The Town (2012) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Remembered your pills? What pills? 'Night, Mum.
No! He's a total limp dick, the sort you'd spit in the face and he'd like it.
I said no.
It's late.
I'm not a kid.
Say goodbye.
Yeah, I know she is.
I am what? - Nazi.
- of course.
How's your tea? Cold.
Guten nacht What? Good night What? Love you.
Mum, it's half eight, I have to go! Mr Jones said if I was late again there'd be hell to pay.
Which means another detention! Are you even up? OK, you guys just don't understand Mum? Dad? It stinks of booze in here, Len.
Call me later, yeah? BOY: Come back here! All right? You have the budget committee at 11, a library protest at two.
There was a fight in the pub yesterday evening and a couple on the Heathbury estate committed suicide overnight Suicide? God.
There's a reporter from the local paper, wants a quote from the Mayor.
Typical journalist.
They love a suicide.
He's not here about the suicide.
Then what then? The fight, in the pub? why does he want to talk about that? Well they think you started it I don't remember anything.
' Yeahdon't say that ' Nothing happened.
You slept in the Town Hall! I couldn't find a taxi.
what are their names? I don't know.
well find out Now where's the journalist? At the office.
How do I look? Mmm.
Well I do prefer quality over quantity, that's true.
Yeah, well quality's not an option round here, is it? All the men are either 40 or 12 or they smell.
Quantity's all we've got Except.
What? Not 40, not 12, and I bet he smells of all the right things.
Hang on, do I I think I know him.
Hiya! Heathbury Estate.
You from round here? Yeah.
You look familiar.
What brings you back then? Sarah.
Get her a cup of tea or something, make sure she's OK.
Yeah, sure.
Betty? I'm Sarah, a police liaison officer.
I'll be with you the rest of the day if you need anything.
Yes, erma coffee, please, love.
Thank you.
A coffee.
of course.
You must be posh.
What? You go to the posh school.
Yeah, but I'm not posh.
I'm on a scholarship.
I just moved here, I dunno what I've done wrong.
It's the uniform.
Take your jacket off.
This way.
Wait up! I'm going to be sick.
You're not.
All right? Shit Put it down, Daniel.
Put it - I'm so sorry.
Excuse me Hey, don't welcome home, love.
Welcome home.
So they just sat here with Jodie and Gran and had chicken and chips and watched TV, went to bed, everything was normal.
Perhaps we should talk about this when you've had more time.
Have you checked the garden? Someone could have got in.
All the evidence suggests they planned to take their own lives.
What evidence? Drink.
Sleeping pills.
Sleeping pills? Yes.
Often those closest to us hide their problems.
Should we even be in here? Have you checked for fingerprints? I'll be in touchin the morning, when we have the coroner's report.
In the meantime if you have any - questions just.
Ask Sergeant Reynolds.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
Your grandad slept with prostitutes.
That's where the money went The inspectors right None of us know the ones we love.
Where's Jodie? What's your name? Hany.
Yeah, course it is.
All right Off you go, back to Hogwarts.
I've got stuff to do.
I like it here with you.
What Stuff? Wanna find something that deserves to be burnt and burn it? Like what? What deserves to be burnt? You're joking.
In this town You're spoilt for choice.
They've all cleared up and gone.
Except that Sergeant Sarah.
She put the dishwasher on! She's staying In case we do the same as your mum and dad.
Apparently once death seems possible the idea catches on.
They haven't been through any of their stuff.
Did they check the back of the house? I don't know.
And you and Jodie, you didn't hear anything? You didn't wake up? You'll be hungry.
If I can get that woman out of the I way I'll do some fish fingers.
You liked them, didn't you I remember.
I've never seen anyone drop one before.
Shaking hands, sweating I thought you were gonna wet yourself at one point! what happened? I should make it up to him.
It's too late, she's dead.
Aren't you, love? He's got more important things to think about than your first day cock up.
I wonder why they did it well don't What? wonder.
None of our business.
We wipe 'em down, hand 'em over and then we go to the pub.
Come on! I'm sorry.
You've got a new front door.
I'm sorry about your parents.
How do you know? Well, everyone knows.
Yeah, so I thought you might wanna, you know, get pissed or whatever.
Go out.
Got a little bit of weed as well if you want Or not Either way.
I've got to look after my gran.
what? Your gran died ages ago.
Mrs B! How are you? Right - I don't mind staying if you'd like to go out, Mark.
Betty and I get on, don't we? Might do you some good.
We're going down Stickies later.
Oh, no, Jeff It'll be a laugh, take your mind off it I can't Mate.
What? Well, what else are you gonna do? Seriously.
We haven't seen you in ages.
You know? Don't be a dick.
Do you know anyone famous? Huh? It's like, most people in London know someone famous.
My mate Charlie, he's friends with Dermot O'Leary.
No, no, I don't know anyone like that Right Yeah, I hate it in London.
Fast Hmm? Faster than here.
It puts you off.
So why do you think they did it? I dunno.
I dunno why.
Don't suppose you would.
Well I thought we'd warm up at the Antelope.
Who's out? Me, Steve, Lucy - she'll definitely be out.
You remember Lucy? No.
She was the year below us.
At school she was a bit quiet Not so much now.
Likes a drink.
No, I can't deal with all that now.
No, you're all right.
Lucy'll understand.
She's not stupid.
How do you know he's gonna be there? Cos my best mate's mates with his old best mate Jeff.
Apparently he's back .
cos his parents died.
Died?! Yep.
Then shouldn't we - Oh, what? Give him room? Well that's up to you.
But it's my best he's gonna need a shoulder to cry on.
You all right, Steve? Is that a new shirt? Yeah, do you like it? - No! That's Lucy.
Proper chimney.
What, you mean she smokes? I mean there's a different lad up her every week.
Come on.
Looks the same.
That's cos it is.
Except everyone's older, fatter.
Come on.
No, I'm I'm gonna go home, sorry.
You're here now.
No, I know ' You have a good night.
' Don't be scared, I've already told 'em.
who? Everyone.
Come on, I'll get them in.
You told them? LUCY: Not being funny but you were never this good looking at school.
You were always a bit like .
You know.
what? .
Like really into science, I a little bit spody Not any more.
You could be a model .
these days.
Look at you! .
I'm really sorry about your parents.
Why do you think they did it? Oh, Lucy! Oh, I don't.
I don't.
what? I don't think they did.
Oh, really? Oh, cos Jeff told us l that - Lucy, shut up, yeah? Let's talk about something else.
Maybe someone could have broken in.
You mean, got in and killed them? I don't know.
Mark do you want to go and play pool? You mean got in, did it, made it look like suicide? Who'd do that? Lucy! I don't know what's going on.
The biggest worry I had this morning was a leak in my bathroom.
I wore my good shoes to work today cos I was supposed to be seeing some friends in Holborn tonight.
But then I got the call and I come back here and it tums out I'm never gonna see my mum again, never gonna see my dad again.
And now I'm in the Antelope like I'm 17 and yeah, maybe someone killed them.
Maybe they did, I don't know.
And I wasn't spody in school.
I didn't do science, I wore glasses.
Is that what you remember? Wait, isn't that - What? Is that Alice? Yeah.
What, she's still here? Yeah, didn't you know? I He looks gay.
I He's from London.
Oh, right well, that explains it Who is it? Alice Woods.
Oh, yeah.
They used to be together.
What happened? He left Alice? Alice? The police are after me.
You're joking.
We have to run away.
what do you think? You wanna come? Where? Can't go back to mine.
My mum's at home and she doesn't shut up.
I meanliterally, she's a nightmare.
I havedreams.
I don't care where we go.
All right I've got an idea.
Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Are you happy watching this? It's not very good.
I'm fine.
I'll be all right if you want to go home.
If I was going to kill myself I'd have done it before now.
You're not going to stay here all night, are you? Perhaps until Mark gets back.
What are we doing? Over! why? Come on.
Climb over and see.
Cos I feel safe when you're near me And I can hold you completely Although you constantly hurt me Then we fight and we cry and we tell the same lies About love Then we cling to each other, shoulder to shoulder Against the world So I'm gonna drag you down whilst you drag me down And I'm gonna shout at you whilst you shout at me Until you realise That real love is here Real I found it last week.
No-one comes here much.
And I get a kick when you worry That you're just no good for me And I feel weak watching you bleed And we fight and we cry and we tell the same lies About love Then we cling to each other, shoulder to shoulder Against the world So I'm gonna drag you down whilst you drag me down And I'm gonna shout at you whilst you shout at me Until we realise that real love Is free Alice! Alice! Hello.
Al I don't know what you want but we've got a kid trying to sleep So piss off.
Go on, off you go! Does Alice You heard - off you go.
Mark? what, you know him? Oh, mate! what are you doing?! I'm Sorry.
Karl! So? My mum and dad.
Yeah? I think I killed them.
What happened to you last night? I'm going out I've go a few things to do.
Then we've got the funeral directors at eleven.
You should come.
Tea? Get your knickers on, we're gonna be late.
Morning! what is it? Breakfast Can I come in? No.
Mark, can I apologise again for what happened? As I think you know, Daniel is new.
It was his first day, in fact But it won't happen again.
will it? No.
So how about this Wednesday? That's soon.
It's up to you.
we could try and find a later date or No.
It's all right Wednesday.
Daniel, would you make some notes, please? And have you had a chance to think about your caskets? They're expensive.
Various prices and styles.
They'd want something decent.
Yeah, Course they would.
It's just that there's debts to pay and because it's Because it's both of them, erm we were wondering If there's anything you could do with the price.
As I'm sure you appreciate, it's financially difficult for everyone at the moment.
Take your time.
Talk with each other, find something you feel comfortable with.
Maybe we could - All right .
Bacon sarnie, coffee I can do eggs but only scrambled.
Shireen, you don't like breakfast and neither do I.
This is about that piece in the paper, isn't it? Well My behaviour.
You got something to say? You're very well loved, Len.
Everyone knows how much you've done for this town over the years - Right, this really is a little speech! Go on.
It's the drinkingand this fight.
Nobody minds a scuffle.
I'm well liked.
You were, but it's on the front page.
I mean, I'm worried that you'll becomea joke.
A joke? You've been mayor five years.
I mean, maybe it'stime for a change.
No, you're right, of course.
You don't want to work for a joke, that makes sense.
Well No, absolutely.
It'll take me a couple of weeks to find someone else then you can go.
What? I've spent every minute helping you.
Len, I'm supporting you - Have you got the name of that .
couple? what couple? .
The couple that died.
I didn't know that it was important Oh, right I mean, of course it's important but - Get those names by Monday.
Thanks for breakfast.
They've left You said they could think about it They didn't need to.
What's the matter? You dropped the mother on the floor, you feel guilty.
Yeah, of course.
Well get over it.
That's all they can afford.
Sort out the caskets and move on.
Well you were after that boy.
Not really.
Yeah, wellI thought you liked boys.
Yeah, so what - What do you mean, sometimes? I mean occasionally.
What like occasionally you like boys and occasionally you - Don't.
Sometimes I don't, it depends.
How did I end up back at yours? You said we should keep the party going and you really don't remember? What did we do? Nothing.
Nothing? Yes, nothing, don't worry about it.
We were dancing and then after we kissed whoa, whoa, wait.
We kissed? A kiss is not nothing.
Yeah, well you were showing off at first I think anyways, and thenyou really got into it, yeah.
And then at the end of the night you came back to mine, slept in my bed.
What's the problem? What are you doing? Why do you never come home? You've never here for my birthday.
What are you doing? I'm going through their stuff.
Sounds like fun.
well the police haven't touched any of it.
You saw the bottle of pills, they killed themselves - Why would they? It doesn't make sense.
Actually it was me.
I killed them.
Jodie, stop.
I'm serious.
I was gonna be suspended again cos I cut Mary Hanland with a compass.
They said I was out of control.
Mum was like, 'If you keep acting like this I'm gonna do something I regret.
' Turns out.
It wasn't anything to do with you.
You weren't here! You didn't see how Dad looked.
He never slept.
What do you think happened then? Jesus, Mark, they didn't have any money.
Mum was a psycho, Dad would start crying for no reason.
They were messed up.
Couldn't deal with it and now we're on our own.
Mark, I wasn't expecting you.
We'll have the coroner's report this afternoon, I'll call you with the confirmed results, all right? So what else have you found out? Because you've only spent a couple of hours in the house, you haven't looked at any of their stuff.
You didn't even take her phone.
Is there anyone looking after you? I assume you've investigated their situation, their background? Yes.
Well? Erm Your father hadn't had any work for the last six months.
We found your mother's prescription for anti-depressants.
We also saw some statements that showed they had recently had to re-mortgage the house.
It's possible you didn't know about that.
It's clear they were both under immense stress.
It's understandable they might have wanted to keep that from you.
Maybeyou living away from home, in London It's harder to stay in touch.
Mark if there was anything to investigate, I promise you I would.
We've done all we should.
It's time to stop now.
Hmm? Bury your parents in peace.
Black coffee.
Are you sure you don't want milk? No, no.
I'm sure it's lovely.
So, sorry about coming to your house.
Perhaps getting drunk wasn't the best idea.
And then when they told me where you live I suppose I just wanted to talk to someone who knows me.
Well I'm not sure I do these days.
Eight years.
Long time.
You've got a daughter now.
And a husband.
Very grown up.
Well we are grown up now, aren't we? So how's the singing going? Singing? Well, I haven't sung since school.
Oh, it was all you wanted to do.
Yeah but I wasn't very good at it You were amazing.
Mark, I have the videos.
I sound like a car alarm.
Well the funeral's at 12 on Wednesday.
At the crematorium.
My parents would really like you to be thereif you can.
I'llI'll try.
Can I show you something? I found this.
There were text messages too and I don't I just don't think it was suicide.
There must have been something else going on.
I like your scarf.
Did you get that in London? Alice, I haven't changed.
I need someone to talk to.
Then find someone.
They're here.
Sophie's been to ballet I should go Are you happy? What? It's just not how I imagined you, ending up like this.
Ending up? No, I'm not.
I'm sorry.
Mark, I haven't 'ended up'.
I'm 30, I'm You know, maybe you should go back to London.
Sony about your parents - Sorry.
I'm Honestly, I really am.
I'm sorry.
ALICE: Hello! How are you? Bye.
where have you been? I've been to the florists, I've arranged the death certificate, put the clothes in at the dry cleaners She didn't think you existed.
Who? who was that woman with the police? Social Services.
They have a concern that Jodie is being left on her own.
They don't feel I am able to look after her properly.
She's not a kid.
I'm 15, so technically - Yeah, all right! She wanted to know if you were gonna stay.
For the funeral, yeah.
Of course you're gonna stay for the funeral, she meant after.
I've got a job, Jodie.
I Live in London.
Do you want me to stay? No.
Course I don't want you to stay, it's fine.
She told us what will happen.
I'll go into care, Gran'll end up in one of those massive houses that smell of piss.
We can't wait.
Well we can sort something out after the funeral.
Maybe there's afriend or Sometimes you can come to London to visit - She said it has to be a permanent arrangement - This isn't my fault! Knew he'd say that.
Oh, well.
End of the family.
You're not supposed to smoke in the house.
No-one to stop me now though, is there? See? Silver lining.
I haven't had any breakfast I brought biscuits.
Go on then.
You said it was here.
I thought I heard it I'm cold.
I reckon it's your fault they killed themselves.
You only came back at Christmas, don't you think you should have seen us more often? Ah, these are ginger biscuits.
I know.
I don't like ginger biscuits.
Why have we stopped? We're waiting for Mum and Dad.
They've got to go first Typical.
Are you crying? What do you think? Our parents are dead, Jodie, and nobody cares.
The police have given up, the undertakers just want money and you just sit there and yousmoke and make faces and pretend.
Here, Mark.
Oh, God.
Thank you.
What do we do? You should have told me.
These aren't what they ordered, Daniel.
what? The caskets.
You got the wrong ones.
These are expensive.
Right well.
It's too late now.
JODIE: 'Fear no more the lightning flash, nor the all-dreaded thuderstone.
Fear not slander, censure rash.
Thou hast finished joy and moan.
All lovers young, all lovers must, consign to thee and come to dust.
' MINISTER: Thank you.
Now I think we will hear a little about Tony and Kate from the family.
Now Len? Oh, God.
I'm not family.
I didn't know Tony and Kate but.
I'm the mayor, this is my town they lived in, so I've done some research.
Tony liked fishing.
Apparently he wasn't very good at it but he loved it anyway.
As a young man he often found life difficult Then, at 19, he met Kate, one night in The Antelope.
Kate was beautiful, I'm told.
Intelligent She worked, in fact, for the council.
They married, they had two children, and recently welcomed Betty, Kate's mother, into their home.
God knows why they did what they did.
I wish they could see how many of us are here.
How we care.
Tony and Kate are gone.
But in their place today we have .
their wonderful daughter Jodie and their talented son Mark.
Tony and Kate loved this town.
And looking at all of you here today it certainly loved them.
That was amazing.
Don't get sentimental, Shireen.
Two parents die at the same time, only their kids are left, who's gonna take charge? Yeah, of course.
But, you know as I was talking I was thinking.
Maybe you're right Maybe it is time for a change.
Well next time you're in London, come and visit Bring Sophie, your husband.
You are going back then? Yeah.
You're right, I don't fit in here any more.
Well what about your sister? It was good to see you.
Take care.
Was that Alice? Yeah.
Bad luck.
She's hot Mum always said you made a mistake, she Erm, actually Markdon't go.
OK what? OK, I'll stay.
Are you serious? Do I still get pocket money? Mark.
How are you? I found this.
What is it? There were lots of them.
And text messages too, same thing.
What do you think it is? Blackmail? Or a joke? Or a half-written email? Or just someone testing the printer.
Many suicides have no warning signs at all, that's why it's shocking.
- Not just that they do it - but that they hide it so well.
Let it goyes? Let them rest Take care.
Did the police find anything else out, about why they did it? Why are you so interested? Where's all her stuff? - No-one came to collect them so probably they've been put in the bin.
Kate Nicholas.
It's her things.
But I thought - It's difficult.
Why would we want to keep it a Secret? We make decisions about that sort of thing all the time, It's what being in charge means.
There's something you're not telling me, something more.
I did my job.
Business here is done in the pub.
It's handshakes, it's amateur - amateur! LEN: Mark Nicholas turned up at Chris Franks' house last night.
when she woke up the car was gone, her husband disappeared.