The Vanishing Triangle (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1


ALL: Drink, drink, drink,
drink, drink, drink!
Now, your turn. Go.
BARTENDER: Last orders, please.
Oh, fuck! My bus!
- You can stay at my place!
- I got to get home tonight.
Oh, my life ♪
Is changing every day ♪
And, oh, my dreams ♪
It's never quite as it seems ♪
Never quite as it seems ♪
I know I felt like this before ♪
Hi. Did you miss your bus?
Hi. Yeah. To Castle Moy.
I can take you half way. Hop in.
Thank you.
Cold out tonight, isn't it?

MAN: Sorry I can't take you any further.
- That's all right.
- Take care of yourself.
AMY: Bye now.

AMY: I'm gonna be stuck
here all night, Suze.
Why'd you leave so late?
I just lost track of time.
Hold on.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- He didn't stop?
- No.
If you're late on your first day,
they'll sack you before you even start.
I think he's coming back.
Oh, my God!
I have to go. I've got a lift.
Castle Moy?
Great. You're a star!




Cathy? I got your message. What's wrong?
CATHY: Lisa, he's outside.
God, okay.
But but you'll be
safe in the shelter.
He's gonna be waiting
for me when they close.
I'm afraid he's gonna kill me.
You've got to help us.
Alright, I'll do all I can,
Cathy, I promise you.
Editorial in five.
BILL: Obviously, the lead
is the divorce referendum,
but the women's refuge?
You did the story last month, Lisa.
The government made a decision.
Why the hell did you give
her the go ahead?
She said she had a new angle.
I do have a new angle.
I don't see it.
- What else we got?
- Excuse me.
Bill Clinton's statement on the Balkans,
Jacques Chirac on nuclear testing and
Bill, we can't not publish this.
These women have nowhere else to go.
Look, maybe a small update,
near the back.
No, it's the exact same story
as last month.
I've interviewed some
of the women there so it's
Lisa, I've made my decision.
- Next.
- Women might die.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- BILL: Enough, Lisa.
That's my final word.
Now, what else have we got?
Riverdance is a big hit in New York.
Fuck. Any good news?
Oh, Christ.
Now is not the time, Lisa.
Bill, these women
Are not our responsibility.
They are our responsibility.
If there's any possibility
Fuck's sake, it's not personal, Lisa.
It is personal actually.
My mother was murdered when
When I was 10, so I know
what will happen
to these women if this place closes.
And it is a news story.
We only criminalized
marital rape last year.
The power of the press can force change.
Bill, you told us that.
Alright, Lisa, I'll tell you what.
Make it personal.
Tell your mother's story,
how it affected you.
Make it a confessional,
and I'll consider it.
Thank you, Bill.
You won't regret it.
I said "consider".
I'm so sorry, Lisa. No idea.
It's not the kind of thing
you advertise.
You're about to, though.
Are you sure you're
really okay with that?
You didn't say if he was ever caught.
It's not too late to change your mind.


- Dad, you're late.
- I know, love. I'm sorry.
How'd today go? How'd you get on?
I don't think I did that well.
I bet you did better than you think.
You've always been good at science.
It was maths.
You were late enough
getting in last night.
Yeah, well, Laura had this
big party for her birthday.
I told your mother
you came home on time.
Don't let it happen again
and not on a school night.
- Thank you, Dad.
- MAN: Commander Delta One.
Suspected gangland shooting
on Parnell Street.
One male victim, serious injuries.
We need you over there
as soon as possible.
Forensics are on their way.
Are we still hanging out?
Sorry, love, I'm gonna
have to go to that.
But I'll drop you home first, yeah?
Put on your belt.
Hard to top the dead mother card?
Fuck you.
You wish.
Something must've happened to her.
Is she a pretty girl? Your sister?
Yes. What's that got to do
She's probably off having a good time
with the fella that picked her up.
My sister's not like that.
She'd never go off with some stranger.
And she's got a new job,
due to start this morning.
She wasn't gonna risk losing that.
If she's not home within
24 hours, come back.
That's all we can do.
Opening paragraph's whooly.
Your mother's murder should lead us in,
not the other way around.
Apart from that
He is gonna run it, front page.
REPORTER ON TV: In the latest survey,
figures suggest that 57% of people
support the amending
of the Constitution,
and removing the divorce ban in Ireland.
And abolishing the ban on divorce
would greatly increase
the heartache and trauma
of those involved
in the break-up of a marriage,
especially for the children.
In other news, customs


BARBARA: Thanks for
coming in, detective.
So, what am I looking at?
That's me, age 10.
It was taken by the man
who murdered my mother.
Okay, Lisa.
Take your time.
What was her name?
Janice Wallace.
Can you tell me what happened?
What you remember?
I remember it was hot.
I couldn't sleep.
Finally, I did sleep and when I woke
there were sounds
Ma, I'm awake.
I couldn't see his face.
- 'Cause he was
He was masked, and
my mom was on the bed, tied up.
Then, I remember
a blinding light like
I think it must have been
a camera flash.
He was taking this.
Thank you.
Then he, um
he locked me in
in the wardrobe
he did what he did to my mom
with me, there, in the room.
And when I woke,
the door was open and
and she
I thought she was asleep.
I'm so sorry, Lisa.
When did this happen?
November 14, 1980.
And was there anyone else
living in the house?
Your father? Siblings?
No one. My father wasn't there.
Where is he now?
He might remember something
that could be helpful.
He wasn't there.
- Even so.
- No.
Is there any chance
this could be your mother?
Not with that nail polish.
Plus that photo was taken outside.
And it was taken recently.
That's Polaroid Type 779 film.
They only started making that this year.
I had my secretary call
Polaroid in the Netherlands
while we were waiting.
It could still be staged.
We don't know he's taken anyone.
But that's obviously what he means,
fun past and present.
Why do you think he's contacted you now?
Because I just wrote a piece
about my mother's murder,
and I called him a coward.
A pathetic, depraved animal.
Yesterday was the anniversary.
Well, at least, we know
he reads the Evening Mail.
What's your circulation?
65,000 upwards.
Narrows it down a bit.
The officer here
will gather the evidence
and take your prints.
We'll send them to the lab.
If he did leave prints and
we have them on record,
we'll track him down.
But you are going to reopen the case
and look for this girl?
I have to get authorization.
The police did nothing for my mother,
not one suspect in 15 years.
Lisa, I'm sorry that
I'll look into it.
But, please, I'm gonna
need a couple of days.
I'll see you out.
Thank you.
My daughter Amy
She She's not the type
of girl who wouldn't call.
She always tells us where she's going.
What age is your daughter?
Then she's a grown woman.
If it was a child,
it would be different.
Come back in 24 hours
if you don't hear from her.
This is my youngest daughter
we're talking about!
My baby!
Please, I beg you.
Go home and come back tomorrow.
That's all we can do for now.
You don't care.
Step away from the desk.
There's other people waiting.
Shame on you.
Step away.
- Or I'll have you removed.
- Come on, Mom.
They're not gonna help.

Excuse me!
I'm really sorry for the way
that you were treated in there.
I'm sick of them doing nothing.
Listen, I shouldn't say,
but you should contact the media,
local radio, TV, ask
them for their help.
But you didn't hear it from me, okay?
Of course. Thank you so much.
Good luck.





Hi. It's Lisa Wallace. I need
a renewed prescription.
You have to be consistent Lisa.
I know, but they
make me dizzy out of it,
and with my job.
Nitrazepam works.
But you have to take it as directed.
And perhaps
you might not just be cut out
for such a stressful job.
There's plenty of other
things you could do.
PRISON OFFICER: Visiting time,
take your appointed seat,
and remain seated
throughout the entire visit.
30 minutes max.

They told me it was you.
I thought it was a joke.
I can't believe you're here.
I'm not here to make up with you.
These were sent to me.
This was taken by
Yes, that night.
I'm sorry.
It's just
Was Was it a revenge
killing for what you did?
Not a chance.
The police
they used that as an excuse.
The men I knew,
they wouldn't dare touch
a rival gang family.
They had a code.
This was a fucking psychopath.
What if they just happened
to send a psychopath,
they didn't know what he was gonna do?
No way.
The other boss, Rab Kelly
he volunteered to help the police,
but they refused.
He came to visit me, Lisa.
He swore to my face
that it had nothing to do with them.
He didn't have to do that.
He owed me nothing.


Why didn't you tell me
about your father?
Because the police used it
as an excuse not to investigate.
But it's obvious
we're looking for a sadist,
not a gang killer.
You may very well be right,
but I've still got
to convince my superiors.
You know what he did to my mom,
and now the photo
We can't rule it out being staged.
Oh, come on.
Her hands are swollen, purple,
- for fuck's sake!
- Lisa!
For this to work, I have
to present a watertight case.
The theories of a convicted murderer
and the denials of Rab Kelly,
it's not gonna wash.
Lisa! Lisa!
WOMAN: Store St. Garda Station.
How I can help you?
Hi. Lisa Wallace here from
the Dublin Evening Mail.
Is there a police national database
for missing persons I can access?
WOMAN: Uh, no.
No, I can't access it,
or, no, it doesn't exist?
No, it doesn't exist.
You'll have to contact local
police stations individually.
How many are there?
- 564.
- Fuck.
- Yeah, I'm afraid so.
- Thanks.
DAVID: Evidence lost,
crime scene contaminated,
typical '80s botch job.
If you'd looked more
closely at the case files,
you'd have seen that the original
Chief Investigating Officer was me.
You don't get to my position
by botching investigations.
No, sir, of course not, sir.
- But
- This was payback
for what the father did,
open and shut case.
Then who killed her?
Oh, a rival gang member.
Wallace murdered someone
to clear his debts
and his family paid the price.
But what about
the method of the killing?
The sexual element?
Sexual psychopath,
possible serial killer, right?
Yeah, well, now we thought of that,
but, you see, he never did it again.
What if he changed his MO?
What if one of his victims
was misclassified
as a missing person?
Now, that's possible.
But it's unlikely.
Well, sir, 375 people have gone missing
in the last 15 years.
Aye, abortion seekers,
runaways, prostitutes
Majority maybe, but if even one of those
is one of his victims
Not enough evidence
to investigate.
Sir, Janice Wallace's killer
contacted the daughter,
so whether it was a serial
killer or a gang member,
this is still a live murder
investigation, isn't it?
Did you find any prints on these?
No, we found traces of talc.
He probably wore surgical gloves.
Mm. Then we can't trace him, can we?
No, sir.
Then, let's sit back,
see what happens next.
The daughter won't be happy.
She's a journalist, and
she hates the police.
She could cause trouble.
Media meddling's not my concern.
This is police work.
MAN: Three females reported missing
in the past two months.
Two still unaccounted for.
Can you give me their names?
Emma O' Donoghue, aged
50, from Willow Heights,
and Lizzy Emmett, aged 37, Curragh Road.
Can you give me next
kin contact numbers?
No, sorry, that's confidential
but I'm sure you can track them down.
Thank you. You've been very helpful.
Okay, best of luck.
Does anyone know where the remote is?
SUSAN: We need her back.
Please, Amy, if you can hear
us, we love you so much.
FRANCES: Please love,
if you can, call us.
Just let us know you're okay.


Frances? Susan?
- Yes.
- Hi.
Lisa Wallace, Dublin Evening Mail.
I know Amy.
She wouldn't have gone off
without telling us.
The police said my sister
was some kind of whore,
or sleeping with some stranger.
Can I ask, did Amy
wear nail polish at all?
Yeah, she liked painting her nails.
Black, always. She's into her grunge.
Still loves Kurt Cobain
like you wouldn't believe.
I've a copy of a photo to show you.
I have to warn you,
though, it's quite disturbing.
Do you think that could be Amy?
I don't know.
Amy's got small hands like that.
Bites her nails, too.
Where did you get this?
Have the police seen it?
It was sent to me anonymously.
The police have the original.
But is that person in the photo
alive or dead?
Alive, I hope.
I'm so sorry.
I'd never have shown it
unless I thought it would help.
I'll do all I can to find Amy.
I promise you.

DAVID: You showed
the photo to the family?
They said Amy always wore
black nail polish, black.
And she bit her nails.
Without a clear positive ID,
it's no good to us.
Amy disappeared the night
before my article came out.
The very next day, I got the cards.
We can't be certain they're connected.
I presented the case
to my senior officer.
It was rejected.
But he's going to kill again,
you know it.
I tried.
You've got to do something!
There's nothing else I can do.
And I've been ordered to drop it.
I'm sorry.
Well, if you're not gonna
do anything then,
I'll have to write about it.


I am crazed it's running ♪
Through my brain ♪
Everything that rises ♪
How you doing?
You jump to too many conclusions.
Yeah, I agree.
We need to force the police into action.
Women's lives are at risk.
Then, get more proof.
Did you see the lead
on the Irish Times this morning?


Putting you through now.
CHRIS: Lisa?
Is there anything else
you can tell me that I might
not know about my mother's murder?
Well, I told the police,
so, uh, you probably know.
Just tell me.
Well, your ma, she came to visit me.
She said she was getting prank calls.
Heavy breathing.
She felt like
things had been moved around the room,
like somebody had been there.
And what What did the police say?
They said they'd look into it.
I wrote them a letter
from prison, but
I never heard back.
I've to go.
- Lisa, I
- Stop.
I know you want to make
things right, but you can't.
I know.
I get it.
I can't forgive myself either.
So, no prank calls?
Did she mention anything
moved in her room, anything strange?
No. Why?
Amy signed on in Dublin, right?
Yeah, on a Tuesday.
She'd usually stay and meet
her friends in the Tin Roof,
then catch the last bus home.
So, it was a regular thing?
Did she keep a diary?
All this looks like routine stuff.
She meant to do the Artist's Way,
but she never got round to it.
Did the police search this room
after she disappeared?
They never even came here.
Mind if I have a look?
You know, a few weeks ago,
Amy said her new lipstick was missing.
We had an argument 'cause
sometimes I borrow her things,
but I didn't take it.
She never found it.
Does that help?
Yeah, maybe.
What Do you know what this is?
Do you have tweezers,
a plastic bag, something
I can use to pick this up?
Oh, my God. You think he got in here?
Can I use your phone?
Detective Burkely.
David, it's Lisa.
You looked through
my mother's case files, right?
Yes, of course.
Did they know how he got into the house?
Yes, they found a homemade wooden wedge
in one of the windows downstairs.
Made the window seemed
locked when it wasn't.
- Jesus Christ.
- Lisa?
Go to your mother's house
and stay there, okay?
Get this developed straight away please.
Do you have a story, Lisa?
Yes, I found the evidence I need.
What is it?
Here's the notes.
You'll see the photos
when they get developed.
Oh, this is great.
Okay. Do you have half an hour?
Bill, she fucking did it.
Detective Burkely.
It's Lisa.
Lisa, hi. Listen, what was
that about earlier?
The wedge they found
in my mother's window,
I think I found the same one
in Amy and Susan's house.
Jesus Christ.
Is that enough to open the case?
Yes, more than enough. Well done.
You haven't published this, have you?
No. Good. Don't.
Don't say it to anyone, okay?
You'll send guards
round to dust the room?
First thing tomorrow.
Just don't fuck this up.
I won't.
thank you, Lisa.
Change of plan. We
can't publish tonight.
Please, just stand by.
What are you doing?
I can't talk about this.
Sorry. Soon, I promise.
Hey. Hey, Dougie.
Tell them to hold the press.
And I'll need those photos, too.
What are you still doing up?
I couldn't sleep.
This awful thing with that girl
that's gone missing.
And then she heard me get up.
Mom won't let me
go out on Saturday night,
but Niamh's mom said she'd
collect us and everything.
Will you talk to her please?
Your ma knows best.
- Good night, love.
- Good night.
Are you coming up?
Soon. I've got some work to finish.

SUSAN: She would never normally
be hitchhiking so late,
but she missed her last bus.
Everyone we know hitchhikes.
There's no other way to get around.
There's only two busses a day.
If anyone has Amy, please let her go.
We need her back.
Please, Amy, if you can hear
us, we love you so much.
Made you some soup, pea and ham.
Wait for it to cool.
REPORTER: We're asking this morning,
is the average catholic
church in crisis?
What with the recent scandals,
dropping church attendance,
particularly amongst the young,
who are turning away
from the church in droves,
the recent legalization of

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