The Trial (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

You decided to have Angelica followed,
and continued to do so
even after finding out about the betrayal.
To know about the betrayal is one thing,
who Claudio betrayed me with is another.
I wanted to get an idea
of who Angelica Petroni was.
Did you?
I think it was your husband
who pushed her to do what she did.
Then Angelica understood who Claudio
really was, and tried to escape,
but someone prevented her.
Certainly not Mrs. Monaco.
Who had the victim tailed for two months,
as shown on the records
of the detective agency she hired,
without discovering that she was involved
in an escort business with her husband.
- Or did you know?
- [Ruggero] You're trying to find a motive,
but these photos show a girl
who went out with other men,
as well as Claudio Cavalleri.
[Linda] Clearly, Claudio was good.
He didn't show up
when she was with other clients.
If I had known, I would've left him
and reported him to the police.
What I understood, instead,
is who Angelica Petroni was.
So I stopped worrying.
What do you mean?
That men soon get tired of whores.
You're talking
about a 17-year-old girl.
I call things by their names.
Look at her.
She was just a whore.
What do you want from me? ♪
Why don't you run from me? ♪
What are you wondering? ♪
What do you know? ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna ♪
I wanna end me ♪
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna ♪
Why aren't you scared of me? ♪
Why do you care for me? ♪
When we all fall asleep ♪
Where do we go? ♪
- [Ruggero] Can you at least move it?
- [Linda] Yes.
But who did it?
- I'll call the director.
- No.
Why not?
Because it will get worse.
I'm nobody in here.
I can't take it anymore.
I know.
I'm afraid, I don't
I can't sleep anymore.
- Listen
- It's like hell.
I may have found a man
that had something to do with the murder.
De Grandis and I are onto him.
I don't want to give you false hope.
But there is a possibility.
[Linda] Is it her?
And he's not her husband.
Apparently, Elena Guerra has
her secrets, too.
And you know how easy it is
to be discredited in a city like this.
Do you want to use them?
If it helps me get you out of here, yes.
[Elena] Andreoli never convinced me.
I want to prove that he was corrupted.
Try to let him vent, you'll see.
He'll confess everything.
He has a great desire to talk.
Can I count on you?
Of course.
Thank you.
Did he come to you or did you go to him?
- Sorry?
- Barone. What did he promise you?
I don't know what you mean.
You always make this gesture
when you feel uncomfortable.
I've known you for a while.
I thought I knew you.
I only told the truth.
Andreoli had confessed to me
that he had misfiled the cigarette butt.
What the fuck did he offer you in return?
- I asked for a transfer.
- Great.
Did you ever make a mistake?
To save someone you cared about?
I don't know why I left it on.
Maybe I like hurting myself, I don't know.
Speak up, Elena.
You can't keep quiet this time.
I was 18 when I got pregnant.
I was alone and didn't feel ready,
so I gave the baby away.
- What the fuck are you saying?
- He's the father.
Her name was Angelica.
The baby girl I abandoned.
She's the girl from the case.
- I wasn't ready to talk to you about this.
- Don't touch me.
Giovanni, please.
Wait. Wait!
Wait, please.
Don't leave, let's talk about it.
- Wait!
- But who the fuck are you?
[yells] Huh?
Who the fuck are you?
[phone alert]
Answer me, come on.
[door opens]
[door slams]
[seabirds calling]
[Tomei's mother] You told me nobody knew!
- [Tomei] But nobody knows.
- [mother] So why did they call you?
- [Tomei] I don't know, maybe it's a joke.
- [mother] A joke? Does your brain work?
- [arguing continues]
- She always treats him like a loser,
and he, like a child, goes into his room
and slams the door shut.
[mother] I knew you'd get caught, loser!
- [Tomei] Not a loser!
- Loser.
- Was he Angelica's client?
- Sh! Wait.
- [mother] What did you do? Did you brag?
- [Tomei] No.
[mother] What did you say,
you always go after that stupid girl?
- Angelica.
- [Tomei] I haven't talked to anyone!
[mother] Well, now there's the trial,
there's Monaco's daughter.
- If anyone discovered that you're
- [Tomei] That's enough! Shut up!
- [bang]
- Door slammed.
You can turn it off now.
That was the important part.
- So he was a client.
- It's possible.
- He always went after Angelica.
- And he did something.
He could be the killer.
Let's keep listening. Maybe we'll be sure.
The prosecution needs to be sure.
I just need to establish reasonable doubt
and Linda will be free.
I have no more time. [sighs]
I have to find a way to bring Tomei
into the trial.
- Ruggero, you can't use this in court.
- I'll handle that.
Send it to me.
The next time they ask you for something,
I would like to be informed.
Remember that you work for me.
Not for Monaco.
But you published the photos.
Of course.
[breathing echoing]
I thought I was having a heart attack.
[woman] Your heart is fine.
Take these anxiolytics.
They will help you sleep.
Take care of yourself.
Try to rest as much as possible.
Keep to a regular routine
and do not feed obsessive thoughts.
Get distracted, stay with your family.
[group chanting] Angelica! Angelica!
- Hey
- Three, two, one
[doctor] Avoid stressful situations.
Madam Prosecutor,
any comment about the photos?
- Have you decided to report this?
- Will you press charges?
[all yelling]
Please, give us a comment.
What kind of job do you have?
I'm a prosecutor.
[bell rings]
[Ventura] I declare the hearing open.
We've finished the assessment
of the prosecution's witnesses.
- Let's move on to the defense witnesses.
- Okay.
Counselor Barone, go ahead.
Good morning.
They need to forget about Linda
and move their attention over to Angelica.
Blaming the victim is never a good idea.
Maybe Petroni was a whore,
but when you die you become a saint.
[mother] What did you say,
you always go after that stupid girl?
[Tomei] I haven't talked to anyone!
[mother] Well, now there's the trial,
there's Monaco's daughter.
- If anyone discovered that you're
- [Tomei] That's enough! Shut up!
Our list is shorter
than the prosecution's,
because as we've said
from the beginning, and I repeat,
the investigation went in
the wrong direction.
They had to shed light
on the dark areas of the victim's life.
She was too young, and murdered
without mercy, there is no doubt,
although she was far from innocent.
On the night of the murder,
Tomei was there,
and the wiretap suggests
he was involved.
How will you get him to court?
[Ruggero] I call the witness
Michela Dapporto.
[Ventura] Ms. Dapporto, good morning.
- Good morning.
- Please, take a seat.
[Ruggero] Miss Dapporto is
the first witness on our list,
and will help us outline
a truthful depiction of Angelica.
The point we want to prove,
Your Honor, is simple.
Michela, how do these images
make you feel?
- Uncomfortable.
- Exactly, Your Honor.
I believe the witness is not the only one
to feel that way.
Can we remove the photo?
Counselor, Mr. and Mrs. Petroni are
in the courtroom.
Yes, You Honor, I apologize
to Maurizio and Paola Petroni.
I am sorry to have upset them,
and every one else in this room today,
but I had to do it.
I had to do it for justice,
because I needed to make it clear
how the emotional element
could influence the judgment.
How can we not feel pity
for a young victim reduced to this state?
How can we not feel the overwhelming need
to find a culprit,
someone to punish,
someone to vent our anger on,
when we powerlessly witness
the effects of violence.
How is the conduct of the witness
and the victim relevant in this trial?
It is relevant if her habits
have exposed her to risks.
- Do you mean she got what she deserved?
- No, I'm just trying to understand,
without hypocrisy,
who could have killed the victim.
May I continue, Judge?
- [Ventura] Do.
- [Ruggero] Thank you.
First you will have to answer
only with one syllable. "Yes."
Michela, Angelica Petroni
was a prostitute?
- Yes.
- And you were part of a ring
controlled by Mr. Claudio Cavalleri,
Mrs. Linda Monaco's husband,
who then took his own life
when the scandal emerged?
- Yes.
- And Angelica used to help Mr. Cavalleri
in the management of this agency?
She used to find the girls.
I worked with Angelica as a hostess.
She asked me if I wanted to do it.
I treated it as a game.
I know I made a mistake.
I have no doubt. Next question.
How large was your client pool?
I met about ten of them.
Those who were investigated later
And Angelica knew them all, I suppose,
since she was the boss
That's enough! Shame on you.
Mr. Petroni, I fully understand
your state of mind.
If the subjects discussed here upset you,
I ask you to leave the room.
- [sniffles]
- Of course we're leaving!
Michela, answer, please.
Angelica once told me
that there were more than 30 clients,
some of them regulars, others
There's no proof of this.
The prosecution's investigation
found there were 11 clients.
[Ruggero] That's the point, Judge,
the prosecution's investigation
has never been thorough.
- That's ridiculous.
- Get to the point, Counselor.
They never shed any light on the matter!
30 men! 30!
Why would Miss Dapporto lie about
something the victim herself told her?
And if there were so many clients,
isn't it possible
that the killer was one of them?
And that's the point, Judge.
Thank you, Michela, I know
how difficult that was for you.
No further questions.
[Ventura] Let's move on to
the cross-examination. Prosecutor Guerra?
It is painful to note
that the defense is trying
everything it can to distract the court.
Angelica was not a saint.
She wasn't perfect, it's true.
But which of us is?
And even if she had made mistakes,
this doesn't entitle us to say
- that she deserved that death!
- Prosecutor, please don't digress.
Proceed with your cross-examination
without commenting.
[Elena] I'm sorry.
[sighs] Michela, we met at a sad moment.
The murder had recently been committed
and you had just been questioned
by my colleague.
Yes, I remember.
Today, you were called by the defense.
I have no doubt
that your answers were sincere,
but I believe Counselor Barone
didn't ask you everything.
He asked only what he wanted to
yeah, let's say that.
Elena Guerra will do a cross-examination.
You know what that is, right?
I'm not stupid.
She will want you to speak well
of Angelica, and we'll oblige.
Let's try to warm their hearts.
You told me that Angelica was very worried
in the last weeks of her life.
"She had been paranoid for a while,
about everything.
She needed to let off steam."
These are your words, right?
- Yes.
- Right. What was Angelica venting about?
Why was she so paranoid,
did she ever tell you?
Angelica knew she was making a mistake.
She said she wanted to stop.
She made it clear to me.
She said she did it
because Claudio had no money of his own
and she dreamed of running away with him.
This is why she did that.
- Is something wrong?
- Is it illegal, what we're doing?
Then, one time she told me
that she was afraid for her own safety.
Why? Who was she afraid of?
We tell a lie to get to the truth.
And what would be the truth?
We've got a guy
who might be the real killer,
but the law is complicated.
We can't use the evidence we have
against him.
The only way is to have a witness
who talks about him,
- even if she knows nothing about him.
- I want to be paid.
- We can do that.
- [Ruggero] Okay.
But in exchange,
you'll say certain things at the hearing
when the prosecutor cross-examines you.
What do I have to say?
First, say the name.
I think it was that guy who was
always following her. Nicola something
Who? Uh
Uh, Nicola?
Who who are you talking about?
Tomei. Yes, Nicola Tomei.
That guy was obsessed with Angelica.
I think he was her client.
He followed her everywhere.
Angelica was terrified of him.
Your Honor, in light of this testimony,
I ask to summon Nicola Tomei as a witness.
The testimony is circumstantial.
It was never mentioned
that Angelica was followed by anyone,
except by Bernardini, the private
investigator hired by Mrs. Monaco.
When I questioned Miss Dapporto
immediately after the murder she never
never mentioned this Tomei.
Yeah, but she did just now.
Judge, the witness spoke of a man
obsessed with the victim,
who she was terrified of.
I believe it is necessary
to hear from this Tomei.
[echoing] Registrar,
prepare the notification.
- Prosecutor?
- I don't feel well, sorry.
[Ventura] Do you have any other questions?
Do you want us to take a break?
- Or shall we conclude?
- No, let's conclude.
[Ventura] Good. The hearing is over.
The trial will resume
on February 20th at 9:30 a.m.
[Paola] May I?
Of course.
You're doing your best, I know.
Today, it wasn't enough.
I'd like to help you,
but I don't know how.
I don't know Tomei,
I only know he's our neighbor.
You already did everything you could
for Angelica.
Ever since Angelica died,
you're the best thing that happened to us.
Don't give up.
Ruggero, can we stop for a minute?
Monaco wants to see you. At his house.
- I'll be there.
- Gentlemen.
Vittorio, I'll call you.
What is it?
You don't seem happy.
No, it's a good turning point. But
I didn't remember Dapporto
ever mentioning that Tomei guy.
Maybe she remembered today.
Sometimes a stroke of luck
doesn't hurt, right?
[Elena] Bravo.
You prepared her nicely.
Nice touch, making her talk about Tomei
- in my cross-examination.
- That's the second time
you've accused me
of making a witness lie.
Maybe I was wrong with Orrico,
but not this time.
I'm sorry you weren't feeling well.
Clearly you haven't recovered.
You leaked the photos, didn't you?
- You're crazy.
- [phone buzzing]
You're risking being disbarred.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah
- [phone buzzing]
- [sighs]
Sorry, I was dodging Guerra.
- [De Grandis] What did she want?
- To tell me she loves me.
You'd make a nice couple.
I know, but I don't love her.
Keep tailing the guy she fucked.
I want to know everything.
I wanted to show you the wonder.
Look at that beauty, madame. Right?
Nice work, huh?
Would you like a coffee?
I can't stand this silence any longer.
If you have something to tell me, ma'am,
do it now, so
Have you started being formal again?
I wasn't thinking about it.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
- It was Francesca, right?
- Yes.
I figured. She was the only one
I confessed my screw-up to.
- But why didn't you tell me?
- Because I couldn't be sure, you know?
Andreoli, I need you.
Huh. And I'm here.
Barone had a new witness admitted.
Does the name Nicola Tomei ring a bell?
Nicola Tomei No.
I want to know who he is
and why he only turned up now.
Mm. Fine.
I got my job back?
- So, get to work. Go, go.
- So I'm going to work, sure.
[door opens]
Come in.
Oh! Ruggero! How are you?
- Tired after the hearing.
- After the victory, you mean.
- Am I disturbing you?
- No, not at all. No.
You collect keys.
I collect memories.
- They look very valuable.
- The doors they opened are.
Look, this one
is the key to my parents' house,
the one I grew up in.
And this one
The first factory I owned.
Remembering your roots,
so you don't lose the past.
You know, it's a way to make
what lies ahead clearer.
Look at this one.
This is from Linda's childhood room.
She was a lively and cheerful child,
with such imagination.
She said she wanted to be an explorer.
And then?
- She grew up.
- Like all of us.
You knew Claudio.
She changed so much for him.
One should not give up what one is
to please others.
And one should not give up the truth,
even if to find it,
one has to break the rules sometimes.
Mara informed you.
That's why she's there.
And what does Arrigoni think?
Arrigoni knows nothing. For him,
trials are just books and notes.
Do you consider your relationship
with Arrigoni temporary?
There are lawyers who know the law well,
and lawyers who know everything else well.
And you want everything else.
A studio of my own in a big city,
New York, London, Paris.
I could start from Milan.
Only high-level cases,
criminal or administrative.
Crimes without blood
and a shitload of money.
[Monaco] You get my daughter acquitted,
and I'll see what I can do
to get you your first key.
- What do you want?
- May I come in?
- Do you still want to report me?
- No!
I thought about what you told me…
and I left you with a big decision
while you were still a child.
I always thought that
the most important problems
were those that concerned my work.
Your mother took care
of everything else,
and when she died, I realized that
the issues that were closest to me
were not simpler at all,
and that I was
completely unable to deal with them.
So I took refuge in my work.
I told you you're wrong
and I still think so, as a magistrate,
but whatever you decide to do,
I'm with you.
I should have told you then,
but I'm telling you now.
Come in.
[thunder rumbling]
Are you asleep?
Look, since it's very late,
do you mind if I sleep here?
Never mind.
It's just that I'm not used to it.
But stay, I'd be glad.
I'll pretend to believe you,
since you're so good at convincing people.
[thunder rumbling]
[phone buzzing]
Sorry for calling you so early.
I might have discovered
something about Tomei.
I thought it was important
to tell you right away.
Uh when did you discover it, tonight?
I suffer from insomnia.
It's been going on for several years.
I've tried everything.
My wife told me to try hypnosis,
but to tell you the truth,
going to someone who
Okay, that's enough.
Give me time to get dressed.
Where are you?
I'm here, at the bar outside your house.
It's the only one that serves
a decent savory breakfast.
I have low blood pressure
and salt is what I need.
I don't know if I'm ready to know
these things about you,
- at least not this early.
- The doctor says
- it would be enough to put three
- I'm coming. Bye.
- Are you feeling better?
- I'm great, thanks.
- [clerk] The Court is in session.
- [bell rings]
[Ventura] Sit down.
I declare this hearing open.
I call Nicola Tomei,
who was called in the last hearing.
- Mr. Tomei, good morning.
- [Tomei] Good morning.
Please, take a seat.
Counselor Barone, you can start.
Mr. Tomei, did you know Angelica Petroni?
I've met her a few times.
We were neighbors, nothing else.
Nothing else
And is it correct to say
that you work for the catering service
"Il Mantovano, Catering and Cooking",
and that this same service
supplied the party
at which Angelica Petroni was working
the night she was killed?
That night you recognized each other,
right? You were neighbors.
Maybe when you saw each other, you said,
"What a coincidence, we're both here."
We didn't speak.
Perhaps because Angelica Petroni
was afraid of you and your threats?
I didn't threaten anyone.
I don't know why she said
I threatened her. It is not true.
Do you know what I think?
That you liked Angelica.
You used to see her leave the house
and you would think,
"How nice it would be to go out with her."
Then you found out
that Angelica was a prostitute
and you thought, "At least for a fee,
I can finally have her."
Your Honor, this is a theory.
Did Angelica ever reject you?
- No.
- Did she ever tell you you're a loser?
- What the fuck? I'm not a loser.
- And that's when you killed her.
- Because you couldn't have her.
- I didn't kill anyone.
Counselor Barone is not discovering
the culprit. He's creating one.
Counselor, your purpose is clear,
but I want to hear questions,
not statements.
Unlike Ms. Guerra,
I refer to proven facts.
Were you there that night?
Were you at the party location?
- Yes.
- And Angelica Petroni was afraid of you.
As Michela Dapporto reported.
Come on, tell the truth
and clean your conscience.
I had finished my shift. I left early.
So you'd have time to kill her?
I didn't kill anyone!
And is this how you didn't threaten
Angelica Petroni?
- Judge, please intervene.
- No problem.
I'm done.
Do you want to proceed
with cross-examination?
- Hey.
- Hi.
- So?
- Uh
This is the first report
of the escort case, a year ago.
It's the interview with Michele Galli,
the entrepreneur who was
with Cavalleri and the five girls
- on the night of the crime.
- Yup.
- Here a certain Nicola is mentioned.
- Tomei?
It doesn't say the surname,
but it's likely that it's him.
Look, if you read this,
he says that Cavalleri
always complained to him
because Nicola didn't give him a break.
Caputo didn't go into that,
he was only interested in finding out
who the customers were.
All right, let's go talk to Galli.
Yes. Are are we going now?
- Yes, bring the toast. Come on.
- Yup.
Mr. Tomei, do you want to tell us
where you were the night of the murder?
- I've already told you.
- No.
You said you finished your shift
and left, but where did you go?
Do you see the screen behind you?
You are that red dot,
at five minutes to midnight,
the time when Angelica Petroni came out
to the Palazzo Te's garden.
A minute later,
you moved and entered a cell phone area
that does not include the Palazzo Te,
and then you turned off your phone.
Where did you go?
I don't remember, maybe home.
Ask my mother.
Your Honor, there were several minutes
during which Mr. Tomei
could've easily gone back,
with his phone switched off,
and carry out the murder.
Or maybe he went to Claudio Cavalleri.
Have you ever met the defendant's husband?
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Does Michele Galli stay here?
- [knocking]
- What do you want?
- I'm Elena Guerra.
I know who you are.
I don't want to waste your time.
I just need to know
if you've ever heard
of a certain Nicola Tomei.
I've already said
everything I knew a year ago.
We're not here to get you in trouble.
May I?
Cavalleri told me that there was a boy
who bothered him.
What do you mean?
A guy who was trying to blackmail him.
I only remember that
the night that girl was killed,
Claudio had to talk to him
late in the evening to make a deal.
Did you see his face?
He arrived in a car while I was leaving.
No, it was not a car, it was a van.
A white van.
[Elena] You risk being accused of murder.
Is this what you really want?
I loved Angelica.
I would never have killed her.
One day, I decided to make a move, but…
"But" what?
My mom told me to leave her alone.
A girl like her could never be
with someone like me.
[Elena] And then what happened?
She was right.
[Elena] Explain yourself better, please.
I tried but she didn't want me.
So what did you do?
I started following her.
[Elena] Why?
I couldn't get her out of my head.
So I found out what she was doing.
Do you mean prostitution?
- Yes.
- [Elena] So what did you do?
I found out that Claudio Cavalleri
ran the girls, so I went to him.
To make him pay.
He had turned Angelica into a whore
and he was getting money out of it.
- I wanted to make some money too.
- Did you blackmail him?
- I asked him for money.
- You blackmailed him.
- Yes.
- [Elena] Just tell me this.
To make Cavalleri pay
for turning your beloved Angelica
into a whore
were you the one who leaked the news
of the escort business on the Internet?
And do you know
that Cavalleri committed suicide
after the release of that news?
I do.
So, the night of March 3rd,
you went to meet him,
here in Via Parini, number 40,
in the hotel where the meeting took place
between the five escorts,
Cavalleri and Michele Galli
- We don't have this.
- as verified by the testimony
- of Galli himself
- You Honor, this is unacceptable.
Ms. Guerra is conducting an interrogation
with materials not available
to the defense.
They were available.
We sent a fax to the defense office,
I'll show you the receipt later.
So you went there, to the hotel
where this soirée was held,
let's call it that.
Yes. [sniffles]
I told Cavalleri that he either paid me
or I'd stitch him up.
And you never returned to Palazzo Te?
No, why should I have?
I'm finished.
Is everything all right, Mr. Tomei?
I'm sorry.
For what?
Because I didn't tell you what I saw
that night, when I was leaving.
[phone ringing]
[man] Angelica, where the fuck are you?
Are you kidding?
[Tomei] I heard a phone ring,
I turned and
there was a man dressed in black
on a scooter and
he answered the phone and said,
"Angelica, where the fuck are you?"
[dog barking]
- [Linda] Come here, bitch.
- [Angelica] What the fuck do you want?
[Ventura] Are you sure?
[sobbing] Yes.
[keys rattling]
[buzzer sounds]
[door opens]
- Hi.
- Hey.
[door closes]
It didn't go as we had hoped today,
but at least now we know
that there was someone else
waiting for Angelica outside the party.
In short
- everything is under control.
- I'm not worried.
Yes, because now I know you believe me.
But? What is it?
That dinner
since you reminded me of it,
I can't help thinking about
how things could have gone,
had you been there beside me.
Can you promise me one thing?
Will you take me to dinner?
If I'm released.
All right.
[Ruggero sighs]
I can't wait.
You promise?
I promise.
[siren blaring]
Good morning.
- [De Grandis] I've been looking for you.
- Did you miss me?
I have to talk to you. Let's meet now.
- What happened?
- Let's talk in person.
- A nice romantic place?
- Look.
An old visitor log
from Santa Caterina. So?
Eighteen years old. Look who went there.
Lanzoni, biological father.
What does Elena have to do
with Angelica's father?
Did they meet during the investigation?
- Maybe, yes.
- Is she crazy?
Why take such a risk?
Why not wait for the trial to end?
Because love is strange. Or Look.
The mother is never indicated,
not even here.
We went to the children's home
early on the investigation.
- Do you remember we talked to that nun?
- Yes, yes.
She said she hadn't found any documents
with information about Angelica.
Maybe someone wanted
to make them disappear…
but didn't work hard enough.
- [door opens]
- [Andreoli] Elena?
- Yes?
- Sorry.
If you don't need anything else,
I'm leaving.
Yes, sure. Go, Andreoli. See you tomorrow.
No, tomorrow is Saturday.
So have a good weekend.
Is there something wrong?
Today, I mean. During the hearing.
You were great.
- Yeah, well I don't think so.
- No, you were.
You stood up to the defense very well.
Tomei is not the killer,
but he said he saw a man out there.
We're still in trouble.
Don't worry, we'll make it.
Now listen to me, you go home, too, hm?
And get some rest.
[phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- [man] Elena Guerra?
That's me. Who is this?
Hi, my name is Alberto Canfora.
I'm your husband's lawyer.
Giovanni prefers that the separation
be arranged through lawyers.
Have you already chosen one?
No. No, I haven't thought about it yet.
Okay, take care of it
and we'll talk again soon.
- All right.
- Good evening.
Thanks, you too.
Nice piece of junk. When do we change it?
Do you ever think about it?
It will all be over soon.
The magistrates will continue
to come and go,
counselors will be running
because they are late for a hearing.
The gears will continue to run forever.
What do you want?
- Do you want to make love?
- [scoffs]
I'm kidding, come on. I come in peace.
Can I offer you a drink?
[buzz of conversation]
- So?
- You have doubts.
What do you mean?
I watched you
during Tomei's cross-examination.
I think you're starting to think
it wasn't Linda.
You wish.
Come on, admit it,
otherwise you'd never have come here.
Only if you admit what you did with Tomei.
I don't know how,
but you knew he was involved.
You manipulated the Dapporto girl
and took him to court,
hoping to make him confess.
but you had no such luck.
Of course, if I too had the cell map
and the documents available
- I checked. You never sent them.
- Mm.
What do you want to do?
- Nothing, I get it.
- After what you did to Francesca.
I know everything. I can't prove it,
but we're not in court here, are we?
She told me a true fact
and I used it to demolish your line.
It's part of the game.
So is this what the trial is to you?
A game?
You're the one
who takes everything too seriously.
Angelica is dead.
I take a murdered girl seriously.
You call her by name more and more often.
She is no longer just Angelica Petroni.
It's "Angelica."
Anyway, you're good too, you know?
- Hm?
- Seducing, confusing the court,
- the witnesses.
- [chuckling]
I never understood
how you lawyers do your job.
You take pieces of truth and distort them,
and then present them in the courtroom
to sow the seeds of doubt.
Are you really convinced
of Linda's innocence
or is it just convenient to you?
Your work is not so different from mine.
- No?
- No, you do that too.
You take pieces of truth
and expect to send people
to prison for life.
And the only way to find out
what really happened
would be to go back in time,
but that's not possible.
This is the difference between us.
- You just pretend it's not like that.
- You have a problem with me.
Look, I know what happened
to your parents, I'm sorry.
But you can't be angry
with the whole judiciary.
I'm not angry with anyone.
You're the prosecution. I'm the defense.
That piece of junk belonged to my mother.
That's why I never changed it.
Keep breathing, keep breathing ♪
Keep breathing, keep breathing
Keep breathing ♪
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