The Trial (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

On the night of the party, you never
went outside to the palace gardens,
- not even for a minute?
- No.
And when did you get home?
What route did you take?
Do you remember?
I was with Anna and Lavinia.
We left the way we came in,
from the main avenue,
the one that leads to the parking lot.
So you've never been in the back garden
here, where the tanks are?
- No.
- How many times does she have to say it?
I'll send forensics
to Palazzo Te tomorrow.
They will work all day,
the next day, and the day after that.
So if there is something you want
to review about your statements,
you'd better do it now.
Prosecutor, it seems to me that my client
was extremely clear in her description.
Let her confirm it.
I've already told you
everything I did that night.
What else do I have to say?
- You forgot one thing.
- Oh, really?
At 12:02 a.m., you made a phone call
to your father,
and you talked for 58 seconds.
What did you talk about?
[clears throat]
Yes, I was uncomfortable
because of Angelica.
My father is the only one
who has always been there for me.
The only one who you can ask for help.
The only one to whom you could say
you'd just messed up.
- Prosecutor, please.
- What is your father like?
A sort of guardian angel that protects you
from the consequences of your actions?
Prosecutor, let's take a break.
Thank you.
You know about overbearing fathers,
don't you?
How was your childhood under escort?
Growing up in the shadow
of the great magistrate
Was he the one who forced you
to become a prosecutor?
- Linda
- Maybe after your mother died.
You know, it's something
we have in common.
- Linda, this is not the place.
- Oh, it is.
Is it to get your father's approval,
to live up to his standards
that you're trying to solve this case?
I'm asking because I'm trying
to figure out why I'm here.
Put that out.
What do you want from me? ♪
Why don't you run from me? ♪
What are you wondering? ♪
What do you know? ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪
Why aren't you scared of me? ♪
Why do you care for me? ♪
When we all fall asleep ♪
Where do we go? ♪
[Ruggero] Here it is.
Nicola Tomei lives there.
He lives with his mother
and works for the agency
that catered the Palazzo Te party
on March 3rd.
Fuck, it's the neighbor.
No one from the police
or the prosecutor's office
ever questioned him,
or even mentioned him.
He never existed.
Till now.
Imagine if he's guilty.
Let's lay low.
Up till now, he's just a man
who quarreled with Angelica.
According to Silvia Orrico, by the way,
who would rank third or fourth
at the world championship of liars
if she competed alone.
What do you mean?
- That she's not credible enough to win.
- [engine starts]
Look, what do we know about him?
I need time.
Time is the only thing we don't have.
What do you want me to do?
I have an idea.
[De Luca] The Cape Verde airport.
There he is, Massimo Lorenzi.
He's about to take a night flight to Rio.
- [Elena] Brazil, huh?
- [De Luca] Hmm.
[Elena] We have him.
We were so close.
But we know where he is.
[In English] Can you repeat, please?
[man] I can't talk now.
I'm the prosecutor.
Or you can speak with
the General Attorney, she's right here.
- Your suspect is
- No, no, no. Listen.
Like a witness. He's not a suspect.
Give me time and I'll call you back.
Can't you tell me now?
I need to discuss it with my team.
It's a serious matter, as I said.
Okay, okay. Okay, thank you.
- [in Italian] Then?
- They'll give us an answer today.
It would be better to have something
before the hearing.
Have fun.
If extradition confirmation
from Brazil arrives, I want to know.
- Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
- What, do you speak English?
- No.
- So
Francesca, take care of it.
Andreoli, come with me.
[crowd yelling]
[all yelling]
[Elena] Mr. Monaco,
called you as a witness
to address a specific topic.
The phone call your daughter made to you
at 12:02 a.m. on March 4th of last year.
The evening of the party at Palazzo Te.
- Do you remember it?
- Sure.
[Elena] And do you also remember
what you talked about?
My daughter just wanted
to wish me good night.
I told her I felt she was sad.
She admitted it,
but she didn't want to tell me why.
At the time, I still didn't know
about Claudio's affairs.
Did Linda tell you about Angelica Petroni?
I just told you. No.
Didn't she say to you,
"Dad, I just killed her"?
But, Judge!
- Do I really have to answer?
- You have to.
- No.
- No, she just said to you,
"Goodnight, Daddy."
Judge, she's just provoking the witness.
You're not subtle with witnesses yourself
when it helps you.
- Yes, but
- However, let's cut to the chase.
- What's your point, Prosecutor?
- The fact that Mr. Monaco
may have learned of the crime
just after it was committed.
- "May"? But "may" what?
- And he could have acted accordingly.
- What are you talking about?
- Mr. Monaco, do you know this man?
- You know I know him.
- And do you want to tell us who he is?
Massimo Lorenzi, former head
of security of my holding company.
And you, to protect the security
of such a vast empire,
that includes, just to mention
its most relevant activities,
a big part
of the city's petrochemical pole,
a construction company operating
at European level,
and a financial company.
You have hired a criminal
with a criminal record
for extortion and assault.
I decided to hire Massimo Lorenzi
only after he had served his time.
You called him at 12:03 a.m.,
the records show.
Immediately after talking
to your daughter.
- What did you say to him?
- Business matters.
Business matters at midnight?
I don't sleep much,
so I expect my employees to do the same.
As a coincidence, the next day,
there was a shortfall in the expense fund
- that you had entrusted to Lorenzi.
- Yes, a big shortfall.
Uh a sum of more than €300,000.
And I wouldn't say it's a coincidence,
because I called him at midnight
to tell him that I didn't like
his attitude in the office
and brought him back to order.
And then Lorenzi disappeared.
Perhaps because that night,
you told him to go there, to Palazzo Te,
to check that your daughter, Linda Monaco,
had not left any traces
of a possible murder.
That's ridiculous.
Perhaps it is more absurd
that you want us to believe
that the shortfall of money
and the sudden disappearance of Lorenzi
are not linked to that phone call.
You're someone who can fix things, right?
As with Olivia Francioso.
I didn't do anything wrong
with Mrs. Francioso.
- No?
- No.
I made sure she got the best care,
and I guaranteed her
a lifetime's compensation for her injury,
even though she lied
when she accused Linda.
You see, for a man in my position,
it is not possible to have my family
suffer slander or judicial proceedings,
even if they're unfounded.
You bribed Olivia Francioso.
You are a man who buys off people!
- Another provocation!
- Just as you bought off Massimo Lorenzi.
I gave Massimo Lorenzi the opportunity
to redeem himself. He betrayed my trust.
Mmm excuse me for a moment, Judge.
[whispers] Brazil said
Are we ready? Can we continue?
We were talking about your trust,
which had been betrayed by Lorenzi.
Would you reprimand him
if you could see him again?
Of course.
Then you would be happy if I told you
that Lorenzi is about to come home.
I've looked for him too, you know?
It took me a while,
but I finally found him.
Do you want to know where he is?
Just say it.
In Rio de Janeiro.
We have sent
an international letter rogatory,
and today the possibility of having him
come back from Brazil has opened up.
Where, by the way, you have
many properties, right, Mr. Monaco?
Yes, I have several
real estate properties in that country,
and also in Central and South America.
In short, they are areas
it's convenient to invest inright now.
But Brazil has an extra advantage.
- [Monaco] Mm-hm.
- It does not easily grant extradition.
- Really?
- Are you telling us you didn't know?
[chuckles] No. I've never had reason
to inform myself about it.
- You're nervous.
- Yes, I am.
Anyone would be,
if they were being wrongly accused.
The only unfair thing here is the "no"
that we've just received from Brazil.
Justice does not reach everywhere,
and sometimes the law itself limits it.
Therefore, due to the Brazilian rules
regulating extradition,
we will never have the opportunity
to have Massimo Lorenzi here,
nor to talk to him.
Mr. Monaco, you can breathe now! [laughs]
How dare you?
I didn't come here to be insulted!
Mr. Monaco, I tried to restore
the facts in the cross-examination, but
But you didn't have to lose your temper.
This doesn't help us.
I know. I damaged Linda.
She didn't say a single true word.
The magistrates should be impartial,
for God's sake.
Are you still that naive?
I'm someone who is loyal.
But if you hit me unfairly, I
Put your investigator to work
and do what you need to do.
Everyone has something to hide.
See you later.
[alarm bleeping]
[switches alarm off]
Good morning.
- [sighs]
- Good morning.
Want me to make breakfast?
No, I'll do it.
Thank you.
There's no contest.
But it's a pre-packaged croissant.
A "pre-packaged" croissant?
Is that how you talk?
These are the years of study in Florence.
You sound like the Accademia della Crusca.
Oh, well, sorry. Why?
What do you call it? "Wrapped"?
I don't call it. I eat it!
Anyway, I missed them.
- Did you eat so badly there?
- Yes!
This is the problem
of not knowing how to cook.
I think that's the reason
why our relationship didn't work.
Because neither of us could cook.
In fact, we don't deserve this kitchen.
And her?
Does she know how to cook?
You finally made it, huh?
You waited two weeks,
but you started to get jealous. No!
- Come on
- [both chuckle]
I was getting worried.
I'm here, right?
Come on.
[both laughing]
[Giovanni] What a fool you are!
It didn't go so well with your father.
He told the truth.
- The truth?
- Hmm.
I've told you a thousand times,
don't worry about the truth.
Let's stick to what we can prove.
So, this evidence places you
where you shouldn't have been.
Out in the park
where you say you've never been.
Indeed. Someone must have put it there.
Oh, good!
"Judges, I'm sorry. Believe the defendant
and not the prosecutor's office,
because they're framing her."
How come I haven't thought of that before?
It seems the perfect defensive strategy.
You find the strategy. It's your job.
What about the photo?
It's not me. I've never been there.
What's wrong with you today?
Because it seems that, suddenly,
you're convinced that I'm the murderer.
Look, it's a thought
that shouldn't concern me.
And it never did before.
And now what's changed?
That this time, it's you here.
And your father asked me to play dirty.
And I've always bent the rules,
but I've never broken them.
So if I have to take that risk,
then it's different.
And your innocence concerns me.
It affects me, Linda.
But I can't work like this.
If you really cared like you say you do,
you would do it.
I started trusting you.
I started hoping again.
But if even you don't believe me,
what hope do I have?
Where are you going?
[lock turning]
- [door opens]
- I'm done. Thank you.
Are you okay?
You know when your brain is just
- Frozen?
- Yeah, right.
[Arrigoni] At the next hearing,
Guerra will present
her most important evidence to the court.
Everything revolves around the DNA
on that cigarette butt.
We have to demolish
the only material evidence
that places Linda Monaco
where she shouldn't be.
[Rizzo, echoing] I've found previous cases
where this kind of evidence
was fallacious.
That's what we have to focus on.
[Arrigoni, echoing] Hm. The wrongness
of a science too often deemed infallible.
I agree. It is the only way.
[Mara, echoing] But it's not enough,
because it isn't just DNA.
There's also the brand of the cigarette.
[Arrigoni] Oh, well, we can't change that.
Linda can always say that
she passed that part of the park
- when she arrived at the party.
- But she denied that in the interrogation.
If she retracts her statements now,
it's just worse.
[clock ticking loudly]
- What?
- "What?" Say something.
[Mara] Huh?
I said something.
This is no time to joke, Ruggero.
What do you think?
I agree.
- On what?
- On everything.
[Mara] Where are you going?
Ruggero, we are weak.
We fucked, but that doesn't entitle you
to follow me.
Look, I don't give a fuck we fucked!
You must listen to me.
Or all the efforts we've made
Wait, why are you using the plural?
What efforts have you made?
[starts engine]
I'm doing it now
to make you come back to your senses.
Be quiet and stay put.
[man] At last.
It took you quite some time.
I waited for you out of courtesy,
because I have already made things clear.
They failed twice to pay the rent on time.
Then they settled their debt.
So the threat of eviction your client's
made is a joke that's not funny.
Now you go back to your office,
you call him,
and tell him to stick it up his ass.
I'm sorry, Mum.
Did you understand? Because
Piero and Lida will not move from here,
for two years, three months and eight
days, until the contract expires.
If you don't do this, you can say goodbye
to your clients, one by one.
I'll spread the word
and leave you stranded.
So either do this, or do this. Hm?
[laughs] I didn't understand
what the choice would be.
There's no choice.
Now, you and your fake watch, out.
Who the hell is still wearing
a fake watch?
- [all chuckle]
- [Ruggero] Get out.
A dogfish.
It's called a shark, Dad.
- [Piero] Dogfish, shark, same thing.
- [Lida] Anyway, you've destroyed him.
[Lida] Who is she?
- Did you leave your girlfriend behind?
- No, she's not my girlfriend.
- Miss, take a seat. Eat something.
- No, Dad.
We're going. We have to work.
- [Piero] Eat something.
- [Lida] Come on.
The one time you come visit us,
let us spoil you.
- Gladly.
- Gnocchi Sorrentina. She just made them.
[Lida] They are really good.
Ma'am, I couldn't have wished
for anything better.
- [Piero] Very well! Take them.
- [Lida] Meanwhile, you set the table.
Now I'll bring you some red wine.
In vino veritas!
- Aah! Perfect, isn't it?
- [Ruggero sighs]
- Perfect how?
- [laughs]
Come on.
- You don't give up, huh?
- What?
No, I mean, you're not very discreet, huh?
I'm hungry.
[laughing] You're hungry. All right.
- [Elena] Let's repeat one last time.
- [Andreoli] Hmm.
[Elena] You were in the gardens
of the Palazzo
together with the forensics team.
- Mm.
- Then you headed towards the water tanks.
- Mm-hm.
- And?
And, uh
It was a turning point of my life.
But not because I realized
I was a great detective, no.
I had already understood that
during my time in the railway police,
that I would become like
Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe
- Who was a lawyer.
- A lawyer, in fact.
- Magnum P.I.
- Private detective.
The private investigator has nothing to do
with it. No, no, ma'am.
Look, the real turning point was
when I arrived bearing a gift,
and she stopped being formal with me.
But it's better not to mention this
in court, right?
Right. We don't say that.
Anyway, it was Linda.
With the candelabra in the garden. Here.
All right. We're done. Go home, Andreoli.
Yes. Yes, I'm going home.
I'm a little tired.
Home to my wife, like Detective Columbo.
I could be a bit like him, though.
Do you remember that?
A scoundrel, but brilliant. [laughs]
Good night, Prosecutor!
- Good night.
- Good night.
[lighter clicks]
[door opens]
[door closes]
Hey. I was about to leave. Do you need me?
This is the number of a top physician.
They say he's very good.
Maybe he can help with your sister.
Call him.
Thank you.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.
- Thanks for dinner, then.
- It's not like I paid.
Look, is that why you chose
to be a lawyer?
- To escape from there?
- It's a little more complicated.
- And you?
- Hm?
Why did you decide to become a lawyer?
- To dress in pant suits?
- You're funny.
When I graduated, I opened a small firm
with three friends.
We were all young,
capable very prepared.
One day, a man arrives and tells us
that he got cancer from Monaco's refinery.
- Mm.
- They've rebuilt the plants since then,
- but at the time, the problem was real.
- To say the least.
And then, at the trial,
we had a very good chance
of getting compensation, but
- we lost.
- And that broke your heart.
I made us lose.
On purpose,
in exchange for the job I have today.
Look, I don't know what drives you
or what you want.
But if you want to win,
you know that we're weak.
And then? What do you suggest?
We need something more
from now until the end of the trial.
What is this? Is Monaco afraid
that I didn't get the message?
No, you listen to me now.
[Elena] Dr. Ferrara, you are here
as a technical consultant.
You analyzed the DNA
on the cigarette butt that we're seeing.
Yes. The brand is "Golden Black."
The same brand smoked by the defendant,
as is also clear
from the evidence on the record,
the periodic purchase order
by Linda Monaco
from the manufacturer in Great Britain.
It is, in fact, a very rare
and expensive cigarette.
Dr. Ferrara, was it possible
to trace an identity
from the DNA analysis?
In other words, who smoked that cigarette?
Yes, the DNA matches that
of the defendant, Linda Monaco.
I've finished. Thank you, Judge.
Counselor Barone, it's your turn.
- I waive cross-examination.
- What are you doing?
- Is something wrong?
- Everything's all right.
Dr. Ferrara, you can go. Thank you.
Prosecutor Guerra.
Well, then I call to testify
the superintendent Giacomo Andreoli
from the criminal police team
at the Prosecutor's Office.
- Good morning.
- [Ventura] Good morning.
Let's go back to March 15th of last year.
Well, who will ever forget that day?
Why is that?
- [man] Giacomo!
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
Uh I'm supervising the operations.
I admit that at some point I wondered
what was I doing there, you know?
In the midst, uh of all that
But actually
- Okay, so you take care of it.
- Go, go. Let's get to it.
[Andreoli] Because that same day,
forensics had found a piece
of Angelica Petroni's dress
that had become entangled in the purifier.
And it was precisely on that day
that we realized
that the girl had been killed there
and then thrown into one of the tanks
outside the palace.
But that spot,
where I was passing by at that moment,
hadn't yet been checked
by the forensics team.
And I recognized it right away.
[suspenseful music plays]
"Golden Black."
It was the brand of cigarettes
I had seen Linda Monaco smoke
the night of the interrogation, you know?
The defendant has always denied
going out into the garden of the palace
during the evening.
She claims to have walked
along the main avenue,
the one that leads to the entrance,
and never to have been
anywhere else in the garden.
This evidence, marked by her DNA,
demonstrates the exact opposite.
I've finished.
[Ventura] Counselor Barone, do you want
to continue with the cross-examination?
Yes, Judge.
[feedback squeals]
So according to your story, huh
you didn't have everything you needed
to collect the evidence.
You did a nice run towards base camp,
there were forensic police vehicles
parked alongside the adjacent boulevard,
and you took the tool box
that held everything you needed.
- Yes.
- And didn't you warn anyone?
I mean, after finding the cigarette butt
in that vase and before collecting it.
Uh no, I did not. No.
- Why?
- Uh, why? Because, let's say that
I wanted to be the one to have
discovered this this thing. [chuckles]
- Ah, well, you became the hero of the day.
- Oh!
Well, not bad for someone who had
never done an investigation in his life.
- [laughs]
- Also because, from what I know,
you used to work
for the railway police, right?
- Quite right.
- [Ruggero] Hm.
And there are no murder cases there.
- Oh
- You don't work closely with forensics.
No. No, no, no. There
Well I remember one time,
there had been a bomb threat
on a Rome-Milan train,
but in the end it wasn't even true,
so you know
That was the biggest thrill
we experienced!
When you found that cigarette butt
- Huh?
- how did you feel?
Oh, wonderful. Mm. It was a moment
It was a heady emotion.
And despite this, you had the lucidity
to leave your most important
discovery there?
Was there anyone at base camp?
Um meaning?
Someone who may have seen
you pick up the collection toolbox.
Well, no. I mean, I don't
I don't know. I don't think so.
You don't know? You don't think so? Hm
Probably not.
No, in fact there is not a single witness
on the prosecutor's list
who can confirm your action.
Perhaps because it never happened?
What what do you mean,
"it never happened"?
- This is what you claim.
- Oh, yes.
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
[Ruggero] Answer me.
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Did you collect the evidence correctly?
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
- Yes.
- And did you know the correct way?
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
What do you mean?
Did you know the correct way?
You know how it's done?
- Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
- Mm.
[muttering] Yeah.
Yes, I have I mean, I've seen it.
From whom? When?
Did you see it in the movies?
- Movies?
- Counselor Barone,
the evidence we are debating
is very important.
What's your point? Be clear.
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
The fact that Mr. Andreoli is lying.
How can you say such a thing, Counselor?
Dr. Guerra is right.
Your accusation is very serious.
Yes, but much less serious than lying.
Maybe you'd feel more comfortable
if the two of us continue.
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Superintendent Andreoli,
did you collect the evidence correctly?
With a plastic bag and sterile gloves?
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Answer. I won't ask you a second time.
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, breathing ♪
- No, I took it with my hands.
- Breathing, keep breathing ♪
But it was only for a moment.
Then I put it back in place.
It was just to check the brand.
You wanted to check the brand?
Yes, then I went
to get the plastic gloves.
- I took the bag and put it in there.
- Judge, it is really difficult
for me to continue this cross-examination.
I wouldn't want to make insinuations
that still sound like logic, in theory
- Then don't.
- No, I'm just speculating.
However, since Mr. Andreoli was present
at the interrogation with Linda Monaco,
he could have easily taken
one of those butts
and placed it where he wanted.
- But that's not true, hey!
- Please apologize, Counselor!
To whom? To your colleague
who was lying before the Court
on the evidence that could change
everything in this trial?
- Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
- You are the one who should apologize.
[Ventura] Counselor Barone,
have you finished?
- Yes, Judge, thank you.
- Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing ♪
I've been waiting for half an hour.
I know. I had to shake off
some journalists. Any news?
We're ready with Tomei.
And he gets off work soon.
[in English] Let's go.
[in Italian] Wash this car
from time to time. It's filthy.
Are you high on chamomile?
You're slower than fucking usual.
[Andreoli] I messed up, I know.
But you cared so much about this,
I didn't have the courage to tell you
the truth right away.
About my mistake, I mean.
Then today,
I wanted to confirm everything,
but when Ventura talked to me, I
I don't know. You saw how he is,
you know? He's
He has a face that
Elena, please,
say something, because this silence
- You are suspended.
- No
Indefinitely. You leave me no choice.
You should have told me the truth
right away.
Come on, Elena, please. Don't
[footsteps approaching]
But it's my fault.
I was wrong to trust you.
Furlan wants to talk to you.
All right.
[Furlan] I cannot believe it.
The main evidence, destroyed.
It was your responsibility, Elena.
Andreoli depends on you. You supervise
him. You should have checked it.
Andreoli made a mistake.
He should have said, but
"But" what?
Barone went straight for him. He knew it!
This means we have a mole in here.
Tell me, what's wrong with you?
You're not the same anymore.
- What are you talking about?
- I felt it from the beginning.
Since you told me, "I'll go on."
And I was right.
Your father had to come and tell me.
- What?
- That you're not well.
That you're not the same,
that you're not rational anymore.
He called me. He's seriously worried
about your health, your job
But I'm fine.
He knows nothing. Maybe, I don't know,
he was thinking about my problems
with Giovanni, but but it's all right.
It is.
Look at me.
I'm fine.
[drops pencil, scoffs]
[opens door]
[footsteps receding]
- Hi, ma'am.
- Hello.
How dare you?
How dare you call Furlan?
- I had to do something to stop you.
- But you don't stop at anything, do you?
The guardian of the law!
- You should be too.
- I am her mother.
You chose not to be her mother long ago.
But I was 18!
I was afraid. Stefano was afraid too.
And you weren't there.
- We couldn't even talk about it.
- I let you decide freely.
No, you left me alone.
So do it now too.
Leave me alone. Stay away from me.
There he is.
All yours.
Are we sure this phone is clean?
- What do you think?
- If I'm asking
- Of course it's clean.
- Okay, just answer me.
- But you offend me.
- Oh, dear
So let's throw the stone
and see how he reacts.
- [car door closes]
- Did you know I'm really good at accents?
- Mm.
- Come on. Shoot.
- Apulia.
- Which province?
- Lecce.
- [accented] Sure.
[phone ringing]
- [Tomei] Hello?
- [accented] I know what you did.
[echoing] Who is it?
[De Grandis] He's freaking out.
- Did he see me?
- No, he did not.
- I placed bugs everywhere.
- Hm.
The phone is under control.
Now we'll see.
- [typing]
- [distorted voices]
- [Tomei] I don't know who he was!
- [woman] But what did he say?
[Tomei] Just that,
then he fucking hung up.
[woman] Where are you going?
- Is it the mother?
- [Tomei] Mom, my head hurts.
I have to be alone.
I can't think with you here!
[mother] And stop crying! You cry and cry.
You can't do anything else.
Same old story.
- [banging]
- Tomei has something to do with it.
And his mother knows.
Hey! Good work, the sound is perfect.
Ten years in the police
were worth something.
Keep listening to them, okay?
- Yes.
- Hm.
By the way, your Apulian
seemed more Calabrian, though.
What, do you know the accents?
You said
[accented] "Sure."
[ducks quacking]
You always leave the door open.
Your lips taste ♪
Like cherry pie ♪
Your eyes seem ♪
An open book ♪
[whispers] This is us.
As we look ♪
At each other in ♪
Your car ♪
Midnight moon ♪
A million stars ♪
I guess you're holding ♪
It's cold.
Me in chains ♪
But I don't care ♪
If it's insane ♪
My best ambition ♪
Is staying with you ♪
[Stefano sighs]
[church bell tolls]
[Mara] You did well.
- [Ruggero] Being an asshole, you mean?
- [Mara laughs]
Well, in the end, you won, didn't you?
And I think you also liked it.
- You're good at selling.
- I know.
But it looks like you want
to convince yourself too.
[laughs] Now you're being an asshole.
[both chuckle]
I didn't want to run away
from the my parents' restaurant.
Oh, no?
It's something different.
My father had a business before.
Then it went bankrupt.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't his fault.
It was a lawsuit against the state.
We were right, but what does it matter
to be right?
I saw my parents desperate
and the magistrates not giving a shit.
They're a caste.
They protect each other's asses.
They fill their mouth
with words like "justice"
and meanwhile,
they leave an honest man penniless.
That's why I'm a lawyer.
It seems like a good reason.
What are you thinking about?
What am I doing here?
[both chuckle]
What you do at the trial
Trials are needed to go back and fix
something that went wrong, right?
Here are the details of the account
on which the payment was made
and the list of patients
awaiting transplant.
Your sister is now in first place,
so you don't have to worry anymore.
I haven't asked you yet.
How did you hear about my sister?
I've been told.
Andreoli had told you that
he had made that mistake, right?
But you also said something else
in the courtroom.
You accused him of planting the evidence.
Let's say that that was my addition.
Anyway, you saved the life
of a person you care about.
You can go home with a clear conscience.
You teach me how to do it.
From now on, don't ask me anything else.
[door slams]
Your friend ditched you?
She wasn't hungry.
Your lips taste ♪
Like cherry pie ♪
Your eyes seem ♪
An open book ♪
That dinner
- As we look ♪
- the first time we met.
At each other in ♪
Do you remember it?
- Your car ♪
- [whispers] No.
You were wearing
Midnight moon ♪
a dark red dress,
- with your back showing.
- A million stars ♪
You were sitting next to Claudio.
- Your lips taste ♪
- Do you know what I thought?
Like cherry pie ♪
"Why him and not me?"
- Your eyes seem ♪
- For a long time, I've watched you, Linda.
From afar, but I've watched you.
You hid well.
Midnight moon ♪
Did you really never notice?
A million stars ♪
A bit, yes.
- [both laughing]
- I guess you're holding ♪
Me in chains ♪
I am your lawyer.
They say our love ♪
But it is useless to continue pretending
that you are a client like any other.
- And this thing makes you sad?
- But I don't care ♪
It's the thing that pushed me
beyond a limit I didn't want to go past.
- My best ambition ♪
- I did it for you.
Is staying with you ♪
There are chemicals ♪
In this world ♪
They take long strides ♪
On the beach ♪
Getting shells ♪
You get champagne ♪
Roses fall ♪
But thorns remain ♪
Getting shells ♪
You get champagne ♪
Roses fall ♪
But thorns remain ♪
- I guess you're holding ♪
- Getting shells, you get champagne ♪
- Me in chains ♪
- Roses fall but thorns remain ♪
- They say our love ♪
- Getting shells ♪
- You get champagne ♪
- Is doomed ♪
Roses fall ♪
But thorns remain ♪
- But I don't care ♪
- Getting shells ♪
- If it's insane ♪
- You get champagne, roses fall ♪
- But thorns remain, getting shells ♪
- My best ambition ♪
- Is staying with you ♪
- You get champagne, roses fall ♪
With you ♪
Getting shells ♪
You get champagne ♪
Roses fall ♪
But thorns remain ♪
Getting shells ♪
You get champagne ♪
Roses fall ♪
But thorns remain ♪
Getting shells ♪
You get champagne ♪
Roses fall ♪
But thorns remain ♪
Getting shells ♪
You get champagne ♪
Roses fall ♪
But thorns remain ♪
I guess you're holding ♪
Me in chains ♪
They say our love ♪
Is doomed ♪
But I don't care ♪
If it feels insane ♪
My best ambition ♪
Is staying with you ♪
- With you ♪
- My best ambition ♪
Is staying with you ♪
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