The Vanishing Triangle (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

MANDY: I'm gonna be stuck
here all night, Suze.
I've got to go. I think I've got a lift.
LISA: That's me. Aged 10.
It was taken by the man
who murdered my mother.
- Aah!
- We need to run.
LISA: Teresa, I need your help, please,
I think he might've killed my mother.
While I was digging, I
found out that in 1981,
Bulger was arrested
with one Billy Miller.
Gang drug runner.
The guy that killed your ma,
he was methodical, calculating.
We haven't charged him yet and we can't.
- What?
- As soon as I have anything,
I'll let you know, I promise.
LAURA: Are you still seeing that fella?
He's old enough to be your da, though.
Isn't that a bit pervy?
Well, well
TOMMY: Joe got grabbed by the guards,
all wanting to know the same thing
Who's sleeping with a copper?
[GASPS] Aah!
She's gone to meet some girl
who said she had information about Amy.
Is she okay?
MAN: You get to choose who lives
Susan or this other girl, Mandy.
[SOBBING] I can't. I can't. Please.
I'll call you at your office
at 5:00 tomorrow
for your decision.
Don't tell anyone
or I'll kill them both.


TOMMY: So, I'm just to stay here?
No, we need to get you out of here,
but not to Galway.
It's too easy to find you there.
I want to get you to London.
I can't go to London, Dave.
No, you'll be fine.
You'll be okay.
I'll get some money together for you,
and I've a friend you can
stay with for a while.
He'll help you get a job.
The only reason they're after me
is because of you, isn't it?
So, why the fuck do I have
to change my whole life?
What the fuck are you doing?
Why is it all on me?
Right now,
the only thing that matters
is getting you safe.
If they find you
I can't let anything happen
to you, Tommy.



Help me! Please!

DAVID: We know he was stalking Amy
while she lived with Susan.
He was always planning on taking both.
Or reacting to me.
He didn't tell you anything else
about this other girl, Mandy?
DISPATCHER: Control to Delta One.
Go for Delta One, over.
We've just had a report in
from Rathkilly Gardai,
a woman's been attacked
in her home, Sinead Clarke,
and she says
her granddaughter's missing.
You have a name for the granddaughter?
Checking now, standby.
I'll tell Brennan.
DAVID: Brennan.

Delta One to Control.
Control to Delta One, go ahead.
Still waiting for a name
on that girl who got abducted.
The missing girl's name is Mandy Clarke.
What's the address?
34 Dunraven Street.
Tell them I'll be right over.
I just have to stop to speak
to Frances Reynolds
at Castlemoy Station first.
All received.
I can't. I can't face
Susan's mother knowing
what he's asked me, and I can't do this
knowing he's gonna call
in just a few hours.
Lisa, he's just messing
with your head, don't let him.
- My head is so fucked already.
- I know.
It's deliberate psychological
torture and I know it's hard,
but it gives us a chance to lay a trap.
We can tap the phone lines.
It won't work.
We have to try something.

DAVID: Mrs. Reynolds?
Detective Sergeant Brennan
will drive you
to Rathkilly Station,
where we'll make the appeal
for information.
Are you able for it, Mrs. Reynolds?
I'll do anything that'll help
bring my girls back home.

REPORTER: It's 9:30 a.m.
and here's our latest traffic update.
There've been delays
for motorists this morning
after a collision on
Right. We have to go to the
press conference in Rathkilly,
and we'll be at your office
at 5:00 when he calls.
Are you okay?
I'll see you there.


Excuse me.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Thanks.
Detective Inspector David Burkely.
Leading the investigation.
Shall we go in?

In the last while,
have you noticed any change
in her, her behavior?
I'd say she's changed a bit
over the last few months,
dressing a bit more grown up
and going out more than I wanted her to.
[CRYING] She's only 15.
Do you know of any boyfriend?
Or anyone she was seeing?
I've asked her, but [SIGHS]
She just says
"Nan, what a big nose you've got".

FRANK: None of the neighbors
heard anything, but, uh,
a couple of them did mention
having seen Mandy
with an older man.
Do they know who he is?
If they do, they're not saying.
Apparently, she's a bit of a wild one.
Did forensics find anything?
Um, about £400 in cash
in her underwear drawer.
- Could be from the older man.
- Yeah.
And the same type of talcum powder
they found at Amy Reynolds'
where he broke in.
It's likely he used the same
kind of surgical gloves.
So, no fingerprints.
No. Just at the minute, it's just
Mandy and her grandmother's and
One of one of her
girlfriends who used
to sleep over a lot.
What's the friend's name?
Um Ger!
What was the name
of the best friend again?
Laura Doolin.
You're Laura, aren't you?
Mandy's friend?
I'm Lisa Wallace, I'm a journalist.
Can we talk?
Your mom said you already
spoke to the police.
They talked to me.
'Cause you had nothing to tell them?
I wouldn't tell them if I did.
Why not?
I don't wanna end up dead like Mandy.
What makes you think she's dead?
Laura, if you know something
I swear to you,
I won't put it in the paper
or tell anyone else.
It's not about that,
I just want to save Mandy.

POLICEMAN: Hello, Rathkilly Station,
how can we help you?
Quick, come in here.
I want you to meet Mandy's grandmother.
Uh, no, no. I can't intrude.
No, you're welcome, come on.
DAVID: We believe the perpetrator drove
directly with Mandy Clarke to Castlemoy,
where she called Susan
Reynolds at 9:27 p.m.
That journey takes 15 minutes
if you go by the fastest route,
which is Fernwood Road,
but he could easily have also taken
Saint John's Road or Hillview.
We're looking for any CCTV
from all three areas
that we can match to cars
that have already been caught
on CCTV at Kilpedder
last Tuesday night.
That's assuming he used the same car.
Which may very well not be the case,
but we got to start somewhere.
We're also interviewing
all known sex offenders
in all three areas,
we wanna know their whereabouts
at the time in question,
particularly if they're
known to travel between
Rathkilly, Kilpedder and Castlemoy.
Now, if anyone fits that criteria,
I want them picked up,
and I want them held until
after 5:00 p.m. this evening,
at which point I'll interview them.
Any questions?
- No.
- No.
I have a witness appeal in 15,
so, on you go.
Carey, Gough
this is Detective Sergeant Brennan.
He's been working with me
on the Reynolds girls abductions.
How are you?
He drove the mother down
from Castlemoy for the appeal.
What do you think?
Let's divide up the territory.
I'd say the county boundary
is about halfway between,
so it makes sense
to draw the line there.
- Agreed?
- Sounds good.
FRANCES: She's done so much
to bring attention to our girls.
She came yesterday
to tell Susan about my Amy.
LISA: Yeah.
Yeah, I've met Susan a few times.
I hope you can meet my Mandy, too.
She can be a bit wild,
but I can't really blame her for that.
We've been on our own
since we lost her mom.
[CRYING] She's all I've got, Lisa.
I'm so sorry.
She lost her mom too.
Poor love.
Thank God you're here helping us
to bring our girls home.
They're ready for you.
REPORTER: Both women have expressed
their devastation and heartbreak
and appeal to the public for information
and for any witnesses to come forward.
How is it he can take
two of them on one night
and still nobody sees anything?
And will continue to do
all that they can
Maybe they did,
and they're too fond
of their kneecaps to speak up.
It can't be the Provos.
- Can it?
- Eh
Gang maybe.
They're so young.
That one must be.
I heard Evans was bragging
that he fucked her.
Evans in "B" wing?
Well, when will she be back?
Can you get a message to her to call me?
Yeah. It's very urgent.
Can you tell her
it's about Mandy Clarke?
Thank you.
You're Evans?
I heard you know a Mandy Clarke,
the one who's gone missing.
I heard you fucked her.
You heard wrong.

I just want to try and find Mandy Clarke
before she gets killed.
My daughter, she thinks
it's the same guy
who killed her mother.
Get her to come in and see me then,
she can ask me herself.
I'd love to talk to your daughter
about fuckin' nice little schoolgirls.
Do you have a picture of your daughter
when she was a kid,
so when she comes in here, I can
You're going to tell me everything
you know about Mandy Clarke.
- I don't know her.
- Where did you fuck her?!
- A place where you fuck schoolgirls!
- Where?!
Hi, I'm Lisa Wallace.
I think we spoke on the phone
about your patient Billy Miller.
Yeah, and, as I explained,
I can't share patient information.
But I think he might have
information about a murder.
I'm sorry. I can't.
MAN: I think he's dead.
He stopped coming a few months ago.
And I saw him lying on Parnell Street,
he was back on the gear.
Why do you think he's dead?
'Cause I've seen it before.
He wasn't long for this world.
If you hear anything more,
please give me a call.

We found six places with CCTV on routes
between here and Castlemoy.
So, myself and Carey
will take half each.
Is there enough men to cover that?
Yeah, I've canceled
all time off at Castlemoy.
I bet you that made you popular.
- Well done.
- Mm.
The type of rope used
on Sinead Clarke
you can buy at any hardware
store in Ireland.
Of course you can.
Keep me updated with
any new information,
make sure to share
everything with Carey.
- Will do.
- Alright.
Five minutes.
What happened?
I found out something for you.
A guy in here by the name of Evans,
a pedophile, he slept with Mandy,
at a brothel he said, in Rathkilly.
I have the address.

I did it for you, Lisa.

REPORTER: Police held
a press conference this morning
for the missing girls
Amy Reynolds, Susan Reynolds
and Mandy Clarke.
We'll have more on that story
at 2:00 but first the weather.

Who's that?
Lon McDermott, 38.
He lives just two streets
from Mandy's school,
he's been charged with rape
twice, never been convicted.
It could be our older man.
Yeah, we've more reports
of that coming in
from Mandy's school friends.
- Bring him in.
- Sure.
Excuse me, sir.
Is Lisa Wallace here right now?
No, she called about 10 minutes ago
and left a message.
Shit, she's gone there herself.
Lisa Wallace has a lead on Mandy Clarke.
She's been working in a brothel,
27 Ardglen Street.
- Alright.
- Come on, Ger.
Boss, do you want me to send
a team to pick up McDermott?
- Yeah, just catch us up, yeah?
- Will do.





Let me out!
Hello? Hey!
Let me out!

Help! Help!
Help! Help!

I've got you, come on.
You holding up alright?
Seems like no one saw who did it.
We're starting house-to-house calls now.
- Put your mask back on.
I didn't want to show you
this in front of him,
but, look, David.
Jesus, it's Gough.
You need to lock him up.
I need to show this to Carey,
find out where the fuck Gough is.
You need to lock him up.
If it is him, it's our only
chance to stop him.
If he was telling me the truth,
Susan and Mandy could still
be alive, until he calls me
Lisa, stop.
You've done enough, and you
nearly got yourself killed.
I need you to be ready
at 5:00 when he calls.
Please, put that mask back on.


DAVID: Find out where Gough is.
FRANK: Control to Bravo.
I need the whereabouts
of Detective Sergeant Gough.
DISPATCHER: He left the station
just after you.
DAVID: Well?
Gough left the station
a minute after we did.
He told the Duty Sergeant
he was going to arrest Lon McDermott,
- but he hasn't done that either.
- Did he send a team there?
No, and he was supposed
to come here straight after.
Could he have beaten us
here to torch the place?
[CHUCKLES] I don't see how.
He could've sent someone
ahead of us to do it.
- I've known Gough forever.
- Yeah!
Yet he's hanging around
a brothel with underage girls
getting his photo taken under your nose!
He knew you were coming here,
now he's nowhere to be found.
Maybe he was scared
we'd find that photo,
and he's gone to ground.
Where would he run to?
I had one of the lads
at the station call his wife.
She hasn't heard from him
since early this morning.
We've phoned the kids' school,
too, no sign of him there.
Where the fuck is he?



How long will it take to set this up?
10 minutes.
No more than that, yeah?

- DAVID: Lisa?
How are you feeling?
I'm fine.
- And Gough?
- We're on him.
Whoever the killer is, we've
everything ready for him.
We've got undercovers
on all the local phone boxes
in case he's watching us here,
and the phone boxes
in Kilpedder and Castlemoy.
And the Garda stations?
Of course.
Look, chances are
we won't be able to trace him,
but we have to try and maybe
if you can keep him talking,
we might learn something else about him.

Oh, fuck.
Ah. Here.


Come in.

Tea with plenty of sugar.
Okay, Lisa?
I'm here if you need me.

I drew a blank with Billy Miller.
I heard he's dead.

Shit. I need to call home.
Does she know?
Know what?
David, I saw you with that guy.
I swear, I'd never tell anyone.
I don't give a fuck what
you do in your private life.
Thanks. That's
That's a relief.
So, she doesn't know?
I've never told anyone.

It feels good to actually
say it to someone.
What's his name?

And is it serious?
It wasn't meant to be,
but it seems to have gotten
that way without us meaning to.
[SIGHS] all the reasons.
So, what are you gonna do?
I have no fuckin' idea. [SNIFFLES]

Thank you.

There's no sign of anyone
watching the building.
So, he could be anywhere.
Are you ready, Lisa?
What's the one thing
you can never say, ever?
I can't tell him a name.
Dublin Evening Mail.
Lisa Wallace speaking.
MAN: Did you tell anyone?
Did I tell anyone about what?
About this call.
No, I didn't tell anyone.
You're a liar.
See what happens to liars, Lisa?


He's gonna kill them now.
We don't know that.
If I'd just left it alone,
if I hadn't written about him
We don't know how many women
he might've killed
since your mother.
You know how many women go
missing in Ireland every year?
Yeah, too fuckin' many.


[PANTING] Mandy, they're looking for us.
No, no, no.
They'll never find us here.
You see, Mandy
They're gonna find us, okay?
We're gonna get out of here.

We're gonna get out of here.

I'll follow you in.
Everything alright? You got your orders?
Head in.
He made phone calls to her hotel
and to her place of work.
We've a wiretap on the phone
here, so stay alert, yeah?
Come in.
Are you okay?
Well, I'll leave you in peace.
There'll be a guard posted
outside all night, so
get some sleep.
Are you
Are you going back to him?
To Tommy?
Night, Lisa.

LISA: No! Get off!
You're gonna have to make
a choice; who's gonna live?
You or your mom? Who's gonna live?
- Who's gonna live?
Look what you've done.
Choose now.
Who lives?
Me, I choose me, kill me.
That's not an offer this time.
Then you've made your choice.
They'll both die.
[SOBBING] Susan! Save Susan!

[SOBBING] Oh, God.
Oh, God.

[SOBBING] No, no, no, no.

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