The Vanishing Triangle (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

LISA: That's me, aged 10.
It was taken by the man
who murdered my mother.
Why do you think he's
contacting you now?
Because I just wrote a piece
about my mother's murder.
My articles are provoking him, Barbara.
- Is she okay?
Laura. I'm Lisa Wallace.
I'm a journalist.
- Can we talk?
- I don't want to end up dead like Mandy.

God, you're here helping us
to bring our girls home.
CHRIS: I found out something for you.
A guy in here by the name of Evans.
Rathkilly. I have the address.



You need to lock him up.
I've known Gough forever.
Now, he knew we were coming here,
and now he's nowhere to be found.
David, I saw you with that guy.
I swear I'd never tell anyone.

MAN: You're a liar.
See what happens to liars, Lisa?

Choose now.
Save Susan.
Okay. That's something.
Yeah, I'll get over when I can.
We got Gough.
Picked him up two miles from here.
It has to be him, right?
He disappeared
straight after the brothel,
where I found a photo of him and Mandy.
He knew about the wiretapping
of the phone, and now this.
If it is Gough, I really don't think
he could have got to the girls
after leaving here.
Sorry to disturb you, sir.
The state pathologist is here.
Be right there.
Do you have somewhere to go?
A friend's house or
[SIGHS] Why don't you come
stay with me and the family?
You can work out of my office at home.
No, I couldn't. Thanks, though.
Lisa, you can't stay here.
I'm gonna have to
assign you another guard,
at least until we know it's Gough.
It's okay. I'll stay at a hotel.
I'd feel a lot better
if I knew where you were.
And where's safer than the home
of a copper, yeah?
Depends on the cop, though, right?

Called my wife. She's expecting us.


I, um
I remembered something last night.
About my mother's murder.


He, um He gave me a choice.

Of who to save.

My mother's life or or my own.

And I-I chose to save myself.

I wish I could take it back.
I wish I had died that night.
Jesus, Lisa, you were 10 years old.
You can't possibly blame yourself.

Lisa, I know, as a parent,
if my daughter was
given the same choice,
I'd want her to choose herself, too.
Any parent would.

And I know your mother
would have felt the same.

It must have given her
some comfort that night,
knowing that you'd live on.


Thank you.




Ahhhhhh ♪

Hi, honey.
Sorry, come in.
- Hi.
- Hi, love.
Mary, this is Lisa.
Hi, Lisa.
Oh, I heard you had a bit
of a shock last night.
How are you feeling?
Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks.
Hi, Lisa. Do you think you'll catch him?
- Rachael, that's not
- It's okay.
I won't stop until we catch him.
Would you like some breakfast, Lisa?
Are you hungry?
Oh, no, I'm I'm okay. Thanks.
I have to speak to Lisa before I go.
Uh, Rachael, come on. Your dad's busy.
Thanks, love.
Maybe I should go with you.
No, you should stay. Relax.
Or work. I'll call you when I can.
That's my office in there.
There's a separate phone line
that you can use,
and I'll call you on that.
You won't be bothered.
All right. Good luck.

MARY: Rachael!

Jesus, Lisa, are you okay?
It's all over the news
about this dead guard.
Yeah. I'm I'm fine, really.
Work is the only thing
keeping me together right now.
Okay. Uh, listen, there was
an old woman in here earlier.
Betty Walsh. Do you know her?
She wants you to give her a call.
I've got the number here somewhere.

Hi, it's Lisa Wallace here
from The Dublin Evening Mail.
I believe you were looking for me.
I heard you were looking
for my son, Billy.
Billy Miller?
Yes. Yeah.
He's He's He's not
got long left to live.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I wanted to talk to him
because I know he knew
my father, Chris Wallace.
Would he talk to me?
Oh, look, I don't think
he's able to talk.
It won't take long. I promise.
Um, I'll tell you what.
Come tomorrow. He's very bad today.
Okay. Yeah. Thank you.

GOUGH: About time.
Sorry, Ger. Couldn't be helped.
What is this?
Are you trying intimidation
techniques on me?
Just tell me why the fuck I'm here.
My name is Detective Inspector
David Burkely,
alongside Detective Inspector
Frank Carey.
And we believe that you might
be able to help us
with our investigation,
Detective Sergeant Gough.
Did you know Mandy Clarke
before she went missing?


You got a cigarette, Frank.
Left mine in the car.

Cheers, Frank.

I made a mistake. All right?
One time I went to that house
with the intention of paying for sex,
but then I chickened out and I left.
Right after this picture was taken.

Something like that.
You look pretty relaxed here to me.
Not like a man having second thoughts.
Yeah, well, looks can be deceiving.
Did you sleep with her?
I told you I left before
anything happened.
When was this photograph taken?
I don't remember. Um, few weeks ago?
Do you sleep with any other girls there?

Did you see Mandy ever again?
Nope. Just that once.
Why didn't you tell us this before, Ger?
Oh, why do you think, Frank?
Because of how it looked.
I have a wife, a kid,
a cat and a dog, all right?
As you know, the brothel burnt down
right after we got the tip-off
from Lisa Wallace.
The only people who knew
about that were you, me,
and Detective Inspector Carey here.
He was with me the whole time.
So? Huh? I didn't do it,
if that's what you're thinking.
Then what did you do after you left us?
I went to pick up the sex
offender, Lon McDermott.
I thought I'd do it myself
instead of sending a team.
But I couldn't locate him.
Then I
I didn't feel well,
so I needed to clear my head,
and I went for a drive.
To Dublin?
Yeah. I should have told you.
- I'm sorry.
- It's a long drive.
Well, like I said,
I had a lot on my mind.
And did you meet anyone
when you were there?
No. I was in the car the whole time.

I spoke to your wife earlier
before I came here.
That's why I was late.
Nice woman.
She told me the night that
Susan and Mandy disappeared.
You left the house about 9:00 p.m.,
and you weren't home
till about 4:00 a.m.
Bit of a pattern there,
wouldn't you say?

I often drive around at night.

I suffer from insomnia.

Carey knows.
He's talked about it for years.
Have you ever had any contact
with Susan Reynolds or her sister, Amy?
- No.
- So you weren't the one who picked Amy up
the night she disappeared?
Or Susan or Mandy?
Are you seriously suggesting
that I had anything to do
with those missing girls?
Is this what this is about?
Ger, you were picked up
less than two miles
from Lisa Wallace's apartment
last night,
a half hour after a killer broke in,
killed a young guard, and
threatened Miss Wallace!
Fuck you!
And fuck you, too, Frank,
for letting him ask me these things!
Why don't you fucking
stand up for me, huh?!
And now you say
I'm a fucking cop killer?
Sit down, Ger.

I lied about last night.

I have an alibi.

Hello? David Burkely's phone.
Hi, it's David.
Listen, things aren't
looking great with Gough.
What? Why?
We only have speculative evidence,
and he says he has an alibi.
I'm gonna go check it out now.
Someone in Dublin he says
he spent all last night with.
Well, what are you gonna do?
MAN: David?
One second, Lisa. Yeah?
Heard you made an arrest.
Anything I can do to help?
Not quite there with the charges yet,
but you can help organize searches
between Castle Moy and here.
Lot of red tape to go through.
- All right.
- Thanks.
DAVID: If Gough's alibi checks out
and the forensics don't find anything,
we're gonna find it really
hard to hold on to him.
Oh, Christ.
Well, if you have to
release him, follow him.
It's our only chance to save Mandy.
I can't let him make
my choice a reality.

What choice, Lisa?

What choice, Lisa?

I chose Susan to live.

Oh, fuck.
His hands were on my throat.
That man was bleeding
to death in front of me.

Well, let's hope we can keep him.
I've got to go. Bye.

How do you know Ger?
Met at a bar. We became friends.
What time did he get here last night?
Left at 2:00 a.m.
What did you do?
Watched TV.
Is Ger your boyfriend?
We're just friends.
What do you do, Karen?
I mean, nice place like this.
Rent must be sky-high.
How do you afford it?
See, Karen, I don't care
what you do for a living.
That's not my business.
I'm not after you.
I'm after Gough.
Did he tell you what to say?
Are you covering for him?
Because that's something
that's very serious, Karen,
and something I will send you away for.
I'm not lying. Ger really was here.

Now, if there's nothing else,
I'd like to get dressed
and get on with my day.
You really outdid yourself
today, Danny, huh?
What the fuck is in that stuff?
What was it when it was alive? Ha.
I don't know. It came to me dead.
It just said meat on the tin.
Oh, right.
Listen, where do you want me?
Grab a bag of spuds, start peeling.
Oh, fuck.
That's for Evans, you fuck.

LISA: Thanks, Mrs. Doolin.
I just want to ask
Laura a few questions.
I'll be outside if you need me.
Mandy's still alive?
I think so.
I think they have someone in custody,
but they need more evidence
to keep them there.
Laura, I need to ask you
what you meant the other day
when you said you'd be killed.
Who are you scared of?
I found a photo of Mandy
with Detective Ger Gough.
in a brothel where Mandy worked.
Did you know she worked there?
Did you work there too?
No, I didn't fucking work there.
And Mandy didn't work
there long either, okay?
He was using her. He
Who was? Gough?
Is that who you were afraid
would would kill you?
Could he have taken Mandy?
Get out. Please. They'll see you.
I know you're afraid, but
if it is him,
Mandy and Susan Reynolds
are in serious danger.
They could be killed.
Do you understand that?
You'll be protected.
What about this?
You're full of shit.
You can't protect me, and
the guards certainly won't.
Laura, please. I just need a name.
Get out. Get out!
You need to leave now.

Get out.

You fucking tell Gill that I am
not taking the rap for this.
I know. I didn't have time to call you.
What the fuck, David?
We've nothing on him.
Your apartment and his car were clean.
He has an alibi. It's bullshit,
but she's willing to testify.
Well, then follow him.
I didn't get clearance.
The pressure came from above.
They wanted him released.
I just spoke to Laura Doolin.
I could tell she's hiding something.
He's clearly threatened her.
She's scared of him. It's him.
If she won't go on record,
then it's useless to us.
GOUGH: Anyway, better hit the road.
Things to do.
See you, Ger.

Jesus Christ.
- He's gonna kill them.
He's probably on the way there right now
to kill Mandy, maybe Susan, too.
- No, no. I promise you.
I'm stepping up the searches
for all three girls in Dublin
and around Castle Moy.
He won't do anything
with so much heat on him.
I'll hand it on in a few minutes.
Just go back to the house.
I'll call you.

I'm sorry, Lisa.


You got be fucking kidding me.

I don't remember anything about it.
I hardly remember Gough.
Sir, he served on the murder
squad for six years under you,
and J.J. Barnes for two and a half.
I've had hundreds of detectives
work under me over the years.
Can't be expected to remember them all.
He was suspended and then transferred.
You made a statement at his hearing.
It's right there.
How many detectives under you
has that happened to?
What are you suggesting?
That I'm lying?
No, sir.
He's our lead suspect.
And like I said,
this monster has threatened
to kill one of these girls
today, maybe both.
I need to get him off the streets now.
So is there anything you can
tell me to help me do that?
Like, why was the report redacted?
What was the reason?
I'm telling you I don't know.
And if it was redacted,
it must have been redacted
for a good reason.
How can you be so flippant about this?
I and everyone else here
have had about enough of you
and your self-righteous shit, Burkely.
You're a fucking hypocrite,
and everyone knows it.
On a tragic day when a young guard
under your command was murdered,
you should be mourning that loss
like everyone else
instead of conducting a witch
hunt against a colleague.

Now, get the fuck out of here.







Would you have any idea
why Gill would lie
about knowing Gough?
I can't do it, David.
Gill will know it was me.
You know what that maniac did
to Janice Wallace, right?
If it is him, we have to stop him.
Gough was transferred for
pimping teenage girls in Dublin.
He'd usually arrest the girls
for some minor crime,
like shoplifting,
then blackmail them
into working for him.
Some of the girls claimed he
even threatened them with a gun.
Although what the girls said was
mostly ignored at the time.
Gough's alibi for last night
is a call girl in Dublin.
I think he forced Mandy Clarke
into prostitution
along with other girls
at that brothel in Rathkilly.
Why is Gill protecting him?
Oh, Jesus.
Gill was involved.

J.J., do you think Gough is the killer?
Is he capable of killing?

I would think it's a possibility.

Has that rat J.J. been telling
you things he shouldn't?
I just stopped in to say hello.
Me and J.J. have kept
in touch over the years.
Uh-huh. Heh.
You know, this is a scandal
none of us wants getting out.
And there are others I know
who have secrets, too.

Secrets that can be used against them.

Who is it?
DAVID: It's me.
Where have you been?
Here's your plane ticket.
Leaves at 8:30 tonight.
And I got you several hundred quid,
and I'll get you more when I can.
They know, Tommy.
They know about us.
And they'll be coming for us.
You're just trying to get rid of me.
What? No.
Yeah, you just want me out of the way
so there's no chance your wife
will find out about us.
Listen to me.
You're right, I am worried
that my whole fucking life
is falling apart.
But I'm just as worried about you
and what they might do to you, okay?
I'm scared, Dave.
Yeah. I know. Me, too.
You'll be out of here by tonight.
I talked to my friend Malcolm,
and he's gonna meet you at the airport.
And there's a taxi coming
for you here at 3:00, okay?
I have a terrible feeling
we're never gonna
see each other again.

I love you.

I love you, too.


I did it. I cut the rope!
MANDY: Quick, try and open the door.
Kick it.
Kick it harder!
Kick it harder! He might come back!
- Hurry!

You're fucking doing it, Susan!
Come on. Open it up.
Hurry! Hurry! Come on.


Miss Wallace purposely
lost me at Rathkilly.
She said she had planned
on coming back here, but she
It's all right. I'll deal with it.
What has you home so early?
I'm just gonna work here
for a few hours.
You don't look well. You're so pale.
I'm all right. Just tired.
Your friend rushed off earlier.
Oh, yeah, I-I know.
I saw her in Rathkilly.
She's a nice girl.
Very pretty.
David, are you having
an affair with her?
I saw how close you two were, and
No, I'm not having an affair with her.
David, I have had this
feeling for the longest time.
You're so distant.
When you're here, you're not here.
You hardly ever
Look at me, please.
Please, David.
Will you just tell me the truth?
I'm not having an affair. I swear.
If not with her, then
with somebody else?
There's no one else.

It's just this case.

I love you.

Okay, I know. I'm sorry.

I just need to go upstairs for a minute.

I'll be back.


- Airport is it?

What the fuck? No.
What the fuck is going on?

You little fucking queer!


Get out of the fucking car!

Come closer.

What the fuck do you want?

Tell me where Mandy and Susan are.
How the fuck would I know
where they are?
I saw a photo of you with Mandy Clarke,
and I know it was you
in my apartment last night.
You calling me a killer?
Well, if I'm a killer,
why don't I just shoot you
in the head now, huh?
Who would know?
You're keeping me alive
just so you can play with me.
Just like you said last night.
I have no idea what the fuck
you're talking about.
Why did you choose our house?
Why my mother?
Was it just random, or
did you carefully select us?
I told you, I am not a killer.
I've never killed anyone.

Is Mandy still alive,
or have you killed her?

I am not who you think I am, sweetheart.

What the fuck?

Burkely know you're following me?
Did he put you up to this?

Do you hear that?
We're saved.
What if it's him? We don't even
know what he looks like.
We have to take the chance, right?
It's not worth it. Let's go.


MAN: Broad Street Garda Station.
Hi. It's It's Lisa Wallace here.
Detective David Burkely, please.
He's not at his desk.
You want to leave a message?
Extension 23. Please leave a message.
David, it's Lisa.
It's not Gough.
I'll explain when I see you.
He's a corrupt cop, but it's not him.
I'm out of options. I don't
know what else to do.
- I'm gonna go back to Dublin now.
I'll see you there.


Open up, please! He's gonna kill me!


WOMAN ON P.A.: Dr. O'Malley,
please make your way
to accident and emergency immediately.
Dr. O'Malley
WOMAN: How can I help you?
Hi. I'm looking for Chris Wallace.
I'm Lisa, his daughter.
Miss Wallace?
We spoke on the phone.
Your father arrived to us
with multiple stab wounds.
His heart stopped twice
on the operating table,
and twice he managed
to fight his way back.
But he's lapsed into a coma.
His wounds are severe. I'm sorry.
Dr. Malone to ward five, please.
Where is he?
This way.




Dad? Dad, can you hear me?
Wake up, Dad. Dad, please.

Please wake up. Please, please, please.
Please wake up. Please.
Please wake up. I need
you to wake up, okay?
I need you to wake up
for me, Dad, please.
[CRYING] Please.
You're the only one I have.
I don't care what you did. Please, Dad.
Please just wake up.
What the fuck is it?
What the fuck?
Please fucking get this off him.
- Get this fucking off him! What the fuck?
- Miss Wallace
- Please
- Don't touch me.
- For your father's
- Don't fucking touch
- Don't touch me! Please don't!
- She's hysterical.
Don't fucking touch me.
Get your hands off me.
Get your fucking hands off me!
- Get your hands off me!
- Okay, Miss Wallace.
- Get off!
- This will calm you down, Miss Wallace.
Get off. Get off.
No, please

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