The Vanishing Triangle (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I'm gonna be stuck here all night, Suze.
Why'd you leave so late?
I just lost track of time.
I have to go. I think I've got a lift.
I've interviewed some
of the women now so it's
Lisa, I've made my decision.
- Next.
- These women
Are not our responsibility.
They are our responsibility.
- It's not personal, Lisa.
- It is personal actually.
My mother was murdered when
when I was 10.
He's gonna run it, front page.
That's me aged 10.
It was taken by the man
who murdered my mother.
Your father?
My father wasn't there.
Was it a
- revenge killing?
- No.
Come back in 24 hours
if you don't hear from her.
Come on, Mum. They're not gonna help.
You don't get to my position by
botching investigations.
I presented the case
to my senior officer.
It was rejected.
Is that enough to open the case?
Yes, more than enough. Well done.
You haven't published this, have you?
Hey, hey! Dougie.
Tell them to hold the presses,
and I'll need those photos, too.
Why has it taken you so long
to react to Amy going missing?
Most people reported
missing turn up within 24 hours.
The time frame for our
response is standard.
Officers are at Miss Reynolds' home now
conducting a thorough forensic search.
And what about your failure to reopen
the Janice Wallace murder case
when the two are connected?
Any connection is still unproven.
Now, Lisa Wallace and
The Dublin Evening Mail
should apologize
to the family of Amy Reynolds.
To have interfered with
a criminal investigation
and caused needless
distress is shameful.
I have to impress on you
ladies and gentlemen,
this is a serious
What the fuck have you done?
- Excuse me?
- I told you we couldn't publish it.
- Lisa
- My articles are provoking him, Barbara.
Firstly, we're not responsible
for his actions.
Secondly, watch how you speak to me.
I promised Detective Burkely
I'd hold off.
Well, you should've told me.
It's my story. You should've trusted me.
No, it's news, Lisa.
Look, you've kicked
the Guards into action.
All eyes are on them now. That's good.
Hey! She's busy!
He sent another card.
Seriously, it's me
you should be pissed off with.
The list is long, believe me.
I'll get this to the lab.
I'm heading to Castle Moy
if you need to reach me.
I'll stay up at the Hill Lodge,
keep tabs on the search.
Thanks, David.
And you're dropping the story, yeah?
- Yes.
- She is.
Can't promise we are.
My daughter.
My daughter, she wrote that.
Ah, you haven't even touched it.
It'll go cold.
Look, I'll heat it through.
I don't want it. Leave me alone.
Get out, get out!
Family, friends, co-workers
we've spoken to all of Amy's contacts.
The last person to see her?
Her friends at The Tin Roof.
Said she left about 20 past 11:00,
worried she'd missed
the last bus, which she did.
Uh, not really no.
I spoke to one guy, a taxi driver.
Cillian Wade.
He said he saw a girl
running out of a car,
a male driver dragged her back in,
but the car drove off
in the direction of Ballington,
so it's most likely a domestic.
What? Most likely it was.
He didn't stop?
No, didn't want to get involved.
Can I see his statement?
Transcripts, not the notes.
Uh, he was in a rush.
I didn't get a chance to take one.
I wrote it down as soon
as I got back, though.
I've got a good memory.
Give me this Wade's details.
I'll question him myself.
Hold on a minute now.
He may have made an error,
but we don't need you
coming down from Dublin
checking up on us like
we can't do our jobs.
I'm not checking up on you.
We're on the same side.
We all want to find this girl, yeah?
DC Gareth Brennan.
Sorry about that.
If my wife wasn't joined
at the hip to her sister,
I'd have transferred to Dublin by now.
Look, don't judge me by that lot.
I may actually be of some use to you.
What are you offering?
Well, I know where you can get
a half decent pint,
something to eat, and I'm probably,
no, definitely the best
detective around here.
Not that that's saying much.
I happened to nick that
guy Wade a few years back.
I'd love to pay him
a little visit with you.
You're on.
You really can't tell me
what make of car it was?
I have no idea.
He's parked up on the hard shoulder.
Some fella was having
a slash in the bushes,
some half naked woman
comes running screaming out of the car.
Mm, yeah, well,
there was a lot of flesh
in me lights, you know?
Did you tell the other detectives that?
How old would you say she was?
19, 20, maybe younger.
So she ran out and then what?
Ah, he, uh, he grabbed her,
he pulled her in the car,
and they drove off in
the opposite direction of me.
Which direction?
Um, towards Ballington.
What about him? What did he look like?
I was doing 40.
But you saw the girl.
You didn't think it was strange?
Of course I did.
Then why didn't you stop?
I was on my way home. I was knackered.
- From The Golden Hope?
- From a job.
Okay. I'm sorry.
Oh, I can see that.
So why didn't you do anything?
Did you recognize him?
It was dark.
Who was it?
Please, I don't know.
Who was it?
Now listen, Cillian.
I can see you're scared.
Just imagine how scared Amy was.
This poor girl might
still be alive. Might.
So if there's anything you're
not telling me, tell me now.
Off the record, it'll go
no further, you have my word.
But you can't breathe a word of
it, because he'll kill me.
He'll literally kill me.
So, in and out of prison all his life,
ABH, suspected rape, assault, burglary.
Yep, he's a real charmer.
But he was out the year
Janice Wallace was killed?
Yes, he was.
Shall we?
Here's the man himself.
Detective Burkely and Detective Brennan.
Yeah, I know. What is it?
We wondered if we might
have a word with you
to help with our inquiries.
Sure, I'll put the kettle on.
No, down the station.
Well, why didn't you say?
The more stories like yours we tell,
we might just save the shelter.
Totally anonymous, of course.
Okay, thanks so much, Cathy. Speak soon.
Cut it out.
Tea still tasting like shite.
Your files tell me
you were released from
Portferry Prison six months ago.
Which I guess is why I'm here.
Something's up, and you come knocking.
Can you tell us where
you were last Tuesday night
between the hours of
10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.?
I can't remember.
Were you with anyone?
I'll be honest with you.
I've got a shit memory.
Too much weed as a kid.
It's just we've spoken
with someone who thinks
they saw you that night,
not far from Goresbridge,
headed in the direction of Ballington.
Who saw me?
It doesn't matter.
It does to me.
I know why you're here.
It's that girl who's gone missing.
Heard it on the news.
Sorry, lads, it's not me.
I'm not saying I wouldn't,
you know, pretty enough girl.
But not me, sorry.
Who was the girl
you were with that night?
What girl?
The one you dragged back into your car.
None of this is on record,
otherwise, you'd have arrested me.
I can leave. I know me rights.
You can't stop me.
No, we can't.
See ya, lads.
Fancy that drink?
Are you still up for after?
Yeah, but don't get
your hopes up too much.
I never figured this place
for a queer knockin' shop.
Your man back there on the stairs.
Oh, yeah. Well, I guess
they're everywhere.
Oh, I've nothing against them, mind.
Just don't want it rubbed in me face.
Nah, right.
Good luck.
So you said you were married?
Yeah, and one wee girl.
Ah, just like myself.
Anna. Has me wrapped around
her finger, and she's only 2.
Ah, believe me, it only gets
worse when they get older.
Enjoy it.
No one's been round.
They said they'd be round.
- Um
- I can't bear it.
- Why aren't they doing anything?
- They are.
We are. There's an officer
come from Dublin.
What's he done?
Listen, they've got a suspect, okay?
They questioned him today.
I can't say who, but things
are moving, I promise.
Will you keep me informed?
Go home to your mum. She needs you.
Hello. Lisa.
Okay, I'll find out everything I can.
I'll be in touch as soon as
I've got something, I promise.
Are you all right, Lisa?
Few too many last night?
Something like that.
I'm only half way
through the shelter piece.
I know you wanted it first thing,
but I just got a call
from Susan Reynolds.
They've got a suspect.
They won't tell her who, but
Just give me your notes,
and I'll finish it off.
Go on.
Excuse me? Sorry.
Do you know where the
Guards' pub is around here?
Yeah, just straight on.
some big man trying
to tell us how to do our jobs.
Could've run a book on him.
It was that obvious.
Coming down here swinging
his tiny cock around.
Uh, vodka tonic please.
Put it on my tab.
Oh, thanks.
You're welcome.
So do you have a name,
or can I call you mine?
That was the worst chat
up line I've ever heard,
and I've heard a lot.
Yeah, I bet you have.
Liam. And you are?
Cheers, Paula.
I won't ask you if you come
here often because you don't.
I'm after a job at the hotel.
Just had my interview.
Hill Lodge?
Mm, yeah.
Good luck.
So what do you do, Liam?
I work with nearly everyone in here.
So you must know about the poor girl
who's gone missing then?
Amy Reynolds, sure.
We'll find him.
We'll keep you ladies safe.
Don't you fret.
The girl at the Hill Lodge
said that she heard
you have a suspect already?
Yeah, we might do.
Let's not talk missing girls, eh?
Let's talk girls who've just been found.
- Too cheesy?
- Uh
- Mm.
- Same again?
Uh, this one's for the road.
We'll see.
God, I just hope
you've got the right guy.
The missing girl. Amy.
Are you a reporter or something?
I wish.
Barely scraped an E
in Inter Cert English.
It's just scary out there
for us girls, you know,
with him on the loose.
Is it a local guy?
Oh, I can't tell you details, Paula.
That's confidential.
Who would I tell?
Oh, I don't know.
You're all talk. I bet
you're not even a Guard.
Mark Bulger.
From round here?
Garrick Estate. Ballington area.
You're safe enough here I reckon.
Especially if you stick with me.
Well, thank God
he's not nearby at least.
I feel better for knowing that.
Well, thanks for the drinks, Liam.
Ah, come on.
Gimme a call, yeah?
Playing hard to get, are we?
Liam, no, no, I just need
to get home, that's all.
You're in no fit state to drive.
I could nick you for that.
I don't live very far, so
I'll take you home then.
Liam, come on, I'm just
I'm just not a first night
kind of girl, that's all.
I think you got off on it, did ya?
- What?
- Leading me on.
No, no, I wasn't leading you on.
Get your hands off me.
Get your fucking
get your hands off me!
You fucking cock tease!
How did you not mention that
the girl running from the cab
was half naked?
Quite a worrying detail
I would've thought.
It may well have been Amy Reynolds!
Jesus, we all should
know that speed is key.
Your incompetence and
laziness may have cost us
nailing Bulger for this.
It's not good enough.
We've the press
breathing down our necks,
we've all got to step it up, understand?
Uh, we're gonna concentrate
our search efforts
around the park,
two blocks from Bulger's house,
and expand our door to door.
We know he drinks at The Woodpecker
so you two head there.
Speak to as many regulars as you can.
He's not the sharpest tool
so he might well have
let something slip after a few beers.
And remember, write everything down.
We can't afford any more mistakes.
Why don't you go home and sleep it off?
What do you want?
I was hoping to ask you some questions.
I don't know anything.
Don't drag me into any of this.
Any of what?
No one's breathing a word.
Everyone's terrified.
That's why he always gets away with it.
Fuck off. Da's paid.
We're not looking for money.
We're doing door to door inquiries.
Did you see or hear anything
suspicious last Tuesday evening?
It was Brian next door
that called you, wasn't it?
You fuckin' asshole!
You're not in any trouble.
Look, I had to smash it.
I was locked out.
You can hardly nick me for
smashing me own window.
No, we're not.
We're asking if you saw
or heard anything unusual
last Tuesday night.
Do you mean that wanker
Mark Bulger and the girl?
Yeah, he left her in his car,
and he went in to get something,
but he wasn't here a few minutes.
What'd she look like?
What the fuck are you saying?
- What the
- Look at you.
Let me smell your breath,
you pissed idiot.
He's actually being very helpful.
If I could just get a statement.
No fuckin' way. He didn't
see nothing or hear nothing.
Call it a day?
I think so.
I don't suppose you've a phone book
for the Ballington area, have you?
You're in luck.
One of my colleagues is here, too.
The name's David Burkely.
Can you tell me his room number?
I'm sorry, I can't.
Plain clothes.
We're on the same case,
the missing girl?
Oh, gosh, terrible, um
It's room 7, first floor.
I hope you find her.
Thanks so much.
Well, that got us nowhere.
Confirmed Bulger definitely
had a girl with him.
I'm gonna head to the hotel,
go through the files,
see what I can dig up.
Anything I can help with?
No, you get back
to the wife and the little one.
Thanks for today.
Good to be working with someone
who actually gives a shit for a change.
Napping on the job?
Oh, we had a long day.
You're a little off
the beaten track, sir.
Yeah, well, high profile case.
Thought I'd check in, show me face.
Hoped to get here sooner but, uh,
yeah, I was called into
a meeting at the 11th hour.
I wish I could tell you
it was going well.
Oh, yeah, the moment
you step out of the city, eh?
You're at the Hill Lodge.
Fill me in over a pint?
Yeah, sure.
Right, meet you there.
I miss being out on the road, mm.
Chained to me desk now.
Wife says I put on a stone
with every promotion.
Ah, it's all complaints
and internal shit shoveling.
I bet.
The latest turd to land on me desk,
finding out which of our filthy officers
have been having it away with rent boys.
- Jesus.
- Mm.
Yeah, no, it's bad enough
playing around with prossies
but this, it turns the stomach.
Oh, I'll wheedle him out.
It's just the idea.
You know, walking around,
using the same jacks,
I don't suppose you have any ideas?
Jesus, look at your face.
Just any ideas who it might be?
I'll do some digging, keep an ear out.
I appreciate it.
Operation flush out the faggot.
Right, I guess I'd better be heading off
before me wife gives
me supper to the dog.
Thanks for stopping by.
God bless.
Hey, it's me.
Are you working late?
Yeah, I'm gonna have to stay up here
a couple more days I think.
A lot to get through you know?
What is it?
Come and say hi to your dad.
Is everything okay?
What do you think?
I have to go. Talk to you
later darling. Miss you.
Yeah, bye, love.
Fucking hell.
Tell her I'll look after her, boy.
I see you, bitch!
Oh, God.
It's alright. It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I need you to come with me, okay?
What's what's your name?
Let's get you out of here.
Can you run?
- Yeah.
- I need you to run, okay?
Which way?
We have to move quickly.
Fuck. Come on.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Come on.
You're fucking dead!
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