The Tower (2021) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

STEVE: All right. All right?
Be sure to put your seatbelts on.
WOMAN: I'll call you
about the weekend.
What are you doing here?
I got a job for you.
I work Homicide.
I already got a job, thanks.
Shaquille Oliver.
London's New gangster king.
We're setting up a task force
to go after him.
Properly resourced.
We can do
what we joined up to do
Take down the bad guy.
Who's "we"?
Right now?
You and me.
I'll take command as soon as
I get a replacement at Fala.
Come on.
What do you say?
Can I ask a couple of questions?
Of course.
Where is Farah Mehenni's phone?
Come on, Fragile.
That's water under the bridge.
This is big.
It matters.
What, and Farah doesn't?
- Second question
You still have an affair
with Lizzie Adama?
That's none of
your damn business.
here's my problem
- I don't trust you.
Find someone else.
- Yeah.
- Steve Bradshaw.
Steve, Jim Fadden.
Need you in here now.
Okay. I'm on my way.
Yeah. Okay.
I'll be there in 20.
I don't want to know why
it's difficult.
I just want you to get it done.
Thank you.
Sorry, sir.
I was on Egremont. I
Forget Egremont.
Do you know about this?
I heard it in the car.
Brannon's running round
with a blond kid
and a limping dog.
Not one bloody sighting
in a city
with half a million
CCTV cameras.
And now he's put this thing up.
- How many views?
- 800,500
Nearly a million views.
And our tech people are saying
it's hard to take down.
A man openly threatening
the police,
threatening to kill
his own child.
Who's FLO on this?
Cathy Teel will be freaking out.
Elaine is the FLO.
And she's at home with her kids
for another hour.
Well, send a PC Lizzie Adama.
Call her governor.
Set it up.
It's better you call him.
[SIGHS] Oh, right.
You two hate each other.
All right, I'll do it.
You got the Walker report
to CPS?
Er, not yet.
Because there's stuff I'd be
obliged to put in the report
that leads away from Walker.
That's what I wanted to
talk to you about.
- Oh, for God's sake.
- Sir, there's another suspect.
Hey. You seen it?
It's unbelievable.
And he's getting likes
More than two dozen of them.
Matt Brannon, you are my hero.
I mean,
who would even write that?
It doesn't make us
look good, either.
What do you mean?
Brannon says it
He had a family,
then the police
took it away from him.
He killed his girlfriend,
you idiot.
Okay, yeah, that's wrong.
But what he's saying is
he was driven to it
because we got involved.
Don't look at me like that.
Look at the facts the court
threw out Georgina's evidence.
Because Lizzie scared her
into believing her kid
might get taken away.
- What the fuck?
- It's not your fault, Lizzie.
It's about experience, isn't it?
What did Daddy always say?
We're not social workers.
Jesus, you are an idiot.
What, you left a little comment
on his YouTube page ♪♪♪?
Oh, piss off, you little
- Yeah? Little what?
- All right, children.
Stop fighting.
Lizzie, Arif,
Homicide have requested
you go to Georgina's mom,
try to keep her calm.
Tell her that we're getting
the video taken down, please.
And go.
The rest of us,
let's use the fact
that the world now knows
what Brannon looks like.
Robert McCarthy
saw Tania arguing
with a man in the park
A man who drove a green Jaguar,
who sometimes dropped her off
in that green Jaguar.
Tania's violin teacher,
Adrian Stephenson,
drove a green Jaguar.
I said I thought there was
someone else in Tania's life.
I think Stephenson might be him.
Where do you want to go
with this?
I want to talk to Tania's dad,
Ben Mills.
Tania's mum said Ben thought
Tania was up to something.
Maybe he can shed some light.
He would have known Stephenson.
What else?
Can Elaine take a look
at Stephenson?
He left Tania's school
soon after she disappeared.
Where did he go?
If he was having a relationship
with her
It's a big "if."
Well, then he's unlikely
to have stopped there.
You know the patterns.
All I have to do
is check on VISA.
If Stephenson is on there,
I just call the officers
dealing with it.
But for God's sake, be delicate.
I can do delicate.
I don't know. Sarah.
Brannon I think we might
have a break.
There's the number.
Called Molly Daniels' phone
at 8:15 this morning.
- So we know whose phone it is?
- It's a burner.
But we checked with the shop
where it was sold,
and Brannon is on CCTV buying it
three days ago.
You're tracking the phone?
It was last used at a motorway
services on the M6.
It looks like
he's heading north.
Bring Miss Daniels in.
She likes you.
You can interview her, with Lee.
No offense to Lee,
but if Steve Bradshaw
is helping out on this,
can he interview with me?
Molly'll be tough.
She'll be utterly loyal
to Brannon.
Me and Steve, we were a team.
I'll ask him.
Go get Molly.
Quick and quiet,
or she'll warn Brannon.
Went down about 20 minutes ago.
Neil called me from work
to tell me.
How is anyone even allowed
to do that?
Like his own TV show.
Like he's the one
that's been treated wrong.
- How?
- I know.
But it has been taken down.
I could really do with a ciggie
right now.
Terrified of setting off
the alarms.
I'll disarm it.
Just this once.
He's a good boy, isn't he?
Is he your fella?
She's a heartbreaker, Cathy.
Oh, shut up, Arif.
He's going to kill her,
isn't he?
No. No.
We're gonna find him.
Yeah, but that's what he wants.
He wants you to find him,
and kill him.
And then, he'll go down
in a blaze of glory.
I want you to tell everyone
at the police
I don't want him to die.
I want you to arrest him.
I want you to tell them that.
Because for him, living is like
the worst punishment,
so I want him to live a long, long
long time.
'Cause he knows what he's done.
He really knows.
- Are you okay?
- Shaw's offered me a job.
Task force going after
Shaquille Oliver.
So what is it?
Drugs? Guns? Gangs?
All of the above.
You know why he wants you,
don't you?
He wants you undercover.
Can you handle that again,
with Shaw the man who's
got your back?
You read the intelligence
about her and Brannon?
What they went through together
when they were kids?
I know why she's helping him.
The phone work.
I'm up on that, too.
Exhibit LMC4
Your mobile phone.
A download has shown a call
made to you this morning
by a prepaid,
unregistered mobile phone
linked to Matt Brannon.
What did he say to you?
He just said how he was feeling.
And he said that it was all
the police's fault.
And don't worry,
he would never hurt Skye.
So you really believe that?
Yeah. I do.
He loves that girl.
If you lot
hadn't have got involved
In less than 48 hours
after he was released,
he got raging drunk,
and stabbed Georgina to death.
Then, he sat over her dead body
and finished his drink.
He's a cold-blooded killer,
so don't give me that rubbish
about Skye not being at risk.
I understand what Matt
means to you,
how he was there for you
when you were kids.
It earns a lot of loyalty, huh?
Yeah, but that doesn't mean
I'm not worried about Skye.
I told him to hand himself in.
The mobile phone
he called you from
has been cell-sighted on the M6.
I don't know anything
about that.
Molly, come on.
If you really want
to help Sky, then
Okay. Okay.
He's got some mates up there
People that he's worked with.
Then give us their names.
If I do that,
then you lot need to drop
all the charges against me.
I'll be putting myself at risk.
If we do that,
you'll give us the names.
I will.
We don't want them.
A little girl's life's
in danger,
and you're playing games.
After two days
successfully hiding from us,
Matt's become an idiot.
A burner phone that makes
one call to a number
he knows we'll be monitoring.
A burner phone now conveniently
making its way up the M6.
Does he think we're idiots?
Who called you, Molly?
It wasn't him, was it?
Right now, you're a small part
of a big picture,
because our priority
is to save Skye's life.
You have a chance to help us.
But if she's found dead,
and you didn't help us,
then, that picture will change,
and we'll have more energy
to focus on you.
You've not only assisted
an offender,
you'll be complicit
in child murder.
You understand me?
It wasn't Matt who called,
was it?
The phone was a ruse.
Brannon got someone else
to call.
Molly's role was to hold out
for a while,
then give up some associates
of Brannon's in Liverpool.
So we chase our tails in
while he's sheltered in place
down here?
- That's what we think.
- So what's the plan?
We know Brannon's watching
the news on social media,
so we put out an appeal
Say he might be up north.
Be on the lookout,
do not approach, et cetera.
We make it seem like
we swallowed the ruse.
He might get careless,
show his face.
I'll set that in motion here.
Anything else?
We haven't discussed this
with DI Shaw yet,
but the young PC, Lizzie Adama,
has developed a rapport
with Cathy Teel.
Cathy knew Brannon's life
before he knew Georgina
What he did, where he did it.
Put Lizzie in a car with Cathy,
let Cathy take her to
some of his old haunts,
see if they spot anything.
At the very least,
focus the police search.
There's no way I'm putting them
in a car on their own.
Brannon hates both of them.
I'll be in a backup car,
and in radio contact with them.
Not you, Sarah.
I need you back on Egremont.
Tania's dad's
kicking up a stink.
He said Walker's been released,
and he's threatening
to go to the press.
maybe he'll put out a video.
I'll go in the car with them.
Are you okay with that, Kieran?
That'll be up to Lizzie.
It was partly her suggestion.
Like I said,
it'll be up to Lizzie.
They want me to
drive around with Cathy,
get us an idea of where Brannon
used to hang out.
And they think
you'll actually see him?
Well, it's more about
new places to search.
Oi, oi.
What are you two up to?
This is the men's room, Lizzie.
- Piss off, Colin.
- Just joking.
I was well out of order
this morning.
What I said about Brannon.
It was stupid.
I'm sorry.
Did you used to know Brannon
from before?
No. Why?
Well, it's just that
you called him "Matt"
when we had to cuff him
in holding.
Well, "Matt" is his name.
I find people
are more cooperative
if you treat them with
a bit of respect.
Thanks for that, Colin.
My lawyer heard
you do have evidence
linking Walker to Tania,
and you still let him go.
A convicted sex offender.
It's crazy.
It's the law.
If you go public about this,
if you even think of going after
Walker again yourself,
you can forget
what will happen to you.
You will burn our entire case.
Do you understand me,
Mr. Mills?
I wanted to ask you
about Adrienne Stephenson,
Tania's violin teacher.
Mm. Him.
What do you want to know?
Was he important to Tania?
Well, he made her
a brilliant player.
That's an odd word.
"Important to Tania."
I see.
I knew something was going on.
I thought it would be
some spotty youth,
not that
That self-satisfied bastard.
It's just one line of inquiry.
We don't have any evidence there
was an improper relationship.
Yeah, there was.
I'm the expert in deception,
after all.
- Do you have evidence, then?
- No.
- Just knowledge.
- Did your wife say anything?
God, no.
She thought Stephenson
walked on water.
So on what do you base
your knowledge?
How Tania was
these last few weeks.
She gave up the violin, which
she'd loved since she was 5.
Here grades were slipping.
She was in freefall.
Hey, Bradshaw.
News flash
That kid you helped arrest,
the chicken shop shooter,
Shaquille had just moved
his moment into a new flat.
Shaquille just bought
his silence.
So that kid's gonna do
his 18 years,
and he's gonna come out of jail
a real hard case.
And the only one
who's going to employ him is,
yes, you guessed it, Shaquille.
Why are you telling me shit
I already know?
Because you can be
as rude about me
and about my personal life
as you like,
but do not doubt
Not for one second
My skill or determination
to bring this fucker down.
But you only want me because
you want me to go undercover.
So why don't you have the balls
to say it?
I want you to go undercover.
You know why I only see my sons
every second weekend?
Because I was UC
for three years.
And when I came out,
my wife didn't like me.
I didn't like myself.
I appreciate you trying to
bring down a bad guy.
I really do.
But I still don't trust you.
This one's from
North Yorkshire, July 2017.
Do you not bloody know
what "delicate" means?
Excuse me?
A cease and desist letter
from Adrian Stephenson's
extremely well-connected
threatening legal action
if these outrageous
and libelous inquiries
into his teaching record
do not stop immediately.
You need to stop wasting
time on shit you can't prove,
and send the Ray Walker report
to the CPS for charges.
- What did you say?
- "No."
There are three
open investigations
into historic complaints
of serious sexual assault
Including rape by girls who
were taught by Mr. Stephenson.
They're from different schools
in different force areas.
The girls don't know each other,
but the method appears to
corroborate their accounts.
Well, in that case,
bugger Mr. Stephenson, MBE,
and his fancy lawyers.
I don't need to apologize
to you, do I?
Well done.
Oh, no.
I want to dig up Morville Park.
The whole park?
Just that area,
planted by Stephenson
and girls from Hamlets.
According to just about everyone
who knows him,
Stephenson has zero interest
in the community,
in public works,
in anything but himself.
And yet he did this three days
after Tania disappeared.
You think you're gonna find her?
Good to see you, Lizzie.
This is Cathy Teel.
Hi, Cathy.
I'm Steve.
We're gonna put you
in the back with Lizzie.
This is where we are.
This is the memorial garden
planted by the Hamlets girls.
And that's
the memorial garden now.
So, you know what
you're looking for, Dr. Sejal.
It's a small area,
so it won't take long
to tape out and grid,
and start scanning
with ground-penetrating radar.
It will spot any anomalies
in the ground soil
that might be caused
by organic matter.
Okay. Over to you.
Come on, guys.
With me.
This is Harry Metcalf.
He was a park keeper here
back in 1997.
Mr. Metcalf, thank you
for coming out so early.
I'm an early riser.
And it's Harry.
Do you remember when
the memorial garden
was planted, Harry?
I do indeed.
All the girls were thespians.
I was terrified
in case one of them
chopped off
But the worst they got
was blisters.
Look at the garden now. Beautiful.
Do you remember Mr. Stephenson
at all?
Hard to forget that one.
Very good at organizing.
"Go there. Do that.
Carry this."
Not so good at digging.
Said he had to look after
his hands.
So he was here first,
setting up?
That's right.
Another early riser.
That was one of
the Youngs' places.
Closed about six years ago.
Brannon was a bouncer there.
I used to score in there.
When I didn't have the money,
I'd take punters around the back
until I did.
That's where
the security guards slept.
I've been in there, and all.
The things I've done, Lizzie.
No wonder Georgie got away from
me as quick as she could.
No sign of him.
Where next, Cathy?
Have you ever lost someone
you loved before their time?
My sister.
I was 15.
She was 17.
Car crash.
Drunk driver.
It's the anniversary
next weekend.
My parents always do a memorial
for her.
Are you going?
The last two years I haven't.
Why not?
It just
It makes me too sad.
You did tell her about this?
I said I'd call her
if we had any news.
I'm sorry.
I know you said you'd call,
but I Just couldn't sit at home.
I understand.
They're just
scanning the ground.
I'm afraid I still find it
difficult to believe.
Adrian Stephenson.
It's just one line of inquiry.
You're digging up a park.
And him and Tania.
I just can't believe it.
He was so professional. Dedicated.
Tough on her, in fact.
I'm sorry. It's
Why didn't she talk to me?
Excuse me a minute.
Basically, we're looking for
resistivity, anomalies,
anything that might be produced
by decaying organic matter.
This was the most promising.
We did an ERT profile,
and we got this.
Is it a grave?
It's an anomalous depression
about 2 meters down.
Is it big enough for a body?
So this is a crime scene.
Some of these the Youngs used
to keep their stolen gear in
Mainly electronics,
sometimes drugs,
sometimes cars.
That was Brannon's
special skill cars.
He'd put, like, a little track
on a top-end car
that the Youngs
wanted him to nick.
When it was parked
somewhere quiet,
he'd move in, and do the job.
He was always so pleased
with himself.
"Let me check on Fred.
Where's Fred?
See if Fred's
got a result."
I don't think even Bran
would keep a kid
in a dock in one of these.
What is this?
Skene Street.
It's mainly just used
by kids joyriding.
Oh, you wanker!
Sorry about that, ladies.
It's all right.
Little bit of excitement.
Who do you think that guy
was delivering to back there?
Steve. There he is.
Pull over.
Who did you just deliver to?
None of your business, lad.
I'm asking politely.
It's still none of
your business.
It's not a crime
to deliver food, is it?
And can you at least tell us
what you delivered?
I got a cheeseburger,
Diet Coke, and two chips,
and a kid's meal
with a strawberry milkshake.
- What are you doing?
- I want to talk to you.
Hey. Come here.
It's not her?
It's not human.
It's a dog.
She's not here.
I'm sorry, Claire.
Who was in there?
Someone had buried a dog.
- I'm sorry.
- A dog?
And you're sorry.
Should I be sorry?
I don't know.
No, I shouldn't.
Because it means
she could still be alive.
You were wrong about this
Just like you're probably wrong
about Adrian Stephenson.
I'm so sorry to have
put you through this.
Let me take you home.
I have my car.
I know how hard you're trying.
- Steve.
- We located Brannon.
You're kidding.
Just 2 miles from Farlow Nick.
- And what about Skye?
- 99% certain she's with him.
Fed is coordinating
with Firearms Command,
and I'll be taking Lizzie
and Cathy back to Farlow.
There's a briefing in 30.
Can you make it?
I'm on my way.
You all know why we're here
Suspected murderer,
child kidnaper,
and video star Matt Brannon.
He's been located here
A body shop
once owned by the Young family.
Intelligence a food delivery
40 minutes ago
suggests the girl, Skye,
is with Brannon.
Over to you, Lucas.
Inspector Lucas Stanning,
Firearms Command.
Because of the threats
Brannon's made,
we've been advised negotiation
is unlikely to succeed.
Therefore, we have authorization
from Gold Commander
to proceed with the dig-out.
Do we know
they're still in there?
We had a parabolic mic
on the place 10 minutes ago.
The kid's watching
"Shaun the Sheep."
RVP is here,
car park on Crip Street.
We'll do a final over the bonnet
briefing for the entry and pip.
Homicide will be with us
to make the arrests,
gather evidence.
Do you have a female detective
for the girl?
Sarah Collins.
Are you here?
DI Shaw's giving us officers
for the cordon.
500 yards in every direction.
Any questions?
The RVP.
Bravo team ready.
Charlie team ready.
Bravo, Charlie, clear to move.
Alpha team ready.
Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, go.
The place is empty.
Stanning thinks between you
calling in the location,
Firearms pulling up surveillance,
there was a 20-minute window.
That's when he got out.
Then he must have been
tipped off.
Who else knew apart from us?
Silver lining
The little shit's
running out of places to hide.
Get some rest.
Back at it first thing tomorrow.
I hear your dig didn't pan out.
I'm afraid not.
And where does that leave us?
I don't know.
I'm watching Colin Ryle.
What? Why?
He should be on his shift
at Farlow.
Instead, he's 10 miles
from the station.
Looks like he's waiting
for someone.
Where are you?
Hi. It's Sarah
Sarah Collins.
This is a surprise.
Um, I was wondering if we could
maybe get that drink.
You can't be that far from me.
Do you want to come over?
Or I can come to you?
Where is he?
Straight from Farlow to here.
He's got two phones.
Keeps looking at them.
You think he tipped Brannon off?
Yeah. I do.
What do we do?
What the hell?
Get away from me!
The fuck are you doing, Colin?
Get away!
You'll blow it.
You're gonna ruin everything.
You tipped him off, didn't you?
- No.
- I've been watching you.
Ever since Brannon was spotted,
you've been wetting your pants.
Is he your best mate,
or something?
They were gonna kill him.
You arranged to meet him,
didn't you,
so he can hand himself in?
Look, I'm gonna talk to him.
I understand him.
And I've got stuff here.
Stuff for Skye that he wanted.
Look, he's coming any second,
so will you just piss off?
Don't kid yourself.
He's not coming.
Well, maybe he got held up.
Look. Look.
Please, will you just go, or
Or I'm so I'm so
You really are.
Colin Ryle, I'm arresting you
for assisting an offender.
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense
You got it all your own way,
now, haven't you?
if you know where Brannon is,
please just tell us.
I want a lawyer and a Fed rep.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Come in. Come in.
- Thanks.
- Got this just in case.
- Oh.
That's really kind.
Thank you.
Sorry about the mess.
Um corkscrew.
And some glasses.
Could you give me a sec?
Something has just come up.
It's okay.
I can find the necessary.
Just half a sec.
It's about a missing girl.
- There you go.
- Oh.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Just half a sec.
Where are we?
Just place.
She forgot to leave the keys.
In. In.
Is there a bedroom?
Of course there is, sweetheart.
What are the grounds for arrest?
The grounds for arrest is that,
having become suspicious
of his activities,
I followed him to a location
where he was waiting to meet
Matt Brannon.
He admitted at the scene
that this was his intention,
and that he had warned
Matt Brannon
that the police
had identified his hideout.
Well, he's gonna bring down
a world of shit
on this station.
But you two did good.
Real good.
I want to make sure
the right people know about it.
- It was mainly Arif.
- Yeah.
But also you.
Well done.
Give that a little whisk-up.
Good girl.
There we go.
There you go.
Do you want lemon?
- Yes, please.
- Oh, well done.
What are you looking at?
Oh, I'm just checking on
my pal Fred.
Just seeing where he is
right now.
No. Don't stop.
Don't you want some pancakes?
Come on.
Eat up, sweetheart.
So, the car park
was being dug up
at the same time as
the tree planting.
Can you meet me there?
Thank you.
I'm so grateful.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I've just got
two more calls to make
to set up something
for tomorrow morning.
No. I'm gonna go.
You're busy.
Please don't.
I won't be long.
Yeah, you will.
And when you're done,
your head's gonna be in
whatever you're doing.
It's not gonna be here.
I'm sorry.
I just hope you were
as obsessed as this
when you were trying to find out
why Farah Mehenni died.
Yes, Sarah.
I'm at Morville Park, sir.
There's another area
we should scan.
You've got to be joking.
Just spoken to the groundsman
back then.
He says the council dug up
the car park to put in drains
exactly the same time
that Stephenson
was making his Diana memorial.
It's a much better place
to bury a body
Less far to move it, and easier.
Sarah, stop.
We've got a major cock-up
at Farlow.
It looks like one of their
officers has tipped off Brannon.
The press haven't got
a hold of it yet,
but you can bet your ass
they will.
I have to say, what the hell
is going on at Farlow?
First, the Portland Tower mess,
and now this
Tipping off a murderer.
What sort of place
is Shaw running?
Sarah, let me stop you there.
You're not DSI.
You're Homicide.
We've got a killer on the run.
So forget digging up car parks,
and get yourself back here.
Sir, Tania Mills
is a homicide, too.
It's a small area.
It won't take any time to scan.
Are you deaf?
I said "no."
You haven't even proved that
Stevenson was abusing Tania.
Then why is he so jumpy,
threatening us with lawsuits?
If even half what Elaine found
is true,
he's as much a sex offender
as Walker is.
And why are we scared of him?
Because he's posh?
He made the groundsman give him
his own key to the car park.
He could have got access to it
any time, day or night.
She's here, sir.
Tania's here.
Okay. Do it.
Mr. Stanley told a meeting
of his constituents
that he didn't want
these allegations,
which he firmly denies,
to distract from the important
work of government.
Now to the latest on
the Matthew Brannon manhunt.
After a raid on an address
in south London yesterday
ended in failure,
there have been claims
that Brannon was tipped off
by someone
Perhaps even from
within the police.
- I don't want to hear it.
- Well, maybe you should.
What's that supposed to mean?
All the girls had trouble
with Colin.
I just thought he was
some harmless idiot.
But he wasn't harmless, was he?
So you're saying I should have
done something, then?
Well, Hadley did.
Hadley kept him in line.
Then maybe I should have
done something.
I'm sorry.
But I don't care, Lizzie.
I don't care about Colin.
Yeah, he's a disgrace,
and I hope they fucking
bury him.
But I don't care.
We've got to move on.
So what, we should just
pretend like it didn't happen?
Are you kidding?
I was offered a job
the other day
to go after a real bad guy
One of the untouchables.
And to bring someone
like that down,
that's what I care about.
You're leaving Farlow?
You could join me.
Going after the big fish, Lizzie,
it's like
It's like going to war.
You know, you plan for months,
you react in seconds.
Lives on the line.
No doubt. No hesitation.
And don't you want to be
part of that?
Yeah, I do.
This is Kieran Shaw.
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