The Trial (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[woman] What is justice?
Try to imagine it as a mechanism
made of rules and procedures
that serve to discover
the truth about a crime.
Who committed it, how, when, and why.
We were not there.
Only traces remain, and often very few.
My job is to evaluate them,
bearing in mind only the facts
and leaving aside everything else,
so as not to be influenced by anything
other than the final objective
the truth.
The truth is that here, today,
between 10:30 and 10:45 a.m.,
a crime was committed.
When I arrived, I took a statement
from your teacher, Daniela,
who told me that the victim of this crime
is called Giorgia.
- Which one of you is Giorgia?
- I am.
Do you want to tell me what happened
to you during recess?
Someone lifted my pen, the green one.
The correct word is "stolen."
Do you know who the thief is?
Are you a cop?
No, I'm a prosecutor.
I work with the police.
- What does it mean?
- It means I oversee their work.
Did you understand?
I supervise the investigations. Hm?
For example, Giorgia, in your case,
I would send the police
to look for witnesses or clues
to help me figure out who stole your pen.
And the police could come back to me,
telling me that actually,
someone here could be the culprit.
What's your name?
- Matteo.
- Matteo what?
Well, Mr. Vinci.
Why are there traces
of green ink on your hand?
He has a green pen.
He's always lending it to me.
Are you his lawyer?
She framed you, Camilla.
[prosecutor] So, this is how it works.
The police will come here to search
your pencil case, your backpack
Maybe they'll find the goods, maybe not.
But in the meantime, you come with me,
along with your lawyer, to my office,
and I question you. I listen to you
I watch you.
Sometimes that's all it takes,
because it's not so much
about what you say,
it's how you say it.
The way you breathe,
move your eyes, move your hands
Matteo, I notice it if you tell me a lie.
Did you steal Giorgia's pen?
No. No, it wasn't me.
Yes, I stole Giorgia's pen.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, Giorgia.
[school bell rings]
[phone buzzes]
- [bleep]
- Yes?
Okay, I'm coming.
What do you want from me? ♪
Why don't you run from me? ♪
What are you wondering? ♪
What do you know? ♪
Why aren't you scared of me? ♪
Why do you care for me? ♪
When we all fall asleep ♪
Where do we go? ♪
Come here ♪
Say it, spit it out ♪
What is it exactly? ♪
The pain is the amount
Cleaning you out ♪
Am I satisfactory? ♪
I wanna, I wanna ♪
- I wanna
- What do you want from me?
Why don't you run from me? ♪
What are you wondering? ♪
What do you know? ♪
Why aren't you scared of me? ♪
Why do you care for me? ♪
When we all fall asleep ♪
Where do we go? ♪
[man talking on radio]
But, you know, that jogging, I
I never liked it.
They say it's bad for the back.
Do you think that's true? Eh?
But you do it often, right? I can tell.
I mean, you're you're in shape, right?
Andreoli, where was your previous job?
In the railway police.
How did you end up
in the prosecutor's office?
Uh Well, I ended up here because
- Okay, go on. I'll tell you, hmm?
- Hmm.
So we can just get it over with
I'm connected.
Oh. Hmm.
[radio chatter]
- [prosecutor] De Luca.
- We were waiting for you.
- The coroner?
- Over there.
Who found the body?
A poacher. [sighs]
[De Luca] How's the new guy?
Let's not go there.
- Were you jogging?
- Yes.
I read that it's bad for the back.
- [prosecutor] Good morning.
- [man] Good morning.
We're ready.
Okay, let's get her out of there.
She was in the water at least a day.
MARCH 5TH, 2018
- Hi.
- Hi.
I would've come earlier,
but I couldn't make it. Sorry.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
I left the keys on the shelf, okay?
So you're about to leave?
Mm. In about ten days, yes.
And have you already found a house?
Yes. Yes, they gave me an apartment
in Tribeca.
- Wow.
- Hmm.
[sighs, sniffs]
I've collected everything now.
My lawyer will call you on Monday.
I put you in second place.
Second place would have been fine for me,
but there was no second place.
- There was one, and it wasn't for me.
- You're right.
What is this?
Is this your way of apologizing?
It's my way of asking you
if it's too late.
[scoffs] For what?
- [presses button]
- [lift moves]
To go away with you.
So, is it too late?
- [presses button]
- [lift stops]
What the fuck are you saying?
[lift moves]
[lift stops]
Are you being sincere now, hm?
- Yes.
- [scoffs]
Let me go, please.
Let me go.
[breathing shakily]
[lift moves]
[lift stops]
You're a bitch.
- I hate lawyers.
- Don't tell me.
- [lift moves]
- [husband laughs]
[husband] Are you sure?
Do you really want to quit your job?
Don't you believe it?
I don't know. It doesn't sound like you.
- [sighs]
- Anyway, you didn't answer me.
- And you turn your back on me.
- [laughs]
- You piss me off! You make me
- [squeals]
[both laughing]
- [husband] I'm serious.
- Me too.
- [husband] Mm!
- [laughing]
[prosecutor] Angelica Petroni,
17 years old.
Parents identified her yesterday.
Maurizio and Paola, they own
an electronic cigarette shop in Cesole.
The mother got sick
and doesn't leave the house.
We should be hearing from them very soon.
[woman] So she died
on the night of the third?
[prosecutor] Probably.
The girl didn't go home the night before.
- Morning.
- [man] Hello.
- Morning.
- Thanks.
We're waiting for the autopsy.
[woman] Do we know where the girl was
on the night of the third?
No. We don't know anything yet.
- Here.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
But I would like someone else
to take care of it.
Um I'm taking a one-year
leave of absence.
Can you say that again?
[prosecutor chuckles]
You know I can reassign you
to another office?
I know.
Where am I going
to find someone like you?
I'm sorry to lose you.
- And not just because I need you.
- I'm sorry too.
All right.
I'll pass the investigation
to the first available substitute.
But then I'll find a way to get you back
after your maternity leave.
No, I'm not pregnant, it's
- I don't want a child.
- Come on, I've been there too.
Giovanni was asked to go to New York,
to the Whitney Museum,
to direct a project
on European modern art, and
- and I'm going with him.
- Not bad.
I just want some time for us, that's all.
What will you do in New York?
Oh, I don't know. [laughs]
I'll think of something.
Deciding to go has done you good.
You look different.
Thanks, Fabrizia.
- You go and talk to the parents.
- [sighs]
I know you have other things
on your mind, but I need your take on it.
All right.
- [man 1] There she is.
- [man 2] That her?
[man 1] Yes, it's her.
Madame Prosecutor.
Prosecutor Guerra,
are you in charge of this case?
- Sorry.
- Give us a statement?
Madame, please, a statement for the press.
[Andreoli] Sorry,
the prosecutor is not authorized
to release any kind of statement
right now, okay?
So we'll let you know
in due course, thanks.
In the beginning, it was a relief when
they told us that the victim had a tattoo.
So it was even worse, later.
You didn't know
that Angelica had a tattoo?
What time did she leave
on the third of March?
Around seven p.m., I think.
She was working at an event at Palazzo Te.
- What job did she do?
- Hostess.
I never liked it.
She should've been concentrating
on school.
But she was stubborn,
she wanted to earn her own money.
Do you know if she had any problems
at work or school? People she didn't like?
No, I don't know, no.
She didn't talk much.
Hey. When you were 17,
did you tell your parents everything?
- No, not everything.
- Yeah. Tell me about it.
I don't think I even know my son.
Mr. Petroni,
did Angelica have a boyfriend?
No. None.
Have you noticed any changes?
Did she seem strange to you recently?
What do you want?
Why don't you go find who killed her?
Can we take a look at her room?
Go ahead. I don't feel like it.
It's behind the kitchen.
Be quiet. My wife is sleeping.
[woman talking on TV]
Her closet is half girl
half woman.
Look. March 27th.
She was almost 18 years old.
Who listens to CDs anymore?
[Andreoli] Hm?
Hmm, the Solutions.
Do you know them?
No, it's written over there.
She'd already searched for them.
[song plays]
[Elena] I want these guys' records.
[Andreoli] Mm.
Condolences, ma'am.
Sorry if we woke you up.
We made a mistake.
We shouldn't have told her.
I wanted it so badly.
And she
looked like an angel,
when she was a baby.
That's why we called her "Angelica."
She took it out on us.
She said we were liars.
[sighs] She hardly spoke to us anymore.
She wanted to find her real parents.
Poor love
Where did you adopt her?
Here, in Mantua. Santa Caterina.
Yes, she came here.
A week ago.
[Elena] And you?
You know you shouldn't have done it,
don't you?
You are a woman of the law,
and we both know you are right.
But you should have been here.
You would have understood.
You'd have felt the need she had
and seen how important it was for her
to know who her parents were.
If you had looked her in the eyes
you would have understood
that pity also has its laws.
It was the father who gave her to us.
His name is the only one that we have,
the only one I could give to Angelica.
Stefano Lanzoni.
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
So? What do you think?
Could this parent thing be a lead?
She was abandoned by unknown persons.
I'm starting to like this job, you know?
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
- Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
- [tapping]
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing ♪
[man] I was about to call you.
How did you find out it was her?
The date of birth.
And then I went to the Institute.
Did she come to you?
Three days ago.
And what did she tell you?
She told me
"Hi, my name is Angelica,
and I'm your daughter."
[Stefano sighs]
And she told me that
it had taken her five days
to decide to come and meet me.
That she was in trouble,
but she didn't want to tell me why.
That she felt alone.
And then she asked me
why we had abandoned her.
I told her the truth.
She asked me a lot of questions.
I wonder who she takes after!
Did you tell her who I was?
She wanted to meet you.
She would have come to you.
What are they like?
The adoptive parents.
- They're normal people.
- Did they have anything to do with it?
No. No, they're devastated.
I don't think so.
[Stefano sighs]
You know, the night I left her there
there was a moment, before she went in
I almost did something.
I keep thinking about it. [sighs]
Perhaps she would still be alive.
There's nothing we can do now.
You can do something.
Find out who the animal that killed her is
and jail him for life.
No, I'd already asked to be replaced,
and now it's even more
- Why?
- What do you mean, "why"?
- I can't do it. It's illegal.
- Is that the problem?
It may not be important to you,
but it is to me.
I can't run the investigation.
You can't or you won't?
- Wait.
- I'm leaving in a few days, okay?
I shouldn't have come here.
You and I can no longer see or speak
to each other. All right?
[man] Death occurred
on the night of March 3rd,
between midnight and six a.m.
There was no water in the lungs.
The cause of death
is the injury to the eye.
It was inflicted by a thin, pointed object
that pierced the eyeball
and smashed the orbital wall,
reaching the brain.
A knife?
There's no cut.
Maybe an ice pick or a screwdriver.
While the hematomas, the broken nose,
and the split lip
suggest a fight before death.
- Is that all?
- No.
She was about six weeks pregnant.
It's impossible to trace the father.
Fetal DNA is only recognizable with
certainty from the tenth week onwards.
Send the medical report to my office.
I'll stay here for a moment.
[phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
[buzzing continues]
[buzzing continues]
- [breathing heavily] Yes?
- [Andreoli] Prosecutor, we have news.
I'll wait for you at the office.
[phone ringing]
Claudio Cavalleri,
former leader of the Solutions.
Nine phone calls with Angelica Petroni
between October and November.
Shows that they knew each other.
At 7:20 p.m. on March 3rd,
Cavalleri's and Petroni's cellphones
entered the same cell,
in the Viale Piave area.
- Maybe they met.
- She was a hostess at Palazzo Te, right?
Yes, at a charity party.
For now, I only know
that her scooter remained there,
and that she left at midnight
and never came back,
even though she was supposed
to stay there until two a.m.
De Luca has spoken to the hostess manager,
and they're interrogating the other girls.
But wait, look. Look at the phone records.
Cavalleri switches off his phone
at 9:57 p.m.
and switches it on again
the next morning at 6:06.
An eight-hour gap.
Do you know who Cavalleri is?
- A man who married the right woman.
- Linda Monaco.
Daughter of Gabriele Monaco.
Here, just yesterday he inaugurated a park
which everybody's enraptured with,
the mayor included.
Perhaps because
it was Monaco who had him elected?
Look, the adoptive parents know nothing.
Her classmates have been interrogated
by the police. They know nothing.
It will take at least two weeks
to track down all the party guests.
We don't have SMS transcripts,
because the phone company's
being slow in sending them.
We don't know where she died.
The murder weapon is probably in the water
along with Angelica's cellphone.
That same water washed any trace evidence
from her body and clothes.
The only thing we have is this.
She got a tattoo
of the logo of Cavalleri's band.
I'm not saying it was him,
but we have to question him.
You've convinced me. I will tell Caputo
to maintain the utmost discretion.
He's your replacement.
What's up?
I want to go ahead.
But don't you have to leave?
I'll close it before I go. I can do it.
Watch out, then. You know the kind
of lawyers the Monacos can afford.
Victory, defeat.
A defeat like today is a victory.
We were facing 18 years
in the first instance.
- Yes.
- And how many did we get?
- Twelve.
- Twelve.
And since, not according to us,
- because we do not have opinions
- Never.
But according to the evidence,
our client is as guilty as sin.
He should kiss the ground.
After kissing my hands.
Actually, you kiss them too.
Very good.
However, 12 years is a lot, counselor.
He was desperate, huh?
And what the fuck is that, a mood?
Do you care
about the clients' moods? No!
- No. No, no.
- No!
You do your best and move on.
Once a trial is over,
you move on to the next one.
As long as they pay you, what do you care?
What the fuck are these guys doing here?
Oh, well. Don't look, eh?
- [engine revs]
- [tires squeal]
Counselor, I don't know
if you can do that Counselor!
Fuck! Holy shit
You see? You talking bullshit
got me into an accident.
- There's statement forms in the glove box.
- You're crazy! You came the wrong way.
- Get out of this fucking car.
- She's talking to you. Go!
- Want me to handle it?
- [counselor] Yes. Go!
Stupid babies.
[phone rings]
- Hey, Claudio?
- Where are you?
- I'm coming.
- Hurry up.
Never could explain
Just what was happening to me ♪
Just one touch of you and I'm a flame ♪
Everyone's a winner, baby
That's the truth ♪
That's the truth ♪
Everyone's a winner, baby
That's no lie ♪
That's no lie ♪
You never fail to satisfy ♪
Satisfy ♪
Ladies, good morning.
How are you? Everything all right?
Fine. Everything okay?
Fine, everything's okay.
Thank you. See you later.
Happy birthday.
Thank you. Dad, do you remember Ruggero?
How are you?
I was just talking about you
with your partner.
Oh, Arrigoni.
- Ah
- Oh, you made it, huh?
You missed the cutting of the cake.
My love.
All right, I need to steal him
for a second. Come.
- Listen
- Excuse me.
- Where the fuck were you?
- Some of us work for a living.
[Claudio sighs]
What's wrong?
I'm in deep shit, Ruggero.
- You know the dead girl?
- Mm-hm.
- The one in the canal.
- I know.
Mm. I knew her.
I met her at an event,
we talked a few times
and now this prosecutor's called me in
for tomorrow.
Elena Guerra.
- Do you know her?
- I've heard of her. She's tough.
Shit! If Linda finds out, I'm fucked.
Worry about Linda later.
Let's think about something else.
- About what, Ruggero?
- About preparing you.
In my office.
Let's go. We'll think about it later.
She will ask if you knew her.
What will you say?
- How many times have you met her?
- Three, four times, I don't know.
Are there any witnesses to these meetings?
- No.
- So let's say twice.
The first time was at an event
she was working at.
She fell for me immediately.
Then we met again at some party.
We talked about my band.
- She knew who I was.
- And then?
Then I gave her a CD of my old band.
Did you autograph it for her?
- No, no, no.
- So don't mention it.
Did you fuck her?
- No.
- That's why you're paranoid.
- You fucked a minor.
- Fuck you.
Claudio, we've been friends for 20 years.
Forget what I'd tell you as a friend.
But you screwed up,
betraying Linda like this
- You're lecturing me?
- It's not a lecture. I'm your lawyer.
As long as you pay me.
Come on, I'm joking.
I saw the pictures.
She was a piece of ass.
Anyway, is there any evidence
they could have found?
Have you been to the hotel? Are there
emails, chats, photos, stuff like that?
No, no, I was careful.
Then there's no reason for her
to look at you.
[Elena] Look at me.
There was no sex involved.
Say that again.
- Prosecutor, he has already answered.
- Where were you the night of March 3rd?
At home, with my wife.
I came back from Milan,
where I had met some friends.
My phone turned off about ten p.m.
I went to sleep. I woke up at six.
I noticed the phone was off,
so I put it on to charge.
- It switched off.
- It switched off.
- Did you know that Angelica was pregnant?
- No.
Were you the father?
Fuck, no!
She will put you under pressure.
You can't understand how it is
until you're there.
You only have to do one thing.
I'll talk to a lot of people
in the next few days.
Everyone who knew Angelica. Her friends.
Who knows, maybe she kept a diary
Deny. Always deny.
If I find out you lied to me,
it will be even worse for you.
I will find out. How is up to you.
How many times? It wasn't me!
Angelica was afraid of someone else.
She told me
someone was following her in a car.
- Who?
- I don't know.
- But where? When?
- I don't know.
You don't know.
Well. If that's all, then
Let's go.
Prosecutor Guerra.
- Counselor Barone.
- Goodbye.
She will call Linda to get confirmation.
You were together
the night of the third, right?
Hey, listen to me!
You're my lawyer.
Do your job and don't bust my balls!
[Elena] Do you know why I called you in?
Yes. I talked to my husband.
[Elena] What exactly did he say to you?
That you are convinced
he was fucking that girl.
[Elena] Did he deny it to you too?
Yes, there has never been anything
between them.
And you believe it?
[Linda] You tell me.
You're the one investigating.
Maybe you know something I don't.
Claudio says he was with you
the night of March 3rd.
Can you confirm that?
As much as I hate him right now
I would never lie to cover for him.
- Andreoli, you can go, thanks.
- Yes.
And you can have a cigarette if you want.
Thank you.
No, thanks, I quit.
I feel more at ease here,
in the offices of a prosecutor
than in my own home.
Isn't it tragic?
Me too, with Giovanni.
A crisis arose and then passed.
But I don't think mine will pass.
You think so too, don't you?
That there was a relationship
between your husband and Angelica Petroni.
And what if I do?
He didn't kill her.
He would never be able to do such a thing.
The point now is not
what Claudio is capable of
- but what you are capable of.
- Sorry?
I know what I would do
if my husband committed a terrible crime.
I wouldn't lie to cover it.
What about you, Linda?
What are you willing to do for love?
Angelica Petroni was 17 years old.
It's all over.
The only thing we can do
is find out who killed her.
When we found her,
she was in a pitiful condition.
covered in wounds.
The body had been dragged
by the current for hours.
Tossed around like
like a branch.
And she had a hole
where her eye should've been.
A black hole.
Seventeen years old.
Claudio was not with me.
Thank you.
[Giovanni] They thought that the destiny
of humankind was written in the stars.
Can you believe it?
- [Elena] You know, I don't believe it.
- [Giovanni] Me neither.
But standing in front of these frescoes
I don't know, they're changing my mind.
You never brought me here before.
I was waiting for the right time.
- A special occasion.
- And today is it?
The Zodiac Room is my favorite place
here in Mantua.
I don't know. It's a nice way
to say goodbye to the city.
Tonight, they opened the museum
especially for us.
- A little abuse of authority, but
- [laughs]
To the future.
- Are you worried?
- No.
You organized this beautiful thing,
and I'm beat.
- How nice.
- Hey.
No, it's all right, really.
- Good.
- What's on the menu?
- Is Chinese food all right?
- [laughs]
Chinese is perfect.
- [Ruggero] Come on, pick up.
- This is the answering service.
[Arrigoni] Problems?
What do you think?
Linda dug his grave, I have to fix it,
and this asshole is not answering me.
Yeah, Claudio Monaco.
That's one of those marriages in which
the husband takes his wife's surname.
Well, this is good.
- Now excuse me, but I have to go see him.
- You'd better see this first.
Your friend and Petroni
were involved with escorts.
Someone found out.
The customer you called
is not available at the moment.
[revs engine]
[sirens approaching]
[Ruggero] He left this.
[Linda gasps, whimpers]
[radio chatter]
Did you get the news out?
You learned about the escort ring
and implicated the suspect.
- Is that how you work?
- Hey!
- Calm down.
- How dare you?
Claudio wrote down where he was
the night of the third.
With an entrepreneur, Michele Galli,
and five girls.
He only lied so he wouldn't
be implicated in another crime.
Go in, go!
We now have confirmation
of Claudio Cavalleri's alibi.
He left a written confession
before committing suicide.
Among the escorts' clients are members
of Mantuan high society.
The city is shaken by scandal.
[phone buzzing]
- [reporter 1] How come in the picture
- [reporter 2] Mrs. Monaco!
Yes, Fabrizia?
Yes, Caputo passed me
the escorts' records.
Maybe there's something
useful I can find in here.
I know, but I won't stop.
All right, bye.
[reporter 3] Angelica Petroni, 17,
a life lost too soon.
A mystery to be solved,
against the background of a sordid story
of child prostitution.
You won't stop?
Good to know.
- You never asked to be replaced, did you?
- No. I asked for it.
You're good with other people's lies,
but telling them
The flight
is in three days at 11:10 p.m.
I'm going to a hotel.
[door slams]
[Elena] Michela, I read the statement
you gave to my colleague.
You reported something
Angelica told you in February.
Do you want to repeat it to me?
It's no big deal. We were having dinner
in the city center and
Angelica started telling me
that the night before,
there was someone spying on her,
who followed her home in a car.
I told her she was paranoid.
It must have been a client
who got obsessed with her.
It happens, you know? It's no big deal.
And do you remember when this dinner was?
Yes. It was on Valentine's Day,
and we went out alone.
[Elena] This video is from February 13th.
Cavalleri told me that a man
was following Angelica Petroni.
I thought he was lying, but [sighs]
I was wrong.
We reconstructed the route
from the city center of Mantua
to Angelica Petroni's house,
and watched the videos
from all the surveillance cameras
placed along the route.
Angelica's scooter
and your car.
Scroll, go ahead.
That is the camera of a bank in Cesole.
300 meters from the Petronis' house.
Here's Angelica again, and then the car.
On the evening of the murder,
I was in Turin with one of my employees.
We left in the afternoon
and got back the next day.
You can check.
Who hired you to follow Angelica Petroni?
- Silence?
- Are you mocking him?
No. Let's do a search.
Of your client's offices.
Which I imagine
will be full of confidential information.
As a private investigator,
you work for important companies,
so I think they could get very angry.
That information is protected
- by professional confidentiality.
- Yours, not mine.
I'm dealing with a murder here.
Should I comb through your accounts,
or will you make our lives easier?
You're afraid.
Your client scares you
more than I do.
Who paid you to follow Angelica Petroni?
Mrs. Monaco, we meet again.
No offense, but it's not a pleasure.
Of course, I have no problem talking,
but in the presence of my lawyer.
I can wait.
You are making a mistake.
[Elena] She hired the investigator
at the beginning of January,
so she had known for two months that her
husband was cheating on her with Angelica.
Do you think it was her?
She certainly had a motive.
- Counselor.
- Good evening.
You father called me.
Are you okay with me assisting you?
Get me out of here. [sighs]
Remember that
you also have the right to remain silent.
I'm innocent.
[phone alert]
[Andreoli sighs]
Are we going in?
I'm coming.
All right. Shall we begin?
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