flat was immaculate.
- Can I?
- Mmh.
These are all Georgina's things.
- Georgina's mom?
- Yeah.
Cathy Teel.
Did Brannon have a
suitcase or a backpack?
CCTV shows he has
a small suitcase.
It was Georgina's.
She packed to leave.
Clothes for herself and Skye.
Brannon kept Skye's stuff,
and chucked Georgina's.
Leaving one of the
most dangerous things
a victim of domestic
violence can do.
She was in danger long
before she tried to leave.
We had a chance to save her.
You think I don't know
that? You think I don't care?
I think you don't care
enough about the law.
Instead of doing
things correctly,
I think you try to be
cleverer than the law.
Use the Ways and Means Act.
I bet you heard Hadley
Mathews call it that.
Bit of pressure here, bit of
economy with the truth there,
and suddenly the case
falls apart in court.
That's not fair. And
it's not how it was.
Georgina just didn't
believe she had a way out.
Not until it was too late.
Fuck's sake, Sarah.
- What's wrong, sir?
- Where to bloody start?
You knew the team was knackered,
and you picked up a new job.
I couldn't ignore it.
You could ignore it,
because another team,
fresh as a proverbial daisy,
would have picked it
up a minute later.
Oh, is this a sneaky attempt to
get yourself a nice live job?
Because let me tell you,
you're not ready to be
SIO on a murder case
Far from it.
And your own case, Tania Mills,
the one you're supposed to be running,
has now blown up a shitstorm.
- What?
- Ray Walker just got beaten up.
I've had his lawyer
on the phone, furious.
Who was it?
- Tania Mills' Father.
- Oh, Christ.
Sir, I did warn you we'd
be putting Walker
Yeah, I know you warned me.
Anyway, get yourself over there.
Sort it out. I'll
take over here.
I was just about to
inform next of kin.
Well, send someone else.
Go on. Go.
I need someone to deliver the
death message to Georgina's mum.
You up for that?
You've got a solid partner?
Yeah. Arif.
Normally, I'd send an FNO,
but we don't have one right now,
and we need to get the news
to her before the media does.
Just deliver the death message,
and stay with her till
the detectives arrive.
Let them answer any
questions she has.
- Got it?
- Yes.
Alright, go.
Elaine, it's me.
I know. My phone told me.
Tania's dad just
beat up Ray Walker.
Yep. Want to tell me
something I don't know?
Do you have results
on those cameras?
I actually only got them
to the lab five hours ago.
Elaine, this Walker
business could turn into
a major embarrassment
for the Met.
Oh, sparing the
Met embarrassment,
now that he's high on
my list of priorities.
Please call the
lab. Nag them.
You do know it's a long shot.
ARIF: Cathy Teel,
lots of shoplifting,
one fraud, nothing violent.
Was on the juice big time.
Looks like she's
off it now, though.
Nothing for the past six years.
Since Skye was born.
Does she live on her own?
Boyfriend. Neil Slattery.
A bit of a billy burglar,
but nothing recent.
- What do you want?
- Can we come in?
Tell me what it's about first.
It's Neil, isn't it?
I'm sorry, but we really
need to come inside.
What's going on?
- Kathy. I'm Lizzie.
- This is Arif.
It's Georgie, isn't it?
Is it
Is it bad?
I'm very sorry.
Georgina is dead.
How did she die?
Detectives will be here soon.
They'll be able
to tell you more.
He killed her, didn't he?
I mean, he he he
was always going to!
What about Skye?
Skye is missing.
You mean he took her?
I'm sorry. You'll have
to wait for the detectives.
But we are trying to
find her right now.
Oh, my baby.
She texted me late last
night, er, six or seven times.
She wanted to come over.
She said Matt was out.
She wanted to bring Skye over.
What did you say?
Oh, I didn't say anything
because I've forgotten to
charge my bloody phone.
Oi! I know you're in there.
- Open up. We need to talk.
Do you think he wants
to hurt you, Kathy?
He probably hates me.
Control Receiving, 202.
Armed suspect
trying to gain entry
to flat 24 Martin
House Decon Estate.
Two officers on scene.
Request immediate backup.
Open the door, you old bitch.
You can't let him go.
I'd rather he kill me.
- Can I get out that way?
- No way. I'll go.
Someone's got to
stay, all right?
If he gets in, you're
stronger than me.
I'm just gonna go outside,
and keep an eye on him.
I need to borrow this.
I'm turning my radio off, okay?
I'm gonna call you
on your mobile.
Keep the line open.
Mr. Mills?
Detective Sergeant
Sarah Collins.
I am leading the new inquiry
into your daughter's
I'm not sorry for what I did.
If it stops us from
investigating Walker,
will you be sorry then?
After 25 years,
I don't have much faith
in your investigations.
- Anything else?
- No.
You'll be taken to the
local police station.
Just call your
lawyer from there.
Mind your head.
Detective Sergeant
Collins. You took your time.
Sorry. I came as
soon as I heard.
Sorry this happened.
So the MET's
admitting guilt?
We will expect an admission
and substantial compensation.
Revealing my client's identity
was shockingly negligent,
even by the Met's standards.
We'll arrange for Mr. Walker
to be moved to
alternative accommodation.
I don't want to
move. I like it here.
This could be the gift
that keeps on giving
come and have a free hit
at the local sex offender,
courtesy of the
Metropolitan Police.
I'm sorry you got hurt.
We've got a situation.
Brannon tried to get into
Georgina's mom's flat
when Lizzie and Arif were there
delivering the death message.
When he couldn't get
in, Brannon legged it.
Lizzie's following him.
Jesus Christ.
She's phoning a commentary
through to Arif.
Units are running.
He's heading west
on Fenton Lane.
He's just gone into the
car park at the end.
Suspect is on Fenton Lane.
SC 23. Just
entered a car park.
Want to drive
over there on blues?
No. [Indistinct]. They'll
be there before we are.
[WISPERS] I can hear the sirens.
Tell them to turn the
bloody things off.
Will do. Stay back, Lizzie.
Easy, now, man
For fuck's sake,
where is backup?
He's right in front of her.
- Units are running.
- ETA one minute.
I just want to
know Skye's okay.
Of course Skye's
okay. I love Skye.
Are you trying to
turn her against me?
Just like you did with
Georgina, you bitch.
It's over, Matt.
Do not move!
Stop! Police!
He's got a knife!
- I'm ok.
Did you know that Matt Brannon
nearly killed Lizzie
Adama an hour ago?
Yeah. He turned up at Cathy Teel's
flat while Lizzie was there.
She followed him.
He turned on her.
If backup had arrived
just a second later
- Did they catch Brannon?
- No.
And that's not the bloody point.
Did you even bother to
do a risk assessment?
Yes. I did.
Because if you did,
you would realize
that Cathy Teel had an
injunction against Brannon.
But you didn't even bother.
You put two officers
lives at risk.
Because you're
completely incompetent.
- I understand you're upset.
- She could have died, Collins.
I'm gonna make sure you
get a misconduct finding.
Say what you want.
I did request a risk
assessment. Nothing came back.
No mention of an injunction.
That is not on me.
There would have been
exactly the same risk
to every other
officer attending.
Not every other officer would
have had a history with Brannon.
- That's on you.
- She made the decision to pursue him.
She's brave and inexperienced.
Of course she pursued him.
When will people stop
using Adama's inexperience
as an excuse for
everything she does?
Christ, you're cold.
Yeah. You said that before.
Nothing's changed.
You're here at last.
DI Shaw's just been bending
my ear about a young PC.
Yeah. He spoke to me, too.
He is wrong about me not
doing a risk assessment.
I did one. You can
check the card.
If the injunction against
Brannon wasn't logged,
that is not my fault.
Okay. But you're
bloody lucky this PC
No, she's lucky.
I told her to stay in the flat.
She's responsible
for her own actions.
Remind me not to get
on your bad side.
This is why we
have teams, Sarah.
A murder inquiry is intense,
day after day of 18-hour days.
This is what the
team had been through
when you put in for
the job this morning.
When you don't have
the proper resources
is when a young PC
gets sent to do a job
they're not qualified for,
gets put in a situation
where they do a brave
thing, but a stupid thing.
If we had detectives
in the flat,
we could have kept
Brannon there.
We could have had him.
I'm sorry, sir.
I made a mistake.
So, tell me about Walker.
His injuries weren't serious,
but we'll be hearing
from his solicitor.
Tania's dad, Ben Mills,
was released on bail.
But I really think we
should recommend to CPS
that he's charged with assault.
No, I'll get his
lawyer to squeeze
a couple of words of
remorse out of him.
You give him a police
caution, I'll sign it off.
The man lost his
daughter, for God's sake.
I want to shut it down.
I agree, but I don't
think it will be that easy.
We've exposed Walker.
He will hurt us.
Do you like Walker for this?
For Tania?
I didn't, but
I'm beginning to.
You'll like him
even more after this.
The lab came back
about the cameras.
What cameras?
The ones she
seized from Walker.
Now, the outsides
have been wiped clean.
But on the inside of one,
where you load the film,
three clear prints
belonging to Tania Mills.
I've got Walker on tape
saying he never met Tania.
Didn't know Tania.
We've got him. We can re-arrest.
We can bring him in right now.
No. Not you. Not yet.
We're about to put the door
in at Molly Daniels' place.
I need a female detective.
Why are you putting a door in?
What if Brannon's
inside with a knife?
What's happened?
Is it Brannon?
What were you bloody thinking?
Going alone after a
man with a knife - -
a man who has already killed.
Did you not think
for one second?
Yes. I did.
I was thinking about Skye.
You could have died, Lizzie.
Then what would I do?
What would I fucking do?
- Armed police!
- Armed police!
Stand still! Put
your hands in the air!
Do it now!
What do you think you're doing?!
I haven't done anything.
I haven't done anything!
You busted down my door.
You scared the living
hell out of me.
Whatever you're after,
it's not here, so get out!
And you, too, fatso.
Thanks, lads.
I'm Jim Fadden.
This is Sarah Collins. We're
looking for Matt Brannon.
Well, he's not here, is he?
Molly, do you know what
happened today, to Georgina?
Of course I know.
It's terrible.
We know Matt's got Skye.
Obviously it's really
important we find her.
So, please. Has he been here?
We'll be checking the estate
CCTV, so if he was here
Okay, yes. Yes.
He came by this morning
with Skye and the dog.
But I didn't know about Georgie,
and I didn't know
anything about
What did he tell you?
Just said that
they'd fallen out.
He was looking for
somewhere else to stay.
He needed to leave
Skye with me for a bit.
Went out for a couple of hours,
came back, and took
them both away.
- How was Skye?
- Fine.
- No injuries?
- No.
No, of course no injuries.
If there were injuries,
I would have said.
Do you have any idea
where Matt could be?
- No.
- Who else is he close to?
No idea.
Could you arrest Miss Daniels
for assisting an offender?
You fucking pigs!
You're under arrest for
assisting an offender.
You don't have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense
if you do not mention
when questioned
something which you later
JIM: I know you didn't
want to nick her,
but it gives us a chance
to spin her flat
get up on her phone, computer.
Organize a search, and go home.
By the time we've searched
her and booked her in,
it'll be morning.
We'll interview,
then Release her.
- Okay.
- No, not you.
You're going to
arrest Ray Walker.
This time, you'll crack him.
I mean it. I want
you to crack him.
Thank you for meeting me.
I know how busy you must be.
Ben told me everything.
So, please, just
tell me, is it real?
If your ex-husband keeps
behaving like an idiot,
he could destroy any chance
we have of making a case.
So it is real?
- This man knew Tania?
- It's possible.
Did she ever mention him?
Ray Walker, the sex offender?
But then, she never mentioned
the park keeper, either.
I must have been blind
stupid and blind.
Claire, you're not to blame.
I let those
predators find her,
become friends with her.
My girl.
That's the Tania I
want to remember,
I insist on remembering.
But it's a lie.
She stopped playing.
"I don't love it
anymore, Mom."
She gave up the violin?
Six weeks before
she disappeared.
She was lost.
And I didn't see it.
I didn't see it.
You gonna be home?
I'm afraid not.
The Browning case is
really kicking off.
Right. You'll
stay at the flat?
Yeah. Yeah. Or the office.
I'll call if anything
changes, okay?
Night, love.
You lie easily.
I lie well, not easily.
Hi, Mom.
Actually, it's Dad.
Just seeing if you can make
it for Susie's memorial.
I already told Mom
I can't. I'm sorry.
A few hours. Is
that too much to ask?
You know what? Yes, it is.
I hate watching Susie's friends
grow up year after year.
Their boyfriends,
marriages, kids
Everything she can't have.
I want to remember
her for what she was,
not what she wasn't.
I understand.
But sometimes it's good
to stop and grieve,
to count our blessings.
Work isn't everything.
You know what my
work is right now, Dad?
A missing girl.
She disappeared a year
before Susie died.
So her parents haven't
had a memorial.
They can't grieve.
25 years.
So, yeah, we should
count our blessings.
I'm sorry. Really.
We were just hoping to see you.
Night, Pickle.
Come on. Sit down.
I don't like it.
- after Candy.
There have been no
sightings of Browning or Skye
since he slipped us yesterday.
Get out there. Talk to people.
Show his mug shot.
Keep your eyes peeled,
not just for a man
with a kid and a dog.
Look for a man with just
a kid, a man on his own.
Is he even in London, guv?
That's the assumption,
Colin. It's a city he knows.
Lizzie, Arif, the victim's
mother has to ID the body.
She, Cathy Teel, has requested
that you to accompany her.
So, you'll take
off your uniforms.
Because after the ID, you're
gonna take her to a hotel.
She's still at risk, so anyone
with her is also at risk.
Be careful.
This man has got
nothing to lose.
Yes, sir.
What are you up to?
Going to arrest a creep
called "Ray Walker."
Debriefing on a
chicken shop Shooting.
I hear you're key
to cracking that.
Good job.
How's your partner?
Three kids,
Husband on the job,
so works reduced hours.
Demotivated. Difficult.
Underneath it, probably good.
Well, if it's
there, you'll find it.
Yeah, maybe.
I miss working with you, Steve.
Me, too.
So, why the sneak and creep?
How long have you
got left at Fala?
About a year.
Trying to leave early?
Why would I? I love it here.
Operation Perseus.
Never heard of it.
Because it hasn't started.
- It's about the chicken shop shooting.
- Uh-uh.
About the guy who put the
gun in that kid's hand.
- Shaquille Oliver.
- Yeah.
He's out of control
drugs, firearms, murder,
and now he's getting school
kids to do his killing for him.
We're setting up a task
force to take him down.
- Do you want to run it?
- You bet I do.
So I'll ask again how
soon can you leave Fala?
Give me three months.
But I get to choose
my own team on this, okay ?
You'll need a good UC guy.
Steve Bradshaw.
Not happening, sir.
He doesn't like me.
The feeling's mutual.
Not everyone agrees you're
the right man for this, Kieran.
They think you have baggage
Portland Tower, Lizzie Adama.
I'm the best man to
bring Shaquille down,
and you know what, sir,
I ain't got no baggage.
Prove it.
Get him to work with you.
I want it on record
that this second arrest
will be added to the
catalog of harassment
my client has already suffered
at the hands of the Met.
It's on the tape.
I watched them tape
myself last night.
It was a victim's statement
from the offense Ray
was convicted for.
What's this got
to do with anything?
There's a discrepancy between
how the offense is described.
"I look, I don't touch."
That's how you
described it, Ray.
This is what the girl said.
He was sort of
squatting over me.
He, uh
He said, "Say you like it."
So, I just shouted "No."
He punched me in the face.
Then, he started to masturbate.
I said
"If I do what you want,
will you let me go?"
He slapped me across
the face again.
My nose was bleeding.
He just kept saying,
"Say You like it.
Just say you like it."
"I don't do violence."
That's what you said.
"It's not part
of the fantasy."
But you did do
violence to that girl.
If a dog walker
hadn't startled you,
then who knows where
that would have ended.
It was just the once.
You grabbed her,
you pulled her
behind some bushes,
you knelt on her,
and you slapped her.
It was just the once.
There are those who murder
because they like inflicting pain,
and there are those who do it
because they don't
want to hurt people,
but if it's necessary
to get what they want,
or to avoid being caught,
then, they'll do it.
That's your type, Ray.
- No.
- You're a dangerous man.
You're clever, and you're
manipulative, and you're a liar.
I'm not a liar.
You said you'd
never met Tania.
Question "And
you never met Tania?"
Answer "No."
Question "You
never spoke to her?"
Answer "No."
I spoke to Tania's
mother last night.
She says Tania attended
photography classes
at the Lee College
of Further Education.
Did you ever go there?
Before you lie again,
we know that you did.
You worked there
as a technician.
We've already
established that my client
lived near Tania in the '90's.
This means nothing.
Not quite nothing.
This is a photograph
of the Pontix PTL4
seized from your flat.
Until we know the nature
of whatever it is you have,
I'm advising my client
to reply "no comment"
to all your questions.
The same camera,
with the back open.
It's been swabbed for prints.
These are the prints
lifted from inside.
These are Tania's prints.
They match.
All this is highly
I'll stop you there, if I may.
Ray, we have a place where
you and Tania would have met.
We have one of your cameras
with Tania's prints on it.
We have a witness statement
saying you fantasized
about sex acts with Tania.
And we have a girl who
says he used violence
to achieve sexual gratification.
You knew Tania.
She trusted you.
You did what you wanted to
her. And then, you killed her.
- I did not kill her.
- You had to.
How else would you get
away with what you've done?
Where is she, Ray?
Where's Tania?
I want to stop this interview.
So Walker admitted
he knew Tania.
All in his statement.
Well, go on. Give
me the details.
Tania came around
to Walker's flat
the morning. She disappeared.
She was wearing a
skirt and jacket,
so she'd already been to
Robert McCarthy's, and changed.
Walker said she seemed
in a funny mood,
kind of distracted, angry.
- She'd been to the flat before?
- Yep.
He taught her about
cameras and film.
Sometimes, she posed for him.
Arty shots, he said -
raindrops on windows,
beautiful teenager, et cetera.
So what happened?
Walker says she
asked for a phone book.
Then, she lay on the floor,
and looked through it.
That's when he did take
photographs off her
Tania in a skirt,
lying on the floor.
- What next?
- He says she ripped
a page out
of the phone book, and left.
- What, and that's it.
- Yep.
He says that's the
last time he saw her,
and he never touched her.
Well, that's more than
enough for CPS to charge.
You've done it. You've
cracked .
Well bloody done.
Oh, come on, Sarah.
Enjoy the victory.
I'd like to. I really would.
But what if he's
telling the truth?
Think about Tania's behavior
She leaves home wearing a
skirt, looking well
looking sexy.
Mum makes her change.
She then goes to McCarthy's,
and changes back into the skirt.
Next stop should have
been her friend's place,
but she doesn't show.
Instead, she goes to Walker's
flat, and she seems angry.
She gets an address out of
the phone book, and leaves.
What that tells me is that
she expected to meet someone,
and he let her down, so
she went looking for him.
She did meet someone.
Ray Walker.
And even if there
was someone else,
doesn't mean Walker
didn't kill her.
She was right
there in his power.
- Send it to CPS, Sarah.
- Oh, not just yet.
We've got to get
to the mortuary.
Georgina's mum's coming
in to ID the body.
I'm Detective Sergeant
Sarah Collins.
- This is
- I'm Elaine.
I'm a detective, but
mainly I'm a mother.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
[FAINTLY] Georgie.
It's all right.
Find him.
IS it okay?
It's like Las Vegas.
Except it's Bromley.
All right, Dreamkiller,
let's go get the cases.
What would I give for a fix?
Oh, don't worry. Those
days are long gone.
You know that I was
a junkie, right?
You'd have seen it in my file?
Did you know that Georgie
was born addicted, too?
I didn't.
They took her from
me, weaned her off it.
I got her back, though.
My little angel.
Cathy, do you mind?
How did she meet Brannon?
She was 17 when
she left school
and got her first
job in a phone shop.
And guess what?
One day, Brannon walks
in to buy a phone.
Soon, it was "Matt
this" and "Matt that."
"He's neat, respectable.
He pays for everything."
And then, they're gonna
be living together.
And finally, I get to meet him.
I had to clean up my act.
"No smoking around Matt, Mom.
No, he doesn't like it."
So, I hid the ashtrays,
covered up the junk tattoos.
And then, in walks
this wide boy,
this big "I am."
And it was like
all my sins had come
back to haunt me.
Because I knew him.
From my junkie days,
I fucking knew him.
He was a dealer?
No. I'll say that for him,
he despised drugs.
But he worked for
the Young family.
He was the violence
behind the drugs,
when he wasn't nicking cars.
And when I was low
Lower than low,
I was begging and stealing,
I used to see him around.
Always neat and shiny, like
shit couldn't touch him.
Did you ever say
anything to Georgina?
I tried, but the look she
gave me made it clear
The life I'd led, I didn't
have a right to talk.
And then, she had Skye.
And then, he
started hitting her.
What's up?
I just left Cathy
Teel at the hotel.
She knew Brannon
from her junkie days,
before he met Georgina.
She knew where he
used to hang out
when he was working
for the Young family.
So, I was thinking that she
might be an intelligence source
for places Brannon
might be hiding out in.
If detectives wanted
to question her
DS Collins?
- It's a good thought.
- I'll pass it on.
Okay. Bye.
Georgie was perfect.
She was my perfect woman.
All I ever wanted
was to be with her.
You know, for years, it
was it was my family.
It was me, Georgie,
and little Skye.
And now, Skye's all I got left.
I'll never give her up.
Elaine's pal,
Archie, just called.
She asked him to
check on a green Jag.
- Yeah. And?
- And not a lot.
No one in Tania's family or
their friend's family has a Jag,
let alone a green one.
Um, but there was one hit.
It was a teacher at
Tania's school
Adrian Stevenson.
What did he teach?
He's got an MBE, no less.
He's a good-looking man.
What was the name
of Tania's school?
Did you know her well?
I remember her well.
I never taught her.
I still find it unbearably sad.
Shall we?
Can you tell me
about Adrian Stevenson?
Tell me why you want to know.
Some new information
has come in.
Before I talk to him, I'd like
to know a bit more about him.
He was a brilliant teacher.
He took our choir and
orchestra to great heights.
He left soon after
Tania disappeared.
I mean, he was always ambitious.
He wanted Rodin or
Saint Mary's Ascot,
not our little school.
I mean, look at him now
MBE, guest conductor
with major orchestras.
Was there any
talk of him being
involved with any
of his students?
- Is this your new information?
- Was there any talk?
He was married at the time, to
a young and very pretty wife.
Do you have anything
else on Tania?
Photos, for example.
I'm trying to get a
sense of her, too.
There she is.
As I said, a
brilliant teacher.
What was this?
The school decided to
mark Tania's passing.
A gift to the community.
The Princess Diana
Memorial Garden.
Stevenson was involved?
It was his idea
Which was odd,
because he never really thought
about anybody but himself.
So, three days after
Tania went missing,
Stevenson dug up the local park?
Breaking news
A video posted on social
media late last night
by suspected murderer Matt
Brannon has gone viral.
I had everything
I had love.
I had a family.
And then, the police
took that away from me.
If it weren't for them,
Georgie'd still alive.
This isn't over.
Believe me.
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