The Vanishing Triangle (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

TERESA: I'm gonna be
stuck here all night, Susan.
I think I got a lift.
LISA: That's me, age 10.
It was taken by the man
who murdered my mother.
We don't need you
coming down from Dublin,
checking up on us like
we can't do our job.
Look, don't judge me by that lot.
I may actually be of some use to you.
DAVID: This poor girl
might still be alive,
so if there's anything
you're not telling me
I just got a call from Susan Reynolds.
They've got a suspect.
So what do you do, Liam?
LISA: A suspect already?
That's confidential.
You're all talk. Bet you're
not even a guard.
Mark Bulger.
Can you tell us where
you were last Tuesday night
between the hours of
10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.?
It's not me.
Latest charge to land on me desk,
finding out which of our filthy officers
have been having it away with rent boys.

I see you, bitch!


LISA: I thought this would be easier.
Everything looked so different at night.
DAVID: Take your time.
I thought it was this way.

We can take it from here.
No, I'm fine.

Establish a perimeter.
Let's get it secure.


DAVID: Jesus, what a stench.

Forensics are gonna be kept busy.
She was in that corner.


Some poor cow is still
married to this sicko.
He's married?
Beggars belief, doesn't it?
Find Bulger. Get this place sealed off.
This is a major crime scene.

TV: He actually wanted to wait
until he had us tied down
NAN: Mand?
I'll be down in a minute, Nan.
I'm just going to get changed.
- Sorry, love. What did you say?

DAVID: I promise we'll keep this
as brief as we can, Teresa.

We want to get you home
as soon as possible.
How did you meet Mark Bulger?
Had you met him before the attack?
I know you've been through hell, Teresa,
but anything you can tell us
In order to make an arrest,
we need evidence or a statement.
I have a daughter
not much younger than you.
Please help me protect
other women like yourself.
He's dangerous. He'll do it again.

- LISA: What did she say?
- Nothing.
Bulger's victims never do,
at least not on record.
Let me speak to her.
RADIO: The 19-year-old was rescued
from a shed in dense woodland
about 10 miles south of Castle Moy
by an unidentified woman.
The identity of the kidnapper
is unconfirmed.
The woman is said to have been
badly beaten
I'm going to the station.
Let me get dressed.
You need to stay by the phone.
- I'll come straight back.
- But if it was Amy, they would have called.
We can't be sure of anything.
But they say investigation
I'm not one of them,
Teresa. Far from it.
Nothing goes further
than these four walls.
Look, I'm grateful to you,
but I can't tell you more.
I don't know anything.
Can you tell me
what happened last night?
- How do you know Mark Bulger?
- I don't.
we're trying to find a missing girl,
and we think that Bulger
might have taken her, too,
so if there's anything that you
could tell us that could help
Or did you see anything that might have
belonged to another girl?
Did he say anything that
could have led you to believe
that there could have been
another girl anywhere?
[CRYING] I can't do this.
I'm sorry. I just want to go home.
- Teresa, please
- I'm sorry.
Please, Teresa, I need your help.
I think he might have killed my mother.

15 years ago, and
I just
I can't bear the thought of
him walking free again
after what he did to you.

Erm was it
was it just you and him?

Did you Did you go
with him willingly?
What do you think?
[TEARFULLY] I was on my way home.

I was nearly there,
just five minutes away.
I knew all about him. Everybody knows.


He was out of the car so quick.
I tried to run, to fight

I thought he was gonna kill me.
If you hadn't come

Did he ?


If we can just get her
to say that on tape
She won't.
Well, let's hope we can
get enough to keep him
without her statement.
Where are you off to?
I've got a contact who might
have info on Bulger.
Who's that?
My father.
There's something else.
While I was digging,
I found out that in 1981,
Bulger was arrested with
one Billy Miller,
gang drug runner.
I found traces of heroin in his car.
Well, it turns out this
Miller guy was in the gang
that your father was associated with.
I couldn't find much on him
except for juvenile,
but to be honest, that just
means he wasn't caught.
He was never questioned in relation to
your mother's murder, not once.
He's a recovering heroin addict now.
Maybe ask your dad about him.

Is she there? Have they found her?
Susan No, I'm sorry.
It's someone else.
But this girl's alive. Does that mean
We can't know that yet. I'm sorry.
Can I speak to her?
No. No, they won't allow that, Susan.
It's been days. What are they doing?
I know. I'm sorry.
Look, they're about
to interview the suspect.
The same one who ?
D-Do they think he took Amy?
I don't know. I'm sorry, Susan.
Susan, please.
They won't tell you anything.
I'm not supposed to have.
Just go home to your mum, okay?
That's the best thing you can do.
And I'll call over later, okay?
I promise.
I'm sorry.


Get my own dinner, will I?
Oh, don't be like that, Mand.
television and
video cassette recorder!
I'll make us something.
What do you fancy?
Sorry, love, what did you say?
Nothing, Nan. It's fine.
Come and sit with me.
Our star prize this week
I thought you were doing a shop today.
I haven't been feeling well.
Well enough to drink cider.
Oh, stop. It's only 1 or 2.
It's alright, Nan.
I'll go get us something.
You are a good girl.
Yeah, well, I have my moments.
Olympic swimming.
If you have nothing to hide,
why'd you make a run for it last night?
Youse are always trying
to pin things on me.
What's it this time?
What am I supposed to have done?
We're asking the questions.
[SCOFFS] Are you?
How long have you had the shed?
What shed?
The shed our witness saw you inside.
What witness?
A very credible witness who's
given us a written statement.
Use it to store me hunting tools.
- And?
- And prepare me kill.
Is that it? Am I free to go now?
How long have you known Teresa Gannon?
Like her, do ya?
Met her down O'Connell's.
Look, I shouldn't be giving
out her number.
If you want it,
you should ask her yourself.
She's pretty easy. You might get lucky.
How long did you keep her tied up for?
Can't be sure exactly.
She seemed to be enjoying it, anyway.
Most of the girls do.
Well, the dirty ones.
From what our witness described,
it's crystal clear
you tied her up against her will.
What's Teresa saying?
She's saying nothing, isn't she?
Answer the fucking question.
You've got fuck all.
This is a waste of time.
- We'll see.
- Get me a solicitor.
I'm saying nothing.

This Bulger sounds like
a right piece of shit,
but he's low-level.
The guy who killed your ma,
he was methodical, calculating.
What if that's his cover, though?
Hiding in plain sight, relying
on no one saying anything.
I'm sorry. I don't think it's him.
I know it's not what you want to hear.
I want him to be the one, too.
It's all I've ever wanted.
Eats away at me every single day.
I want him found just as much as you.
I didn't deserve your ma,
but I loved her, and I still do.
Who's Billy Miller?
How do you know him?
Who is he?
He was part of a gang I worked for.
What did he do?
He's a gangster, Lisa.
The usual things you'd expect.
And you just did what he told you?
Could he have got Mum killed?
I know they weren't
good men, but they
they didn't kill women.

Ms. Reynolds, please
You've got a suspect and
you didn't think to call me?
- We haven't charged him yet, and we can't.
- What?
He kidnapped that girl.
It's on the news, for fuck's sake.
- We can't presume
- Have you got a family?
- Yes.
- We both do, Susan.
You have my word,
as soon as I have anything,
anything, I'll let you know.
- I promise.
- We want to get this guy as bad as you do.
It doesn't seem like it.
I'm better off dealing
with Lisa Wallace.
At least she gives a shit.
I'll see if we can lean on Wade again,
get him to budge.
Siobhan? Siobhan Bulger?
I don't use that name no more,
and I told you lot to fuck off already.
I'm not police. I'm just
trying to find out
Sorry, love. I'm already late.
Did Mark have a history of
violence when you were together?
Are you deaf?
Please, Siobhan. We're trying
to find a missing woman.
If Mark assaulted women
when you were together
and you know any of his methods
You've seen his knuckles.
The man's a fucking ape.
His only methods were
drinking ten pints every night
and passing out.
LISA: Were you with him in 1980?
Don't drag me into his shitty life.
Woman to woman, I'm asking you,
just leave me alone.
He's not my problem anymore.

Well, well.
- The usual?

GARDA: Oi, don't you move!
- Come on.
- Get the fuck off me!

Calm down. Calm down!
Fuck off!
- It's not Bulger.
- DAVID: Hold on.
It doesn't match his profile.
Come on. You spoke to him.
The man's a thug,
a stupid, violent thug.
Think how easy it was to catch him.
We don't know your mother's killer
was a criminal mastermind.
We know he was meticulous and careful,
two things Bulger isn't.
Maybe he got sloppy.
Maybe he wants to be caught.
For what it's worth, I agree with you.
It's going to be hard
to convince this lot.
And until then, until we know more,
let's not share so much
information with Amy's family.
Got an earful off the sister earlier
I could have done without.
And, Lisa,
I'm glad you're back
in contact with your father,
but be careful.
He might be just feeding you stuff
as a way to get close to you again.
You think I'm not aware of that?
No, it's just
men like him, their brains
are wired differently.
Sometimes it can be hard to stay ahead.
Nah, he's just weak and got in too deep.
The Miller thing was a dead end.
It's not.
There's something you should know.
The man your father killed
was shot from 100 yards away
with a semi-automatic rifle.
That's serious marksman stuff,
possibly former Provo.
So just be careful, okay?
The writing samples, they don't much.
Told you.
Bulger can barely write his own name.
One bit of good news, though.
I spoke to the barman
at the Golden Hope.
Not only did Wade put away five pints,
he was trying to shift
stolen video players.
I paid him a visit, found
a few in the back of his car,
said I might turn a blind eye
if he gave us a witness statement.
Nice work.
So you can charge Bulger
for Teresa's abduction?
We sure can.
But the man who's got
Amy's still out there?
So we keep on the search,
but we've got another violent
arsehole off the streets.
That doesn't sound like
keeping up the search.
Do you mind if I head off?
The missus has bridge.
Sure, and well done again today.


Nice jacket.
You know Katherine's having
a party Saturday?
Yeah. I've got plans.
That's a shame. She'd
love to see you and all.
You okay?
Yeah, fine. You know, busy.
Are you still seeing that fella?
There'll be some nice lads
there tonight.
Ryan was asking after you.
- I like an older man.
- Really?
He's old enough to be your dad, though.
Isn't that a bit pervy?
Why do you suddenly care?
I've always cared, Mand.
You're my best friend.
I'm here for you, anyway.
Jesus, what is wrong with you?
I'm just looking out for you.
Thanks, but I'm fine.


WOMAN: I have the story ready to go.
Are you absolutely certain about this?
LISA: 100% sure. Bulger's
not the man we're after.
Right, we have to warn the
public he's still out there.
But then we risk provoking him.
What choice do we have?
I don't know.
Look, our line has to be to tell women
till this fucker's caught.
Until we know for sure, they
have to stay on their guard.
You're right.
You're right. We've
got to keep running it.
Look, get some rest, Lisa.
I can't.
That's an order from your boss.
Have a few drinks.
It'll knock you out,
or you'd be no good to anyone,
least of all yourself.
Right, I am going
to get started on this.
- I'll talk to you later.
- Yeah.


You can't be here.
[QUIETLY] I just really
need to talk to you.
- Tommy, you can't be here.
- Come here.
I'm sorry. I just need to talk to you.
Why'd you come here?
Joe got grabbed by the guards.
They smashed the shit out of him.
And then two more today, all
wanting to know the same thing,
who's sleeping with a copper?
Oh, my God.
I can't go back to the park.
Yeah, well, you can't stay here either.
I don't want money. I need
to be somewhere safe.
Let me give you something
to go somewhere.
That's not enough. It's
not safe for me to work.
Well, what do you expect me to do?
- I don't fucking know.
- This is my life, Tommy!
[SCOFFS] Fuck off.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


NAN: Hey, I was smoking that.
You're going to burn the house down
one of these days, Nan.
Oh, don't be such a drama queen.
What if I hadn't come back in?
What did you get for dinner?
Lovely. I'll do us a roast tomorrow.
Well, see how you feel.
It's just I've not been too well.
I know, Nan.
I'll just whack the oven on.
DAVID: Sorry, Tommy, I
I need to call home.
MARY: Hi, love. I was
waiting for you to call.
Rachel's playing up again.
- Put her on.
- She's gone out.
With who?
Your guess is as good as mine.
I told you, it's not safe.
I know that.
What do you think I've been saying?
Sorry. I know it's not your fault.
Too bloody right, it's not.
I'm here doing my best,
and you're off on a jolly.
A jolly?
Well, there we go, then.
It's nobody's fault.
I've got to go.
Call you tomorrow, okay?
I-I love you.
Love you, too.

Nan? You okay?


Jesus, Nan!
Hello, Mandy.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Interesting choice of décor.
I think they like flowers.
[SCOFFS] If hell was in florals.
Is it hell?
Guess so.
Come here.
TV: Although we've legalized
homosexuality recently,
why is there still
so much resistance to it?
Our local reporter
went to talk to people
- on the streets of Dublin
to get a temperature
of what they're thinking.
WOMAN: Is this Susan Reynolds?
Sorry, who is it?
I have some information
about your sister, Amy.
How do I know you're telling the truth?
She has a star tattoo, right?
I can tell you where she is,
but you have to meet me now.
S-Sure. Where?
The big car park
behind the bowling alley.
Okay. I'll leave now.
FRANCES: Who was it?
I don't know. A girl.
She sounded young. She knows
about Amy's star tattoo.
She said she's got information
about where she is.
- I'm gonna go meet her now.
- Where?
The big carpark off St. Martin's.
I'm coming with you.
No, Mum, I need to be quick.
I don't want to miss her.
I'll come straight back, okay?
Don't be long!
Do you ever imagine what it'd
be like for us in another life?
Of course I do.
We could just live like this.
- Better than this, I'd hope.
You know what I mean.
If it wasn't for Rachel.
Just Rachel?
What about Mary?
She doesn't deserve this.
None of us do.
You don't either. It's not your fault.
- Ah.
- It's just
what it is.
You're not a bad person, David.
This room.


Is she okay? Is she alive?
- Ahh!





FRANCES: Did you forget something?
- Lisa.
- I said to Susan I'd pop by.
She's gone to meet some girl who said
she had information about Amy.
Got a call out of nowhere
and told her to meet her.
Oh, right. Did you get a name?
I told her not to go.
She'll be fine. It could be helpful.
Where was she meeting her?

Just imagine, every day
it's just me and you ♪
Just imagine,
a sky that would always ♪
RADIO: The Dublin Evening Mail
warned women to stay vigilant
as the man responsible
for the abduction of Amy Reynolds
and the murder of Janice Wallace in 1980
is still at large.
A Garda spokesman confirmed
a Mark Bulger of Castle Moy
had been charged
with the abduction and assault
of a local woman,
but was not a suspect
in the Amy Reynolds
or Janice Wallace cases.
They assured women around the country
there was no need for
undue concern or distress.

Hello, who's there?
Amy, are you there?
I'm not Amy.
You You did this.
[TEARFULLY] It wasn't my fault.
You called me.
You lured me to that place.
He said he would kill my nan.
What was I supposed to do?
You should have warned me.
I couldn't.
He had her tied up at home.
He would have killed her.
I'm sorry.
He's gonna kill us both. [CRYING]
He's fucking not.

What's your name?
We're gonna get out of here,
but you got to help me, okay?
Shout with me, okay?

- Help!
- Help!

David, it's Lisa. It's urgent.
I'll go to the bathroom.
No, it's

MALE CALLER: Hello, Lisa.
Remember me?
Don't you think I'm worth writing about?
I'm very disappointed.

Who is this?
I have a couple of girls with me,
one of whom you know.
No. Please, no.
- Hello?
- Susan?
[CRYING] Please help me.
Where are you?
Please help [CRIES OUT]

to choose who lives,
Susan or this other girl, Mandy.
No. I-I can't.
I'll call you at your office
at 5:00 tomorrow
for your decision.
[CRYING] I can't. I can't. Please.
Don't tell anyone,
or I'll kill them both.
Bye, Lisa.

Lisa, what is it?

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