The Tower (2021) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

You didn't think I
could do it, did you?
I didn't think
anyone could do it.
So well done.
Well bloody done.
Any leads from the body?
It was rolled up
in a stair carpet.
With luck, we can ID the carpet,
but as for the body,
after 25 years in the
ground forensics are gonna be
So what's next?
Arrest Stephenson?
We still need evidence
that he was abusing Tania.
We want to speak to her best
friend, Katherine Herringham.
If there was something going on,
she would know.
Okay. I'll give that
lot the good news.
It'll stop them asking questions
about that toerag Colin Ryle.
Listen, Colin.
Personally, I think you were
trying to do a good thing,
persuade Brannon to hand himself
in, save a kid's life.
But what I don't get is how you
were going to persuade someone
who hates the police so much.
No, he doesn't hate the police.
He hates Lizzie Adama.
She tore his family apart
Let's take a break.
Interview suspended
10:14 AM.
Hiya, this is Lizzie.
Leave a message.
Lizzie, it's Steve.
Give us a call, soon
as you get this, yeah?
What day is this?
Day after the court
released him.
Same day he murdered Georgina.
So he actually came to
the station and saw Lizzie
and saw her car.
Know any reason why she's
not answering her phone?
Like I said, it's really
not a good time,
I'm due at the gym
in ten minutes
and then I have
to pick up my girls.
I'm sorry, but it's
a murder enquiry.
Well, don't you have to
have found a body
for it to be a murder enquiry?
You You found her.
Where was she?
Buried in the car
park in Morville Park,
about a hundred yards from where
you planted the garden
for Princess Diana.
Katherine, Adrian Stephenson
organised the planting.
We believe he was
sexually abusing Tania.
We believe it was him she
went to see instead of coming
to see you on the day
she disappeared
Do you know if Stephenson
was abusing her?
She said he persuaded
her to play the violin naked.
So she would feel
the music more.
That's all.
I-I really
I really have to go.
It's a murder enquiry.
You will need to talk to us.
Yes. Then tomorrow.
Please, I really do have to go.
"He persuaded her to
play the violin naked."
A 15-year-old girl.
Can we go and arrest
the creep now?
You got the address?
What is it?
Oh it's just
a message from Fred.
- Adrian Stephenson?
- Yes?
I'm DS Sarah Collins,
this is DC Elaine Lucas
and DC Lee Coutts.
Can we come in?
Yeah. Yes, of course.
Uh, I'm quite busy actually.
But I hope this
won't take too long.
Um, but of course,
I'm happy to help.
We've found Tania Mills'
body. Your pupil, Tania Mills.
You taught her violin
at Hamnett's school.
Ah, yes, that poor girl.
Well, thank God you found
her at last. Where was she?
Buried in the car
park of Morville Park,
where you planted the
memorial for Princess Diana.
Yes. That's right.
There was drainage work
being done in the car park.
You had access to the car
park at all times.
There's been no work
done there since,
so Tania must have been
buried in just that interval.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand
Adrian Stephenson,
I'm arresting you
on suspicion of
murdering Tania Mills
on the 6th of September, 1997.
- This is some horrible mistake.
- You do not have to say anything
but it may harm your defence,
if you do not mention when questioned
something which you later rely on
- Steve.
- Hey. Where are you?
- Highgate.
- Oh, good.
You're only 15 minutes
from Lizzie's flat.
Why? What's going on?
Brannon's MO as a villain
was to put transponders
on high-end cars
so he could track and nick them.
I think he put one
on Lizzie's car.
Well, then call her,
warn her for God's sake.
She's not answering.
I'm getting a
firearms team briefed,
but you know how
long that can take.
Look, Sarah, I interviewed
Colin Ryle, and he says
Brannon blames Lizzie
for everything.
You can call me
an old woman, but
Okay. I'll head over there now.
You keep trying her.
I will too.
Finchley nick.
I'll catch you there.
Alright, come on, baby.
What we're gonna do, okay,
just gonna go in the kitchen,
'cause we're gonna surprise
Daddy's friend, alright?
Are you gonna stay
in the kitchen? Yeah?
You do that.
like a good girl. Go quick.
- Hello?
- It's Sarah Collins.
- Where are you?
- I'm nearly at home. Why?
We think Brannon
knows where you live.
Oh, God.
- Lizzie, can you hear me?
- I can see Skye.
She's in my flat.
Well, then Brannon is,
too. Walk away, Lizzie.
No, I can't, I can't.
She's seen me.
Walk away, Lizzie.
Firearms officers
will be there in
She's seen me! She's knocking
at the window. He'll hear her.
This is my chance
to get her out of there.
- Lizzie, please walk away.
- No.
Control receiving
DS Sarah Collins.
Urgent Trojan request
to 14 Ellismore Gardens.
Armed suspect
with a child hostage.
Unarmed officer on scene.
You're gonna be okay,
Skye, alright?
He's jammed the lock.
Try the window, alright?
Climb up, twist the catches,
and then you can push it open.
Good girl.
- What about Candy?
- Don't worry about Candy, okay?
I'll get her too.
Come on, twist that one.
Now just the handle.
Skye. Get down from the window.
- I don't want to be here.
- Why?
Are you gonna listen to her?
After everything I have
done for you, Skye!
You don't wanna do
what I wanna say, no? No?
Candy, no!
Look what you've done.
Look what you've made me do.
I told you, didn't I?
What did I say?
I fucking warned you.
- Matt?
- It's alright, Skye.
Just let me come in, alright?
No one knows I'm here.
Okay? You can take my
car and you can get away.
- Please, Matt, please.
- Right, go 'round the front.
Go 'round the front.
Listen, don't phone anyone.
Don't play games with me.
Okay. Skye,
I'm coming. Okay?
I'm in! Skye,
are you okay?!
Shut the door or she won't be.
I want to hear the
lock click. Come on.
Okay. Alright.
[WHISPERS] The door's unlocked.
Give me the keys.
Skye, hi. Look, I've
still got it, you see?
I love you. Everything's
gonna be okay.
- Daddy, don't hurt her.
Don't tell me what to do.
-Alright. Alright.
What you gonna do? You're
gonna put me in jail, huh?
- No. No.
- You gonna try to break up my family?
No, no that's not what
You did this. Yeah.
You made me like this.
No, no.
You bitch!
Threat to life, threat to life.
I can't wait for the entry team.
I'm going in.
Control receiving DS Collins,
officer injured,
serious, stab wounds.
Urgent medical
assistance required.
Skye kitchen.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
- How is she?
- Bad, guv. He stabbed her.
- Which hospital?
- St. Francis.
I'll call her
parents. Brannon?
- There.
- Is he hurt?
Sarah Collins whacked
him on the head with her asp.
He was waiting for Lizzie,
guv, in her flat.
If she'd have come
home last night
Have you called
Cathy Teel for Skye?
That's Jenny with her now.
Look, Skye, there's your nan.
- Granny!
- Skye.
Thank God!
Come on.
You saved one of my officers
today. You saved that kid too.
Lizzie did that.
She went in there,
she faced him.
So did you.
I have to be debriefed,
then I've got a murder
suspect on a custody clock.
Can I leave Cathy
and Skye with you?
Of course.
Keep your eyes open
for me, okay? Lizzie?
Did you organise a memorial
at Morville Park
for Princess Diana?
Did you park your car
in the car park?
Where else would I park it?
Did you get a key for the car
park from the groundsman?
- Yes, actually, I did.
- Why?
I wanted to spend time
there on my own.
Wanted to really look at
the park, make sure we had
the right place for a tribute
to an extraordinary woman.
People who knew you then
said it was an odd thing
for you to do.
You had no interest
in the community,
or public works, or charities.
I'm afraid that was true,
but I believe I've
made up for it since.
I raised millions for
charity, millions.
Did you sexually
abuse Tania Mills?
I did not.
Tania said you used to
make her play the violin naked.
You have that in
writing, or on tape?
Tania told a friend.
So it's hearsay from a
dead person 25 years ago.
Good luck with that.
In the meantime, Adrian
has answered your question.
He did not abuse Tania Mills.
- Did you kill Tania Mills?
- No.
Did you bury her body in
the car park at Morville Park?
No. Now I think it's my turn.
You've arrested me, for murder,
dragged me from my home,
kept me waiting for hours,
and I've been patient
because I assumed
this was some awful
case of mistaken identity,
or a malicious hoax,
and we'd get to the bottom of it
and move on. But
it's not like that, is it?
You're basing these vile
accusations on nothing, nothing,
except the fact that I
taught that poor girl violin
and planted trees in
a park 25 years ago.
Did you meet Tania
on the morning of
the 6th of September?
I spent the 6th of September
with my ex-wife, Abigail.
We watched Princess
Diana's funeral on TV.
I could not have met, spoken to,
or indeed killed Tania Mills
because I was at home all day.
Do you want Abigail's address?
Are you okay?
I mean, you haven't had a
blow to the head or something?
Actually, yeah,
Brannon punched me.
Okay, I get that you're
a big fucking hero,
but we got our arses
kicked in there.
He's lying.
Well, of course, but
we haven't made a dent.
And what if his wife alibis him?
Well, let's go and talk to her.
Sarah, what's going on?
What's going on is that
he's lied, freely and on tape,
about everything.
- Even Princess Diana.
- Wh
"Extraordinary woman"?
Bollocks. He despised her.
Let's go and talk
to the ex-wife.
By the way, I didn't mean that,
I do think
you're a fucking hero.
Oh. Thanks.
What are your names?
Mr. and Mrs. Adama.
Where's my daughter?
- I'll find out for you.
- Mr. Adama, Mrs. Adama.
- How is she?
- She's being operated on now.
She has two deep stab
wounds that are
that they're worried about.
Yes. Adrian was with
me all that day.
- You watched Diana's funeral?
- We did.
I could have done
without his commentary.
"Britain weeping over
its saccharine Princess."
He was particularly
rude about Elton John.
Did you like your husband?
No. The marriage was a mistake.
Can I ask how you met?
I was in one of his
youth orchestras.
- You played the violin?
- Viola.
Yes, I know all the jokes.
How can you tell when
a viola player is playing out of tune?
The bow is moving.
Are you aware of the
accusations of sexual assault
against your ex-husband
by former pupils of his?
- No, I wasn't aware.
- Why did the marriage end?
I said um, it was a mistake.
I was only 21.
I was far too young.
I think I've answered
your question.
Adrian was with me all day.
He can't have killed
that poor girl.
Please, just go.
You should be at home.
In fact, you should stay
home for another month,
what you've been through today.
- Anything on cause of death?
- Not yet.
Maybe the carpet she was wrapped
in will give us something.
But the clock is
ticking on Stephenson.
- How much longer?
- 16 hours.
But I'm afraid if we don't
nail him now, then he could run.
He knows we're onto
him, he's wealthy.
I'll tell you what to do
Go home, get some sleep.
Then attack it fresh
in the morning.
I have every confidence in you.
- Hello?
- It's Julie.
Sorry, I know it's late,
but can I come and see you?
And then I saw on the
news that it was you
that found that
missing girl, Tania.
- Well, me and several others.
- Was that what
you were obsessing
about, when I was here?
I saw something and
it gave me an idea.
But I shouldn't
have been so, so
No, I shouldn't
have been so hasty.
I just wanted to say that.
I'm not the kind of person
that needs to be
the centre of every
You're asleep.
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
[LAUGHS] It's fine.
It's fine.
Bed. Come on.
Out you come.
Now rinse.
Will you stay?
I'd like to, but that'd be
taking advantage of you.
I want this.
Hey, Lizzie.
You made it.
You made it.
- Hi. Did you get the files?
- Yep.
I don't know
what good they'll do.
We both think she's
hiding something.
Whatever it is,
I want to find it.
And to do that, we may
have to unsettle her,
maybe even upset her.
You okay with that?
I have no problem
upsetting people.
What happened to DS Grumpy?
Someone take her
prisoner last night?
My God, you're
actually blushing.
I still don't see
how I can help.
The police have interviewed
me so many times.
I have nothing new to say.
We have something to tell you.
There have been three complaints
of sexual assault
made against Stephenson
by girls in other force areas.
One of his victims said
he got her to play naked,
just like Tania did.
Another said he got her drunk,
then he made her perform
oral sex on him in his car.
Katherine, we know you're
not responsible for any of this.
There's no need to feel guilty.
We know that Tania
wasn't with you that day,
that she went
to meet Stephenson.
But what we need to know is
It's okay.
Just tell us.
It It's exactly what he did to me.
He He drove me
to a pub for lunch
and he gave me wine to drink,
and then afterwards in his
car, he forced me to
he forced me
to suck him off.
[CLEARS THROAT] You're so,
so, so wrong about that day.
You know, Tania did come
'round and we were going to watch
the funeral and
then do our homework.
Then what happened?
Oh, Stephenson,
he got there first.
He turned up, said he was
impressed by my playing,
that he wanted me
to play for him.
- And did you?
I was flattered.
Tania had always been
his star pupil, so
[SIGHS] Yeah, I did.
And then And then
Tania rang the bell.
And he said to ignore it,
that she would go away.
And she didn't.
She just kept shouting
and ringing and knocking,
then she shouted that
she could see his car,
that she knew he was in there.
And so, he went out to speak
to her, and she went away.
And then he, um
and then he came back to me.
And then he took
you out to lunch?
No, no, first, he made me play.
Well, like, for three
minutes and then
he started
kissing me.
And then then he
then he raped me.
On the floor of my
parents' living room.
- I'm so sorry.
- I am too.
Because I know how much you want
to get him for killing Tania,
but I just don't see
how he could of,
because, you know,
he was with me.
Facing that guy, knowing
what he had done,
what he was capable of
I'm proud of you, Lizzie.
If Sarah Collins hadn't
have showed up, I was
I was dead.
And I hear she only showed up
because you realised
where Brannon was. So
You're a good cop, Lizzie Adama.
It's not any of
your business, Steve.
I'll pop back, okay?
Yeah, I'd like that.
And please, tell Sarah
tell her I know what she did.
- Gotta go.
- You look like shit.
Thank you. I still want
you to work with me.
The lab ID'd the carpet.
It was made by the
Axminster company in the '90s.
Now by itself,
that doesn't help,
but I managed to track down
Stephenson's landlord from 1997,
and well, boy, did he help.
Not only does he remember
laying that carpet
at Stephenson's flat,
he also remembered that
Stephenson went and changed it,
without his permission.
- What? He took up the carpet?
- And chucked it out.
I mean, the landlord
is still furious.
It's a direct link between
Tania's body and Stephenson.
- Yes, but
- Sarah, it's gold.
The carpet we found her body
in came from Stephenson's flat.
What could be clearer?
You need to release him in less
than three hours. You need to move.
I'm very aware of the clock.
The details are clear in my mind
if you'd like me
to lead the questioning
Just stop.
There's a reason why
abused girls stay silent.
Yes, they're ashamed,
they think it's all their fault,
but they also think that
they won't be believed,
that they won't
even be listened to.
- Sarah
- No!
Tania was silent for 25 years,
not just because she was dead,
but because her best
friend, Katherine Herringham,
who knew Tania had been
abused by Stephenson,
was also raped by him,
thereby ensuring her
silence for 25 years.
We have Katherine's
statement on tape and we
Bloody hell, the carpet
and this, we have him.
We don't have him.
Forget the carpet.
What are you talking about?
I mean, for nearly 24 hours
I'm sorry, Lee.
Forget the carpet.
We have to listen
to the other woman
who's been silent for 25 years.
She's Stephenson's alibi for
the day Tania disappeared,
but we now know
he wasn't with her,
he was out, raping
another schoolgirl.
Abigail didn't
even like Stephenson,
so why did she lie for him?
Stephenson's marriage
licence, August 1996,
puts Abigail's age as 21.
Well, that's what she said.
Therefore born in 1975,
but a search of public
records says different.
Abigail Levy was born in 1979.
She was only 17.
Married at 17?
So, the relationship must
have started before that,
when she was 16.
Even 15? That's abuse.
She must've been
his first victim.
This really isn't a good
time. I have friends here.
You lied about your age
on your marriage certificate.
That's an offence.
You lied about your
ex-husband being with you
on the 6th of September.
We now have a statement
saying he was somewhere else,
raping a 15-year-old.
Please ask your friends to leave
so we can talk inside.
Katherine Herringham
has given us a statement
that on the 6th of September,
Tania went to her home.
Your ex-husband
was already there.
He sent Tania away.
Then he raped Katherine.
Do you know what Tania did next?
You see, Tania's body was
found wrapped in a carpet
that your ex-husband
took from his flat.
We believe Tania found out where
he lived, and she went there.
We believe she waited
till he came home,
then he killed her,
at or near his home.
Then he wrapped her
in the carpet
and buried her in the car
park at Morville Park.
But while that was happening,
there was someone else
in this home,
watching Princess
Diana's funeral you.
Did you let Tania in?
You must have known who she was.
You were the similar type,
practically the same age.
What did you do?
Watch TV together?
Or did you talk
until Adrian got home?
No. We didn't watch TV or talk.
I'd drunk nearly a
bottle of wine by then.
Maybe it made me cruel.
I saw her eyes move
to his violin.
So I said,
"Play something."
So she did.
She wasn't even very good.
She was embarrassed.
She said she
shouldn't have come.
And I felt sorry for her,
but I was also furious.
She'd come to my home.
I know that the
marriage was a farce,
but it was still my home.
Then she left?
She stood there, with her
short skirt and her makeup.
That's when I knew who she was.
Another me.
So what happened?
Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
Where do you think
the scars come from?
I wanted to die.
I'm sorry. I
have to stop you.
We need to take you
to a police station.
- Are you arresting me?
- Yes.
- You need to call a lawyer.
- I don't want one.
What difference
would a lawyer make?
She stood there, as if
she wanted to say sorry
or something, then
she walked to the stairs.
And I felt this rage,
how pathetic she was,
how pathetic I was.
I gave her a shove.
She tripped.
The stairs in the
flat were steep.
I heard this sharp crack.
I ran down. She was lying there,
completely still.
Her neck was broken.
I couldn't feel a pulse.
I shouted for help. I-I
called Adrian's mobile.
I called it a dozen times.
Always voicemail, voicemail.
I was already drunk, then I went
on drinking till I passed out.
- Then Adrian came home.
- He did everything you said.
Took up the carpet,
used it to wrap her body.
Afterwards, he said to me,
"You killed
her. I saved you.
Don't ever
say anything."
And I didn't.
How's Skye?
She's good,
all things considered.
- Yeah.
- She sends her love.
And this.
Tell her I said thank you.
I made you this.
I knit 'em, and I
sell 'em on eBay.
It's probably not your thing
at all. It's just that I owe you
so much and I wanted
to do something
I love it.
I'm just happy Skye's
okay, and she's got you.
I hear you had a win.
I so wanted it to be him.
But it was her.
I mean, the court will take
into account the abuse, her age.
She was just 18.
He could end up
spending longer inside than her.
You know for sure
she killed Tania?
Oh, she confessed.
She was drunk,
she pushed her down the
stairs, she broke her neck,
then she panics, went
and got even more drunk.
So a terrified drunk teenager
diagnosed both death
and cause of death.
Yeah, basically.
Fucking hell.
Maybe you should look again.
Neck break?
But there isn't one. The
cervical spine's intact.
Abigail said that Tania
fell and broke her neck.
She heard a sharp crack.
Ah, that'll be this
the, uh, left ankle,
a transverse distal
fibular fracture.
But she said that Tania was
unconscious and had no pulse,
so if she didn't break her neck,
was there some sort of head
trauma, like a fractured skull?
There's no sign of
any skull fractures.
- So what's the cause of death?
- Well, it's hard to say.
There's no brain. There's
no soft tissue left at all.
But there is one other
broken bone.
It's, uh, the hyoid.
Comes from under here.
It shows two inward
compression fractures.
Hyoid fractures in isolation
are almost never fatal.
But in fatalities, the injury
is usually associated with, um
- Strangulation?
- Mm.
But why strangle her?
She was still alive when
Stephenson came home.
Could you testify to that?
Only that it's possible.
But two, what did you say,
inward compression fractures
What else could that mean?
Going somewhere, sir?
Yes, a long overdue
holiday. What do you want?
Adrian Stephenson,
I'm arresting you for the murder
of Tania Mills on
September 6th, 1997,
and for preventing the
lawful burial of a body.
- Oh for Christ's sake.
- You don't have to say anything,
but it may harm your
defence if you do not mention
- Look, - when questioned something
which you later rely on in court.
- I didn't do it! - Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.
I was at home watching
TV with my wife.
No, you were out
raping a schoolgirl,
then you came home
and murdered another.
We have a statement
from Katherine Herringham.
We have a statement
from your ex-wife.
Lies. Just
bloody lies.
I was at home all day.
I never saw Tania.
You saw her when you
went to Katherine's,
then you saw her at your
home, where you murdered her.
Then for 25 years, you let
Abigail believe your crime was hers.
You are unbelievably cruel.
You're out of your
mind. I deny everything.
This is a witch hunt by a lot
of bitter and vindictive women.
Does that include all the
schoolgirls you raped, sir?
I have launched countless girls
on brilliant careers.
It's only the lazy
and the talentless
who try to slander me.
You're just the latest in line.
Your whole case
is built on lies.
I will fight you and I will win.
Will you?
We will have Abigail,
and Katherine,
and Tania's poor dead body.
We will have all
your other victims.
They will describe
how you groomed them,
got them to play
naked, got them drunk,
made them give you blowjobs.
Then the rapes, the violence.
The jury will know what you are,
and they will know what you did.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, Mary's here,
so I best be going.
Yeah, of course.
Um, thanks for being around.
- Listen, Kieran
- Hmm?
The doctors told
my parents something,
that first night, when things
were looking a bit dodgy.
I'm pregnant.
- You
- MARY: Ready?
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry, Lizzie,
but his daughter's almost
forgotten what he looks like.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, no, of course.
Um, thanks for being here.
- See you soon.
- Yeah.
Can I touch her?
I'm in.
Good. Why?
Front page news.
Tania Mills.
There was another funeral
that day Georgina Teel.
She's not in here, not one word.
You know why?
Because she's
a working class kid,
a victim of domestic violence,
and she died in Chaquille land.
Where no one gives a toss.
Well, they do now.
Hey. Come in.
Mm-hmm. My mum.
She tends to over-cater.
Sarah, I
I wanna thank you for
Please, it's okay.
I got lucky.
- We got lucky.
- Mm.
I'm just glad you made it.
What you did
was incredibly brave,
but, well, systems are
there for a reason.
Sometimes it's better
not to just rush in bravely.
We won't always get lucky.
Right. I understand.
But so you know, if I'm
ever in that situation again,
like a kid in danger
or something,
I'm going to rush in.
No doubt, no
hesitation. I will rush in.
Have a grape.
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