The Umbrella Academy (2019) s03e09 Episode Script

Seven Bells

Morning, Dad.

Uh, it is 7:35 Lunar Standard Time.

Uh, celebrating day 47 up
here on the old Gray Lady.

Health is good.

Uh, air supply is
Even better.

Today, I'll be collecting
samples from the Burrell crater.

Hope all is well down there and, uh
End transmission.

Oh shit!
Ow! God.


What the hell? Stupid moon.

God, my head
Not so loud.

Klaus? Klaus?
- Klaus, where are you?
- I'm here, I'm here.

Don't panic.

Nobody should panic.

- Do you
- No.
Not a thing.

- Same.

- Yeah, that was some night.

- Woo!
- It was.
It was.

See? I knew you had a
little of the ol' Ben in ya.

Now you can stop with all
the sulking and the brooding.

I don't brood.

- Ben-er-ino.

- Don't call me that.

We were making so much progress.

- With what?
- With your Mr.
Tough Guy routine.

Last night! I remember!
You opened your kimono to me, remember?
And you showed me who
you really are inside.

All those bottled-up emotions.

I was drunk.

You're a good person, Ben,
but you're trying really,
really hard to be a bad one.

I hate you.

- No, you don't.

- I do.

- I do.
I really do!
- No, no!
Ah, classic defense mechanism.

Pushing away the people
who care about you the most.

Just like Dad.

You know, it wouldn't hurt
to try to get to know him
just a little bit better.

You'd be surprised how
much love he has to give.

And also, he's got this whole
plan to save the universe.

Done! One and done!
Come on! Ben-eri
Kimono open, baby.

What did I get up to last night?

It's It's a goddamn
miracle, that's what it is.

I mean, did anyone here think
that Luther, of all people,
would find someone to touch his ?
The guy's a monkey virgin from space.

It's a It's a hard match to make.

We're all We're
all thinking about it.

It's the elephant in the room, buddy.

I wish you well.

Happy It's not your birthday.

Happy wedding day, my friend.
Take care.

There is no time.

I can't do this without
Do we have a deal?
Who the hell is he talking to?
What was the old man up to?

Bad dream?
Why are you here?
What does it look like?
To feed you, child.

I'm sure after last night's festivities,
a hearty breakfast should bring
you a bright start to your day.

It's all such a blur.


- Is there anything else?
- To be honest, I have some concerns.

Since when do you care?
May I remind you, I am not the
Hargreeves you grew up with.

Yes, we share the same DNA,
impeccable style, and mannerisms,
but I can assure you our life
circumstances are very different.

And being the only sober
person at the wedding,
I had the unique opportunity
to witness your argument with Allison.

Such a shame to see
a family struggle so.


What does that even mean?
Family are the only people who know us
whilst we endure our most epic trials.

I think that should count for something.

Why don't you tell Allison that?

He's due any minute now.

That was a joke.

You do jokes now.

Actually, what I'm here to
discuss is deadly serious.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Mm.

Is it a sexy question?
Oh God, I hope not.

Do you think you're
being too hard on Dad?
Look, Sloane.

I had a complicated
relationship with Dad, all right?
My dad.
The one I grew up with.

He lied to me.

He used me, and
and I let him get away with it.

This is a different Hargreeves.

You need to give him a chance.


Sorry, door was open.

- No, don't worry.
Uh, come in.

- Yeah.

- Sorry for the mess.

- Oh, don't be.


Uh, look, I just wanted to come by
and say I'm sorry.

Okay? I've I've been a
really shitty sister lately.

You know, if you're
handing out apologies,
Viktor should be top of the list.

No, I know.
I'm gonna get to him.
I just, um
Working my way up.


Well, I forgive you.


Oh, uh,
Dad called a meeting at noon today.

Are you both gonna come?
Oh, I see.

I see what this is.

- Luther, he has a plan.

- Mm-hmm?
- A plan he thinks can save the universe.

- Really?
So please, come.
Both of you.

- No.

- We'll be there.


You know, I, um, really wish
you wouldn't have done that.

How does it hurt to
hear what he has to say?
Ah, don't underestimate the damage
that man can do at a family meeting.

That is not the same man.

And you aren't the same boy you were.

You're my husband.

And whatever you decide,
I'll be by your side.

- Okay.

- Okay.


I take it you know why I'm here.

How 'bout I save you some
time? Give you the "no" upfront.

I'm not the least bit interested
in this bullshit plan
you've been cooking.

It's not, as you so
colorfully called it, bullshit.

Mind if I join you?
Actually, appreciate some solitude.


It seems I won't get any.

- Dear God!
- Mm-hmm.

Louis XIII, it ain't.

I've had worse.

It is impressive, isn't it?
All the ways we could
have screwed the pooch,
this way is the most complete.

I'm relieved, actually.

This time, everything goes.

There's no Commission, no leaping away.

No life spent going mad
with the desperation
to see a familiar face.

I've seen worlds end in ways that
would knock your socks off, old man.

Wow! Reginald Hargreeves, you
never cease to surprise me.

That is some comfort.

You know, they all run
together after a while.

But you never forget your first.

Your home.

Your original sin.

You never stop wondering, "Did I do
enough to save the people I loved?"
Did you?
No, but I was hoping you children
could help me out with that.

And there it is.

Sorry, Reg.
I got a
message from the future.

What future?
My future self told me very explicitly
not to save this world.

You are an arrogant son
of a bitch, aren't you?
"Future you.
"Present you.
The past is as much a
mystery as the future.

You ruined your life once
before by not listening to me.

Are you prepared to do that again?
Fine, I'll attend your stupid meeting.

you tell me what happened with you
in the Buffalo Suite last night.

Who were you talking to?
Was it Klaus? Was it Ben?
No one.
I was alone.

Though I doubt you were in
any condition to remember.

We should go.
Don't want
to be late for the meeting.

I would move if I were you.

What, are you threatening me?
Shall we?
Woo! Five! Yeah!
- Here he is!
- Yeah!
- That speech last night! Wow!
- Whoa!
Brought me to tears, you big softy.

I especially liked when you referred to
us as a family bound
by destiny and love.

- Yes.
That was great.

- Okay.

It was the booze talking.

In the light of day,
you're all still deplorable.

And your day's about to get worse.

The Norse had seven sleepers.

The Blackfoot, seven stars.

As a boy, I heard the
legend of the seven bells.

All these stories are the same.

The village is under
threat by flood, by fire,
by a night that never ends.

A shaman brings his
disciples to a sacred cave.

He tells them if they can
ring the seven magic bells,
the village will be saved, and all
will be restored just as it was.

Can we get a little less Brothers Grimm
and more "What the hell does
this have to do with us?"
There is a truth to these myths.

None of you can deny
what's going on around us.

All of existence will be
gone by the end of the day,
but whoever or whatever
wove together space and time,
they left a way to put
things back together
if the universe ever
faced total annihilation.

There is a portal in the universe.

I built this hotel around it,
and on the other side
is the answer.

And we're supposed to, what?
Just stroll in there, ring
some bells, and fix this shit?
Sarcasm aside, you are mostly right.

Except for the guardian.

- What kind of guardian?
- Kinda guardian that does this.

- He had a sword.

- It is a force to be reckoned with.

See? Yeah.
This is where you lose me.

This is where he loses you? I
checked out at the sacred cave.

Why would the builders of this
"back door" need to have a guardian?
Ah! To protect it from people who
want to use it for nefarious means.

Correct, Sloane.

So it's gonna take all of us to
defeat the thing protecting the bells.

You're actually buying his crap?
How is a guardian and bells any crazier
than time-traveling briefcases
and assassins with cartoon masks?
Actually, she's got you there.

I'm in.

I can't do this without you.

- Me too.

- Ow.

Do we have a deal?
But I think some of us should stay back.

Like Lila.

Uh or you can stay, and I can go.

This is much bigger than
all of us.
Nobody can stay back.

You, my children, are all that
stands between us and oblivion.

Are we ready to go?
Well, I say we vote.

This isn't a democracy.

Dad's calling the shots.

I'm with Viktor.
We vote.

The world is ending, and
you want to count hands?
You're asking us to risk our lives.

I think it's only fair you
give us time to discuss it.


- Why don't we meet back here in an hour?
- Agreed.

- Yeah, sure.

- Whatever.

"Lila should stay back.
" Since
when do you make decisions for me?
I was just trying to make sure
Is this about the baby?
Of course it's about
the baby, all right?
I go in there, I may die.

But if we go in there, succeed,
and things go back to normal,
I want you here with our baby.

- I'm better in a fight than you are.

- First of all, no, you're not.

And Whoa.
Lila, this
isn't a contest, okay?
We barely made it out last time, right?
I thank God that I was
able to shut that door.

Can you imagine being trapped
on the other side with him?
I don't have to imagine.
I was there.

So you'll stay.

Not a chance.
I'm going.

Why can't I be right?
Just Just Just once?
Look, Diego,
you said you choose me, right?
Well, this is who I am.
a fighter.
Just like you.

I only said that because I
thought you'd be nice to me.

If you wanted nice, you'd
be with someone else.

Viktor, wait.

For what? So you can
hand me my ass again?
Look, I was really drunk last night.

You don't have to
make excuses.
I get it.

I am your least favorite
I ruined your life
No, that's not
Will you just stop and listen, please?
Last night you were right.

Claire and Ray are gone.

But hating you won't bring them back.

And my pain
doesn't give me permission to hurt you.

But it's real.

And it's something that I have to carry.

Which is why if I don't
If I don't do something, if I
don't if I don't act now
it's just another thing
that slips into nothingness.

If we stay here,
we die.

But if we go through
the portal, we could
we could save the universe.

We could save everybody.

So can we just put our past behind
us and move forward together?
Can you give me that?
I love you.

I love you too.


Hey, how long do we have left?
A couple hours.

Could be more, could be less.

Where's Sloane?
Raiding the wine cellar for
our end of the world party.

So I guess you guys know
which way you're voting.

You're more than welcome to join us.

I'm still on the fence on that one.

I saw something last night
that I was not supposed to see.

Diego and Lila.

Yeah, they do it on
the stairs sometimes.

No, I saw Dad.

He was in his room with someone.

He was making some kind of deal.

Before you ask,
I don't know what the deal
was or who it was with.

Everything is a blur.

Wasn't me or Sloane.

We were, uh, busy doing
other things last night.

Yeah, I get it, Luther.
Thank you.

Everyone was boning everyone last night.

Wait, Ben hooked up with someone?
Focus, please.

That story about the bells? There's
something Dad's not telling us.

Think about it.
When has the old
man ever been straight with us?
I don't know.
He was ruthless
in our performance reviews.

He always gave me five stars.

Look, I'm old enough
to trust my instinct,
and it's telling me this is a trap.

Food for thought.

I think you can all guess
which way I'll be voting.

We've all been through a lot.

We've all lost people.

But their deaths have to mean something.

Which is why I'll be
voting to go with Dad.

What she said.

Let's go save the bloody universe!
All right, well, since she said yes,
I vote stay.

How's that for nice?
You're not being serious.

It's his vote, Lila.

- Klaus?
- I am with Father.


Okay, that's four to one.

Look, I wanna believe,
okay? I really do.

I just can't shake the feeling
we don't know what we're
getting ourselves into.

No, but we know what
we've got if we don't.

We have to go into this together.


A family.

You can't just keep throwing
the word "family" around.

It isn't enough.

I vote stay.

Sloane and I talked, and, well,
we're out.

Look, we wanna spend whatever
time we have left together,
and not fighting some guy with a
sword and ringing bells and stuff.

Well, dead even.
Four in, four out.

That leaves you, Number Five.

I saw the future, and it
told me to sit this one out.

I vote stay.

It's time we accept our fate.

You're all pathetic.

Why can't we go in there,
just the four of us?
That would mean certain failure.

There must be seven.

I can't say I'm happy with this.

But I see now the blame falls on me.

I failed you when you were
young, and I have failed you now.

And in doing so,
I have doomed the entire universe.

If anyone needs me, I'll
be in the courtyard
awaiting the end.


Was that a real apology?
The man's never apologized
for anything in his life.

I actually feel bad for him.

Don't worry.
It'll pass.

So now what?
We wait for the end.

See you around.
It's been interesting.

Oh, heck.

Hey, Dad.

Krug 1968.

Excellent year.

One last toast
with Sloane before, um

The ice machine was broken on
our floor, so I, you know

Are you okay?
This is the failure of my life.

I sit here staring at centuries wasted,
all because a different me
was unkind to his children.

Listen, Dad.

It's not that simple, all right?
You are so hard to say no to.

You know that?
But I had to.

Luther, the universe
is tearing itself apart.

Yes, I know, I know, but it's
always something, you know?
I lived my whole life for you.

Everything you ever
wanted me to do, I did.

And I won't anymore.

Nor should you.

You're a remarkable man, Luther.

Despite what I put you through,
I hope that you can forgive me.

Will you?
Will you forgive me, son?

Yeah, of course.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I only wish your self-actualization
could have come at a better
time for the universe.

I I don't understand.

- Dad
- There's an old saying, Luther.

The best way to bring a
family together is at a wedding
or a funeral.

We tried the one.

Now it's time for the other.

Sloane Sloane
I know, I know.

Just as you found love.

It is a terrible shame.

But don't worry.
I'll be
sure to look after her.

What are you doing?
Eating cereal.
Retracing my steps.

The old man is hiding something.

Yeah, feels like there's
a lot of that going around.

- How do you mean?
- Allison apologized to me.

Okay, and that's suspicious, how?
Last night she was ready to go
ten rounds with me at the wedding,
and this morning it's all
family and Dad and love.

I don't know.
must have happened
last night, but I don't know what.

There is no time.

I can't do this without
Do we have a deal?
Five! Five! What?
- It's Allison.

- What is?
Oh my God, Luther.

What happened?
He went to go get ice.
I couldn't
He didn't come back.

I I don't know.

It must have been him.
The guardian.

She's right.
Whatever did
this had a long curved blade.

How How can you be sure?
I don't know much, but I know knives.

Children, what's going on?
Oh God! Luther.

If we attacked first,
he would still be alive.

We had a good run, old girl.

G-Guys? Hey, guys!
What are we gonna do with Luther?
Okay, we're out of time!
The Kugelblitz is here.

Into the passage! It's the only way!
You agreed to stay!
They killed Luther, all right?
- Come on, children! Hurry!
- We can't leave him.

We go now, or we're gonna die.

- No, God.

- We have to go!
- Come on.

- Hurry.

- Children! Hurry, please!
- Come on!
Go, go, go!
- Come on! What are you waiting for?
- This isn't over!
- Get in the tunnel!
- Wait! What are you doing?
You've done a fine job bringing
me back into the family fold.

You're just more trouble than
you're worth.
Sorry, Klaus.

No, Dad!
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