The Victim (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

You all right? Are you all right? I'm a bit nervous.
Good job it's not you giving evidence today, then.
- I know.
Look .
I'm sorry.
Just .
tell the truth.
Simple as that? She's the one that's on trial here.
You can do this.
I've got no choice, have I? Was that the door? Are you ready to go? I'm not so sure.
You can't hide away forever.
I'm not hiding.
Neither am I.
You've done nothing wrong.
I know.
But why antagonise people? How is a pub lunch antagonising anyone? I'm saying maybe .
maybe if we keep our heads down a bit longer, give it a chance to blow over.
I don't want Jess upset.
She'll be more upset if we don't go.
You promised her.
What if someone says something? I was thinking .
maybe we should tell her.
Scare her to death? She's six.
For her safety, Craig.
It's not fair.
- No, I know.
It's not fair on anyone.
But you know I'm right.
I'm always right, aren't I? We're family.
We deal with things together and six is old enough to know the truth is always best.
Yeah? Yeah? Give me a kiss.
All right? What happened to your head, mate? But why are people saying you did a nasty thing if it isn't true? Well, that's what happens when someone starts a rumour, isn't it? It sort of just spreads.
There's nothing to worry about, sweetheart.
I'm You just have to tell us if someone says anything to you or makes you feel worried, OK? It's the bandage.
They're looking at the bandage.
Millie and Lauren aren't allowed to come to my birthday.
But they're your best friends, aren't they? They say you're a baddie.
I need your help, Mo.
The police are saying it's not him.
I need proof that Craig Myers is Eddie J Turner.
And there was me thinking you wanted to meet to apologise.
Look, I wanted to tell you, but you'd have been incriminated.
You don't think I'm incriminated? I never signed up for this, Anna.
Not violence.
Did you have him attacked? No.
But you know who did it? No.
DI Grover? Is she ready for me? Erm, she is me and, yes, I am.
Anna Dean's phone records.
Gosh, you're keen.
- Well, since we're not being given enough time to build the best possible case against her, I thought I'd do what I could to speed things along.
Come on up.
So, what's he like, Craig Myers? He's quiet.
A bit awkward with people.
Not the ideal witness, then.
Do you think he's Eddie J Turner? I think he's quiet, shy, a bit awkward with people.
How would you react to being accused of killing a child? From what I gather, only a few officials in the Justice and Social Work Department plus the Chief Constable would know where Turner is now.
This isn't about Eddie J Turner.
It's about someone trying to kill someone else.
Right, but obviously I need to familiarise myself with the original case.
Because you'd have been what, 12? 14, actually, but the point stands, and I found something that might be of interest.
What if I told you that a year after the verdict, a court admin officer was asked, and I use the term advisedly, to leave after Turner's name was leaked on the internet.
Now, at the time, they said it was an admin error, but apparently it was very deliberate and common knowledge on the circuit who the culprit was.
So why no prosecution? Insufficiency, so I can't use it in court, but I did want to see these phone records just in case the same name and number crops up.
Huh, yeah, there it is.
Called several times on the day of the attack.
And what's the name? Maureen Buckley.
She's a private investigator.
Miss Buckley, could you tell the court exactly what being a private investigator involves? Well, I'm no Miss Marple.
Erm, I mostly provide a tracing service for solicitors, insurance companies, credit and loan organisations.
The odd bit of matrimonial is about as glamorous as it gets.
You help third parties find people.
That's what I meant to say, yes.
Do you know Anna Dean? Yes.
I wrote to her .
after Liam's death to say that my heart went out to her and, you know, if there's ever anything I can do.
If there's ever anything I can do? Nobody should have to bury their child.
'I've been given over 100 names over the years.
' How many of those have I passed on to you? One.
- One.
Craig Myers is Eddie J Turner.
And now I'm going to prove it to everyone in court.
You do have proof? I was in the process of getting it when you decided to go global.
I know what I'm asking, Mo, but this is my chance.
For what? What will you do with proof when you get it? Confront him with it in open court.
Then he won't be able to hide any more.
He'll have to face up to what he did.
Please, you need to tell me where you got his name.
An ex-prison officer from a Young Offenders', OK? He was trying to sell a story on Turner and the interdict scared him off.
He gave me Craig Myers and I cross-referenced his details with Turner's birth date.
Our Craig Myers uses the same digits in a different order with a year taken off his age.
And this guy has proof? I only spoke to him on the phone.
I didn't get a chance to meet him.
Let's meet him now, then.
- I don't think you know what you're asking.
The police will get to me.
Expecting me to lie to Lenny and Lou is one thing, but do you know what the maximum sentence is for perjury? Can the witness be shown Crown Production Number 36, please? It is a matter of agreement that this is Anna Dean's phone record from October last year.
Do you see your number on there, Miss Buckley? Yes.
How many times did you and Mrs Dean speak to each other between the 24th and the 31st of October last year, the day Craig Myers was attacked? You want me to add them up? Can you look at the record and confirm that there are 24 separate calls over seven days, including eight on the 30th and nine on the 31st? I'm not the best at maths but 24 sounds right.
Do you remember what you talked about on any of those occasions? It could have been anything.
A wine offer in a supermarket, which member of the Scottish rugby team we'd like to be in the bath with.
You were discussing what should be done with the information you had accessed for Mrs Dean, were you not? Objection.
I'm sure you're aware that's a leading question, Ms Mackie.
I'm sorry, My Lady.
Miss Buckley .
has Anna Dean ever asked you to track down the new identity of Eddie J Turner? No.
She hasn't and she wouldn't.
She's too good a friend.
The attack on Craig Myers? Yeah, still no forensics.
The knife was clean.
But we're talking to people close to the Grahams and trawling through supporter lists.
I wasn't looking for an update, actually.
I need you on the Inverkip murder.
Why? Because you're a senior detective and someone's been killed.
Yeah, but I'm in the middle of building a case against Anna Dean.
- Yes.
She did more than put a message online.
There's no evidence for that.
I just told you, I'm finding it! DS Harvey is across everything.
I need you to move on.
There's a theme emerging here, eh? Craig Myers' advocate is a teenager, and you're passing an attempted murder to Whoa.
DS Harvey is an extremely capable detective.
- I don't doubt DS Harvey.
Meaning? That I wonder if everyone cares about the victim in this case as much as they might, considering the continued speculation about his identity.
I agreed to take you on because it suited both of us.
Don't make me regret that, Steven.
Or revoke it.
All right? When did you last see your ex-wife? It's years, for definite, but .
these places do strange things to time.
You made numerous threats towards Eddie J Turner through the media.
I've been looking at some of your previous cellmates.
Plenty with form for violence.
I'm sure there's lots would do you this particular favour.
Why aren't we at the station? We'll talk to them all, Christian.
Why are you on your own? You're out next month.
If you've got anything to tell me, do it now.
Let me help you.
You're not supposed to be here, are you? Have I thought about killing Eddie J Turner? Yes.
But I've thought about killing myself even more.
I let Liam down.
I wasn't there when he needed me most and nothing will ever take that away.
So threaten me all you like - bring back the rack and put my head on a spike on Waverley Bridge, because .
the worst thing that could ever happen to me? Already has.
As your manager, I want you to know you've got my full support.
Thank you.
- But.
Serious head injuries and driving 60-odd people around town don't sit so well together, you know? The doctor signed me off, Leigh - I can drive.
Then there's the PR question.
If anything did happen, God forbid, we might be covered legally, but it wouldn't be the doctors getting called negligent.
You see? So what we're saying is, come back! But take your time, eh? Let things, you know .
I've never let you down, Leigh, have I? I need to drive.
OK! Arms up.
That's it.
Bye! Bye! Hiya.
- Are you OK? Yeah, fine.
How did it go? Somebody put my number online.
My e-mail, too.
Do you think it was someone we know? Don't look at it.
Don't look at any of it.
OK, date of birth? 31st July, 1994.
Are you all right? Oh, the T shirt! Right! It looks great.
Do they all fit? Thank you.
It was my daughter's boyfriend sent them.
I just passed them on.
So what are we doing again? Blood and urine.
Blood and urine.
Although, you could just tell me if you've been using But then you'd have to trust me.
I do trust you.
Why? You're right.
Let's do the tests.
fired to such a high temperature Hiya.
the glass powder melts, becomes liquid, fuses and hardens again.
Usually you'll find it in beautiful sky-blue, turquoise colours.
The thing that makes me nervous OK, Daniel? Aye, not bad, Len, thanks.
He had to give a statement about the night of the attack.
We all know it was you, son.
If it was me, he wouldn't be taking Anna to court.
He wouldn't be going anywhere.
Is she not back yet? No, and you'd best get in front of your homework, or we'll both be for it when she does get home.
Go on.
Do you hear me? Do you really think she'll even care? What's the subject, Benny boy? Maths.
Should me and you go and smash it, then play some FIFA? Huh? Come on.
He's great with Ben.
- Aye.
Shite at maths, though.
Did you know Liam? No.
I was at the same school, but I was older, so .
I only knew him by sight.
You know your mum's amazing, don't you? I mean .
really amazing.
I thought they would have given up by now.
He tried to keep them from me but there's too many No! No, no, no, no! Some of those have been wiped with dog shit! I'll have them looked at.
We're still getting taxis and takeaways sent at all hours.
They're saying he's a paedophile now.
I know.
So, was Liam Graham sexually abused, or? Not as far as anyone's aware, but it's pointless trying to apply logic to these things.
You said someone would keep an eye on the house.
No-one's contacted you? I'm sorry.
Leave that with me.
It feels like everything's just stopped.
And the worst thing is, whoever did it is still out there.
He could be anyone.
Anyone! We can look at moving you all.
This is our home.
Listen, in my experience, people who might actually kill you don't tell you about it first.
You're not on your own.
Save us cooking.
Why don't we fight fire with fire? We can put proof online that you are who we say you are, like, er, birth certificate, school reports, even swimming badges.
anything! Why the hell should we? Because someone decided to accuse me? Nobody has the right to even make us think about doing that.
Or moving house! Yeah, I agree with you - of course I do - but it's obviously not stopping, Craig, and you don't seem to understand, it's not going to, not unless we do something.
Look, you are going to have to stand up in court and face a room full of people that think you're a child killer.
Do you know what people are saying? They're saying, "If it's not Myers, why doesn't he "join the campaign to find the real Eddie J Turner?" What people? Maybe that's the only way.
Maybe we have to find him.
And what if we did? Are you serious? What then, Bex? Put his face online to get us off the hook? Yeah! Yeah, at least he'd deserve it.
Do you actually believe that? Don't you? Why isn't anyone looking after the Myers'? They're being persecuted in their own home.
I'll send a special constable.
That's not good enough.
They need to know that this is being taken seriously.
It is.
- Is it? You haven't even interviewed Anna Dean's ex-husband.
Christian Graham's in prison.
- So? So he's a former high street accountant, not El Chapo.
Doesn't mean he didn't help organise the attack.
I can't ask Tait if I can bring in a suspect that was locked up at the time of the offence.
So what exactly are you doing? Or have you just been told to let this one slide? The only thing I've been told not to do is to talk to you about the investigation.
But I'm trying to use my discretion here.
Look, we all understand why you might feel an affinity with Craig Myers, but there's no conspiracy.
Just remember who the victim is.
Myers arrived on our wing from a secure unit to finish his sentence.
He's quiet, no bother.
But there is something about him.
None of the staff like the smell of him.
One day his cell bell goes.
We get in there and find an Asian lad with bad head injuries.
Turns out he's gone into Myers' cell to do someone, been disarmed and attacked with his own weapon.
I say, well, that serves you right, then, son.
He says, "But, boss, Eddie J Turner is in there.
" Now, if that's true, I need to get him off the wing, fast.
So I go to the number one governor, and I report what I've been told.
And he says, forget it, put nothing down on paper, never happened.
The Asian lad gets shipped out straight away, and that's it.
Then one day, that cell's suddenly empty, and all we're told is to box up the props in there and drop it to OMU.
So, I do as I'm told, but now I'm curious.
And I get on their system to see where these boxes are going.
Inverclyde Criminal Justice Services.
But there's no contact name, nothing.
I can't even find Myers' record now.
So, I phone them, and they won't say whether either lad is their client! That is unheard of! Hang on.
Either lad? There was two of them in that cell? Myers shared the cell with a lad from another secure unit.
You never So what's this other lad's name? He was nobody.
But it's possible that it was him they were protecting, not Myers, and therefore that Craig Myers isn't Eddie J Turner! I'm sorry.
If I'd known, I'd have waited to give you the name.
Why? He's sure and so am I - Craig Myers is Eddie J Turner.
And when he stands up in court and falls to pieces in front of everyone, he'll prove it himself.
All I'm saying is you should talk to her.
I know what you're saying, but Hey, Bex.
Talk to who about what? What's that? Tom said you should talk to her.
Talk to who? Our lawyer, Ms Mackie.
He doesn't think it's a good idea, me giving evidence in court.
Doesn't he? Look, I know it's none of my business Do you? But they'll rip him to shreds, won't they? Will they? Why? Why?! Cos I've known him ten years, and he can only just hold a conversation with me! You know what these lawyers are like, all right? The way they can twist things.
I think, when we're deciding what paint to use to decorate the hallway, then maybe we should ask Tom.
But for legal questions that will affect the future of our family, I think we should trust our advocate.
Witness statements are usually taken by a precognition officer, but given that we haven't got long, I want to be across everything.
Do I have to be a witness? You'll be required to give evidence on behalf of the Crown, yes.
You mean, I've got no choice? Not really.
What about her? The accused isn't required to give evidence, but I'll be surprised if the defence don't call her.
Now, do you have any specific concerns? I'm not mad about talking, that's all.
I'm no good at it.
Even this.
We're already making an application for special measures.
You can have a supporter if you want, or screens, if that might help.
If I have to do it, I don't want her thinking I'm hiding away.
So, I see you have a previous conviction.
What's that got to do with this? Well, the defence can bring out anything that calls your character into question and makes your word seem unreliable to a jury.
But can they ask her about her past? Yes, in theory but, as she hasn't got any previous convictions, no.
Craig .
if what you're concerned about is people close to you hearing certain information for the first time, you might consider .
pre-empting that.
You're next.
You look even younger than in your picture.
It's the glasses.
They're for court only - it's shameful, I know, but .
everything's a performance in the end, isn't it? So I've got here that you were upstairs, getting Jessica ready for bed, you heard the doorbell and Craig Sorry, can I ask you something? Mm-hm.
You must have had witnesses who've had to change their identity.
Have you? We're not really supposed to talk about anything other than this case, Mrs Myers.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I know, it's just .
I was looking online, and it says that they are trained in counter-surveillance, told to stay off social media, avoid drink and drugs.
I'm really not the person you should be talking to.
I mean, they have to get clearance to go on holiday, let alone get married and have kids.
Is Is that right? Mrs Myers I've got no-one I can talk to, not about this, not now.
I understand you're having questions, but .
the internet isn't always the best place to get the most reliable I know that.
You know that.
I don't know anything about Eddie J Turner.
No, no, no, I'm not asking that, I'm just I am asking if someone in that position would be allowed to have kids.
All I know is that there would be risk assessment, careful monitoring, particularly at the outset, but I'm really not supposed to Even without the rest of the family knowing? Well, I mean, that would be a question for those in charge of the case and the subject.
But, yes, if all else is going well, there's no reason why life can't be totally normal.
Just to be clear, Mrs Myers, the Crown's position is that it doesn't matter whether Craig is Eddie J Turner or not.
It matters to me.
Let's see something later.
Go on, go and play.
Be good! Bex, I need to tell you something.
About five years back, I was walking through the town with Tom .
and some guy out with his mates said something.
Next thing, we ended up in a bit of a scuffle.
Is that it? Why didn't you say anything? There was nothing much to say, I was admonished, there was no actual punishment.
What, like, you were convicted? Like, you went to court? It was something and nothing.
How many days were you in court for? Only one.
Where did you tell me you were? Work, I suppose.
So you didn't just not tell me, did you? You lied.
You were out of it, remember? You had enough to worry about.
Yeah, I've got enough to worry about now, Craig! So why are you telling me? Cos it's going to come out in court.
That's why, isn't it? Bex Isn't it? I'm sorry.
You really don't make it easy, do you? What do you mean? What else, Craig? What else does Tom know about you that I don't? You know me better than anyone.
How come Social Services visited for so long after Jess was born? You know why.
Cos you were struggling .
and we had no family support.
I couldn't cope on my own.
I'm not him, Bex, he's not me.
You ready, soldier? I've only waited 15 years for this.
Solomon can't actually ask him.
You know that, don't you? Not outright, but he knows I know, and he'll break, I know he will.
Thanks for that.
How's the next witness feeling? You two aren't allowed to talk.
Your accomplice - sorry, friend - seems to be having trouble remembering who's on trial.
No smoke without fire, though, is there? If you're referring to the allegations about me, I'd have thought you as a PI would understand the importance of evidence, how certain you need to be before making accusations that can destroy someone's life.
Innocent until proven guilty, the same human rights your friend is benefitting from.
I suppose we're used to thinking only child killers are entitled to human rights? You know, the only reason you get away with saying such stupid things is because people feel sorry for you, or they need you to sell newspapers.
Somebody really needs to tell you that.
Have you got kids? No.
Craig Myers has.
You've no more expertise or rights than anyone else, and the idea that you should have any say in what happens to Liam's killer is absurd.
He's her son.
I know, and the only thing that entitles her to is her grief.
Mr Myers? Mr Myers, oath or affirmation? Oath, please.
I swear by Almighty God that I shall tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Advocate Depute.
Could you tell us your name and age? My name is Craig Andrew Myers.
I'm 28 years old.
Are you working at the moment? What's the wrong with me? Hello? I couldn't do it.
You couldn't do what? Couldn't drive the bus, let alone pick anyone up.
What happened? I offered to work in the depot, but Leigh just wanted me to take more time off.
You're a driver, he says, and if you can't drive Nobody wants me around.
Did he say that? He didn't have to! He was just looking for an excuse.
What do you mean? I told him, back me or sack me.
And they sacked you? Craig? Sorry.
They sacked you from a job you had held for eight years with an unblemished record - is that correct? Yes.
- Craig .
before we talk about the specific events of the 31st October, 2017, can you tell us how else your life has been impacted by what happened that night? Before, I was just, you know .
Enjoying my work and time with my family.
That's pretty much all I've ever wanted.
But everything that I've done since it happened, everything I've said, it's like people are reading things into things all of the time, trying to figure out if I'm I feel like everyone's staring at me, I feel like everyone knows.
Knows what, Craig? That I'm the one.
Accused of being him .
Eddie J Turner.
Most people think there's no smoke without fire, don't they? I've thought it myself.
And the thing is, there's nothing you can do once it's been said.
It's there forever.
Some people will always think that you're him, no matter what you say or do.
And you'll probably always think you're being stared at.
Come on.
Don't worry.
I can get a job.
Is that you? Mm-hm.
Jess has got to do this family tree for school.
I thought you'd seen them.
You look like Jess in that one.
We haven't got a single photo of you as a child.
I don't think anybody wanted to remember my childhood! There's things we should have talked about, Craig Get off! Mr Myers .
when DI Grover asked you in the hospital if the attacker had said anything to you, what was your reply? I said no.
Because? Because I didn't remember.
" And what made you remember? I don't I mean, how do you remember anything? That's the question.
Well, I can't answer it, sorry.
I just did! Very well.
We've heard evidence going to the severity of the head injury sustained.
First, I'd like to make clear to the jury that the wounds visible today are not as a result of the Halloween attack.
Those are more recent injuries, are they not? Yes.
Now, given the seriousness of that original head injury and Dr Nielsen's lack of certainty about how your memory might be affected, if we accept that the attacker did speak, how sure can you realistically be of his exact words? It's what he said.
But they were whispered, were they not? Yes.
After the blows? Yes.
Savage blows, and yet you can be absolutely positive? I just told you, it's what he said.
The problem is, we only have your word for that, don't we? I don't Why is it a problem? Are you calling me a liar?! Are you a liar, Mr Myers? No.
You've never lied to the authorities before? I'd remind you that you're under oath.
If you're speaking about 2012, I was admonished.
For a street brawl in which you denied any involvement to the police, until CCTV evidence caught you in a lie.
Is that correct? It was a stupid idea.
Is that correct? Yes.
Rebecca! Are you OK? I've no doubt that you've been the victim .
of violence, Mr Myers.
But I do doubt your memory.
Mr Myers? You see, I believe that you are misremembering, deliberately or otherwise, trying to make sense of a random event by creating connections where there are none.
Do you think that's possible? No.
I'm not lying and there's nothing wrong with my memory.
Really? So, if asked, you could tell the court what you were doing last week, or last month? I think so, as much as anybody else.
What about six months, or a year ago? I suppose.
What if I asked you .
about your childhood, Mr Myers? I don't see what that's got to do with anything.
My Lady I tend to agree with the witness, Mr Mishra.
The reliability of the complainer's memory goes to the heart of this case, My Lady.
My Lady, may I remind the court that we are not here to establish whether Craig Myers is Eddie J Turner? That's not what I asked.
I don't like talking about my childhood, and I don't see why I should have to.
Understood, Mr Myers.
Confirmation that you have childhood memories should prove sufficient for Mr Mishra's purposes.
The truth is, I don't.
But it's not because I have a bad memory.
My mum and dad were always out, so .
I'd go and stay with people, or get put in care for a week or two.
But most of the time, I was on my own.
So what's to remember? Ask him who he is.
You seem agitated, Mr Myers.
You'd be agitated! Ask him.
The witness' memory appears sound, Mr Mishra, please move on.
No! Mrs Dean, please Ask him while he's under oath.
Ask him! You ask me! Sorry.
I know you were hoping for more.
He thinks he's got away with it.
I'm not giving up, Mo.
I can't.
You have to stay out of prison.
And that means winning the sympathy of the judge and the jury, and stating categorically that you did not want Craig Myers dead.
Daddy, I'm ready for school! Craig? Get her inside now! Is she coming in at all today? If you take a seat She said she trusted me! You saw what he did, Gerry.
You said it was the worst day of your career.
It was.
If there's anything you can tell me, anything at all!