The Town (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 Mum? Dad? All the evidence suggests that they planned to take their own life.
I'm never gonna see my mum again, never gonna hear my dad.
God knows why they did what they did.
You've been mayor five years.
Maybe it's time for a change.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe it is time for a change.
I suppose they just wanted to talk to someone who knows me.
I'm not sure I do these days.
Eight years.
It has to be a permanent arrangement.
This isn't my fault! I just don't think it was suicide.
It must've been something else.
It's time to stop now.
Bury your parents in peace.
Oof! Are you Twittering? You mean Tweeting.
I mean Tweeting, yes.
I'm messaging.
Ah, texting.
Gran, give up.
I've joined Facebook.
I asked you to be my friend.
You haven't replied.
Sorry I'm late.
It wasn't ready.
Is that it? I didn't think it'd be a tube.
Well, so, who wants what? Scone for Gran, a burger for me, Jodie, jacket potato? I want a Mars Bar as well.
You can't have a Mars Bar.
We're economising.
So we can't afford a Mars Bar? They're both in there? Yeah.
They combine them.
I thought it was a good idea.
They'd wanna be together.
Gran? Gran, what's the problem? No problem.
Um A scone for me, burger for you, Jodie wants a jacket potato.
I tell you what.
I'll treat you to the Mars Bar myself.
All right, Jodie? Hi, Mum.
Hi, Dad.
I can't believe you haven't found a job yet.
Is that your best suit? One of them.
Where'd you get it, Top Man? No.
Didn't think so.
It looks old.
You should go to Top Man.
There it is.
I could find some work.
Go to Tesco's, do the swiper.
That what? Where's my keys? You know, the beep-beep.
No, no, Gran.
I'll get work.
You just stay here.
Watch TV.
I'm going to be late for this interview, Gran.
It's not a problem.
So much in life, Shireen, is ephemeral.
Booze, women, all leaves you in the end.
But as mayor, when you open a building, it stands there, with your name on the front, forever.
Why aren't there more kids? They probably kept most of them back, I expect.
They'll do.
Yeah, take my advice.
As mayor, open everything you can.
It earns respect.
I'm going to miss that.
What do you mean? When I retire.
I made the decision yesterday.
It's time for me to move on.
Len, are you sure? Mm-hm.
Mayor Robinson, is it OK to get a photo of you and the kids? Course.
This way, gang.
Where do you want us? Just move forward a bit.
Squeeze in.
Squeeze in.
This way.
Squeeze in.
You look really stupid.
Piss off.
That's lovely.
Just one more.
All right, that'll do.
Thank you, Mayor.
I'm not standing around being insulted by children.
I've got better things to do.
Thanks, everyone.
Come on, Shireen.
What's your name? How old are you? You? So's my boyfriend.
Huh! Call me.
Babe? Babe! Yeah? What are you doing? Just getting something.
So you're the mayor's assistant, then? Assistant? No.
Why would you think that? I'm a councillor for Renton West.
Didn't Len tell you any of this at the interview? He said you'd fill me in on the details.
It'll be two weeks as a temp, helping me with my backlog, and then we'll see where we are.
So, that floor was planning, the second is legal.
Waste collection to the left.
And through here we have taxation.
All right, Ann? Hello.
My mum worked in taxation.
Er Yes, of course.
Maybe that's why she killed herself? Which Which was Kate's desk? Sorry? Oh, this is Mark, her son.
Oh, Mark.
I was at the funeral.
I'm so sorry.
Is that it? Yeah, that hers, by the window.
Are you visiting? He's just moved back.
We found him some work for a few weeks.
Where's all of her stuff? Her things? I don't know.
No-one came to collect them, so probably they've been put in the bin.
Didn't you think we'd want them? Sorry.
Here is my Jobseekers application.
Psychotherapist? We don't have that.
No, I'm sure, but Is that like a physiotherapist? Not really.
We don't have those either.
And your age will count against you.
I know, but for now I was thinking school? Garden centre? I'm I'm good with people.
Really? Well, maybe we do have something.
That's your job reference number.
Take it round the corner.
It Mark around? Lunch break.
Kate Nicholas.
That's her things.
But I thought - It's difficult.
Don't show him till you've had a look.
Then you decide what the right thing to do is, because, well, I don't know.
It's an easy question.
I've got here 63.
That's it.
You're not 63.
How about 75? Now you're being rude.
Why would you say that? Because you've put your age as 63 but give your date of birth as the 10th of May, 1937.
If you work it out - Which I can.
Nintendo brain, Jim.
I moisturise every day.
My age is irrelevant.
Look, Betty, I can see you want the job, and it's good someone of your age is so enthusiastic.
But it's much too physically demanding.
She can do it.
What? I know her.
From before.
She works hard.
She She never stops.
You won't regret it.
Please? We're not supposed to fraternise with girls from your school.
In case you accidentally have sex with us or something? Exactly.
You're a bad influence.
Cigarette? Funny.
Harry, you're next, mate! So there's this party tonight, this big house in the country.
I think you're, yeah, definitely coming.
Party with your friends? I don't own enough gold.
I wouldn't know what to wear.
Harry! Look, it doesn't matter.
It's Friday night.
We'll have a really good time.
I'll text you, all right? Wear your best dress! Dress.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
You've mixed these up.
What? They go in order.
They go blue, pink, red, but now there's red ones everywhere.
I'll have to do them again.
I sold some earlier so I put them back in the wrong place.
Typical, Carly.
What's the matter? No, don't do that, cos this isn't personal.
You've made another mistake.
Why do you have to make everything about us two.
Your face.
What? It changes when you come near me.
It goes red.
Oh, Jodie.
How do you know my name? I went to school with your brother.
We did the flowers for the funeral.
Oh, right.
For years your mum came in and she - Bought flowers here.
Yeah, same flowers, same day, every year.
Why? Carly.
Will you stop chatting, yeah? Do some work.
How can I help you? I'm going to this party tonight.
This dress is all I've got.
So I thought maybe some flowers or accessories could help.
Yeah, definitely.
Um I know.
I've got something that's blue.
Would you wear this? Inspector, hello.
I'm Shireen Chadha.
I hope you don't mind me barging in.
Actually, we met at the Neighbourhood Watch meeting last year, and then in March at the policing conference.
We talked about sandwiches.
You said you didn't like them.
I know who you are.
Of course.
It's about Kate Nicholas.
She worked with us at the council.
Am I right that you investigated her death? Yes.
Well, the thing is, we were clearing up her desk and we found a few things and, well, I wasn't sure if you wanted to see them - What sort of things? You mean personal items or - Uh An old pair of shoes, notebook, photographs, you know, that sort of thing.
Um I suppose if they've already had the funeral, well, it's all done.
Yeah, it was clear what had happened, so we finished.
Did you know them before, the family? No.
Neither did I.
It's just, well, often in this town there's connections, so That's right.
Well, thank you for checking, Shireen.
If you get a chance, bring the items into the station, I'll make sure they get back to the family.
No, thank you.
Oh, sorry I'm late.
I've got dinner for us.
It's Friday night, so I thought we'd treat ourselves.
Jodie! Hi.
Do you like it? What do you think? Say something.
I love it.
Come on.
You know she's married, don't you? We're just catching up.
Who's buying the drinks? Shut up.
Here we go.
It's just the same, isn't it? What? The Antelope.
You used to make me buy the drinks, remember? Said I looked older.
Well, you do look older.
- Thanks, Mark.
- That's charming.
God, everyone knows each other here, don't they? So how's home? If you mean Karl, just say Karl.
I don't mean Karl, but now that you mention him.
He's good.
He didn't mind us meeting? I didn't tell him.
Sounds healthy.
It would've just made it more complicated.
You said a dress.
What? No-one's wearing a dress.
What? Yes, they are.
They're definitely Oh.
I'm going home.
God, they're gonna laugh.
"Darling, Isabella, what is she wearing?" Don't be silly.
They're not like that, I promise.
Harry, darling! Isabella! This is Jodie.
Oh, I like the flowers.
Very cute.
Daddy's away at this big dinner so we're completely on our own.
Come on, let's get pissed.
Come on.
The necklace.
I found it the other day in the back of the cupboard.
Thought it might still look good.
You kept it.
You're happy, that's good.
You said before that I ended up like this.
No, I didn't mean that.
And you were right.
I mean, I have everything that I need, I suppose, but it isn't exactly what I imagined.
No singing? Only to myself these days.
What? Yeah, it's terrible.
Do you want a drink? When I invited you, I didn't realise you'd be bringing her.
I thought you were gonna stay over.
What's going on? Jodie? Get out! What are you doing? Jodie? Jodie, stop.
What's the problem?! That is I haven't ever Look, and neither have you.
So come on.
I don't want to, not Not what? Yet? No.
Not with me? Not here.
I like it.
Soft carpets, nice curtains.
Let's have sex! This is her parents' bedroom, and you're drunk.
No, sorry.
One, two, three, go! Eww! This is the point when I have to tell you that I'm a classy lady and I don't drink sambuca.
Ohh! You've grown up all right, Mark.
You've grown up all right too.
What? Go on.
Shut up, Mark.
Come on.
Sing what? Anything you want.
Come on, nobody's looking.
Come on.
Please? Ohh! All right.
I can't do it without the microphone.
There's a fire Starting in my heart Reaching a fevered pitch And it's bringing me out the dark! Are you OK? I know I said we'd have a night but I wanna go home.
All right.
The scars of your love, They leave me breathless They keep No.
I've got to go.
Oh, God.
No, Alice, don't go.
I should go home.
Please? Wait.
Come back.
Pull! Ohh, did you see that? Did you see that?! I can't hear you.
Take your headphones off! What? Did you see that? See what? Oh, it doesn't matter.
You probably wouldn't understand.
That's the sort of thing I learnt in the Paras.
Did I mention I was in the Paras? Once or twice.
A day.
Hunting is primal, it's instinctive.
It's the adrenalin pumping.
It's bits of clay.
The blood rushing.
Len, I need to talk.
Nine o'clock we said! It's 20 past.
Oh, God, all right, then.
It's like having a wife I can't divorce.
When we get back, cancel what you need to do this morning, take this to the river and drop it in.
But if Franks was having an affair with her, he never should've He has a wife and a daughter.
I can see why he wouldn't want this getting out.
But, Len - Case is closed.
We told Mark it was binned, so bin it.
Ohh! The hair band looked stupid.
Give me my money back.
Look, I'm sorry you got dumped - I didn't get dumped.
Then I'm really sorry you're 16.
We don't share humiliation.
It's part of becoming a woman.
Give me my money back.
Not a chance.
Oh, you Oi! Get off! Oi! Look at you.
I love it.
Do you know what? It's always the same.
I don't know what it is you do! You're always watching me, criticising! I should find someone who actually does some work! OK.
What? Do that.
Get someone else! Ohh! Oh.
I-I'm Daniel.
I was one of the undertakers at the funeral.
But after what happened they let me go.
You should've been more careful.
Lucky I was there, wasn't it, when you got the job? I suppose so.
Did the police find anything else out? I'm sorry? About why they did it? Your daughter and - Why are you so interested? I just I was at the funeral, so I wondered.
Wondered what? It's quite a coincidence you and I ending up here as well.
Are you following me, Daniel? What? No.
Have you got the time? Quarter to.
It's in the database.
You can reference it chronologically or by subject.
It also says which box the originals are in.
The backlog of correspondence is answered.
Most are complaining about parking, so I've referred - Mark.
At the moment I've not been answering the telephone.
I don't know if that's the right thing, but - Wait.
What? Sorry, what? These are your mum's things from her desk.
I thought she said she'd binned them, that woman Ann.
She lied.
She found this and she didn't know what to do.
How long was it going on for? I don't know.
Why was he the one who investigated? He shouldn't have had anything to do with it.
There's one missing.
Every page but not here.
Gran, did you have any idea? She's wearing the dress.
What dress? She looks really good in it.
Jodie? Jodie, come on.
Don't go upstairs.
Jodie, no.
It was going on three years, and no, your dad didn't have a clue.
How do you know? She told me.
They were constantly arguing, Mark.
You must have noticed.
All parents argue.
Not like that.
They were going to get a divorce years ago, and then Jodie arrived.
They hadn't been expecting her.
Jodie was a mistake? A surprise.
After she was born they decided to give it another go.
For her sake, they tried.
In the end, Kate met Chris - Chris? He made her happy.
He was here in the house, on the day - He was trying to help her, and make sure things were done properly.
What if he had something to do with it, Gran? What do you mean? Where are you going? Where does it look like? Jeremy Kyle? Out!! Jodie, come on, we need to talk.
No, thanks.
By the way, Mark was right.
"Not a surprise, a mistake" sums me up.
At least she was doing what she wanted.
Where are you going? That's not Harry.
Jodie! Just like her mother.
Where are you going? The police.
Babe, get me a beer.
Love? Ah, you! Are you all right in there? Are you OK? Well, cheer up.
You've never been up to the top? You found her phone.
And pictures of you together, and notebooks with your address.
Lots of things.
I have a family, I have a career.
I'm not proud of how we did it, but I loved your mother.
We were happy, for years.
Why did you take the case? I was given it.
What was I supposed to do? Tell them your mother and I were together? Yes! Yes! Exactly! OK, what if word got around? I did the best I could do protect them.
It's got nothing to do with protecting the memory of my parents! I'm going to go to them tomorrow.
Everyone's gonna know.
I did my job.
There's something you're not telling me, something more.
Why take the risk? Chris! It's It's all right.
It's This is Mark Nicholas.
His You remember his parents? Oh, yes.
I said he could come round if he had any questions, but um We've sorted everything out now.
Hello? This is my first time.
Up to you.
Mmmm! Ohh! Are you sure? No.
Ohh! What does this mean? I don't know.
Where are you going? Home.
Just a sec! You left it on the side.
Oh, I'm sorry! Mark? Gran, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? Why are you wearing that? Well, at least I'm wearing something.
I didn't think I heard you come home last night.
What, you're working here? Yes, because you didn't have anything.
I've got a job.
Not at the time.
I thought all hands on deck.
You're too old.
Too old to be messing around in hotel rooms? Well, possibly, Mark, but aren't we all? I'll come back in half an hour to clean.
You better get to work as well.
I went to a friend's.
I'm back now.
Jodie! Prrrr! You haven't been answering my texts.
What's going on? Look, did someone say something at the party? Or is this, you know, about Because, Jodie, I'm willing to do whatever you want.
It's just I'm taking my time.
It's not about that.
I'm good with all that.
We're not the same, it doesn't work, so we've moved on.
I'm 15.
That's what you're supposed to do.
Try stuff out.
Well, we had something.
Yeah, and I'll get over it.
What happened? You value my advice, don't you? Yeah.
Mark Nicholas turned up at Chris Franks's house last night.
Somehow he got the address.
Mrs Franks, Hannah, said she saw them arguing on the doorstep.
Eventually, Mark left.
Hannah went to bed, expecting Chris to follow, but when she woke up the car was gone, her husband disappeared.
Well, he just left? Well, what did Mark say to him? The Chief Inspector's just been on the phone.
He knew Mark was working here and he wants to know what's going on, and so do I.
We agreed.
I couldn't hide it.
Not hide it.
Destroy it.
It's not up to us.
He didn't need to know.
We make judgements on that sort of thing all the time.
It's what being in charge means.
Why would we want to keep it a secret? It's difficult for him but it's not our problem, is it? Is it? Anyway, I'm not in charge.
Next week I was gonna propose you as my successor.
There'd be a meeting, then the cabinet would vote.
Me? Mm.
You want it, don't you? All right, Mark? Oh, yeah.
Mark, we're going to let you go.
What? Obviously, maybe because of your mother's connection to this place, working here isn't good for you.
What do you mean? I've done everything I've been asked.
I've dealt with the letters, sorted out files.
I'm sorry.
I was in here earlier than anyone else yesterday.
Did you make the right decision coming back here to live? I didn't have much choice.
If it was me, after everything that had happened, I'd wanna get as far away as possible.
Thanks very much for the advice.
I'll take that on board.
And what about my job? It wasn't a job.
You were a temp.
I'm sorry it didn't work out.
Tsk, tsk.
You went to the Inspector's house last night.
What's that got to do with anything? You should have gone to the police.
I've had enough of them.
After you left - Questions I wanted to ask.
He drove off.
Disappeared, and now he's - What, he's gone? Not answering his phone.
His wife said you were arguing.
How do you know any of this? Len spoke to the Chief Inspector earlier.
Len had a conversation with him? They were talking to each other? Yes.
They know each other well.
Oh, I'm sure they do.
Small town.
Mediaeval the way things are done around here.
My work here has got nothing to do with my parents, or Franks.
Len doesn't trust you.
What's any of it got to do with him? Reputation.
And if Franks has disappeared, that means I'm right.
OK, sorry.
There's nothing I can do.
Of course there is, but you're the same as everyone else.
Business here is done in a pub.
It's handshakes, it's amateur.
Amateur! That's why I left in the first place.
I'm fighting this every day! Oh, come on! You like it.
Cos you know you can only be a big fish if you're in a very, very small pond! You need to go now.
"Hi, it's Alice.
I can't answer the phone so leave a message.
" That watch you wear, I've been trying to remember.
My son-in-law had one exactly the same.
Where did you get it? Gran? Mark? Mark? I'll lose my job.
Jodie, your brother's here.
You're released for the afternoon.
Mark! He's lost it.
Mark! Mark! Are you gonna do it now? Why not? OK.
I see what you mean now.
They shouldn't be together.
Mark Nicholas? Yeah.
We'd like you to come with us to answer a few questions.
Huh? We can talk at the station, please, sir.
What questions? Come this way, sir.
Mark, what have you done wrong? I don't know.
I'm sorry I messed you around this time but let's call it one-all.
Please? No.
Please? Stop getting into trouble, looking for fights, and "Oh, who killed Mum and Dad," cos it's annoying! Are you gonna start looking after us?! It's Gran.
She's had an accident.
We're at the hospital.
Get here now! Mark! Yeah? Ohh! Argh! In my office.
So what now? Now we know.