The Victim (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Rebecca! You got what you wanted, Anna.
You made him face you in court.
Now it's all about you.
Louise said he could get more money for this than the compensation for Liam being murdered.
Is that right? In the old days, the victim would actually prosecute the case and the jury was selected because they knew the people involved.
Some believed the only punishment a murderer should face is the one he risks from the friends and family of the victim.
An eye for an eye does not form part of our defence, Anna.
You have to stay out of prison and that means winning the sympathy of the judge and the jury and stating categorically that you did not want Craig Myers dead.
I said she could come in with me tonight.
She's still a bit frightened and we can't find Oscar.
Yeah? Everything OK? Ben in bed? Yeah.
What? The school phoned.
Why? They want us to make an appointment to go in and talk about Ben's recent behaviour.
All kids play up.
He needs to know exactly what's going on, Mum.
He knows what's going on.
So you've spoken to him, then, have you? You keep on talking about the truth but all you ever do is try and protect him from it.
How are you? Still going, you know.
It's been a while, eh? Hi, Gerry.
Danny, Gerry Tythe.
He was lead detective on Liam's murder.
This is my boyfriend, Danny.
Good to meet you, son.
Thank you for coming.
Especially now you can play golf every day! Wait till she knows you're here.
Actually, Anna asked me to come.
That way? Come on.
So where've you been going? Sounds like you've been bunking off most weeks.
You must go somewhere.
You're not in trouble, Ben, but it's not safe nobody knowing where you are.
Son, if there's something bothering you.
There's nothing you can't tell us.
Why should I? You don't tell me anything.
What do you mean? Do you mean about Liam? We've talked to you about what happened to your brother.
I still don't really know.
I've told you everything I know.
Well, there's more than that on the internet.
There's only one person who really knows what happened.
That's why we're taking him to court, so he has to face us.
You could go to prison, couldn't you? It's possible Ben, yeah.
But we're going to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen.
Why did you say "not guilty", then? Who told you that? Hm? Was it Daniel? You're right.
You deserve to know everything.
Shall I tell you something I've never told anybody before? When I finally got to see Liam, they wouldn't let me hold him.
I was only allowed to touch his fingers, just for a minute.
I still dream about it.
And I've never told anybody this but even though it's a bad dream, I still don't want to wake up.
Because I know I'm going to have to let him go again.
I swear that I shall tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
I swear that I shall tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Thank you, My Lady.
Could you tell the court your full name and age, please? Anna Louise Dean.
I'm 42.
Are you working at the moment, Anna? Yes.
At the Springmount Surgery in Edinburgh.
And what is your occupation? I'm a registered nurse.
How long have you cared for people professionally? I did some nursing straight from school but stopped when I got pregnant with Liam.
Then I went back to it in 2007.
I wanted to make him proud.
So 11 years working as a dedicated, full-time nurse? Yes.
Caring for some of the most vulnerable people in the community.
Do you find that rewarding? Yes.
Having been through what you have, what would you say is the most important thing to you, Anna? Family.
doesn't come along very often, particularly if you're aged between 14 and 19 with an interest in the arts.
Yes, Cashback To The Future is something new for the summer.
A programme Daddy, I'm ready for school! Craig Get her inside now! What's wrong, Daddy? Jess Jess Jessica, come on.
Come inside now.
Good girl.
I'm going to take her to school in a minute.
Get rid of that.
I'm sorry I shouted, but Do you think someone's been in the house? We should call the police.
I already I think I should take her away, Craig.
I'm going to take her away.
But we're a family.
Just for a while, until the trial is over, and then we can see where we are.
You're leaving me? No, I'm .
I'm putting Jess first.
That's what we said we'd always do, no matter what, isn't it? When you were told about the attack on the man accused of being Eddie J Turner .
how did you feel? Pleased.
I said Liam could go to the shop on his own.
He'd done it before and I don't know if he was lured away or if he took a short cut but I let him go.
Then, afterwards, we didn't get justice for him.
I failed him twice over.
So when I heard his killer had suffered .
I was pleased.
My Lady, nowhere has it been established that Mr Myers has ever killed anyone.
Stick to answering the question as asked, please, Mrs Dean.
When DI Grover told you that Craig Myers wasn't dead .
how did you feel then? You were .
relieved, were you not? Don't lead the witness, please.
I apologise.
Allow me to rephrase.
I know what you're asking.
Did you want Craig Myers dead? Anna? No.
I didn't.
All I've ever wanted is to be told who he is and where he is.
Trust the public with the truth, she says.
Doctor will be here shortly.
They're gone.
Rebecca and Jess.
They've left.
You make sure your advocate knows that she tells the court exactly what this has done to you, all right? Why do you care? About me, I mean.
Why does it matter so much to you? My wife left me.
About six months ago.
Not long before that, a sex worker named Cathy was arrested with a large quantity of drugs.
I'd known her for years.
She offered me various inducements to help her out.
I refused.
She accused me of sexually harassing her over a number of years.
Did you? I did have feelings for her.
I mean, I'd never have done anything about it, but I did.
Maybe I still do.
My wife saw it even before I did.
When I admitted it .
she left.
Whether Cathy misread me trying to help her, it doesn't matter now, does it? It's never going to go away.
Mud sticks, right? In the end, the most important thing is that you can look yourself in the eye and say, "I know who I am and what I've done.
" Still causing trouble, then, eh? Looks like it.
Thanks for coming.
I'm always here for you.
Are you? Is she coming in at all today or? I don't think so, William, no.
Where is she? I've told you, I can't tell you that.
Why didn't she tell me she wasn't coming in today? If you take a seat, there's a nurse coming She said she trusted me! You're not sure he's the right man? I am.
Others aren't.
I need proof, Gerry.
You've already done so much for us.
You did everything you could to see him properly punished and I would never want to put you in an awkward position.
Apart from you, I'd be the last person to be told his new identity.
Officially, I know.
But you all talk.
I know you do.
At your clubs and golf courses, you gossip.
If there's anything you can tell me, anything at all.
I know for a fact that Turner's social worker was based in Inverclyde.
Where did you get that from? You saw what he did, Gerry.
You said it was the worst day of your career.
It was.
He thinks he's got away with it all over again.
I've got the name of Turner's social worker.
Judith Morbury.
For definite? Ever since he got out.
She's retired now but she still sees a few clients.
I don't know where she meets them.
Can you find out? You've given your evidence.
What are you worried about? Apart from being sent to prison and my kids going in to care? That won't happen.
Can you find out where Judith Morbury meets her clients or not? Please.
She's not going to answer, William.
All rise.
Ms Mackie told me she'd phone and tell me what happened.
I wish Ms Mackie would phone me and .
tell me anything really.
She has completely changed my world view when it comes to lassies with glasses.
What's the difference anyway? Even when Bex and Jess left .
I still thought the trial could change things but it won't, will it? It won't change the way they look at me.
Maybe it's time to think about moving on.
Starting again, I mean.
Maybe somewhere in England.
Why, should I? Because like you say, it's not going away, is it? It's no good kidding ourselves.
And what about you? You know I love you, don't you? But I've built a life here.
You as well.
We'll still see each other.
We'll still look out for each other no matter what.
I know who I am and what I've done.
Hey, Steve.
He's been banging on about Anna Dean since I called you.
Thanks for the heads up, Jim.
He's in there.
Be quick.
All right.
Cheers, mate.
Why do I have to be down here on my own? Where and when did you first hear the name Craig Myers? No comment.
You used social media to instruct someone to attack him, didn't you? No comment.
Did you have any evidence? No? It was a wild accusation made against an innocent man, right? What will we find when we start examining your phone? I'm not the criminal.
Do you know who attacked Craig Myers? No, but I'm glad they did! Anna! Now we stop.
Do you recognise that interview? Yes.
Then you acknowledge saying that you were glad someone had attacked Craig Myers? I said it again this morning.
But the recording is proof of how you felt at the time of the crime, isn't it? I suppose so.
And proof is everything after all.
You have two children, is that correct? I have three children.
I'll always have three.
And by campaigning for Eddie J Turner's new identity to be made public, you believe that you are somehow protecting your children? And everybody else's.
And you believe that's rational? That whoever Eddie J Turner is, he may still return to harm the rest of your family? Nobody knows why he did it in the first place, so what's to stop him doing it again? You see, some would say that that is totally irrational, Mrs Dean.
Paranoid even.
That you suspect some sort of vendetta against you personally.
Why were you so angry, William? Even when they brought you here, you were still shouting about Anna Dean.
About being let down by her.
What exactly did you mean? Huh? Do you know where Anna is now? She's in the High Court.
That's why she wasn't at work.
Do you believe in an eye for an eye, Mrs Dean? I believe that it's my job to make sure no-one forgets how much Liam suffered or how badly this system let him down.
Fine, but that wasn't the question I asked.
What you're asking doesn't make sense because it's not like for like.
His life and Liam's don't have the same value.
The day he killed a child, he gave up his human rights.
You can't compare them.
She's in a lot of trouble.
You'd like to help her, wouldn't you? And you can, but it's important that you tell me the truth about how you've helped her in the past, do you understand? You and me both know that you attacked Craig Myers .
on Halloween last year, don't we? What you need to do now is admit that she told you to do it.
Otherwise, she'll carry on .
hurting and using innocent people.
People like you, William.
You're a victim.
That's not true.
Anna Dean doesn't care about anyone or anything except getting vengeance for her son.
The truth is that you're obsessed by the desire for revenge, aren't you? Revenge at any cost.
You posted that message knowing full well that someone would attack Craig Myers, didn't you? No.
And you know full well who did so, don't you? This is the wrong way round.
I'm not the criminal and he's not the victim.
Mrs Dean It's the public that need protected from him, not the other way around.
You keep referring to "him".
To be clear, by "him", you mean Craig Myers? I mean Eddie J Turner.
You think she cares about you, you think you're friends, but why didn't she tell you she was going to court? She might not be back at work.
You might never see her again.
This .
obsession of hers, it's ruining lives, and Anna needs us to stop her for her own sake.
If you really care about her, then help me.
But you need to do it quickly, William.
I've been stared at for 15 years.
Everyone knows who I am.
I've been abused online and on the street for letting my son go to the shop on his own.
I didn't ask for any of this.
This is not a press conference, Mrs Dean.
Now I'm being offered psychological support.
I got no help as a victim of crime but as soon I'm an offender Mrs Dean, whilst I understand you have grievances, you must understand that this court does not exist to provide closure for victims.
It exists to uphold a set of normative laws that, as individuals, we must all live by.
For anything else, I'm afraid you must look elsewhere.
Where? Where can we talk about right and wrong instead of what can be proved? Nobody here is interested in individuals, you only care what harm has been done to the state.
Mrs Dean And you only matter to each other.
This has got nothing to do with justice and what happened to Liam has got nothing to do with you.
It was my crime - mine and my family's.
You've tried to take it away from us but I won't let you.
This is your final warning! You can't bury your head.
You need to listen to me, William.
Listen to me! Listen! Listen! You can help her.
You can help Anna Dean.
Mrs Dean .
do you believe that Craig Myers is Eddie J Turner? I know he is.
No further questions, My Lady.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury .
before I ask you to retire to consider your verdict, I must ask you to put out of your mind any feelings of sympathy or revulsion you may feel for anyone involved in this case.
We are not here to establish Mr Myers' identity.
We are here to establish Mrs Dean's guilt or otherwise.
All rise.
Well done.
Where's Danny? He said he wasn't feeling well.
Hello? Yes.
Anna? You bastard! You sick, evil bastard! I'll be in in a minute.
Where are you? Waiting for the social worker to turn up at Duthrie Cafe, where she meets her clients.
The manager knows her because she always stays a long time, meets more than one person and wants to pay by card.
Expenses, I'm guessing.
Did you show the manager the photo of Myers? I have done this before, you know? I showed her a version of it.
It could be one of her clients but she wouldn't swear to it, but there's definitely a guy with dark hair around 30.
Surely he'll want to see her, what with everything that's going on? Well, we'll see, won't we? Thanks, Mo.
No Danny? No, I haven't heard from him.
Everything OK with you two? Yeah, he's just been a bit tense, that's all.
What have you done? Hey, hey, hey! What have you done?! Stop it, Anna! Anna! What did you do?! Anna! How could he? Well, he lost his brother before he even met him and now he's lost you.
He's not lost me.
Even if I'm found guilty I'm not talking about prison.
Turner didn't do this, Anna.
You're doing this.
You've made yourself a victim and now you've given him the power over all of us.
How long have you thought that? The boy was given a sentence.
He didn't set it but he served it.
What more can he do? The boy? Why have you never said any of this before? Maybe the same reason you haven't told me that you're back on those pills.
Look .
the thing is, Anna, you've got the power, not him.
He can't change anything but you can, for both of you.
You're not talking about forgiveness? Liam is the only one with the right to forgive him.
No, I don't mean for what he did to Liam.
I mean for what he's done to you.
This isn't about me.
Oh, but it is.
No, Lenny.
No! What if it was Ben in his shoes? Ben would never You'd want him forgiven, wouldn't you? He's not the same.
Some things are unforgivable.
But that's the only time forgiveness means anything.
What's the point in forgiving the forgivable? You've really been thinking about this.
This is how you get revenge, Anna.
He doesn't deserve it.
It's got nothing to do with him! It's about you! Us! We can't get Liam back but we can get you back.
Hate's not working, is it? Look at you.
It's killing you.
It's killing everything! Letting go of what I feel about that man would be like letting go of Liam again .
and I can't do that.
Please, Anna.
It's not too late.
Whatever the verdict, I need you to say you'll let this thing go.
Come on, Anna, please.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I thought you understood.
Mum's not here but come in.
Lenny! Gerry, come on in.
I can't stay.
Is your boyfriend here? No, I've not seen him since lunchtime.
How long have you known him, Lou? About a year.
Why? Is something wrong? You need to stay away from Danny Callaghan.
Why? What's he done? I thought I knew him at court so I checked.
He's got a record.
For possession.
He told me.
What? Has he told you he's spent time inside? I didn't think so.
I'm sorry to do this, Lou, but you don't know him.
No offence but I'm a big girl now.
Hold on.
So, wait, he went to prison for possession? No, for more than that.
I don't know the details, but .
I do know he's bad news.
Why would you know him? Danny Callaghan was the kid who found Liam's body under the bridge.
When you said Danny, I knew it was him.
He didn't report it for hours and then we could barely get any sense out of him.
What do you mean? He's deliberately got close to you.
I've got nothing to offer you.
There's .
tea and coffee downstairs.
Where's the whisky? This OK? Things are going to come out and .
people are going to be saying things .
about me.
I can't stay.
But I needed to see you before I go away.
Long day? Do you remember, after it happened, how weird it felt to look out the window and see people going to work or .
living their lives? Nobody tells you .
how far down you can go.
Or how dark it gets.
Or how scary it is when you realise you might not resurface.
So you start a campaign.
Or you drink.
Tell people you can't kill yourself because you've still got a daughter but, actually, you're doing it anyway, just .
I've missed you.
No, you haven't.
Not much.
Maybe a bit.
I've been watching the video.
The interview.
I'll be watching Liam .
but it's like Turner's sitting right next to me.
He's always there.
I can't get rid of him.
I went to the court yesterday.
I wanted to see what he looked like.
I found myself following him.
I don't know why.
I don't know what I thought I was going to do.
Then suddenly I realised .
what if it's not him? What if.
this guy's innocent? He's not.
But Lou said there's no actual proof.
I perjured myself today.
I was asked if I wanted Turner dead and I said no.
But as I was saying it, I realised that I do.
I think I always have.
I know for a fact that he meets his social worker in a cafe and I know which one.
If someone was to give the manager of that cafe some money and asked them to call the next time he meets her there .
that would be proof enough, wouldn't it? Enough for what? It has to end.
Craig Myers is not Eddie J Turner.
You're lying.
I saw him, Anna.
We have ruined an innocent man's life! I was wrong.
About what? Craig Myers.
All of it.
You were never convinced but I wouldn't listen.
And now it's too late.
Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict in respect of the accused, Anna Louise Dean? Yes.
What is your verdict?