The Vampire Diaries s02e09 Episode Script


Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Werewolves used to roam freely until a shaman put a curse on them.
Werewolves can only turn on a full moon and vampires are weakened by the sun.
The werewolf part of the curse, it's sealed with moonstone.
He told me about Katherine.
- You must be Elena.
- How do we look exactly alike? No.
Damon, don't.
You need me.
Elena's in danger.
- Moonstone is what breaks the curse.
- Sacrifice breaks it.
The blood of the doppelganger.
I wanna be with you, Stefan, but I need to wake up and know that the people I love are safe.
- You were running from something.
- Everyone has a past.
The originals, Rose and I pissed them off.
- What did you do? - He trusted Katerina Petrova.
Elijah, I beg your forgiveness.
Hello, Elena.
Stefan here? He called.
Said it was important.
Right this way.
What is this about? You.
Okay, I only know what I've picked up over the years.
And I don't know what's true and what's not true.
That's the problem with all of this vampire crap.
But Klaus I know is real.
- Who is he? - He's one of the originals.
He's a legend.
- First generation of vampires.
- Like Elijah.
No, Elijah was the Easter bunny compared to Klaus.
He's a foot soldier.
Klaus is the real deal.
Klaus is known to be the oldest.
Okay, so you're saying that the oldest vampire in the history of time is coming after me? - Yes.
- No.
I mean, if what she's saying is true Which it is.
You're not saying this so we don't kill you? - Which I'm not.
- Then we're looking at a solid maybe.
Look, Elijah's dead, right? No one else even knows that you exist.
- Not that you know of.
- Not helping.
I've never even met anyone who's laid eyes on him.
I mean, we're talking centuries of truth mixed with fiction.
We don't know what's real.
He could be some stupid bedtime story.
He's real.
And he doesn't give up.
If he wants something, he gets it.
If you're not afraid then you're an idiot.
All right, we're shaking.
You made your point.
Where are you going? School.
I'm late.
I'll grab my stuff.
I'll go with you.
That's okay.
I know where it is.
She's in denial.
Shut up, Damon.
Here, I got it.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Uh - Where's Elena? - She's, um, actually running late today.
You wanna hang out at the Grill, shoot some pool? Winner runs the table.
- Uh, why? - Why what? Well, you never asked me to play a game of pool before.
So why now? Uh, I don't know.
I thought that would be fun.
Never mind.
No, hey.
- Sure.
It's just - Just what? It's just you're Elena's brother and - Sure.
It's just I'm really bad at pool.
- Yeah, yeah.
I thought you might be.
Hey, excuse me.
Do you guys know which way's the office? Yeah.
Through the double doors straight ahead, quick left and then your first right.
- You must be new here.
- Yeah, I am.
It's hard to hide it.
- My name's Luka.
- I'm Jeremy.
This is Bonnie.
Hi, Bonnie.
Anyway, I'm headed in that direction.
Why don't you follow me? - It can get confusing.
- Okay.
Thanks, man.
It's nice to meet you, Bonnie.
Tell everyone I wasn't feeling well and I went home from school.
I can't believe I'm agreeing to this.
I'm a terrible liar.
Keep Stefan busy.
I don't want him knowing what I'm up to.
I'm even worse at duplicity.
And you know this.
You managed to keep me occupied when Katherine paid Stefan a visit.
Yeah, because she threatened me.
Not that I'm saying that you should use that as a tactic.
It's Stefan's gonna see through me.
Caroline, as my friend, do you promise or not? You had to break out the girlfriend code.
- I promise.
- Okay.
Why don't you want Stefan to know? Because he would never be okay with me doing this.
Are you sure you wanna do this? Yes.
She's the only one who knows the truth about Klaus who can tell me how to stop him.
But you're asking for the truth from someone who's probably never given it.
- Are you sure about this? - Yes, I can't just sit back and wait.
I have to know, Caroline.
Katherine? I'll be okay from here.
Hello, Elena.
You come to watch me wither away? Goodbye, Caroline.
As long as I stay on this side of the door, she can't hurt me.
Stefan know you're here? I brought you some things.
You came to bribe me.
What is it that you want? I want you to tell me about Klaus.
You've been busy.
I also brought you this.
It's your family history.
It says in here that the family line ended with you.
Obviously, that's not true.
You think that if you brought me some family keepsake I'd open up? I also brought you this.
You don't look so good.
How long before your body shuts down? Ten, 20 years? Must be painful to desiccate and mummify.
I can't even imagine.
You have the Petrova fire.
More blood? It's a long story, Klaus and I.
Goes all the way back to England, 1492, after I left Bulgaria.
Or was thrown out.
Thrown out? My family, your true ancestors they disowned me.
My indiscretions were not tolerated at that time.
I had a baby out of wedlock.
The shame.
It was kept secret.
My baby was given away.
I was banished to England and I had to learn to adjust.
So I quickly became English.
It was there that I caught the eye of a nobleman named Klaus.
I was taken with him at first, till I found out what he was and what he wanted from me.
And then I ran like hell.
Ah! She's here.
Katerina? I know you're near.
I can smell your blood.
It's pointless to run.
Klaus will find you wherever you are.
This way.
There's more blood over there.
Head east.
I can't lead them astray much longer.
- I can't run anymore.
- Never mind.
There's a cottage.
You'll be safe there.
Go now.
So what did Klaus want? Same thing that he'll want from you.
He wants to break the curse.
By sacrificing the Petrova doppelganger.
He wanted to drain every single drop of blood from my body.
All right, Rosebud I need some answers.
Don't tell me you're crying because Trevor lost his head.
You always been this sensitive? There's a vampire switch you can "pfft" for this very reason.
- Takes the emotion out of it.
- You switch yours, I'll switch mine.
- Is that a dig? - An observation.
Being in love with your brother's girlfriend must be difficult.
- I'm not in love with anyone.
- You wanna try that again? Don't get on my bad side.
Then show me your good side.
- How do I find Klaus? - You don't find Klaus, he finds you.
Somebody's gonna know somebody who knows where he is, right? Add another 200 somebodys to that and you're still not even close.
Humor me.
You got in touch with Elijah.
How'd you do it? Through a very low somebody on the totem pole.
A guy named Slater in Richmond.
I'll drive.
You forget not all of us can do sun.
Then you drive.
Come on.
- Stefan.
- Hey.
Um, I need to talk to you.
Where are you going? Uh, Elena went home sick.
I wanna go check up on her.
- Ditcher.
- Yeah, I'm kind of worried about her.
You know what, of course you are.
Go ahead.
You know what, we can talk later.
Uh, talk about what? I might have done something.
What did you do? Told Tyler I'm a vampire.
What does the Petrova bloodline have to do with Klaus? It's really tedious but the curse was bound by the sacrifice of Petrova blood.
Witches are crafty with their spells.
The doppelganger was created as a way to be able to undo the spell.
Once the doppelganger reappeared, the curse can be broken.
So you ran before he killed you.
Something like that.
Please help me.
Help me.
- I don't invite strangers into my home.
- No Trevor.
He said that you'd help me.
Damn him.
Always making promises I don't wanna keep.
Let the girl in.
Bring her water and something to eat.
You must be Rose.
Thank you.
Trevor said to show you this.
To prove I am who I say.
That you would help me to freedom.
You stole this from Klaus? It was to be part of the sacrifice ritual so I grabbed it and made my escape.
People do not escape from Klaus.
Everyone who tries ends up in his grasp.
Anyone who helps them dies.
- I know the risk you bring on yourself.
- I risk nothing.
I will bring you back to Klaus and beg him to show us both mercy.
No! Back entrance.
How convenient.
That's the point.
We can't all have little daylight rings.
- How do you know this guy's even here? - I called him.
He's always here.
Just one thing.
If you're setting me up in any way I will rip your heart out and shove it down your throat.
Something I'm very good at.
I'm older than you and stronger.
Don't get on my bad side.
You can trust me.
- Whoa, what about the sunlight? - Doubled paned and tempered.
UV rays can't penetrate.
You see the appeal now? That and the free Wi-Fi.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
- How are you? - Good.
I saw you come.
What are you doing here? That's a long story.
But I want you to meet Damon Salvatore.
Turned 1864, Mystic Falls by Katherine Pierce, a.
Katerina Petrova.
So I take it I was right? What I told you about the tomb under the church? - Yes, it was right.
Thank you for the tip.
- Yeah.
It's nice to meet you.
What's going on, Rose? Where's, uh, Trevor? Rose never ended up taking you back to Klaus, did she? No.
But not because she had a change of heart.
It's nightfall.
Time to go.
- When did this happen? - In the woods.
I tripped.
That's a lie.
I would have smelled it.
I'd rather die than go back to Klaus.
Please just let me die.
If you die, then Trevor dies with you.
No! Where is she? You have set us both on a path of death.
I hope Klaus sees the honor in returning that girl to him.
He will sacrifice her.
Then so be it.
I love her, Rose.
He'll kill you.
He will not stop until he has all of our heads.
Then we shall run until we die.
You killed yourself? Klaus needed a human doppelganger.
As a vampire, I was no longer any use to him.
But it didn't work.
You didn't escape.
You've been running ever since.
I underestimated his spirit for vengeance.
Living out of a suitcase is better than dying so that you could have your blood spilled over some silly rock.
What's wrong? Afraid I'm right? You don't wanna die? There's another way out.
Better hurry.
Your opportunity is going, going, going, and gone.
I made the other choice.
What did you do, Katerina? I would have helped you live.
You would have helped me run.
That was never going to be enough.
It was enough for me.
Oh, do you not see, Trevor? She used you to help her escape and me to turn her.
Klaus will see our role in this.
And for that, I'm sorry.
As am I - for this.
- No! Oh! Please understand.
You have just signed our death sentence.
Better you die than I.
Rose and Trevor spent the last 500 years running because you used them.
Trevor just got killed.
Never thought he would've lasted that long.
You don't even care that you ruined their lives.
I was looking out for myself, Elena.
I will always look out for myself.
If you're smart, you'll do the same.
Sorry to drag you here, but if I don't eat, I get those kill-innocent-people urges.
Tyler has those, too, by the way.
- Yeah, what else did you say to him? - Not much.
I was trying to keep the questions to a minimum.
- Are you mad? - Yes, Caroline.
As a matter of fact, I am mad.
You put yourself at risk.
If Damon finds out - But you're not gonna tell him.
- No, of course not.
He would kill you.
Always looking out for me.
Yeah, well, you don't exactly make it very easy on me.
Then why do you do it? Why are you such a good friend to me? I don't know.
I guess you, uh, remind me of someone.
My best friend, Lexi.
- You have a friend? - Heh, heh.
You say that with such a discouraging amount of surprise, Caroline.
No, I just Sorry, I just Tell me about her.
I will, some other time.
I gotta go.
Wait, no.
What do I do about Tyler? I don't want Damon to kill him because there's the full moon coming up and Tyler's totally freaking out about it.
Hey, Bonnie.
- How was your first day? - It was great.
I would like you to introduce you to my dad.
Hi, I'm Bonnie Bennett.
Jonas Martin.
It's nice to meet you, Bonnie Bennett.
- Would you like to join us? - Oh, I'm meeting a friend.
But he's not here yet, so sure.
Oh, yes.
Please have a seat.
- So, um, where'd you move from? - Louisiana.
- That's a big change.
- I'll say.
It's not so bad here.
It's looking up.
Bennett, huh? I knew some Bennetts when I did my residency in Massachusetts.
Do you have any family from Salem? Actually, I do.
What do you know? Small world, right? Mm-hm.
Oh, there's my friend.
It was nice to meet you, Dr.
- I will see you at school.
- Yeah.
- Hey, sorry I was late.
You okay? - Yeah.
And you're sure Elijah's dead? Beyond dead.
Trevor was a good man.
Helped me with my dissertation on sexual deviance in the Baroque period.
I was going for my psych Ph.
Slate's been in college since '74.
When I was turned.
I have 18 degrees, three masters and four Ph.
The point? Exactly.
I mean, what is the point? What should I be doing with my eternity? If you have an answer, please enlighten me.
We need your help.
If someone wanted to get in touch with Klaus, how'd you hook him up? - Craigslist.
- Really? Seriously, I respond to a personal ad that gets sent to somebody who knows somebody who knows Elijah.
Who's dead.
And that's where my connection ends.
- Ha-ha-ha.
Man, you are bad.
- Oh, I told you.
- Cheat if you need your dignity back.
- Come on, hit the ball.
All right.
Hey, I got winner, guys.
I got winner.
Get ready.
This slaughter's almost over.
- So where's your dad? - Nice.
I'll see him back home.
- Okay, now I'm leaving.
- Wait.
No, no, no.
You have two seconds to come clean.
- What do you mean? - I'd believe the innocent act better if I didn't know how good you were at providing a distraction on demand.
Where's Elena? I can't tell you.
You can't tell me.
Are you kidding me? I'm sorry, but I can't tell you.
Elena was kidnapped.
She could've been killed.
- You're not gonna tell me where she is? - She's not in any danger.
I would not have let her put herself in danger.
Put herself in danger where? What are? - She's with Damon, isn't she? - Ew.
Then where? Where is she? Listen, if you're my friend like you've been pretending to be all day then you'll tell me where she is.
Stefan I am your friend.
But I'm also Elena's friend.
And I'm sorry but I'm not going to tell you where she is.
So how much of your little story is true? I have no reason to lie, Elena.
I have no reason to do anything but sit here and read and rot.
Okay, assuming it's even partially true, that's the reason why you came back.
Because you wanted to be the one to hand me over to Klaus.
Five hundred years on the run, I figured maybe he'd be willing to strike a deal.
So you got Mason to find you the moonstone.
Right again.
What else is needed to break the curse? Look who's getting smarter.
It's not just me or the stone, is it? Otherwise there would be no reason to trigger Tyler Lockwood's werewolf curse.
Witches and their spells.
So many ingredients, so many people to sacrifice.
So you need a werewolf.
Believe it or not, they're hard to come by.
- What else? - A witch to do the spell.
Mine bailed, but little Bonnie will do just fine.
- What else? - A vampire.
Could have been anyone, I suppose, but I like the poetry of Caroline.
So you were gonna just hand us all over to be killed.
Better you die than I.
Elijah moved around during the day.
Which means the original people knew the secret of the day ring.
Now, why would Klaus wanna lift the curse of the sun and the moon? To keep the werewolves from lifting it.
If a vampire breaks the sun curse the werewolves are stuck with the curse of the moon and vice-versa.
But werewolves are all but extinct.
Well, true, I've never seen one, but rumor has it.
Not such a rumor.
Mystic Falls? God, I've got to visit this place.
It sounds awesome.
"Awesome" doesn't even begin to describe it.
Wait, can we stop the curse from being broken at all? What do you mean? Can we render the moonstone useless and stop the curse from being broken? Well, yeah, probably, but why would you wanna do that? Tell me how.
You think I'm gonna help you do something that will piss of an original and keep me from walking in the sun? You wanna walk in the sun? I can make that happen, if you help us.
Oh, my God.
Let's go.
- You're gonna be okay.
- I know.
I just - Who was behind that? - I don't know.
- Where's Slater? - Iowa by now.
Who knows? - He's not behind this.
He's a good guy.
- Then who? It's Klaus.
Don't you understand? You don't know this man.
We're dead.
We're all dead.
Hey, Bonnie.
I'm sorry about earlier.
My dad.
He's not very subtle, with the whole Bennett-Salem question.
He picked up on you, but he was just fishing around.
He didn't mean any harm.
I felt something too.
I know.
That's why we're having this conversation right now.
He, uh He doesn't like for anyone to know but we were both worried that you would nail us.
He just wants us to fit in here.
For once.
It's tough, Bonnie, being different.
You're a witch? Well, we prefer the term "warlock.
" Elena.
- Stefan, what are you doing here? - I could ask you the same question.
Caroline told you.
No, she kept your secret.
It didn't take long to figure out what was so important - that you'd keep it from me.
- I knew you'd stop me.
Listen to me.
Whatever she said to you is a lie.
Do not listen to her.
She is a liar, Elena.
What if she isn't? - You didn't hear what she said.
- You don't have to worry.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
That's the problem.
You won't.
But you'll die trying, how is that any better? There's nothing you can do, Stefan.
I haven't even told you the best part of the story.
No, no, no.
He killed them.
My entire family.
Just to get back at me for running.
Whatever you do to escape Klaus, he will get his vengeance.
On your friends, your family, on anyone that you've ever loved.
No, look at me.
Do not listen to her, okay? Always the protector.
But even you must realize that she's doomed.
There's nothing you can do to stop it.
Unless, of course, you have this.
- What? - Oh, no.
There it is.
That's the ultimate lie, isn't it? You spun this whole thing so that we would have to get the stone from you.
I didn't spin anything, Stefan.
It's the truth.
Let me guess.
You wanna trade that stone for your freedom, hmm? You manipulative, psychotic bitch.
My freedom? That's where you're wrong, Stefan.
I don't want my freedom.
Because when Klaus shows up to kill us all and he will I'll be in the tomb.
Where no vampire will enter because they can't get out.
I'll be the safest psychotic bitch in town.
I'm sorry about today.
I didn't know that was gonna happen.
I believe you.
And I wish we could save Elena.
I know that you want to.
And I will.
You remind me of Trevor.
Why? Why him? Because he always talked a big game.
He was always working an angle.
But he was the best friend anyone could ever hope for.
Where'd that get him? Dead.
And my loyalty to him almost got me dead too.
To friendship.
You're right to fight it.
The way you feel about her.
And why's that? Because if we wanna survive we need to not care about anyone.
Caring gets you dead, huh? It might just be time to turn the switch off on your emotions.
I will if you will.
- I can't talk about it, Stefan.
- You have to.
Don't shut me out.
Elena, please.
I wanted to know the truth, Stefan, and I got it.
It's not just me that's in danger.
It's It's Caroline and it's Tyler and it's Bonnie.
They're all part of breaking the curse.
I can't blame anyone else anymore.
It's not because you came into town or because you and I fell in love.
That's not why everyone I love is in danger.
It's because of me.
Everything is because of me and l It's a lie, you know.
There's no switch you can turn off.
Sure, when you're a newbie, but after a couple hundred years you just have to pretend.
- Hello? - Rose? Slater? Are you okay? Yes, I took off, I'm sorry.
I was frigging freaked.
No, I'm sorry to involve you.
Look, I want no part in any of this, but I did some digging.
What did you find? You can destroy the curse, but you need the moonstone.
How? What do you mean? I don't follow.
Well, can your friend get the moonstone? You need it.
Yes, he can get it.
What next? We need a witch.
Get the moonstone.
A witch should be able to figure out the rest.
Good luck, Rose.
Very nicely done.
I have a degree in theater.
How can you compel me? A vampire can't compel another vampire.
I'm a special vampire.
What, because you're an original? Hmm.
Now I want you to take this and drive it through your heart.
But that would kill me forever.
I know.
But it's necessary.
Was it really? It had to be done.
He delivered his message.
Won't be long now.