The Ultimatum: Queer Love (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

Is Love Enough

Set the city on fire, light it up ♪
[TIFF] You guys ready? Wait
up, wait up! You guys ready?
And go!
I can't get over
how you make me feel ♪
Am I dreaming or is this real? ♪
Zoey, come here.
Good girl.
Oh, baby, she's gonna have to go.
- She
She is sand.
- "Have a puppy," they said.
- "It'll be fun," they said.
[TIFF] Well, that's our youngest child.
I think that we should
definitely have alone dates.
Welcome to parent life
with the fur babies.
I mean, I don't think a
human baby would do this,
but, like, I don't ever
want to have babies again.
[TIFF] Just, like, so much energy.
I feel that tired parent
vibe going on right now.
Babe, this is a lot of work.
Have you thought about
Okay, I get it. Shylo and, like, Zoey
sometimes annoys the fuck out of us.
But, like, my son's already 16.
He's, like, a teenager, and
he'll be annoying in the sense of,
like, he might get an attitude
'cause he's a teenager, you know?
He's never ever been
disrespectful towards me.
- No, he's not disrespectful
- Yeah.
Hope he's not, but, like
Say we're at the beach, and he's
just having a really bad day.
And we're having a bad
day with them, and then
It's an addition to our stress,
is what I'm trying to say.
What's that gonna look like for us?
I think sometimes he wants
your attention when I'm over,
and so he'll come to the door a lot.
You'll be like, "Hi. Can I help
you?" And he just sits there.
The amount of patience you have
towards him is so admirable.
I see how much you love him,
just by the way you talk to him.
And how gentle you are with him.
And I know sometimes
he can't really absorb something
that might seem pretty
obvious to people,
but then you really take
your time to break it down
and just kinda, like, let
him come to his own answer.
You don't tell him how to be a kid.
You tell him how to responsibly
make his own choices,
to how he wants to live his life.
Mildred's child, he's special needs.
If I'm going to marry Mildred,
her son may have to live with us,
um, even into his adulthood.
My son, he's gonna be an adult
soon, and, you know, it's a lot.
[TIFF] If we do get married
and do have a family together,
I see adventure.
I see being able to experience
a lot of different
things in life, you know?
That's what I wanna see, I'm
sure Josh'd want to be part of.
[MILDRED] Yeah, definitely.
I think that just, like, having
[CHUCKLES] I think that
just having this, um
- Oh God. Fuck, okay.
- [MILDRED] Zoe.
Still want to move in?
Oh my God.
Gimme a kiss, babe.
I love you.
We are golden ♪
Yes, we are ♪
Hear the thunder, see the stars ♪
[FRIEND] Cheers for a
- [SAM] Yes! Oh my gosh.
- [AUSSIE] Oh my gosh.
- Reunited, I guess. I don't know.
- Reunited.
- Hey. Oh my God.
- Oh my
- Thank you.
- How was your experience?
- [SAM] Yeah. I know how to speak up now.
And I'm always there to just
enable, at the end of the day.
- Aussie needs to handle this on her own.
- Stand up for me.
Yeah. Stand her ground and, like,
actually put forth what you learned.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Even before coming to the experience,
Aussie doesn't communicate.
Aussie is thinking in Aussie's head.
When I get tired or even
stressed, I'm a little short.
[SAM] When that's
happening, you don't listen.
You're so in your head, you don't
actually know what's happening.
You have bad energy.
Like, you have bad energy.
- I don't have bad energy. I'm just
- You don't think you do.
Yeah, but the thing is, I don't.
- You keep trying to defend yourself.
- Anyway, well
But there's no need for
that 'cause I'm talking.
New version of Sam. This is the new Sam.
I feel that you think that
it's all about my improvement.
You do understand I have
things to work on too, right?
I haven't seen it from
you, that you're different.
- [SAM] Really?
- You haven't seen the new Sam?
The new Sam.
You're trying to tell me
I'm not showing up different?
- [AUSSIE] No.
- You haven't seen any changes in me?
- I'm saying
- That's offensive.
I haven't seen this new Sam
give me the benefit of the doubt,
see my side of the story.
You keep saying "new
Sam." So are you saying
the new Sam doesn't listen to you?
I'm saying the new Sam may be
overcompensating for her needs
which were not met prior,
and now you don't even see my side.
- I don't know what you're asking.
- I liked how she's
I just want you to see my side.
[SAM] Can you just entertain the idea
that the reason you
don't like how I act now
is because I'm not giving in
to all your needs every time?
No, that's not it. That's bullshit.
- And I'm paying attention to my needs?
- I'm sorry. That's bullshit.
[AUSSIE] No, that's bullshit.
I think about you all
the time. I put you first.
But you're calling her
actual feelings bullshit?
How would you feel if she
said that about your feelings?
- She's saying that practically.
- I don't.
- But she literally did not.
- [SAM] I've never said that. Ever.
But you just You literally
just said those words.
I've shut down. I'm sorry.
So this has been our main roadblock.
This "new version of me"
is literally just like,
"I'm not gonna keep
enabling you anymore."
I'm going to actually speak up now,
and that is what Aussie doesn't like.
I'm cool to stay here.
- You can see if Aussie's okay?
- Yeah.
Oh my God.
- How are you doing?
- [AUSSIE] Not good.
Maybe I'm not good
enough for her, you know?
I'm not there yet. I'm trying.
- What makes you think that you
- But I I'm trying.
But the thing is, I'm trying, and
I cannot have my partner dismiss
how I feel too.
- Dismiss my side of the story too.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm not where she's at, so, like
What about my version? Which was
like, "I didn't mean to make you mad."
"I didn't mean to make you feel like
I was being rude to you. I'm sorry."
"There's two fucking people here.
You're not always fucking right."
"Can you please be open-minded enough
that I am telling you the truth?"
"My truth too."
"I'm accepting your truth.
Why can't you accept my truth?"
You know where it takes me back
to, is my fucking childhood.
When I would be blamed for everything,
and it was not even my fucking fault.
I didn't do shit.
I fucking didn't do shit!
I fucking didn't do shit!
- [SHOUTS] I fucking didn't do it!
- Come here.
- I fucking didn't do it! I didn't do it.
- Come here.
trying to be good enough.
At the end of it all ♪
It's just heartache ♪
[AUSSIE] I'm trying so hard.
I'm trying to be the
perfect girlfriend,
perfect lover, perfect kid,
perfect daughter, perfect co-worker,
I'm still not good enough.
Now I build my walls ♪
Bury the pain ♪
I thought she'd come in.
- Maybe she needs fresh air.
- I thought she would too.
Thank you.
Sorry [SIGHS]
At the end of it all ♪
It's just heartache ♪
Tried everything ♪
For you to stay ♪
But it was too late ♪
Sometimes it's hard to
have conversations with you,
because I know how
they're gonna turn out.
More so in terms of
just you listening to me,
and it doesn't become,
like, this fucking hot topic.
I've already said this.
You're very strong-willed.
You're very opinionated.
And sometimes I feel
like I'm on the defense,
when I'm trying to tell
you how I'm feeling.
We don't have to feel the same way.
We can agree to disagree,
but listen and be like,
"Okay, well, that's not how
I feel. This is how I feel."
And not, like, making me feel
like I'm wrong or, like, dumb.
I think sometimes I can't get out
of my own head when we're in it.
One-upping one another and
making you question something.
I don't want that.
I was in mock trial.
I picked a lane and I argued for it
and in favor of it and consistently.
- So
- Sounds about right.
This is something I like about
you, when it's not, um [CHUCKLES]
geared toward this lil lil gal.
In terms of, like, marriage,
I don't want the games.
I'm not in I'm not I'm not
single. I don't want to be single.
I don't wanna feel like I'm
single, like I'm dating around,
and like somebody has
a freaking area code
in their phone number for somebody else.
I don't want that.
- I don't want that version of the game.
I don't think we really, like, do that.
- We don't.
- I don't think it's healthy to do that.
Like, I think we know of a couple
that does do a lot of petty gaminess.
Like, "How can I one-up this person?"
"How can I make this person,
like, want me," or, like, whatever.
If you're in a marriage, I
don't know if that's, like
I would rather us make each
other want us in purposeful ways.
Like, I'd rather, our version
of, like, a "game," if you will,
is you coming home from work
and me wearing something
sexy, cooking dinner.
If that's a game to us.
That'll be my game.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
You gotta show me, show me love ♪
Show me, show me love ♪
Um, what happened today
was realization that how
I'm feeling in that moment,
which is so much anger
and so much pain
I said, "This feels
like when I was a kid."
I didn't know it was there.
- Like, I had no idea.
- I know. I know.
But that's what I feel
every time we fight, like
But you know that I'm
there for you, right?
- Yes, I know.
- Yeah.
- You have so much support and love.
- [AUSSIE] I know.
- And you don't even see all of it.
- I don't even see it. [CHUCKLES, SNIFFS]
You're going through a lot
of, like, really heavy stuff.
- [SAM] For me, marriage is about growth.
- [AUSSIE] Me too.
I think that it wouldn't make any sense
to hold unrealistic expectations of
"We're gonna come into this experience,
and we're gonna be
fully healed at the end."
But we need to communicate better.
I mean, I want to get there.
I love you.
Okay? I just don't feel
safe with you just yet, okay?
Why do I feel some sort of a ?
Because that that is something
that is not easy for anybody to hear.
A lot of things that you
do come off as selfish.
Right. [SNIFFS]
A lot of times, I literally
feel like I'm bending backwards
to help create a safe space for you.
- That freaking sucks.
- Mm-hmm.
So moving forward, like,
how do you see that
situation changing, though?
[AUSSIE] Mm-mmm.
I feel like that's not,
like, a hard thing to answer.
Like, it's obvious.
Do you see how Do
you hear it right now?
- How you're raising
- I feel annoyed.
- Yeah, why?
- Yeah.
- Why are you feeling annoyed?
- Why are you asking that dumb question?
You're being very
disrespectful to me right now.
You're speaking to me in
a very condescending tone.
Okay, so why did you ask
me that question, then?
Why are you asking me that?
Your whole tone just changed
to being very condescending.
But that's why I'm asking.
You're raising your voice at me
and calling my questions dumb.
Why would you ask me that? Why?
- Can you acknowledge that you're
- Okay. I acknowledge. I'm sorry.
This is one of these moments
where you're being rude.
Okay, but I feel like you're
being rude to me by asking that
- I'm not being rude to you.
- Sure.
I'm just saying
You're not in listening mode right now.
Because you're telling me
that I did something wrong.
- Like, no, I didn't.
- What'd I do?
Okay. So we're having the same issue
where you're feeling
like I'm telling you
you did something wrong,
but I didn't say anything.
All right.
I'm listening to you.
Can you, like, be in a
less defensive position
where I feel like you're
actually listening to me?
Do you see the question you
asked made me feel the way I did?
- Do you see that too?
- I didn't make you feel any way.
All right. Whatever.
- I didn't intend to make you feel any way.
- Okay. You're right. I know.
I'm good.
Okay, but let's not just blankly use
that "I'm good" statement, like
I don't. I I'm good.
What do you want me to do, mate?
You're starting to act
like an ass right now.
You started talking to
me in a very rude manner.
And you called me "mate"?
I don't know.
Why are you calling me
"mate" all of a sudden?
I don't know.
Can we Are we done?
[SAM] So now you're just
gonna walk away? Like
Yeah, I'm I don't know. I don't
wanna talk about this shit anymore.
It's Can I Are we done?
[SAM] Are you really just
walking away from me right now?
[AUSSIE] Just you know, you
haven't done anything wrong.
Just let me be.
I don't want to talk about this anymore.
You know what? I can tell
you, with certainty
[AUSSIE] Mm-hmm.
this is not what
I want in a marriage.
That's fine.
Apparently, I'm an ass
right now, so let me leave.
Yeah, you absolutely are.
Is the road too long? ♪
Do you feel like your hope is gone? ♪
Is the night too dark? ♪
She's been my rock, you know?
expressed that she was hurt,
she was trying her best.
I could see that. I know her.
I came on the experience
for Sam and I's relationship.
And we both made a commitment to
fully immerse ourselves in this.
If she's telling you
this is what she needs
and you're waiting because of
your insecurities and your fears?
Because of past past hurts?
You're gonna lose that person that
that means the world to you.
So, I'm getting very clear on that.
That I I don't want
to lose the person
that I know is the one.
Do we have the strength
to believe in it? ♪
Where is the love that we seek? ♪
[AUSSIE] I'm sorry.
Where is the truth to believe in? ♪
- Be you, do you, for you ♪
Act like a lady ♪
Think like a boss, like a boss, yeah ♪
[VANESSA] Papa, Papa.
That's my future. I'm
gonna be a handsome man.
- [MARK] Hey, guys!
- Hi.
- Great to see you.
- Good to see you.
- You look so good.
- You look so good.
- Oh, thanks.
- Welcome.
Haven't seen you guys in a while.
So you guys have been living
back with each other for
- Two weeks now.
- Two weeks. Yeah.
[XANDER] We've gone
through a lot of stuff
I feel that we have
not talked about before.
And I don't know, like, it's hard.
Yeah, so
- Yeah. So you met Rae, my trial wife.
- [MARK] Mm-hmm. Yes.
I think I finally came to the conclusion
that I do want to marry someone
and have a kid with someone
and raising them and
having that connection.
And I do really love you.
And I do see a future with us.
So it's been really hard that that's
how I came out of my trial marriage.
- And then to be thrown into this.
- Yeah.
A month ago, I thought I
was gonna come into this
and be like, "Now let's
figure some stuff out."
- And I have been, like, super guarded.
- Guarded with me, not with Yoly.
Oh yeah, sorry. Yeah, I've
been guarded with Vanessa.
Once we started living together,
there were so many things in my head.
Like, it just felt so different.
I still am trying to place,
like, what that means
for us and for our future.
The thing is, we do
love each other so much,
and we do care about each other so much.
But then I was with my
trial marriage partner,
and she also is, like,
ready to get married
and have kids and everything.
It was easy and natural, and
one of the biggest things was
that Yoly kept asking me,
"What does Xander need?"
And I feel like I've never
been asked that before, ever.
Like, that's something I needed.
I'm not someone to just, like,
pour my heart out right away, right?
It did mean a lot that I was like,
"Okay. I feel I trust this
girl enough to tell her things,"
and she was telling me stuff.
I think we learned a
lot from each other.
I think I learned a
lot about myself also.
Everything's just
been turned around now.
That's a lot for you to process there.
- I know.
- [MARK] Wow.
The perspective of coming here was
Xander wanted to get
married, and you didn't.
After you've been through this,
you wanna get married.
That's what you're saying.
It's undeniable that a part of that
is you don't want to lose Xander.
You'd be willing to maybe do something
that you wouldn't have done before
because of that fear of loss.
- Right?
- There's a part.
- But that's not dominant
- No, it has to be there.
I'll tell you, I've
been a victim of this
where someone is pulling away from you,
and you want to win them back
to win them back because
you want to be chosen, right?
But I know, looking back at myself,
in one particular relationship
where I thought, "Oh my God. I
really love this person. I have "
Afterwards, I look back, and I thought,
"That was totally my ego kicking in."
Certainly, I guess what I'm hearing is
Xander progressed more
with, like, a self-analysis
and really trying to figure out,
"What do I want? And
what's gonna make me happy?"
- Yeah.
- Um, so
- I disagree with that.
- Okay.
I feel like I did that just the same.
Okay. Um
Just because I didn't love someone
and have sex with them a lot
- That didn't need to happen.
- Okay.
My heart's never broken like this.
When it comes crashing down ♪
So what's going on?
I don't know how much Mal
told you about the process,
who I ended up doing
my trial marriage with.
At first I was like,
"This is cool, cute."
Like, we'll grow, I figured.
After a week with Xander,
I was just kind of like, "Oh shit."
What is the "oh shit" part?
The "oh shit" was me
falling in love with Xander.
- And feeling a connection there.
- What?
[YOLY] Mm-hmm.
- [ALICIA] I'm confused.
- What's confusing?
- This is your person.
- [YOLY] I came
This is a lot. I'm in shock.
I don't know what to say.
I know.
It is a lot.
How do you feel?
I mean I just
Such a generalized
question, but, like
That wasn't the plan.
A little bamboozled.
- [ALICIA] It doesn't sound real.
- [MAL] Right.
I'm sitting here with
you guys, and I'm like
It never made me feel
like I love Mal any less.
Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no
So So what does that mean, Yoly?
What does that mean for
How do you feel about Mal?
[YOLY] I love Mal so much.
She's a best friend.
She is kin to me. She
The connection here is untouched.
To me, at least. Beyond.
But, when I think about
solidifying my future, I worry.
And this person has that checked off.
You're saying you
kinda love them both.
How does three weeks
measure up to three years?
It's hard for me to say.
I didn't realize I was so
terrible in three years.
[YOLY] Not saying you're terrible.
If it was just me, if I didn't
want children, no problem.
I can deal with her messiness. I
can deal with her inconsistency,
with being annoyed, 'cause it's just me.
But when I think about having
children, that's what's fucked me up.
- Are you a godmother to any children?
- No.
I Multiple people have
asked me to be their godparent.
And that's beautiful.
[MAL] Because I do show up responsible.
As a person that can be a great mother.
And they all affirm me of that often.
So, when you tell me you're unsure
of the type of parent I could be,
I don't understand you.
So, I feel like, what is it,
actually? It can't be just that.
I'm 34. I don't have many viable years.
And if this person's not ready, then
let me find somebody who's ready.
Are you also confident that
this Xander person
is gonna give you that?
[YOLY] In these three weeks, we
had talks about what we would do,
how we would handle it. Finances
She is on the right kind of
insurance that would cover.
She also has money aside
that would cover any kind
of, like, outside expenses.
- And she's
- You saw that account?
You have seen her finances for this?
You guys have talked
that deeply about this?
First time hearing this.
Makes much more sense as
to why you're so in love.
'Cause I was confused, and now I'm not.
Finances. This changes the game.
Mal, to be completely
clear, I'm not judging you
based on your fucking bank account.
But, like, IVF is a
very real possibility.
Have I not shown up that way?
[YOLY] Are you starting to save for it?
You're not doing that.
You have not done that.
Okay. Okay.
Yo, Yoly, I'm trippin'. I'm
really trippin' right now.
Okay. Goodbye.
This situation is just fucked up.
- Complete trash.
- It's trash.
Sometimes love is not enough.
And Yoly is kinda saying that.
"Love is not enough."
[SUCKS TEETH] If I proposed,
would you still approve?
Never heard you pause
this long on a question.
What is best for Mal?
Who calls it love? ♪
Who calls it love? ♪
That leaves us all in pain ♪
Who calls it love? ♪
Who calls it love ♪
Hi, Zoey.
Today is the last night
that we're spending together,
so I just want to stay in and cuddle
and, like, talk to you about life.
Before me coming into this experience,
I wasn't deeply thinking about marriage,
and all of a sudden, now
I actually am thinking
about marriage with you.
We both want the same things.
Working together and, like,
getting to where we need to be next.
That's something that I lived through,
like, before, when I was married.
- I learned so much from it, and I just
- What did you learn from it?
Looking back at it, I know that
I was not in love with my ex.
I married her because I trusted her.
- You married her because you trusted her?
- I did trust
You didn't marry her because
you were in love with her?
That's not Tiff. Yeah,
I'm not truly in love,
but I do love them as a human,
as a person, as what we have.
But, the fact is, you were actually
never in love with your ex-wife.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yet you married her.
That's very scary because
I actually am thinking
about marriage with you.
You telling me that you love me,
which I'm sure you did with her,
and now I'm thinking in my head,
"What does that mean to me?"
I don't think people that marry
only marry for one reason, Tiff.
We both really, strongly
wanted to have businesses,
and we both looked at life
in the same direction. We
So you married your business partner?
That's like a little red flag to me.
I thought I loved her, in the
moment that I decided to marry her.
We decided to go sign a paper and
go do what we thought marriage was.
People were like, "You guys are crazy.
This is fast. What if it doesn't work?"
I didn't care about all that. I
wanted to do it because I wanted to.
What you're saying right now
is It's bullshit, Mildred.
You go back and forth between,
"I loved this person
but I wasn't in love.
I didn't know what love meant."
Your version of love
is all over the place.
Do you really take marriage seriously?
Because maybe you just want
these "ideas of marriage"
more than you actually want the person.
Do you think your son
deserves to have parents
that are in love with each other?
You'll never know, because
you don't have a son,
and you're not a single
mother. And you
I know what it's like to be a child
with parents not loving each other.
You know what it is to be the child
And that's why I want you solid with me
to know when you say that you love me,
I need to know how you define
That makes sense that you
want something solid now, Tiff,
but you are sitting here, defining
me by my actions in the past.
You're sitting here,
defining my love for you
with the love that I had for my ex-wife.
But what I will not allow
you to do is to tell me that
the same way I was
confused when I married
is the same way I'm confused now.
That I won't allow you to,
because I know what I feel.
I see failed marriages
everywhere around me.
I'm just like, "Why the fuck
would someone want to get married
to someone that isn't in
love with them to begin with?"
- I'm gonna break you, break you down ♪
Ah ya ♪
It's all or nothing, nothing now ♪
I know that right now I'm
solid, and I know what I feel.
And if that's something
that is not enough for you,
maybe that means you're not
the person I need to marry.
[AUSSIE] How do you feel about
it being our last night together?
- I'm very independent.
- [AUSSIE] Yeah.
[SAM] But obviously you're not
the only one with insecurities.
- [AUSSIE] Mmm.
- I hate to say it, but I've had moments
Um, I physically felt
the wall that you put up.
I physically saw a different
face on you, like
Those were some very lonely moments.
This experience has highlighted
for me, I gotta be intentional.
Every interaction, every emotion.
Like, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Every moment in this experience matters.
My ability to hear you when
you tell me of your needs,
that is so tied to the root of all
the other issues I'm trying to solve.
Like, unconditional love towards myself.
If I could fix the root of the issue,
then I think that,
when I have self-love,
I'm able to love you. [CHUCKLES]
I'm actually embarrassed to
Um, for you
- For me?
- for you to see, like, to meet my family.
- You're embarrassed?
- I'm embarrassed.
Because, like, they're Like
my brother was trying to say,
in a really nice way, they're
pretty close-minded people.
Obviously the goal here
is that we are hoping to get
engaged at the end of this.
If this person sees me being my
full authentic self as a bad thing,
then what are they doing in my life?
We shouldn't be surrounded by people
who are trying to bring us down.
We should be surrounded
by people who empower us
and make us feel like we are
amazing and beautiful and strong.
- All those things.
- Yeah.
I would like to experience
what it would be like to
grow up in a happy home.
I really believe that, if it wasn't
for my experience with my grandma,
I wouldn't know how to love.
With everything I've been
through, I don't think I would.
I would just be in pain, and I
would just not even know how to
I told you before,
too, your brother too.
- Ron.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
He is a lot of how he is
because you raised him.
Thank you for that.
But I don't regret anything.
My mom did the best she
could with what she had.
My dad, even my dad did the
best he could with what he had.
- You know? So, um
- Right. Right.
And I know they did their best
because everyone's doing their best.
In every moment.
Yeah. Including you.
Including me. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah.
- You forget that one the most.
I do.
In these times ♪
On these nights ♪
In the hard times ♪
We're all each other has
until the morning lights ♪
I don't wanna fall in love ♪
Listen to my heartbeat ♪
Follow to the shoreline ♪
I would like our last night to be,
like, peaceful and full of love.
- Sounds good.
- What do you want?
I want pizza.
That's your sad girl food.
Not you knowing me.
But this isn't light.
This isn't picking a restaurant.
[SCOFFS] Like, this
is a big fucking deal.
How do you think our
trial marriage has gone?
It's a little bit of a blur. Um
Got to learn new things about you.
- In a good way or bad way?
- [MAL] I don't know.
It feels like home. Like,
you feel like home to me.
And sometimes home is
an amazing place to be,
and sometimes home just isn't.
- [YOLY] Mm-hmm.
- But it's always still home.
How do you think your
trial marriage went with me?
Um I think at first
it was super hard.
It was hard and heart-wrenching
for my own reasons of just
feeling, like, bad, guilty.
And also kinda feeling mad at
you, but those feelings settled.
You You are amazing.
You've been showing up.
Fucking incredible.
More than I can ask for.
Like, more than I imagined.
I like who I've grown to be with you.
- That doesn't mean it's been easy.
- It's like that growth spurt I never had.
I heard about everyone having
growing pains where they had
Your bones hurt, and you
grow an inch overnight.
That's what it feels
like in here. Like
The growth spurt. Yeah,
that's a perfect analogy.
- Growing pains and all that shit.
- Happened pretty quick.
[MAL] This trial
marriage has been tough.
I've shown up all the ways I could.
I've, like, led with
love every single day.
I'm not trying to pressure Yoly.
I'm not trying to force her hand.
But I can't help but think
that this could literally be
my final night that I spend with Yoly.
Like, forever.
[YOLY] Do you want help?
I spoke to your parents.
About what?
I asked for their blessing
in proposing to you.
It was both of them, and I was
like [INHALES] "Oh snap."
I was like, "I wanna be honest.
I don't know what your
daughter's gonna say."
"But I want you guys to
know that I love her."
"And I'm not just marrying
her. I'm marrying you guys too."
- Were you scared?
- [MAL] Yes.
Especially to speak to your father. Yes.
What was nice was to hear them
be like, "You're family to us."
And they were like, "That's so nice."
"Of course you have our
blessing. That's not a question."
"It's about time." Like
I'm proud of you because I know
that must've been
nerve-racking, wrecking.
And I'm sure you were nervous as fuck.
And for you to stand up for a decision
that you're about to make is huge.
Family is number one for me, and
to see you honor my family before
trying to start creating
a family with me is is
what I wanted since we've
started this process.
What I'm really proud about us
is the way we are really dedicated
to figure things out together.
I like doing life with you.
Me too.
Is there anything that's
making you question yourself?
In moving forward? Okay.
[MAL] Mm-mmm.
- Which is really odd for me to be so sure.
- [YOLY] For you.
You did a good job, babe.
So I'll reach a little further ♪
- [RAE] Wow.
- [LEXI] Super cute.
Little waterfall for ya.
Cheers to, any way you slice it,
our last date night as girlfriends.
- [RAE] Oh boy.
- Or whatever that means.
[LEXI] Whoo.
Do you remember that date
where I had, like,
handwritten out the menu?
When you were really trying to woo me.
Really was trying to woo you.
Life with you has always just been good.
I think I really was hopeful
that this experience would give us
what we needed to take that next step.
I do feel like it's always been you.
I've never really wavered in that.
I've always known.
[RAE] Well, this is getting hot.
[LEXI] Getting hot in here? You
gonna take off all your clothes?
- I might take off some of my clothes.
[LEXI] I really love you.
[RAE] I know I love you.
I know this.
I love our three years.
Every time I talk about
this it makes me cry.
[LEXI] I love you too.
I don't wanna lose what we have.
But, like, I need more
concrete answers right now.
[RAE] I am still, like,
going through, like,
"What about this? What
about that?" You know me.
- I know.
- [RAE] I think forever is hard for me.
This is a big commitment.
It's a weird situation.
It is the ultimatum.
Like, I feel back-against-the-wall,
and it's either making
a decision or losing you.
But there's, like, so many factors
that kind of get in the
way or, like, block me
or make me second-guess things.
You can talk about Vanessa. That's okay.
Yeah? You have no secrets?
No bodies in the closet?
I already said it before.
[LEXI] I'm just trying to, you know,
give you the room to feel settled
in whatever decision you make.
I've told you how I feel about it.
- This is weird.
- Yeah.
You're gonna make the
decision that's right for you.
I'm gonna make the one
that's right for me.
This is weird.
You saw my eyes but the
soul that they hide wasn't me ♪
Like a runaway, runaway, ooh ♪
Like a runaway, runaway, ooh ♪
- Ooh ♪
[VANESSA] Hot toddy. Love it.
- It's funky.
It's funky?
[XANDER] It's definitely funky.
It's so interesting because
So many heavy conversations,
but you say "funky" the way you said it,
and I'm like, "That's my Xander."
I feel like I've lost you.
Then I'm like, "There she
is." And I love those glimpses.
This experience has changed me so much.
To come into this experience
thinking I'm ready to get married,
and then to be so confused
and feeling like, "I don't
know who should be my partner,
and I have feelings for two people."
Something I've been thinking
about a lot is my capacity to love
and how that affected our
relationship for, like, four years.
Like, I really feel like I didn't
how to love.
Like, I loved you, but
I didn't realize until
being here,
like, how much I could love someone.
So now, looking back, I realize that
I didn't give you all
the love I had in me.
[XANDER] I see all of your change.
I also always knew you did love me.
I wouldn't have stayed if I didn't.
I'm not over this yet.
[MOUTHING] I love you.
[VANESSA] I love you.
[XANDER] I love you so much more.
You're all packed up?
Gonna say bye to Shylo.
Bye, little baby.
[LEXI] Decision day is coming,
and there's a chance I could
lose the love of my life.
I would love to just
take us away from here.
But I also know I need to be chosen.
I don't know how the biggest parts
of my life would look without you.
- Holdin' on ♪
[VANESSA] The unknown gets decided.
I don't know if I'm
ready to face that.
- [XANDER] Mm-hmm.
- 'Cause I don't know how to lose you ♪
Thank you for everything.
You know it was worth it.
Okay, bye.
- To breathe you in again ♪
Is all that I want ♪
[MAL] We'll never be who we were.
Whether we walk together or not.
Haven't given up. I'm just
in a place where I'm like
"What else can I say?
Like, what else can I say?"
Nobody tried harder than us.
Nobody believed in us more than we did.
I really don't have
words for how this feels.
I don't know how to leave here ♪
Our couples accepted the
ultimatum just two months ago
and committed to experiencing two
visions of what marriage could be.
All to find out, "Am I
really with the person
that I could spend the
rest of my life with?"
"Or is there someone else out
there who might be a better fit?"
Who has found the one?
Who will propose?
Who will walk away alone?
Now time is up on The Ultimatum.
I don't even know what I'm feeling.
Confused? Um, overwhelmed?
I can be leaving here engaged
to Mal, leave here with Xander,
or I can leave alone.
[MAL] This has been a
very trying experience.
I'm feeling
I mean, I felt better coming
in here than I do leaving.
[YOLY] I'm feeling pulled
in two different directions.
I have Mal, who I wanted
to marry coming in here.
We have this history. We have our love.
And, like, I think
that Mal wants to work
and see this through the way she
has been the last three weeks.
Then I've got Xander.
We connect in so many fucking ways.
We want the same things.
We respect and love each
other the same kind of way
And who has said she's ready
to, like, do this thing with me.
It's not so much I'm uncertain.
I'm certain of what it would
look like with either one.
I just don't know what
the fuck I'm gonna do.
[MAL] I received the
ultimatum, and now it's time
to decide what I'm gonna do.
I don't even know.
I've been waiting for you ♪
I've been waiting for you ♪
I've been waiting for ♪
You ♪
[MAL] We came into this experience
on two very opposite ends of the stick.
I wasn't dragging my feet for no reason.
But this experience has
revolutionized my idea of marriage.
It's not about, "Do you guys
have enough savings to do that?"
It's about Yoly and I.
[YOLY] Issuing the ultimatum,
I have been forced to confront
all the issues that I didn't
even know were pulling me back.
My needs were not being met.
But there's also a lot
of love and support.
[MAL] I want Yoly to be happy. I
love her with everything I have.
But she's expressed to me
she's in love with two people.
So I am torn.
I'm not nervous telling Yoly
how I feel at this point.
I I'm nervous this could be
really the last time
that I have the chance.
[YOLY] My heart and my mind
are in two different places.
I want it all. I want my
what-could-be life with Xander,
and I want what my life
with Mal has been also.
God, I'm gonna fucking vomit.
Like, either way, I'm scared
of losing somebody who I love.
Here we come ♪
Here we come ♪
I just don't know who I
want to spend my life with.
Here we come ♪
Here we come ♪
Oh God.
Oh God.
- You look good.
- Thank you.
- You look great, yourself.
- Very good. Thank you.
- Um
Do you want to get closer? You good?
- [SIGHS] I just don't know.
- Okay.
- Here? I can get closer.
- No, you're fine.
Whatever is comfortable for you.
This has been the hardest
thing I've ever had to do.
And when I think about our
relationship in retrospect,
I remember putting a wall up
and closing behind and
making you chase me.
I don't want to do that
anymore. I'm done doing that.
I think you deserve the world.
I've always thought that.
[MAL] Are you okay?
What you said was beautiful.
I, like, hear you and see you and
believe you in what you're saying.
I want you to know I'm still
in love with somebody else.
I feel like I knew that.
I haven't walked away.
I wrote you something.
I wrote, um
"You're my family. You're my teacher."
"You're my best friend."
"You challenge the toughest parts
of me, and you still love me."
"You reflect all the best parts of
me I don't always see in myself."
"The parts I don't
think I always deserve."
"You're humble. You're
a fighter. You're loyal."
"You're just the right amount of crazy."
"It has been the sweetest
gift to watch you,
to let alone love you, and even
a bigger honor to join you."
"I choose you, Yoly."
"I promise to keep
choosing you and us, daily."
"I knew it was you three
weeks into dating you."
"Three years ago."
"It's always been you."
"I know it's you now."
"And if it's not now
I promise to come looking
for you in the next lifetime."
"But not without asking you "
"Will you do life with me?"
"And will you marry me?"
Dangerous games ♪
[TIFF] Whether I get
down on one knee or not
is going to alter the
course of my life forever.
Dangerous games ♪
[LEXI] This could be the first
moment of the rest of your life,
or it could be the last
moment of Rae and Lexi.
[SAM] In our three weeks together,
there are just so many of
those moments of just, like
you walking away.
I don't know if Aussie is
ready to be what I need for me.
[XANDER] I've had dreams
of proposing to her,
and I've had dreams of watching
her walk down the aisle.
I really cannot imagine
my life without her in it.
I am definitely risking
losing her forever.
Dangerous games ♪
I'm breaking all the rules ♪
I'm playing it so cool ♪
I'm playing it so cool, baby ♪
I'm breaking all the rules ♪
I'm playing it so cool ♪
I'm playing it so cool, baby ♪
'Cause I'm never gonna ever stop ♪
I'm always gonna shake it up ♪
Always gonna shake it up ♪
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