The Town (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

You saw the bottle of pills, they killed themselves.
-Doesn't make sense.
Next week, I was gonna propose you as my successor.
We're going to let you go.
I'm sorry but it didn't work out.
That watch you wear, my son-in-law had one exactly the same.
The necklace.
I found it in the back of the cupboard.
You kept it.
What does this mean? I don't know.
I should find someone who actually does some work! Do that, then.
Get someone else! It was going on three years, and no, your father didn't have a clue.
How do you know? She told me.
I'm not proud of how we did it, but I I loved your mother.
There's something you're not telling me.
Mark Nicholas went to Chris Franks's house last night.
Hannah went to bed expecting her husband to follow but when she woke up, he and the car were gone.
Mark? Mark, what have you done wrong? I dunno.
Maybe you should read my statement.
Might save time.
I've already answered the same question 17 ways.
We could go round again.
Why did you visit the inspector? And around we go.
Because I wanted to find out why he was lying to me.
Wife says you were shouting.
Yeah, I was angry.
He said I could trust him.
So, this was personal? I'm trying very hard not to be sarcastic.
Detective Inspector Franks was sleeping with my mother.
It was personal.
What do you think happened? With your parents.
It wasn't suicide.
Think somebody killed them? What about your sister Jodie? How's she coping with all this? Apart from the drink and the sex and the setting fire to stuff, remarkably well.
She's probably setting fire to something as we speak.
She's outside, she's been waiting for you all night.
Says she's been getting into trouble.
She's distracting herself.
It was her that found my mum and dad, and she's never spoken about it, and maybe she never will.
And your grandmother She's just accepted what's happened, moved on.
We would appreciate it if, in regards to the inspector, as with your parents, you leave it to us from now on.
All right? OK.
Cos you've done such a good job so far (!) What happened? Chris Franks has disappeared.
They think I've got something to do with it.
Why? I went to speak to him last night.
Who's that? Ashley.
Doesn't matter.
Y-You went to see him? What have you done? Did you hit him? No.
Cos the last couple of days you've looked mental.
Maybe you should - Oh, Jodie! Pam said she saw you at the square.
She said you looked like a zombie.
Where are you going? I need someone to talk to.
You could talk to me.
An adult! You can't do this.
Karl knows what happened.
What, you told him? No, I haven't told him, but course he knows! Look, it was erm Was what? A mistake.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I messed you around this time, but let's just call it one-all.
And leave it there.
That's what you want? Just makes things worse, you and me, that's all it does.
Listen, Alice No.
the police - No, no, no! Please, please! Surprised you came back here.
I need someone who understands what's happening.
I was in there all night.
Well, sounds like they're concentrating on finding him and they wanted your help.
They'll cover it up.
They say it will take months to investigate.
Well, it makes sense.
I mean with your parents, they're going to have to start all over again.
Isn't that what you want? I want them to investigate it properly this time.
You're a councillor.
You can put pressure on, find out what's going on.
Chris Franks made a mistake.
Now they're simply following proper procedure.
I mean, if you're not happy - Proper procedure? Go home.
Get some sleep.
Mark, nothing's "going on".
Mrs Franks - Wait, wait, wait, wait! I've got to explain something.
Why he's gone, it wasn't anything I did.
OK? You tracked him down.
Yeah, because I wanted to ask him some questions.
You were shouting.
Did he say anything to you about my parents? Did he - Jodie, what?! 'It's Gran.
She's had an accident.
We're at the hospital.
Get here now, Mark.
' Get here now.
OK, I'll be there.
Mark? Yeah? What happened to you? He's convinced that there's some huge thing going on, that we're all covering up a conspiracy.
Conspiracy? Mm.
Nice idea.
We couldn't organise one of those.
Don't have the time.
He needs to calm down, stop causing trouble.
He's tired.
I told him to go home.
Now, Foundation Day is Friday.
I've spoken to the chairman, and he thinks it's possible.
What's possible? Hm? I hand in my resignation, the cabinet vote, and then after bun throwing - Oh, I hate bun throwing.
Ah, you're getting better.
It's stupid.
It's been happening for centuries.
The children adore it, and we get to stand on the town Hall and throw bread.
It's not stupid, it's traditional.
I found her on the stairs.
She must have been carrying the hoover up.
And no-one helped her? Well, it's I know.
But it's part of the job.
We all thought she'd be all right.
Leave him alone.
She was just trying to do a good job, I think.
I might get a coffee.
Do you want - No.
We're good.
You go back to work.
Thank you, Daniel.
You'll be all right, Gran.
Yes, of course I will.
But it needn't have happened.
You shouldn't have been there.
It was too much.
Yes, I know.
That's what the doctor said.
He said it was overwork, that at my age I can't do what I used to, and I'll be all right as long as I take it easy from now on.
So, it seems you were all right.
Great bedside manner, Mark (!) Ermwho sent the flowers? Either of you? No.
What's the card say? Doesn't.
Oh, good (!) Another weird thing.
Where are you going? I dunno, school or something.
By the way, Mark, you missed your chance.
For what? "Happy birthday, Jodie.
" You all right Mark? What? What what? Jodie! Sorry I forgot.
Happy birthday, Jodie.
John Moore, Liz, Gareth, Erica, you've got their votes.
To get a majority, it's these lot you've got to worry about.
Peter Sandford, Akmed Nadir Ahmed.
Pat and Rachel.
Peter I'll talk to.
He's a tough old bastard, but he's made financial errors he won't want anyone knowing about.
Akmed - Ahmed.
That's right.
What's he after? He's talked about the tennis in the sports centre.
You could meet him there, have a game.
I can't play tennis.
What can you play? Clarinet.
Well Never mind.
And Rachel? I can't stand Rachel.
She's the same as you - career-driven, mid-30slonely.
I'm not lonely! I'm ambitious.
Yeah, but you're ambitious on your own, aren't you? You don't trust anyone, that's your trouble.
If you're serious about this, Shireen, you need to make friends.
Make some allies.
You need them.
People aren't so bad.
Rachel is.
Anyway, there's nothing like the Chain of Office to break the ice.
You tried it on yet? Oh, Len.
Right, come here, on your feet.
Turn round.
Other way.
That's it.
Now, go make some friends.
You all right? Yeah.
Ashley got me a present.
Ashley what? What? Ashley got you pregnant? A present.
Right, what? That's interestinteresting.
"16 forever".
Ok, yeah, don't say anything.
Didn't have a lot of time - No, no, no, I like it.
Shut up.
What happens next year? Can't believe you got me flowers.
Apparently, Mum bought flowers, same day every year.
Must've been for him.
Must've really liked him.
Standing there for a reason? I wanted you to notice.
I thought I'd look good.
Got new shoes.
New shoes.
Real man (!) Why don't you answer my calls? Busy.
I'm late.
You look really good, but I'm going - I wanted to give you a birthday present.
It was yesterday.
Yeah, I-I know, butyou didn't answer and I couldn't find you.
You're not getting your present until you talk to me properly.
What happened, Jodie? Found someone else.
He's better.
Yeah, I know.
I've seen him.
Been stalking me? Yeah.
I have.
And you've donereally well.
He's old, he's got tattoos, he doesn't talk much, he's good (!) Yeah.
Shut up.
Wait, come back! What? I like you.
I'm not messing about.
It's not as good without you.
Look, here.
Jodie! Oh, hey.
OK? Yeah.
Did Jodie like her flowers? Yeah.
Set fire to them? Not yet.
Well, that's something.
What can I do for you? She said Mum used to buy flowers here on the same day every year.
That's right, yeah.
June This time of year.
June thelike, 14th.
Well, that was the day that they died.
That evening.
Did she collect them this year? I think so, but it was Carly that always got the orders, so I can check, though, cos she's supposed to have made a record.
Erm Oh, ershe always says she's gonna do it.
She always erm She always talks about it but she's not very reliable, so erm Yeah.
Better off without her.
Actually, so Yeah.
"14th of June, Nicholas," collected them in the afternoon, "one bouquet of white lilies for graveside.
" Lilies.
Well? Ahmed's giving me a tennis lesson.
Left Rachel a message.
It's a start.
By the way, if you're thinking of doing a leaving party, don't.
Just a bottle of Scotch will do me fine.
This we know.
Lenwe're gonna miss you.
It's time to move on, Shireen.
Hello? Can we talk? Sorry about the mess.
Got a cleaner, she's supposed to come twice a week.
I think she must be on strike.
I haven't seen her in ages.
Take a seat (!) I didn't know about your son.
Right? What happened? What's this about? How'd he die? One night, he was riding his motorbike back from a pub near Pendle.
There was an accident.
He came off the road.
He was still alive when I got to the hospital.
I arrived just in time to speak to him but - What caused it? They found alcohol in his system, so the police were sure that he just lost control.
But he said to me .
before he died.
he said there was a car.
The car hit him.
What car? We never found out.
All he said was that a green car had hit him, stopped - for a moment and then driven off.
My parents always had a green car.
You never wondered who did it? Hit him.
You never tried to find out? Course I did.
I never thought about anything else for years.
I was desperate to find out! I tried everything.
My parents died on the anniversary of your son's death.
There has to be a connection.
Mark, I'm sorry.
Can you erm That's enough for now.
Yeah? Thank you for the flowers.
I went to the hotel to find you but They told me what had happened.
You all right? Yeah.
Doctor said I would be as fit as a 19-year-old if not for one thing.
What thing? I'm 75.
What about you? I got as far as a Travelodge near Leeds.
Tried to get drunk but they didn't have a bar.
So, I ended up eating crisps instead.
I'm gonna go home now.
And tell Hannah everything.
And then "Whack!" tell her about the investigation.
But you haven't done anything wrong, have you? I found this, beside Tony that morning.
I took it away for Kate.
Cos she wouldn't have wanted it all to come out.
Tony knew.
You didn't take it for her.
You were protecting yourself.
You know what it means happened that night? Explain it to them, Betty.
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
Chris? We don't have to do this here.
Let's go get a coffee and sort this out.
All right, then.
In my office.
So, Dad knew? Yeah.
The inspector took this from their room to protect himself.
To protect us all.
How long did Dad know? Oh Your dad didn't suspect anything.
I mean, if he had found out, he would've been Would've been what? Well, yes, Mark.
He would've been angry, exactly.
Wait, so what are you saying? Dad Dad found the photo, and that's why they - Not "they".
Mark "He".
He was depressed, crying all the time.
Yeah? I don't know, Jodie So? Dad found the photo.
He knew what it meant and he lost it.
He killed Mum and he killed himself.
But they loved each other.
Jodie We mixed their ashes.
The police said they finished it together.
No, that's what Chris Franks said but it's not true.
Sweetheart, this was found beside your dad.
So, he-he killed her? Sometimes people do things So, what now? Now we know.
Can you stop, then? Stop all your shit about getting into trouble and "Who killed Mum and Dad?" cos it's really annoying and everyone hates you.
So, can you just stop? Just be normal, please.
Dad killed Mum for having sex with someone makes sense, so stop, right?! All right.
What's that? Doesn't matter.
Mark? They're Mum's old diaries.
What you doing? It's not important.
You said you'd stop.
It still doesn't make sense, it doesn't make sense - No.
Jodie, just give it to me.
Jodie! No! Give it to me! No, this is messed up! We know what happened to them now! I'm trying to move on, do stuff.
Even Gran's out there working.
It's just you who's stuck.
Are you gonna start looking after us like you said you would? Shireen, congratulations.
Shame you couldn't get those last few, but they won't cause you any problems.
So, you're all packed, then? Absolutely.
Crete, here I come.
I bought some yellow swimming shorts this morning.
I can't wait to try them out.
Everyone was so surprised.
They thought, when the time came, that you'd cling on.
I just had to wait for the right person.
Shireen, you'll be magnificent.
Come on.
OK? I need to deliver the bouquets to the town hall but for some reason, the keys to the van aren't on the hook where they go.
Oh, yeah? What? The keys aren't kept on the hook.
What?! The keys are kept in the draw.
You know they are.
No, I So, why ARE you here, Lucy? You can't just walk away.
You need to give notice.
So, you want me back, then? No! No, I want you to act professionally and fulfil the terms of your contract.
My "contract"? Yes.
Oh, how sweet of you to come.
The hotel said they'd pay for a taxi.
How kind! No, they're worried you'll sue.
I tried my grandchildren, but neither of them answered.
You're the next best thing.
What do you mean? You know Tony, didn't you? My son-in-law.
You knew him well.
No, I didn't.
The taxi's waiting.
Oh, you're wearing his watch.
You often ask about them - him in particular.
Do you need a hand getting up? You miss him.
Look, are we going or not? Of course.
Do you need a hand? Well, let's just see how I go, shall we? A few years ago, I dropped out of school.
I'd been stealing stuff and smoking a bit of weed.
And my youth worker said that I needed a mentor.
And that was Tony.
We met up every week, we went fishing.
And I never had a dad.
And my mum wasn't around, so He looked after you.
He listened to me.
Gave me his old watch, helped me to find work.
But then one day, these lads came up to us.
Thought it was weird that we were hanging around together.
And they started attacking Tony.
And I should've helped him.
But I ran off.
And I never saw him again after that until I'd just started as an undertaker, and there he was.
And I couldn't say anything.
I wasn't family.
It doesn't make sense, though.
I mean, any of it.
Tony, he were calm.
Where we going? Park.
I wanna go to the bun throwing.
It's about to start.
Bun throwing? We used to go every year.
Dad would buy ice cream.
I think it's good.
I don't.
Come on.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
Mark? Mark! Karl told me what they did.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I-I had no idea.
I'm sorry.
He's with Sophie at the moment.
Mark, I need to know so that I can move on.
I need to know that I'm right about you.
Sorry, what? I mean, if I thought that you were ready and wanting commitment in a relationship right now, thenyou know, I could think about what we could do together, but you're not, are you? I dunno.
You're getting over your parents and everything that's going on, that's right, isn't it? Just tell me so that I don't have to think about it any more.
Think about me? I've got a daughter, I can't mess her around.
That's why I need to know for sure.
But I wanna know about you.
Are you ready? Do you wanna start something new? Mark? Come on, Mark! I'm sorry.
Mark I'm sorry.
I'll be back.
It's starting.
I wanna go back.
It's for kids, you're 16.
Let's go back to mine.
No-one's in.
We can have some fun.
What fun? I mean, we can do it like before, only better.
What's the problem? Just not now, yeah? I thought you were up for this.
I been driving you around, looking after you.
Thought I'd get something back.
It's not a deal.
It sort of is, though.
Forget it, then.
Jesus! Oi! Oi! Oi! You need to know that if you run with men Stop.
they're gonna want something.
Yeah? Stop it.
And don't pretend.
Cos I know you want it.
But if you start using it to get what you want - I wasn't.
Shut up.
If you start using it to get what you want, it's dangerous.
Leave me alone.
Cos we get frustrated.
You understand? All right? And we get angry.
Ashley, please I'm not stupid, you know? Please stop.
Oi! Get away from her now! You, you need to come over here Who is this? .
and talk to me.
You You dick! What?! Wait, leave him.
No, right Come here! I wasn't gonna fight you.
Me?! I'm a dick? Whoa, OK.
Run, Harry.
What's your problem? Prick! Mark, what do you want? Where you going? Home.
Heathrow, Crete.
Not that it's any of your business.
I don't know what your message meant and I don't want to.
Leave me alone! Where's Len? I don't know.
Last time he'll be doing this.
Perhaps it's all a bit much, eh? I know it was you.
You saw Mum put flowers on his grave.
So, you watched her leave.
She gets into her green car.
The next year, she's there again.
Maybe you ask her about it this time.
She makes something up.
But she looks guilty.
That's how you know for sure.
People who've done something like that .
they can't hide it.
You see her in the office.
It gets to you.
So, you start sending her notes.
Quietly terrorising her.
But it's not enough.
And this year, when she left the flowers .
you went in and killed them.
Well, according to you, I'd be justified.
Cos they hit my son with their car and they didn't stop.
You can tell me the truth.
There's no-one here.
He was 16.
And they left him in a ditch.
You come here from London and you sneer at us.
All of us.
You use my son to get at me.
And what I wanna know is why, Mark.
Are you hiding something? I can see it.
You want to tell me.
You want to tell me what you did.
How would I have done it? Maybe I'd have known about the key they keep under the mat.
I could've gone in late.
After they were asleep.
Gone up to your parents' room, held a shotgun to your mother's head and said I'd kill your sister and your grandmother unless they did what I wanted.
I could've made them drink, made them take pills.
I'd have brought a picture of your mother and Chris Franks that I'd got from her work, placed it by the bed and then I could've watched them.
Watch them? Watch 'em.
That would've made me feel good, after all this time.
After what they did to my son.
Just watch them as they quietly fall asleep and die.
Six years in the Paras! You stop! Len! He attacked me! No, he didn't.
We're supposed to be doing the speeches.
Right, let's do the speeches.
Are you just gonna leave him?! Call an ambulance.
They can pick him up! He killed them.
It was him.
Right, you don't trust me? You're in charge now, you decide what to do! Len, wait! Len, stop! If we could have your attention, please.
Ladies and gentlemen, hello.
It's so wonderful to see so many of you.
It's an honour to stand before you as mayor.
As you may have expected, I hoped Len would be here to hand over, but unfortunately, he's been taken ill.
We're sending our love and hope that erhe gets better.
One of Len's great strengths as mayor has been to know the history of Renton in such great detail Don't worry.
I got the message, Mark.
Where is he? Karl? Hm.
Liked the buns, got bored, went home.
I'm afraid I don't have the same historical knowledge of the town.
Not yet Yes.
but I do love this place What? .
and I'm getting to know a lot Yes, I'm ready to start something new.
Renton has Well, it's suffered in many ways recently.
We've had factories close and pubs shut down.
But it's time for us to pick ourselves up and move on.
I want to think about the future, what we want our town to be and what we can do to make Renton better - for all of us.
I'm really pleased to be your mayor, and I know that it's been difficult for everyone, but I'll listen, I'll work hard and I promise you'll be proud.
Thank you.