The Trial (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[Elena] You were running away to Brazil.
I wasn't running away.
Mrs. Monaco founded an initiative
to help orphaned children in Brazil.
It's called "Nova Vida."
You leave
the day after your husband's funeral?
Yes. I needed to leave.
To feel useful.
You cannot smoke here.
And you cannot lie.
- I didn't lie.
- No? And the things you told me last time?
[Ruggero] Ms. Guerra, it's late.
I would like to understand
why you kept my client here in this way,
so if you don't mind,
please try to get to the point.
Where were you, and what did you do
the night Angelica Petroni was killed?
What do you want from me? ♪
Why don't you run from me? ♪
What are you wondering? ♪
What do you know? ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪
Why aren't you scared of me? ♪
Why do you care for me? ♪
When we all fall asleep ♪
Where do we go? ♪
[buzzer sounds]
[alarm bleeping]
- Good morning, Nicola.
- Good morning.
Thank you.
[buzzer sounds]
[buzzer sounds]
[keys jingling]
- Hi.
- [door closes]
- How's it going?
- It's going.
Wear these tomorrow.
The size should be right.
It disgusts me.
It looks like it belongs to my maid.
I wanted my lucky ones.
They seized them when were sent here.
You'll get them when you leave.
Linda, this is not good.
We start tomorrow.
You can't go to the hearing
with that face.
You must appear calm, serene
ready to face judgment.
Great, thanks.
- [sighs]
- But how can I stay calm
when, in nine months, you failed
to get me put under house arrest?
I've tried, but it's difficult.
In murder trials,
they almost never grant it.
I read the newspapers.
I see the TV programs, the reenactments.
They have already decided.
I am the monster, this is the truth.
No, Linda, the truth does not exist.
It is a fake thing
that is built in the courtroom,
and it can get you out of here
or make you stay.
I even brought you a surprise.
You must be ready.
Up till today, we've been rehearsing.
Now it's showtime.
[buzzer sounds]
- Am I disturbing you?
- What are you doing here?
I came to wish you good luck.
Did she kill her?
Without any doubt?
I always had them when I was a prosecutor.
On the eve of each trial,
I said goodnight to your mother,
then I locked myself in the study
and reviewed the whole case file.
The list of witnesses.
Each of them is like the chapter
of a book, our story for the judges.
And to convince them that it's true
You must arrange the chapters
in the right order.
Praying to God
that no one changes their version.
And that when it's the defense's turn,
they don't come up
with a better story than yours.
I used to stay up the whole night.
The trial is circumstantial,
but the charge is solid.
I have good witnesses, material evidence.
I have the motive.
I'm happy to see you confident.
This trial is essential for you.
They all are, you taught me that.
Oh, no, this one must be
more important than the others
if you threw away a marriage to keep it.
Is there no way to set things right?
No. Giovanni is gone.
- When did you last hear from him?
- No, Dad, please.
I'll walk you out.
Ah, that's still here, though.
"Do you know the land
where the oranges bloom?"
Which, however, were lemons?
[door closes]
Look, I will support the truth
and innocence of my client,
contrary to everything that has already
been written and said by journalists
as if a sentence had already been given.
Counselor Barone,
one last question, please.
So you are deeply convinced
of Linda Monaco's innocence?
Absolutely, yes.
Does the prosecution
have conclusive evidence?
According to the documents
that have been presented,
there is nothing to worry about,
so we will deal with the case with
[Stefano, echoing] You can do something
[pathologist] She died during the night
of March 3rd
[Paola] She looked like an angel
as a baby.
[nun] pity also has its laws.
[Stefano] She wanted to meet you.
She would have come to you.
[reverential music plays]
[nun] You would need to have seen her
to understand,
to feel how important it was to her
to know who her parents were.
If you had looked her in the eyes
you would have understood
that pity also has its laws.
[Stefano] You can do something.
Find out who the animal that killed her is
and jail him for life.
- [bell rings]
- [man] All rise.
The criminal court is in session.
Judge Umberto Ventura presiding.
[Ventura] Good morning, everyone.
We must just convince them
you didn't do it.
[Ventura] Prosecutor Guerra,
Counselors Arrigoni and Barone.
You know I don't let things drag on.
I like things
that go straight to the point,
and so I hope
you will follow me on this path.
Thus spoke the monarch.
- [Ventura] Okay
- Ventura hates divas, remember that.
have been filed
within the designated time frame.
Prosecutor's office and defense team,
you know everything.
We know nothing, so explain to us
a little about what happened.
Prosecutor Guerra, proceed
with your introductory report.
Thank you, Judge.
A young victim.
A beautiful young girl
and a defendant with an important surname.
Elements that have aroused
great, even morbid, curiosity.
There has been much talk
around this trial.
But actually, we don't need so many words.
This is a crime motivated
by hatred and revenge.
Terrible feelings, but not so blinding
as to prevent the accused
from acting with premeditation.
The prosecutor's office will demonstrate
how Linda Monaco
coldly decided to kill Angelica Petroni,
aware that
she was also taking another life,
that of the child
that Angelica was carrying.
Angelica had a big heart.
A heart that was still naive,
which led her to get caught up
in a dirty game,
one from which, however,
she desperately wanted to free herself
before Linda Monaco
prevented her, in the most terrible way,
from coming out of the darkness
and returning to the light.
She butchered her.
[clears throat]
Without hesitating
and without showing
a shred of remorse after.
Thank you, I'm done.
Counselor Barone, it's your turn.
Judge [sighs]
I'll follow your advice
and go straight to the point.
Angelica Petroni died
the night of March 3rd this year.
The end.
The end. There's nothing else.
The end of a life
but also the end of certainties.
Because this death is
the only certain fact here. The only one.
For the rest, we have only
one abysmal series of shortcomings.
Although the prosecution
has dredged the canals far and wide,
there is no murder weapon.
And the location and time of death
are just theories by Prosecutor Guerra,
who, after having already committed
a tragic mistake,
blaming an innocent
who then took his own life,
instead of moderating
her executioner's fury,
has arbitrarily decided
to have found another culprit,
investigating only in one way,
blinkered by prejudice,
and neglecting the fact that the victim
had a life full of secrets,
and that it could be someone else
who killed her,
and not Linda Monaco,
who declares herself innocent
with sincerity and strength.
I will fight to guarantee the acquittal
she deserves
and to return the castle of accusations
to its original form
a pile of sand.
[Elena] Inspector Savini,
you are the forensic technician
who analyzed these photos.
Why don't you explain to the court
what these images are?
[man] Yes. The victim, Angelica Petroni,
was working as a hostess
at a party at Palazzo Te,
on the evening of March 3rd.
The flying squad identified
the 171 guests present at the party.
And from their mobile phones,
and from the camera belonging
to the official photographer at the event,
678 photos were taken
What is the first relevant data
that emerges?
The presence of both the victim
and the defendant at the site.
Here we see Angelica Petroni together
with a fellow hostess, Silvia Orrico.
Linda Monaco was in the company
of two friends,
Anna Manfredi and Lavinia Belei.
The time stamp is almost the same,
with a difference of 33 seconds.
It's 11:53 p.m.
These two photos, instead,
were taken a minute later
by two other cell phones,
and the diagram shows the position
of the victim and the defendant.
The vectors represent
the direction of their gazes,
reconstructed from an analysis
of their faces.
[echoing footsteps]
["Canon in D" by Pachelbel playing]
[Elena] Look.
That exchange of looks
is the beginning of the end.
Judge, she cannot comment
on the evidence brought by the witness.
He's right.
Angelica Petroni left,
as if she could not maintain eye contact
with her lover's wife.
That's speculation.
Go ahead, madame prosecutor.
Inspector, did Angelica have
any personal effects with her?
Her colleagues talk about a backpack
she always wore during these evenings.
- And has this backpack been found?
- No, nowhere.
Is it therefore plausible to think
that Angelica left the building
planning not to come back?
And that whoever killed her
made her backpack disappear
with her personal effects inside,
her cell phone, her wallet?
[Savini] Yes, more than plausible.
After 18 seconds at the latest,
we see that the defendant left the sofa
she was sitting on,
and 11 minutes later,
Mrs. Monaco had returned to her friends.
11:54 p.m., five past midnight.
Eleven minutes.
More than enough time to carry out
a murder in the garden of Palazzo Te.
In these photos, you can see one
of the two tanks, or fish pools,
in the garden of Palazzo Te,
an area that was closed to the public
on that day
and intended only for staff and catering.
Tanks whose waters flow out
through those ducts you see here,
flow under the whole of Mantua
and end up in the Mincio.
Inspector, did the forensic team
find traces of the victim
outside the building?
A strip of her dress entangled
in the blades of the purifier there.
We can therefore say
that it is very likely
that Angelica was thrown
into the water there,
in one of the two tanks of Palazzo Te.
[Savini] Yes, and another clue
to the fact that the victim
never left the confines of the park,
after she left the party, is her scooter,
which remained parked there.
Thank you, inspector. I'm done.
You can proceed
with the cross-examination, counselor.
Good show, eh.
Very effective.
"The exchange of looks,"
"the beginning of the end."
[Ventura] Are you questioning
the prosecutor?
Aren't you afraid that
Inspector Savini will feel neglected?
[Ruggero] No, for heaven's sake.
Here I am.
Can you tell me how accurately
it was possible to determine
- the direction of the looks?
- With an accuracy of 94%.
So maybe the defendant and the victim
looked at each other. It's not sure.
It is at 94%.
But it's not sure.
["Canon in D" playing]
With numerous guests standing in the way,
like a barrier, let's say.
[Savini] From the photos shown,
it is not possible to deduce that.
[Ruggero] Or the opposite, either.
We do not know if,
indeed, the view was clear.
However, let's assume
that there had been that look.
One knew that this was her lover's wife.
The other knew
that this was her husband's lover.
It would have been strange not to look
at each other. What do you think?
The inspector cannot testify about
the intentions of victim and defendant.
Of course he can't, but you can?
Are there any images showing
Linda Monaco going out?
- No.
- No, they don't exist.
I will be good and I will not contest
Ms. Guerra's deductions
about Angelica Petroni being killed
outside the palace
and thrown into one of the tanks,
as she says.
But as for the rest,
"11 minutes," Ms. Guerra says.
The murder was committed
in those 11 minutes.
But why?
I do not understand the question.
The autopsy talks about a death
that occurred during a six-hour period.
Angelica Petroni may have been killed
at one minute past midnight
at half past midnight, or at one,
or at any time you want,
before six in the morning.
Yes, as already explained,
it is unlikely that the victim
left the confines of the park
after leaving the party.
All right. But who killed her?
Who got to Angelica Petroni
outside the party?
This is the question.
And unfortunately,
I don't know the answer,
but the prosecution
only pretends to know it.
And if I also pretended to agree
with those 11 minutes
as the time of the murder,
the problem remains.
Because those famous 11 minutes represent
the failure I mentioned earlier.
Eleven minutes of black hole.
Of complete ignorance of the events.
Of emptiness.
And there is not one single piece
of evidence to fill it.
I've finished.
[Elena] Mr. Colombo, you live
in Viale Isonzo, near Palazzo Te, right?
At number 44. Second floor.
When you were questioned last April 2nd,
you stated that you heard something
on the evening of March 3rd.
Do you want to tell us what?
- [Linda] Come here, bitch.
- [Angelica] What the fuck do you want?
[Colombo] Then I crossed the street
and went home.
- Come on, let's go.
- [Elena] Do you remember what time it was?
[Colombo] I always get back from my walk
at midnight.
- I'm a man of habit.
- Let's go back to the voices.
Could you describe them better?
If they were of old or young women?
She's suggesting the answer.
- I'm trying to make myself understood.
- By suggesting the answer.
Mr. Colombo, answer.
One was young, and the other was older.
- Wonderful. An ear witness.
- Stop interrupting, Counselor Barone.
One was younger, the other more adult.
- I'll tear him apart.
- [Elena] Done.
Counselor Barone, it's your turn.
[clears throat]
Mr. Colombo,
excuse me for asking, but how old are you?
I turn 84 in January.
- What?
- No, no, nothing.
I thought we had one thing in common.
And, excuse me, with all due respect,
do you have any health problems?
Well, when it rains, a little arthritis.
And don't you see the glasses I wear?
- [Linda] Come here, bitch.
- [Angelica] What do you want?
[Linda] What do you want?
[Ruggero] When you heard the quarrel,
did you also see the two women?
- [Colombo] No.
- [Ruggero] Perhaps because it was dark
and your sight is no longer
what it was?
Or maybe because the two women
were not the victim and the defendant,
but who knows who?
Other than that
how is your hearing, is it good?
- I'm like a hunting dog.
- Ah!
So much so as to be able to distinguish
two voices from 100 meters away
and attribute ages
to two invisible women
and retain the memory for a month,
when the police finally identified you
as a witness?
"I'll tear him apart."
You told your colleague before.
I hear you, you know.
Is that true, counselor?
Should we ask Counselor Arrigoni
to confirm?
Counselor, give your colleague a helping
hand out of the impasse.
Does Mr. Colombo really
have hearing like a hunting dog?
He said that sentence.
- [murmuring]
- Word for word?
- Yes.
- Congratulations.
Maybe we filled it a little,
that emptiness.
The hearing resumes at 2:30 p.m.
in the afternoon.
Lunch break.
What? Was I supposed to lie?
[Elena] Silvia, what was your relationship
with Angelica?
[Silvia] I was her best friend,
and only friend, I think.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
Let's go.
[Elena] And did she tell you about having
a relationship with Claudio Cavalleri?
- Yes, and when Angelica saw Linda
- Mm.
No, wait, I'll ask you that.
When Angelica Petroni saw Linda Monaco,
what happened?
I saw that Angelica was worried.
She left her post and went to the back,
- which is closed to the public, here.
- Mm-hm.
Last question. Silvia
"What did you do then?"
At first I called her,
but she didn't answer.
Then, after a while,
I went looking for her.
But I couldn't find her,
so I went right here and
- and I looked out through the colonnade
- Listen
If we could maybe avoid
sticking the fork in the
No, I mean, you know. I spent a month
- building this 1:125 scale jewel
- Why don't you go for a smoke, Andreoli?
- Yes.
- Mm.
But let's avoid using it
as a canteen table, that's all.
I also brought you some pastries.
Thank you.
We are done. Good job.
When is it my turn?
- In January. At the next hearing.
- Mm.
- What are you doing for the holidays?
- Going to my parents'.
- All right, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- How cute. The documents you asked for.
- Thank you.
You're fond of her.
I know you went to visit her sometimes.
Well, she's alone here.
I remember very well what it's like
when you study far from home.
- Well, it's fun.
- Without reference points.
- Furlan wants to see you. With De Luca.
- Okay, thanks.
[Furlan] How do we deal
with Massimo Lorenzi?
[Elena] He's the witness we missed.
Linda Monaco called her father
at two minutes past midnight
on the night of the murder.
Immediately afterwards,
Gabriele Monaco called Massimo Lorenzi,
his head of security,
who has a criminal record
for extortion and assault.
Your theory is that he sent him there
to check, right?
See if Linda had left any traces?
It makes sense, doesn't it?
If we find Lorenzi, we close the circle.
He might know all about the murder.
And there is also that shortfall
in the accounts
of Monaco's holding company.
[Furlan] Sure, okay,
but he reported it regularly.
But it is the perfect cover to pay
for such a delicate service.
The withdrawal was made on March 4th,
the day after the crime.
Well, then it's too bad
you haven't found Lorenzi yet.
Another fact to support the theory.
He disappeared on March 4th.
He's probably abroad.
We need to be more patient.
You know what I think
of investigations during trials.
This one is too expensive.
Both to us and to you police.
We started wire-tapping the ex-wife,
his son and his friends 36 weeks ago.
- Let's make it 40. Round figure.
- Ugh.
- Another month.
- Don't even think about it.
Two weeks. Not a day more.
Tell her about the 327, lift her spirits,
What are you talking about?
Picture 327,
for the testimony of Silvia Orrico.
And now let's dismantle Linda's alibi
with her friends,
Anna Manfredi and Lavinia Belei.
Yes, Linda got up from the couch,
but only to go and get a drink
at the bar nearby.
I never lost sight of her.
Mrs. Manfredi,
did you never lose sight of her either?
Let's go back to March 15th,
when I questioned you
at the police station.
You stayed in the waiting room
for a while, remember?
[Lavinia sighs]
How long is she making us wait?
[Anna] I can't take it anymore.
[Lavinia] Keep calm.
We just have to say
that Linda never went out. Got it?
And what would this prove?
Ladies, your testimony
- has been agreed upon, hasn't it?
- No!
Judge, I only see two women
who are not accustomed to being witnesses,
who are preparing to tell the truth
and whom she made nervous,
leaving them there for hours.
- Counselor
- No, I'm sorry.
It's her vision. It's obvious.
To me, they simply seem like two friends
who support each other
in a difficult situation.
You lied to help your friend
who had just been arrested.
Because without your lie,
her alibi vanishes.
Who knows? Maybe someone
had already informed you
of how important this testimony was.
Come on, this is a bogus claim!
- Judge, there is nothing there
- Counselor, spare us your stonewalling.
Mrs. Manfredi, you lied in March,
and you're still lying!
Your Honor, I can't allow it!
Mrs. Manfredi
- you have two children, right?
- Yes.
- But what does that have to do with it?
- Counselor.
- Ruggero. Enough.
- Enough, nothing.
- [Elena] How old are they?
- Stella is two, and Paolo is six.
An unlucky coincidence.
The penalty for perjury
ranges from two to six years.
But what would you tell your children?
I didn't see you go to the bar.
- You disappeared.
- [Lavinia] What are you saying?
I can't keep lying for her.
Your Honor, it is clear
that the witness is under pressure.
Go ahead, Mrs. Manfredi.
Linda got up
- and came back ten minutes later.
- [whispers]
- You got the drinks for all three of us.
- But it's not true!
How did Mrs. Monaco seem
when she came back to you?
She was
She looked upset.
- What a fake You're a liar!
- Linda, keep calm, sit down.
- Why are you lying? What have I done?
- Silence! Mrs. Monaco, calm down.
- Prosecutor, have you finished your exam?
- Yes.
Counselor Barone, I'm postponing
the cross-examination of the witnesses.
No, but why, Judge?
I understand you don't want the counselor
to prepare for it,
but we don't have the calmness
we need to proceed.
The hearing is adjourned.
The hearing will resume next year,
on January 8th at 9:30 a.m.
Happy holidays to you all.
[Arrigoni] We got hurt.
The outcome of the hearing was disastrous.
Thank you, Ottavio.
This enthusiasm of yours
was just what I needed.
Tell me some good news.
Do we have anything on Anna Manfredi?
Something I can use
for the cross-examination that,
thanks to the God I don't believe in,
has been postponed?
[sighs] She ran a small fashion boutique
with her husband.
But six months ago, they closed
because it wasn't going well.
Model wife and mother.
You said they would both hold up.
- So now it's my fault?
- It's not mine.
- Counselor?
- Don't interrupt. We're arguing.
Guys, give me something,
I'm on the front line.
It's you who wanted it.
- Ruggero
- [man] I see that harmony reigns here.
Just you.
In your office.
Mara, would you assess
the situation, please?
[Mara] So, at the trial,
you started like those cars
that crash at the first corner
in the Grand Prix.
Don't look at me like that.
In the introductory report,
you chose to attack the prosecutor
who then won on every level.
- And you are?
- [Mara] You antagonized Ventura,
and we know very well how much
the power of the Chief Judge counts.
And then, to make matters worse,
Linda's alibi, already very, very fragile,
has totally collapsed.
Now, to answer your question,
my name is Mara Raimondi.
I'm a lawyer too,
and I manage the legal department
of Dr. Monaco's holding company.
I'm listening.
- I'm trying to demolish the accusation.
- Then play in defense.
Look, I know that the best way
to prove that Linda is innocent
would be to prove
that the killer is someone else.
In fact, I've been working for months
with my investigator, Vittorio De Grandis.
We've examined the clients of the escorts,
all of whom have bargained,
and don't want to talk to us.
And unfortunately,
so far we have found no basis
to think that someone else is guilty.
But I still think this is the right way.
Meanwhile, as long as we can't build,
we must destroy.
I give work to many people.
We are benefactors, Linda and I.
They should love us in this city.
But since that girl died,
I felt the air around us change.
It stinks of envy.
People couldn't wait to see us go down.
And now I hear nothing
but excuses from you.
- I'm doing my best.
- Your best?
No It's not enough.
Do you know why I chose you?
When there are many others who are older,
more experienced?
Because this trial is your chance
of a lifetime.
But you're already blowing it.
I will recover.
I hope so.
Because from now on,
Mara will be next to you.
[Ruggero scoffs]
I don't need a caregiver.
You need to start winning.
Otherwise, in your place,
I'll put someone else that will.
Dashin' through the snow ♪
In a one-horse open sleigh ♪
Through the fields we go ♪
Laughin' all the way ♪
[Elena] Did you know that your daughter
was working as a prostitute?
Angelica would never have done
those things.
She was a good girl.
Sleighing song tonight ♪
Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪
Jingle all the way ♪
[Silvia] Once, I invited Angelica to sleep
at my house, and she forgot her pajamas.
- She was like this.
- [Elena] "Like this," how?
She was smart, she understood
everything before others.
but then maybe
she'd forget the simplest things.
Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪
- In a one-horse ♪
- [Elena] What are you thinking?
About what she used to say to me.
That she had this emptiness inside.
Some days she wouldn't feel it, but
but actually, it was always there.
- In a one-horse open sleigh
- Jingle bell, jingle bell ♪
And to walk away again ♪
Jingle bell, jingle bell ♪
Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪
Jingle bell, jingle bell ♪
And to walk away again ♪
Dashin' through the ♪
Neigh ♪
Neigh ♪
Jingle bell ♪
Jingle bell, jingle bell ♪
Jingle all the way ♪
[buzzer sounds]
[door opens]
- [Linda] Where have you been?
- Working for you.
Don't you have something to tell me?
- Me?
- Mm-hm.
- Never lose your temper again in court.
- What was I supposed to do? Keep quiet?
Yes, you had to keep quiet.
We already knew that that video
could lead to an equivocal interpretation.
And I could only argue
about the nervousness.
But, Linda, you've got to listen
to me more.
How was it?
"I'll tear him apart." Yes.
We're even. They've beaten us.
- I need you to help me.
- How?
I told you everything.
It was the prosecutor that led Anna
where she wanted.
So she lied?
Of course.
Don't you believe me?
All right.
If she lied, she must have had a reason.
Tell me about her.
[Ruggero] Mrs. Manfredi
I chose to conduct
the cross-examination only with you,
since only you contradicted the statements
made during the investigation.
Can I ask you why
you changed your version?
Linda is a good friend,
and I wanted to help her.
But a girl died.
I didn't want to lie anymore.
[Ruggerp] It's never too late
for the truth,
- but it's better to say it right away, no?
- Yes.
And for this I apologize to you all.
Let's hope that this time
you will be sincere from the start.
Did you ask Linda Monaco for a large loan?
- Yes.
- In February, right?
- Yes.
- And?
And Linda told me
she had to think about it.
Then she was arrested and after you
released the testimony with Ms. Guerra,
- you went to visit her in prison.
- Yes.
And you asked her for money again.
Answer, Mrs. Manfredi.
Yes, but
"Yes, but" what?
Linda obviously told you
that it was no longer possible.
- Yes.
- And you,
after this failure to get a loan,
have filed for bankruptcy.
Is that so?
I have a copy of the document here.
Well yes. I declared bankruptcy.
And you didn't take it well at all.
- I was disappointed.
- "Disappointed."
You left the meeting
without even saying goodbye, did you?
- I don't remember.
- You don't remember.
Let me tell you about me for a moment.
I am not from here.
I was born in Via Chiaia, Naples,
but I've lived here for a long time.
I know the city.
In fact, I had the illusion of knowing it.
Counselor, I don't want to belittle
your biography and your thoughts,
but what's your point?
The fact that the environment
around Linda Monaco is hostile.
Full of envy, of hypocrisy. The hypocrisy
that has driven you too, madam.
You didn't worry
about your friend in prison,
but about your company
at risk of bankruptcy.
Linda believed you were one
of her best friends, do you realize that?
No wonder she lost control last time.
She was so convinced of your friendship
that she didn't even think of telling me,
her defender, of this event,
of the loan she refused.
For the person she is
Linda Monaco had not even imagined
that this would affect your behavior.
But I told the truth.
- Linda left the party
- But what truth are you talking about?
First you say one thing, then another
The only truth here is that you had
good reason to recant your testimony.
I'm done.
The hearing is adjourned to January 11th.
[alarm chirps]
I guess you didn't understand
how this works.
You can't cut me out
of your strategy, okay?
Whatever you decide to do
in the courtroom, you tell me first.
Really? I was expecting applause.
A witness destroyed by Guerra,
re-destroyed by me,
- and no praise whatsoever?
- You must inform me about everything!
[car door closes]
[revs engine]
[De Luca] I'm sorry
to have bothered you so late,
but Lorenzi called his son.
Play it.
- Hello?
- [Lorenzi] Marco? It's me.
[Marco] Where the fuck are you?
[Lorenzi] I can't tell you,
and I can't stay long on the phone.
I just wanted to say happy New Year.
[Marco] Happy New Year? You are a bastard.
Do you realize what you did?
- [Lorenzi] Please
- [Marco] You say you're clean,
you beg to start seeing me again,
then you disappear for nine months.
You know what? Fuck off.
[dial tone beeps]
- Where did he call him from?
- From a hotel in Cape Verde.
We immediately asked for the collaboration
of local law enforcement,
but he's already disappeared
from the hotel.
He can't have gone too far.
Let's warn Interpol.
[Stefano] Hey, hi. I heard the trial
on the radio. What are you doing?
[church bell ringing]
I'm going home.
All right, okay. We text each other,
we send each other voice messages
What if we meet?
Hey, beautiful. How are you?
[phone buzzes]
[buzzing continues]
Andreoli. What's up?
Silvia Orrico called. She said someone
approached her outside her house.
Send patrol cars.
Tell her I'm on my way.
Right away.
- [man] Good evening, madame.
- Good evening.
- [Elena] Hi.
- Hi.
Come in.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Please, come this way.
[Silvia sniffs]
So they threatened you? How?
I was going out to go dancing,
and this guy came out of nowhere.
He said I better not say anything
What did he look like?
Mm I don't know. He had a wool cap
and a scarf. I didn't see his face.
Anyway, the police are out there,
and they'll stay there all night,
so nothing will happen to you, I promise.
Thank you for coming.
- Have you had dinner?
- No.
- Pizza?
- Why not?
- I'll call them right now.
- Okay.
Good evening,
I wanted to order two pizzas.
It's for Silvia.
- What sort would you like?
- Uh
- Margherita, thanks.
- Okay.
Yes, two margheritas.
Thank you.
See you later, thanks.
- Can I ask you something?
- Mm-hm.
Are you always like this with witnesses?
What do you mean, "like this"?
We must have seen each other,
like, 20 times.
You've asked me a million questions.
You're not just any witness.
- Come on, put it away.
- I can hear you just fine, you know.
Was she in love? With Claudio, I mean.
She thought so.
Then she realized he was a bastard.
Do you think it was he who
forced her into prostitution?
I don't know.
But it is likely.
[Elena] Silvia, let's talk
about you and Angelica.
How did you two meet?
We worked for the same agency
as hostesses for events.
I was her best friend.
We talked every day.
- Keep calm.
- I'm trying.
Did Angelica ever tell you
about the escort ring?
No. Angelica never talked to me
about that.
Perhaps she was ashamed.
- That sounded like a prepared sentence.
- Counselor.
It is not prepared.
I think Angelica never asked me
to be an escort
so she could stay my friend.
That's how I explained it to myself.
Judge, I understand the need
to rehabilitate the victim,
- but let's stay on the facts.
- This time you're right.
Silvia, on the night of March 3rd,
did you work with Angelica at Palazzo Te?
So you were there with her.
Do you remember how it went?
I knew about the affair
with Claudio Cavalleri.
Angelica got worried
when she saw his wife,
Linda Monaco.
- So she left. She was afraid.
- Judge, excuse me,
but what is Miss Orrico?
Is she telepathic? Was it Petroni
who told you that she was afraid,
or is it another nice detail
of your tall story?
Don't insult the witness!
She's giving facts, not stories.
No, this is not a fact. This is
a supposition, and you speak my language.
Silvia, what did you do
after Angelica Petroni left her post?
At first I tried to call her,
but she didn't turn around.
Then I went out back too, but I lost her,
so I continued
towards the entrance of the building,
and there I turned back towards the tanks.
And then I saw her.
- Judge. Will you allow me Can I
- Go ahead.
I would like to point out just one thing.
We don't have the image in front of us.
but between the entrance
and the tanks, there's a certain distance.
Visibility at night is very low.
Now, if prosecutor Guerra wants to prove
otherwise, she is misleading the court.
No, I'm not misleading anyone.
And to confirm what
Silvia Orrico is saying,
I'll show you a nocturnal image
taken from the exact same position
indicated by Silvia.
This is one of the 678 photos collected,
taken by a guest at the entrance
to the colonnade,
at 11:56 p.m., in the midst
of those notorious 11 minutes
that, according to Counselor Barone,
are empty.
Whereas I think
they are becoming very full.
Where the fuck did this photo come from?
Prosecutor Guerra,
this photo has not been filed.
Of course it was filed, along with all
the others, marked with the number 327.
Perhaps you missed its relevance
because you did not use the zoom.
Dark and similar to the sheath dress
worn by Angelica that night,
and the dress worn by the defendant.
The relationship between heights coincides
with that between Angelica Petroni
and Linda Monaco.
questioned by the police
on the night of March 14th,
and then by me on the morning of the 15th,
claimed to have seen something.
Actually, someone else besides Angelica.
Do you want to tell us who?
[Ruggero] We already know the testimony,
it could be anybody, not
[Elena] Counselor, you will have time
for cross-examination.
Silvia, you may answer.
Is there something wrong?
I'm sorry.
I can't keep it in anymore.
It's me
the one in the photograph with Angelica.
I killed her.
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