The Vampire Diaries s07e05 Episode Script

Live Through This

1 Previously on "The Vampire Diaries" What was the deal with you and Stefan? I was the first love of Stefan's life.
Stefan, meet Julian.
Julian was the man you were not supposed to fall for.
Does Stefan Salvatore know that you are pregnant with his child? What do you want, Enzo? I want you to tell me how we're going to prevent Julian from walking back into Lily's life.
- So have you found Julian yet? - I found him months ago.
Julian is the devil.
I can't let Lily bring him back.
We got to bring this guy back to life now.
Alaric: The Phoenix stone brings people back from the dead.
Yaah! Damon: You sure you want to do this to Jo? Alaric: If there's even a 1% chance that this could work, I need to take it, no matter how dangerous or insane it may be.
Woman: Bonnie Is there something you wanted to talk about? [Man coughs] I guess, um, I've been thinking a lot about The past lately, how one stupid decision can Can turn your life into something that you don't recognize, like it belongs to someone else.
I made a mistake And I lost someone I loved And I'd do anything to take it back, but I can't.
All I can do is Try and find a way to live with it.
[Clears throat] Thank you, Bonnie.
Alex, is there something you'd like to share with the group? What are you doing here? Things are bad out there, luv.
You can't hide in here forever.
Noah Gundersen: Forego your hope [Door opens and closes] Save it from the ashes Bonnie: Hey, how's she doing? I don't know.
She's been sleeping for 12 hours.
That's normal, right? Yesterday she was dead.
Today she's alive.
I'm not sure normal applies.
Please tell me that's food.
Term papers.
They were jamming up your in-box.
You are still employed as a professor here.
Hey, do you want a job as my new T.
? All you have to do is write, "interesting point," in a few margins and then give everyone a B+.
Tempting, but I need to figure out exactly how I brought your wife back to the land of the living.
She's here.
She's ok.
What does it matter now? Because in less than 24 hours, I raised two people from the dead with a sketchy spell and something called a Phoenix stone No research, no rehearsal time, and no contingency plan And now that I have a little breathing room, I want to figure out what kind of magic I was dealing with just in case I opened up Pandora's rock, so can I have it back, please? Gundersen: I can't hold on to what's not there May you blossom like a flower May you go dancing in the air [Door opens and closes] Alaric: Oh, hey.
Hey, sweetheart, how you feeling? I'm starving.
[Chuckles] [Gordi's "Can we work it out" playing] Gordi: Can we work it out? [Sighs] This is torture for you, isn't it? - No.
- Hmm.
I'm so happy just lying here and doing nothing, just listening to you breathe.
Mm-hmm, just making a mental checklist of all the things you need to do today, debating whether you should accidentally kick me awake? Uh, did you say kick, or did you say kiss? [Chuckles] - Hmm? - Mm Good morning, lovebirds.
Oh Are you kidding me? I brought you some free-rage, overpriced coffee One cream, two sugars, just like you like it.
Actually, I hate sugar in my coffee.
Is there any particular reason as to why you are barging into my girlfriend's dorm room at the crack of mid morning? Why such a grumpy Gus? I thought you'd want to celebrate today.
I finally got Elena tucked away safely.
You're snuggled with Caroline in this tragically tiny bed, and Ric Ric saved his lady from the great beyond.
Everything is coming up Salvatore, so much so that I have decided to turn over a new leaf.
- Oh, good.
- Yeah.
I am gonna be the man that does right by Elena all on my own by keeping her in my heart instead of keeping her under foot.
That's interesting.
I'm gonna need a little help with the dirty work, so rise and shine, brother.
We are going to interrogate a tall, beautiful heretic with a terrible attitude.
Valerie? Rings a bell.
I am missing something here.
Oh, Stefan and Valerie are old flames from way back, and they haven't had a face-to-face since she came tumbling out of that prison world.
Hang on.
Valerie as in v-card Valerie, "wham, bam, thank you, ma'am," broke your heart and, uh Caroline: You know what? I think this would be the perfect opportunity for you two to catch up, unless there's a reason it would be uncomfortable for you.
- No.
- Great.
Have fun.
[Door opens and closes] [Oscar gulps] Oh Enzo: Enjoy it, mate.
It's the last of it.
Lily: Good morning, Oscar.
[Gulp] It was kind of you to sit with him all night.
Oh, I've had a few bad nights myself over the years.
[Footsteps] Right here, please, Lucy.
Thank you.
Oh, what's the occasion? My mother always used to keep fresh flowers when expecting guests.
I suppose I picked it up from her.
Ah, Julian, I presume.
He'll arrive home today if all goes as planned.
This is a good thing, Lorenzo.
I hope you can be happy for me.
There's no reason the two of you shouldn't get along.
Yeah, thick as thieves, I reckon.
Mary Louise: I want to drive, but Beau won't give me the keys.
Why, that's because you keep hitting cats and utility poles.
He's still sitting there.
Oscar, darling, it's Nora.
Do you Do you remember me? Mary Louise: I don't like this.
Oscar's meant to be laughing and making jokes.
Guess what, Oscar.
Julian's coming back.
Life's about to get fun again.
So fun.
Well, he's clearly unwell.
We can't just leave him here.
Lorenzo, you wouldn't mind keeping an eye on him, would you? We won't be long.
- Happy to help.
- Thank you, and if you hear from Valerie, please tell her to come home immediately.
I know I was stern yesterday, but that's no reason to sulk.
Come on, girls.
Enzo, on phone: Where are you? Headed out to find Julian and trying to find the directions on Oscar's stupid phone.
Why doesn't anyone use real maps anymore? What's wrong with paper? Well, I suggest you get a move on because Lily and company are right behind you.
Valerie: What? That's impossible.
You promised to keep Oscar quiet.
Oh, Oscar, he doesn't remember squat.
They must have tracked Julian down on their own with a locator spell or some other heretic malarkey.
Never underestimate Lily's relentless devotion to getting what she wants.
What does it mean when the little bar thing goes all red? I [Beep] Hello? [Tires screech] No seat belt? That's a hefty fine, young lady.
How did you Little bird brain said you stole his car and sped out of Mystic Falls.
You did realize that by taking a deputy's SUV that every move you made would be tracked, right? Would you kindly move your car? That car? You bet I'll move that car, but first, I need to ask you why you killed your faux brother Oscar and framed me for the murder.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You're right.
I might not be 100% on my detective work.
It's possible that another heretic turned him into a desiccated corpse.
I'm not sure.
I'm gonna go to my car, get my phone.
I'm gonna call Lily, see if she knows.
You're a genius.
What on earth made you think I wouldn't do the same to you? Hey, we're just talking here.
Stefan: Valerie.
Agh Stefan.
Quit torturing my brother.
Tell me exactly what's going on here.
Dresses: How am I supposed to run to you? Is it safe to enter, or is your boyfriend still half-naked under the sheets? God, I'm a roommate horror story.
At least your bed has seen a half-naked male all semester.
I think Ms.
Cuddles is starting to feel sorry for me.
I mean, look at her.
Do you see how she's judging me? Ha ha ha! I need man help.
Well, don't look at me for advice.
I just sent my boyfriend to spend the day with his first love.
Valerie, the heretic who turned your skin to vervain so you and Stefan couldn't touch? Yeah.
That would be the one.
You're either completely insane or the most secure woman in the world.
Ha ha! I want him to work things out with her.
He has this habit of bottling up all of his hurt feelings, and I think it would be really good for them if they could just clear away all the 19th-century drama so they can get on with their lives, clean slate.
Most secure woman it is.
I'm officially inspired.
So you going out to meet a guy? No.
I'm going to Mystic Falls to discuss magic with a heretic I just brought back to life, and then maybe I'll go meet a guy.
[New Politics' "Girl crush" playing] David Boyd: I still can't get over the sex we had Ok.
I think I got it.
You killed Oscar because he knew how to get to Julian, but you hate Julian because he's a sadistic, depraved, no-good monster that Lily desperately wants to bring home.
Did you ever hear of the Black Sea massacre of 1897? Julian annihilated an entire coastline on Christmas day, and yet Lily is still hopelessly in love with him.
So? Stefan took out an entire village in Monterrey, and Caroline still wants him.
To each, his own.
Speaking of which, how did you two, um, meet? At the town fair.
Oh, right.
That's right, mm-hmm.
And then you were supposed to meet after that, right, like, under a bridge or a tree or romantic park bench.
Will you please just shut up? You know, when you didn't show, this guy wrote 10 pages in his journal about how the sun would never shine as bright and the food would never taste as sweet.
I read them.
Your hiding places were always crap.
You really crushed the guy.
Well, she was just spying for Lily.
I mean, it was all just a game, wasn't it? - Ouch.
- But, yeah, no.
Hey, hey, keep going, man.
This bit is, uh, absolutely hilarious.
Please stop.
The only thing that matters now is that we find Julian and make sure he can't come home, so if you're not in, spare me the car ride and let me out.
Stefan's in.
He's in.
I'll watch.
He's turning over a new leaf.
Is that art or something? Heh.
Actually, that's a TV.
That's a TV.
I'm Jo.
You're Alaric, but you go by Ric because it's an odd name, and we're married.
Let's not worry about the details right now.
It's gonna take a little time for your memories to come back.
This is amazing.
Did you make it? No.
It's, uh It's delivery, made somewhere else and then someone drives it over.
It's Thai food, your favorite, well, except for that.
That's meat.
You don't eat meat.
- Why would I not eat meat? - I have no idea.
Hey, look.
Let's open this bottle of wine, huh? It's got to be 5:00 in the afternoon somewhere, right? Ooh! Ah! Ah! It's not serious.
Do you have bandages? I'll wrap it for you.
Medicine cabinet above the sink.
Be right back.
One makeup exam down, two more to go.
Remind me never to be taken hostage at the beginning of a semester ever again.
Caroline, on phone: Where are you? Some gas station in the middle of nowhere.
Damon: Don't worry Care Bear.
I have issued a no-hanky-panky zone.
No former flames will reignite on my watch.
- Nohow.
- Sorry about that.
The fumes are, uh, getting to his brain.
Hey, listen.
Uh, I want to take you to dinner tonight.
Caroline: Like a date? Wait.
Is this because you're feeling guilty for spending the day with your ex? No.
It's because I realize that I haven't actually taken you out yet.
Caroline: Well, I'd love that.
To be honest, I'm feeling a little bit guilty for pushing you into a car with your brother and your ex whom you clearly want nothing to do with.
Ah, no.
Don't feel guilty.
I I needed a push.
Caroline: Why? What, did she make a move on you? Nothing happened.
I just needed to hear that our time together was a lie.
She admitted that? She didn't deny it.
Are you ok or whatever? Stefan: I will be once you tell me what time I'm picking you up tonight.
Caroline: 8:00, and I like daisies, by the way, just in case you wanted to give me flowers.
I'll see you tonight.
Fill this up.
There's more gas in the tank, sassy pants.
I need an accelerant to burn Julian's body.
Don't want to take any chances.
Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself? We haven't even killed the guy yet.
Are you really that daft? We don't need to kill him.
What are you gonna do, charm him to death? Julian's dead.
He's been dead since 1903.
I'm afraid this house no longer has an open-door policy to the local riffraff.
You're living here, aren't you? Shall we spend a few moments catching up before I throw you out? How was your summer holiday? Meet any charming eurohunks? Girl, please tell me you didn't just follow Damon around with spare bottles of bourbon.
I didn't, but it's sweet of you to be concerned about my love life.
Well, I do admire your nerve sticking around.
Now, myself, I'd be flat hunting the other side of the planet if I were the only thing standing between Damon Salvatore and his everlasting happiness with Elena.
Maybe the danger gives you a thrill.
It could be a case of puppy love.
See, now I think you're projecting.
You're the one sleeping at Lily Salvatore's feet hoping for some of her good table scraps.
Good talk.
Nice of you to stop by.
Um, I need to talk to Oscar.
- What about? - Witch business, super boring.
Well, I'm afraid Oscar is not feeling quite like himself today, so maybe another time.
Lucy: Aah! Bollocks.
Lucy: Uh! Uhh Not supposed to eat the help, mate.
Bonnie: A little blood, please? Clean yourself up and take a spa day.
Forget all about Mr.
Chompers and his very bad manners.
Bonnie: Hello, Oscar.
Hey, do you remember me? We met in Myrtle Beach.
I've never been to Myrtle Beach, but I do remember you from that dark room in the basement.
You the one that got me out? Out of where? I think I'm still hungry.
Um, ok.
Just get a grip on yourself for 5 minutes, and we'll get you more blood.
I came to ask you about the Phoenix stone.
What stone? Why do people keep asking me questions I don't know the answers to? This stone.
Know it? There.
You got me out of there.
Why would Oscar stash Julian's body out here in the middle of nowhere when he could just hand it over to Lily? Because he knew the moment Lily gets Julian back, the fun's over.
Valerie: Everything changes.
Hmm, so he killed him.
That makes a lot of sense.
I told you, I have my reasons.
Ah! Stefan: You know, I was thinking, it's probably a good thing that you and I cut things short.
I mean, what if I'd accidentally insulted your driving and you had no choice but to run a butcher knife through me? Valerie: Yeah.
It's doesn't exactly sound like you've lived the life of a saint, either.
The world changes people.
You must have figured that out by now.
[Clang] Damon: Hey, lovebirds, quit your bickering.
Let's get this campfire started.
[Door closes] Damon: Huh.
Casket emporium.
Valerie: Oscar and his stupid pranks.
So Lily's still carrying a torch for some moldy, old corpse, hmm? Valerie: Lily is determined to reunite Julian's body with his lost soul, but in order to do that, she needs the Phoenix stone.
Phoenix stone, huh? Never heard of it.
Really? That's funny, since you clearly used it on Oscar.
Who said we used it on Oscar? Oscar was dead, and you needed something to trade for your girlfriend in the box, so you tinkered around with it and found a temporary solution, but, hey, good on you.
Whoever you brought back seemed to pull the wool over Lily's eyes.
What do you mean, whoever we brought back? The Phoenix stone is stuffed full of very old vampire souls.
You didn't raise Oscar from the dead, you clods.
You jammed one of those souls into his body.
How's everything with Professor Frankenstein and his rebooted bride? Bonnie, on phone: Good, I think.
She was still asleep when I left.
Oh, good.
Glad to hear it.
So quick favor.
I'm gonna need you to tell Ric that we made a tiny mistake and that that's not his wife.
- What? - Yeah.
It turns out that the stone doesn't actually have any magic juice to bring back any old corpse.
It's more like a supernatural holding cell for a bunch of lost vampire souls, one of which you accidentally shoved into Jo's body.
Oh, my God, that means Oscar's Oscar's just some random vampire in a heretic candy shell.
Damon, I came to your house to talk to him about the stone.
Bad idea.
Cut the conversation short.
Call Ric from the car on the way home.
Oh, no.
Don't put this on me.
Well, I'm sorry, and I'm trying to do this thing where I do right by Elena, and I just I I just don't think that she'd want me to crush his spirit like that.
Let him down gently.
Is this you doing right by Elena or you not wanting to break your best friend's heart? Fine, but you owe me.
Thanks, Bonbon.
[Beep] Found Oscar a few blood bags stashed in the study.
Probably expired, but he does not seem picky.
I have to head back to Whitmore.
I meant to ask you about this pretty stone.
Where'd you find it? Rocks r us.
It was on sale.
That's funny.
Lily's been looking for one just like it.
Oh, bargain bin was full of them.
I'm sure they have more.
Or I could just take this one.
Don't think so.
I'm not going back in there.
Huh! No.
I'm not going back.
Uh! What the hell is he talking about? Let's just say you were right.
Oscar's not himself today.
Why does everyone keep calling me Oscar? My name's not Oscar! Did I do that? Run.
You want to get some fresh air? Thought maybe a walk through campus will stir something.
What are you doing? What happened to me? This was mine, wasn't it? That's your wedding dress.
The hospital asked me if I wanted to save it.
What happened to me? [Sighs] Your brother had a lifelong vendetta against you.
He stabbed you.
I couldn't get you to the hospital in time.
So what happened? I'm gonna explain everything when you're feeling better.
It's gonna make a lot more sense then.
Why wouldn't it make sense now? Because it is crazy, Jo.
It is the craziest thing either of us have ever been through, and that is saying something.
I remember.
I was stabbed.
I was stabbed in the heart.
No, not in the heart.
He came at you from behind, and I I didn't see him until it was too late.
I was stabbed in the heart.
Jo, calm down.
I Everything's gonna be No.
Don't touch me.
Stay away from me.
You know, we got Nora to siphon that repulsion spell you put on Caroline, just in case you were wondering.
Forgotten all about that.
Why'd you do it? I mean, you couldn't have been worried about Caroline's safety.
What do you want me to say, because I'm pure evil, because I like seeing people suffer? Well, if that's the truth, then yeah.
I'm not a horrible person.
Really? Well, then who are you? I mean, you turned my life upside down.
You leave, you show no remorse, and then you go after my girlfriend.
You know nothing about me.
[Creak] [Rattle] This one won't open.
Must be spelled shut.
[Thrumming] Doesn't look dead to me.
His body's been preserved with magic.
[Spits] Lot better-looking than our old man.
I'll give mom that.
Move, unless you want to burn to a crisp alongside of him.
[Whoosh] Incendia.
Shouldn't we, uh, get a match? I don't understand.
Damon: Well, of course.
Guess it ain't a party until the mean girls show up.
Look who's in a heap of trouble.
What's Lily going to say? Let's ask her.
Lily, we found Valerie.
She's over here trying to kill to love of your life.
Girls, I'll meet you in the car.
I need a minute with Valerie.
You may have stolen Oscar's phone, but you left something behind in his pocket.
Oscar always did covet Julian's ring.
Beau found him easily with a locator spell.
Why would you do this? Lily, he's a monster.
Bringing him back will only make things worse.
So you go behind my back with my own sons to destroy him.
It's not like you listen to me.
You were so blinded by your love for him, it's like no one else exists.
Stefan: Hey, we get it.
You're angry.
Whatever lies Valerie's told you, that's all they are.
Damon: Technically, she's been a bit vague on the details I mean, mass murderer, homicidal maniac, and typical, run-of-the-mill bad guy stuff But before we just hand him over, you mind telling us what we're missing here? Who is this really? This man is the love of my life, the man I didn't think I deserved, the one I fought for, waited for, the one I told myself I could change for.
He makes me better, Damon.
You know anything about that? A thing or two.
Then we are through here.
Please don't.
He'll ruin us.
He She's playing you.
He didn't make her better.
If anything, he made her vindictive and cruel.
What's that supposed to mean? Who do you think gave Kai the idea to put Elena in that sleeping beauty coma? - Who? - Lily.
Is that true? Valerie: She wanted to make you pay for refusing to help rescue us from the prison world.
Screw Julian.
I'll kill you.
Ugh Uh! Oh! [Boom] [Crash] Vis porta.
Spelling the door? Thought you were leading us to a secret passage.
You watch too much "Scooby-Doo.
" [Slam] Maybe he'll tire himself out and we just go out the front door.
Or I could just jump out this window while you fend for yourself.
First, give me that stone back.
First, tell me why it's so special.
It's some kind of trap for a bunch of souls.
If Lily wants it, someone she cares about must be inside.
Great, because we need another heretic running loose around here.
He's not a heretic.
He's a long-lost vampire boyfriend.
Then you definitely don't need it.
Do you really want to hand her the means to bring the dead boyfriend back into the picture? Have some dignity.
[Slam] What makes you think I want romantic advice from a lovelorn witch? I'm just saying, maybe you deserve better.
[Thrumming] Bad news.
I think Oscar just learned how to siphon.
Uh! Where is it? Where is the stone? He has it.
Ugh! [Clatters] Agh Huh! Uh! Ohh Valerie.
Valerie! Uh Hey, you ok? I'm fine.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Whatever you're thinking, we're not gonna do that.
Thinking I should rip out her heart and bronze it like a trophy.
She's still our mother.
Our mother, Stefan, is the reason Elena's in that box while the world passes her by.
I know.
I get it.
Just remember, you're turning a new leaf.
Screw the new leaf.
She stole Elena from me and every ounce of happiness I've ever known.
I'm not gonna let her just walk away from that.
We're not gonna let her walk away from that, I promise, but right now, I need to find Valerie, so just tell me that you're fine and you're not gonna do anything stupid.
I'm fine.
I'm ok.
Uh! Ooh! Give me the stone! Uh! Here, boy.
[Splat] Uh [Panting] Finders keepers.
Stefan: Valerie.
Uh! Don't move.
I'm gonna get these out.
Ah! It's pointless.
If Lily doesn't kill me, Julian will.
Well, maybe it's pointless, but I'm not the type to leave someone hanging.
Couldn't help yourself, could you? If I'd have known how deeply you'd hate me, I would have acted differently.
I don't hate you.
I just wanted to know the truth, and now I do.
It's not the truth, Stefan.
Nngh The truth is I was coming back for you.
What happened, miss your train? Julian caught me trying to leave.
He was desperate to get Lily to Europe, and, well, he knew I'd be a distraction.
Why would you be a distraction? - I was pregnant.
- What? I wanted to tell you in person, though, and I felt ridiculous.
We we spent so little time together for me to end up pregnant, I just I wasn't sure if But Julian had already found out.
He made sure there was nothing to tell.
What did he do to you? He, um Made sure it wasn't a problem anymore.
He knew I wouldn't be able to look you in the eye and tell you, so I left with them.
I kept our secret all these years, and I'm so sorry.
Oscar died two nights ago when Valerie killed him.
I'm pretty sure that Damon and Bonnie brought him back with this.
I suspect they didn't get it quite right, though.
He went mad and tried to kill me.
It wasn't him.
The soul in the stone has to be reunited with the proper body.
Where did you get it? Why would Valerie throw away everything Her family, your respect, her livelihood Just to keep Julian away from you? According to her, I'm too blinded by his charms to see his flaws.
Give me the stone, please.
I won't stand idly by while you reawaken some bloke who may or may not have complete control over you.
Call it what you will Devotion, control.
I call it love, so if you're asking me to choose between you and Julian That's exactly what I'm asking.
Please understand.
[Cell phone rings] Hey.
You with Jo? Alaric: No.
She freaked out a little.
I you know, I could really use your help looking for her, actually.
It's not her, Ric.
It's not Jo.
What are you talking about? We made a mistake.
The stone doesn't bring people back from the dead.
It is just an old relic full of souls.
Alaric: Bonnie, that is my wife.
I know who I'm looking at, ok? She just she needs a little time to adjust.
Bonnie: No.
It's not her.
Jo was never in that stone, Ric.
I put someone else in her body.
I'm so sorry.
Where are you? I'm meeting up with Damon.
We can come by and figure this out together.
I got to go.
Hey, I I just want to talk.
I realized I have no idea how to use that thing.
Nothing about this world is familiar to me Not you, not any of this Not even my own reflection.
You're not my wife.
I don't think I am.
If I'm not Jo, who am I? I don't know, but you're not alone.
I'll help you, and we'll figure this out together, ok? Erin McCarley: I cannot begin To even understand Caroline: Hey, uh, not to be a pessimist, but how late do you think you're actually gonna be? Should I move the reservation to 9:00 or I'm actually still in Mystic Falls.
Or to tomorrow or next week? Stefan: I'm sorry.
It's ok.
Things got complicated.
Caroline: I know.
Bonnie told me how the stone actually works.
- Alaric must be devastated.
- Stefan: I'm sure he is.
Um, hey, listen.
I promise I'll I'll make tonight up to you, ok? Is is there anything else monumental that I should know about? No.
No, nothing.
I'll see you tomorrow? Ok.
Um, I'll see you tomorrow.
You didn't say a word the whole way back.
I didn't really know what to say.
Uh, can you give me an overview of the options? I'm angry that I didn't know.
I'm sad that something I could have had was taken away from me.
I want to kill Julian for what he did to you, and I'm sorry that you had to go through this alone.
After it happened, I wanted to die.
I did die.
I took my own life.
I obviously didn't realize I had vampire blood in my system.
That's how you became a vampire, you killed yourself? Far cry from that girl you met at the fair, isn't it? It's funny how one event can change the outcome of your entire life.
Please don't tell anyone.
I couldn't bear for Lily to know.
- I won't, I promise.
- Ok.
I don't presume to know you now or even what you wanted back then, - but - Yes.
Would I have wanted a child? Yes.
We have, um, 5 guest rooms.
You should probably stay the night.
I should run as far and fast as I can.
Damon won't let Lily get her hands on that stone, and if she does, I will kill Julian myself.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
Julisan melunaweh washaset.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
Julisan melunaweh washaset.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah Bonnie: So Lily is the reason I'll never see Elena again.
Apparently, she has a thing for emotional torture.
Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Hey, I do not go behind people's back and torture them.
I like my enemies to look me in the eye and see the depth of my rage.
Sure you want to do this? Burning that bastard's body would've been too good for Lily.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
Julisan melunaweh washaset.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
Julisan melunaweh washaset.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
I want to give her that man that she's cherished and loved and missed for a hundred years.
Julisan melunaweh washaset.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
I want her to run into Julian's arms, and I want her to remember what it feels like to have that love returned.
I want her to taste true happiness Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
Julisan melunaweh washaset.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
Julisan melunaweh washaset.
Ababbas dagoineh mateesah elunatan.
Julisan melunaweh washaset.
Julian, is it you? Lily? Darling.
Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Oh And then I want to rip his head off right in front of her.
I want to break her heart.
I want to break her spirit.
I want to destroy her.
So much for the new leaf, huh? Tell me I'm being stupid and reckless and cruel.
Tell me I'm not doing right by Elena.
You're doing right by Elena.
Well, glad to see you boarding this train to crazytown, Bonnie Bennett.
I was getting lonely all by myself.