The Trial (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Your husband Claudio was a lucky man.
He came from nowhere, and then he met you
and found himself rich,
- surrounded by luxury
- What's your point?
[Elena] He owed you everything.
It must have been difficult to find out
that he betrayed you.
To have lost control.
So what did you do?
You're always convinced
you know everything.
- You're having fun, aren't you?
- No, I'm not.
I want to know what happened.
Ms. Monaco preferred
that her husband be considered a murderer,
- rather than help him.
- [Ruggero] You're making this up.
Did you want to take revenge
for what you suffered?
Linda, you don't have to answer, hm?
Do you know it was you, that day,
who made me understand
I didn't want to save face anymore?
[tapping keyboard]
Because even if it hurts me to say it,
I didn't love Claudio anymore.
And admitting that he wasn't with me
that night made me realize it was over.
That I wanted to feel free, without fear.
Fear of what?
To know what I really wanted.
What do you want from me? ♪
Why don't you run from me? ♪
What are you wondering? ♪
What do you know? ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪
Why aren't you scared of me? ♪
Why do you care for me? ♪
When we all fall asleep ♪
Where do we go? ♪
[seabirds calling]
[phone ringing outside]
Nobody believed that you killed Angelica.
So what did you want, Silvia?
How much is it worth?
Whatever the amount,
it cannot be worth more than your freedom.
Do you have any idea what perjury is?
that's what you'll be charged with now.
Who asked you to make that confession?
You don't have to be afraid
of those people. I can protect you.
Look, I just need evidence. I promise
you won't suffer any consequences.
I made it all up.
I invented everything.
That I was her friend,
that I was grieving,
that I knew everything about her
but it didn't help much.
It just got me about 100 followers.
What are you talking about?
I want to become famous.
- And what does this have to do with it?
- This was my chance.
[laughs] I hardly knew Angelica,
but nobody contradicted my story,
because nobody was really her friend.
Angelica was a bitch
and that's why
everyone was so attracted to her.
And then I realized
it's the haters that give you success.
Even on social media,
those who hate you, follow you.
You lied to me for months.
Every time we talked to each other
How could you have done such a thing?
- Things got out of hand.
- They got out of hand!
You see?
You also want to know what's behind it,
since contempt's
more interesting than pity.
What are you talking about?
And the threats you said you received,
were they fake, too?
- Get out!
- So am I free?
Yes, get yourself a lawyer, Silvia.
How is it possible? How did you not
realize that girl was a pathological liar?
You're usually smart with witnesses.
You don't let them fool you like that.
I know you met her many times. Why?
She said she was Angelica's best friend.
She was an important source.
It was more important for you
to know who was in front of you.
- I think they paid her.
- Do you have any evidence?
- Investigate Monaco and Orrico's finances.
- [phone buzzing]
I'll find the evidence.
[buzzing continues]
Sorry, I have to answer this.
[buzzing continues]
- Good morning.
- You are in a good mood.
Well, you should be too.
Should I thank you
for the girl's confession?
[laughs] Do you think it was me?
- Wasn't it?
- [chuckles]
In legal jargon, that's called
a stroke of luck.
I will exploit it during the hearing,
you'll see. We must prepare ourselves.
Elena Guerra will want to talk about you,
about your personality.
What does she want to prove?
That I'm crazy?
I think that's the idea.
if we want to be prepared
for any kind of attack
today you have to see me like a priest.
Confess all your sins to me.
I know it's not easy.
And was it easy for Claudio?
What do you mean?
You want me to trust you.
But then I remember that
you'd known him for years
that you came to my house, to my parties.
You smiled at me, and meanwhile
you knew all the crap he was pulling.
I had no idea.
Do you know what
he used to say about you?
That you're a big liar.
What else?
That you don't care about anyone.
Well, if this was the way
he talked about me,
then we weren't good friends, right?
No one speaks badly of us
better than friends do.
In fact, I've always preferred enemies.
I care about you, Linda.
You can trust me.
Ruggero Barone, I'm your lawyer.
Mrs. Monaco
do you have any secrets?
Anything that could
make you look bad in court?
[church bell tolls]
[Giovanni] Thank you.
[phone ringing]
I guess we're here
to talk about the terms of the separation.
Oh, yes.
Fine. [sighs]
- Is she still here?
- No, she's back in New York.
- She asked me to go back, but
- When do you leave?
I don't know if I want to.
I did a lot of thinking
when I was leaving,
next to the empty seat you left.
What did you think about?
That it isn't over because of your work.
That doesn't matter.
There was one thing
we talked about a lot at the beginning.
Then we stopped,
because you didn't want to.
I told you I had accepted it,
but I never actually did.
For seven years, I wondered why
you didn't want to have a child with me,
but perhaps there was no reason.
For some people, it is just like that.
Are you telling me that if I wanted
a child, you would get back with me?
I'm telling you
that I still love you a lot.
And I'm also telling you
why it cannot work between us.
It's not fair, Elena, to force you
to do something if you don't want to.
- [commotion]
- Orrico's confession
She could have been the key witness
against Linda Monaco
Will the prosecution's case hold
after this big hit?
Prosecutor Guerra, what's your comment
on Silvia Orrico's statements?
Tell us what happened in court,
- Prosecutor!
- Prosecutor Guerra!
[bells rings]
I declare the fourth hearing open.
Go ahead, Prosecutor Guerra.
[Ruggero] Judge, excuse me. Good morning.
Before the next witness is called,
- I would like to make a request.
- Go ahead.
I ask for the revocation
of my client's prison remand,
which was originally arranged
based on the testimony of Silvia Orrico,
who, in the last hearing, proved to be
largely not credible, so to speak.
Judge, it is not only Orrico's words
that put Linda Monaco in prison.
There is lots of other evidence
against her.
We still have the photo of the victim
together with someone
resembling the defendant.
- Exactly, you don't know it's her.
- There are still the risks
of suppression of evidence and flight.
The defendant has resources, and was about
to go to Brazil at the time of the arrest.
So we have to pretend
that nothing happened in the last hearing?
Not even that the prosecution's
main witness confessed to the murder?
Judge, it's been 11 months
that Mrs. Linda Monaco has been in prison.
Eleven months.
And she has no intention of running away.
On the contrary
she wants to face judgment,
but she has every right to go home,
to house arrest.
But it was clear to everyone right away
that Silvia Orrico's confession was false.
Actually, one might wonder
why she lied like that.
- It did help the defense.
- Are you accusing me of something?
[Ventura] That's enough.
Your arguments are clear.
Let's stick to the facts.
As long as you have facts to stick to.
[Ventura] Right.
I confirm the precautionary measure
against the defendant.
But, Judge, why?
The decision is taken. Let's move on.
I call on Mrs. Rosa Wozniak to testify.
Mrs. Wozniak, how many years
have you been working for the Monacos?
For 14 years.
First, I was with Mr. Gabriele.
Then I worked for Mrs. Linda
and Mr. Claudio.
When you talk about Mr. Gabriele,
do you mean Gabriele Monaco?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
So, 14 years,
twice as long as the marriage
between Linda Monaco
and Claudio Cavalleri.
We could say
that you've seen that love blossom.
Yes. Poor Mr. Claudio.
You must have grown fond of him.
Very. When these terrible things came out,
I couldn't believe it.
[Elena] And did you become attached
to Mrs. Linda too?
I've known her for a long time.
Sure. And tell me,
what kind of person is Mrs. Monaco?
- One that sees a lot of people
- Not many. She likes to be alone.
So, we could say that since you have lived
with Mrs. Monaco for so many years,
you're one of the few people who's used
to dealing with her moods or emotions?
What is this, a philosophy class?
Tell us, Mrs. Wozniak,
how was Mrs. Monaco feeling
in the weeks before
the murder of Angelica Petroni?
- She was not well.
- Why?
[Rosa] Because Mr. Claudio was always out,
and when he came back home,
she was jealous,
always fighting with him.
And when she was alone,
she sometimes worried me.
- [Elena] Why?
- [Rosa] Because she was off.
- I remember one night, I was afraid
- [Elena] Afraid for yourself?
[Rosa] No, no, for her.
She was sitting motionless,
looking petrified.
It was like she was not even there.
Mrs. Wozniak seems
a little too susceptible to me, Judge.
To be scared by a woman
who is in her house, sitting,
- absorbed in her thoughts, it seems
- Counselor, you are a master of euphemism.
And you of manipulation. Yes.
Now let's talk about a particular day,
March 3rd last year,
when Linda Monaco came back home.
You were awake. Did you see her?
[Rosa] Yes, I heard a loud noise outside.
[Elena] What kind of noise?
[Rosa] A car accident.
Madame had crashed her car
against the big vase at the entrance.
And how would you describe her
in that moment?
- She was sick.
- Sick how?
Mrs. Wozniak, answer the question.
What did you mean when you said
that Mrs. Monaco was sick?
That she was all upside down.
"She was all upside down." [laughs]
- Please, be quiet.
- Was she upset? Flustered?
She's suggesting the words, Judge.
- [sighs]
- Very upset.
[Elena] Do you remember the exact words
Mrs. Monaco said to you?
What the fuck are you looking at?
[Elena] Thank you, Mrs. Wozniak.
I'm done.
Mrs. Wozniak,
are you currently unemployed?
- No.
- Let me understand.
Claudio Cavalleri is dead.
Linda Monaco is in jail.
- Who are you working for?
- For another family.
I couldn't wait. I need money.
[Ruggero] Ah, I get it. Money, money.
It's astounding. Every time we talk
about someone around the Monaco family,
the talk always ends up there.
Speaking of which,
did you receive your wages
for the period before these tragedies?
No, I didn't receive them.
- And this made you angry.
- Well, I did the work. I should be paid.
Quite right.
You know, I asked you
a question I already knew the answer to.
Mrs. Monaco's accounts are suspended.
However, she will, of course,
pay you as soon as possible,
but there is a fact that remains.
You are now angry with Linda Monaco.
- I'm sorry about what happened.
- [Ruggero] Ah, I don't doubt it.
What I would like to ask you now,
however, is to tell the whole truth
of what was happening
in the Cavalleri house,
and I want to get back
to something you said earlier.
"Linda Monaco was very jealous
of her husband."
So Linda loved Claudio.
Absolutely, yes.
And Claudio?
Did Claudio Cavalleri love his wife?
He was very romantic.
Even towards the end?
[Rosa] Not always,
but one evening, he was.
- When?
- About two weeks before that
before that day he killed himself.
At the end of February, then.
- Yes, it was February.
- And Angelica Petroni was still alive.
Mrs. Wozniak, I know
that it is burdensome to remember,
but can I ask you to tell us
something else about that evening?
[Rosa] Mrs. Linda asked me
to prepare Mr. Claudio's favorite dishes
- and set the table with candles.
- [Ruggero] A romantic dinner.
[Rosa] Yes.
Then, when Mr. Claudio came home
and saw Mrs. Linda,
who was so beautiful and waiting for him,
he was moved.
[Ruggero] Did he feel guilty?
[Rosa] Yes.
[Ruggero] Was there anything in particular
that Claudio wanted to be forgiven for?
You are beautiful.
[Rosa] Yes.
His affair with Angelica Petroni.
- [Rosa] Yes.
- And so Mrs. Monaco knew.
Something she denied
during the first interrogation with me
in the prosecutor's office.
She denied it to protect her privacy.
She knew her husband
was under investigation for murder,
and she didn't want to expose herself
in front of you, Prosecutor.
I understand that lying is wrong,
but in this case, it is understandable.
- Let's move on, please.
- Thank you, Judge.
Mrs. Wozniak
how can you say
that Linda Monaco knew about the betrayal?
I don't want to talk about her.
- I want to talk about you, me, us
- [Claudio] I fucked up.
About the fact
that you no longer look at me,
that I have become invisible,
I want to talk about that.
[Rosa] I realized it on that night,
from the things they were saying
while I was serving at the table.
[Claudio] Linda, it's over.
She was the one who wouldn't let it go.
I don't care about her.
Hey, I love you.
Look at me.
[Linda] I love you so much. So much.
Mrs. Linda said
that she didn't care about the girl,
that it was all Mr. Claudio's fault.
She didn't care about that girl.
That's all for me.
[knocking at door]
- Counselor.
- [Ruggero] Yes?
Excuse me.
There's a girl who wants to see you.
She said it's urgent.
Don't worry. Let her in.
[door closes]
Miss Orrico. What are you doing here?
- I would like to hire you.
- [laughs] What are you talking about?
It was the prosecutor who told me
that I needed to find a lawyer
for the perjury.
- And you're a good one, aren't you?
- Oh, yes.
Do you know what the prosecutor thinks?
That I bribed you.
And what do you do,
you storm into my office?
- You want me to get in trouble?
- Let's at least talk about it.
I can help you.
There is one thing
I never said about Angelica.
- You've said enough already.
- One evening,
as I was leaving a conference
where we were working together,
- I saw Angelica arguing with a guy.
- Mm-hm.
- Ten days before she died, no more.
- And you only remember this now?
I couldn't say it before.
If he was the real culprit,
I couldn't say that I was guilty.
All right, I'm listening.
[grunts] And if I tell you,
will you defend me?
No. But I'll send you to see someone good.
- Go on.
- I don't know who he was,
but I remember how strange
it seemed to me,
because Angelica usually only went out
with rich men,
while this guy was badly dressed.
- He had He had a van.
- Mm-hm.
A white van, with an image printed on it,
like a chef's hat.
And the name?
I bet you don't know that.
- And did you hear what they were saying?
- No.
But I saw them.
You have to believe me.
Tell me, did you tell this
to the prosecutor, too?
No. She's a bitch. I'm here to help you.
Of course. Convenient, isn't it?
- Now go. I have to work.
- But
I said go! ¡Ándale! Marsch!
What language do I have to tell you in,
huh? Vas-y!
[in English] Get out!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
[in Italian] The number of that good one?
The secretary will give it to you.
He's a psychiatrist. He is very good.
Olivia Francioso, who is she?
Someone that's been receiving €4,000
a month for seven years, without cause,
from Gabriele Monaco.
- Does she have anything to do with Orrico?
- Maybe she's like Lorenzi,
someone who gets paid to do dirty jobs.
- I can investigate further.
- Elena
She could have been the go-between
bribing Silvia Orrico.
Elena you already knew I had doubts,
but I authorized your investigation
You got the financial police involved
searching Gabriele Monaco's accounts.
Did you find anything? No.
Let me remind you that
he is not the defendant in this trial.
Stop. Don't do anything else.
Any news on Lorenzi, at least?
After the phone call from Cape Verde,
we lost him,
but he could have contacted his son
in other ways.
- [sighs]
- If he has cut ties with his son,
we have nothing to lose.
- It depends on what kind of father he is.
- Right now, he's a fugitive father.
Wait for now.
All right.
Catch your breath.
Ah, sir, you are an idol for me.
They should write a book
about your career.
I hope it will happen as late as possible,
when I can no longer read it.
- Excuse me.
- Of course.
- Andreoli.
- Yes? Uh I'm going.
- What's wrong?
- I'd like to talk to you for a minute.
- All right, let's go to my office.
- Not here.
I know everything, Elena.
I found out who she was.
I followed all the news on the case,
but only this morning
I read Angelica's date of birth
in an article.
March 27th, 2000.
And I understood why
she had such a familiar face.
- You have to leave the trial immediately.
- I'm just doing my job.
Your job is in the service of the law,
and you are violating it.
No, I'm using it to do her justice.
You and justice are very far apart
right now.
Maybe it's wrong,
but I'm not wrong about Linda Monaco.
I doubt you had the necessary clarity
to understand it
when you asked
for the indictment against her.
I did a good job.
I saw it. I saw it in her eyes.
It was her.
It's too late to admit the truth.
Do a few more hearings.
Then find an excuse and get replaced.
- There is nothing else to do.
- What will you do if I don't stop?
Are you going to report me?
I'm a magistrate.
You are my father.
Don't push me.
[engine starts]
[Stefano] Why did you stop writing to me?
- Now is not the time, Stefano. Go away.
- Elena.
What happened?
I mean, it's me. You can talk to me.
My father found out about Angelica,
and he wants me to quit the trial.
No don't do it.
Sorry I came here like this.
I know I shouldn't.
It's just that I can't stop thinking
about you.
[church bell tolls]
- [knocking]
- [Elena] Yes?
- Coffee.
- Thank you.
Aah. Here.
- You don't want one?
- I already had one.
- I'm going to smoke a cigarette.
- Smoke here.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Maybe I should open
- Ah.
- Better had.
- [chuckles]
I should quit.
- Have you ever tried?
- Oh, a lot of times.
Except that I always lacked
the right motivation.
- But now I've found it.
- Meaning?
- I caught my son smoking.
- Ouch.
So I confiscated the pack,
and he got pissed off.
At that point, I got pissed off too
and almost finished it, see? Look.
I'm sorry, but you can, and he can't?
It doesn't make much sense.
Do you know what? It must be the idea
that someone you love
chooses to hurt himself
which really pisses me off.
When you argue with your son,
how do you solve it?
We make peace.
Then we argue again.
Ah well, he's 16 [chuckles]
Hm. Well, not all fathers are like you.
Go get Lorenzi's son and bring him here.
[Marco] Happy New Year? You are a bastard.
Do you realize what you did?
[Lorenzi] Please, listen, I
You tell me you're clean.
You beg to start seeing me again.
Then you disappear and don't show up
for nine months. You know what? Fuck off.
Did you hear from him anymore?
Via chat, maybe, or in any other way?
Marco, you have to tell me the truth,
or you risk getting into trouble too.
You don't want to be like your father,
do you?
Not on my life.
I'm looking for him
because I think he knows a lot
about the murder of Angelica Petroni.
You saw him in those days.
Do you know anything?
I don't know anything.
Did he ever tell you about his work
for Monaco?
Uh he said that he had gone to jail,
but that the real criminal
was the great entrepreneur.
Why? What did Monaco do?
One day, I was in the car with my father.
He stopped in front of a house,
told me to wait there.
When he came back, he was very agitated.
He told me he just had
to convince a woman to be good.
"To be good"?
I don't know. He offered her money
to keep her quiet.
Do you remember the woman's name?
He didn't tell me,
and if he told me, I don't remember.
Was it Olivia Francioso, maybe?
[alarm chirps]
- Come in.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
[gate closes]
Follow me.
[woman] Good morning, Prosecutor Guerra.
- Good morning.
- [Andreoli] Good morning.
Please, sit. Make yourselves at home.
Mrs. Francioso, thank you
for receiving us without warning.
You know, I read a lot about you
in the newspapers.
I was curious to meet you in person.
Why are you here?
- I have some questions to ask you.
- [Ventura] Good morning, all.
I declare the fifth hearing open.
Prosecutor Guerra, let's follow
your witness list. Go ahead.
Judge, I would like to postpone
the planned testimony
to request the admission
of an extra witness not on the list.
Has the defense team been informed
of this witness?
- No.
- No, I'm informing them now.
I'm sorry. This is news to me too.
What testimony is this?
- Can we approach, Judge?
- Please.
This is a transcript
of my interview with the witness.
It is vitally important for my narrative.
- Which narrative?
- It's necessary to outline a true picture
- of the defendant's personality.
- Can I know the name of the witness?
Olivia Francioso.
Counselor Barone,
I can only admit this witness
in the presence of the consent
of both parties.
I do not object.
Do you want to postpone the questioning
of the witness to prepare?
No, there is no need.
We have nothing to fear, Judge.
- Let's continue.
- Thank you.
The witness is admitted.
I call on Mrs. Olivia Francioso
to testify.
I don't need help. My hands work.
Good morning, Mrs. Francioso.
Can we start?
Good morning. Yes, sure.
Murders do not arise out of the blue.
They are born from intentions
and character traits
that often, in the past,
already had opportunities to come out.
Perhaps in a less tragic,
but still alarming way.
Mrs. Francioso,
let's start with your acquaintance
with the defendant
and her late husband, Claudio Cavalleri.
I used to date Claudio a few years ago.
- [Elena] And then your relationship ended?
- Yes.
For what reason?
I was his girlfriend. Then we broke up,
and he got together with her.
When you say "her,"
you mean the defendant, Linda Monaco?
And then what happened?
[Olivia] One evening,
I was going back home.
Claudio and I had been broken up
for a while,
but I was still thinking about him.
I had gone to a club to dance.
I drank too much.
I had to stop thinking.
[vehicle accelerating]
- [thud]
- [tires screech]
[dog barking]
[barking echoing]
[Elena] Do you know who hit you?
[Olivia] I saw the car coming.
It was Linda Monaco's.
So Mrs. Monaco hit you
- and left you there on the ground.
- [Olivia] Yes, exactly.
Then someone saw me
and called an ambulance.
I was in a coma for three days.
And did you know why Mrs. Monaco
carried out such an extreme action?
As soon as I recovered,
Claudio came to visit me in the hospital
and told me that Linda was obsessed
by the thought
that we were still sleeping together.
You understand?
Then he told me not to say anything,
that the Monaco family would pay me.
[Elena] So that's why you never
pressed charges against her,
because you were paid.
€4,000 a month for seven years.
I would do anything to go back
and do the right thing right away.
Maybe if I had reported Linda Monaco,
nothing would have happened
to Angelica Petroni.
Yes, maybe.
I'm done. Thank you, Mrs. Francioso.
[Ventura] Well
Counselor Barone, do you want to proceed
with the cross-examination?
Oh, yes.
We need to get things straight.
Mrs. Francioso, in this courtroom today,
you told a story
- that is not verifiable.
- Not verifiable?
- Well, no.
- Don't you see this?
I do not doubt your disability.
I would never do that.
But all the rest, yes.
Let's start with your relationship
with Claudio Cavalleri.
From what I know,
- it was you who tormented him.
- [scoffs] No. That's not true.
Didn't you say that you suffered
over the end of your relationship?
- How many times a day did you call him?
- A few times.
- Hm.
- Hm.
What does this have to do with it?
I said the relationship was over.
I never slept with him again.
Yes, but the problem is not
if you were sleeping together,
but the level of pressure
you put on Claudio.
Weren't you the one who threatened
to tell his new girlfriend
that you were still having sex,
even if it wasn't true,
thereby putting their marriage at risk?
Can we stop being so formal?
You were Claudio's friend.
We used to hang out
when him and I were together.
That doesn't matter.
What matters is that you answer.
Maybe. I might have said that.
I was still in love with him.
But that doesn't change a thing.
It was that crazy lady who hit me.
This is what you claim.
You, who saw the car for half a second
while you were drunk,
its headlights dazzling you,
and ended up in a coma.
- [thud]
- [tires screeching]
- [dog barking]
- [Olivia gasping]
I trust what Claudio said when I woke up.
[Ruggero] Oh, sure.
Claudio Cavalleri, the most reliable
person on the face of the Earth.
Could he have been the one who hit you?
What are you saying?
Judge, it is clear that this version
that sees Cavalleri as guilty
has been agreed upon
by Counselor Barone
together with his client.
It is very easy to blame a deceased man
who cannot be here to exonerate himself.
Like it's not possible
to have him come here to deny
Mrs. Francioso's version
of this visit to the hospital, isn't it?
Here the only thing that cannot be denied
is that €4,000 a month
paid by Gabriele Monaco
to cover for his daughter's criminal act.
Judge, I would like to stop
discussing this with Prosecutor Guerra
and continue the cross-examination.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Mrs. Francioso
did you threaten to report Linda,
yes or no?
- Yes, sure. I was about to do it.
- But then you were paid
after making an accusation
you could not prove.
How can you say such a thing?
She was the one who hit me.
It's her fault I'm in a wheelchair.
You can't possibly be sure of that!
Who is more capable
of such a violent action?
Linda Monaco,
or a man who ran an escort ring,
who had sex with a minor,
and who most likely got married
for profit?
And I'm sorry to have to say this here,
in front of my client.
It was you who threatened
to break up that marriage.
Claudio was the only one
who had a reason to make you suffer.
And Mrs. Francioso here had
and still has reasons
to get revenge on Linda Monaco.
I'm done, Judge.
- What happened?
- [sighs]
Nothing, I'm sorry. Nothing important.
Would you like a beer?
I need one too.
Let me drop off my robe.
- But drinks are on you.
- Okay.
She's 19th on the transplant list.
Carla is strong, but the doctors say
she needs to be hospitalized.
At least she'd stayed at home so far.
And there's nothing that can be done?
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Oh, no, I didn't want to bother you.
Oh, please, stop being so formal with me.
[laughing] Right. Okay.
- Which of you two is the big sister?
- I am.
If there is a silver lining, it is that
now every moment
between me and Carla is special.
I regret all the times
we could have been together and weren't.
[seabirds calling]
[Stefano] Look who's here.
Can you pass me one of those?
- What?
- One of the discs, inside the box.
[Velcro ripping]
- This one?
- Yes.
Do you remember
that I was afraid of water?
I said, do you remember
that I was afraid of water?
How can I forget it?
I tried to get over it, but
[sighs]I couldn't.
I didn't reply because
my husband came back,
and I didn't know what I wanted.
And now you know?
I hope so.
I'm sorry.
[door opens]
Let's try again.
Can I come in?
You sure went in heavy on Claudio
yesterday at the hearing, huh?
Claudio was the right card.
I couldn't say that Francioso had invented
everything to take advantage of it.
They wouldn't have believed it.
Quite right.
Linda, however, was falling apart.
If she still had a shred of feeling
for that asshole of a husband,
you destroyed it.
- How sensitive of you.
- [laughs]
Let's just say I can read people.
- Oh, yes?
- Mm-hm.
And what do you see in me?
I think you like Linda.
She's just a client.
If you say so.
I have to get some things from the office.
Do you want to come with me?
[heavy breathing]
While I'm sleeping ♪
I'm not sleeping ♪
- Am I dancing ♪
- Aah!
In the glow? ♪
My mind vacillates ♪
- Have we been bad then? ♪
- [moaning]
So I don't come in ♪
You want control ♪
But you let me go ♪
You want control ♪
But you let me go ♪
You want control ♪
But you let me go ♪
[man on radio] All right, thank you.
Before we move on to other news,
we have the last few seconds
of the Petroni case.
[woman] According to the prosecution,
Linda Monaco had already tried to kill.
Do you think she is guilty?
Does she deserve a life sentence?
Mrs. Petroni, Mr. Petroni,
only one question.
What do you think about
what Olivia Francioso said?
[man] According to the prosecution,
Linda Monaco had already tried to kill.
- Do you think she's guilty?
- Yes, of course she is.
- You can tell she's crazy straightaway.
- [woman] Wait!
How do you think
the prosecutor is doing?
The white van.
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