The Vampire Diaries s02e08 Episode Script


Previously on The Vampire Diaries: For over a century, I've lived in secret.
Until now.
I know the risk, but I have to know her.
- What are you? - I'm a vampire.
He told me about your ex, Katherine.
- You must be Elena.
- How do we look exactly alike? The Lockwoods are werewolves.
- Tell me what triggers the curse.
- You have to kill somebody.
Paralyzed from the waist down.
- And dead.
- Matt fails, I can't.
- Tyler, what's happening? - Get away.
- Get away! - What's happening? We were stupid, thinking that we weren't gonna get caught.
But it's over.
Elena's in danger.
She's the doppelganger.
She needs to be protected.
- Then I'll protect her.
- Please, Damon.
- Where is she? - In the trunk.
I did exactly what you said.
Put her in the back.
- Thank you for your help.
- Is there anything else? One more thing.
Come closer, please.
Yo, Elena.
So Sarah attacks Tyler and he pushed her away and she tripped and she fell and she hit her head.
- Does Matt remember anything? - He thinks he blacked out.
But I think I think they were both compelled by Katherine.
And that's why I covered for Tyler, said it was an accident.
Yeah, I don't understand that.
Guy's a tool.
Well, gee, duh.
Tyler getting blamed for Sarah's death just opens up questions that he can't answer.
And do you really think it's a good idea for him to tell his mom he's a werewolf? - Well, no.
- And that werewolf road leads straight to Vampire Boulevard.
- I thought I was thinking fast on my feet.
- Where's your mom? Leading the search party for Aimee Bradley.
- They haven't found her body yet.
- Teens and their underage drinking.
Did you see Tyler's eyes turn yellow? - They were gold with amber highlights.
- Oh.
- Can he turn into a wolf now? - Only on a full moon.
Now he has increased strength, and who knows what else? I wonder how much Mason told him.
Does he know about us? Hey.
What'd you tell him? Nothing, really.
L I don't think he knows much of anything.
He seemed really freaked out, and, honestly felt kind of bad for him.
- He's gotta know something.
- All right.
I'll ask him.
No, you won't, Caroline.
He cannot know about us.
A bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire, so don't be his friend.
Understand me? I understand.
- I'm late for school.
- Right.
If you wanna hint to your mom that Aimee's at the bottom of a ravine might save your mom some time.
- Oh, that's great.
- That's what I told him.
- Hey, Jeremy.
- Elena's gotta let me know if I'm supposed to cover for her.
Jenna's cool, but you guys are pushing it.
- What? - You and Elena.
I'm glad you guys are back together, but if she's gonna sleep over Wait.
Hold on a minute.
We're not back together.
Wait, she didn't stay at your place last night? No.
I saw her at the party, but that was it.
She didn't sleep over.
Because her bed hadn't been slept in.
And Mrs.
Lockwood said that her car was still in the driveway.
Where is she, then? Oh, please.
- What do you want? - Shh.
- Please, I'm hurt.
- I know.
- Just a taste.
- No! Trevor.
Control yourself.
Buzz kill.
- What do you want with me? - My God, you look just like her.
- But I'm not.
Please, whatever you - Be quiet.
But I'm not Katherine.
My name is Elena Gilbert.
You don't have to do this.
I know who you are.
I said, be quiet.
What do you want? I want you to be quiet.
- This has Katherine written all over it.
- Katherine's in the tomb.
I shut her in.
- Did you? - Did I what, Stefan? - I know the hold Katherine has on you.
- She's in the tomb.
End of story.
But she did say something to me right before I shut her in.
- I thought she was lying.
- What did she say? - Elena's in danger.
- And you didn't ask her to elaborate? Everything she says is a lie.
How am I supposed to know? - We have to go talk to her.
- No, no.
We're gonna ask for help, she's gonna negotiate a release which you're gonna give her, and then she's gonna get out and kill us.
- I don't really care.
- It's a bad idea, Stefan.
It's Elena.
- Caroline.
- Hey.
How are you doing? - Not good.
- How's your mom? My mom said she was freaked out about everything that happened with Sarah.
How did you know? - What do you mean? - About me.
- How did you know? - Know what? That you were upset? I thought I was doing a good thing by covering for you.
- That's not what I'm talking about.
- Look, it was an accident, okay? And I've gotta run.
Just please don't blame yourself.
- How's the girl? - Still passed out.
- You didn't touch her, did you? - Give me some credit.
- So you called him? - No, I called one of his contacts.
You know how this works.
Did you or did you not get the message to Elijah? - They say he got it.
- Wonderful.
And what? So that's it, Trevor.
He either got it or he didn't.
We just have to wait.
It's not too late.
We can leave her.
We don't have to go through with this.
- I'm sick of running.
- Yeah? Well, running keeps us from dying.
Elijah's old-school.
If he accepts our deal, we're free.
There's nothing around here for miles.
If you think you're getting out, you're wrong.
Understand? Who's Elijah? He's your worst nightmare.
I can't undo the tomb spell, Stefan.
Even if I wanted to.
It took both me and my Grams to do it the first time.
But I can open the door, right? I could talk to her? Yeah, but Damon's right.
She's not gonna tell you anything.
- Not without something in return.
- I have to do something.
I have no idea who has Elena.
I have no idea where she is.
What if there was another way to find her? How does this work? I'll use your blood to draw energy for the tracking spell.
You're blood-related.
It'll make the connection stronger.
Alaric said we gotta clear out within 10 minutes.
I got weapons.
He stocked me up.
Are you ready? There.
- She's there.
- That's 300 miles away.
No, Bonnie, we need a more exact location than that.
- That's as close as I can get.
- We can map it.
Aerial view.
It'll show us what's around, help us narrow the area.
- Call me with whatever you find.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, you're not.
- I'm not gonna sit here.
- What if she's hurt? What if? - She's not.
You two go back to your house.
- I'm gonna call the minute I find her.
- You can't do this alone.
He's not.
Let's go.
- You're coming with me? - It's Elena.
Hey, Tyler.
GUY 2: Lockwood, over here.
GUY 3: Get that guy.
Get that guy.
GUY 4: Watch him.
GUY 5: Cover him.
GUY 1: Get in.
Get in.
GUY 3: Get that guy.
Shoot it.
GUY 5: Come on.
Come on.
GUY 1: Oh! GUY 6: Man.
GUY 2: Dude, what the hell was that? GUY 5: Our ball.
GUY 4: Where'd that come from? GUY 2: Heh.
How'd you do that? GUY 5: Reset.
GUY 2: Hey, Tyler, where you going? GUY 5: Come on, man.
Dude, where you going? GUY 3: Let's go.
GUY 5: We're in the middle of a game.
GUY 4: Let's go.
Um, are you okay? You lied to me earlier.
Why? Look, Tyler, I think that you misunderstood me at the party.
- I get it.
It was very traumatic.
- You're lying.
- Nope.
But I'm late.
- Hey.
How did you? You're stronger than me? Please, that was nothing.
Listen, if you know something, you gotta tell me.
- Because I can't handle this.
- I'm sorry, Tyler.
But I think that you're still in shock over Sarah dying.
And it's understandable.
Alaric sure likes his weapons.
What is that? It's a vervain bomb or a grenade launcher, something like that.
- Weird.
- Hey, how much further is it? - About 80 miles.
- Who do you think took her? Someone from Katherine's past.
She said she was running from someone.
Maybe they got the wrong girl.
Thank you.
For helping me.
Can we not do the whole road-trip-bonding thing? - Cliché of it all makes me itch.
- Aw, come on, Damon.
We both know that you being in this car has nothing to do with me anyway.
And the elephant in the room lets out a mighty roar.
It doesn't have to be an elephant.
You know, let's talk about it.
- There's nothing to talk about.
- That's not true.
Sure, there is.
Are you in this car because you wanna help your brother save the girl that he loves, or is it? Is it because you love her too? Hmm? I mean, come on.
Express yourself.
I happen to like road-trip bonding.
Keep it up, Stefan.
I can step out of helping as easily as I stepped in.
See, that's the beauty of it.
You can't.
Alaric just left with Jenna.
He's getting her out so she doesn't ask about Elena.
I pulled this up based on the map.
There's nothing except for this old house.
- Did you send it to Stefan? - Yeah.
I hate sitting here waiting like this.
She's gonna be fine.
You don't know that.
No, I don't.
- What are you doing? - There's something else I wanna try.
I don't get it.
I need a candle.
And grab Elena's hairbrush.
Uh, okay, yeah.
What's all this stuff for? I know it's crazy, but I might be able to get her a message.
Bonnie? Bonnie.
Wha? Bonnie.
Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie! Why am I here? You keep asking me questions like I'm gonna answer them.
- Why won't you? - That's another one.
You got me, okay? It's not like I can go anywhere.
The least you can do is tell me what you want.
I personally want nothing.
I'm just a delivery service.
Delivery to who? Elijah? Ha, ha.
Two points to the eavesdropper.
- Who is he? Is he a vampire? - He's one of the vampires.
The Originals.
- What do you mean? - Again with the questions.
Haven't the Salvatores been teaching you vampire history? - So you know Stefan and Damon? - I know of them.
A hundred years back, a friend of mine tried to set me up with Stefan.
She said he was one of the good ones.
More of a sucker for the bad boys, though, but I digress.
Who are the Originals? Trevor and I have been running for 500 years.
We're tired.
We want it over.
We're using you to negotiate ourselves out of an old mess.
But why me? Because you're a Petrova doppelganger.
- You're the key to breaking the curse.
- Curse? - The Sun and the Moon curse? - You do know your history.
What do you mean, I'm the key? The moonstone is what breaks the curse.
The moonstone is what binds the curse.
- Sacrifice is what breaks it.
- Sacrifice? The blood of the doppelganger.
You're the doppelganger.
Which means, in order to break the curse, you're the one that has to die.
Mom? - What are you doing here? - I know.
Breaking and entering the sheriff's house? - That move will win you an award.
- Go ahead, keep dodging.
Keep changing the subject.
But I know.
You're just like me, aren't you? - No.
- Keep it up, but I'm not buying it.
I saw how strong you were.
I'm not leaving here until you tell me the truth.
- Tyler.
- You're a werewolf.
Say it.
What? - Stop lying.
- I'm not lying.
Just say it! I'm not a werewolf, okay? Tell me more.
Captivity's made her pushy, eh? What do you wanna know, doppelicious? Who are you running from? - The Originals.
- Yeah.
She said that.
- What does that mean? - The first family.
The Old World.
- Rose and I pissed them off.
- Mm-mm.
Correction, I pissed them off.
Rose had my back.
And for over half a millennium, they've wanted us dead.
What did you do? He made the same mistake countless others did.
He trusted Katerina Petrova.
- Katherine.
- The one and only.
The first Petrova doppelganger.
I helped her escape her fate, and now I've Sorry, we've been marked ever since.
Which is why we're not gonna make the same mistake again.
- Here, drink this.
- Thanks.
What happened? You scared the hell out of me.
- It's nothing.
- No, it wasn't nothing, Bonnie.
I've been doing a lot of magic lately.
Wears me down.
When I'm worn down, I take a nap.
You were unconscious.
Witchcraft has its limits.
If I push too hard, it pushes back.
- How do you know all this? - It's all in here.
It's like a reminder that I'm not invincible.
Please don't - Don't tell anyone.
- Why not? Because it's a weakness.
And I don't want certain people to know that.
Certain people, you mean Damon.
I mean anyone that could hurt me.
I won't tell anyone, okay? I promise.
It's hard, you know? Grams is gone.
And my dad, he doesn't wanna know about what I am.
He hasn't since my mom left.
I'm all alone in this.
That's how I feel a lot of the time.
Uh, you think that worked? I have no idea.
We're getting close.
Jeremy said there's an access road just past mile marker six.
- Lf you want some, just ask.
- I want some.
Aw, that's so sweet.
You wanna be all big and strong and save your girl.
Don't worry, I've got your back.
You'll be fine.
I'm not joking.
I've been drinking a little every day.
Been slowly increasing my intake and building up my strength.
Elena know you're drinking blood? I've been drinking hers.
How romantic.
Since we're road-trip bonding remember the days when all you lived for was blood? You were the guy that would rip someone apart just for the fun of it? - You mean when I was more like you? - Yes, Stefan, exactly.
Back when you put blood into me so I could be a big, bad vampire.
I wonder if Elena would be so quick to open her veins to that guy.
By the way, what happened to that guy? He was a hoot.
Guess he found something else to live for.
He's here.
This was a mistake.
No, I told you I would get us out of this.
Trust me.
- No.
He wants me dead, Rose.
- He wants her more.
I can't.
You give her to him, he'll have mercy on you.
- But I need to get out of here.
- Hey.
What are we? We're family.
You're scared.
Stay here with her.
And don't make a sound.
Is there somewhere we can talk? Yes, in here.
- You have to forgive the house.
- Oh, no.
What's a little dirt? I completely understand.
So tell me, what is it that gives you the courage to call me? I wanted my freedom.
I'm tired of running.
Are you in a position to grant me that? I have complete authority to grant pardon to you and your little pet What is his name these days? Trevor.
If I so see fit.
Katerina Petrova.
- I'm listening.
- She didn't burn in the church in 1864.
- Continue.
- She survived.
- Where is she? - You don't seem surprised by this.
Oh, when you called and invited me into this armpit of civilization which is a mere three hours from Mystic Falls I surmised it had everything to do with Katerina.
Do you have her in your possession? No.
But I have better.
- I have her doppelganger.
- That's impossible.
Her family line ended with her.
I know that for a fact.
Then the facts are wrong.
- Well, show her to me.
- Elijah, you're a man of honor you're to be trusted, but I wanna hear you say it again.
You have my word that I will pardon you.
Follow me.
It's impossible.
Hello there.
House should be just beyond those trees.
I've got more experience than you do with this sort of thing.
So, what's your point? Whoever has Elena is who was after Katherine in 1864 and before that.
- And? - It puts them at 500 years old and strong.
- You sure you wanna do this? - Yeah, I'm certain.
Because we go in, we may not come back.
- All right, then I won't come out.
- So noble, Stefan.
I can't think of a better reason to die.
But you wanna stay here, I'll totally understand.
We have a long journey ahead.
We should be going.
- Please, don't let him take me.
- One last piece of business.
Then we're done.
I've waited so long for this day, Elijah.
- I'm truly very sorry.
- Oh, no, your apology is not necessary.
Yes, it is.
You trusted me with Katerina and I failed you.
Well, yes, you are the guilty one.
And Rose aided you because she was loyal to you.
That I honor.
Where was your loyalty? I beg your forgiveness.
So granted.
- You - Don't, Rose.
Now that you're free.
- Come.
- No, what about the moonstone? What do you know about the moonstone? I know that you need it.
And I know where it is.
- Yes? - I can help you get it.
- Tell me where it is.
- It doesn't work that way.
Are you negotiating with me? It's the first I've heard of it.
What is this vervain doing around your neck? Tell me where the moonstone is.
In the tomb underneath the church ruins.
- What is it doing there? - It's with Katherine.
- What is that? - I don't know.
- Who else is in this house? - I don't know.
- Rose? - I don't know who it is.
Up here.
Down here.
Excuse me.
To whom it may concern.
You're making a grave mistake if you think you can beat me.
You can't.
You hear that? I repeat, you cannot beat me.
So I want the girl on the count of three.
Or heads will roll.
- Do we understand each other? - I'll come with you.
Just please don't hurt my friends.
They just wanted to help me out.
What game are you playing with me? Just let her go.
Hey, come here.
You hurt? You okay? Thank you.
Elena? Oh, my God.
- You okay? - I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I got your message.
- Where's Elena? - She's home.
- And you're here why? - Because she wanted to be with Jeremy.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Listen, what Rose told Elena about the curse I know.
We'll keep her safe.
The only way we're gonna be able to do that is if we're not fighting each other.
We let Katherine come between us.
We let that happen with Elena, we're not gonna protect her.
Yes, Stefan, heard it all before.
- Hey.
- What? - I'm sorry.
- About what? For being the guy who made you turn 145 years ago.
Enough, Stef.
It's late.
No need to rehash that.
Well, you know what? I've never said it out loud.
I guess I just need to say it and you need to hear it.
I'm sorry.
What I did was selfish.
I didn't wanna be alone.
Guess I just needed my brother.
You know, this sounds crazy, but alcohol helps.
Or at least it helps me.
You know, with all that inside jittery stuff.
I'm hot.
It's like my skin is on fire.
Really? I never had any of that.
Guess wolves are different.
At the beginning, I was very, very emotional.
- Everything was heightened.
- I have that.
How can you be a vampire? How can you be a werewolf? Who else is like you? Just me.
It's a really long story.
We can share another time.
How many other werewolves are there? Just me.
And my Uncle Mason, but he left town.
Look, Tyler you can't tell anyone.
Okay? Not about you, not about me.
- No one will understand.
- I know.
I wanna tell you about my mom and yours and the founding families and the council, but I need you to promise me no one will find out about us.
This is life and death, Tyler.
I have no one else to tell.
I'm sorry about earlier.
It's just I'm alone with this.
It's gonna happen to me.
On the next full moon I'm gonna turn and I won't be able to stop it.
I'm scared.
No, it's Who's there? I'm not here to hurt you.
Why are you here? Lexi once told me that you're one of the good ones.
You knew Lexi.
Trevor was my best friend.
For 500 years, I have lived with one person.
And he's gone.
I don't wanna run anymore because I don't have anywhere else to run to.
Well, I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
I don't need your help.
But I think you need mine.
Elijah may be dead, but this isn't over.
- What do you mean it's not over? - It isn't over.
The Originals, they'll come for her.
They have to.
They're doing it for him.
- For who? - Klaus.
Cute PJs.
I'm tired, Damon.
- Brought you this.
- I thought that was gone.
Thank you.
Please give it back.
I just have to say something.
Why do you have to say it with my necklace? Because what I'm about to say is probably the most selfish thing I've ever said in my life.
- Damon, don't go there.
- No, I just have to say it once.
You just need to hear it.
I love you, Elena.
And it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you.
And why you can't know this.
I don't deserve you.
But my brother does.
God, I wish you didn't have to forget this.
But you do.